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Full text of "The Bible, that is, the Holy Scriptures conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament : translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuers languages ; with most profitable annotations upon all the hard places, and other things of great importance .."

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To thft C icaams' ui Luof . 




With mo 



moftjrofitable An^gt^^ 

./ioA^f*^ beholif^the faluauon oithe Lor?, which hee wi 



flaew to you this day . Exod.i4.13, . J 




um prmlegio. 




: God beftow< 

T& the C leading otthe 

Efides the Manifonld and continuallbeD' fitswhic 'u'^lmightJe God bellowed vpcnVs.tofLciirpc J3]\ ict ., 

tuall.weareelpecially bouqd (deare bretluen) togiue him thankes without ceafing for his great crace gt'vn- 
fpcakeable mercies, in that it hath pleafedhim to cal vs vnto this marueilous light of his Golpei,& iBe'cifiiliy 
to regard vs after lo horrible backiliding anJ railing away from Chritt to Antichrift , from jigh't to darkcres 
from the liuing Godtodutnmeand dead iJoles.and that after <o cruellmurther of Gods Saints , as alas, hath : 

beene among vs^, we are not altogtther caft oiF, as were the Ifraelites , and many others for the like , or not foi j 

iDanfcit wicfcednes.bnt receiued againe to grace with raoft euiJent ί gnes and tokens of Gods eipeciall loue and fauour.To the . ' 
intern therefore that we may not be vnmindfull of thefe great mercics,but feeke by all meanes (according to our duetie) to be 
thanrt^tall for the bchoueth vs fo to walke in his feare & loue,that all the dayes of ou» life we may procor/the elory of 
his holy Name. Now forafmuch as this thing ch5efly is attained by the knowledge end praftifing of the word of God. (which 13 
JijJjeJigiitroourpaths.thekeyofthe kin^domeofheauen.our comfort in affliftion.our iliield 8c fwordagainft Satan 'the fchool 
^ of all viifdoroe.the glalTe wherein we may behold Gods face.the teftimonie of his fauour.Sc the only foode and ncuΓ!ίl•.raent of 
eur I'oules,) we thought that we could beftow ourlabours and ftudie in nothing which could be more acceptable to God and 
comfortable to his Church , then in the tranflating of the holy Scriptures into our natiue tongue : the which thing , albeit that 
diners heretofore haue indeuoured to atchicue , yet conGderingthe infancie of thofe tiroes , aud imperfedl knowledce of the 
tongues, in refpedl of this ripe age andclearelight which Godhathnowercugaied, the tranfiationy required grcailv to be 
perufed and reformed. Not that we vendicate any thing to our ielues abouetheleait ©four brethren (for God kiiowetli 
with what feare and trembling we haue bcene for the fpate of two yeeres and more day and night occupied herein) but be- 
ing earneftlydefired , and by diuen , whefe learning and godline» we reuerence , exhorted , and dfo inconragedbythcreadr' 
willesoffuch .whofe hearts God iikewife touched .not lofpare any charge forthe furtherance of fuch a benefit and lai/ouri 
ofGod toward his Church (though the time then was moft dangerous , and the perfecution fliarpe and furious) weefnbmttr i' 
ted our feiues at length to their godly iuJgements.and feeing the great opportunitie and occafions, which God prefcnted \a- \ ' 
to vs in his Church , by reafon of fo many j^odly and learned men , and fuch diuerfitics of tranQatiors in diuers tongues, wee } 
vndertooke this great and wonderfull works (with all rcuerence, as in the prefenceof God. asintreatingthewordof God,|i 
wherevnto we thinke our feiues vnfufficieni) which now God according to his diuineprouidence and mcrcie hath '''«-ρέΐεί^'; 
to a moft profperous end. And this we may withgood confcicnceproteft , that wehsue in euerypointand wcide ,ir ,„^ 
to the rneifure of that knowledge which it plcafed Almightie God to giucvs .faithfully rendred the text, and It "^ 
places moft fincereiy expounded the fame. For God is our witnes, that wee haue by all meanes endenoUred to fetf i«fi 
furitie of the tvorde and right fenfe of the holy Ghoft, for edifying of the brethren in faith and chaiitie. •Α '^\ 

Now as we hane chiefly obferaed the fence, and laboured alwaytsroreftoreitto all integritie.-fohane wee molt iew Π 
lykepttheproprietieofthewordes, confidering that the Apoftles who fpakeandwrote'to the Gentiles in the Greeke to I 
rather conftrained thero to theliuely phrafe of the Ebrewe, then enterpriledfarre by mollifying their langiiaretofpe. ς 
the Gentiles did. Andforthis and othercaufeswe haue in many places refetued the Ebrcwphrafe . notwitbltandin» tbit 
ina^ feeme fomewhat hard in their c»re$ that are not wellpradifcd, and alfo delight in the fweete founding phrafes of the. { 
Scriptures. Yet Icaft eithenhefimpleflwuld be difconraged, or the malicious haue any cccafion of iuhcanillation , fci >i'Eaphw-( 
ionje tranflations readc after one fort, andfome after another . whereas all may ferue to good purpofe and adification, we Lia,. 
»n the roargent noted that diuerfitie of fpeach or reading which asay airofeemeugreeableto theroindeof the holy GlioftfyS"*. 
and proper for our language with this marke || . Againe , whereas the Ebrewe fpeach feeitJed hardly to agree with ours , wf 
hiue noted it in the margent after this fort t . Tfing that which was mote intelligible. And albeit that many of the Ebre•; °""* 
names be altred froip the old text, andrefiored to the true writing and firft original wliereof they hane their fignification , »• ^^•• 
in the vfuall names iitle is changed for feare of troubling the finople readers. Moreouer, whereas the nectllitie of the fcntc 1 
ret]'.'.ired any thing to be added (for fuch isthegraceaiidproprieticofchc Ebrewand Gretketon|U8$>.thititcannot , 
cither by circucclocntion,orby adding the verbeor vnderftood of them that are not weiipratliffd therein ; ^^^J\'^J^^' |f ^'l! 
h«ue pur it in the text with an other kinde of letter , that it may eafily be difcernad from the common letter. As tcuch-thei L,v' |,, " '' ' 
\\ "ie vcrfes , we haue folowcd the Ebrcw examples , w hich haue fo euenfrcm the begintiing diftin^iii/Iie η ofi il or, > 

it aeree with the belt tranflations, ard is moft eailit' • • '^"ϋ"*' 






. Jinfc.. ^*•• 
beft Concordances , and alfo by the quotations which^we hauediligently herein perufed and fet forth f "' ' '■-^-'^?i^--"dde 

^ the principal] matters are noted and diftin^uilhed by this marke f. Yeaand thearoumentsbothfor ,ir.i 

chapters whh the numlxr of the verfe are added, that by alimeanesthe reader might- be holpen. for. ... r'^T 

hsenzMt fetouertheheadof euery pagefomenotablewotdcrfentencewhichnray .t;rcatlyfurtherafwtilf( " ,^^(',££,'^,"4] ' 
pr the chiefe point ofthepag?. And conlideting hew hardathing itistovnderftand thehoivScripturf" toThe Eletv.b 
i, fedb and herefiesgrowdayly for lackeofthe true knowledge thereof, and how many arediicooraged (;:.■. ,cht!fttheyMr 
Jbecauis they cannot attaire to the trae and fimple meaning of the fame . we haue airo indeuoi^rcd both by liie <., '""''•^'^"^Vv•*»' 
ng of the beft commentaries . and alio by the conference with the godly, and learned brethren . to ga-herbriefc^ \7tddafS*• 
A vjpon all the hard places , afwell forthe vnderftandingof fuch words as are obfcurc , and for the declaration of tha 
)r tne application of the famc,as may moft appertain to Gctis glory and the edification of his Church. Furthermore 
lertaine places in thebookcsofMofes , of the Kings, and Ezekiel (eemed fo darke.that by no defcriprion they could 
jbafie to.the f. rop!e reader , we haue fo fet them forth with figures and ro'.es for the full declaration tht reof , that they ' ■ 
R|nnot by judgement ,i)eing holpen by the annotations noted by the lettei&a, b, c. &c. attain by the 
joe , and as it were by the eye , may fufficiently knowe the ttue meaning , of all fuch places, vvherevnro alio «e have 
iftaine Mapnes of Cofmographic which ne ceflari.'y feme for the pe rfcot vndetftanding and rr,eiEcrJe of diiicri pkccs 
itryes , partly defcribtth , and partly by occafion touched,bothintheoldandnew Teftamenr. 
L that nothirg might lack which might be bought by labours for the increafeofknowlclgeatid funheranceof Scds 
ere are adioyned two raoft profitable rables.the ore feruing for the intcrprcration of the Ebrewe Parr cs : and the othe ι 
'Mng all the chiefe prir.cipall matters of thewhole Bible : fotfca•: nothing ;asWetruft) that ary could iuftlydefire ,13 
«.Therefore, as brethren that arc partakers of the fame hope and faluation with vs, we befeech yon,that this rich pearle 
iftituable treafore may not be offred in vaine,b«t as fent ftomGod to the people of God.forf he increafe of his kingckrroe,, 

iifort of his Church ,and difcharge of our conicieix^c.whom it hath plea f d him to rajfc νρ for this purpofe, fo you wonld^i 
ly receiue the word of God.eameftly ftudie it.ard in all your life pisilifc it.that ye may new appeare in daede to be :h«} 
"'»oJ , not walking any more acccrd'ng to this world , but in the fiuitci of the Spirit , that <ϊο4 inys in«ibe &lii^• 
' -'oghCbriftlefuioutierd^iifbouuetliandiceignetbioisuirjAJBen, % 1 



Of the incomparable trcafureoftbeholy Scrip 



tare j ^ with a pra yer tor the true"vle 

R^v.21.16, andzz, 

^fal. 11^. \6o. 
Hev.2,7* and 22.2.\ 
ΡβΙ.119 142.144 
lohn 6+35'. 

Luke 2,10, 



Matth. 6 22. 
PP/.119. 27.73. 

luie 20, 


-I'cjhua T. 8. 
Ppi. I. 1.2. 
Pp/. 94. 12.13. 

oiThe lamel 

Β Ere is the fpring where waters flowe, 
to quench our hcate of Cnne : 
Here is the tree where trueth doth grow, 

to leade our Hues therein: 
Here is the iudge that flints the ftrife, 

when mens deuices faile : 
Bere is the bread that ittacs the life, 

that death cannot aifaile. 
The tidings of faluation deare, 

comes to our eares from hence: 


he fortrefle of our faith is here, 

and fhielde of our defence. 
Then be nothke the hoggethat hath 

a pearle at his defire, 
And takes more plcafure in the trough 

and wallowing in the mire: 
Readenot this booke in any cafe, 

Reade not but firft defire Gods gr^icei 

to vnderftand thereby. 
Pray ftiil in faith with this refpeift, « 

to friKf^ifie therein, 
That khowledge may bring this eiFe^il, 

to mortifie thy finne. 
Then happy thou in all thy life, 

what fo to thee befalles, 
Yea, double happie fbalt thou be, 

when God by death thee calles. 

Gratious God and moH metcifiiU Father, which h^fi vouchfafed is the 
ήώ and precious iewsllofthy holy word, afjifl vs with thyf^irit, that-it 
may be written in oui hearts to our euerlafling comfort, to reform vs, to renetv • 
•vs according to thine oivne lmage,^Q build vs vp,and edifie vs into the fer fell 
building of thy Clmit ,fanthfyingcmd encreafing in vs all heaucnly vertues. 
Graunt th», Ο heauenly Father, for lefus Chrifiesfak, Atnm. 


How to take pro t ite in ifeadi ng ot^he "oiy Scfipture$>, _ j^^*^ 


leuer tniii 
take pre 
jfite by 

Earneftly and vfually pray vnto God that hee vvUl /-Teach the way of his ftatut-s. 
VOUChUicto \ Giuevnderftanding. 

■γΟίΓεθ: in the path of his comtnandemencs, 
/At the kafttwife aiery day this exercife be 
\ kept. 

I Xhetime once appointed herevnto after a 
Diligently keepe fuch ordv of reading the Scr ip- ι good entrie , be no otherwifo employed, 
tures and prayers ,ί^^InayitaI^ΐ;Kviφ Ws callings Superftition be auoyded, 
'■' '' ' ^ I AtoneotI 

(_ vndone 

^ Deut.ii.v ip 

aadftateoflif?: So that . 

.„ , - . ^ ,, ^i-ukep, V.62'. 

other time that ^ςα9ΐ\^ί^ v^hich is left EfaJip, v: 36. 
neatanytirae. "' J Ephef.y.v.ii. 

/■Teach, that we may learnetrueth. -i 

I Improoup,that we may be kept from errour. I 
ί Correft, that we may be driuen from vice. ( z.Tim.j, vetf(3 
Vnderftatidtewhatendeand p„rpofe the Scrip J If5ftf"«i^• ^j^^.^^^'^'^ybeferlediH thewayof rxd.andiy. 
tures ferue. which were written, to » •welldoing. r J 

I Comfort.thacin trouble we may be confirmed'' 
V in patient hope. LRom.i j,V,4i 

f Faith in ( lather. Γ 

one Gad 4 Sonne. 

C Holy Ghoft. Γ i Creation, 
Theflate of inaukind by χν 2 fall and finne: 

C 3 regeneration in Chrift» 
The Church and the ^o- Γ Before Chrift. 
iiernement thereof, < 

cures ittns, which were written^to 

/■Religion and the right 
i worihippingofGoJ, 

C Since Chrift 

{Before Chrift. 
Since Chrift. 


Remember that Scrip 
tures conteine matter 

l^j•^ CominoiarWCalthes anagouernenientofpedpie.byJ 

Γ Good. 

• /-Magiftrates•; 
ί CEuiil. 

' /HusbandsA Godly bleffed 
lAviues.' I 

Peace and warre. 
Profperitieand plagues» 

i Difojderea,' 

I Subieftes 

J Parents. V, 
Λ Children, f 

1' Matters, ί Vngodly /Wildome and foUie, 
^Seruants. J plagued, j Ldue and hatred, 

' Soberncffe and incentincnciei 
The priuate doings of euery man in < Mirth and forrow. 

Families and things 
that belong to hcuf- 
hold, in which are 

The common life 

^Riches, pouertie, 
\ Nobiiitie. 

5 Speech and filence, 
1 Pride acj^d hurailitie. 
VCoueiouiheireiiid Ijiieralitic, 

.Refnfe all fenfe of Sciipture ceii- 
I trary to the 

/ Fanefir. 

V Labour and idlenefle. _ 
. Articles of Chriftian faith.contsined in the common Creede. 

of the 


I aio^i ihem u Hit ' 

the ,«„v ,.,•„„,»..*, 
''- o£ ίΙ O"•' 7'•* .4 . 

"made ,. rtietll^C, , 

I . of m». i 

to the Elut.b 
jchrifttheyuc ^ 




Markeandeonnder tbe 1 ^ 


Firit and fecond Mble of Godscomroandement?, 
Coherinceof the it hangeth together 
Couffe of times and ages, with fuch things as belong vnto them. 
MancrotTOeech proper to the Scriptures. , , . , , ... 

Agreement that one place of Scripture hath with an otherf, whereby that whi«J 
(eemeth darke in one , is made ealie in an other, 
f Reado interpreters,if hee be able. 
TakcopPOrwrJtietO < Conferre with fudns can open the Scriptures. Ads^i&c. ._ 1 

t Hsare pieiicbipg:.4wd to fiooiic by the Scriptuj eubatwbi^ is taught. ASs ly^Terf n. _ 

^ ■ .., ■ ■ , • • .Ί .• " ! 


TheMm esaiiJ order of all the Bookes oftheOidc | 

and New TeftamentaWith the number of their Chapters. 

Genefis hath Chapters 









2. Samuel 


2. Kings 


2. Chronicles 

The prayer of Manaileb, 



y4 PI Prouerbes Chapters 
40 iji;:EccIefiaftes 
27 HI ThefongofSalo- 
jii/l!'»" mon 

a^'flp leremiah 

i^ Lamentations 
la Ezekiel 

1.,, ., 




'^1 Zephaniah 








leFookes called Apocripha. 

















5> I ^j I Baruch with the Epiftle of 
idjjg^:; leremiah 6 

^4^raii!Thc ibngofthe three children. 
i<$j|||liThe ftorie of Sufanna. 

6\iMW\ The idole Bel and the Dragon. 
I.Maccabees 16 

^' 2. Maccabees 

T^Jgpkes oft heNcvv Teftament.^ 






Thei Epiftle to the 







a^w,T«5ii.-» _';»v .•: 







4 Xo the Hebrewes 1 

The Epiftle οΓ~ 

r. Peter 
2. Peter 
3. lohn 
iudc . 

22 ] 



MO SES/ Ci^ L#B b 

τ Η Ε '> A R G V Μ Ε NT- 

•ad pnwadoje ί 

Μ OfesmeffeSldeclareth three things, vvhicharein thU booke chiefly to be eonfiderei: Fnn, that the wcfld 
and all things therein, vverecreated by God ,andthatrmnbeingj,lacedin this greatTabernacleof the 
•World to behold Godc vvonderfuli ttuorbes , and to prat fe his Name for the infinite graces , wherewith hem 
had endued him .fell vviliingly from God through difobedience, who yet for hi: owne mercies Jake reflored him td 
life , and confirmed him in the fame by hii prcmife ofChrifl to come, by vvhoM heefhould ouercome Satan , deat^ 
and hell. Secondly, that the wicked vnmindfuU of Gods mofi excellent benefits , remained βίΙΙϊη their wicked- 
neffe , and fi falling mofi horribly from fime to finne , prouoked God {who by his preachers called them continually 
to repentance) at length to defiroy the whale world. Thirdly , hee ajfureth vs by the examples of Abraham», 
Izjiak^, laakob , and the rejl ef the Patriarkes , that hit mercies neuerfaile them , whom hee chUfeth to be hit 
Church ^and to profejfe his Name in ewth.buX in all their affltdions and perfecutiow he euer ^{leth them.fendetit \ 
comfort , anideliuereth them. ..Andbecaufe the beginning , increafe , preferuation andfucceffe thereof might ba\ 
tnely attributed to God. Mefes (heweth by the examples efK^in, Ifhmael, Efau and others, which were noble] 
in m.vii iudgement, that this Church dependeth not in the eflimation and nobilitie of the world : and alfo by the• 
fcwneffe of them , which haueat alltimes worfhipped him purely according tohis word .that tt fiandethnnf' _i• *' 

in the multitude . but in the poore and defpifed , in the fmallfleck^ and little number, tl/at man in hii vvifedtffii ' 
might be confounded, andthe Name ef God euerimre praifed. *' '"'^ 

I C Η A P. I. the heauen be gathered Into one place,ead let the 

\i Coia/aeithUMtJianithtunb. iThr Ugit mi thr Αο^χφ- drv laiid appcarc : and it was fo. ' 

''"^'"'•-'"'^tr^rw'^t^r.^rt' An/Godcalle.dthedryIand.Earth.and^ j^^^^^ 

2 6 n,fcr,j,Mbn,jn,4i,iffMH\ hec called the gathering together of the watc'-'i Λ ^"r"""'-• 
' '■ " ' ■■ '■ ' Sees :^d God law that it was good. ,,' -_ 

1 1 Then God faid . h Let tfie earth bud forth ^ ^yS^'S• 
the biid of the herbe , that feedetli feed , tlie fruit-,, ^ . 
full tree, which beareth fruite acpording to his ^ ° * 
kinde, which hath his icza.^ initfelfe vpouthi''^ ' 
earth : and it was fo. ί 

1 2 Antl the earth brought foorth the hnStn-, 
the herbe .that feeieth feede according tr ; lifj'ii^tT κ| '* 

6 H« ci/jMh tie fui 
crtJiftb thffifl; , Uti: , Ujfit. 

tUireMtmi, 1} AnifrnitUnhnoHritutefo 
end bMft. 

b As arudcltiuipe 
arid vvijhoiitany 

Ν the • beginning * God cre- 
ated the heauen and the earth. 
2 And , the earth was 
^ I) vvithout forme and void, 
and '' darkenefle was vpon i 
the t deepe , and the Spirit of 
God ^ mooiicJ vpon f t waters. ' 
■ " ■ ■ And 

5 Then God faid.* Let there be light 
crtattitc in it : 'fotj there was« light. 
Λ« waters cone- j .^ And God faw the 


i II Ot,ivjflt. 

! c Datienelte to- 
ne ;ed the deepe 

I warets.for asyet 

1 the ligllt WIS not 




kind , a!fo the tree that beareth fruit , whi• of the , 

his feed in it felfe according to his kind: and Η ofi II o^•' »•'"'>* . 

i faw that it was good. - ' U'i. ' ''J5^ r*'" 

5 fi So the euening and the morning were 

tutcstc leriKi 

the third day. his glory , »,.d 

y And God called the Light . Day , and the ,^„'ί,Λ^!'Α '^?1^1'!'*-^" fe^.^'^^'V" wFor finnV 


•1 He maintiijied 

heape byhisftciei rated the waters .which were f vnder the firma• 

•e rhel^ghtwis _ _ __ 

■made betoteeithei j j 

J Ana uod law toe ught that it was good, 
God feparated t the ligln from the darkenes. 

And God called the Light , Day , and the i ;■ ■ r, , - tr ν , ι 

darkenefle he called Night. li t So the euening and Τ ^™^™.^"^ «^ ^ 'ί^ '^eaucn, to 1 feparate the day „ 

the morning were the ifrft day. f^"? "-ψ "'ght and let them be for "> fignes, and .o the nu^^, 

6 f Againe God faid.* Let there be a n firma- ^""^ feafons and for dayes.and yeeres._ i^o.ed Jlaft /- 
mentiiith?midsofthe waters . and let it feparate '^ ^"'' [" '''^™ ^^ Η 'i»''" i":'i^fi™3-to,hc.r'weJ.iv-/ 
the wafers from the waters. ™^™ ^^"^^ "=3"=" ^° o»"e iigftt vpon 'he earth : π n,. am d.» re' 

7 Then God made the firmament , and fepa- ' ^"'' " ^^« '«• '^ <**" 

■■"/-''-■ 3^•? f. 

i6 God then made two great "lights rthejl^^g+'^'j. jjj' 

ment . from'dbe waters" w'hich were'^ abone t'he : ψ^^Ψ' H^' f^ ^"'^ '^J ^J' ',^"'* ^^^ lelle light^^e L^U-.. 
Λ,,ν,,Γν,».,. . -,., ) .V ,,,οο Γ„ ' to t"Ie the night ; hemade alto the ftarres. Simne, the,,.. 

'^rA'VS^^cS'^thefirmament.SHeanen.: , ^7 An,Goa^t^.n.intl^,rrn.::^of^e^l^^<^ 
BSo the euen.g and the morning were the i.- ^^^'2^ ^SS^.^din thenight.^^1:!?^?r 

God faid againe . * Let the waters vnder [ ^^'^ ^^P?"^'^ '^'^ ''g'" f «"^ '^^ darkenefle : and the g»;;^? i-vne 
° God faw that It was good. m iji mngs.ip- 

1 „^ 1 "• J I • pertiinuigto n'-i 

19 nSo the euening and the morning were i,n.,u and poiiti- 

the fourth day. • call o.dcrs and 

20 Afterward God faid. Let the waters bringT*'.'*'"'• 

9 f 

I -Sunne or Moone 

j -was created: iheie- 

i iorc wee mwft no 

I attiibtite that to Ihecreatiites that are Gods infttuments , -which only appette/neth 

■ CO God. t Ei»- ^"'""'i '*•? ϋξΙι,ΛπΛ hiaeene th Jjirk^ufs. t the drd day, 
I + Eir. So tvit th eurlti/ig , fa rvji tht morning, * Fpl. jj. 6. Λ»/ΐ3ί«>5 ifre. lo. 
' ^ianilii. li- W Or .fjrrf^H^gouer .J»i*fr^. f Asthefea andriucts. fromthoft 

^waters thai are in the dondes , which are vpholdenty Godspowtr, leaBthey 

■ Ihoidd oiievwhelme the world. * Γ//'. 1+8.+. g That is, the region of the ayie, 
andaUthatisaboueys. i; The fecottd day. i• ^yi/. 3J.7, «uirf 3>i.ii,j(»((i}<^#. 

'n To wit, the Sm» 
and the Moone, 
snd here hee (peaieth.'as man indgethbyliij eye : for elfe the iMoonc is leiTethi-'n 
the planet Satiirniis. ο To giiie it fitfficientlight.asinftrtimentsapjoiettdi•» 
«heljjRi, toftnietonwasyft. * Ifri.31.3s. y The fomth day. 

'"'A foorth 



ί^^ ..sna toorth]l.a abanJance ««iry ρ creeping thinq;that 
■ which ttiAth t r.ife : and let tlie foiile flie vpon the eortii in 

•fnW.thfiule " '^ '"~ ' ' ' 



q The fi ill and 

-wherein we ic« 
ihat natmcg'ueili 
'lace to Cods will, 
- .oiafmuch as ilie 
line fort is made 
to Hie aboiuin 
the ayre, and the 
other to fwihune 

t That is , by the 
vcime ofhis word 
hegaiiepowet to 
his cteatarest* 
i\ Thefifiday. 

i.Coi. 1 1.7. Ccl. 

f^ God comman- 
ded the water and 
ilic earth to bring 
io^tlipthei ciea- 
"" ■ fman 

■ Tying, 

ΐ I '.Tnen God created the great whales , and 
eiiery thing lining and mooning , whicli the 1 wa- 
ters brought foorth in abundance according to 
their kinde , and cucry feathered foule according 
to his kind : and God law that it was good. 

22 Then God ^ bleiTcd thenr, faying , Bring 
foorth fruit and multiplie , and fill the waters in 
the feas , and let the foule multiply in the earth. 

23 Β So the eucning and therfrofnin^l^ere j 
the f-ift chy. I 

24 f Moreoiier God Caid , Let the earth bring j 
foorth the t lining thing according to his kind, ! 
cattell , and tJiat which creepeth , and thebeaftof 
the earth according to his kind , and it was fo. 

2 r And God made the beaft of the earth ac- 
cording to his kind , and the cattell according to 
his kinde, and eue-ry creeping thing of the earth 
according to his" kind ; and God iaw that it was 

26 . Furthermore God faid . * f Let vs make man 
in our ' imagt:• according to our likenefle , and let 
them rule ouer the fifli of the fea , and ouer the 
foule of the heauen, and oner the beafts. and ouer 
all the earth , and oner euery thing that creepeth 
and mooneth on the earth. 

27 * Thus God created the man in his image: 
in the innge of God created he him : he created 
them * niale and female. 

25 And Godnbleiledthem.andGodfaidto 
tiiem , *'Brinir foorth fruit . and multiply , and fill 

The creation φι woma^' 

v.-as in the earth, and euery herbe of the field, be- j 
fore it grew , for the Lord God had not caiifed it j 
to ^ raine vpon the earth.neither vz/as there a man jd 
to till the ground. 

God onelyope» 
eth the heai 

6 But a mift went vp from the earth , and wa- f "f fl'ftfih them,. 

• " ■ ' ' «'eleiideth drought 

nd raine accor- 

3 his good 

the earth , and fubdiie it . and rule ouer the filb of j * drefie it , and keepe it. 

tered all the earth 

7. 1" The Lord God alfo I| made the man «: of 
the duit of the ground , and breathed in his face 
breath of life, * and the man was a lining louio. 

8 And the Lord God pl^"Kd a garden Eaft- 
vvard in f Eden • =>•ι«ί ''Jcre hee put the man whom 

he had made. 

9 (For out of the ground made the Lord 
God to glow euery tree pleafant to the light , and 
good for meate ; the gtree of life alio in the mids !* '•<^"' 's.4 
of the garden, I'and the tree of knowledge of Ι^Ί^ΛΓ,"? 

10 And out of Eden went a riuer to water the 
garden , and from thence it was diuided , and be- 
came into foure heads. 

1 1 The name of one i< * Ρ1ΐΊ-.οη ; the fame 
compafleth the whole land • cf Hauilah , where is 

12 And the gold ofthat land is good; there» 
t Bdelium , and the Onyx ftone. 

I? And the name of the fccond riuer «Gi- . . , 
hon : the fame compaflbtli the wltok land of i/,"^,^;'!',,^ ="-'f 
(J Culb ; . . ?. J' 

Ϊ4 And the name of the third riuer ti (I Hid- 
f • dekel : this goeth toward the Eaft fide of || Ailuir, 
! and the fourth riuer is U Parah.) 
■ ί Γ . i". Then die Lord God tooke the man ,and 
put him into the garden of Eden , that he mi 

the fea.and rrici the foule of the heauen.andouer 

;etjery• bsait that Thooueth vpon the earth. 
■ j 'iQ And God faid , Behold . I hatie giuen vnto 
I you X euery herbe beaiing feed , whichls vpon all 
ithe earth ,and euery tree, wherein isthefruite 
of a tree bearing feede . * i;j<if ibali be to you for 

^fjo Likewife to euery bead of the earth , and 
'•',*^"°''yf'3"'^oftheheaueRv,anJ to euer^ 
i'^l*50oueth vpon the earth , which hatli : 
.,^e . euery greenc herhc flja!Ji>e fr^r meat , nnd 
; UCSS* >^3s fo. 
^ooiver, I .^ I ■" And God faw all that hee had made , and 
loe ,!t was vei^ good, fj Sotheeueningandthe 
morning were the iixt day. 

16 And the Lord God ^ commanded the man, 
j faying , t Thou Uiait eate freely of euery tree of 
! the garden. 

17 But of the tree of knowledge of good and 
! euill ,thou ihalt not eat of it : for ]l in the day that 
ί thou eateit thereof, thou ibalt die the m death. 
! 18 Alfo the Lord God faid , It is not good 

that the man ibould be himfeife alone: I will make 

y thing i him an heipe t meet for him, 
τ life in I9 So the Lord God for 

'it. 17-1. 
/AiifA. 19.4. ' 

h«yroi'a?atioTi of man 

«ay all ( 

φ. 8. 

ίΙ Thcl 

P. n. 

1 2 H-- cr<'Uteth the jvjtyim 

life of hisiiigvjtitade. 

ZS Hi' fHtfih 

theblefsingof Cod, 
κ Gods great liberalitie to man , taieth a 

' J C Η A 

■ _ - J 2 C«/i rtflHh tk- feuf^tb iiy , 

Hus theheauens and the earth were finiihed, 
and ail the ^ hoite of them. 

2 For in the feuenth day God ended hife worke 
which hee had made , •" and the feuenth day hee 
i" refted from all his worke, which he had made. 

5 So Goii bleifed the feuenth day , and ' fara- 
dlified it , becaufe that in it he refted from al] 
his worke, which God created and made. 

4 C Thefe are the II generations of the hea- 
iiens and nf the eaith, when they were created, in 
tlie day , that the Lord God made the earth and 
the heauens. 

f And- euery ff plant of the fielde , before it , 

eonlidcr the csccl' ;ncie of Iiis%¥orlts and GodsgoodjiClTi tCVyitdhifli. £ Or, tie 

h For he had now 

"iniilicdhis crca- 
iiiociici ilill wat- 
Cteaifivci, and go. 
ve.neih them, 
β Af-pointed it to 
Jbckejit holy, that 
niight ilic ■ 

God formed of the earth 
eueiy beaft of the field , and euery foule of the 
hcauen , and brought thent vnto the '' man to fee 
how he would cail them : for howibeucr the man 
named the iiuing creature ,- fo was the name 

2Q The man therefore g.uie names vnto all 
cattell , and to tke foule of the heauen, and to eue- 
rybeaft^ of the field : but for Adam found he not 
an helper meet for him, 

21 f Therefor e tlie Lord God caufed an hea- 
uie fleepe to fall vpon the man , and he flept : and 
he tooke one ofhis ribs , and clofcd vp the/ieili in 
flead thereof 

22^ And the rib which the Lord God had ta- 
ken from the man . t made hee a ο woman , aiid 
brought her tothe man. 

2;j Then the man faid , * This now is boneof 
my bones, and fieih of my fleflr. She ihalbe called 
I I vvoman.becaufe ibe was taken out of the man. 
.[ 24 * Therefore Iha!! man leaue ρ his father and 
f Iiis mother , and (ball cleaue to his wife, and they 
Ϊ flialbe one flefli. 

j zf And they Were both naked, the man and 
his wife,and they were hot s aftamed 

. ρ So that mat' 



cYfcMl•. plinit 
fii'J, it .•■< tke 5i.«ms 


11 ο,.τ^,ύ. 

II 0/,/)#η>. 
II Or,Eit{hiUet. 
k God would nei 
hr.iie man idle, 
though as yet 
there was no need 

ISO that man migJic 
know there was a 
foite.aigne Lord, 
to whom he owed 
obed.'ejKC. . 

[,%.:>..,../. ' 

Or, rvK-Kfifwr:, 
11 By thisdiaih 
hee me.ineth the ' 
feparation of ma» 
fiom God, who 
i>ot.v life and 
c.hiefcfelicity ; 
ard alfo thatoiir 
difobcd/ence h tht 
caiift tiievcof. 

. Iymoo;.ing ' 
hem to come ana 
fiibmit themltlues 

mantind wasper- 
fiie, when the wo- 
.in wa' cve.«ed, 
hich before was 
like anvnperfit 

Or , Mnjin.-Jp, iiS 

Μ.μβ. ««„,«* 

fr,:ar: f., in E. 

l^uh the TTo/ran^ 
leqniicth a grei- 

inwi. ' 9 f 01 bifcie finne enucd, jU uwngs werehonVn aiid'comSy,'"' " ^ 
^"' TH£, 


l() Or, formed. 
'< KeeQieweth 
fwhe.eofmans be. 
dy was created to 
piould notgloiie 
in the excellence 
ofhis Own nature.' 

of a place, 
asfoinerhinke in 
Mesopotamia moft 
plealant Jnd abun- 
dant in all things, 
g Which was a 
figne of the life t«- 
cciiicd of God. 
h Thatis.ofmife- 
laWe experience, 
Which came by 

*^ Ec<tuf. ZX.2P, 

gto rerlia 
Faii ward, and en- 
clineth toward th'e- 

The woman reduced. 

HeUufe tntHtiiK ii made 
in the ttnthverfe tf this 
ChAfter, cfthttiatnhat 
KAterti Ihe^trdtn, rvce 
muii note ih.u Enpht.x- 
tis «»J Τ)ίϊΛ , eallei ,n 
Hebiett, Fifth tniHui- 
dtKtl . W"« «•■'"'■'' *"' 
«»f tiuer where th y i«;• 
nei tigether . els they had 
fture heaii : is , tv>» 
at their fptittgs , anitn» 
V/litrethey fell intt the 
Terfien Sea. In this conn- 
ttd attd mtp, pientifull 
Unl Adam dwelt , xtid 
this -mas ctUed Paudife, 
that is, a i»rien of plen. 
fnre, btc»nje tf the fruit- 
fuitttSe and Riunlance 
theteif. Andwh-reti 
itisfjii that Pifjj» 
omfalfelh the tf.nd of 
H»uil»h , it is meant cf 
Tmis, which in f>re 
ctuntrejs , «s itf^iby 
diner pUces IPJS caUei 
iyfxtiiry names, as ft - 
time DigUtti , in ctinr 
f laces Pafitygris, "id of 
feme Phafm ct Ρφβ». 
Ziieivife EuphrMes »•- 
ChO) or EthittU , cr A- 
rafjt, iOM called G,b0i. 
So that Tytfs and E:i- 
fhrUei , (ivhich wei< e«' 
tw« riuers , and fame time 
rthen thy i>)a.i teie- 
tne ttAme)vtre acar• 
atnt to iiuers pUces col- 
UdhjiJilfefcH enaiici, 
y'o thankey might feeitie 
iohauebeene fi ' 

Chap. 1 1 L 



«vorkc 'P• 

c Noahdcli- 

d ihe Chute* 


«It tlulirin »i 

Trie Iindofi^dir, which 

111], tii^tgene- 


"■ •lyt 



The goiilfe of ihc 
Perfian Set. 

Cod. 1+ They 
19 Atisji d»Jl•. 

* Kψ■^.^^. 
a As Satan can 
«hange himlelfe 
inio an Angel of i 

t Η 

T6? jremjn ffiui/d t,y ihr f, ffm 
fiitne 8 n-y t-i:. β„ from 

iscfioutofPAra^Hf,. ' j 

^ ΟΛ* v e terpent was mort. » fubtill then any | 

••■^ beaftof che fielde, which the Lord God h^d 

made : and he ^ lail to the woman, Yea. hath God 

ligh-, fo drd"'ee j indeed faid.yee il:ail not eaee of euery tree of the 

abaft the wifedomei „.. j-i'en ? ι 

of the leirent to ! o^ ' , , . , , -. _„, _„- | 

deceitieman i 2 And the woman fayd vnto thelerpent^we j 
b God fiirftredsa-jeatofth^fruite of the trees of the garden. 

tan to malce the - - . - . - . . ■ . r 

feiptm ίιίίίηβπι- 

mtnt, ar.dto 

jfiake inlii'm. 

e ill dniibting of 

eods ihearningj 

Aee yeeided to 



i This is Sstans 


to cjiife vs not to 

ieire Gods threat• 


fEir.ii theJ/ult. 

c A: tlioaghhee 

fiouldl'ay, God 

ioeih not foibid 

yen to eat of the 

fciic, fane 'hat he 

Inewe'h thitityt 

cTcaucs toKt-tncr.aaaaiadethem-i „ ,. 




feiues t br:;.ches. " \1"'',11Ί'η£ 

8 * Afterward theyheardthe voyceofthei «ί,.,ν ,r,w,viv•*," 
Lord God walking in the garden in the l\ -oole ofi II o•^- »''"* .j ^ 
the day , and the man and his wife h hid them-; ί^,.^,* g"^^ ,:"' " 
felues from the prefcncc of the Lord God amongj jteienct. " ' Ί J«" 
tJic trees of the garden. ' 

9 But the Lord God called CO the man .and 
fayd vnto hira , VVh^re arc thou? { 

! ο Who faid, I heard thy voyc^n the gar-< 
den and was afraid : becaufe I wasinaked.there» . . 

3 But of the fruite of the tree which is in the 1 fore I hid my felfe. ^™Ju.AaV 
miJs of the garden , God hath faid , Ve (hall not I x,i And he faid, Whotold th«e that thou wafV hr'. ,..d the caifS^ . 
eat of it, neither ihall ye touch it,cleaftye die. ! naked'Haftthou eaten ofthe tree whereof I comJ 

4 Then * Che ferpent faid to the woman. Ye ; manded thee that thou fliouldcft not eate ? | 
fliJl Hot i t did at all. i • 2 '^'i-" ^^^ ™3n faid , The woman whicK 

] But God dorh know; hat when y^maU eate I thoukgaucft ro έ? with race , ilie gaue raee 
thereof, your eyes iha;lbeopened,andyeflial be the tree , and I did eate. 
as gods, c knowing good andeuill. L U And the Lord God faid to the woman J 

6 So the woman (feeing that the tree was r.^hy 

k His wiclttdnefTe 
and lackc of itiie 
«pentaiicf. appea> 

haft thou done this? Andthe woman faid, tcth in this that 
erpent beguiled me , and I did eate. jhe btnder.eth God 

he had giuea 
1 wife. 
!e:dof con- 

good for m.'at, & that it was pleafant to the eyes 
and a tree to ne get knowledge) tooka 
of the fruit thereof, an 1 did * eat and gauc aifo 
to her husband with her.aiid he ί did -iat. 

7 Then the eyes of them both were opsned, , . r - ^ 

and th:y g knew that they were Baked , and they I Ihalt thou eate all che Jayes of thy life 

^ .iiM e ite theteo'f V yet aiOHid be like to him * E-d 26- > -Tim. i^+ . 
f Notfomiichtoflea'ehis wiii.a tooutd b-, amb-ticn achevpeifwafioe, gthty 
fce^tefeejythiiimifery, bai cJiey Ibughmot to Qod foi lemedy. 

' giOecaufe thou haft done this . ihou art curfc 
aboue all cattell , and abr ae euery beaft of ilv 
field : vpon thy _ bel'ylhalt : hou goe.and » duflj ^'■'^1,''", e,h"t' 

I by jcciifing the 
•' if 
jn Hee allied the lesfon of Adam and his wife , becaiifehte wc•, db ;rg :l*in to 
tepentancc , biithc^a ite h ;.ot the feipent , becjufc hce would Qiew himnOJJ.«W3r, 
n As « vile and coateuif t.Ole be jfl , ifa . 6 5 . a j . 

A a IS I 



Kain cutiea. Religion ieftorea- 

rtflyeeait— Ti? -.-alio put enmitie betweeae β thee and f doore : alfo vnto thee his lae^itefhali>efubiea, f sume caii , 
C ■an,by *°°"^/:;.'.D, 8c betweenc thy feed and hcr fecdc» and thou (halt rule ouer him Nrmcmthy, 

It'^St^t'^^ i»elhaii breake thine Ρ head,& thou fliak , bruife 8 f Th^n Raiu fpake vnto Habel his brother. Γ^^'άι „• 

f.j •ι,ί .. . 'hie h(»pli> Anrf "i* when rhfv TOprp in rhe fipM ΚΌίη .-ηΓ^ &,.ι?-λι^ 

'"ft the 
j ^tceiuid the wo- 

I •■) Tliat IS, the 
I "wet of fijine 

'tvherein we ice 
ilist natiiicg'iietlt 
'lace to Gods wil 
-oiafmudus iJie 
Anefoit is made 
to flic aboiuin 
the avie.andthe 
other'to I'wimjne 

t That is , by the 
vcttdc o£his wot* 
hegaiiepowet to 
Jiis cieata'.tste 

ihis heelc. * And * when they were in the field , Kain roii vp WieltTbLne", 

id f Vnto the woman bee faid.I will greatly ' againft Habel his brother,cnd flew him. fe""" ό Kain oust 

Sncrcafe thy ' forowes , and thy conceptions. In , 9 Then the Lord fayd vnto Kain , Where Is^^t'b 
JTorow ihalt thou bring forth children , and thy Habel thy brother? Who anfwered, I cannot tell. ί,^,.' 

Jefire fhMefubieii to thine husband , and he ihall ''Am I my brothers keeper? 

'• rule ouer thee. lo Againehefaid, Whathaft thou done ? the hThisisthei.. 

17 ί Alfo to Adam he faid^ecaufe thou haft i ' voyce of thy brothers blood crieth vnto mee:l""°f*« «P"• 

• 3. miff, 
.■23-3S. ■./•*«. 3 
■ iuie.ii. 

obeyed thevoyceofthywife.and haft eaten of ;^ from the earth 

tree (whereof I commanded thee , faying, Thou 

hen they 

Now therefore thouart curfcdi• from the ΓείιΤροόηΤί"^ 

hialt not eat of it) fciirfedw the earth for thy earth, which hath opened her roouth to receiue 

jfafcfi : in forow ilialt thou eate of it all the dayes 
jof thy life, 

18 'Thornes alfo and thiftlcs fl^all it bring 
rthto thee,andthou ilialteatthe herbeoft*e 

I ρ In the fweat of thy face flialt thou eat bread 

till thou returns to the earth ; for out of it waft 

., -, ^, , ithou taken,becaufethou art duft. and to duft ihalt 

icH".;.!.^ I ao (And the man Galled his wiues name He- 
'•C"'• "-T•;^ Wah,becaufeil:e was the mother of all lining.^ 
i.God cor-' sl^l a I Vnto Adam alfo and to his wife did the 
icd'rhe v'^^" [Lotd God" make coatcs of skinnes.and doathed 


ί AndtheLordGodfaid.HBeholde.the 

man is become as oneof vs. to know good and 

euill. And now leaft he put foorth his hand, and 

y take alfo of the tree of life, and eat.andliue for 

%i Therefore thaLord God fent him foorth 

from the garden ofEden^, to till the earth.whence 

he was taken. 


I tl.c earth ft W--., 


■■ Ufrifi'ts 

■ V't-fthe 

"^ . 

^ ♦/•' fjiiethem 

ledge to 

. themieliies 


By this dcn'fion 


dains mifct'Ci 


en by ambidon. 

Adam deprived 

.f alfo the. 

.^ns thsccof, 

thy brothers blood from thine hand. 2^ ""^ defpighc 

; 11 When thou (halt till ihe.ground ,ΰ fliall•i"Godrel,tnfe,h 
not henccfoorth yeeld vnto thee her ftrength : a the wrongs of his 
1 vagabonde andarunnagate/haltthoubein the *"""''^°"?'' 

ejfjjj^ none complainc ! 

I J Then Kain faid to the Lord,»" ^My puniflv huik SeTh foV 
ment is greater thenl can beare. vengeance. 

14 Btholde.thou haft caft meeout this day J/''""*"'^ 
from t the earth, and from thy facefl^all I beaga^rihee'whica 
hid, and Ihall be a vagabond, and a runnagateni'«ifuiivtecei. 
in the earth , and wholoeuer findeth meihall flay "'^, f''a'"ood 

njgg^ ■' >Tn5ch thou mofl 

I J Then the Lord fayd vnto him , Doubt-I i Thin Q,ak nel 
leffe whofoeuer flayeth Kain , hec iliall be n pu- ""haue ren.• for 
niflied fiuen folde. And the Lord feta omarkei^'"n,';"""''H; 
vpon Kain,leaft any man finding him , Jhould killfeare and"cate 

him. m Hec biitdineth 

\6 Then Kain went out from the prefence of ^°^ ^i ' ""'^^ 
ihe Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod toward dTdi^SSfo 

th»Eaft fide of Eden. iharpely. I 

I 7 Kain alfo knew his wife, which conceiued II ο••.™)• /?»»<■ /»; 

-- ■ ■ - - ^ ' ' 1„ \ 

the blade of a fwordlhakcn , lokeepe the way of ϊ 

jMaitntsnire, diti 
•(later of maiiage, 
aiid Gods bleffing^ 
*» ore not vttetly 
\boli(he4 thiough 
Viiiejjiit fjie qua-, 
ι cond; 

and bare Henoch: and he built a Ρ Gitie,&. called f^'t2l„"j 
24 Thushecaftoutman, andattheEaftfide 1 the name of the citie by thenameofhisfc^nne, iu7.fr7m\ff,s^'' 
ofthegardenofEdenhefetthe Cherubiros, and " Henoch. face,f. 

18 And to Henoch was borne Irad, and Irad i/ b' ^°' *^"«• / 
bcgateMehuiael , and Mehqiael begate Methailia- b"to fifCeift * f 
el.andMethufliaelbegateLamech. mnrthet. /■ 

19 f And Lamech tooke to him qtwo wiues ■ ? which wa? ' 
the name of the one was Adah , and the name of ofTods "dje 
the other Zillah. mem, ,hat ofhere 

20 And Adah bare labal^who was the n father """^Ί fearethejiby. 
of fiich as dwell in the tents . and of fucli as haue L^"?'""^ 'j"'''^ 

II io cc iine,a]ia 

AFterward the man knew Heuah his wife "",«„. i •, l, ,, , ^ ' , , , , ''^^'«^'i^'•'"»- 
Which arnnr^inpri »ηΛ t,=>r^ ΪΓ.ίπ ,n^ Γ.,Μ Τ ^ ! And hlS brothers name ϊ/7^5 lubal . who fi°n to feare Gods 

was the father of all that playontheharpeand [^ ™'"" "«»'"* 
«oi'Sans• , . . q The l.wfitU 

22 And Zillah alfo bare Tubal- kain, who anftiwtion of ma- 

C Η A P. IV. 

ι rhf gf»fYjl!on of mMkindf. 3 Koin ujid Hdel of,f β,ηίβ^•. 
8 KjU kJUrtb H*hel. aj Limech a lyrjM enctur^ieth his 
ftmrfuU tviuct. ao' True tiliiion ii fcftcnd, 

Fterward the man knew Heuah his wife 
which a conceiued and bare Kain,andfaid, I 
j haue obtained a man b by the Lord. 
; 2 Andagainelliebroughtfoor'th his brother 
I Habel «and Habel was a keeper of fteepe.and 
I Kain was a tiller of the ground. 

3 f^ And in proceflcj of time it came to pafle, 

wrought cunningly euery craft of braffe and ofii^2'' "'H'^','j 
yron: and the fifter of Tobal-kain vaa, Naamah ^^" '"° "''"^'' ^' 
35 ' 

one fiefh, was fiift 

f'wasci,a„Jthat Kain brought an c oblation vnto the Lord 4/I "^ίί'^Λ^Ι^"^ ^'^^^ ^"'° his wiues Unpti» the hot.ft 
■ -: ../-.L- e...:. -r.u° 1 I Aaah andzillah , Hearemy voyce ^yeewiues of;of Ka.nbv ta- 

t) That is, accor- 
ding to the Lotdi 
giomire, as Chap. 
3. js.iomc rejde, 
To the Lotd, as 
seloycing for the 
ionns which (lice 
Jiaiborne, wHoin 
'»o• the Lord a^ihe 
Sm fniiissofhet 

t. This declareth 
«hat the father ill- 
«rniU'd his chil. 
dren in the know- 
Jidgt of Gndantl 
alio hovr God gjvejthem fi 

of the fruit of the ground. 

4 And Hdbel alio himfelfe brought of the 
firft fruits of hisilieepe,andof thefatofthem, 
and the Lord had refpeol vnto * Habel.and to his 

f But vnto Kain and to his offerini» he had 

Lamech , hearken vnto my'fpeech : r'for I would ™"''• 
flay a man in rtiy wound, & a yong man in mine 

d rcga'rd'Twherefore Kai"n"w;s"eiceedins ! u„V ί And Ad^ knew his wife againe.and flief 
. u f_ jl: .» r,.i j. "^"""'g ( bare a fonne.and ihec called h-.i rame Sheth : for 


24 Ii Kain fliall be auenged feuen folJ,truely j %', ftJIaTZ"' 
Laφech fftuentie times feuen fold. ,t'f''• 

wroth a"ndhis countenance felldowne. "1 "''Λ V'^J'a'TT'''' ^?"^«/'^'-V''^"'^ '''ψ'•- i°' h}}W£L• 

. ThcntheLordf.idyntoKain.WhyaHSif^SSCii^^^^^^'^"^^''';^ 

I 2 6 And to the fame S heth alfo there waabraggeth that 
j borne a fonne, and he called his name ΕηοΛι.'Ίε« is none fo 

II Then began men to tcaU vponthcNameof thd'';J^'*,'er,ft*'" 

; ^ord• LithoMgh hceweii. 

•_ I already woanded. 

1• Kemoctedj: Gods ftifferancei» Kain, iefiingasihongh Gtjd would fufi«tnor«!• 
toptciiibhim , and yet giue him licence to mtirthetotlieis. ti In theic daycs Goa 
began to moot e the hearts of the ioily to lefloie religion , v^uihi long timi^b?•• 

■ «Jii-wKiiiludUejitiKpwirid, : & ' 

»'_-_ ^ GJLAS^ 

thou wroth? and why is thy countenance caft 
downe ? 

7 If thou doe well, fljalt thou not fee « accep- 
ted? and if thou doeft not well .iinneliethatthe 

.ilfeit ihtywettdt.• 

, - d Eecaufthee was an 

ottered oatly for an outward flitwe T^hont fmstlati» of btUt, 

f.£»,jlbe a«e£tabktojnf. - - ' - - 

. fides to fignifie their fafv 
«.nii-a of ihs fac:ament of the «ee of life. '*■ HeU . 



"and two yeet-es , and begate a (onne. 

I Of .»?'"*/■''" 

iRtide hap., the ^ likenelle of God made he him. 

, By giuing therai ^ j^ajg anj female created he them , and bleU 

'et.r'he'^'ftpit fed them.and called their nameb Adam in the day 

'able coniimition ) that they Were created, 

Bfminajidwife. 1 ^ ^ Now Adam Hiied an Huiidreth ojid thir 


29 And called his name , N'oah Jaying , Thii J» Y"'* """ • 
ime α^ΙΙ!» comfort vs conceniinf; our worke; 'JE^^"'^*'^^'^; , , 

■ . tie veeres , and begate a childe in his ownee like- ,- ., , 

Γκ^^ο^η!'! nefle after his image . and called his name | Αώ Noah begate Shem . Ham . and lapheth, 

η and wife. 


■ Ttf gennlcglr. S The agf anil Jutb of AiUm. 6 Hit fuKrfioH 
vnta ΗβΛ -iniltii Mdrtn. lo HeKcthwjs nk" '"'■V- 

Τ His is the || booke of the generations of |and forow of our hands , as touching the earth, jndder.tedroiic 
Adam. In the day that God created Adam, in { which the Lord hath curfed. *' ''l^'i'^'i. .. 

■ - -- ■ • ' ■•" ^ 30 And Lamechliued. after he begate Noah j«h;AJh<>"W^^ 

fiue hundreth ninetie and fiue yeeres^^, andbegatej (^, ;; ^^J ^^tt^ 
fonnes and daughters. I of , he alto fpait 

5 1 So all the dayes of Lamech were feuen hun-j *'s ""y the ή?'«ΐί 

dreth feuentv and leuen yeeres : and he died. | «.no's deli-' 

32 And Noah was hue hundreth yeere olde. „e ed ihe churck 


4 κ And the dayes of Adam , after he had be- 
gotten Sheth , were eight hundreth yeeres.and he 
begate fonnes and daughters. 

J so all the dayes that Adam liiied.were nine 
hundreth and thirtie yeeres.and he died. 

6 And d Sheth. lined an hundreth and fiue j c Ο when men began to be multiplied vpon the 
yeeres.and begate Enoili. ' '^ earth , and there were daughters borne vntoi 

7 And Shem liued after he begate Epo/li.eight ! them 


Cod eWMt»rf6 t^hrhg tkffUa. 5 Mjm it otugth» »» 

6 GudvfffntnhthtiimAJrHm 18 Htih Md kit itrr fttffTuet 

in thi A rk: , t»hi:b he tvJt nmm.itidfd t' m.(Af • 

by hii obclioi^Ci, 

i H« 

Adams genetatioi^ ^ 

by them Wakh : j^y^dreth and leuen yeeres , and begat foones and 

came I , ■ ^ ^ • 

fliew which is Che daughters. ^ , , . , 

truechurch, and g So all the dayes of Sheth were « nine him- 
Mfo what cate (Jredi and twejue veeres : and he died. 
fame'"&orrheie- 9 f Alfo Enoft liucd uinetie yeeres , and be- that he gate Kcnail. 

rontiuued^iier , jq And Enofli liued , after hee begate Kenan, 
his graces toward j gj j^j hundreth and fifteene yeeres , aud begate 
ffiof I fonnes and daughters, 
e The chiefe canfei jj So all the dayesof Enoih werenine hiin- 

of long life ijiAe I j,.gth and fiue yeeres .-and he died, , ..,^.„ . _ „ , ' oodUneHc 

«4».8f.!'U!'. „f i ,, r Likewile Kenan lined fenenne yeeres, and '; old time were men off renowme. _ 'αθ'.'^Λ>ι>φ». 

■ •• • ' 1 when tlie Lord faw that the wickednes a Becairfemaa 

i Then the a fonnes of God faw the daugh- ,ν^Λ,.. ^ 

tersb of men that they werecfaire . and theyi ^^^^^,^,^_„^;,^ 
tooke them wiues of all tliat they || liked. i began ttHdegene- 

1 Therefore the Lord fayd , My fpirit (Iwil! rate 
not ahvaydftriue with raan.becaule hee is but, ^^ ^l;»;* *« ^^-^^^ 
flefli, and his dayes. ihsll be an «hundreth and jsof Kaiu. 
twenty yeeres. ' <> Haiiinj^iW:^ 

4 There were It giants i'^tbe earth in thofe,>jJ=^*?^^^'°*^' 
dayes : yea.and after that the fonnes of God caraej worldly confid«~ 
vnto the daughters of men, and they had borne ntions.then to 
them children , thefe were mighty men , which in *e'i. manets ωί 

«t£nTe.<ha° 'begate Mahalaleei. , ! S 1 When the Lord faw• that the wickednes "a Became «'.a 

sccording to God.•; ° ^j, J Kenan liued , after hee begate Maha- ι of man was great in the earth , and all the iraagi- could not be 

eommandc«,ent j^^j^^ ^ ^j^j^^ himdreth and fourtie yeeres, and be- . nations ofthe thoughts of his * heartt<*ere oncly: J^°nj«°yj<jo« 

AfwirKgh^t' gate fonnes and daughters.. . , euiUt continually. ;f»rtev,>nc«whete- 

tncwoiw s ο ,1 .L , ι°..,„ „Cira_.,« ...ο,.Λ.,;ηί> Klin- ^ τΚο., f w ..i>nf nti»fi f he Γ oi'il . that hee had i,-j ι,λ iir/.,i». γλ 


6 Then it g repented the Lord , that hee had ; by he iHowe to 
made man in the earth , and hee was fory in hjs ■ onetcome him, 

, he woMldnole». 


it inereaftd with ' i^ So all the dayes of Kenan were nine hun• 
people , which , ^.^^^ ^,,^^ ^^^^ yeeres : and he died. 

might vniueiijuy , 5 j^ji.,ala!eel alfoliued lixtieand fiue yeeres, , neart. , , , r . τ •„ τ^ rcmayhis .... 

Uid begate lered. ! 7 Therefore the Lord fayd , I will deftroy |,,„,/ 

1(5 Alfo Mahalaleel liued , after he begate le- | from the earth the man . whom I haue created, c which rerme 
red.eioht hundreth and thirtie yeeres, and begate f. from man h to beaft . to the creeping thing.and to <;»d S»u'ma„ t* 
fomies and dauohters. \ the foule of the heauen : for I repent that I haue 4^,jj ^,„,,.^ ^^ 

17 So all tfie. dayes of Mahalaleel were eight j made them. eaith, i.ret j i»,• 
hundreth ninetie and fiue veeres : and he died. ; 8 But Noah i found grace in the eyes of the | <^^;^;^^;^^_ 

18 ί And leredhued an hundreth fixtie and I Lord. rv- l x, 'au,i>oritiej,.it 
two yeeres , and begate Henoch. 9 ' Thefe are \\ the venerations ot Noah:No- ^,ι^,^. 5„a didde- 

I" Thenleredliued.afterhe begate Henoch, I ah was a iuft and vprignt man in his time 

and I 

eight iiHndreth yeeres.and begate fonnes and. Noah walked with God 
diighters. . , I 10 Andf— -•—■ 

20 So all the dayes of lered were nine hun- j andlapheth. 
dreth fixtie and two yeeres : and he died, "" 

thai fimplicitie. 

21 ί -" Alfo Henoch liued fixtie and fiue yeeres, I the earth was tilled with ^ cruelty. 
.... 12' 

And Noah begat three fomies ,Shem.Ham. tZ'il^^'" ^*' 

* Chf 8.1I.W*» 

•f Eir.futrydr/• 
Ζ God doth ne η' 

* buche 

The earth alfo was corrupt before God: for 

» Ε«Ιΐ(».++.ϊ<• 

f That is, he lid 
»n vmigUt and 

g Te fliew that 
Sitre was abetter 
life prepared, and 
to be a reftimony 
ef the immortali- 
tie offonles and 
bodies. As to en- 
quire were he 
t«came, is mecre 

andbeoateMethulLelah. • Ϊ 12 Then God looked vpoji the earth.and be-, „^ent 

! 22 And Henoch f walked with-God , after he was corrupt : for all flelh had corrupted his ipeikerh ife _ 
i begate Methiiflielah. three hundreth yeeres, and; way vpon the earth. ^, , „ . . λ .ihcd'-ddiflvoy 

!be°ate fonnes and daughters. 13 And Godfayd vntoNoah. I! Ainendof a1K,.„ ,„ainth,t« 

I 2:! So all the dayes of Henoch were three him- ! fleih is come before rne;fQr the earth is filled with ,, «credid difa- 
idrethfixtie..ndfiueVeres. I ll^crueltie t through tl.em • anJ behold . I will de- uowh^ to be h« 

> 24 AndHenochwalkedwithGod.andhewasj Itroy them with the earth, _ 'h coddedatith 

■nomoreri.^'iff.-forEGodtookehimaway. ' I4 Ulake thee an Arke oft pine trees : thoii ,,„„,,. h.dc 

•* - '• ' ' '-•--^-'-' Hialt make tcabines in the Arke, and ihalt pitch tenethiinne^ fee, 

it within and without with pitch.. , ;ml,uth«e"ofe<- 

I y And (I thus Ihalt thou make it : The length 1,";^;}^,^ ,, ^^ 
of the Arke ihail be three hundreth ciibitcs , the ; (,„,itheans. 
breadth of it fiftie cubites . and the height otit|. cod 

2y Methuilieiah alfo liued an hundreth eight- 
tic and ieuen yeeres.and begate Lamech, - 

26 And Methulbelah liued, after hee begate | 
' Lamech , leuen hundreth ei|htie and two yeeres, I 
I and begate fonnes and daughters. 

So all rhe dayes of Methuilieiah were. 


nine himdreth fixtie and nine yeeres , and hee , 


a8 f Then Lamech lined an hundreth eightie j l oy,>ftHt «.«/. 

vnto him. 
1! Or . HJhf!. \ Jvleaning . thai all were gi-.en to the contempt of G»'» . "i^P; 
preffion of their neighbours. Β Or 7 V-7 4φο, "•^•'h'^- J °;'°&7 

r fM, of (i-m. t ft'. Ccihr, 




1 That is, oF three 
>eigkt!, as sppea- 
teih in the figure. 

To tlie intirtt 
tin this gicjt 
euteijn lie and 
niocJi/ngsof the 

whole world, thoti With thee. 

i6 Awin'^-iw ilialt thou make in the Arke, 
and in a cubite iliak thou finiih k aboue , and the 
doore of the Arke Ihalt thou fet in the fide there- 
of ; thou ftak make it with the 1 low , fecond, and 
third roente. 

1 7 And I, behold, I will bring a flood of wa- 
ters vpon the earth to deftroy all flefh , wherein is 
the breath of life vnder tlie lieaueu ; all that is in 
the earth fliali p6-ill\ 

1 8 But with thee willlmeftabliih my coue- 
nant , and thou Ihalt goe into the Arke , thou, and 
thy fonnes , and thy wife , and thy fonnes vviucs 

jna^ellbe confir 
med, tiiat thy faidl 


3» that is.he obey 
«d Gods comman- 
dtmcncin all 
pomts without 

19 And of euery liuing thing of all fieili two 
of euery fort ilialt thou caufe to come into the 
Arke , to keepe them aliue with thee ; they flialJbe 
male and female. 

20 Of the follies after their kintie , and of the 
cattell after their kind,, of euery creeping thing of 
the earth after his kinde, two of euery fort Ihal! 
come vnto tliee , that thou mayeft keepe them 

2 1 And take thou with thee of all meate that 
IS eaten : and thou (b-aJt g<ither it to thee , that it 
may be meat for thee and for them. 

■ 22 * Noah therefore did according vnto all 
that God commanded him : (ufft " Co did he» 

9 There c came two and two vnto Noah Into 
the Arke , male and female, as God had comman- 
ded Noah. 

jc God\.;. \ 

tjiem tOfitier.t 

1 And fo after feuen dayes,the w.aters of the ftheraicinej 
fiood were vpon the earth. ^s^tU did b f r 

11 ί I η the iixe hundreth yeere of Noahs life , to AdL! whcn'he 
in the i fecond monetb.tlic feiienteenth day of gaiie them 
the moneth , in the fame day were all the « fo'm-, ^'^'Γ,^'ί'• 
taines of the great deepe broken vp , and the win-'jbot,tthj[,"7n_ 
dowcs of heauen were opened. nir ' 

12 And the raine was vpoli the earth foiirtie all 
dayes and fourtie nights. *'°' 

J^ In the felfe fahie day entred Noah with 

Shem, and Ham, and Iapheth,the fonnes of Noah,' oucrHow, andalfo 
and Noahs wife.and the three wiues of his fonnes• *' doudsfowitA 
wkh them into the Ai ke. ■ sdowne, 

14 They and euery bead after his kinde , and i 
all cartel after their kinde , and everything thar 
creepeth and mooueih vpon the earth after his j 
kind'.% and euery fou'e after his kinde , ea<?»euery f • 
bird of euery feather. |; 

1 J For they came to Noah into the Arke.two Ϊ 
and two, fof all fleili wherein is the breath of *^ Entry l/mW 

life. ^ijicifd'h^e?'^' 

i5 And they entring in.eame male andfemale be ireieu'ed'on 
of all flefii ,3s God had commanded him : and the «'tth, csme inte 

bej, _ 
jiing of Μ ay, wht jj, 
U things did mod 
t Both ti'« water J 
he eatih did 

Lord i II Ihut him in 

17 Then the flood was fonrty dayes vpon the 

i-'<e :o NoaljJ 
hat Gods 

earth, and the waters weieincreafed, and bare fended him 

8 So 

vp the A rke, which was lift vp aboue the earth, ^δ.^'"" ''>« "ge 
_ ig The waters alfo vvaxedfirong, and were I _',',"'*'''•' 
; increafed exceedingly vpon tlie earth , and the 
) Arke went vpon the waters. 



5 9 The waters + preuailed fo exceedingly '^p-llf'^: '*''''* '^ 

ft in reffeft of the 
•eilot'ihe woild, 
fe -.e GodanJ 

. %7pishtiy• 

II Oi-^-^^s.f.t/ ». 
i) W}•.;ch might 
■be ofrcicd in fact!- 
Jicc . whcreo'' I'lKe 
lor faoiii"• 

φγΛ6, I {el j.ZiS 

C Thedo'r,. Η -I Κ Τ»ίί1•.νί 

c y A P. VII. 

1 So^ ,md tinTihrixuihAyk-. ao Tii 

ANd the Lord faid vnto Noah , Enter thou and 
all thine houfe into the Arke : for ihee haue I 
feene * » tighif ous before me in this 1! .nge. 

; 2 Of euery '' cleane beaft thou ihalt take to 
thee bv fcuens , the male and his female : but of 
vncleaiie beafts by couples , the male and his te- 
malc, , - 

^ Of the fouks alfo of the hcauen by feuens, 
male and female ,to keepe feede aliue vpon the 
whole earth. 

4 For fmien dayes hence will I caule it ramft 
vpon the earth fourrie dayes , and fourtie nighrs, 
and all the fubftance tiiat I liaue made , will I de- 
! ftroy from oft' the earth. 

' y *Noah theref^e did according to alJ that 
the Lord commanded him. 

6 And Noah vvaifiKc hundreth yeeres olde, 
wh*n the flood of watei s was vpon the earth. 

7 f So Noah entred and his fonnes-, and his 
I ivife.and his fonnes wiues Λvith hrminto the Arke, 
; becaufe of the waters of tlieflood. 

' 8 Of the cleane beafts ,anJ of the \Tickane 
[licafls:, aad of the foules , and of all that creepeth 

on rlie earth , that all the high mountaines , that, 
are vnder the whole heauei> , were couered, 

20 Fifteene cubits vpward did the waters pre-j 
tiaile , when the mountaines were couered. | 

2 1 * Then all flefli periflied that mooued vp-i 
on the earth , both foule and cattell and beaft, and 

I I euery thing that creepeth and mooueth vpon the 
* earth,and euery man. 

22 Euery thing in whofe noftrcls the fpirit of 
life did breathe, wTiatfoeuer they were in the dry j 
land , they died. 

23 So^hee deftroyed euery thing that wash Thatis,coii 
vpon tke earth , from man to beaft , to the cree-, 
ping thing, and to the foule of the hcauen .-they 1 
were euen deftroyed from the earth. And No-i 
all onely i remained, and the• that were with himj» !-«««£ » it 

in the Arke. " w obey Codonly, 

and to forfake 

24 And the waters preuailedvpon the earth iihemiiUinid' 
an hundreth and fiitie daj-es, l>.ret.3.:o. ' 

Η A V. 

Hfi• i 


omnijtiitctomtfotli tfitt 

J 3 rujtc>if4eih. 

A^knithti,. 10 

llU Μ tlir.gsJhSuli wMK^f in ifcn-yfr/i.• Ar. j. Net that Cei 

XJ Ow God ^ remembred Noah and b ei:cry jj^ss^^^;^';^. ! 
beaft, and all the cattell that was with him he^'fendethVuccj^ 
ifi!^ the Arke : therefore God made a wind to pafle ! «ben i.e es- eth 1 
vponthe earth.and the waters ceafed. ^itteiemen;- 

2 The foimtaines alfo of the deepe and the lib u'cXemem, 
windowes of heauen were flopped , and the taine ;bev euei7 brute- 
from heauen was reftrained. i-eafi, whaioitght 

5 And the waters returned from aboue the lefhitctiito^"* 
earth , goin» and retnt ning ; and after tlie end of ;< which contaV. 
the huudreth and fiftieth d.iy the waters abated. »cdpait of -ep- 1 

4 And intl>e ' feuenth moneth , in the feuen- "/"^ '• ί*"* Γ*"' ; 
teenth d.iy of the moneth , the Arke U reft«d vpon « o^ pVl' ' 
file fflouiyaines of ί Arar^i ' | orj-iw*/*. 

J And 

The couef.<4i«*..-i*-**«» 

S And the waters were going and d? creafing, 2 Alfo the b feare of you , ar J the dread of 
vntill thei tenth moneth : in the tenth inoneth, youflialbe vponeuery beattof thei:arth,andvp-bBytJie 
a^vJiicJ. w«s tJit ^^^ jj^ J j^g j^^j^ ^, Qf jj^g moneth , were the tops ; on euery foule of the heauen , vpon all that moo- <>'' *i^ <= 

■ nt.mhfminf 

1; The r«ien « 
ient {«th and 
Mtu«i«A• . , 
8 Hcftii^cthilte 

e'lt is Jiki *M 

rlteJTsRten did fiie 


of the mountaines feene. i ueth 011 the earth .and vpon all the fiilies of tlie ,';;Vw!',h ^f 

6 V So i after fourtie daycs , Noah opened > lea ; into your hand are they deliuered. £,inft min as ihev 
the wrndow of the Arke which he had made, j 3 Euery c thing that moueth and liueth, Hiall >vo.dd ,«» , 2ni 

7 And fent foorth a (I rauen . which went out, j be_ meat for you : as the * greene herbe.haue I Ι™,'Χ^Γ '^ 
Soine forth and rcturning.vntill the waters were , giuen you all things. U By th.s peouif. 
dried vp vpon the earth. i 4 ** But fleih with the life thereof. I »κ<ι«ί,] ion man m^y 

β Againe he fent a tf doue from him . that hee \ with the blood thereof iliall ya not eat. '^^^^,,^^^/,Γ' 

itiieht fee ifthe waters were ditninifted from ofF; f e For furely I will require your blood. i^,.„„es of cod 
the earth wherein youi hues «nr.-atthe hands ofeueryfothisnecefsity, 

ο But' thedoue found coreftfor the fole of beaft will Irequireit: andattheh»ndet)f man. *"^.c ■•■» 
her foot : therefore fhee returned vnto him into euen at the hande of a mans |) brother will I re- 1^ χ^Γ.' Is hiinV 
■ ' ' quire the life of man. citataies, and *« 

6 Who fo * ilieddeth mans blood , f by manjfieft) of beans 
/hall his blood be flied : * forin the ε image of| ■'"; »'« ""'■s'•'» - 

^ jL• 1. u J land l-.treby all 

God hath he made man, iciudtie is tor- 

7 But bring ye forth fruit and multiply : grow'biddei.. 
•'-■•• • " -■ ^ - - exhaiij. rwiU 

the Arke (for the waters fwfi vpon the whole 

rn isien a.» .,i^ «rth) and he e put foorth his hand.and receiued 

Μ'ι^'"ιοΓ«'ίΓίΕ.^ her.and tooke hf r to him into the Arke, 

on the Aihe , but : χ ο AnJ heeabode yctothet feucn dayes , and 

came not into it. j^gj^g jjg fgnt forth the doue out of the Arke. 

x!auaieTin II And the douecame tohim in the cuening. 

\\ Or. lilt. ' »ηϋ1 lo in hern mouth ΐνΛί an foliueleafe that 

ί which was a fte had pluckt : whereby Noah kneW that the , wicn nuu . laymg, 11 o,p.r;f.i,0Br. 

i«rw^«m';«ir" waterswere^batedfromofftheearth. * .9 Beholde . 1 .euenIeftab!ifl,myhcouentnt -h^.. .. „. 

Sitt«T: fo< I i Notwithftanding.he waited yet other feuen with you and with your ^ feed after you. _ _ '/^OrOV,:^, 
'Aeoiiuetgtow dayes, and fcnt foorth thedoue , which tctutned 10 Andw.theutry liuing-crearurethat iswith;,^,,^,^;^^;^' 

plentifully in the earth , and increafe therein. 
8 f God fpake alfo to Neah and to his fonnes V„\'^''o,f^Yo"od. 


IjiptoatJiehigh . not aeainevnto him any more. ' • you, with the foula, with the cattell, an J with jb-ji oft rimes όοί 

I rri'^rtrt.;» ' I ? C And in the fixe hundred and one yeere, ^ euery beaft of the earth with you .from all thatW"«hvpo« 
ll.Ttr.eS :inUettU%ftL^^ 

: girtof March aud ; ^^fe dried vp from off the earth : and Noah re- : 1 1 * my couenant will I eftabUni with j* c^.. ,.,r. 
Silt οίΛριηΐ. ^jQ^g^ jj^^, couerino of the Arke.and looked.and you . that from heticefoorth all Heih ftail not | Theiefow ,• 

hphnM rhernncrnartoftheeround was dtie. - be rooted out by the waters of the fiood, net- j!U«»'>s"de- 
,4 AtidinthSnimS^^^^^ ! ther (hall there beeflood to defiroy the «rth *- = ^Ι.-^^•. 

twentieth day ofthemoneth.was the earth dne. | any more. ^^.., ^,. . , , r t,.'""'"'^''Tr 
I? r Then God fpake to Noah, faying. ; ix ThenGod&id , Thisis thetoken ofthe:to.nan.burair• 

16 h Goeforthof theArke.thou.andthy wife, couenaiu which I make betweene i"ee and you. ;'^° ^^»^^^,_ ^ 
and thy fonnes and tbylonnes wiues with thee, and betw.ene euery iiiiing thing that is with ,,,,„,,e ^o.ld 
17 Brino foorth with th2e euery beaft that is ,,you vnto perpetuail generations, j • it' Γ.Γ'* 

With thee, of all fleai.^.//; foule and cattcll. and ; ij I hauefet my kbowe iBthecloude.andu,d*«™y i-y 
euery thin» that creeptth and mooueth vpon tlie ί IhaUbe for a figne of the couenant betweene mee,^ Thechiidren 
earth, that they may brecdeaboundantly in the .and the earth. ^ _ ., . . ., jwhich ate not ytt 

commaudement, earth * and briiii foort fruit and lucrcdfe vpoti ' "^ *"'^ "Ί 
as he d.d not enter . , • 

k Ne»h itclareth 
his ebedicnce , in 
jthat he would not 
^tpaic out of the 

Gyds expreire 

14 And whfn*Iilial]cou-rtheearthwith aibotne. avecom- 
. . - cloud , and the bowe Ihail be (eene in th<;cloud. f^'X]f,^^, 

W : λ" A^ke , 8 So Noah came foorth,and his fonnes.and I . J y Then will I remember my 1 couenant «hicbu.e „ith their 

ling a fiet-xeof .he j^jj ^jfe , and his fonnes wi.ies with him. j is betweene tne and you , and bctwc eneeuery h-; f-he». 

thiiich , wheiein - ... be 

Tioihi _ 

ione without the 

Wefd of God. 

S,i. , ^ 

which were a» 
an exercile of 
their faitli, wherby 
they vfed 
thanks to God 
his benefits 

Euery beaft . eu-'ry creepir^g thing . and «mg thing m all Heil• .and there Ihall be no more j;r-'o^;'^^ ^^ ^^^ 

leuiry foule. all that moouethvpun the earth, waters ot a flood to de troy al.fiedj. that fignes or fa- 

afcer their kindes . went cut of the Arke 16 Therefore the bow.nah >e - the,.,^. 

.attertneirKin ^^• j^^.j^ ^^ ^^ar to the Lord, thatlmay fee it .and remember the euerlaftingj coociepan. 

and tooL^ireueTv' de^nebeaftT arid of euery j couenant 'betweene God and eucr^'liuing thing, 

from rhe word. 

ckane foule , and offered bumt offerings vpon 
the altar. 

1 xhcorderofn 
the flood, is r<!- 
Boied by Gods 

all flefli that is vpon the earth. ji when men α,ύΐ 

17 God faid yet to Noah,"» This is the fignelfce my bowe in 
„ , „. ζ . And the Lordfmelled a fi k fauour of reft. ! of the couenant .which I haue eftabliil^.d be- Ι'^Ιΐ^ί^'^;^',;'';'; 
sol for .and the Lcrd faid in his heart. 1 will henceforth i twcenemeandalifleai thatis vpon the earth ^^,„,„„,ί,,^,,, 
" cutfe the iiround no more for mans caule -.for i « f Now the fonnes of Noah going forth of «n my cone^nr 

,.,«.„„..„! \"".= ' . «'^"""^ L_..^ -..:i. ..f ( the Arke.were Shem and Hanf and lapheth. Α'"*:^*(,^5^;5^Γβ 

Ham is the tather of Canaan. .Jiat Λ is the oftc- 

15» Tbefe are the three fonnes of Noahiand ofner, 10 confitmt 
them was the whole earth «ouerfpread. No;.?it faith fo 

20 // Noah alfo began to if anhusbandinanj;;'!;.;™'^"^ 
and planted a vin-yard. | what «as thevei•, 

21 And hee drunk: of the wine, and waV"«o'Godsbief- ^ 
-1 drunken . and was vncou^red in th^ middcs onf;i|;^„';';J?;*„j ; 

\ ?^^^r.fcX' t'heYmag'inTti'on of mans hearti.euill, euen from | the Arke were Shern and Hanfand lapheth. And- ^^^ ^^^ ^_^^_ 
if.i!:»l'i;h™i his yoiuh : neither will I fmiie any more all " " " ""- 

he tfaeweth 

felCe appeafedand ; things Uuin 

hisangcftoieft ' -- 


a God mcreafed 


and declared vn- 

te them his conn• 

fcU as lonchir^ 

.«be lefleniiliiiis of i tbt cictb, 

1 hai.(* done 
ti Heateafttr l fifd cirne and harueft.and cold 
S and heat, and Sun-'Hier aud winter, and day and 
night Iball not ceafe , fo long av the earth remai- 

C Η A P. !X 

, To? nnfirmMicr: of tnii.%i ί Matii auliinilUou.'* Mm*- 
tares. i remi/ti.» ./ m.'Mt. ^ 6 T^ fowr of thi fword. 
1+ TA.• m'»?*o«> is ti: fignr of Gedr fte /ηψ. li NoJh it 
rfr,.i(^-« , «rr< >r«>ck.^ "f 'bit fo/iac , tvbomhe turftth. tf Tire 

ANi God a bieller^. Noah and iiis fonnes , and 
laid to them . * Hrinp foorih ftuit 
tip!y , an ! replen^ihih'- earth. 

his tent, [ fouh, Chan. 

2t And when Kara the father ofPCanaafy.t» 
faw thcnakednc:ff-i.fhisfaihfr,9 hectoldchi&jll'^^^''-^i'i•"» 
two brethren without. .... jo'^'ii'nijfetbe. 

» CHf-»'»|-W'.'»7t 

23 Then tooke Shem and lapheth a gatmen'Jtoveontcjts to 
mnes.ana j jj ypon both their ihouldt-rs, and wentiO;e<v, what an 

, and tnul- j ^ackeward .and coucred the nakedneQe of the iij |i,';;X'',;,7;!2., 

of whom came the CJnanit«s that wicVed nation , who We.t all» iiuie J 
id, q indstiiipnundcowenitofhisfithMj j 

' _ A4 (^^_ 



ctth father with iheir faces backward : ίο they fawe 
"' InotthairfathfersnakedneiTe. 

14 Then Noah awoke from his wine, and 
*£XoZT.Z jknew what his yonger fonnc had done vnto 

«heiipatents: for {jjim, 

j zy And faidj^Curfed^e Canaan rafferuant 
iof feruants /lull he be vnto his brethren. 
1 ^6 He faid moreouer,8leiled έί the Lord God 
of Shem , and let Canaan be his |J feruant. 
I 1 7 God II ' perfwads lapheth , that hee may 
j dwell in the tents of Shem , and let Canaan be 
i his feruant. 

^vhich ca,n. of J. ^ ^J f AnJ Noah liued after the flood three 

fheth , and weie I hundreth andhftie yeeres. 

acpaised from the j jp So all thedayes of Noah were ninehun- 

5h,<rch,ikotiid b« i jjjjjj ^j^(j fifjje yggres : and he died. 

joyr.ed to the lamtf / 

«fGodsSpint.anA C Η A V. X. 

^ The building; Of Babel# . 

Ham and his po- 

Hcritie wett af- 


■I Thstis.amoll 


ϋ Or,,hf>r. 

tl 0..»/«vi^'" 

(CMfr to riHiirJIi. 

t He dedateth 

ihat the Gentile?, 

ipieaching ofthe ' 
■Cefptl. j 

Ti? irtcrrjp of miakind iy Nojfc Mdliifj 

grace towards 
Sieit fathers. 
l> Of Madai and 
iaiian came the 
Jtledes and 
c The lewtsfo 
call all coimtrey«s 
tcd from thc«n by 

i TsJ Ow ihefe are the =< generations of the fonnes 
aTtefe generaci- | "^^ of Noah , Shem ^Ham , and lapheth ; vnto 
ons are here rcci. | „:iiom fonnes were borne after the flood, 
riare'Sntr. ' 2 The fonnes of lapheth z-vfrir Gomer , and 
Jons increali in fo ' Magog , and ^ Madai, and lauan, and Tubal, and 
( Ihialla time,and 1 Mclhschand Tiras. 

[ fteVm^at fortet. \ 3 And ; he fonnes of Gomer , Ailikenaz , and 
'TiifeTle of Gods ι Rip^ath , and Togarmah. 

) 4 Alfo the fonnes of lauan, Eliiliah and Tar- 
! fliJih , Kittim , and Dodanim. 
j y Of thele were the c ylcs of the Gentiles di- 
jnided in theirlands, eaery man after his tongue, 
la?icl after their families in their nations. 
f 6 f Moreouer,the fonnes of Ham x-i/cre^Cufli, 
1 andMizzarinf, andl^ut , and Canaan•. 
, i, 7 And the fonnes of Cuih ,Seba , and Haui- 
lie &i^wi'c'''^er ' '*^' ^"^ Sabtah.and Raamah, and Sabtecha : alfo 
^u'en to the'c'h"!'^^ the fonnes of Raamah were Sheba and Dedan, 
3?e,.ofiapherh, • 8 And Cuih begate Nimrod ,who began to 
i! 'ε'°"'Γ"'° [be e mightia in the earth, 
dofcnnland 9 He was a migluie hunter before the Lord. 

JMizraiin came the Wherefore it is faid , ί As Nimrod the mightie 
ithiopiansand huotcr before the Lord. 

rMe'nTn" acmdJ '° And the begiiuiing of his kingdome was 
opt«eVor''fnd ' ( β^''^' 3nd Erech , and Accad, and Calneh, in the 
i?nt>. _ landofgShinar. 

η^=\7,.ϋηΐί| _j^j Qm of that land came Asihur.and buildcd 
«etbt a^hat'er" 1^*"^"-'^ ^"^ ^^^ " ^'^'^ Rehoboth.ind Calah : 
iqth of Gcd and 1 1 Refcn alfo betwcene Ν ineueii and Calah: 

man ; for he paf- |t.bis is a great citJe. 

<rueCc'ren°i^'"i .'3 ^"'^ Mizraim begate J» Ludiro : and Ana- 
Go4s ptefcnce, j min.and Lchabim.and Naphtuhim. 
Egrtherewas J 14 Pathrufim allo^and Cafluhimfoutofwhoin 
camithePhiliftims) and II Caphtorlms. ' 

1 y Alfo Canaan begate Zidon his firft borne, 
and Heth, 

16 And IebHfi,and Emori.and Girgaflai, 

17 AndHeui.and Arki.and Sini, 
1 8 And Aruadi.and Zemaric .andHaraathi: 

and afterward were the families of the Canaa- 
nites fpread abroad. 

19 Then the border of the Canaanites was 
frotD Z'.don,ai thou commeft to Gerar vntill Az- 
zah,and as thou goeft vnto Sodom and Gorao- 
itah.and Admah,andZeboiim,euen vnto Lafta. 

ζ b Thefe are the Tonnes ofHam according to 
; their families , according to their tongues in 
■ tbeircountreySjiiwi/ in their nations, 
! ai f YniQi SJaeni aUb the father of all the 

ffonnes of^ Eber ι and elder brother of lapheth 
fvvere children borne. ώ | k of whom eajn.| j 

' α 2 * The fonnes of Shem wire Elam Ind Af.| lew^""*" "' 
f fl.ur.arid Arpachiliad.and Lud.and Aram. j* ι .cib'rsn, i, 17,' 

j 23 Andthefonnesof Aram ,Vz,andHul, and 
Gether, and Mall. \ 

\ 24 Alfo ArpachHiad begate Shelah , andShe-i 
ί lahbegate Eber. j 

' 2y Vnto Eber alfo were bornatwo fonnes: 
i; the name of the one t/f^j Pelegifor in his dayes 
[ was the earth l diuided ; and nis brothers naiuer i^'s ^""''^on 

. τ . Icamc by the di- 

VVaslokian. l,,erfi>ie^f b!,g»,^ 

i^ Then loktan begate Alraodad , and She- jes.asappeateth, 
' leph, and Hazarmaueth and lerah, c^ap. 1 1,9, 

17 AndHadoram,and Vzal.andDiklah, 
f 28 And Obal, and Abimsel. and Sheba, 

29 And Ophir , andHauilah,andIobab:aI/ 
thefe Z'Z'irethe fonnes of loktan. 

30 And their dwelling was 
thougoeitvptoSephar ,a mount of the Eaft. 

31 Thefe arethelonnisofShcm^accordingto 

their families .according to their tongucs in 

their couritreys and nations 
j 3 ζ Thefe are the tamilies of the fonnes of No* 
I ah .after their generations among their people: ^cr .cfafp.; 
' £c 1,1 out of thefe were the nations diuided in the Hun', nMiom. 

earth after the fiood. 

A P. JCI. 

up of the tsuf αβοτι cftoji^arr. 

jr:othcreitic i: 

111 of Liid carat 
j g Or.ihf C.iifjr 

i Ink•!! Beciietht 
Church wasp e - 
$B<tied : there ore 
ipoXing of J»-. 
phtthjiid Ham, 
and intrjatcth of 

c η 

j 6 TiihuiUiitg ofB.iiel ms t, 
I J ο ΤΑί Jjf Μά grrerjtion efSh/m vnto Ahrjm 
I irpjrtiire from Vr Tvitk hiifAlher Tiruh, Sm4 Ani Lot. ^l Tie 
ajf and dfJti ofTerjb. 

'TP Hen the whole earth Was of one* language ^wifiio.:s' 
i ■*• and one fpeech. 

\ 2 And a as b they went from the ' Eaft , they Wuth C." thir. 
j found aplaineinthelandofaShinar .andthere ty after the flood 
: they abode, b ToATit,Nimro4^ 

3 And they faid one to another , Come.let vs ^ ^ω'ίΓίΧ"^" ' 
make bricke and burne it in the fire, fo they had Armenia where 
bricke for ftone , and ilime had they in ftead of the Arlie nayed: 

; reorter. fd wWch was*f. 

4 Alfo they faid . Goeto . Jet vs «buildevs sifclull 
citieanda tower , whofetop may reach vnto thejc They were 

, hea-uen.that wee may get vs a namejleaft wee be mooned with prid* 
\ fcatreredvponthewholeear^. feS'io'^- 

j 5 But the Lord f came fee thejfene their owne. 
! citie and tower which the fonnes of men buil»:giory to cods 

\ Jgjj^ honour. 

6 And the Lord faid , ? Behold, the peop!e.w|LTch«d '$' 
one , and they allhaue onelanguage ,and ihis^ eftcti.thathce 
they begin to doe,neither can they now be itop- '"'■«^ their w-ie- 
ped from whatfoeuer they haue imagined to doe. j^^'^"j"P^'^'^ 

7 Come on , Ί let vs goe downe , and Jthereris eve.vwhere, 
confound their language, that euery one perceiuel and doth neirhet 
not anothers fpeach. 'f^^ "" '''- 

8 So the Lord fcattered them from thenceig^i ipeakui 
vpon all thcearth»and they left oif to build the this in deriHon, 

9 Th?refore the naae of it was called 9 Ba- 

bccaule oftheir 
foolilh perfwafion 
and enierpiife. 

:ih as 
thoaghhe toolis 
coiinfeJl widihis: 
r.e wifedcme 
and power: to viit^ 
iththe Sonne 
id holy Ghofl: 
lignifying thegreax 
Jiefle and ccrtaintie of the piiniflimcnc. i By rh!s grea* ilagiirof thcconfu 

iien of tongues afpearech Gods horrible judgement againfl -* '•' -)■•-■■- 

glory. Β Or ^ioTifffton. * 1 . CA/or. ) , 1 7 . It Pc .etii-n 

of Shim , to com» to the hifiorie of Abtam ,. wherein the Chii4Ji of God is dsIsaU 

ttd., yifliidus Moles jtijiCigall pn'^oioj 

31 And 

bel , becaufe the Lord did there confound the h ncTfeaki 
language of all the earth : from thence then did 
the Lord fcatter them vpon all the earth. 

10 f" Thefe arc the generations Iof Shem: 
Shem was an hundred yeere ol'le.and begate^Ar- 
pachihad two y cere after the flood 

ί By rh!s sTeaifclai, 

s jrida and ν 



lauon. xxDTdim, 

Ψ' -^^ 

And Shemliued after hee-begateArpach- 
fliad 6ue hunelieth yeeres , andbegate foniies aiid 
daugiiters. ι 

1 2 Alfo Arpachfliad liued fiue & thirty yeeres, 

ij And Arpachfliad lined after he begate She- 
lah , foure himdreth and three yeeres, and begate 
fonnes and daughters 


2 AnJIwill ra;.ke 6f thee a great nation, 
and wiil biefle thee , and make thy name great j 
and thou ih?k be c a hlcfsing. 

3 I will alio bleflL• them that biefle thee , and 
ciirfe them that ciiife tliee , and in thee fliall all fa- 
milies of the earth be biefled. 

4 So Abram departed , euen as tlie Lord fpake 
j vnto hirn,and Lot went with him, (and Abram 


1 4 And Sheiah liued thirty• yeeres. and begate | «-as feuenty and fiue yeeres olde , when he depar 
,«! • ' ' ted out of Har an 

* i.Ctwa 1 

I He mjketh mtn- 
tioniitn of Abiam 
jiot bccaufc he wa; 
ch properly 
Alfo Atrani 
οηίιιίϊοη of 
itongiies.was +8. 
the dcflrnftion of 

Eber, _ 

I y So Sheiah lined after he begate Eber foure 
hundreth and three yeeres.and begate fonnes and j 
daughters, j 

I i6 Likewife Eber liued foure and thirty yeeres, ; 

[ and begate Peleg. 

17 So Eber lined after he begate Peleg foure j 
hundreth and thirty yeeres.and begate fonnes and | 

1 8 And Peleg liued thirty y«eres , and begate | 
Reu. ! 

19 * And Peleg lined after he begate Rett two | 
hundreth and nine yeeres, and begate fonnes and j 
daughters. ' 

20 Alfo Reu lined two and thirty yeeres , and , 
begate Seriig. ' 

21 So Reu lilted after he begate Serug two \ 
hundreth and feuen yeeres,and begate fonnes and 

22 Moreouer Serug Hued thirty yeeres,aiid be- 
gate Nahor. 

23 And Serug liued after he begat Nahor two 
hundreth yeeres , and begate fonnes and daugh- 

24 And Nahor liued nine and twentie yeeres, 
and begate Terah. 

25• So Nahor liued after he begate Terah ,.an 
hundreth and nineteene yeeres .and begate fonnes 
and daughters. 

26 *So Terah liued feuenty yeeres.and begate 
Abram .Nahor.and Haran. 

27 ί Now thefe are the generations of Terah: 
Terah begate 1 Abram , Nalior . and Haran ; and ' 
Haran begate Lot. . ■ 

28 Then Haran died before Terah his father 

r* 5 

Then Abram tooke Sarai his wife 

and LotL 

c the xteui flia]] ; 
teconer by thy 
feede , whicli is ' 
ditin.the blef- 
iing which they 
loft in Adim. 
d Meaning, as 
well fernanti u ' 

mdred (• 

his brothers fonne , and all their fubftance that and fro in the Unl 
they poflefled , and the d fouies that tiiey iiail|;'j°J' ^,";^'^ 
gotten in Har an, and they departed to goe toi ,",„ . ,,,,,',χ^ 
tiie land of Canaan , and to the land of Canaaraexcrcifeth the faiil 
they came. of his children. 

6 ί So Abramepafled through the land vTOoU!^^'';},^""/;^ 
the place of Shechem . & vnro the (i plaine of Mo-UnieU and rebel- 
I'A (andthefCanaaniteT/^/rtuhenintheland) jliciis nation, by 

7 And the Lord appeared vnto Abram . andl^^^om cod ke^ 
faid.Vnto thy feede. wiil I giue this land. AYidc^cXe. 
there builded he g an altar vnto the Lord , which j it was noty- 

(hip God in 
bcait.buc tc 
as (xpedienc CO 
leclate ty oiit- 
watd profefsjon 
his faith before 
Itar was aTigne, 
i leciufc οι the 
roubles that he 
iad among that 
widced people, 
i And lo (eriied '' 
true God, and 

Sodom, he was sji.f in the land of his natiuitie . in Ur of ί the Chal- 

29 So Abram and Nahor tooke them wiucs: 
The name of Abrams wife vvas Sarai , and the 
name of Nahors wife Milcah,the daughter of 
Haran , the father of Miicah , and the father of 
n» Ifcah. 

50 But Sarai was barren.rt"<^ had no childe. 

3 1 Then η Terah tooke Abram his fonne , and 
Lot the fonne of Haran his fonnes fonne , and Sa- 
rai his daughter inlaw , his fonne Abrams wife: 

hd they departed together from Ur ofiheChal- 
ees . to * goe into the land of Canaan . and they 
came to ° Haran, and dwelt there. 

32 So the dayes of Terali were two hiTndreth 
and fiue yeeres.and Terah died in Haran. 

C Η A' P. X I L 

/fti-jw ly Codf ccmmnnJem/Kt gi^th IcCMjax. 3 Chrifli: 
ficn-ipd J Al.rj'^i IfUielhAltu.t forifxriift jTtidrcU 

appeared vnto him. 

8 Afterward remoouing '' thence vnto a moim-^j^^j," 
raine Eaftward from Beth-el , he pitched his tent 
hauing Beth-el on the Weft fide , and Haai on the 
Eaft, and there he buiit an i altar vnto the Lord, 
and called on the Name of the Lord. 

9 i Againe Abram went, foorth going and 
ioiu'iieying toward the South. 

10 ^ Then there came a 1 famine in the land: 
therefore Abram went downe into Eg^pt to fo- 
iourne' there : for there was a great famine in the 

'^"^• , , , , • iienonntedaU 

J I And when hee drew neere to entenntONaohtrie. 
Egypt, he faid to Sarai his w^fe, Behold now,p:Thtist]ieehil- 
1 know that thou art a faire woman to looke'•' '''"' 
vpon: ^ 

12 Therefore it will come to pufle that when 
the Egyptians fee thee . they will fay , She is his 
wife ; lo will they kill rae.but they will keepe thee 

13 Say , I pray thee . that ihaa art my " liner.jfaiih : wherchy ^ 
that" I may f^ire well for thy fake , and that my f" *« *.'"ic 

.,.> •, r ], .ui- ' tf one afiiidhon 

t life may be preferued by thee. _ ^^ ,^. teginairg 

Abram was come into Ε-μ j„o,].er. 
beheld the woman : for llieU By ilus wei.i 

en of Gcdmjy 
ockc for no tt ft 
tin's world, ^nt 
r.nwaite forth, 
aiienlyrel) an4 
ietnefle. 5 

This was anew 
all of Abrwns 

*. Now when Abram was come into Ε 

fiieljii By 

Princes of Pharaoh faw her , aiid'"'''^'"' 

oypt.the Egypti. i, • ^ 

*^'' r• ' Ucjnie not to vie 

was very taue. "^ 

ly And th 
commended her vnto Pharaoh 

I was " taken into Pharaohs houf?; | 
\6 who intrcated Abram well for her fake, 

,..„. to f !!t oihc.s 

fo the womanbn JiBget to fail* 



Which was a 
titi'e of Msfopo- 

1 From the f.ood 
this ijme wen 
oiiie hundreth 
neniyand t'ncc 
ecics. b Ir. appoi 
ύύι and giiedicMc . 

cfhufM. £g.yr'- 


'idupcfthf itartb hf go 

Ρ Or the Lord had fayd vnto Abram , ■•' a Get 
thee out of thy country , and from thy kinred, 
and from thy fathers houfe vmo >> the land that I 
will lliew thee. 
itijighim ji» ceaauiejlscc, he jreotteth fo mwc}) moit his 

and he had fl-.eepe , and beeucs.and hee alios . and^ttim te: 
j men feruants ,and maide.feruants 

and camels. ' . . r , ,,. 

: 17 But the Lord ". plagued Pharaoh and his ^ 
I houib with great plagues , becaule of Sarai A- t 
' brnms wife. . , r , '^ 

I 1 8 Th(;n Ihar.ioh called Abram , and fayd: 
I VViiy haft thou done this vnto mee ? wlertfore 
i diddeft thou not tell me.that fl.e was thy wik•? 

1 9 W I-y favdcft thou , Slieis my-filler , that I 
fl-Ould take her to be icy wife ? Now therefore 
behold thy wife , take her and goethy V-if 

20 And Pharaoh gaue men Ρ comnaandemcnt 
concerning him : and they cortueyed iettfcrth 
and his wife, and all he had. 

To the inieiit that none ΰ^οπίά hutth/jr. «ithein hisieffon 

Almm iepMitth out 

ay appeire -h-ir 

nd iliec alics, romncHic 


alien place: whe 

«ealie tajth. - 
,tljtni} feu 
jrjj li.i.•. 
To be his wif( 
The Loid tooli 
the delcnce of t 
aini; ajnigiitie 
ling : and as he 
s c; tx caicfiiU 
ititt d.V, h 
preitiiie Sirti, 

tUwr 0/ tbi UifU 



«V teiumei. 1 8 Λ»*» ΙκίΙίιΛ j» tlijr tc ilvUrd 

'T' Hen* Abram went vp fio7?.E^-ptihe and his ί 

wife . and all tliat he had , and Lot with him 
toward the South. 

I 2 And Abram x/vas very rich in cattel! , in fil- 
iierandin gold. 
„ .It w^t ....... ί And he went on his iourney from the South 

ρΐΓ« 'b^ihsVnamc 'oward >> Beth-el , to the place where his tent had 

ftbram deltuefeth Lot/, 

,aHj! great ticlies 
gotcc-ja Egypt. 
hmd'Cilhmi not 

;wiOllow hisvo- 


b H« cillitli the 

gmeii vnto ii 

beene at the beginning , betvveeiie Beth-el and 

4 Vnto the of the * altar , which he had 
made there at the firft : And there Abram called 
on the Name of the Lord. 
, f f And Lot alio , who went with Abram, 
ir'«me""'h*ii ! ^i^^epe.aiid cattell and tents. 
»ici«""vhich '°'* i ^ ^° ^^^'^ rhe land could not'beare them, 
brsTicfticiaaup , t'lat they might dwell together : for their * fub- 

"""■ "■■ ■" '*»« i ft-J'ice was great , ίο that they could not dwell to- 

'• ' gether. 

' '7 Alfo there was debate betweene the heard- 
ijt. m;n of Abrams cattell , and the heardmen of Lots 
cattell , (and the ^ Canaanites and the Pirizzitcs 
dwelled at tliat time in the land.) 

8 Then fayd Abram vnto Lot , Let there be 
110 e /irife.I pray thee, be:weeiie thee and me,nei- 



' dwhofeeicg 
theft contention, 
might bhfphtme 
God anddcfitoy 

■ thtm. 

t HecBtceth otF 
t>.c occifionof CO 
If luion : tlierefi 

?Λ wilicw^th. |tjis''betweenemin;herdmenandrhiaehcrdmen.• , 
ke.^tamtefigneth , i^r we be brethren. J 

'i..s ovriie right to Ο Is not the whole land before thce ? depart ■ 
fcay jtact. I prjy j^jeg f^.^^ ^^ . jf £[^ο„ ^uj f j,^|^g ^j^^ j^j^ 

hand, then I will goe to the right : or if thou o-oe 
to the right hand.then I will take the left. ^ 
\ 10 So when Lor lifted vp his eyes, he faw that 
L«,vi. "' • ' fl'^heplaine of lorden was watered euery where 
Ι^ίίΛ,ρΓ.ο.: ^^'^ 'i^f'^'-^ the Lord deflroyed Sodom and Go-: 
y This was done j [ was as the g garden of the Lord like the 
jvGodsptoui-^^^ I Una ofjgypt^as thou goeft vnto Zonr.) 

naS king of Adinah,aiidSbemeberkirgof Ze- 

boiim , and the king of Bela, which is Zoar. 

.Λ r^^'^'f- ;.^°>:"^/,f g«heriBthe vale of ^.^fj?" J^ *- 

8 SiaUim, which is the d fait lea. «a„es among 

4 Twclue ycercs vere thc^y fubieS to Che- rnnccs. 
dor-laorocr , but in the thirteenth yeere they re- ϊ^''•^''" '•'^"'"'^ 

^^^'^'*• , . , , , d Calkdallothe 

jT And in the foarteenth yeere came Chedor- d^d iea, or ihe 
laomer .and the kings that were with him ,and '^'" Aiphalnte, 
fmote the (j Rephaims in Aft'croth Karnaim, and ^Tcomor'^ "" 
the ZuEims in dam, and the Emims in fl Shauetj ij Or, cj«(,' 
Kiriathaim, ili0r.tl4ne, 

6 And the Horites in their mount Scir. vnto 
the plaine of Paran, which is by the wildcrneflc, 

7 And they letGrned and came to En- miilipat, 

which is Kadtrft , and ff fmote all the countrey of 1 0''i'fi"S'it 
the Amalekites, and alfo the Amoritcs that dwel-» 
led in Ha2ezon-tamer. ; 

8 Then went out the king of Sodom, and the; 
king of Gomorah .andthefcingof Admali.and 
the king of Zeboijra, and the king of Bela, which 
is Zoar;and they ioyned batteil with them in the 
valeofSiddim, i 

ρ To wit, with Chedor.Iaomer king of ElamJ 
and Tidal king of nations, arrd Ammphelking] 
of Shinor,& Arioch fciegof EUeafar: foure king^ 
againil liue. , 

;o NowtheevaleofSiddemwasfuUofflime J ^^j^j.^^ 
pits , and the kings of Sodom and Gomorah fled ^as ^ " 

and \i fell there; and the relidue fled to the moun- with , 


Was called the ι 
ialt ffa. 

•Abram and'his'^^ i τ„-Λ_'^''¥ ^-ot chofe^viito him all the plaine of ; 

II And they tooke all the fubftance of So• „ 
dora and Goroorah^and all their vitail«s,8c went/' 
their way» 

I i They f tooke Lot alfo Abrams brothers f the godly >» 
fonne and his iubftance ^for he dwelt at Sedom) piatutdmaiiy, 
and departed, ' ' " 

„nms IT J . t — , 13 Τ Then came one that had efcaped, and Λΐ;ί','1,ϊ*''^ί«ί 

7feede might dwed ■'orden, and tooke his lourney from the Eaft : and told Abram the Ebrew, which dwelt in the plaine dajiJCr"*•*^ 
chelandof ( they departed the h on»: from the Other. -^ " -■ - — -• - • '• — - r _ & "» .'w. 

,^ ' • i, ,,—■-,- -.— - of Mamre the Amorite. brother of Euicol, and 

i 1'" Λί .iingto i J λ\, J '^ u "^"•"^'^ 'V^^' '^;'4 °* Canaan , and : brother of Aner , which were g confederate with 
,.ot= paiadife, tot. J f-°' ^^°'~^'^ "1 fhe Cities of the plaine , and pitched i 
^cii j his tent euen vnto Sodom. - - 

ixheLordcom- I 15 Now the men of SodomT/t/ffi• wickcdand 
tlt^'eltie»! «^^-^eeding i fimiers againft die Lord. 
"A^^Lhaot the ' , ^4 ^ Then the Lordfayd vnto 1 Abram, 'after 
depaitiue oihis J that Lot was departed from him) Lift vp thine 
sephew. ^ _ j cyzs now , and looke from the place where thou 

8 Gci : 

li.em to loyjie 

1 4 When Abram heard that his brother was with .-ibram. aa* 
taken.htii brought forth ofthem that were borne I"''«-^e*him 
aad brought vp in his houfe. three hundreth and 1^™ ^,^ΪΓ ' 

Τ; t'M'll/aa'^i.H",• Northward , and Southward . and Eaftwardi 
d;J;.h.+. landWeftwardr - \ 

3 Meaning, along, ij For all * thclaiid which thoufeeft , wUI I ί 
'■"^ mi>"p of chriii i o'"- vnto thee, and to thy feede for 1 eiier, \ 

.r^, .+ and! ,^^ And I Will make tliy feede al'the^ufl of ) 
:,o. Deut, i5,i7J fweearth.-fo that if amar» can number the duftof ' 
'and (pritually .h.5 < the earth, thcH ihA\ thy feede be numbred. ί 

t^rSnof , 'y Arife walkethorowtheland.inthelengihi 
j\bta.ii,botne ac- j thereof, and bredth thereof; for I will 

coLiing to thepto-t to thee. 

i«cti;S"othe i i8 Then Abram remooued his tent, and came 
i ι»ίΠ,, wiSchate f»a dwelled in the plaine of Mamre , which is in 

! heirs ot the tint 


.;υ Or, ^mti. 



Mue it να- 

ι land ofCanais. 

Hebron,and builded thei-e an altar vnto the Lord. 
CHAP. X 1 1 1 1. 

JZ ΙηΦ fuirtinn cfSalom Ul ii ukin [ηΠ,Λ,ψ. n jt{,„„ 

liThat.s.ofEaby^ 2i A..^p,„ouU^H ieenri^heUytk. kirg^fSci,' 
i05i•. by kingshercj « χ, ■ . , , - , 

Jiieaniiig.themthat ^'^1 m the dayes ofAmraphel kincfofaShi- 
vertgovernoa» I _ nar , Arioch king of EUafar . C/ieikir-laomer 
cf i^ing c, Elam, and Tidal king of the "» nations: 

ζ Tiefg men mad- ,-.varre with Bai-a kin: * 

b Oi" a people ga- 
- theied οϊ divsts 

SoiiofQ , aad with Bira^ feing of Gomorah %\λ^ 

eightec-ne, andpurfued them vnto Dan. 

ly Then hee and bis fcruantsdiuided them- 
lelues againft them by night, and fmote them, 
and puriued thorn vnto Hobah , which is on the 
left fide ottDamafcus, 

16 Andherecouere-iallthefubftance.andaL 
lo brought againe his brother Lot, Schisgoods, 
and the women alfo and thcp^-ople, 

1 7 f After that he returned from theflaugh- 
ter of Chedor-laomerfSCof the kings that were 
with him .came the King of Sodom foonh to 
meete him in the valley ofshaueh , which is the 
■"Kings dale. 

18 And* Melchi-zedek King of Shalem!*>.r«"^s,.».• 
"brought foorth breadand wine .•andhewasaii'^"'•^/'• 
Pneft of the molt high God. L t„tdiu x?fc 

I? Therefore he ibleifed him, faying.Bleffedj^ion.and not, " 
Λη thou, Abram , of God moft high. Poffeffour of I "'f" fa"iSce. 
heauen and earth. «i inthat Meichi. 

i, i Λ i" ^^'^^^ ^* theraoft high God , which : he dcciaud h^m- 
nath dehuered thine enemies into thinehand :felfetorepie(ent 
* And ^bram gaue him tithe of all. 'j ? ^'^f "^.'" «'? 

2t Then the king of Sodom fayd to Abram,! hie r den *''* 
Omemethe t perfons.and take the goods to thy ^ ^>' 7.8. 
lelfe. " 'It Hir./.o/f,. 

zx Atj4 Abrajjiieyd to tfaekteg of Sodom.jii ]ΖύΙ '"^- 

^^r^Tcaptiuitie of Egypt foreeold 

V Ihaue lift vp fnlne hand vnto the Lord the moft 
hioh God poiretlbur of heaiieii and earth. 

2, t That I will not take of all thans thme. 
fo mnch as a threed or iliooe Utchet , leaft thou ^ 
ihouldeft fay . I haue made Abrar^ rich. 1 

2Λ k Saue onely char, which the young men j 
haue eaten . and the parts of tlie men which.went ' 
with me. Aner.EihcGl. and Mamre : let them take 
iheir parts. 

C Η A Ρ XV. 

fjuh. 1 3 Ttf ferciluJf mi iAiu,y*n^'«\'fep,'t u ditl^ei. 

\t n. uu of an^ i,r"-if'i '*'>«"* '""'• i 

lo,.A.Uii!iA A Fter thefe things .the ihvorde of the Lord i 

^ came vnto Abra^ in a * vifion . faying , ¥eare , 

not Abram, I am thy buckler. λπΑ thine exceeding ■ 

* great reward. 

And Abram fayd 

barai gmecn nagar-tt? *>t-^*iM«ni 

fnm thii a itrtri. 
ύ -c. x»Uie « -iJ"- 

I• HewOiJdnot 
to othei;^ 

ti Air-"". 

9His feat ^^^ "?i 

1 9 The Kenites , and the Kenezites : and the 
Kadmonites. » 

20 And the Hittites , and the Periaites . anj ; 
the Rephaims, ', 

21 The Amorites aifo .and the Canaanites.i 

and the Girgalhites.and the lebufitcs. 

ί Sim khg i^rf» i!u>tk Kj^.iv te Mr,tm . 6 Vft ich mtnuiih 
Miiilliiythhnijmr: i(, Ai,alii»giU 7 Tti 
Argfl ccmfc-.teil, hr. n. n Tl.,».i«. .oirf mjiiivi ,/trt 
/osai. I J SI'/euli'thviQiilleLercl .nlKntfi'efif.i/it 

"ISJ Ow»Sarai Abrams wife bare him no thil-!^«^»<l ««%«*'» 
*•^ dren . and Q^e had a maid an Egyptian.Hagai ^πίΛ^/οΓω^ήοί 
by name. | tt jccompiiihtd . 

2 And Sarai fayd vnto Abram'. Behold nowy wi.hoonirre. 
the Lord hath brcltrainedme from chililbearing.j°._^j.'„i';/„'^f;;^„ 
Ο Lord God , what j I pray thee go in vnto my mayd ; || it may be tlut 

:Syir«.e|>;H J, tiSt^iue mer. feeing I goechildleflb.anJ | I IhaiU receiueachildby her. And Abram obei-, .a.c.^ 


fc„.u« 'Ihfit^e! the" fteward of mine honle 

ef the blelled feed 1 mafcUS 
C0jnpliQ'e(l i"- 

* Rom. +-3. 

thisElieterofDa- ; edthevoyce of Sarai 

ihoaidnotbeac, j ^Ι,^-^ς Abram me thou haft 

' " ■ " ■ oiuen no fe. Jc : wherefore loc . a fcruant of mine 
houfe aiailb; mine heire, 


3 Then Sarai Abrams wife tooke Hagsr hirj d"e|'|^'j,VoU aft 
mayd the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelled ten; n o> ,in4)„rM^, 
yeere in the (and of Canaan . and gaiie her to hen 1 ε»'• '' '"'"'*"' 

husband Abram for his wife 

=t-C/.ip υ.ί?- I 
it This is a ram- | 
oilat motion ot , 
Gods Sphit.xvh^'c:». 
all to follow , ύ 
iskirg Kgne' : ut" 
Vf»S jermittedto 
feme by 3 pe"'- 
Gi^dcoii ai.dE« 

f Thisvasthe 
«Ide enin^ie in 
leicm. ;e- '5- '<> 
the whiilt God 
addid thefc con- 
dition, that A- 
jbianis- poneiuie 
jln-jfiece-.but af- 
jth'they iboiild 
le coupled to- 

alfo chit 

Then behold, the word of the Lord came 
. This man Hull not be thine 

f And he went in vnto Hagar, and fiie con-l decUni; what 

heire .but one Sikt'ihilcome out of thine owne i her dame was «defpifed in ht^r eyes. _^ ^ ,_.^ "3<ίΓ,^«4**Ί 

ceiued : and when ihe faw that ihc had concei\ cd, 'hey jaine diatv- 

. lempt anytJungt- 

y Then Sarai fayd to Abram . t Thon doefl If god.'* ' 
>1o.-ouei he brought him foorth andfayd. I me wrong, 1 haue giuenmy maidinto thy bolomi t £*'■ "i" 
Moi.quei nc ο ,^^» ^^^ ^ ^j ^^μ ^j^e ftarrcs ; and Ihceleeth that Iheehathconceiued . andlani ""i•"'*"• 
" ■ defpifediahereyesctheLotdiiidgebetweeuetna 

«nd thee, , I „ ^ 

6 Then Abram fayd to Sarai3ehold,thy maidj Β Or.fijfr. 
is in thine II hand : do with her as it plcafeth tiieej 
Then Sarai dealt roughly with her: wherefore Ihe 

nto him , faj'in: 
t one I 
bowel 3, he (hall be thine heire, 

' * Looke vp now VDCo I- - - , , ,- . „,^ , 
if rhoii be able to number them : and he iayd vnto | 
him. So (hall thy feed be. ,. _ , ,„,t^^ 

6 And ^Or,^rn * ■.eleeued the Lord .and hee 
-1 counted that to him for righteoufnelle. 

7 Againe he fayd vntohun.IamtheLorJ. 
that brought thee out of* Ur.of ihs 
o-iue thee tliis land to inherit it 

fied from her 
7 Τ 

d whIA wai 

But the<l Angel of the Lord found hen „.η verfe »+■»'*) 
$r TrVhefavd'OLordGod,''VVherebyilialI belide'afoiintaine in tiie wryofShur. |thaf.i8..z. r 

[ know that I ll^all inherit it 
9 Then he fayd vnto him 

And hee fayd , Hahar'iiarais maid , whened 
commcilthcrti » and whither wilt thou goe ? And' 

T.ike me an heifer 
of t^hree veereToiland a fliee goat of three yeeres j fl« fayd I flee from my dame Sarai. 
ο dc andaramofthreeyeeresold.aturtledoue i 9 Then the Angel of the Lordfayd 

alfo and a pigeon, 


none ef ate ot 

e Returne to thy dame , audiiumble thy feife vn-(pe„piei„ theit 
,r. Kr.^'rTf'i^ke all thefe vnto him. and «diiii- ! der her hands. ^ '"''."i*'''"'''V«« 

^dedihemin he^ddSMeuerypieceon^ | ,0 Againe the Angel of the Lord fayd vnto =^h the„.coinf« 
Si^radUan".!-'. Snft TnSher bui thebirds iuided he not. j her. I wiilfo greatly incrcafe thy leed . that it il«l]; iK.- /..^.^'^ 

ted , but yet del:- ■ « -r-hen fouks fell on the carkafes ,and Aorara , not be nurcbred for multitude, i * E'/'f • ? ' '.ll ,λ 

«eied. J „:w..,; II Alfo the Arigd ofthe Lord fayd vnto hcr.f That is .he J*- 

,„.4::;^ '^T Swhen the fuane went downe. there See.thou art with?hild.andn.altbearea ionne,-^;^-^^itp^• 
WJaT.^': {Jl,£uy£^e\ponAhx,m:^ndloc,i:^vc^ I end ihalt call his name lilimael : for the Lord hath ^ / ,Hent Jues. j.J 

ry fearefuiraarkcnello feli vpon him. 
^ 13 Then he fayd to Abram, * Know for a fure- 
ty .that thy ί^Λ ihollbe alhangerinalandthat 
■I .w ihp:r.. ■*« i fourehimdreth yeeres . and ihiil 

i Coiuitijig fiom 
to theft dejaftiui 

*";°n«T;.h is net theirs, * ^ fourehimdreth yeere 
^,rod «m i^ffet ferue them : and they intreat them euid. 
l^fo;'er'!.^i" ' V4 Notwithftandfng , the f tion- w^om h y 
_ this world. ^Hiall ferue , will I iudge : .nnd afterward ihall thty 
|Or..^..T/b«« come out with grt.-it fubftance. . 

I y But thoullialt goe vnto thy fathers in peace. 

tfniifMtboburiedinagoodage. _ ,^,πα,ΙΙ 

L- iv ^^ 16 And in the ϋ fourth generation teyniall 

fcrthe™'.tKeu,come hither againe : for the* wickedneile of the 

huJidnti' . 
e itoiigh God 
tiffctthe wicied 
foi a time, yet hi! 

engeance falleih 
tvpon them , when 
Ithe meafmc of 
.Aeii wiciednefie 


Amorites is not yet full. , 

Alio when the funne went dow'ne , there 

wafa dXesTand behold.a imokiug fotnace.and 

^firebrand, which went betweene thofe pie9es 
^ iS *IntlMtfamedaytheLcJrdmadeacoue. ' 
ant with Abram . faying . Vnto thy (ced haue i i 
iuen this land : * from the riuer of Egypt vnto - 
e great riuer t EuphrateSi 

heard thy tribulation. ^. , """t*''!"",^' 

1 1 And he Ihall be a D wflde man : his hand, ^"»;';';ffi•. 
ρ.'Λΐί be .againft eiiery man .and every mans hand J^^ owrtUulne'^ 
agaiiin him , * and f he Ihall.d well in the prcfeiice | a„d 2c>.now Icdg- 

°^\^ ''Vhcn Sailed the name of the Lord that i;;^;» «V?;,;!^•" 
fpake vnto her. Thou God iookeft on rae ; for ihe ^h,„. 
' (ayd , ε Haue I not alfo here looked atcer him that *^^ί,^';^';„;/-^ 

i ^'t ""wherefore the Well w.s called . J Beer- ^-^^^^ 
: Uhai-roi : loe ,»i " betweene. Kadefli and Bered. 
! 15 f And Hagar bare Abram a fonne, and A-| 
i bram called his fonnes name which Hagar bare> 
■ IflTmael. ^ ^ ,. ! 

i 16 And Abram t/»<»ifeurcfccre and hxeyeerca 
old.when Hagar bare him libn^^eL ' 






cijtg.i t" ur:firr,i 
Zii the fft ifm'ii 


tht frnrnfi. 

1 \ 1 

) ciRoninfiif^tii. 


[ 5 SarM h numtd Λη-.Λ. 
1 llh.<k^it pnmipi. 


I Cr , wilbtut 

4 TTT Hen Abram was ninety yecre old and ninC; 
" .the Lord appeared to Abram , and fayd vn- 

_and allhjs tioufearcdfC/^^^Qg, . 

hee beget , and I will make a ' '' 

I \ 

* walke before ' 

twelue princes fliall 
great nation of him 

21 But my coiienant will I eftablifli with Iz• 
hak, which Sarah iliali bearevnto thee, the next, ^ 
* yeere at this feafou. \*ch.^.% 

1 Net onely sc. 
(Coiding to the 
icai.biit of a fin 
S'iJ'.et niiiltituds 

to him , I am God || alHufficient 
me, and be thou vprighc. 

2 And I will make my coiienant between me 
and thee . and I will multiply thee exceedingly. 

3 Then Abram fell on his face , and God til- 
kea with him , faying, 

4 Behold , I fyw-ke my coiienant with thee, and 
thou ilialt be a a father of many nations. ' , 

J Neither ihall thy name any more be called J 24 Abraham' alfo himfelfe wasninetieyeeres'^j"^^'^'^*^^'^^*"' 
' Ε f • hR ,-f ^bram , but thy name Uiall be b Abraham : * for a | olde and nine i'When the foreskin of his fiefh was jthi.ig"acciar«h 
irxiKchrngingi faf her of many nations haue I made thee. 1 circnmcifed. |thitma(?ersin 

oFhisuameisa / 6 Aifo I will make thee exceeding fruitfull, i 25• And lihmael his fonne was thirteeneyeere!*"'''""'^^^ ?"§''' 

Arid he left oft' talking with him, and Godj 
went vp from Abraham. ■ 

23 ί Then Abraham tooke Ifmael his fonne,, 
and all that were borne in his hoiife , and all that 
was bought with his money.iW w.euery man 
childe among the men of Abrahams houfe, and 'j, They were well 
^ hee circumcifed the foreskin of their fieili in innn.fted which 
that felfe lame' day ,' as God' had commanded him. obeyed to be cir- 

Co(ls ptomife 


it Cifcamiifion is 
called the coiie- 

) proceed of thee. 
) 7 Moreouer , I will eftablifli my coiienant be- [ 
] twecne mee and thee , and thy feede after thee in • 
j their generations , for an * euerlaftiug conenant. ' 
I to be God vnto thee , and to thy feed after thee, 
f 8 And I will giue thee and thy feed after thee ; 
» the land , wherein thou art a ftranger ,ftten all the i 
I land of Canaan, for an euerlafting polIeiTion , and [ 

• I wiil be their God. J 

* 9 ί Againe God fayd vnto Abraham , Thou j 
j allbllialt keepemycouenant , thou, and thy feede 1 
; after thee in their generations. '] 

10 « This is ray couenant which ye ilaall keep j' 

be as preachers 
, „..v..* C..W ^^^^^,^,,^ v/. .Λ..,..^.!, ,yaji.iiwi..i,- to their families, 
Clled. ,that from the hiell 

z6 The felfe fame day was Abraham circum-!'° '''' loweiithey 
cifed . and lihmael his fonne : ίΚ^'^ '''' 

_ 27 And all the men of his houfe ^ot^borne in 
his houfe , and bought with money of the ftran' 
gcr , were circumciied with him. 


Ahrjkim neettiith tine Ang/lt into titioufil 

4 1 TlrJeSinaio 
h4ni fr.iyeth for tt 

JO llhkjt 

S4rjh iM^htth. 18 Chriflit fromif/^ 
9 Ahr.uam uiight iisfjmitie to kfon Oo4. 
fSoJomisiiedireili'Xto AWJum. ij Air^. 


oiant , beeauie it betweenc mee aiidyou, and thy feed after thee, " Λ Gaine the Lord * appeared vnto him in the! 

;f.snifi<:ththeco- * Lct cuery man childe among you be circumci- ' ■**(lplain of Mamre , as he fate in his tent doore |* 

uenaiit,&hath the fgj . , about the heate of the day. 

ioy".eiv°itf it'• ' 1 1 That is , yee iliall circumcife the a foreskin \ ζ And hee lift vp his eyes , and looked : and 

: vvhich phiafe i$ i of yoHr flclh , and it Ihall be a * figne of the coue- j loe , three a men Hood by him , and when he faw a ThaVi , three 

,?vmmon to all I naiit betwecne me and you. i them , hee ran to meete them from the tent doore,» 

f,"'^""• 12 And eiiery man childe of eight dayes olde and bowed himfelfe to the ground. p"^^' * ' ;%. 

d Tka"[iiiiie sart .among you , iliall be circumcifed in your genera- ! 3 And he fayd, !> Lot%I, if Ihauenowfound jb spealtiiiVt)»', 

■ • Ted , to tions, afwell he that is borne in thine houfe , as he ; fauour in thy fight, goe not, I pray thee, from thy one of theA/n 

fiie w that all that ^]^^^ jj ^Qj^ht Yvitli money of any ftranger , which 

IS begotten of man . ί i? r j ο ' 

is,and mull JS not of thy fted. 
1 lie m^rtihcd. 
I *i<»m.+»i J. 

< Albeit women 

1 3 He that is borne in thine houfe, and he that 
I is bought with thy money, mail needs be circiim- 
i cifed ; lb my couenant ihall be in your fiefli for 
\ an euerlafting couenant. 
Avcic nonuciim- ! 14 But the viicircumcifcd * man childe , in 
the^^'auateof i "'^^^^ ^^fli the foreskin iS not circumilcd , euen | 
Gols^piomlfc? fo^ t'lat perfon fhalbe cut oft" from his people , becaufe l 
vndct the mankind he hath broken my couenant. \ 

ailwa^confecta-, jy 5 Afterward God fayd vnto Abraham, Sa- ί 
da .Tiat whofoJ "' chy Wife Ihalt thou not call Sarai , but II Sarah | 
euetcontemneth "i/^^^^ff her name. j 

the figne, deipifetii i<j And I will bleffe her, and will alfo giue j 
alio thepromife. ; t^ee a fonne of her, yea, I will blelfe her,and ihee j 
ihall be the r/joifeirof nations: Kings «//oof peo- 
ple ihall come of her. 
: ί which ptocee. * 17 Then Abraham fell vpon his face, and ' 
' io'y aud^ofof" ί * '«ughed , and fayd in his heart , Shall a childe be : 
infideli'iie. j boriie vnto him.that is an hundred yeere old? and ; 

j » Cijf. 18. 10. j ilwll Sarah that is ninetie yeere olde , beare ? 
i ε TheeiierhrnnsI '^ And Abraham fayd vnto God , Oh, that 
! Couenant is madi; lilimael might hue in thy fjght. 
i the children " 1 9 Then God fayd ,* Sarah thy wife ihall beare j 
of the spivit : an<j thee a fonne indeed, and thou Ihalt call his name ' 
" i l2ha; 

U Or, tljinc , 

feruenr. - - - - " - whom appeared , 

4 Lti a little water , I pray you , be brought, '^.e.'frheS^,, 
andc waih your feete, and reft your feluas vnder >hey hadbinmea, 

the tree. ί Formenvfei 

y And I will bring a morfell of bread . that fcteat^™ 
you may comfort your hearts , afterward yee fare footed in 
ihall goe your waves ; for therefore are ye d come ihofe pans. 
to your leruant. ' And they fayd ; Do euen as thou ί^ψ^ί^ do«^ 
haftiayd. . . „ . , Udueiietoyoti, 

6 Then Abraham made hafte mto the tint 
vnto Sarah , and fayd , Make ready at once three 
t meafures of tine meale.knead it,and make cakes 
vpon the hearth. 

7 And Abraham ran to the beafts , and toolce 
a tender and »ood calfe , and gaue it to the fer- 
uant , who halted to make it ready. 

f Br. Siiw. 

e For as God gan4 
ihem bodies for 

them the taciilties 
thereof, to waJlte, | 
rotate anddrinkCj 
•eci.if. 17., 

f That is , about 
this time when 
flie (liallbealiiii, 

^'.heM™""j ^2'"!^ •■ and I'TvIlT'cftaWidTmy couenant with | Saraluh^wielMlliaue a fonne: and Sarah heard Luomff.'of' 

made the tempo-! him for an s euerlafting couenant , β?2ί^ with his ! in the: tent doore, which was behind him. [this life. 

rail promiie , as * feed after him". , ι ii (Now Abraham and Sarah i-t/iri olde andlh For n,eratheif 

TihmaT'^"' '" ! ^a And as concerning lilimi^l , I haue heard j flriken in age , and it ceafed tobe wkh Sarah after '^Jj "J^",;"?' 

\i.iy.liiAit}, ! thee : loe , I haue blefted him , and will make him 1 the maner of women.) 

c"•"'/• ' frmtfttil , and will multiply him t exceedingly: I iz Therefore Sarahs laughed wkhin her felfe 

8 And hee tooke butter and miike , and the time , fo gaue hi 
calfe,which he had prepared,andfet before them, 
and ftoode himfelfe by them vnder the tree ; and 
' they did eate. 

9 ί Then they fayd vnto him , Where is Sarah 
thy wife ? And hee anfv/ered. Behold, /Tife win the 

10 And he fayd, * I will certainly comea»aine 
vnto thee according to the time of i life : and loe 

then beleeuedth» 
ftomifi of Cod, 

"" faying, Aftei• I am waxed old, "Χ and my lord alfo, 

fliall I haue lufti , , 

I ^ And the Lord fayd vnto Abraham, Where- 

V-nap, Λ4Λ. 


^υι icceiutii. w».-^ «..y^. 


f E4r; % 

3S t And the Lord went his way , when hee 
had left communing with Abraham, and Abra>« 
ham returned vnto his place, 
fore did Sarah thus laugh, faying, uhall I certain- 
ly beare a childe.which am old? 

14 (Shall any thing be |J* hard to the Lord? 
at the lime appointed will I returire vnto thee, 
««««according totlie time of life ,. and Sarah fliall 

haueafonne.) « ,.!*xii-u -i. -•ι Gods oiomdcnt 

ΙΪ But Sarah denied, faying, I laughed not.for j A^^'j" , euening there came two » Angels „,, i^ftmi», 

3 in rfc.fH.rt I 
<*!■ ScJcnii.t. 
26 Let, ^if, 
rviih th,i'fMi 


» Angfli inlthisioufi. 4 ThtfithjU^i'f^ 
\6 Lut is ii'liufxJi. 24. Soiom ii itJhoytiA 

I mjdt*lilUr<iffrlt. 3} Lot! aiugitm Ht\ 
if mho m come Mdtih Mil. 

a Wherein we fct 

ftee was afraid. And he fayd , t It is not fo : for 
thou laugliedft. 

16 % Afterward , the men did rife vpfrom 

to Sodom : and Lot fate at the gate of So-, his : albeit h«ie. 

dience, and looked toward Sodom: and Abraham ' ground 


them , and he bowed liimfelfe with his face to thg 

and Lot faw them ,znd rofe \p to meete »"'«>'' »'>'•'""- 

ti lehoiiih.tHe 
Ebievr woid whW 
wee call Lord^ 
flieweth that this 
Angel was Chrift 
foe this vvoid is 
enelji applied to 

* C/iJf, I2.J.rf»l( 

21 '8. 

i He (hevieth thai 

fathers onghc both 

toknew Gods 


declare them to 
their childreji. 
k God fpeaketh 
after .the falhion 1 

men: tJiat is. I w 
enter iiitp itidge- 

mem with good 

adiiifi•. • 

If Fpi;,oiir fiiines 


went with them to bring them on die way. 
1 7 And the l» Lord fay d.Shail I hide from Abra- 

{or Lot had but 
Angels , an<i 

ham that thing which I doe, 

18 Seeing that Abraham flialbe in deed a great ϊ 
and a mighty nation , and * all the nations of the i 

1 earth flialbe blelied in him? 

1 9 For I know him » that he will commaund | 
Ihis fonnes and his houfliold after him , that they ; 
ikeepe the way of theLord to doe righteouiiieile ;, 

and iudgement , that the Lord msy bring vpon , 
I Abraham, that he hath fpoken vnto him. 
* 20 ThentheLordfnyd.BecaufethecrieofSo- | 
I dom and Gomorrah is great , and becaufe their ' 
' finne is exceeding grieiious, 

21 I will '' goe downe now , and fee whether ; 
they haue done altogether according to that , 
1 cry , whicli is come vnto me : and if not , that I 
may know. 

22 And the men turned thence , and went to- 
"h l«l?<"'*'i ward Sodom ; but ^Abraham flood yet before the 
'° **■*'' Lord. 

23 Then Abraham drew neere , and faid. 
Wilt thou alfo deftroy the righteous with the 

24 If there be fiftie righteous within the city, 
wilt thou deftroy and not fpare the place for the 
fiftie righteous that are therein? 

25• Be it farre from thee from doing this thing, 
to flay the righteous with the wicked ; and that 
I the righteous fliould be euen as the wicked , be it 
farre from rhee. Shall not the ludge of alJ the 
world t doe right? 

26 And the Lord anfwered , If I fliall finde m 
Sodom ">■ fiftie righteous within the citie , then 
will I fpare all the place for their fakes. 

27 Then Abraham anfweredand fayd , Behold 
now ,1 haue begun to fpeake vnto my Lord, and I 
am η but dull and aflies. 

If there fliall lacke fiue of fiftie righteons 

2 And he fayd,.See my lords , I pray you turne Abraiiam three 
in now into your feruants houfe,and tarie alj '*''•'•ίΡ•'*•* 
night , and * walh youi feete, and yee fliall rife vf| ' 
early and goe your wayes.Who fayd.Nay,but v/& 

Wlll'abide m the ftreete all night. i ^J"*" ''•''* ^^'^ 

3 Then b he prcafled vpon them earneflly , and "^""*^= '""'""^^ 
they turned in to him , and came to his hoiil'e, and; 

hee made them a feaft ,and did bake vnleauened , , 

,,,,,., c Not tot that 

bread, and they <• did eate. the^ had necef- 

4 But before they went to bed , the men of the fnie.biit becaufe 
city, euen the men of Sodom compafled the houfe t''» ''""<= "" "">' 
roundabout ,fiOfn the yong euen to the old , ^ alP,hcyToiad'ie- 
thepeoplefrom λ// quarters. «caie ihemfeines.' 

y who crying vnto Lot fayd to him .Where f '^°''^"S^j,'J^'*- 

ereigneih: Uf^ 

are the men.which came to thee this night ? bring f^XeU wh«e 

them out vnto vs.that we may Know them, 

6 Then Lot went out at the doore vnto them, it conupied» aU^ 
and fljut the doore after him, 

7 And fayd, I pray you , my brethren , doe not 
/» wickedly. ^ • τ f 

8 Behold now , I haue two e daughters , which ^"^*^|"ghens 
haue not knowen man : them will I bring cut bit he is <o be I 
now vnto you , and doe to them as feemetli 
good : onely 


lyOU mcdinfeeking 

,'nto thefe men doe nothing ; ifor vniawfiill 

m God declareth j 
«hat his iiidge- 
sients weie done ' 
with great meicy, 1 
fetafmuch as all I 
■weiefo corrnpt, 
that not only fifty! 
fern ten righteous 

St£e?ai^ iwih'iliou deftroy all the city for fiue f^Andhee 
alfo that the wic- fayd , if I finde there fiiue and tourtie , I will not 

Jedarelpatedfor deftroy jr. 

ί He!f b^Tee • \ 2 9 " And he yet fpake to him agaiiie . and fayd, 
learne , that the \ What if there flialbe found fourne there? Then he 
jieeter we appv oach 1 anfwered , 1 will not doe it for foiirties fake, 
vnto God, the j; ^eainc he fayd , Let not my Lord now be 

'"""'•"''""'"'■ angry that li fpeako , What if thirty be found 

Therefore are they come vndertheihadow of my pjf^"e *em 
roofe. froiJiali UJiiiy» 

9 Then they fayd , Away hence : and they 
fayd, Hee is come alone as a ilranger , and fliall. 
hee iudge and rule ? wee will now deaie worfe 
with thee then with them. So they preafled fore' 

vpon Lot * himfelfe, and came to breake the * *-i''*•*'' 

10 But the men put forth their hand , and pit!-* 
led Lot into the houfe to them , and fliut to the 

ij -x Then they fmote the men that were at 
the doore of the houfe .'withblindnes , bothfmall t £i".M'»fr 
and great ,fo that they v/ere wearie in tfeeldng 
the doore. ' 

12 1 Then the men fayd vnto Lot, Whom; 
haft thou yet here ? either fccne in law , or thy ■ 
fonnes or thy daughter , orwhatfoeuer thou haft 
in the citie, bring it out of this place. 

13 For 2 we will deftroy this place.becaufethe 
* crie of them is great before the Lord , and the '"Jfl^f^JJ, 
J,ord hath fent vs to deftioy it. Gcds'>vr«h?ii7w ■ 

14 Then Lot went out and fpake vnto his declare his fanom,; 

f Η {/».!?. τ Λ 

jr. This preentih 
that ;he Argeb 

iVaS'afdlhel'ore I thei'e ^Thcnlie fayd , Γ^αϊΐ not'doe it Vifl'find j fonnes in law , which I) n-^rtied his dau.^htcrs, and * c^t •« -■ 

aie wee humbled. * thjitie there I 

^oiti^'i^iiiifi^ ' ^i Moreouerhe%d,Beho!dnow,Ihauebe-| 
ihe «icWsodo- gi'in to fpeake vnto my Lord ,whatif tweniiebe j euen to the foi,,^^ tijce J And he aufwcred, I will not deftroy , 

&i tlie godly fot 
the af iliaei- 

and I will fpeake but this oonce.whatif ten 
found there ? Andheaafwere4>lwill«ot de- 
ftroy jt for tens f«Sse. 


fayd.Arife.get you out of this place : fir the Lord " °'fi'•''*^'^'• ' 
will deftroy the city , but he iecmed to his fonnes 
in law , as thoiigli ne had mocked. -t Ei'• »«'* *» 

1 y 1 And when the morning arofe .the Angels Z'"'^^; ^ 

hafted Lot.faying.Ariie.take thy wife and thy two cod fltii.e:h to• 
daiTghterstwhicharchere.lcaftthoubedeftroyed; • 

in the punifliment of the city. 


[ Go jt; 

cauglu both hira imd iiis wifcandhis two daugh- \>t wifi:i*i4i' 


Abraham and Abimelech^f 

3 6 Tlins Kt/fte t both the danghtcre of Loi ' Thus cod yet. 

- • ^ nutted him to fall 

Ana the elder bare a fonne. andfl,e calle4 Xfoh,"^^^^ 


his name Moab : the fame is the father ol the! moimtaincs, 
f Moabif s vnto this day. t ^''O"' 'lie wicted- 

3 8 AnJ th.; yonger bare a fonne alfo,and ihee TcMHttv^ 
called his name trtien-ammi : the fame is lhefa-| 
tlier of the Ammonites vnto this day. 

ters by the hands (The Lord being raerclfull Vnto 

him) and they brought him foorth , and let him j with childe by their faiher 

without the citie. i " ._ . -■... -n.. l 

j 17 ^ And when th^y had brought him out, i 

ί He willKlliim the Mnget fayd , Efcape for thy life : ' looke not 

jro rice from Gods bchindc thee,neicher tarie thou in all the plaine: \ 

iiidi;emtnr^, and gfc^pg j^jq jjie mountains, leaft thou be de- ; 

Idepaufi-om'tLt ftro^ed. | 

rich coimn-cv, and! i ij And Lot fayd vnto them , Not fo , I pray I 
iuiiofvaineplca. thee, my Lord. ; 

19 B.holdnow.thy feruant hath found grace | 
in thy fight , and thou haft magnified thy mercy, j 
which thou haft ihewed vnto me in fauing my j 
life ; and L cannot etcape in the mountaine .Icaft ί 
/wwi euill take me , and I die. 

ζ ο S^e now this citie hereby to Bee vnto, ; 
which is a little one: Oh let me efcape thither :i$ Λ Fterward Abraham departed thence toward; 
it not a 3i little one , and ray ibule Ihall liue ? ; the South countrey , and dwelled betweenej a vvluch 

Then he fayd vnto him,Be'hold,I hauere-• Cadelh and a Shur , and foiourned in Gerar, 


I Alt, 

Ucl> t-th^tb Jivay hie xvt'ft•. $ Cod rf^oouHhthf king^ 9 j 
thr kS''^ Ahtuhum. 11 Si• ah if /rfierei ttith fti^t ^ift 
17 Aii-rJ>Am [Tj}ith , Ληά the ki/•^ Mitts MiheAlrll. 

f Who as they were 
borne in moft hor- 
rible v»eie 
they and their 
polleritie vile & 
t That is , fonne of 

»j! i"y People: fign>fy- 

mg that they rathei 
leioyced in their 
(in, then repented 
for the fame. 


liale, yet it is great 

enough to faue my ■ j , , ■ η ,,- - 

life :v. herein he i ceiued f thy requeft allo concerning this thing; 

|ofFeiid*th inchu- that I vvillnotou3rthrow this city,for the which ismyhlier. Then Abi'mtlech king of Gerar fenti 

fmg pnoiheiphce [hoU haft fpoken. 

And Abraham fayd of Sarah his wife.t Sb^ now"wiiifaUen 

then the Angel had 
appointed hi.-n. 


Bccaiile Gods 
was to deftroy tin 
city , and to faue 

,n Which before 
V, as called Belah, 

and tooke Sarah 

is mansftailtie. 

But God cametoAbimelechina dreamt r°fP'ii ^'''' 

22 Halte thee, faue thee there : for lean doe 3 out. vjuu cdiuc lunuiiucicLmua ^^^'^^^^ itteaithtix 
'nothing till thou be come thither.Therefore the by night, and feyd to him, Behold,' thou art but' breach of matiage, 
nameot the citie wa? called mZoar. oead , becaufe of the woman, which thouTiaftta^d The infidels 

25 ^' The funne did rifevponthe eatth.when ken ; forihe is a mans wife. confeiied that goiI 

LotentredintoZoar. , 4 (Notwithftanding Abimelech hadootyet 

24 Then the Lord * rained vpon Sodom and ; come necre her) And he fayd,Lord,wilt thou flay 
vpon Goraorah.btimftone and hre from the Lord | cuen d the righteous nation ? 
outofheauen, 5• Saidnothe vnto me,She is my fitter ? yea, 

uMi.2y,23.;/i.j »5 And ouerthrew thofe cities , and all the ' andflieher felfefayd,Heismy brother iwithanieAsOncfaUing 
9./ίΛ5ο,+ο. plaine, and all the inhabitants of the cities , and ' vpright « minde , and ί innocent handes haueli''y'gn''"»«.an<* 

„,^nfl•,^ ^α,-Λ . ^«„Ω fl,;^ iJioidoingeiiillof 


would not panifli 
bnt for iiill occa- 
fion : therefore, 
whenfoeiiet hee 
pimilheth.the oc- 
cafion is Tuft. 


+!' '['■ I that that grew vpon the earth. 

done this. 

ι,,ίίίτΛ^Ι'ά'γ]^ ι<ί f Now his wife behind him looked backe, I 6 And God faydvnto him by adreame.lirNoTthinWngte 

n AS toiicJirng the j and (lie became a η pillar of fait. I know that thou didJeft this euen with an vp-' doe any 

body oneiy : and | ^j ^ And Abraham riling vp early in the tDof- i right minde.and I g kept thee alfo that thou,'"'^'^j^ h- h I« 
ningz/i/i«f to ;^ place.where he had ftood before | ihouldeft not finneagainft me: therefore iufFered fnidcreteineth 
the Lord. j I thee not to touch her. them that oftend 

28 And looking toward Sodom and Gomorah, i 7 Now then deliuer the man his wife againe; ''y'2"<'""««>*a' 
ijacrsd that way. and toward all the land of the plaine.behold, hee ; for he is ah Prophet, and he ifhall pray for thee. f.Zlxl^conuT.'* 
fiw the fmoke of the land mounting vp as the ' that thou raayeft line•, but if thou deliuer her not nience. 
fmokeofafornace. againe,be fare that thou Ihalt die the death.thou, 

89 f But yec when God deftroyed the cities and all that thou haft 

fell Sods mercy, 
he diirft not pro- 
molte him againe 
by continuing 
among the wiclced 
ρ Meaning, in tl 
toiuittey, which 
the Lord had now 
<1 For except he 
had bene ouer- 
eome with wine, 
he would neiiet 
haue done that 
abomuiable atle. 

J tbi, Veejealiiie 

of the plaine , God thought vpon Abraham, and | 
fcnt Lot out from the mid Jes of the deftruolion, ; 
when hee ouerthrewe the cities wherein Lot 5 
dwelled. ί 

30 f Then Lotwentvp from Zoar,and dwelt ! 
in the mountaine with his two daughters : for he j 
β feared to tarie in Zoar , but dwelt in a cauCj hee ! 
and his two daughters. i 

31 Andthe elder fayd vnto the yonger. Our fa- j 
ther is of e, and there is not a man in the ρ earth 

g ThenAbimelech riiingvp early in the mor- 
ning , called all his feiuants , and tolde all thefe 
thingst vnto them.and the men were fore afraid. 

9 Afterward Abimelech called Abraham.and 
fayd vnto him , what haft thoU done vnto vs ? 
and what haue I offended thee , that thou haft 
brought on me , and on my ^ kingdome r^w great 
finne ? thou haft done things vnto me that ought 
pot to be done. 

10 So Abiraelechfaydvnto Abraham, What 

to come in vnto vs after the manner of all the ] faweft thou that thou hart done this thing? 


3 1 Come , wee will make our father 1 drinke 
winc,and lie with him.that we may preferue feed 
of our father. 

3 3 So they made their father drinke wine that 
iVght,and the •^Ider went and lay with her father: 
but he ρ rceiued nor.neither when Ihe lay down, 
neither when fha ri)le vp. 

34 And on the morrow the clSer fayd to the 
yonger.Behold.yefternight lay I with my father: 
let vs mak'-him drinke wine this night alfo , and 
goe thou ^«uilie with him , that wee may tpre- 
lerue feede of our father. 

37 So they made their father drinke wine that 
night alfo . and the yonger arofe , and lay with 
bim : but he perceiued it not , when fliClsy 
downcnsithir when il?e refe vp« 

i II Then Abraham I thought 
thuSfSuiely thcl feare of God is not in this place, 
and they will flay me for my wines fake. 

12 Yet inverydeide flic is my »»lifter:forfhe 
is the daughter of my father, but not the daugh- 
ter of my mother , andlhe is my wife, 
i 13 Now when Go-^cauled me to wander out 
Ϊ of my fathers houfp.l fayd then to her, Thi i^ 
I thy kindneflethatthGuilvlilhew vntome iiial 
1 placts where we come ,* Say thou of me. He is 
i my brother. 

14 Then tookeAbiraelrchfneepe and be. lies, 
, and men feruants, and wotien feruants, snd g.iue 
; them vnto Abraham , and reftoted him Sarah his 

I ? And Abimelech fayd , Behold , my lanl is 
ί before thee.dweU where it pleafeth thee. 
™___ 16 L i fce wif s ■ 

h That is, one.To 

whom Godreiiea• 

leth himlelte fa- '- 


i for the prayer 

of the godly is of 

foice towatds 


f Fir. in tkif 

k The wicJiednes 
of the King brin- 
geih Gods wrath 
vpon the whole 

1 Hee iheweth that 

hoped for, where 
the feice of God 
is not 

m By fifier, hee 
meaneth his coii- 
fin'i.e, ana 
by daughter , Abta» 
hams i.eece.Chjp. 
...20. forloihe 
Hebrewcs vfe 
the'e wordes. 


Izhak is borne. Hagar iscaft out with 

6 Likewife to Sarah hee faid , Behold , I haue 

Chap«iAXl. her ibnne. _Abrabams faitft tried. 8 

η Such 31•. head, 3• 
•with whom thou 
jnayeftbep tfct- 
■led from all d. n- 

heathen Kir g to 
leproiuehci be- 
taiile Oie dii^'cm- 
blcd, feeing that 
Cod hadgiuenh" 
vaileandde ence. 
Β H:d taken awa- 

* MMth « i. 

h.-if.ll-' I. 

a Thciefote the 

J-Cdjf. ΐ7.<ϊ. 

b Sheiccaleth 
het felleefin 
titiidt, that Qie dl• 
fiOt bqlscue the 

• Hedeiidetl 

Siadeto Izlwk, 
vihich the Apoflte 
: Gal.+. iji. 

feare nor, for God hath heard the voyce of the 
iuen thy brother a thoufand pieces of filuer : be- I child where he is, 
toid , he is the " vaile of thine eyes to all that are | 1 8 Arife , take vp the chude , and holde him in 
with thee, and to all etherr: and Ihewasothiis ( tuine hand ; for I will make of him a great 

I Or,fl>cl i» ih 

Mi fit »: 


ip AndGodhopenedher eyes,andίl•.eefawa|!' i^'P'Cei 

well of water ; lb ihee went and fillc k,re„.m,w,. 

with water , and gaiie the boy drinke. hoi vie the mem 

20 So God was i with tie child , and he o-rew I*•'"* "* ''*^•"* 
and dwelt in thcwildemclle .and was an f| archer, l- Auonchiti• 6«- 

21 And he dwelt in the wildcrncileofParan, watdtWrgsGei" 
and his modier tcokc Lira a wife out of the land *'"f'<J '''">«> 
of Egypt. P'o're' 

22 ^ And at the fame time Abimclech and 
Phicholhis chiefe captain fpake vnto Abraham, 
faying, God ?i with thee in all that thou doeft. 

23 Now therefore fwcare vnto mec here by 
God , that thoifwilt not t hurt mee , nor my chil- ^ ei,. itiUfAf,^ 
dren, nor my childrens children ; thou Ibalt deale >»** mr.cvtu. 
with me , and with the countrcy , where thou haft 
beene a ftranger, according vnto the kindnes that 
1 haiic iliewed thee. 

24 Then Abraham fayd , I will * fwcare. * ^% •''«,« « » 
2j And Abraham rebuked Abimelech for aL^e an ovhi^in 

well of water, which Abimelech leruanrs had vio-bnaitcviorimpor- 
lently taken away . tir ce, tot 10 iuihfie- 

26 And Abimelech iayd . 1 I '«"ownot whop'|i|^^'J'^'^j|'^^'^"j'^'* 
hath done this thing : alio thou toldeft me not, ou^VirTeiWe, 
neither heard I of it but this day. π wiclcdfer- 


J 7 f Then Abraham prayed vnto God . and 
God healed Abimelech and his wife , and his wo- 
men feruants : and they bate children. 

1 8 For the Lord Ρ had iliiit vp euery wombe 
of the houfe of Abimelech ,becaufe of Sarah A- 
braliams wife, 


i IXhakiiltynt. 9 ΐβηαίΙ moikilh lltukc ^-t- Hagitt It tufloul 
with hn form. 17 T*f ^x^cl comforltib Hagar. u Thf 
toufMut Mivitne AiimeUi and AltAtMn. 33 Alirektm '«ilei 
rjion the Lord. 

"NJ Ow the Lord vifited Sarah , as hee had faid. 
and did vnto her * according as he had pro- 

X For * Sarah conceiued , and bare Abraham 
a fonne in his » olde age , at the fame feaion that 
God told him, 

5 And /braham called his fonnes name 
that was borne vnto him , which Sarah bare him, 

4 Then Abraham circurocifed Izh.ak his fonne, 
when he was ei^l.tdayes old ,* as God had com- 
manded him. 

5: So Abraham was an hundreth ycere olde, 
when his fonne Izliak was borne vnto hiin. 

6 ^ Then Saiah faid . God hath made mee to | and gaue them vino Abimelech :' and they two |*^',{^^;°^*„*** 
teioyce ; a!l that heare , will reioyce with me. j made a couenant. ! ^ ' 

7 Agaiiio ihee faid, b Who would haue faid [ z){ And Abraliam fetfeuen lambs of the fiockd ^ 
to Abraham, that Sarah flioiild haue giuen chil- j by themfeliies. j 

jdi-en fuckc ? fori haue borne him a (onne in his '29 Then Abimclech fayd vnto Abraham .What 

old age. j meane thefe feuen iambes , which thou hail fet by 

8 Then the child grew and was weaned : and j themfelucs? 
Abraham made a great feaft that fame day that 30 And heanfweredvBecaufethouflialt recdue 

of mine hand thefc feuen Iambes, that !t may be 
a witneile vnto me , that I haue digged this well. 

3 1 wherefore the place is called li Beer-ihe- 
ba, becaufe there they both fware 

32 Thus made they a m couenant at Beer-flie- 
ba; afterward Abimelech and Phicholhis chiefe 


27 Then Abraham tooke iheepe andbeeues,•"*'".'^'^''"'"''' 

d Thejromircd 
ftedc lliafbe coun- 
ted fiom llhai, 
aril notiiom iQi• 
* The Iftmaeliie 
fliall come ol him 
£ leseiaithre- 
jionnceili all nam 
Tall atl'eftions to 
cbzy Godscom- 

g Fothispromife 
Jake mad* 10 A- 

faraham, and not 
becaiilc the childe 
had difcieiion and 
iud^emcnt to jtaj 

Izhak was weaned. 

9 f And Sarah favve the fonne of Hagar the 
Egyptian (which Ibe had borne vnto Abraham) j 
< cDocking. 

Wherefore flie faid vnto Abraham , * Caft 
out this bond^voman and her fonne: for the ionne 
of this bondwoman ihaii not be heire with my 
fonne Izhak. 

1 1 And this thing was very grieuous in Abra- 
hams fight , becaufe of his I'onnc . 

1 2 S But God laid vnto Abraham , Let it not be 
grieuous in thy light for the childe., and for thy 
bondwoman ; in all that Sarah toll fay vnto thee, 
heare her vayce : for in Izhak ihall thy feede be 
d called. 

13 As for the fonne of the bondwoman , 1 will 
make him « a nation aifo.becaufe he is thy feed. 

14 So Abraham arofe vp early in the morning 
and tooke bread , .md a bottell of water,, and gai:e 
it vnto Hagar putting it on her flioulder , and the 
childe αίβ , audi fe.nt her away : who departing, 
wandered in the wilderneile of Beer-ilieba. 

1 y And when the water of the bottel was fpent, 
ihe caft the child vnder aeertaine tree. 

16 Then Ihee went and face her ouer againft 
him a fane off about a bow ihoot ; for ihee fayd, 
I will not fee the death of the childe. And Ihe late 
downe ouer againft iji>?j,and lift vp her voyce,and 


17 Then God S heard the voyce of the childe, 
and the Angel ofGod called to Hagai- from ftea- 
uen,,and faii vnto ber .wriai ajjietli thee , aagar; 

captaine rofe vp, and turned againe vnto the land 

33 f And Abrnh.'m planted a groue in Beer- 
flicba.and " called there on the Name of the Lord, 
the euerlaftiiig God. 

34 And Abraham a ftranger in the Phili• 
ftims land a long feafon. f»€>on•. 

"c Ρ A Γ. XXI L 

1, ι Tte fiitf-cf /tirah.-m it frotuei in cfftringH, fotinr ri^ik. 
8 llkjk ii J figure cf CMfi. lo fhf gf7:,r.ui;,K of No»•»» 
Atrj^^imi inlhtr e/rrhm itnnrtli Fe/rl^.^ 

Λ Ndafrer theie things God did* prooiie Abra- 
ham , and fayd vnto him , Abraham, who 
anfwered.t Here am I. 

2 And he fayd , Take now thin? enciy fonne Ί Slr.i«».i. 
Izhak whom thou loueft , and get thee ν mo the 
land of » Moriah , and ^ offer him there for a burnt 
offring vpononc of the mountaines .which I will^ wMefifigniK 

fl^ewthee. . ^,^j^!;r:U 

3 Then Aoraiiam roie vp early in the mor- Wace he «as ho- 
ning.and fadled his afle, and tooke two of his ier- piomed : and salt)»- 
uams with him , and Izhak his fonne , and cloi.e ϊ^^",^ '^''"^"pj^^ 
wood for the binnt cftering.r.d rofe vp and went fc hcein Rood/ 
to the place, which Godhad told him, . kheihieieDjei«t 

sf his tintatio:ij 
fsei'jS.hcewasconitTiandcdto ofFeivplunt in fthem Sod hii picmifed tob]|0|'.' 
Hi (Ji«ii)[ioiu oi UM HoUd, 


Tntjrirg hmltet, 
m Thus we Ite 
that the godly, as 
toitchinj outward 
ngs may make 
ice Η ith the 
cled thatknotf 
r.ot the itae Cod. 
That is.he wor— 
fped Cod in alU 
points ol Uiie R•-- 

AJbf^am goethto offer Izhak• 

e Hedsubtednot,; 
bnc God woidd ac-( 
complifli his pro- 
jiiife, thoHgh hce 
ihoidd facnfici 
bis fonne. 

4 S Then the third day Abraham lift vp hi 
eyes, and faw the place afarre off) 

jr And fayd vnto his feruants , Abide yon here 
v/ith the afle : for I and the child will goe yonder 
and woriliip.and c come againe vnto you. 

6 Then Abraham tooke the wood of the 
burnt offering, and laid it vpon Izhak his fonne, 
and hee tooke the fire in his hand , and the knife.• 
and they went both together. 

7 Then fpake Izhak vnto Abraham his fa- 
ther, and fayd. My father. And hee anrwered,Here 
am I, my fonne. And hee faid. Behold the fire and 
the wood , but where is the lambe for the bnrnt 


Abraham fauyeth Έ^^οώ field 

-1 h^^ 

nr Hen Sarah was anhimdreth twentie and fe^ 

«en yeere olde (tfo long liued (hee.) 'Λ^ίτ.φ,,^^,^β 

2 Then Sarah died in Kiriath-arba : the fama**' "^' °^•^'"^•- 

is Hebron in the land of Canaan. And Abraham; 

came to mourne for Sarah and to weepe for her. a Tltatis, vfJien 
ί ί Then Abraham » rofe vp from the fight f ' 'I'J* '""""'«i -- 
his corps.and talked with the t Hittites.faying. Lotuft^^ 
4 I amaftran^er, and aforreiner amongyou: paH"e noto»tafi{re: 

giuc me a pofleiiion of buriall withyou , that I ^'^ =^« "aniraii 

may bury my dead out of my fight. j ^endjb"^," """ 

f Then the Hittites anfwered Abraham, fay- tHir./is^Mef 

ing vnto him, ' B^ii . 

6 Hearevs ,mylord.• thou art a prince ''of'' ^"js.go'Wy 
■■' • . - - - κ orexccUcnt: for 


A The oiitly wsy 
«o oiiercome all 
SKiiiaiioB, ;s to 
1 left v-poii Gods 


ic For it is liie thsc 

^, ,.. , r ' .. r !Godamongvs: in thechiefeftofourfepnidues .heEbTvTiVf;' 

Then Abraham anfwerea. Myfonne_,God ' burie thy dead : none ofvs fl«Il forbid thee his fpeairofdifhi 

■ing: fepukhre.but thou maieftburie thv dead ί^ίr«■». ^atave notable 

will d prouide him a lambe for a burnt offerin 

fo they went both together. 

9 And when they came Λ the' place which 

God had ihewed him , Abraham builded an altar 
c her It IS iiJie msc there, and couched the wood, and e bound Izhak 
3iis father had de- his fomic , * and kid him on the altar vpon the 

«tared te him W^^od, "^rhTrlvm' ^° "^"^ Abraham ilretchiag foorth his hand, 
J *e*ttie'we'd him "'° tooke the knife to kill his fonne. 
«clfc obedient. 1 1 But the Angel of the Lord called vnto him 

j*i*Hf<.2.ii, ' from heauen.faying, Abraham,Abraham, And hee 
! anfwered. Here am I. 

] 12 Then he fayd. Lay not thine hand vpon the 
j child , neither doe any thing vnto him : for now I 
1 f know that thou feareft God , feeing for my fake 
i1li thou haft not fpaied rhine t oiiely ionne, 

J 3 And Abraham lifting vp his eyes , looked 
; and behold , there was a ram behinde htm caught 
by the homes in a bulli : then Abraham went and 
tooke the ram, and ofFred him vp for a burnt offe- 
ring in the fteadof his fonne. 

I Tliae is, by thy 
ene obedienic 
tthou Jwi declared 
ichylHkr faith. 
itfithboli^H thir.i 
'.pncly f^ntu friTK 

Η Eir. ity f,„tte, 

4 And Abraham called the name of that place ; the people of the land 

fepukhre.but thou maieft burie thy dead therein^ *at are nmabie." 

7 Then Abraham flood vp . and bowed him- J^^'"!'"^'!! excel- 
felfe before the people of the land of the Hit- God" ""^'^ °- 
tites. j 

8 Andhecommiinedwiththem, faying, IF it! . . 

be t your minde , that I fell burie my dead out oflVj/.'" ^"^ 
my fight, heare me , and intreat for me to Ephron 
the fonne of Zohar, 

9 That he wouldgiuemethecauejlofMach-! 

pelah , which he hath in the ende of his field , that tfJi}f,T'' '*'* 
he would .giue it me for as much t money as it is w/»°»Xr' 
worth, for a poileiBon to bury in among you. fr a»•, inf^itfit,,^^ 

I ο (For Ephron dwelt among the Htttites) j 

Then Ephron the Hittite anfwered Abraham in |^ Mtmine aUthe 
the audience of all the Hittites that c went in at kitizens and uJn-" 
the gates of his citie, faying, bitams, 

I I lord.heare me : the field giue I thee 
and the avc that therein is, Τ giue it thee : euen m I 
the prefence of the fohnes of my people giue I it ' 
thee to bury thy dead. 

12 Then Abraham a bowed himfelfe before a Tofliiwttut 

ΙΙοΓ/ίίί^ΧίΛ ]" lehouah lireh : as it is fayd this day , In the 

hehjd them 

]_ffi or prouiJe. 
g Then 

mount will the Lord gbe feene. 

I f ί And the Angel of the Lord cHed vnto 

thatToddoeA^*"' Abraham from heauen°the fecond time, 

_ i6 And fayd , * By ^ my felfe haue I fwonie 
(faith the Lord) becaufe thou haft done this 
thing , and haftnot fpared thine onely fonne, 

1 7 Therefore will I furely bleffe thee, and will 
greatly multiply thy feede , as the ftarres of the 
lieauen , and as the fand which is vpon the ία 
fliore, and thy feede ihall poflefle the |/ gate of his 
enemies. ' 

1 8 * And in thy (eede iliall all the nations of 
the earth be blefled , becaufe thou hafl: obeyed my 

I voyce. 

ΛοϊΗ fee and pro- 
Hide fccictly for 
Jus,3nd alfo em'_ 
•ently is feene, 
ond felt in time 

iuks '.7i. 
h Signifying, that 
theie is no grea- 
'i'Or.MJs. I 

I d».^ 1 8. 1 8. 



19 Then turned Abraham againe vtito his i amono marchants 

ί 5 And fpake vnto Ephron in the audience of f "j'^/yea^J'' 
j the people 'of the countr'ey .faying , •Seeing thou j^"^ * 

, wilt giue ft , I pray thee, heare me,I will giue the' 
• price of the field : receiue it of me.and I will bury 
, my dead there. : 

14 Ephron then aufwered Abraham, fay ing j 
; vnto him, j 

ly My lord , hearken vnto mee : the land is\ 
-Worth foure hundreth e ihekels offiluer : what»* TlweommoM 
that betweene mee and thee ? bury therefore thy '^''^^^ " ^^°"'. 

, , •' J 20. pence , fothi 

w"^3d. ;too.0^kels mount 

' 16 So Abraham hearkened vnto Ephroi\, and »o 33. potmd 4. 
' Abraham weighed to Ephron the filuer .which hee Ifl-iliinfsand s. 
: had named . m the audience of the Hittites . euen L"/ Verlilg 'the 
foure hundreth filuer iliekels of currant money iounce. 

feruants , and they rofe vp , and went together to 
Beer-ilieba : and Abraham dwelt at Beer-iheba. 

20 ί And after thefe things one told Abraham, 
faying , Behold Milcah , (lie hath alfo borne chil- 
dren vnto thy brother Nahor : 

21 To wit , Vz his eldeft fonne , and Buz his 
brother, and Kemuel the father of \\ Aram. 

22 And Chefed , and Hazo , and Pildaili , and 
lidlaph , and Bethuel. 

! _ 23 And Bethuel begate Rebekah : thefe eight 
I ; did Milcah beare to Nahor , Abrahams brother. 

} i centubinei» Μ And his » concubine called Reumah , fliee 

i oftentimes taken \ bare alfo Tebah , and Gahan , and Thahaih , and 
I j" '"i» £<όΊ pa" ! Maachah. 

ior thole women I 

*7hich were infe-j C Η A P. X X II I. (' 

; ttOU te the Wwes.i » Aifttim IminiMh the ifMh of Sarji. 4. Htf tuyeth Λ firldta j 
liutyker.oflhemtitet. I $ T*< f j«itff ff/^ir.ltijm. It S*'\ 

17 f So the fielde of Ephron which was in 
Machpelah , and ouer againft Mamre, men the' 
field and the caue that was therein, and all the! 
trees that were in the field , which were in all the 
borders round about , was made fure . 

1 8 Vnto Abraham for a pofleffion, in the fight | d Oi, liiiimi 
of the Hittites , euen of all that |i went in at the j 

gates of his city. i ' 

19 And after this , Abraham buried Sarah his ; 
wife in the caue of the fielde of Machpelah ouer; 
againft Mamre ; the fame is Hebron inthelandl 
of Canaan. 

20 Thus the field, and the caue that is therein J f That ft, aH the 
was made fure vnto Abraham for a poflelTion ofi people confiimtii 
buriallf by the Hittites. { 


t AhtaJi» cdufett tis ferutfil to farnfre to tiU( a m'lfe fo\ 

> /ii^t-fOiw «»«{ hi""*• *» Tti firii,{nt (rxyelh to God:' 

■ - ~ -' - JJ «^i 

the fait, 

^brahamsifervant taiketh 

f Elr. 

a which ceremoni : 
«leclircd the | 

fituants obediencf 
fowaids his 
flers power oitec ; 
the fem»nt. 
an oathe may be 
teqiiircd in a law-^ 
fnil caafe. 
c Hee wouU not 
that his fonne 
flioiJi manic oiit 
cfthe godly fami- 
Jy : for the infon- 
oeniences that 
come by marrying > 
with thevngodlyj 
are fet in 
foiidry places o£ 
the Scriptnres. 
d Leaf} hee (hoolj 
lofe the inhiri- 
«ancepromifed. \ 
* CtJip. ix-y.i)• i 

. 13. IS. mi 15.18 

^^J Xi.i,. 

* pt MtfifelMO 
OrJSfri-t tfthc 
ttfofloedt : to wt 
«fTypii ΛίκΙ 

« That is, to Char• 


f EiY. f lew, 

their kfett. 

ί He gtoandetk hi'S 

prayer vpon Gods I 
sromifc made to 
his mailer. 1 

* Or, iMife mti t» i 

g The (fcraint mo-r 
tied by Gods fpiiit 
defired to be ami- ' 
i«d by a (igne, 
iwheihei God | 
profpeted his 
ioucney 01 ne 

li God giiieth 
good'-icceiFe to 
all things that are • 
vndettaken for the 1 
glory of his namei 
and according to ] 
his word. 
J Hire is declartJ 
that God euer he*» 
Kth the prayers of 
bis , and grantetb '■ 
theii le^ueas. ί 

33 hufiiAiiiettm^rikunuflr/. iaThtfrindiofRrlekjh 
rommil thi mMt/ntOti- $3 ^^>'y •"'« h/rconfext , Atiijh; 
Λ» ratis. ^ 

NOw Abraham was old.ii^'t ftriken iiiyeeres, 
& tlieLord had blellcdAbraham in al things, 

2 Therefore Abraham faid rnto his eldeft ier- 
iMiit of his houfe, which had the rule ouer all that 
he had.*3 Put now thine hand vnder my thigh, 

3 And I will make thee b fwearc by the Lord 
God of the heaiien , and God of the earth , that 
thou flialt not take a wife vnto my fonne of the 
daughters of ;y Canaanites among whom I dwell: 

4 But thou llialt go vnto rny c countrj• , and 
to my kinred,'5c take a wife vnto my fonnelEh.f<. 

f And the feruant fn^-d to him , what if the 
woman w^^il nor come with mee to this land? flial 
I bring thy fon again vnto tlie land from whence 
thou rameft? 

6 To wliom Abraham anfwered , Beware that 
thou bring not my fonne d thither againe. 

7 f Tlie Lord God of heauen, who took me 
from my fathers Iioufe , and from the land where 
I was borne , and that fpake vnto mee , and that 
fware vnto mc,faying,*Vnto thy ieede will I giue 
this laud, he iliall fend his Angel before thee, and 
thou iliak take a wife vnto my fonne fro tlience. 

8 Neuerthelefle if tiie woman will not follow 
thee.then flialt thou be t difcharged of this mine 
oathe : onely brin» not my fonne tliither againe. 

9 Then tlitf kruant put his hand vnder the 
thigh of Abraliam his mafter , and fware to him 
for this matter. 

10 f So the feruant tooke tenne camels of 
the camels of his mafter , and departed : (for lie 
ha,d all his mailers goodes in his hand ;) aniio 
hee aroie , and want to * Aram Naharaim , vnto 
the* citieof Nahor. 

1 1 And he made liis camels totue down without 
the citie by a wel of water , at euentide about the 
time that the vv omen comzowt 10 axKwuvAter. 
12 And lie faid,0 fLord God of my mailer A- 
braham.I befeech thee.+fend me good fpeed tliis 
day, and (hew mercy vnto my mailer Abraham. 

15 Loe , I (land by the wel of water whiles 
the mens daughters of this citie come out to 
drawe water. 

14 S Grant therefore that the maid , to whom 
I fay: Rowe downe thy pitcher,! pray thee,that I 
may drinke : if fhee f^ , Drinke , and I will gine 
thy camels drinke alio : maybefliee that triou 
haft ordained for thy feruant Izhak , and there- 
by ilw'l I know that thou Ijaft iliewed mercie on 
my mafter. 

ly f And now yer he had left fpeaking , be- 
hold , •> Rebekah came out , the daughter of Be- 
thuel , fonne of Milcah the wife of Nahor Abra- 
hams brorher.and her Pitcher vpon her ihoulder. 

16 (And the maide was verie faire to looke 
vpon , a virgine and vnknowen of man) andihoe 
Ϊ went downe to tlie well , and filled her pitciicr 
andcxme vp. 

1 7 Then tlie feruant ranne to meete Iier , and 
faide, Let me drinke, I pray thee , a litle water of 
ihj pitcher. 

1 8 And /he faid, Drinke t fir : apd Ihe hafted, 
and let downe lier pitcher vpon lier hand ahd 
gaue him drinke. 

rp And when flie had giuen him drinke , fliee 
iaid , I will drawe water for thy camels alfo vmiil'. 

Chap. %^\\\\. t>gitliRera^his fidelitiiT^ 

- 'I Pi-ay thee .Is there roume in thy fathers : li^^uM^i^l, 
)Uie for vs to lodge ;n? ; ,iiy «hen they ap. 

i they t haue drtmken inough. ■; Eirt„<'mUi 

j 20 And fiveepowred out her pitcher into the Γ '^^' "■''''•"■ 
> trough fpedily ,and rannc againe vnto the well "^' 
to draw water , and Iht drew 'for all his c.-rniels. 

2 1 So tlie man wondrcd at her , and lielde his 
peace, to knqwe whether the Lordc had made his-' 
iourncy profperous or not. 

22 And when the camels had left drinkin»,' 

, the man tooke a golden || ^ abillement of l hafel» - 

a y/jf^f//weight,an<l two brafdets for her liands,!!, God'pe't^uied 
i often ihekels weight of golde: , many things both 

2•{ And he faid , whole daughter art thon? tell '." 'Π""•' * '"'"' 
, I pray thee , Is ther 

24Then flie faid rohim.I am the dauo-hter ofBe-'F'"»''•* 
, thuel § fon of Milcah whom Ihe bare vnto Kahor. Γτ\'"''"ί1"'ίΓ"" 
, 2y Moreouer Hie faid vnro him.Wc haue litter^ti 'Ale meant' 
alfoSc prouend*ynough,& roume to lodge in. j and r.m tkato£ 

26 And the man bowed himfelfe and wor-,^"*'• 
fliipped the Lord, 

27- And faid . Bleifed be the Lorde God of my 
mafter Abraham , which harh not withdrawne his I 

■ mercie «a and his trueth from my mailer : /erllJ'p,'^" ''"^** 
when I was in the way , the Lord brought me to λΖ<: "JL• !hl' 
n'.y mafters brethren? houfe, ^wiciiedi but ac- 

28 And the maide ranne and tolde them ofi''"Tj't^i'^'''« 

■ her mothers houfe according to thefe wordcs. ; ^erclrdii «^'h 

2i) f Now Rebekah had a brother called La- Ι"-' maiiet m ιΛ- 
ban, and Labau raiine vnto the man to the well, j t^$ pro-Tjl*. 
30 For when he had feene the e.-rings and thei 
: bracelets in his fifters handstand when hee heard' 
, the wordes of Rebekah his fifter , faying , Thus ^ 

I faid the man vnto me , then he went to the man/ fl| 

' and loe, » he ftoode by the camels at the well. [ „ Fcr hteTiitei 
i .^i And he faide, Come in thou blefled of the on Gods hand, 
I Lord ; wherefore ftandeft thou v^ithout , feeino- 1 «'«> ^sil now 
i haue prepai-edthe houfe,8croume for the camel's?: „ το W ut"; 
I 5 2 f Then the man came into the houfe , and ρ The scwJe w~~ 
° he vnfadled the ρ camels and brought litter and «'«'"Wnt of 

■ proiiender for the camels , and water to wadi his, ,1ion^"i' '''lu' 
I feete , and the mens feetc that were with him. f" hefs! " ^° ^ 

\ ίί Afterward the meate wa? fet before him• q The fideliue 
i but he fayde, I q will not eate, vntill I haue favde '""ί. ^"'""" ""^ 
'■ my meflage. And he faid : Speake oh. ' ^ "h*th ιΓ™":* 

t 54 Then he laid , I am Abrahams feruant, • ptefene their ma- 
! jy And the Lord hath t bleifed my mafter ««sbufineirew ^ 
' wonderfullj- , that hee is become great : for hee '^" *"*"' "*''■' 
j hath giuen him Iheep, and beeues, and filucr.and r Tobiide, %ηι;;- 
golde, and men feruants,and maide feruants.andj e* here to en- 
camels, and afTes. j '^''''. «^ "«"ft 

36 And Sarah my mafters wife harh borne a' Γΐ*"'"";^ 
fonne to my maftei', when Ihe was olde, and vnto vetfe dedarcth. 
him hath hee giuen all that hee hath. f The canaanite; 

, 37 No^y my mafter made me f»veare . faying. ^Χ:^'Ά 
inou Inait not t.ikea wife to my fonne of tnti conldnotioyne 
daughters of ;yl"Canaanites,in whole land I dwell:: with them in ntar- 

3S But thou ilialt go vnto niv ' fathers houfe "^S«• . 
and to my kinred.and take a wif'e vir.o my fonne. L^'kin^ks! ' 

3 9 Then I faid vnto my mafter , What if the verfe 40. 
woman will not follow me ? * j ' 

, 40 who anfwered mee.Tiie Lord.before whom' 
I walke, will fend his Angell with thee, and pro- . i 

fper thy iourney , and thou il-alr take a wife for' j 

my fonne of my kinred and niy fathers houfe. Γ 

41 Then fl^.alt thou be diichargedof "minel « whithbym'iie I 
oathe, v/hen iliou commeft to my kinred : and if »-|='»'>""« It'"*^ 
they giue thee not one , thou fl:alt be free from' '"*"""*• { 
mine oathe. j ί 

42 So I came this day to the W2l!,and faid, Oi ί 

β Lord,' I 

^ ,_ j. 

• Or, If. If. 


Genef s. 

tord.the God of myrrafter Abraham, if thou 
iiow proiper my + ioiiraey which I goe. 
45 Heboid, * i ftand by the vvel of water when 
virginc commeth focriii to diavvc water , and I 
fay to her , Giue me , I pray thee , aiitle water of 
thy pitcher to driiike, 

44 And fhee fay to rne, Drinke thou, and I wiil 
alfo drawe for thy camels , let Iier be the wife, 
wliicii t!ie Lord l:ath + prepared for thy mafters 

45r And before I hade made an end cf fpeakin» 
in mine " heart , beholdc , Rebckah came fortii 
at\d lier pitciier onberihodder ,andihce went 
downe to the well , and drewe water. Then I 
faid vnto faer.GJne me drinke, I pray thee. 

46 And ihc m.idi hafte, and tooke downe her 
pitcher from he: fh-eu/der, and faid, Drinke, and I 
will giue thy camels drinke a!f4 So I dranke.and 
ihe gaiie the camels driiske a'fo. 

47 Then I asked her.and faid , Whofe dai'gh- 
ter art thou ? And ihe anlwered. The dai^gbcer of 
Bethuel Nahovs fonne .whom Milcah bare vnto 
him. Then I put the abillement vpon Iier face, 
and the bracelets vpon her hands: 

, Β ι t. J 48 Ϊ And I bowed downe and woril-iipi-)ed the 
?s o*r ;ί.χ'=, "^ Lord.and biefied die Loid God of my mafter Α- 
Ι braliam.which had brought me the t ngbt wiy to 
1 take my tnafters brothers daughter vnto his fonn. 
49 Now :herefure,if ve will dtaie τ merciful- 
ly and truei;; with my mafter , tell me : and it not, 
tell mc,tha: I may turne me to the a rght hand or 

this 1 river was 
not fpoiitn by the 
month, but or.ely 
jncditiie iiihis 

to Izbak. Abraham dtetHl 

•when we hane le- 

«e.'ired any bcne- 

3Kte of the Loid. 

•f H,;r. //I (if ».<; 


1 Ifyoiiwillfviel• 

and fiitlifiiUy g:ii< '^^ j|jg [^fj. 

|; you|<Uu{ 

is, that 

50 Then anfwered Laban and Bethuel , and 

rode vpon the camels, and followed rhe man, and 
the feniant.tooke Rebekah and depai ted. | 

62 Now Izhak cair.c from the way of * r.eer- [•■ ctjf. ,i i+. β»ί 
lalioi-roi, (for he dwelt in the South counirey.) M*"• 

6i And khak went out to» r.ray in d.e field L^^'^ra^.^; 
toward the euening: who hit vp his eies and Ioo-Sathets,to n-.tditate 
Red , and behold, the camels came. jcodspiomiies, 

64 Alfo Rebekah lift vp her ties , and when P^^'^^/^r;'];/" 
flie law lahak , te lighted down from the camel. LeiuthlTwf.TSe 

6y (For lliee had faid to the rcri:ant,\vhoiski;fionie was that 
vender man , that commeth in the held to meeteP'^•^"'* "" 

"vs ; and the feruant hadfaid, Itis rny mailer)Sofctd7he",eM 
ihe tooke ί a vaiie.and couered her. ibeing coi'ered, ja 

66 And the feruant tolde Izhak all thinoes thati'^lien oi 6,ame- 
lie had done. " j f.aWs and cha- 

67 Afterward Izhak brought her into the tent.L or. ω ιφ 
cf Sajah hi.s mother , and he tooke Rebekah .and!" <"<"«'^5/»r ΙΛ 
fl'.e was his wife, and he loucd her : So iJuk was '^'''^" 
comforted after his mothers death. 


I Ah^iMit t.ikfth Kftur.ih to mfr . pnd gcttftl•» clihhfH. 
gMjU^i, of Ifimatl. 2i TieiirthtfhiikiiMdf-fM. 

Vi Ow Abraham had taken » him another wife 
•*•^ called Keturah. 

2 vvhich bare him Zimran , and , and 
Wedan.andMidian.and Llibak, and Shuah. 

3 And lokihan•, begate Sheba , and Dedan: 
* And the fonnes ofDedanwere Aflhurim. , and 
J-eniiltirn, and 

A Alfo the fonnes of Midian ^ferc Ephah, and 
Epher . and Hanoch .and Abida , and Eldah , all 
thefe were the fonnes of Ketiuah. 

1 faid, b This thing is proceeded of the Lord ; wee \ 5 f And Abraham gaueta'l his goods to Izhak. 
I miyproitidceli^ I ^g^not therefore lay vnto thee, «f/i^ireu ill nor ij 6 But vnto the I' Ibnnes of the "= concubines, 

a Whfles 5«Λ 
was yet tlii-.c. 

Ii So foene as tlic^f 
jeictiic that It Is ί 
«Gods oxdiiiance \ 
tliryyeelde. 1 

•f Or, .It thj Com- I 

■^QttCtiiilui I 


f I BehoIde.Rebckali w t before thee, take her 
and goe.that flic may be thy mailers fonnes wife, 
■euen as the Lord hach t faid. 

<fZ And. when Abrahams feruant heard their 
ivordcs, hei)GWed himfeife tovvaid the eartii vi:io 
the Lord. 

5-3 Tlien the feruant tooke forth icwels. of 
1 fihier.and iewels of golde.and raiment, and gaj7C 
to Rebekah.-alib vnto her brcihcr and to her mo- 
itlier he gaue gifts. 

5-4 Arterward they did eate & drinke, both he, 
and the n^eii that were with him , and taried a!! 

fciit them awav from Izhak his fonne '{white liee;}!eVhjduo' Tj^Ij 

•yet liued) Eaftward in the Eafl conntrey. | nhsi.biitbesate 

ofAbrahams life, vvhich I " i"i , ' 

*-9>φ S*.2M< 

^ £in•. <l!ff»A •'"' 

7 And this is the age 

:c 1 iued, an hundreth feuentie End fiue yeeres. i^^^ 

\ 8 Then Abraham ycelded the fpirite,and died d loavoydttfit . 

i in a good age , an olde, and cf great veeres, 'diireniicn ihat^is 

iat^w^^^atheredtohis people. ' _&^ΤΓ^ 

9" And nis lonncs Izhak and Ifiimael buried [httitjge, 

hinj in the caye of Machpejah , in the field of E-je Heicby the ancj- 

phron fctine of Zobar the Hiititc, before Marore. ί*"" t^'^f'^t ^^■ 

10 Which ^- field Abraham bought of theiS!,'^ ^ "-^"' 

night, and v/hen they rofe ν ρ in the morning , he 
,_ faid, * Let mc depart vnio η y m-afler, 

%<y Then her brother and her miCther anfwe- 
red, Let the maide abide with vs, at the leaft t ten 
dayos ; then fnall /he goe. 

<j6 But he faid vnto thcm.Hinder you me nnr, 
feeing the Lord hath profpercd my ioi-rney; fetid ■ tian Sarahs h-nndmaide bare vnto Abraham. 

that parents haiie 
not aut^otitielβ 
id.en without con- 
ientofthe patties 
4 είτ. in mo«t*. 
<l Thst is,l*t it be I 
■virtorioiis otici his { 
<*n<ni es : winch 
*le,toRi3 fully 

that I may goe to ray maitc 
57 Then they faid.We will call the maide, and 
aske ' her conlent. 

J 8 And they called Rebekah , and fayd vnto 
her : Wilt thou goe withthis man ? And iliee an- 
Cvvered , I will g'je. 

5• j> So they let Rebekah their fifter goe , and 

her nourfe,with Abiah.ims. feruant and his. men. 

60 And they bl-Hed Rebekah , and fayde 

mo her , Thou art our fiiier , growe into thou- 

fand thoufands , and thy fcede poflcfle the ^ gate 

t>f his enemies.. 


— jd not wholly, 

Hittitcs , v^ere Abraliam wafc buried with Ssrah but as «hS fouies j 

his. wife. |of the godly lit«i | 

blelled Izhak his fonne , * and Izhak dwelt by icf the wicked in ' 
Eeer-laihai-roi. pepetttall i»aijie. 

12 C Now thefe are the gcneraiions oflfli- 
mael Abraliams fonne , whom Kagar rhe Egyp. 

15 And thefe are the names of the fonnes of 
Iffcn-.ael , name by nanje, according to their kin- 
reds: the + eldeft Ibnne of iflimael -vvr.i NebaiotWf ^^• /-/«•"»•.• 
riienKedar, .and Abdeel,and^fibfam. 

14 And Miihra.i, andDumah.and MaiTa. 
ly Kadar,& Tema,Ietur,Naphiih,.?i Kedemafi. ' 

1 6 Thefe are the fonnes of lilimael , and thefe 
«re their names , by their townes and by their ca- 
ft'es : to wit, twehie princes of their nations. f 

17 (Andthefe a^t. t.he yeei« of the life of Hh.;^ wHch-H^ei, 
mael , an-hundreth thirty and leuen yeeres , and.amons the.Ata- 
he veeldedypthe fpirit, and died,and was gathx-iibians.'and' 

t x.ii)»ii. i.l*. 

isd YOtu his.i'i)eop]e.} 

■iS And, 

fepatate ftoniilie 

Efau felleth Ws tiirthr^ht. 

r Ht m»incth tti 

rfweU among hii 
breihttnas the 
Aagtl from;fcd. 
Chap. i<. I». 

h Trtu» Is , widi 
child , feeing enc 
Uiall deilioy ano- 

i Fotthitijthe 
cnely refuge i» »I 
•» ««/«.». u. 


I f Of, Itmflf is- in- 
j m.tni, 
* fir. tfrtiifoH in 

t k The rcpiobare 
; C^ecme not Gods 
I, except ■ 

they leele Jicm 




*Hebr. 12. li. 

I Thus the wicked 

frefeite their , , , , 

wetldlycomntod:^ VntO laafCOb, 

lies to Godsip 


I S And they dwelt from Hauilah vnto Shur, 
that is towardes Egypt , as thou gocft to A ffhiir, 
Ipjmael t dvvdt 5 in the prefence «fall his bre- 

1 9 ί Liftewife thefc are the generations of Γ2- 
hak Abrahams fonne. Abraham begate lihak. 

20 And Izhak was fourtie yeeres old, when he 
toofce Rebclcah to wife , the daughter of Betfttiel 
riie * Aramjte of Padan Aram, and fiiler to Labaii 
the Ara-nite. 

2 r And IzhfiW prayed vnto the Lorde far his 
wife.becaule !h? was barren: and y Lord was in- 
treated of him. and Rebekali his wife conceiued. 

22 But the children * llrone together within 
her : therefore ihe fayd.Seeitigif is fo, why am I 
* thus ? wherefore Πκ wenti to aske the Lord. 

z^ And tlie Lord faid to her , Two nations nre 
in t!iy wonnbe , and two maner of people fluli be 
deiiided out of thy bowels , and the one people 
iliall be mightier tiien the other , and the ■*• elder 
iljali ferne tiie yonger. 

24 f Therefore when her time of deliuerance 
was fuliilled, behold.twinnes were in her womb. 

2y So lie tliat came out firll was red, and hee 

was al ouer as rough a* a garment, & they called 

his na-re Efaii. 

16 * And afterward cimc his brother out, and 

bis hand held EC.m by the heele .therefore his 

ijaxe was called laakob. Now IzhaV; was three- 
core yeeres old when Rebekah bare thera. 
27 And the boyes grewe.and Eiaw vvat a cun- 
ning Jmnter,and 1 lined in the fields ; but laakob 
wa; a t plaine raan,aud dwelt in tents. 

z'^ And Izhak loued Efa•] , for t venifon vvat 
his meate, but Rebekah loued laakob. 

29 Now laakob fod pottage , and Efau came 
from the field and was wcarie. 

30 Then Efauf^dto Taakob.t Let me eate.I 
pray thee, of tha: pattage fo red, for lam wcarie. 
Therefore was his name called Edora. 

.? I And laakob faid , Sell me euen now thy 

5 ζ And Efau faid ,Lo, I am almoft dead , what 
« then this birthright to mee? 

3 5 laakob then faid, Sweare to mc encn now. 
And' he fware to him , * and ' folde his birtliri<?ht 

ChapTpTX VI.; __J^J^ Abiinelechrn 

iiycomntoai-t '■"ΐ>^ ιβηνυυ, 

J Gods fr•"- j 34 Then laakob ga-ie Efaubread and pottage 
uiViVn of"' i °^^'^"'''2> '■ 3nd he did eate and drinke , and rofe 

eod doe [he 

a Im t}>e land of 

ρ . and want his way : So Efau contemned hit 
\ birtliright. 
j C Η A P. XXVI. 

his frtmi'e. 9 Tht Κιπζ bUmeth him for dtn\tn( his 
Wife. ,4 The Pliltfltin hate kim for hn riches. 
if Stop kii-Lvelii. li AnH'iaehun xwAy. », Goicom- 

Λ Nd there was a famine in the " land belides 
"**■ -he firft famine tliat was 

always watch. 
cth todiieil the 
wryes of his 

the d3^•es of A- 
braham . wheref jre Izhak went to Abimilech 
King of the Phi.iftims vnto Gear. 
2 For the Lord appcaied vnto him , and faid, 
b Godspre»idenc^ b Goe not downe into Egypt .<>«» abide in tlie 
•' land which I fhalHhcwthee. 
Γ 5 Dwell in this land , and I will be with thee, 
{ and will SIcHe tbee : for to thee, ai\d to thy fecde 
j I v.'ii! giue allthef ♦ countryes, and I will per- 
forme the oarhe which I Iware vntoAbraham thy 
j iither, 

4 Aiftf I will caufe thy feedi to multiply 4s the 

ftarresofhea»c«,andvvi!]giuc vnto thy feede all * ^^Ύ'^,ι-ύ- 
ihefe countryes : and in thy feed ihall all the na- \\''\t W''*'^ 
tions of the earthbe * blefled. « "He' 

j: Recaufe that Abraham c obeyed ιηγ voyce Abtahamj otcdi- 
& kept mine t ordinance , my commandlenicnts, VT{.\^'"f,\ 
n,yil:tutes,andt.ylawes. \^^.1ΤΙΧ,. 

6 1^ ί>ο Izhak dwelt in Gei-ar. " follow the like. 

7 And the men of tire place asked W;» of his '"'^«'Co'' »=''*,. 
Wife.and he layd. She is my lifler : ibr he feared ί'' Γ;"Γγ "ίΓα 
toiay,fte 1$ my Wife.lcft.pTii /;i,tliemcn of the'thc co.,mnia.ion 
place ihnuld kill me, becaufe of Rebekah, for ilie ■''«'«of F"''i 
was beutifuil to the eye. jof"""•' '*"" f»""- 

8 So after he had beene there loiig time, AM-:4'«V„, 4^ ,,,,>. 
melech King of the Philiilirris looked out at a d whc'.cby „«ii, 
wintlow , and !oe ,he faw Izhak d fportin,"• with!'''" *«"5 anUdif- 
Rebekah his wife. '^'Γ«"η^ΐΛωι 

9 Then Abimelcch called Izhak , and /a\d,ie or fl«wii,gft)me 
Loe , ih; is of a ftierty thy wife , and why favdft .i'^^dia fig-.-.e of 
thou.She is mv lifter? To whom Izhak anlWered. :^'""^7*'V''''' " 
Recaufe I thoughtiiw . It may be that I ll-.alldie iduf Ve „«Γ" ' 
for her. wife. 

10 Then Abimelcch fayd.Why haft thou done '^^ '" »" 'S" ^'» 
this vnto vs?one of the pecplc had almoft Ten by i^'/^^i^i'ven- 
'thy wife , fo liiouldcft thou haue brought ί finnc ;Etar.ce u.oiad' 

Vpon vs. I'g^f ^I'on »■«*- 

J t Then Abimelcch charged all his people,^'*' •""*"••■ 
ftyin»,Hc that touclicth this man.orhis wifejlwlli 
die the death, 1 ' , 

1 2 Afterward Izhak fowed in that land , anJj ^ Or « butJrrfi ' 
found in the fame veere ant liundreth foldc by!rT,My-^r,i. * ! 
eftimition : and fo the Lord bleiled him. It i^ krrm,t 

13 And the man wa.v,cd miglitify, and t ftiliu- /""'ί!!"'ί*'"' 
creafed. till he was exceeding great. f<(re,f,^^, φ 

14 For he had flocks.of iheepe, and hcards of i 
cattle , and a mighty houihould ; therefore the 
Philiftims ζ enaie at him, , ^^ ,^ύΜαχί 

I f Infomuch that the Philiftims ftopped , and |1„„y aiwaye< the 
filled vp with earth all the wells, which his fathers igi^^e« of codia 
feruanti digged in his father Abrahams time. ;°*"*• 

16 Then Abitnelech faid vnto Izhak, Get i j 

thee from vs , for tliou art mightier then wee 4 ■ 
great deaie. 

J 7T Therefore Izhak departed tlience ?c pitched j | 

his tent in the l> valley of Gerar , and dwelt there. * "^^ i*•*" j 

J 8 And Izhak returning, digged the welles of I μ'^"^"'^?^'^'*' 
water, which they had digged in the dayes of A-' where water »« 
br.ihamhis father .for the Philiftims had ftopped »"y «une wanttk^ 
them after the death of Abraham . and he gaac 
them the fame iiames.that his father gaiie them. : 

19 Izhaks feruants then digged in the vallcyj i 

and found there a well eft liuing water. \^o^'ft'i'lH' i 

20 But the herdmen of Gerar did ftriue with! i 
Izhaks herdmcn.faying.The water is ours,there- i \ 
fore called he f n.imeofthe wcii*• iiftk, becaufe j» cv. «πίβηΛΛ 
they were at firife with him. j/hi/<.' 

2 1 Afterward they digged another well , andj 
ftroiie for that alio , .in<ll he called the name of it j 

22 Then he remooued thence,8: digged ano- 
»^her well , for which they ftrouc not : tlKn^fore 
called he the name of it t Rehoboth, and faid, Be- 
caufe the Lord haih now made vs roome,v/e Ihau 
increafe vnon the c*th. 

23 So lie went vp thence to Becr-flieba 

24 And the Lord appeared vnto him the fame 
night .and fayd , I am the God i of Alualiam thy 
fatherrfeare not.l'or I am with thee,and will bleflc 
thee , antl multiply thy fcede for my icriiaiit A- 
braliaras f^ke, 

Β a 1]^ Thet 


t O' '"Irti/Jp, 

ί God iflatrli Ii. 
hil again•» Jl 
feaie, oyiehearfieg 
the ptonaife mait 

Efau is fent for veyhiTon. 


ι To njnific tliac 
i!ice would feme 

ioione o'Jier God, 
but •''.c eodof 
his fathccAbtt- 

. 2f Tlien he built an* altar there .and called ; before his death. 

φοη the Name of the Lord, and there fpred his ; n But laakob faide to Rebekah his mother; 

IzbakblefTeihlaakor^ ^ 

cent: where alfo Izhaks feruants di^^ed a well. 

2(5 f Then came Abimelech tohim from Gc- 
rar , and Ahuzzath one of his friends, and Phichol 
the-captaine of his armie. 

2 7 Towhome Izhakfaid, wherefore come ye 
fo me, feeing ye hate me and haue put mee away 
from you? 

28 who atifwered , Wee fawe certainely that 
the Lorde was with thee . and wee thought thus. 
Let there be now an oathe betvveenc vs , euen re- 
tweene vs and thee , and let vs make a vouenant 
with thee. 

29 1 If thon flialt do vs no hurt, as we haue not 
touched thee, and as we haue done vnto thee no- 

Beholde , Efau my brother ii rough , and I am 

1 2 My fatiier may poffibly feeie me.and I Hiall ^ 

feeme t to him to be a * mocker;fo ihall I bring a J^_.^'• *■■/'"■'**" 
curie vpon me.and not a bleffing. » or, μ aeugh t 

15 But his mother faid vnto him, * « Vpon me'»»"'•' *•"ί•"! 
be thy curfe,my fonne.-onely heare my voyce,and {^'"^^ , ^ 

go and brin<i me them. 

the d^agf^ 


iThe rbrewesin 


ifT^'d'vHaeinajidjthing but good, &: lent thee away in peace: ihou 

the xcft, that is^_ How.the blelled of tiie Lotd,deThit. 

that God iliall 

pimiiVi him tliat 

brealcih the oath 

here the wicked 

fl.ew that they ate 

a&aid leaft that 

come to them 

which tl-.ey vvoitld 

^0 10 other 


14 So he went and fet thetn.and brought theme xhc aiiiitance <rf 
to his mother: & his mother made pleafant meat, ,^οΦ^Ί««« made 
fuch as his fadier loucd. 


* Ct,iii. 57+i• 
t alMfthiUmt 

I y And Rebekah tooke faire cloathes of her 
elder fonne Efau , w iiich were in her houfe , and 
doathed laakob her yonger fonne: 

16 And ihe couered his hands and the fmooth 
.. of his nccke with the skinnes of the kiddes ofihe 

30 Then he made them a fcall , and they did 1 goates. j 
eate and drinke, 17 -A ftervvaid flie put the pleafant meate and 

31 And they rofe vp betimes in the m.orning, bread.whichihe had prcpared,inthehandofher 
and fware one to another : then Izhak let them fonne laakob. I 
go, and they departed from him in peace. 18 f And when he came to his father ,hefa!d«| 

52 And that fame day Izliaks feruants came My ftther. Whoanfwered ,1 am heere : who arc. 
and told him of a weil.which they had digged, & j thou, my fonne? j 

iaid vnto him, we haue found water. 19 And laakob faide to his father, d lam Ε-ί^ Althoiifhraa- 

Hi So he called it -"Shibahctherefore the name! fau thy firft borne , I h.iue done as thou badeft!,],;^^^'^/"'^'^*''-?! 
of the citie is called * Bcer-lh.eba vnto this day. j me.anfe.I pray thee : fit vp and cate of my veni- faith .• yetheedi*! 

34 f Now when Efau was fourtie yeere olde, ; fon,that thy ioule may blelle me. emU to feelte it b^ 

he tooke to wife ludith, the daughter of Beeri an 20 Then Izhak faid viuo his fonne , How ha^ F *''Tlit%"° h ' 
Hittite . and Balhemath the daughter of Elonrni I thou fouude it fo cjuickly my fonne ? Who faid,lcoasnimt±Ki ' 
Hittite affa. ! Becaufe the Lord thy God brought it to mine|vnte, 

35- Andthey * weretagrlefeofmindetolz-! hand, 
hak and to Rebekah. I ^^ Againe faide Izhak vnto laakob , Comi 

CHAP XXVII. ί ",'^'^''c/iow, that I may feelethee,my fonne, whe. 

S laekoi gttteih iht W/jiw? fycmEJAU b] ha mcthen ctun 

ί flr.iwM. 


β The cam all 
tare to liis fonii 
ir.adc him foiget 
i.iliat God 
ftake to his wife, 

fell. 39 Έίη» iywetpo-t. mcoueth hti Jather tt t"}\ 

him. 41 £fatt hatdb iaakni *>nl thitMHCih hi> death. 

43 Retek»hffKdtth iTukebav/t^. f 

ANd when Izhak was olde, and his eyes wera. 
dimme (fo that he could not fee) hee calleci 
Efau his eldeft fonne , and faide vnto him , My 
fonne. And he anfwered him.t I am liere. 

2 Then he faid , Behold , I am now olde , ani^ 
know not the day of my death. 

3 . Wherefore now , I pray thee take thine '\n~ 

neere now, tnat 1 may reeie tnee,my ion 
,! ther thoube that my- fonne Efaujor not. .^ 

22 Then laak ob came neere to Izhak his fa- 
ther,and he felt him,& faj-d, The β voyce ύ laa- 
kobs voyce.butthe handsVre the hands of Efau. « ThisdccljreiJj 

23 (Forheknewhimnor. becaiife his handes i,„, .^.[J'^^ 
were rough as his brother Efaus hands : where- cod would W 
foreheblefledhim.) haue his deac» 

24 Againe hee fayd , Art thou that my fonne 'J'"'^: 
Efau ? Who anfwered. t Yea. * ^^'• ' '''' 

2y Then faid he,Bring it me hither.and I will 
eate of my fonnes venilon , that niyfoulemay 

ftruments .thyquiuer and thy bowe, and get thcof blcilethee. And he brought it to him,and he ate: 

to the field , that thou mayeft t take mee icn:e| alfo hee brought him wine , and hee dranke, 

' venifon. ' i z6 Afterward his father Izhak fayd vntq hinjj 

4 Thenmakemee fauourie meate, fuchasl Come neere now, and fonne. 
U af- loue, and bring it me that I may eate. and tliat my j 2j And hee came neere and killed him. Then 
ichhee ^ fpnie may blelli; thee, before I die. * he fmelled the fauour of his garments and bleflecli 

5 (Now Rebekah heard, when Izhak fpake him, and fayd , Behold, the f:i:ell of my fonne /λ 
to Efau his fonne)and Efau went in to the ueld to ( a» f fmcll of a Held,which the Lord hath blelTed.j 
hunt for vcnifon.and to bring it. \ 28 "" God »iue thee therefore of thedeweofl'^'fiiir.Ji.-Mt 

6 f Then Rebekah fpake vnto laakob her heatien.andofthe fatneflcof theearth,andplcn-| 
fonne , faying, Beholde, I haue heard thy father tie ofwheateandwine. ! 
talking with Efau thy brother .faying, j 29 Let people be thy feruants . and nations I 

7 Bring mee venifon . and make mee fauourie j bow vnto thee ; be Lord ouer thy brethren, and 
meate, that I may eate and blefle thee before the 1 let thy mothers childre honour thee; curfedie )ιά 

, Lord.afore my death. I that curfeth thee.andblefled^f hejhleifsth thee^s 

8 Now therefore, my foime , heare my voyee I 30 f And when Izhak had made an ende of! 
'. in that which I commandthee. bleffing laakob , and laakob was fcarce gone out ; 

frThisftibtiltieis j j, b Get thee now to the fiocke.and bring me from the prefence of Izhak his father, then came' 

cauft'D^lotlid thence two good kids of the goates , that I mav' Efau his brother from hunting. 
haue tamed till make pleafant meate of them for thy father , fucn 
God had petfoi- \ as lie loueth. 

aicdluspromiie. j q xhe^ t},oi, ^^^\i {,γ,•,,^ \i ^q tj^y fj^iier , and 
hee fiiall eate. to the intent thitc he may bleue thee 

3 1 And hee alfo prepared fauourie meate.and' 
brought it to his father.and fayd vnto his father»' 
Let my father arife.and eat of his fonjies venifon, 
that thy foiik may bleue mai 

■ 32 BM 

bfau tlirea neth laakob• 

f Inptrteiiiing 
his ap- 
pointing his heite 
sgainft Godsfen- 

J tn the Chip. i> 
hee WJS fo cillid, 
his brothcibf the 
heele, as though hi 
Λ¥θΐιΐί oaetthrow 
him: and thcfcfon 
he ishtcre called 
an oiieahtewet, 
or deceiner. 
h for Iihaltdid 
this as he was the 
miniftet and Pro 
phet of Cod. 
II Or. f -.m-iyo 
*Hiir. «Ϊ '7• 


J B^litfe thirt 
round akoiit^thce . 
i WhicJTwa! £al- 
ritie the Idiime- 
ins :,>«ho weie 
nibtftafies foi a 

j time to Iftael, andi 
aftcccante to li- 

! Hypocrites one- 
Jyab Heine ftom 
' ,iioiiig ciiUlfoc 

J feate of men. 

I m He hath good 
hope lorecouct 
his birthright by 

j{i But his father Izhak faydc vnto him , Who 
art'dioii ? And he anfwgretl, I am thy fonne , euen 
thy ^irβ borne Elan. 

35 Then Izhak was f ftricken with a mariiei- 
loiis great feare.and fayd , who and where « liee 
that hunted venifon , and brought it mee , and I 
haue eate i) of a'l before thou camcft ? and I iiaue 
blcfled him, therefore he flulbe blelfed. 

54 when Elan heard the wordes of his father, 
he cryed out with a great crye and bitter . out of 
meafure, and fayd vnto his fathcr.Blefle me , eucn 
me alfo.rny fariier. 

5 J Who anfwered , Thy brother came with 
fnbtiltie.and hath tak.en away thy bleffing. 

36 Then hee fayde , Was hee not iultly called 
i laakob ? for hee hath decerned mee thefe two 
times : he tooke my birthright, and iocnow hath 
he taken my bleflfiag. Alfo he layd , Haft thou not 
referued a bleffing for me? 

?7 Then Izha'c anfwered.and fayd vnto Efaa, 
Beholde , I haue made him'* thy iorde , and ail his 
brethren haue I made his feru'ntsralfo with wheat 
and wine hjiie I furnilhed hl.n , & vnto thee now 
w=hat lliall I fonne J 

5 8 Then Efau fayde vnto his father. Haft thou 
but one bleiliug . ray father ? blelle mee , || euen 
me alfo, my fatner ; and Efau lifted vp his voyce, 
and * wept. 

59 Then Izhak his father snfwered, and fayd 
vnto him, Beholde ,the fatneflt; of the earth iLal be 
\ thy dwelling place, and thoupjolt haue of the dewe 
; of heauen from aboue. 

< 40 Ani ' by thy fword (halt thou Hue , and 
jflialt be thy brothers k leruant. But it (hall come 
I to paife , when thou ihalt g^t the mafterie , that 
I tiioii Ihalt bieake his yoke from thy necke. 
] 41 f Therefore Eiau hated laakob.becaufe of 
I the bleifia» , wher^iih his father blelled him. 

2 Arife , * get' thee to * Padan Aram to the 
houfe of Bethuel thy mothirs father , and thence 
tike rlie η wife of the daughters of Laban thy 
mothers brother. 

«>/■'. 1 1-1», 


I Or.oln^fhiit: 

were pot in 

mind continnallyj 

that ihey were 
(hangers in 
ί world ; to thr 
:nt ihey OionM 

lift vf their eytt 

to ihe heaiicnt 
here they flioidl 

hiiie a fuie i\^ei- 


η For the wielted 
fonire will kill the 
jodly : and the 
j f lagtie of God wil 
laitetvvatd lighten 
'the wicked loKHt. 

ι ο which were 

Ilfaui wines. 
ρ Heveby iliee per- 
il f waded Izhak to a- 
'^'ee to laalobis 
ί departing. 

la Thisfecond 
bleffing was to laakobs 

Uhould thinke that 

Ihisfathethad giueu 
it w itlianc GoaS 

And Efau thought in his minde , * The dayes of 
mourning for my father will come ihortly , 1 then 
I will ilay my brother laakob. 

42 And it was tolde to Rebe!i.ah of the wOrds 
of Efau her elder foime , and fhee fenr and called 
laakob her yonger fonne,and fayd vnto him , Be- 
holde , thy brother Efau»" is comforted againft 
thee , meaning to kiil thee : 
, 45 Now therefore my fonne , heare my voice; 
arife, & flee thou to Haran to my brother Laban. 

44 And taiy with him a while vntiJI thy bro- 
thers fierceneilc be fwaged. 

45• And till thy brothers wrath turne away 
from thee, and hee forget the t'iin»es,which thou 
haft done to him ; then will I fencte and take thee 
flora thence : why (lioulde I be " dcpriued of you 
both in one day ? 

. 46 Alio Rebekah faid to Izhak , *I am weary 
of my life , for the » diughteis of Heth. If laakob 
take a wife of the daughters of Heth like thefe of 
the daughters of the lind , ρ what auaikth it mee 
to liue ? 


/^atfe'iiVAl!» Ίλλ^Ι• I' fk •> "--f' 'ftl^ CMMidt/t. 6 E. 

ml. I a i' liti tb^s '" H^rtaftetlnUUttrtiMi'gti 
h-jufM. 14. CiuJUtfTjmifil 

Τ Hen Izhak called laakob and • blefled him, 
and charged him,and fjide vnto hira,tal^e aot 
J wJfs^ef the daughters of Can-Mn, 

5 And God all || fnfficicnt Wefle thee ,. and 
yake thee to increafe , and miiltiplie thee , that 
thou mayeft be a multitude of people. 

4 And giiie thee the blelTing of Abrahatn, 
euen to thco and to thy feede wi;h thee, that then 
mayeft inherite the land (wherein thou art a 
^ ftranger.) which God gaue vnto Abraham. 

y Thus Izhik fent forth laakob , and he went 
to Padan Aram vnto Laban fonne of Bethuel the 
Araraite , brother to Rebekah , laakobs and Efaus 

6 f When Efau fawe that Izhak had bleifed 
laakob , and fent him to Padan Aram , to fet him 
a wife thence , and giuen him a charge when hee. 
bleded him , faying , Thou il^.alt nor take a wife of 
the daughters of Canaan. 

7 And that laikob had obeyed his father andi 
his mother , and was gone to Padan Aram : I 

8 Alfo Efau feeing that the daughters 6fCa-! 
naandifpleafed Izhak his father. 

9 Then went Efau to Iilimael,andtookeirvn-|ll°'-*'/*%'' 
to the wiues ft/fj/c/; /;i ^Λ^ , Mahalath thedaugh-j*'^^;^],. ^^ 
ter of e Khmael Abrahams fomie , the fitter of Na-j to banc lecoac;;, 
baioth , to be his wife. hrmfelfe to his fL 

ί ο f Now laakob departed from Beer-nwba.l *" > ^ ^ •" . 
andwenttoHaran. Γ««ϊ*«"*"^ 

ί I And he came vnto a eenaine place, and ta-^ «aafe of the eniU, 
ried there all night becaufe the funne was do\Vn J 
and tooke of the ftones of the place , and laid vn-| W 

dsr his head and llept in the fame place. ! 

J 1 1 Then he dreamed, and behold.there ftoodi f P"'" •' *« " 
a ''ladder vpon the earth, and the topofit reaJGodVJml^'lre 
died vp to heauen : and loe , the Angels of God; ioynei together.^ 
went vp and downe by it. j by whom the An J 

15 ■" And behold, the Lord ftood aboue it, and 6«is "><««« vntej 
faid , I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father. H, g^,';"v,uo vs!"^ 
and the God of Izhak : the land , vpon the which and %ve bvhim af- ' 
thou lleepeft, « will I giue thee aiad thy feede. «««d imo heauen» 

14 And thy feede ihallbeeas the duftofthe, *".φ.35... «> 
earth.and thou Ihalt fpread abroad * to the Weft,' ί He felt the fotc« 
and to the Eaft,and to tlie North,and to theSouth, of this pjomife 
and in diee and in thy feede fliall allthe * families' »",^ί>.''ν f"* = ("« 

'- ' ......•;. i all his life tim« 

was but a ftran- 


of the earth be blelled.' _ 

1 y And lo, I am with thee, and will keepe thee| get in this land 
whitherfoeuer thou goeft , and wil bring thee * ο^ίΐίΐο. * 
againe into this land : for I wil not forfake thee 
vntill I haue performed that, that I haue proraifcd 

16 ^ Then laakob awoke out of his fleepe 
and faid.jiurely theLord is in this»ii|ace,and I was 
not aware. 

17 And he was ^afraid ,andfaid,Howfearefuj;^"" ,, , 
is this place .' this is none other but the houfe of -"^dlJe'lt.nce 
God.and this is the gate of heauen. ^ to be a temem- 

1 8 Then laakob role vp earely in the mor- Fra«« «nely oT 
ning , and tooke the ftone that he had laid \ nder j^'],^/''•''" *'«** 
his head , and 2 fet it vpa}*d piiia r , and po wred 
oyle vpon the top of it. 

19 And hee called the name of that place 
β Beth-el : notwithftanfting ihe name of thee it ie 
was at the firit called Luz, 

zo Tlien laakob vowed a vowe , faying , If 
i» God will be witli me . and will keepe me m this f "?" ' -f&J^ 
10 tirney which I goe , and will giae mee bread to rroiicth to be ' 
eace , and cioath^fi to put on ; lih»aketai. 

Β 5 ζί So 



Or. U.ficrCoi, 
I He bindeih not 



imkohi vo we. laakob and Laban. 

Gei jefis» 


ο laakob* 


aTliat'ii, }iee Wen 
Jortlioii his iout. 

J ELr. to ihr Umi 

JbThtis hee was di 
«efled by the ojitly 
jpe:tidcncc of j 
•^od, who broujhif 
*im alfo to La- '; 
lkanihoiif«. i 

c It feenie A that 
dn thefc d.iyes the 
«nflojiie was to 
«all ««Μ fiian-, 

Λ Oi.he is is 
jeace ) by the 
which wofd the 

( OfcilififJIW. 

<ί That I!, tlif *a«( : 
spvliyhc dcpa:£€ii 
^u>m his fot]-.trs 
Sioi)fi>J!i<l what 
fce faw in the 

f Thatis.ofjny 


zl So that I come again? viiio Ky fathers houfc 
infafetie.then iliall tnt Lord Ic my God. 

2 ι And this ftone , wbic h I haue Tet vp a: ζ 
pilkr jflwU beGodslioule : andofalJ that thou 
ihaltgiueme , will I <>iue the teeth vnco thee, 


S3 fjJ^eS un:melh to LiUn utJ fenutt 'frn'X plltt fcrPjkt. 
i} U.ih l.rovghi to lii Minfl-idcfRahel. ij Ht fiiunh 
Jfittn yffvts ΤΛΟί for ϊϊ>ίίΐ'/. 31 Lfoh coricHt'.eth ttfiA Lejuth 

'V Hen laakob a lift vphisfeete £ad came into 
the t Ealt count rsy. 
α And as he looked about, behold, there was 
3 well ill the field, '^ and lo, three tJockes of iiieepej 
lay thereby (for at that well were the flocks wa- i 
teredj and there was a great ftonc vpon the wcls 
mouih. ] 

3 And thither were all the flockes gathered, : 
and they rolled the ftone from the wefles mouih.i 
and watered the fl'.eepe.nnd put the ftone againej 
vpon the welles mouth in his place. ί 

4 And laskob faiJe vnto them ,My 'brc-{ 
tbreiijWhence bee yee? And they anfwered.Wee! 
areofHaran. | 

f Then he faid into them , Knowyee Laban ; 
the ionneofNabor ? Who faid -Weknowhina.', 

6 Agiine he faii vnto them , d is he in good j 
health? And they anfwered, He ?'/ingoodhe«lth, 
and b?hokl. , his daughter Rahel canimeth with 
theflieepe. ! 

7 Then he faid , Lo./i L• yet hie day , neither j 
is it time that the cattcll ihould bee gathered to- 
gether : watcryc the Iheepe andgoteede them. 

i But theyfa-d. Wee may not , vntiil allthe 
flocbes be brought together, and tiil men roll the 
ftontfroin'the welki mouth, that we may water 
4hc ilieepe. 

9 f While he talTced witbthem , Rahel alfo I 
eanaewith her laths; s iheepe^forihekeptthera, j 

I ο And sTibone as laakob faweRahcl the ' 
daughter of Laban his mothers brother , and the 
;(liecpeofLaban his mothers bro-Jjer.thtn came 
3a.ikob ncere,& rolled the ftone I'rora the weJles 
imonth , and vvatered the fiockeoi Laban his mo- 
<hcrs brother. 

31 And laakob kiffe J Raliel , and lift vp his 
voyce and wepr. 

I ζ ( For laakob tolc'e Rahel,thathes w'asber 
fathers \\ brother, and that het w?s Rebekahs 
fonr!e)then flie ranne and loid her father.. 

13 And when Laban heard tell of laakob his 
ijihrs fonne .herannetomeetehim, and embra- 
ced him, andkiffedhirUjand'broiight liro ίο his 
bouic : «nd he told^ Laban « all thefe things. 

1 4 To whom Laban faid , Well, thou art my 
ibone and ray fleili , and hee abode with him the 
ipace of a moneth. 

I y f For Laban faid vnroIaiikob,Thougb thcu 
be my brother , il-iouldeft thou therefore fcrue 
pe for nought? tell me.what/M/yi-thy wages ? 

J 6 Now Laban had two d^iughttrs ^the elder 
called Leah.and the yorgtrcnl'ed Rahei. 

17 And Leah was |) tender eyed , but Rahel 
was beautiful! and fairi;. 

J ii And laakob loued Rahel,ai}d faid.T wilferue I 
thee feuc yeeres for Rahel thy yonger daughter. 

19 Then ^aban anfweEcd , Itis better that Γ 
giueher thee , then t/iat I il.:Ouid giij^ 1ι?Γ tO^OO» 


«vetc iccojrpji. 


\ Kir.ny dy:, 

The «life why 
Jaa.kab was decei- 

i.nas, thaiia 

oIq time the v^iit 

co.ic.ed wi,I, 

le , when flie 


10 And laakob fertieJ fetien yeercs for Rahel, 
snd they feemed vnto him but a g few dayts , be- 
caufe he loued her. 

2 I c Then laakob faid to Laban Giue wi my 
\?;fe,;y• I may go in roher,for mj ttei-rne is ended. 
X2 Wherefore Laban gathr rsd together all the 
men of the place, and made a fcaft.. 

2 3 But b when the euening wss com? ,he tooke 
Leah his d-sughter, and brought her to him ^ and 
he went in vnto her. 

ζ 4 And Laban gaue his maidZilpah to his 
daughter Leah , rr^i her feruanr. 

15 But when the morning was come, be'iold, 
it was Leah. Thin fai'd he to Laban, wherefore 
haft thou dore thus to me? did not I feriiethie 
forRahel? Wherefore th5 haft thou beguiled mc? 
z6 And Laban anfwered.Ic is not the i maner of 
this place, to giue the yongc r before the el ler. 

27 Fuliili fcuen yceres for herjand we wil alio 
giue thee this for the feruice .which thou lliaU 
lerue me yet feuenyeeres more. 

28 Then laakob did fo.and fulfilled her fcuen 
yeeres , fo he gaue him Rahel his daughter to be 
his wife. 

25 Laban alfo gaue to Rahel hisdatigtter, 
Bilhah his maide to be her feruant. ] 

3 ο So entred lie in to Rahel alfo,and loued aU| 
fo Rahel more then Leah , and ferueJ him yet fc- 
uen yeeres more- 

^ I ^ When xhi Lord faw y Leah was dcfpifed, ■*■ 

he t made her li fruitful!: but Rahel was barren.) ! Kf. o}n>n, 

5 2 And Leah conceiued and bare a fonne, and f °,"'' ' 
flie called his name Reuben: for flie faid.Kecaufe 
the 1 Lord hath looked vpsn my tribulation, now 
therefore mine husband will "> loue roe. 

33 And/lieconceiueagaineand bare afcnne, 
and faid , Becaufe the Lord heard that I was ha- 
ted , he hath therefore giuenmee uusfinne alfo, 
and /he called his name Sitnron. 

34 And ihe conceiued againe and bare a fonne, 
and faid. Now attiiis time will my liusbsnd keepe 


hef hiisba 

fig- e of chart,•, 
α IliamcfiiU- 

ntc tht prnfiti 

■hat he had of iaj. 

Kobsfeu-cc, then 

sjihei hispromife 


the coimny, 

though he al!<a, ' 

ged ciilioi.efes 

hu exciift. 

k This ieclaitth- 
that oft cimes'thty 
vhichaiedEtpi. ,. 
fcdofmeif, aie 

.«cuied of Goj. 
Hereby fppe6_ 

eth, that itAad 


mee company .becaufe I haue borne him three 
fonnes : therefore was his nameciliedLeui. 

3 J Moreouer fiie conceiued ?gaine and bare a 
fore (lie cail,;d his name ludahjand t left bearing, 


4.. 9 fjtfl and l,jh ΙΗ.ιζ ΙχΐίΙ•Μνι-κ,ιι•<!ΐ^ι 
kujhj7:d , mJ thri heut' lim clilinli. I j Liah 
to Rjh.l th.rt l^uk^Lniig^t lif xpithiivr iy 

ANd when Rahel faw that (h-b?.re laakob no 
cliildren.Rahei eniiied her ΓιΑεΓ,δί faid vnto 
laakob , Giue me children.or eh ! die. 

i Then laakobs anger was kinciletl againft 
Rahel, and he faid.Am liraGods ftead.whxhhath 
witholdenfrom rhee the fruit of the worabe? 

3 And fhe-faid. Behold my maide Biihah.g 
in ΓΟ her.and Ihe ftall beare vpon royt knees. and 
t I ihall haue children alfo by her. 

4 Then iliee gaue him Bilhah her maide 
Wfe , and laakob went in to her. 

y So Bilhah conceiued and bare laakob a fon. 

is Then faid Rahel.God havl) giuen fenten^-e on 
my fi !e,and ha'h r.UO iisard my vcyc?,& huh gi- 
uen nae a foritiieriiforecalirdflichis name Dan, 

7 An ί Bilhah Rahels maid conceiued again.;•, 
aadbare laakob th.- recond 'ο;•;πε 

af.iiaioB; ■ * 
η for chjlthi^)! 

arc 2 sreat eljife 
of muHiaU lone 

g, Tlivu !litJiel fajd;i WitJi t e^celienc wraft- 
: — — Miifil 

* Mm 1 -. 
t t:rft,odf» 

a It is oreiy Goi^ 
that «alieth bavica. 
a-,,d fr„itf„U,and 
therefore laniiK 
:n faiih. 

b ] i^ilrcceiiieliej;; 
chilli I'en on Jiry 
lap . a; t'lcitgh 
they •Λ ere mii.e. 


Tiie a 


IS nanirejp-. 
1 in that (iie 
nieth her 
fter 0,e 
c;iucd (htV 
of G<)d ioi 
beare cJiiW:e4» 

Isabel and Leah. 

Chap, X):Xi 

4 TIistis.Ged 
V/ith> mtiltimde 
ofchildten: fotfc 

aakob doeth ex- 
pound this mme 
Gld, Chap. +». ι 

e which is a kind 
of hetbe whole 
«iiti« likeneiVe of 
the figiat ofa luao 

\ Eir.l-jjini t 

|i r'n fc'd of ac- 
knowledging het 
i ia«lt, flic boafieth 
lasif Godiiadrc- 
■wjrdei hW Λ«ι«- 

gBeCanfe foutfnl 
ne;rc cjir.e e£ God 
blefsine, who UU 
leaK and mul• 
lijly: batienr 
Wis coajiwd a 


Β Ot , Jtl'b mf. 

h The order of na- 
ture reqniteth chat 
eiieiy one ptociide 
loihisovTiie fa- 

liJkobs f potted kmb es, t± 

ings Iiaue I vtff eftled with Wy fifter , & haue gotte 
the vpper hand : aiid ihe called his name.NaDhta!i. 
9 And when Leali faw that iK' had left bea- 
rmg , iliec tooke Zilpah her mayde, and gauc her 
"aakob to wife. 
Ϊ0 And Zilp^h Leahi maid bare laakob a fonne, 

1 1 Then faid Leah . d A company corametli : 
and ihs called his nama. Gad. 

12 A^aine Zilpali Leahs maid bare laakob 
another lonne. 

13 Then fayd Leah, Ah. bleffed am I, for the 
daughters will bleilc me, and fhee called his nade 
Aflier, ^ , 

14 f Now Reuben went in thedayes of the 
whcate harueft , and found * mandrakes in the 
field , and brought them vnto his mother Leah, 
Then fayd Rahel to Leah , Giiie me . I prjy thee, 
of thy foiines mandrakes. 

I y Bi:t ihe anfwercd her , Is it a finall matter 
for thee to take mine husband , except thou take 
my fonnes mandrakes alfo ? Then fayd Rahel, 
Therefore he Ihall fleepe with thee this night for 
thy fonnes mandrakes. 

i6 And I.iakob came from tlie field in the 
enening . and Leah went out to meete him , and 
fayd.Comc in to me,for 1 haiie «bought and paied 
for thee witli my fonnes mandrakes : and he llept 
with her tiiat night. 

1 7 And God heard Leah and fljee conceiued, 
and bare vnto laakob the Eft fonne. 

1 8 Then faid Leah , God hath giuen me my re- 
waid. becaufe I gaue my * maide to my husband, 
and Ihe called his name Iflachar. 

19 After , Leah conceiued againe, and hire laa- 
kob the fixt fonne. 

20 Then Leah faid. God hath endowed me with 
a good dowrie : now will mine husband dwell 

\ wirh me , becaufe I haue borne him hxe fonnes ; 
and Ihe called his nJlee Zebulun. 

a I After that, fhe bare a daughter,andlhe cal- 
led hername Dinah. 

22 f And God remembred Rahel , and God 
heard her, J| and opened her wombe. 

23 So ihe conceiued and bare a fonne , and 
fayd, God hath taken away my g rebuke. 

24 And Ihe called his name lofepli , faying. 
The Lord will giue me yet another fonne. 

2y f And aflbone as Rahel had borne lofeph, 
laakob faid to Laban , Send me away that I may 
goe vnto my place and to my coiintrey. 

26 Giue ms my wiues and my children .for 
whom I haue feriied thee, and let me go : for thou 
knoweft what fertfice I haue done thee. 

27 To whom Laban anfwered. If I haue now 
found fauour in thy fight ,mw; I haue !! perceiued 
that the Lord hath bleiled me for thy fake. 

28 Alfo he faid. Appoint vnto me thy wages, 
and I will giue it thee. 

29 Bu t he faid vnto him . Thou knoweil, what 
feruice I haue done thee , and in what taking thy 
catiell hath beene Π vnder me. , , , ^ . , 

30 For the little , that thou haddett before I increafed into a multitxide ; aiid the Lord 
hatli blefled thee t by my coraming : but now 
when (hail hi trauell for mine owne houle alfo ? 

3 1 Then he faidAVhat Ihall I giue thee ? And 
laikob anfwered . Thou ihalt giue me nothing at 
all .• if thou wilt doe this thing for mse , I will rC' 
«urnc, ksd,ani keeps thy Iheepe, 

Thit which (kali 
he.:eaftirbe thai 
kcod ihalltertifit» 

dealing bvtewn- 
ding my Isbouts. 


11 or. 'nli 

declAKCh in c}w 

II Or, »»(<»«Mi 

32 I will paflMhi'Ough all thy flocks this day, 
rt«ii II fepaiate from them all the iheepe with iitlc j ©,, ^^ji, «;«^ 
fpots and great fpots.and ali|| blacke Iambs among 
the iheepe.and the great fpotted, and iitlefpotted 
among the goates : i and it flialbe my wages. 

i^ So Ihall my * righteoufncfle anfwere for me 
hecreafter .when it ihall come for my reward be- 
fore thy face , aud euery one that hath not little or 
great (pots among the goates , and blacke among 
the ilieepe, the fame ihalbe |1 theft with me. 

34 Then Laban fayd , Goe to , would God it 
might be according to thy faying. 

3 5" Therefore )| he tooke our the fame day the 
hee gontes that were partie coloured and with 
great fpots , and.all the ihee goates with little and 
great fpots, and all that had white in them, and all 
the II blacke among the ihecpe , and put them in 
the keeping of his fonnes. 1 

j6 And hee iet three day e$ ionrney betweeiie 1 
himfelfe and laakob. Ami IaaI<.ob kept the reft of j 
Labans Iheepe. 1 

?7 f Then laakob 1 tooke rods of greefte po- i mkob 
pular . and of hafell . and of the chefnut tree .and |'"*,;'°^^ά?ίο^ί 
pilled white ftrakes in them , and made .the white "* 
A^ipearc in the rods. '.. , 

3 8 Then he put the rods,which he liad pilled, 
in the gutters Λ«,•ί watering troiighes,when the 
fliecpe 'came to drinke , before the iheepe ; (for 
they were in heate , when they came to drinke.) 

^9 And the iheepe II were in heate before the 
rods, and rt/fciff-tri/ brought forth yong ofpartU 
culour,and with fma'.l and gieat fpots. 

40 And laakob parted thefe lambes , and tur- 
ned the faces of the flocke towards thofe Itimbet 
partie coloured , and all maner of blacke , among 
the iheepe of Laban : to he put his owne flocke by 
themfeliies , and put them not with Labans flocke. 

41 And in euery ramming time of the ^ ftron-l™ *^ VZrL• 
ger iheepe , laakob laied the rods before the eyes|ato„c sepremb« 
of the flieepe in the gutters , that they might con-jindbtoiighctOnJi 
ceiue before the rods. &Mertn 

42 But when the iheepe were feeble , hee put j,j^,,h, and UmM 
them nor in ; and fo the feebler were Labans, andj i» septeniberj 
the ftronger laakobs. j 

43 So the man increafed cxccedingly,and had 
many fiocks,and maid feruants,and men feruants» . 
and camels , and ai^cs, 


lim to nti.\j!t to hittoumr>y. 13. 1+ The ijre if Ccd ftr 
U-ikeh. If Ruiiii fif.iUth hrfuthen idolrt. 13 L^iun fcU 

Ow he heard the a words of Labans fonnes, 
.-ving. laakob hath taken away all that wasj'.^.,, «hich.hef,- 
ourfathers,andofour fathers goods hath heegot-jthci din'embied in 
ten all this honour. <ί"Γ,ν\ίΑ.Γ' 

2 Alfo laakob beheld the countenance of La-j 'X'^'^'j^^ S« 
ban,that it was nor towards him as in times paft: l„nnot foatch . is 

3 And the Lord had faid vnto laakob , Turneirlnclit hom ihentj 
againe into the land ofthy fathers, and to t^y '^'n-h,^;^^;/*!;^"•^ 
red.andlwillbewith thee, „,„.., . Uyf^-ii-.W/rT 

4 Therefore laakob fent and called Rahel and yiuriuj. 
Leah to the fieldvnto his flocke. , , f 

y Then faid he vnto the.r . I fee your fathers L ^j, ^^ - ^ 
coimtenance , that ir is not towards mee t asitf^,jt,^„„,,jj,,: 
was wont, and the b God of tny father hath beene u^. 

.1 b The Cod wnojii 

"'' 6 ™And yee know that I haue fenied your fa-fc'*" ^*- 
:r with dl iriv might. ' 


* The children *tW 
ttcd in wcidi 

iber with ajliriy might. 

IMIBBWuMliLoliistouiil -ιγ: 

Get ens. 

thlt the thing, 
■which l!ia)<obilid 
«eiit, and not 
«!iioiigl> ikccii. 
fl '^ , s*hU. 

J Rut youc r.nlier h ith Jcceined me , & cliati- 
gcil my wages (| ten times : bilt God fiifteicd him 
not to lu;it me. 

8 If he tluis (aid , The fpottcd ΠιλΠ be thy \ya- 
pes.then all the ihtepc hare (potted: and if he (aid 
thtis, Thepartie colomeil ihallie tliy leward. then 
bare all the (hccpefMitie coloured. 

J) Tluis hath ' (^od taken away your fathers 
W (iibftiwcc, Λ\\ά giiien it iiie. 
• 10 f For ill ramming timet lifted vpmine 
eye.•! & (V in a dieame.and behold, the hec goates 
leajied vpon the llm'e goatt>e , that were parti co- 
lomed with littic andi;teat (pots (potted. 

n An'd the Angel! of (iodlayd tomeeina 
drcjnic.Ia.tkob.And I an("wered,Lo,I am here. 

1 2 And (le laid, Lift vp no\\• thine eies, and (ec 

laakob and Laban talk^ togctHctf^ 

all the iiee goates leaping vnon thelheej 
that are parti-colowred, (potted with little ii ereai 
fpots.Cor I haiie lecne all y Laban dotli vmo thee 

i ΐΐϊίί Ancil wtJS 
Chtiil, vhichif. 
MUKtl to Ualiiit) 
|»tnV-cl a.d 


I ί ^ I am the God of Heth-e!, where rhoit* an- 
oiniedlhhe pillar , where thou vowctlita vow vn- 
to mc. Now arile , vetiheeT)Ut of this conntiey 
and retiiriK vnto ihe land where tlun; wall borne, j 
14 Then anfwetx-dRahel and Leah .and (aide 1 
wfai».th»ii."i oil vntohitn , Haue we iinj- mote poriion and inheri- | 
r.o4: ferhiial- UQCC inoftt fuiicrs ΙιοϋΐΙ•? 
ktth, «s tlwMsh I τ V Dootli not he count vs as ftrangcrs f for he 

dSng "' ' '^^^'' ' '""'^^^ ^■'^ • -^"'^ '^"'^'^ '''^"^" ^'l' '^"'^ confumed 


« Foe thty 1 

our money, 

1 6 Therefoic all the riclics , which God liath 

<i,.en to I'ilOb"" taken fron» our father , is ours and our childreiis: 
iSXh now then whatCoeuor G.^d hath laid vnto ^ doe ir. 
•was a iiiiAef 1 7 ^ Then I.iakob role vp.and let his Ibnnes and 

*»!•< his wiues \ pon camels. 

1 8 And he carried away all his (iocks.and al his 
fubrtance wincli he had ^'otten.feVf/r, his riches, 
which hce lud gotten in I'adan Aram .togoe to 
Izhak his father vnto the land of Canaan.. 

1 9 when Laban was gone to (here his ilieqie, 
then Kalicl ftt)le iier fathers ' idolcs. 

20 Thus laikob il ftole away the heart of Laban 
the Araniitc: for he told him not that lie Red. 

2 1 .So fled he w ith all that he had , and he role 
vp.and palled the || rincr , and let his face toward 
mount Gilead. . 

It And the third day after was ktoIdLaLan, 
that Id.t!<ob fled. 

23 Then he tooke his ll brethren with him & 
followed after him feiiendayes iourney , and t o- 
iUert<x)ke him a: mount Giickl. ' 

24 And Cod came to Laban the Aramite in 3 
dreame by night , & laid vnto him.Take iiced that 
thou Ipeaiic ιί.η to laakob t (aiic ^ood. 

25• f Then Laban ouertookelaakob.and laakob pitched his tent in the mount : and Laban ^//i 
With his brethren pitched vpon mount Gilead. 

16 Then L.iban fa\d to laakob, What haft 
thou done ■ (I tliou hall euen (toUcn au.t)• mine 
heart vind carried away my daughters as though 
they hud be.-ne taken captiiies with the fword. 

17 wherefore diddcll thou fliefolecretly and 
(leaic away t'rom me , and diddeft not tell mc, ihat 
I miglit haue lent tliee foorth with mirth and with 
ronj^'s,with timbrcil.tnd with harpe? 

28 But thou haft not fuftiircvl mce to kine my 
formes and my daughters ; now thou Iiall done 
foohibly indoingp. 

io r am t .tlVe to do ym euill : but the S God 
ofiotit t-uhcr i'^Q vnwmc yeftanight , Uying, 

Take heed that thou fpeake not to laakob ought 
lauc good. 

_^o Now though thbu wenteft thy way , bc- 
caul'e thon greatly longcdft after thy f.;ditr$ 
houfc, ytt wherefore l).tll thou ftollcn my gods? 

3 I Then I.ia\ob anlwcred , and faifl'to Laban, 
Pecaule I was afraid, and thought th;u thou woul- 
deft haue t.iken thy dai)ghters from mc. 

^2 But with wliomthou hndeft thy gods , Π let 
him not liiie.Se.uch thou before our brethren 
what I haue of thine , and take it to thee , (but laa- 
kob will not that Rahel had flollen them.) 

5 J Then cime Laban into faakobs tent , and 
into Lealis tent , and into the two maids tents, but 
found i'ifw not. ,So hee went out of Leahs tent, 
and entred into Rahels tent. 

54 (Now Ral'.el had taken i!ic idols , and put 
them in the canicis |) litter , and fate downe vpon 
tlicm) and Laban learchedaH the tent , but found 
thim not 

•jf Then faid (lie to her father , t^'y Lord, beL• ej». t,i t. 
not angry that I cannot rife vp before thee ; for •»'<«' 
the cimeme of women is 'pou mc ; fo iiee (car 
ched , but found not the idoles. 

Ii6 f Then laakob was wroth.audchode with 
Laban : laakob alio auiwcred and !ayd to Laban, 
What haue 1 trelpallod > what haue I oflcnded, 
that thou haft purlicdatrer me? 1 

37 Seeing thou haft learchedal my ftuffl•, what 
halt thou found of all thine hoiillioid ftiiile; nut ! 
it Iiere before tny brethren and thy brethren, tnat I 
they may iudge betwccnc vs both. 

j?8 This twVntie yecres I hauebecnc with thee: 
j thine ewes & thy <>oats haue not Hcaft their yong, 
; and the ranvnes ot thy flocke iiauc I nor eaten, 

Or.iiUm^li • 

D ct,fium , rt 


I ον.^»ν^<»> 

htvefigni'cth, 1«• 
leih them gais, 

Sell. 3'. 
(I 0>v f- "1 •>»» 
»ri«,7i f»mU- 



} Ktr. fc»»» i< in 

. Ht V at a« Ido. 

{kc, .\iidtKt\i- 
•fot» w oi.ld not 
1 eckjiowli Jgc the 
Codol laaKebttX 

h Ihu if, tht Go4. 
i^hoiii lihakdid 
ftaic , and 

^9 t Whaifociicr was torn efbfafit , I brought i ^^ ^^^^^^ 
it not vnto thee , hut made it good niy lelfc : * oft,- uitn 4^. 
mine hand diddeft thou require it , vvtre it ftoilen * " 
by day,or ftcllen by night. » 

40' Γ w as in the day co'nftmed w ith hcate , and 
wit.h fioft in the night , and my II llccpe departed 
from mine eyes. 

41 Thus iiaue 1 becnc twcntie yeercs in thine 
houie ,and feiucd thee lonreteenc yeercs for tJiv 
two daughters, and lixe yecres for tin• ihecpc,and 
thon haft changed my wages ten times. 

42 Excep: the Gtid <ΰ" my father , 1 he God of 
Abraham, and the ^ fcare of Izhak had bcene with 
me , (iircly thou haddcft fent mc aw.iy now emp- 
tic ; L-ut (Jod l^ehcld my tribulation , and tlic la- 
bour of mine hands, and rebuked thet yelk^iiiighr. 

4S Then L.-U-ian anfwered , and (aid \ nto laa- 
kob, Thefe daugii:ers are my Jaughrers.and thele 
(onncs are my fonncs , and thele Iheepc are my 
(heepe , and ai1 tliat thou fceft , is mine , and w hat 
can I doe this day vnto thefe my daughters, or to 
their (onnes which they haue borne? 

44 Now therefore ' come and let vs make a 
coucnant , I and thou , which may bee a witncllc 
betwecne me and tlice. 

45 Then tooke laakob a ftcne , and fet it vp df 
a pillar: 

4(i And Ia.ikob faide vnto his brethren , Ga- 
ther ftones : who brought ftoncs , and made an 
heape.andthcy dill eate there vpon the heapc. — 

47 And Laban called it « Icgai-fahadutha.and 'i« pi«' '« •>«« 
laiobcalieditkGalced. ifl^'TXl, 

48 For Laban fayd , This heape is witncfle bc-Jtiie lI-mw 
Wccne ma audciiceihis day ; theicfore he callcti lo^jutj 


i Hts confci*iic«. 
itfvocvucdhim of 
Ks nii>t}chaitiOR^ 
io«aid lja)iob. 
Slid ihtitfoie 
niomtd hian to ' 

(I Or , tW ^ι■•^^ 

iaakobs pfaycr» 

tho n.i 

Hewfrtltlcth with the Angcll. rj 

1 Cr.ivjt.t• uwff. 
1 Te funidi ihtj 

m Naiiiio tnmftV 
kill liini locou- VLCf, 

H BdidlJ, how 
rii« iJokiiW 
mtii(l• ilic «tit 
uoci wit)\ili«ii: 
{tiwti go<l«. 
« McMiiiig.bytli' 
Biie God whom 
Q Ov. «.•,.ν 
ρ wcc Ιϊί dia» 
ihcic isciici: 
ioiiK (cfJc ofih» 
■g» of 

49 AlK) h, 

Tho LordMc 


.he I 


hi•' btothci in 
Itc.iiifc Iwc 
chleri; loakcJ t9 
be |n:cfGnt(i lu 
tlie IfltituaU 

r Albtk hte μί» 

(nnifortid by thr 
/iigtli, y<t (ha 
iiiftiniiilt, of the 

ci/ica if II ΜΐχραΓι , hccaiifc ho Γίύί, 
)kc lictwccne mo niul thcc , when 
\vc Ili4!lif Η ilepai tod ono fioiii anoihoc, 

j^o If th«ju lli-ilt vcxcniy (l.iii<>hicis .orllwlt 
falvc »» wines ΙκΜίιΙο my iLinulncrs : tl>ert it no 
mnn with vs , Lichi)ldo , (iod ή witncflc bctwecnc 
me iiiil thcc. 

V t Morooiicr , Lallan laid to laakob , RolioU 
this hoape, and behold the piilai•, which 1 haue (cc 
bctwoonc mc and tln'C. 

J• Λ This hoajic puii ifwitncnb , and the pillar 

i'lttl I't vv'ifncllc ,tliat I will not come Oiicf this 
cape to thee . and that thou Ibali not pallc oiicf 
this hcapc and this pillar vnto nu- for cmll, 

5•^ The tiod of Abraham, and the God of 
» NahiM and the God of their father bo iiidgc I^c- 
twccnc vs : Luic laakob (ware by tlic «feare of ills 
father Ii-.hak. ' 

^4 Then Taakob di.l oflli aracnfice vpon the 
mount, and called hi* br.-ihi on 10 oato || broad , & 
they dik.1 care broad Λ" laricilall nigluin amount, 
yv /^nA eaily in tho morning Laban totvp 
and killed his (onnos.and liis daiighicrs.andl'blof- 
fod them, »c Laban tloparting.went vnto Iiis place 


Cliap. f(XXII, 

good , and nvikc iliy lecde .is ilio Oindo of the (ca, 
which cinnot lie niifiibiod for niiiliitiide, 

l.i f And hciario.lihercthelameniphtand 

liifi Ι/ή 



* CUp. i I . . 
4 fir, ;.«m/.jfi 

Httrei t. I 

«1 That It, poore 
and without )U 
«M<aiiiiig,h« will 
pit jU to death, I 

)w laakob went fonrth on his iournef , and 
* LJio Anyels of Godmot him. 
And when la.ikob faw them , lie faid > « This 
is (;.)ds hoalk•. and called the namt of the fame 
pKxc II M.ihaiiaim. 

j Ihcn laakob font monenffers before Iijm 
to Elan his brother, vino the lantl of Scir into tho 
coimtrcy of lidom,•. 

4 To whom he gaiic crmimandcmcnt, faying. 
Thus Hiall yc fpcakc to my . <» lord lifaii : thy lor- 
iiant laakob l.iyoth thus , Ihaiiebrcncaftrangor 
vtiih Laban.and tai iod vnto this tmie, 

5• I haue beetles alio and Atl'ci, fticcpe.aiid men 
fonjants,and women fornants .andhanr fcnt to 
ihow my iord.that 1 may find grace in thy figlit. 

^ f So tlK" mclRnjjors came againe to laakob, 
flying. VVc came vnto thy brotlier Efaii , and hce 
alio ci.mmeth againit thcc aiui fom-e hiindicth 
men with him. , , . . 

y Then laakob Was <. greatly afraiilc . and was 
fore troubled , and douidc.l the neoplcthat wa;. 
with him , and tiie (hoepe, and tlic beetles, and the 
camels into iwO companies. 

g For he faid, I f Rfaii come to the one compa- 
ny and fmitc it, the other οπηΜηγ lli.ill rlcapc. 

9 * Moreoucr laakob l-ud , ο (iod .. I my fa- 
ther Abraham,and God <>i my fmlur I7.l1.1k, I ord. 
which *faidoltvnto mc . Rotiuiu vnto thy c.uii- 
trev and to tiiy kinrcd. and I will do iheo gotid. 

Jo I am not t worthy of the Icatt of .ill tho 
mercies, and all tho truoth.wiiicli thou luiil (bow- 
ed vnto thy : for with my Ί ftaHc came I 
ouer now liauc I gotten two Iwintls. 

1 1 I pray ihce , Deliuor me from the hand of 

bill vliii|(ilch ' JL 

had i^'. 

tooko ol' th.u which came to h.uid , a t pi eicm for 
Llaii hisbrothoi: 

1 4 Tw.) hiindrcth lliec goatcs, and t wcntic liec 
goatcsfwo.hiindroth ewes and twenty rammcs; 

ty Thirtie milch cumnwls with ihcir cjIics, 
fourtie kinc , and len biillockes , twenty iMce allcs 
and toil Ιλ -iIos. 

16 So he deliucrodthomintotlioh.indofhi<i| 
feriiaius.eiiery drouo by ilicmlclms.siul (.ml vnio,' 
liis fertiants , Pallcbrloicme , and pmalpacrbeJ 
twccne drone andtlroiic. 

17 And he (jommiindod the foiuioft , laying. 
If my brother lifflU moot thee, and a.sko thee , fay- 
ing , whole /rrM,in( ,11 1 thou i And whither gocli 
llioti > .ind whole arc thole lieforc ihccc 

18 'llion llvtlt thou (ay , Tfciy *<• thy foruaiit 
Ia.ikob$:itis a piolnii (.111 vnto my lord lilaicainl 
behold,hcliim(olfo.ill.) I 

19 So likewidMominsii.litllioihcficWiJanii 
ihcthirde , .ind .ill 1h.1t followed t ho dcniici, ftv- 
ing. After this maner , yoe (lidii IjKake \ mo Riilf, 
when ye fiiidc him. 

2υ And yec Ihali fay moiooiior , neholde 1 rhjr 
foriiant Liakobrcwwi» 'waiter vs , (for he thought, 
1 1 wil appcalo liis wraiii with the nrcloiit that go- 
eili belxxo me, and aficrwaid I will lee h* face: ii 
tMy be ih,it ho will t accept me.) 

a I .So went the prolcnt before iiim :bttthe 
tariedtliat night wuli ilio comj 

21 And he role vp the (anie ni^^dit , anil fnoke 
his two vviiios, and his 1 wo maidos, ,111. 1 his olciien 
childten.and went oiicr iliofoi do iabbok 

23 And he tookc tltrm , and lent ihcmoucr 
the riucr,.ind (I'nt oner th.u ho 

Z4 f Now wiien laakob was loft himfelfo a- 
lone, there wreHIed ah man with liim vnto tlie L υ,,,/,,οοίί» 
breaking of I he d.iy. 

i^ Anil, he law that hecouldo not ' preuailc 
againrt him : thoiefore he touched the holow r 
his thigh ,aiul the holow of laikobs thigh w he wrortled with him, 

2<5 And ho f.iid , Let moo p<>e , for ilic morning 
appcaioth, Who .inlworcd. "1 will not lettheti 
goo .except thou blcflo mo 

27 1 hen faid he vnto him , What is tiiy nanieii 

18 Thru (aid ho," Thy name Halbo c.illcd laa 
kol> no more, but Iliiid ί bocaiileihou haQli.uJ.'' 

Β lit thought iwi« 
in lilt Ιη!»!••!"" 



|fotiii« of i 

I (,od •ΙΙ>ΙΙ«|1 
I Willi the *n» 

'" h,.l,d,l 


I* 1ψ !•.«. 

'powet with (rod jhoii (ΙηΙί,ϋΚο pri'iKiile \l men 

mid lire 

29 ThcnI.iekob domaiidtd, (ayiiig. Tel mc. I ihti»""• "'•*•! 
pray thocthy name. And he (aid.AX hoicforo now viott«l»« 
hcii thoti aske my name fandWic bleHcd him ** 

there. < 1 

io And laakob called thcnamc of ilicplac^ 
'lidrhct , I haue 
life is pieforiicd 

I (."dean• 
loih |in«r*i 

reniej ■ fot^ ,p>>df he e . I haue icciic God face "f^.^.^j"*""*' 

face, anil || my , , . 

3 1 And the (liiiiio rofe vp to him ashc pailod^wif 
rciiicl.aM.J hi: ' h.ilicd vpon his ihigh. 

^2 Therefore the childirn οΓ Iliacl eatenot 


xhis (.voiiitbe I my brother . ftom the ii.iiule of Efaii ; for I foui e 
«ommtth of ihcm '|,|;„ ig_,ft |,c will tomc aiul finite mcc , Λΐίί tilt 
v,).ich k 11 i/it V „ tj,e children, 

ti^u^;;':;,;"" , ΙΓΪ.^ι•' tU...laydcil,lwilltiu^Iyitoctothec 

I of thr linovvo 1h.1t Ihr.inkc in iheiioloweoftiv 

' iriigh . vnto this day : becaiifo ho (oiiclied the (i- 

new that Ihronkc in the holow of laakobs thigh. 

C Η A 1'. XXXI IT. 


lit l.iHii» that 
ιΐιιγ n-iild H* 
■lo.y, biulttll 

Eiau receiiieth liiakobs Pretent^ 

Gen iCis 

part -wefe afai 
led, the ethet 

h By this genute 
he pstrly did icnc• 
icncato'hts bro- 
ther, &jiiril/ 
f tayed to God to 
mitigjt* Efaiis 

c Uakoliiuhisfa. 
:nilie are tU 
imsgc otthc 
Chin;!i vniiet Cut 
■yoke of tyrants, 
\»li:c;i frit fcite 
a«c broiiglK to 

A iBtfcattTistliis 
biouitT imbrachcc 
him fo loiiingly 
«ontraty tohiitx• 
pectatioji, he ac- 
cepted it as a plai: 
iignc o£ Gods ρ 

t Evwrntftin- 

Λ Nd as laakob lift vp his eyes , and looked, be- 
hoLl , Efau came , and with him tbnre him- 
dcech men; and lie a diuidod t\\z childien to Leah, 
and CO Ra'iel , and co the two maides. 

2 And he put the maidj; , and their children 
formoft , and Leah , ami her children after , and 
Rahel and lofeph hindemoft. 

5 So he went before th-itn and •> bowed him- 
felfe to the grounde ieuen times , vntill Iiee came 
neeie to his brother. 

4 Then Efau ran ro meet* him , and embraced 
him,& fei on his neck..?c k!iledhira,8c they wept. 

5: And he lift vp his ej-es, and faw the women, 
and the chiUlren , and (aid , who arethefe with 
thee f And he anfwered , TUny are the children 
whom God of his grace iiath gii:en thy feruant. 

6 Then came the maides neere , they and their 
children, and c bowed thcmfelues. 

7 Leah alfo with her diiklren came neere and 
made obeyfance; ani after lo'eph and Rahel drew 
fieere, and did reiierence. 

2 Tlien he faid , what mcaneft thoii by al this 
"drn;; % whieh I met* who anfwered.1 hnuefent it, 
ihet I may findc fauonr in tlie fight of my lord. 

9• Anti Efau faid , I haue inongli , my brother: 
i;eepethflr thou haft to thy fcife. 

10 But laakob anlweied , Nay . I pray thee , if 
Ϊ hatie founde grace now in thy fight ,. then re- 
ceiiie my prefent at mine hand : ford I haiie feene 
thy face , as chough I had feene the face of God, 
becaufe thou haft accepted mee, 

1 1 I pray thee take my !i blelTing , that is 
brought thee .-for God hath had mercy on mee, 
and dierfote I haue all things : fo he ' compelled 
him, andhetooke it, 

1 2 And he faide , Let vs tahe our tourney and 
goe , and I will goc before thee. 

15 Then he anfwered him , My lord knoweth. 
ihatthc children are tender.and the ewes and kine 
V.'ith young vnder mine hande: and if they fhould 
«uerdriue them one day, ail the flocke would dy. 

14 Let now my lord go before his feruant,and I 
will driue foftly', according to f pafe of the cattel, 
which is before mce , and as the children be able 
to endure, vntill ^ 1 come to my lord vnco Seir 

f Htepteniir«4 
diat whicli (as 
ftemeih) his 
minde vitsnott 


[ Or , Mf/ir"'•'- 



z- whome when Shecliem thi forheofHa- 
mor the Hiuite lord of chat countreyfiwe ,hce 
tooke her , and lay with her.antl f defiled her. 

'3 So his heart claue vnto Dinah tlie daughter 
of iaakob : and he ioued the maide , and t f pake 
kindly to the maide. 

4 Then faide Shechem co his f.ithcr Ilamor, 
faying, ^ Get mee this maide to wife, 

y (Now laakob heard thac he had defiled 
Dinah his daughter , and his fonnes were with his 
cattell in che fielde : tlierefore laakob helde his 
peace.vntil! they were come.) 

6 f Then Hamor che father of ShecherajVu'iiry 
went ouc vnto laakob to commune with him 

7 And when the fonnes of laakob were come 
out of the fielde and heard it , it greiued the men. 
& they wer» very angry, becaufe lie had wrought 
II vilieny in t!iat he had lien with laakobs 
daughter: t which thing ought not to be done. 

8 And Hamor communed with them , fay 
ing.The fouleof my foniie: Shechem longeth for 



h Tnis proonetli 
that deconfent'oi 
in niartisge.fecirg 
the very Infideh 
did alfo oblctuc i 

we lie ft ((off. 

your daughter.giue her him to wife, I pray you. 
9 So make artitiitie with vs , giue your dauih• 

i Elr.multiel^ , 

ters vnto vs , and take ow daughters vnto you. 

I ο And ye ihall dwell v.'ith vs , aiid the iande 
ilialbe before yon , dwell , and do your bufinefie 
in it, and haue your poUtiiTiuns therein. 

I I Shechem alfo Iaiς!e vnto her father and vnto 
her brethren , Ij Let me (inde fauoiir in your eyes 
and I will giue whatfoeuer ye ihall appoint mee. 

1 2 t Aske of m.e abtuidantly both dowry , and 
gifts , and I will giue .is ye appoync me, fo that ye 
giue me the maide to wife. 

13 Then the fonnes of laakob anfwered , She- 
chem and Hamor his father , talking deceitful! 
becaufe he had defiled their fiftcr. 

14 And they fayd vnto them 
this ffiueour fiftertoanvncircumcifed! ^ -,ι-ώ,* 
man: tor that were a <» reproote vnto vs, wicitcd purpose. 

1 5 But in this wee will confent vnto you , if yej d As ύ is abpmi- 
will be as we rtr#,that eucry man child amoi!gin>"on for thim 
you be * Circumcifed. ° J that are bapt.iei 

16 Then will we giue our daughters to you, 
and wc will take your daughters ro vs , and will 

D Or,m'«n*lt^ 

c They made the \ 
We cannot doj ^oly crdir.ance o4 
God amcilhcc 

torirafie ΛίΑτ" ' 

I y Then Efau faid.I will leaue then fome of my \ dwel with you, and be one peopl• 

folke with thee . And he anfwered , what needeth 
this ? let mee finde grace in the fight of my lord. 

16 f SoEfauretHrned,e«iifvenihiswaytliac 
fame day vnto Seir. 

17 And laakob went forward toward Siic- 
coth.and built him an houfe.and made boothes for 
his cattell : therefore he called the name of the 
place Β Succoth. 

1 8 Afterward , laakob came fafe to Shechem 
^ cittie , which is in the land of Canaan , when he 
came from ||Padaii Arain,& pitched before f city. 

19 And there he bought a p.arcel of ground, 
where he pitched Iiis tent ,at the hande of the 
fonnes of Hamor Shechems father , for an hun- 

to I'eyne with In- 

e Theitfaiiltj 
the great*! fiM 
they mate teligioa 
dckc ftjt theit 

Or , tnufi MxDK- 

|J| Or, iimhet.or 
\rno7it1 f' mJv^iJ. 

1""S*/id'-eth||peicesofmoney. , „,. 

i^Siich it (ignifi! \ 20 And he fet vp there an altar.and called g it. 
«th.intolienthat |, χ^ς rni?hty God of Ifracl. 

codhadmigluay ^ ^^^^^_ X X X I I I I. 

ΠϊηΛ it r^,ifiei. 8 mmcrafiiil'hirinmAfitJi; forks fen. 
»2 The ShA'mius 'Uf circumdfeA Μ tkt tf^u β of Utkoh fontrt 
trntiypyfuafonofHimor. nTht whcriimcis re^tni^d. 

Τ Hen Dinah the daughter of Leah , which ilie 
bare viKo laaKoba^Wciw out to fee the daugh- 


9 ihisexamp't 
«00 miieh liberty 
is not t• be giucn 

17 But if ye will not hearken vnto vs to becir- 
cumcifcd,thi; wil we take our daughter & de[iart. craft 

18 Now their wordes pieafed Hamor , and 
shechem Hamors fonne. • 

1 9 And the yong man deferred not to do the 
thing becaufe he Ioued Laakobs daughter ; he was 
alfo the || moft fet by of all his fathers houfe. 

20 ί Then Hamor and Shechem his Sonne!|^|°y,^n\r^°f«^• 
went vnto' the ί gate of their citie.aud communed; therc.and iuflice 
with the men of their citie, faying, .was alio mlni- 

21 Thefe men are S peaceable with vs : and that|ft'«^j^^^^^ 

they may dwell in the land, and doe their affaires 4„^^fj„],J for" 
therein (for behold, the Iandh.athroume ynough a piibiikc profits, 
for them) let vs taketheit daughters to wiues,&l•''«"''«yo".*'y 

giue them our daughters. 'lo^^e'pi^a'atesam 

22 Only herein wil y me content vnto vs tor to^andcommodi- 
dwel with vs,and to be one peopIe,if al f me chil-^tie ' 

dre amog vs be circi'icifed as they are circiicifed. ^,<, "fil^d^f.Vrfwa. 
23 Shall not »» their flockes and tiiier fubftance ^^n ,' which pie- 
and all their catce! be ours ? onely let vs confent fcrre their owne 
i fierein viuo them andthey will dwell with vs. commodities be- 
2Λ And vnto Hamor , and Shechem his fonne , '°i',*' "™««»- 
hcarKeiied all tlwc went out of the gate of his ci- 
' - tie:^ 

' .die. 

ThcShecliemitescircunncired^^ Ciiap.yxkv.^Xxvj« Raliel dieth, Izhak d ieth, ij 

J ror they were 
thechitfe of the 

1 The pe-iple aie 
Qied wid» 

4 Elir.mcuti 

I Or, tt tt 4l»r- 

tie: and al! the men children were circumcifed, 
euen ail that went out of the gate of his citie. 

25" And on the third day (when they were 
fore)two of the fons of laakob.'Sinieon and Lent, 
Dinahs brethren took e'.ther of them his fword & 
went iiTto the city boldly ,and ^ fiiiel'euery male. 

2f) They Hevve alfo Haraor and ShecHem his 
fonne with the t-idge of the fword.and tookc Di- 
nail cut of Shechems houfe.and went their way. 

27 yyi^aim , the other fonncs of laakob came 
vpon the dead, and fpoiied die citie.becaufe they 
had detiled their Tifter. 

28 They tooke their flieepc and their beetles, 
and their alles , and tvhatlucuer was in tlie citie 
and in thefieldes. 

29 Alfo they caiTied away caprine and fpoiled 
all -their goodes ,and all their children and their 
wines, and all th.u was in the hoiifc. 

30 Then laakob (aid to Simeon and I.eui.. Ye 
haiie troubled mce , and made roe II Ihnke among 
the iuliabitams of the hna.afwA the Canaanitcs, 
as the reiizzites, and I being few in ntimber,they 
lliall gather themrelues together againft m^, and 
flay mc,andfo Ihall I .and my hoiife be dertroyed. 

3 1 And they anfwexed . Should hee abiife oui• 
fifter as a whore?. 


Uihch, < 


; a Gaiis eiieia! 
'Hes. . 

t That by this out- 
Vi«id aAcihey 


"% ■ 

erot tlieite'n'was 
feme fignc of 1»- 
jpiifiitioj!, as 1 
Hcts and Ag» 

«I Thus, notwiih. 
flandingtht iii- 
eoiuiejiiencc that 
tame tcCo^e. c;o< 
deliiieicd laakob 

_» Out }l ίί". 

t At God is faid 
tj defcer.d , whe» 
l.e (V.cweth fome 
fig lie of his pi«- 
fence: folie iifaii 
to alceiid, wlieiv 

.fxJit EbiewworrT 
iigiiife:h as much 
f \oiind as one may 
baiie whicHif ta^ 
li»l{< a • 

t Gois tummJidrmiTit gieth iji to BiM , Uili 
Uff rtfcrmetli Wx houflmuU s God rMkflh tir enr- 
„uei of /ujjyi jfi. iJe. 8 Dfio«/. Mfth 1 2 Ώ.• Und'f C,t- 
,:jjn;4l'^on:if,/hin,. >8 hM iuthinUouf. 21 R,u. 

Lea 1, ■d< svith kit plh"! comul.inr. 

Τ Hen » God faide to laakob , Arife , goe vp to 
Beth-el and dwell there , and make there an 
I altar \ nto God , that appeared vnto thee , ■*■ when 
thou fliddeft from Efau thy brother. . . .^ 

2. Then iaid laakob vnto his houllioldsnd^to 
all that were with hira, Tut aw.ny the ftrange gods 
that .ire among you.and ^ cleanle your felues, and 
change vuur garments: ^ , , , 

:>, Fot we will rife and goe vp to Betli-cl , and 
I will make an altar there vnto God , which heard 
me in. the day of my tribulation , find was witli me 
in the way which I went. , „ , . 
4 And they gaue vntolaakob all the ftrange gods, 
wHAvvtrem tlicir hands.and al their ' .-arerings 
which weye in their eares , and laakob hid tbem 
viider an okc .which was by Shcchem. 

ί Then they went on tliKU• iourney . and the 
d feare of God was vpon the cities that were 
roimd about themrfo that they did not follow a£. 
ter the Tonnes of laakob. , . , . . , 

6 r So came laakob to Luz , which is m the 
land of Canaan : fche fame is Beth-el) hee and all 
tlie people that was with him. , , , , , 

7 And he built there an altar , and * had cal- 
led the place.TheGodofBeth-el.becaufethat 
God appeared vnto him there, when he fled from 
his brother. , ■ r , , , 

8 Then Deborah Rebckahs nomfe dyed . and 
WAS buried beneath Beth-el vnder ancke : andhe 
called the name of it 11 AUonBachuth. 

9 A'-aine God appeared \nto laakob .after 
be came^o Padan Aram, andblelled him. 

ID Moreoucr God faid vnto him , Thy narr.e is. 
I.ia].ob:thy name iMbe no more cahed laakob. 
but *Tfrael ihall be thy noiiie : and hee called his, 

"^^ U Agine GodfaidYnw Uim ,1 m God a all. 

ftifficient : grove .and multiply • a nation and a 
multitude ot nations Ihall fpringof thec.and kings 
ihall come out of thy loynes. 

1 2 A!!o I will g:ue the iande , w'lich Τ gaue to 
Abiaham and I-zhak , vnto thee : and vnto thy 
iced J after thee v/il I giue that land . 

1 3 So God e afcended from him in tlic place \ 
where lice had talked with him. 

14 And laakob fet vp a pillar in the place 
where he talked with him , a piJar of ftone . am 
powred driiike offering thereon . alfo he powrcc 
oyle thereon. 

ij And laakob called the name of that p)ac( 
where God fpake with him, litfth-el. 

\6 f Then they departed from Retif-cl , anc 
when there was f about half a dayes iourney ο 
ground to come to Ephrath , Rahel rraiiailed, anc 
in traunilling. (he was inperiii. 

1 7 And when (he was in paines of her]abour 
the midwife fay dc vnto her , leare not , for thoi 
/Ιμ/γ Airiiii this • )nne alfo, 

1 8 Then as ftiee was .tbout to yeel. ■.-•;. tlie 
ghoft (for (he died) (he called his name .'v-i'-om 
but his father called him Beniamin. 

19 Thus •" died Rahel and was buried in the 
way to liph rath .which is Bethlehem, 

20 And laakob let agpiilar vpon her graue: 
This is the pilUr of R.ihels graue vnto ihis day. 

2 Γ V Then Ifrael went forward , and pitcliec '''i'll|°P' °^,f 
Ill's tent beyond Migdal-eder. 
22 Now.w'tien Ζίΐΰ,Α dwelt in y land.Reube, went 
and h li^'witb Biiiiah his fathers conciibinc,&: it 
came to Ifraels care. And laakob had twchie Tons 

23 The fonnes of Leah : Reuben I.i.ikobs el 
dedtonne, and Siraeonj and Leui. andludah, .ind 
Iliiicher.nnd Zebulurr, 

24 The fonnes of Rahel: lofepb and Beniamin 
2y And tlie fcnnes of Bilh'ah Rahclsmaide, 

Dan and Naphtali. 

2(5 And the fonnes of Zilpahs Leahs mayd•. 
Gad antl Ailier. Thefe arc the (bnnes cf laakob, 
which were borne him in Padan Aram, 

27 f Then lankob came vnto Izhak Iiis fa 
ther to Mamre a citie of Arbah : This is Hebron 
w-hcre Abraham and (zhak v.-erefrrangcrs. 

28 And the dayes of l2h.-ik were an hundrcili 
and fourcfcorc vceres, 

29 And Izhak gaue vp the ghoft and died , and 
was *■ padicred vnto his people.being old and fulJ]* ^'^^■ 
of daJesiS: his- fonnesEiau & laakob buried him 


α 7h ifiiift of ΈΓ,Η. 7 LuAji ."><l f/"*• Λ'ηΛ. ί TLe 

•VJ Ow thefe are » the generation» of Eiim.which 


g The ancient f»- 



efiinecWon to 
come, which \y3.s 
h Tliis tcacittA. • 
that tlie fathers 
w eve not chofeir 
but by Cods onel-y 

eJeAion by tl»e*^ , 



is Edom. 

2 Efau tooke his wiucs orthe b daughters of 
Canaan ; Adah the daughter of Elon an Hittirc 
and Aholibamah the daughter of Anah.the daugh- 
ter of Zibeon an Hiuite. 

i- And Ic6ke Bafemath Iil.maels daughter. 

4 And * Adah bare vmo Efau , Eunhaz : aud 
Balemath bare Rcuel. 

<; Alio Aholibamah bare ΙευΓη,.'.ηα laalam." 
and Kor.ih ; thefe .'te tlie lonnes of Efau which, 
were borne (o him in the land of Canaan.. 

ύ So Efau tooke his wines and his fonnes, mid 

Iris d-au"-httirs,and ai the ibulcs cf his houie,& his 

flQcKs,andall bis C5uei,w4apij^s iubiUp^Mhich 

• -'■•■••■" ''-' be 

d:clarc.h ihsc ktau^ 

He:Ie-i tem- 
porally , and that 
his fatliers bkninft 

srldly ihiii-s. 
b Befides thole 


Efaus generation. The Kings 

|l Of, M-f, ΛίΒ 
^ ifGodsptomife 
, befofirte to\va<d> 
: them which ate 
I xoi of hishoiife- 

ihoiilH, how much 
jnore will he 
)>etfotme the faint 

» i.Ct/in.i.jS. 
• DeFotethat Efaii 
did theic inha- 

he had gotten in the land of Caniati.and « went 
into another countrey from his brother laakob. 

7 For their riches were fo great , thar they 
could not dwell together , and the land , wlierein 
they were ftrangers , could not receiiie thera be- 
caule of their flockes. 

8 * Therefore dwelt Efati in mount Seir: this 

9 ί So thefe^are the generations of Efau fa- 
ther of II Edom in mount Seir. 

I ο Thefe are the names of Eiaur, fonnes ; * Eli- 
phaz , the fonne of Adah , the wife of Efau , and 
Reiiel the fonne of Balhemach .the wife of Efau. 

II kn^. the fonnes of Eliphazwere Teman,, and Garam.and Kenaz. 

1 2 And Timna was Concubine to EHphaz E- 
faus fonne, ?nd bare vnto Eliphaz, Amalek ; thefe 
be the fonnes of Adah Efaus wife. 

I -i f And thefe are the II fonnes of Reiid.-Na- 
hath , and Zerah , Shammah , and Mizzah ; rheic 
be the fonnes of Ba!hemath Efaus wife. 

I^^(f9||nd thefe were the fonnes of Aholiba- 
mab (p^aughter of Anah , || daughter of Zibeon 
EfaiisVlfe ; for ihebare vnto Efau.Ieuih, and Ia« 
alam.and Korah. 

1 5• ^ Thefe were jj a Dukes of the fonnes of E- 
faus : the fonnes of Eliphaz.the firft borne of Eftii 
Duke- Teman , Duke Omar , Duke Zepho , Duke 

1(5 Duke Korah, Duke Gatam, Duke Amaiek ; 
thefe are the Dukes that Mwjf of Eliphaz in the 
land of Edom : thefe were the || fonnes of Adah. 

17 % And thefe are the fonnes of Reuel Efaus 
fonne : Duke Nahath , Duke Zerah , Duke Sham- 
mah , Dnke Mizzah : thefe are the Dukes that 
cams of Reuel in the laud of Edom : thefe are the 
jj fonnes of Bafhemath Efaus wife. 

f Likewife thefe were the fonnes of Aho- 
libamah Efaus wife : Duke leulli , Duke laalam, 
Duke Korah: thefe Dukes came of Aholibamah, 
the daughter of Anah Efaus wife. 

19 Thefe are the children of Efau , and thefe 
are the Dukes of rhcm : This Ε/λ« is Edom. 

Τ * Thefeare the fonnes of Seir the HoritC; 
which ' inhabited the land before Lotan 
Shobal , and Zibeon , and Anah. 

21 And Diihon , and Ezer , andDlHian : thefe 

Genifis. of Edom. loiepts drcaiU'. 

he land of Edom ] before there reigned «iyf 

1 Whithcititi 
riiier Eu. 

in tl 

King ouer the children of Ifrael. . 

32 TJien Bela the fonne of Beor reigned in E• 
dom.and the name of his citie was Dinhabah. 

53 And when Bela died , lobab the fonne 01 
Zerah of Bozra reigned in his ftead. 

34 when lobab alfo was dead, Hiiiham of the 
landof Temani reigned in his ftead. 

55• And after tlic death of Hufliam , Hadad the 
fonne of Bedad , which ilew Midian m the held of 
Moab» reigned in his ftead, and the aame of his 
citie was Aaith. 

36 When Hadadwasdead.thenSamlatiof 
Mafrekah reigned in his ftead. 

3 7 When Samlah was dead, Shaul of ^ Reho- , 
both by the riuer.reigned in his ftead. Lares"" 

38 when Shaul died ,Kaal-hanan the fonne ! 
of Achbor reigned in his ftead. ; 

39 And after the death ofBaal-hanan the j 
fonne of Achbor , Hadad reigned in his ftead, and | 
the name of his citie vvat Pau : and his wiues j 
name Mehetabel the daughter of Matred , the j 

I) daughter of Mezahab. L'jcv, λ 

40 Then thefe are the names of the Dukes of ! 
Efau according to their families . tiieir places ani \ ' 
by their names : Duke Timna. Duke Aluah, Duke 
letheth, ; 

41 Duke AhoHbamah , Duke Elah , Duke Pi- ' 

42 DukeKenaz.DtikeTeman.DukeMibzar, j. 

43 ■ Duke Mdgdiel , Duke Iram : thefe bee the ' 
Duices of Edom , according to their habitations,' 
in the land of their inheritance. This Efau is the 
father of «Edom. 

^,„ CHAP. XXXVII. i 

»( jteHi* »ccnfeth i it liTrlhr,-n. $ Hec *ijniffi rfirf « hjtect of hi: 
''itfthr/jt. 28 Tk>f fl him le tie ifimeAitu, 3+ /*ifei i-t- 
rejtUtb lopfi. 

Τ Aakob now dwelt in the laiid.wherein his father 
was ^ a ftran»er,in the land of Canaan. 

ί of Edom came 
the idiimeans. 

I 2 Thefe are the generations of laakob fz//;i«® 

I lofeph was feauenteene yeere old, he kept Iheepe j, 

i with his brethren, and the childe was with the thap 

_ ! fonnes of Bilhah , and with the fonnes of Zilpah, i 

and \ his fathers wiues , And lofeph brought vnto their j 

' father their euill || ^ fayin». I O' 

3 Now Ifrael louealofejih more then all his * ''' 

a That is , til 

of inch thin(_ 
le to him and 
family, aSi. 

flery , 



are the Dakes of the Horites . the fonnes of Seir fonnes . becaufe he begate him in his old Age and ζ^ά inimies 

ted with ti'.ofc 
which God had 
cieated, found out 
the monHtuoiis 
jgeneiation of 
jnules betwcene 
the AiTe and the 

g The wicked lile 
vp fnddeuly toho- 
quickly : but th 

httitance of tilt 
chUdtca of God 
Γίίΐ. iQl.tS. 

in the landof Edom. 

22 And the fonnes of Lotan were , Hori and j 
Heman,and Lorans lifter was Timna. 

23 And the fonnes of Shobal were thefe : Al- ! 
lian, and Manahath, and Ebal, Shepho.and Onam, [ 

24 And thefe are the fonnes of Zibeon ; Both 
Aiah.and Anah : this was Anah that found f mules 
in the wi!dernes,as he fed his facherZibeons alfes. 

2j And the children of Anah were thefe : Di- 
ihon and Aholibamah , the daughter of Anah. 

26 Alfo thefe are the fonnes of Dilhan : Hem- 
dan.and Efliban, and Ithran.and Cheran. 

27 The fonnes of Ezer are thefe : Bilhan, and 
Zaauan.and Akan. 

! The fonnes of Diflian are thefe,'Vz,and Aran. 

29 Thefe are the Dakes of the Horites : Duke 
Lotan.Duke Shobal,Duke Zibeon,Duke Anah. 

^o Duke Diflion ,Duke Ezer , DukeDiflian : 
thefe b?e the Dukes of the Horites , after their 
Dukedomes in the land of Seir. 
31 ί And thefe are the 8 Kings that reigned 

he made him a coate of many II coulers. • (which theyfpalit 

4 So when his brethrcniaw that their father |"^ ^^ ^S»"*" 

loued him more then all his brethren,the they ha- γ"'^ ^,;,„,. 

ted him, & could not fpeake peaceably vnto him. 
y f And lofeph « dreamed a dreame,and told 

his brethren, who hated him fo much the more. 

6 For he faid vnto them , Heare , I pray you 
this dreame which I haue dreamed. 

7 Behold now, we were binding flieaues in the 
middes of the field : and loe , my Iheaue arofe and 
alfo ftood vpright.and behold, your flieaues coin- 
palled round about, & did reuerece to my flieafe, 

8 Then his brethren faid to him , wfiar, fhalt 
thou reigne ouer vs , and rule vs ? or ftialt thoil 
haue altogether dominion ouer vs? And they ^ ha- 
ted him i'o much the more , for his dreames , and 
for his words. 

9 f Againe he dreamed another dreame,'^nd JFthe wicked 
told it his brethren, andfaide. Behold, I haue had Mge agaijift 
one dreame more, and behold,the Sunne and the 
Mociic and. eleuea ftarres did reuerence to mee. j 

10 TlKrt 

God iciitaled to 

itni by adteame 

hat iliould <om< 


tUe favoiiLible to 
lis , the mote 
^oeth the malice 

P nfe^ o 


e Netde.pifingtlie ieeking 

ippeafe his bie- 

* Or, Kft *■''- 

Hceknew tliat 
God was author 
of the dteimc, but 
Jice vjidetfiood 
SDi the meaning. 

Chap. X X XIV Π. laakob mourneth.Er am^ unan. i y 

lo Then he tolde it vnto his father & to his bre- 1 of the goates, and dipped the coate in the blood. . 
thren, and his father « rebuked hini.andfaid vn- 3^ So they fenc that particoloured coattj.k audi τβ%»ί.,,ι„ 
ro him, what is this thy dreame, which thou haA they brought it vnto their father, andi.iyd, This Lr.efrengits, ν,Μ* 
dreamed ί Ihall I, and thy mother,& thy brethren haue wee foiinde : fee now , whether u be thy We lent, 
come in deede& fall on the ground before thee? fonnes coate.or no. _ ,^ , , . ^ | • 

1 1 And his brethren enuicd him.but his father i 3 3 Then he knew ir,and fayd. It u my fonnes 
« f noted the fay ino. | ^o^te : a wicked beaft hath * deuoured him; lo- ■ 

Then his brethren Went to keepe their feph is furely torne in pieces. ^ . , * ort^tiill'um. 

fathers flieepe iu Shechcm. 34 Andlaakob rent h:s cloathes, and nut fack-L•.,,,^ /, ,.:":;'; 

I J And iTrael faide vnto lofeph , Doe not thy S cloatli about his loynes . and (orrowed for his&.«^ 
brethren keepe in Shechem?come and I will fend i fonne a long feafon. LtrhnotS 

thee to them. SJ Then all his fonnes & his daughters arofe νρ^^^^,^,-^,,^ 

And he anfwered him, I am here. Then he s to comfort him,but he would not be comtorted.lis gelded, b..t 


h thy brethren, and howe the flockes prober, " my fonne mourning : lo his father wept for him. Λ"; ^^.^^ "8 
I brino me word a<>aine ; fo he fent him fi-om 3^ And the Midianites folde him into Egypt ^ or. .,f ,•« ./ 

vnto Potiphar 1 an Eunuch of Pharaohs rtnd his »*'£•»'*. 

* c heife iteward. j 


i W? mtihgt oft«(U. 7. 9 TAf tr^-:f •/ £r Anions, 
»iii th vfHgmnci of Gea tktt 
liith nith hit liiught/r in Urn T.ii 
he ittrnt ftr ttrier,'don:e. 2?, 30 


and bring me word ^ 

the vale of Hebron, and he came to Shechem, 

I J f Then a man found him .v for loe, he was 
wandring in the fielde , and the man asked him, 
faying.what feekeft thou? 
' i6 And he anfwered,I feeke my brethren: tell 
me, I pray thee, where they kccpufxepe. 

17 And the man faid,they are departed iience: 
for I heard them fay. Let vsgoe vnto Dothan. 
Then went lofeph alter his brethren , and found 
them in Dothan. 

IherevpoK. iS ludii 
ur. 1+ Tjm^i iudgtdto 
The lirlh ofPhm^Mi Zj• . 

A Nd at that time a ludah went dow^ fn 

η Mofe: defcridj 

his brethren , and turned into a mai>H!iapra *eth ihe «ereaii 

HirahanAdullamite. , , ^ . . GX' 

And ludah fawc there the daughter of aiMenias i 

g Theb'elyGhoft i 

, β Δη J Jhf^n rlif^v faw him afarre off, euen ^ And ludah lawe tncre tne daugnter or aiMenias a^oM 
b,n,fo.rnn.vb,m. ^ Soii;econceiuedandbareafonne,andheei^X'^;''„,»;ar6' 

1 another. Behold this 

jiiale vice veitiie 

■i Ebr. in vt I 
I \i4tthii tlfr. 

doevaine 1 9 For they faide oiic 
which ,* dreamer commeth. 

20 Come now therefore , and let vs flay him, 
and caft him into fome pitte, and wee will fay, A 
wicked beaft heath deuoured him : then wee a«ll 
fee, what will come of his drcames. 

2 1 * But when Reuben heard that , he deliue- 
red him out of their hands , and faide, iLetvs 
not kill him. , , , 

22 Alfo Reuben faide vnto them , Shed not 

called his name Ere 

4 * And Uie conceiued againe & bare a fonne.'of cod. 
and fte called his naiiie Onan. * N« ly. 

. ;iij Moreouer Hie bare yer a fonne , whom ίΐτβι 
called Shelali : and /W»/; was at Chezib when! 
Hie bare hira. ; 

6 Then ludah tooke a wife to Er his firft 
borne /«««i,whofe name vvat Tamar. 

7*NowEr^ firftborne of ludah was wicked in;'•• Hum. ιί.τΛ| 


that he miglit deiiuer him out ' 
ftore him to his father. 

vnto her, and raife c \ ρ feede vnto thy brother. ! foi the pretenu- 
9 And knew that the feede fliouk] not* '>on ot ihe flrdit. 

! 23 Now when lofeph was come vnto his , ^, . "V" %•"" C'.^ i^,". ',.^ρ'γ,/,•1,'7.γ,^λ,Ηκ Km •i'«<^-* '•''"''*- 

feared man iore a pjt.and the pit vva, emptie,without water in it. „ ,^.° ^"^ 1 .^ I WW hee flew him alfo ""«.«f 'h' «'» = 
Aen God : and ( \' tu„„ .L•^ fate them downe to eate bread; which hee did : whe etore hee new nim aiio. _ ^^.ch .s m the 
thought it was ; ^J..J- "en tney late "^«^^ ""J , j, , , , , j jhen ludah faid to T.imar his daughter in „,„ Teiiamenc 

,ot murther. if and lift vp their eyes & lool^^ed.and behold,there ^ Remaine a widdow in thy fathers houfe, ^bolitcd. 

,ednothis: , came a company of Ilhmaelues ^-- Gi|-f -J ;^,73'j^,if^^-;j,„,e grcwe vp (tor hee thought t^^^^^f^ 

//w.Lejfthe die as well as his brethren,) So Ta- o,i,„ familyfo 
mar went and dwelt in lier fathers houfe. lor, s as i"d»h 

12 f And in procefle of time ^fo the dau-h- -o'|J;i^.^'""= . 
ter of Shuah ludahs wife died.Then ludah.v hen. * j,^ ^^ „„/^ 
he + bad left mourning, went vp to his fl^,eepe-„.v. 
Ihererto Timnah , hee, and his neighbour Kirah= 
the Adullamite. *> , ,, 

1 3 And it was told Tamar , faying , Behold,' 

blood : or els \, ti,^.;,. camels laden with fpicierie, 

il^rwheir fauii' \ myrrhe,&were going to cary it doWn intoEgynt. 

ΓΟ.,'.}",'",Γ":[ 2^ Then ludah faide to his brethren , what 

(in.• , arttff^U 
*Κψ• 10. 1 3. 
ffj. 105. •7. 
i Mofes writing 
iicording to the 

cpinion of them 
vhich tooie the 

Midftnitcs and 
ί in:maeliie«Eobe 

ifoth one , doth 
' their names : as 

alfo appeateth 


auaiieth it . if wee flay our brother , though wee 
kcepei his blood fecret ? 

27 Come and let vs fell him to the Tflimaehtes, 
and let not our hands be vpon him: for he is our 
brother, *nd our flefli : and his brethren obeyed. 

28 Then the Medianites marchant men palled 
by,& they drew forth,&: lift lofeph out of y pit, 
and fold lofeph to the Ilhmaelites for twenty 
piecet of filuer: who brought lofeph into Ef Jφt. 

29 ^ Afterward Reuben returned to the pit. 

thy father in law goeth vp to Timnah 
i his Iheepe 


1 4 Tiion fl c put her widdowes gai mcnts offj 
•tu.i,cuu.uic..u !fromhcr.andcouered/jirwithavaile,andwrap-|. 

"jo'l'SmiJ to hisbr«hr«,.Sc M, Th. ί ,h« StefJ, was gr'o»en . mcKl» «as ,». P""F: i- 

■ \vas fitft ofteied to 
t ?oMi To'tht Child is"noty;»i.r.and I. ^yhither i^f^^S^Jl^. 

j I And tliey took lofephs coate.Sc killed α Kid 

vnto him to wife. .,11. 

J J When IudaJ\ law her , bee nidged her an 
•' where:: 

ludah and fTamar. Phares and Zarah borne. 

dei-fiifly olinitd 
Iiim cKaS he coiiM 



f Tliaf his VriC 
litdnefl'e miflit 
not be knovfea to 
«th(.-t> „ 

V'liora ; for (lie had coucred her face. 

r<i And he turned to the way towar Jes her, 
and faid, Carne.I pray theejet mee lie with thee, 
(for he " kr.evve not 'that ihevvashis daiigliter in 
lavve.)AnJ ihe aiifu'erecl.VVhat wilt thou giue me 
for to lie with mee } 


lofepb tempted tb Ugatti^ 

j did to profper in his hand, 

; 4 Solofcph foundefauourinhis fight , and 

feriied him : and mile him c ruler of his lioiiie, 

and pflt aU that he hid in his hand, 
y And fi-om that time that lie hadnwJe him ι,ρ.ο , , 
i ruler ouer iiis hoiife and ouer all that he had, tloe yiohie. 

c Biijuft Λ*. 

profpercd I . 'f? 
and lo i,e . " ^ 
Imo : ro it. «J». 

ip Then faid he,T will fend thee a kid of the I Lord ^ Welled the Egyptians hoiiie for lofephs ^ ^he ivicied 
goax>s from the flocke, and llTcf.iid.Wi/i, if thou i iake ,andtheble(iing of the Lord was vpcn ail *"* ' 

wilt giue mee a pledge,till thou fend it. that he had in the houfe^andin the fielde. 

_;P ^L. ._,--•. -.-;_.•.,_,. τ ^ .1.. τ ^ Therefore he left aly he had in lofephs hand, 

* and tooke account of nothin'' , that was with 

i Then he faid , What is the pledge that I 
fliall giue thee? And Ihe enfwered.Thy fignct.and 
thy *clokc and thy ftaffe that is in thine hand. 
So he g.iue it her , and lay by her , and ihae was 
with childe by him. 

1 9 Then ihi rofe.and went and piit her vaile ; 
from hei and put on her widowes rayraent. j 

20 Aftsrwarde luda'i fent^ kid of the goates ! 
by the hande of his f neighbour the Adullamiie, j Behold• 
for to receiue his pledge from the womans 
hand : but he found lier not. 

21 Thenas'v?d he the men of the place.fajing , 
Wheie is the whore, thttftts in Enaim by y way 
•'idfc, ? And they anfwered , There was no whore 

blelled by the com 
gajiyof the godljs, 

e For he wj? aflii• 
led tint a]l things 
Qioidc! proiper 
well; ihereioie hei 

Nowe therefore after tliefe thinges , hisi ''« ""* dtaniie an< 

tooke no cjie. 
f In this » ord 
, hee declareth 

But he refufed and faid to his matters wife,' the in.-nme 
my mailer knowcth not what /jfi /jdr/; ^hereunto jU 
the hoiife with mee , but hath committed all; 
that he hath to mine hand. i 

9 There is no man greater in this houfe then li 
neither hath he kept any thing from me Jjut onlyj 
thecbecaule thou art his wife. how then can I doi 
diis great wickedneile and/o finne againfts God? S V'•' &«« efGof 

him.faue only of j bi ead, whicli he did eate. And 
lofeph was a faire perfon,and well fauoured, 

mafters wife caft her e)es vpon lofeph, and faid J 
ί Lie with mee. 1 

her riarteriiidfi 

I Ο And albeit Ihe fpake to iofeph'daj; by day': !?'<'""'? '^ 
the hearkened not \ 
to be in her company. 

2Z Hee came therefore to ludah againe , and i 
I faid, lean not find her ..TOdalfo the men of the j yet he hearkened not vnto 
■ place faid, There was no whore there. 

J 23 Then ludah faid. Let her take it to her, 
leaft wc be t g ihamed ; beholde , I feat this kid. 
and thou hall not found her. 
24 f Now after three moneths, oni tolde lu- 

:pn ctaytjy day J -^, 
lie with her , on no»il 

ft het conu'- ' 
itntltieut» ! 

tnou (heoi God. 

We fte that the 
.which waj 

jhea»,tw£ht rhem 
1w( whotjortie 
hoiild he pnni- 
jtted with death: 
klbei'tnelaV, as 

jsathei toaccitfe 
-mt then I J>et 
jk For the horioiir 
of the finr.c con- 
denuied !ujn . 

dah,faying,Tamar ihy daughter in law hath j^ai- 
ed the whore.and lo, with playing the whore,iIie 
is great with childe. Then ludah laid , Bringyee 
her forth and let her be ivburnt. 

2y when ih; was brought foorth, flie fent to 

her lavv.faying. By the man,vnto whom 
thefe things fename, am I with childe : and fayd 
aIlO,Looke I pray thee.whofe thefeare,the feaie, 
and the cioke.and the ftafte. 
vtiwaigiMn. i ^^ Then ludah knew f/;if»j,and faide.Shee is 
1 That is* (he otighj » more righteous then I : for fhe hath done /> be- 

'■ caufe I gaue her not to Shelali my fonne. So hee j away .and got him out 
lay with her ?* no more, 

27 f Now.when the time was come that flie 
ihould be deliiiered, beholdcitherez/i/eri twinnes 
in her wombe. 

28 And when )he was m»» one put out his 
Jiand; and y midwife tooke &'bound a red thritd 
about his ha^d .faying.This is come outrirft. 

29 But when hei plucked his handbackea- 
gaine,loe,his brother came out,and the midwife 
laidc.Howc haft >" thou broken the breach vpon 
thee? and his name was called *i''haicz. 

?,o And afterward came out his brother that 
hid the red threed about his hand , and liis name 
was called Zarah. 


I Itp-yfti fold to Pttifiar. 2 α<:ίΐτ,β>•ηίί IIti. 7 rell- 
ft^'s mifetfmftitt^Hn. \x. Jo H<v it Mcupi mJ αφ in 
Jin fen. ii Corf ji •»■■(* iim/.rjoar. 

NOW lofeph was brought down into Egypt : 
and Potiphar'an EunucheofI'haraohs(rt«ii 
hu chief fteward an Egyptia)bought him at f had 
of y Iflimsclires, which nad brought him thither, 
α And the b Lord was with lofeph , and hee 
wa^ a man that prof[)ired and was in the houie of 
iiis m.after the Egi-jirian. 

3 And his niafter fawe that the Lo: u vvai 
yifuh hira , and that the Lord made ail that hee 

1 1. Then on a certaine day lofeph entrcd into 
i the houfe to doe his bufinelle ; and there was nc^ 
; man of the houihold in the houfe. j 

' 12 Therefore Ihe caught him by his gaiTCenr.i' 
, faying, Sleepe with mee : but he left his garmenci 
I in her^hand and fled.and got him out. j 

i 13 Now when Ihee (awe that hee had left hi'sj 
I garment in her hand,and was fled r>ur. ' 

14 Shee called vnto the men cf her houfe,an{ij 



tolde them,, fay ing , Beholde, he hath brought in! 
an Ebrewe vnto vs t to mocke vs : who came i» j -fOr'/f »•'<(« ν/)ίίίκ- 
to iriee for to haue ilept'vvith mee , but I '» crj-ed; "<' Md//,,mt. ', ' 
with a loude voyce. oJt^'^u^iaJ' ' 

I y And when'hee heard that I lift vp my voyccj li^l^Tc I's^the^e^l• 
and cryed,he left his garment with mee, and fledi unto is ioyneieit-tj 

' treame impuiency 
and craft. 

1 Their hj-nen? 

Anne wasfigniii- 

«d by this nioo- 


m Or the fepeta- 

tion betweeae 

tkeeaHdthy bro- 


* i.Cti•. ». 4. 


« Riide Chap. 
37. ii. 

b ΤΛ« fanom of 
end U the foim- 
Mine of all ptefpi- 


j Gr,«fiirtH 

6 So flielaydc vp his garment by her.Vntill 
her lord came home. 

1 7 Then (bee tolde him t according to thefc 
words, faying.TheEbrew feruant,which thouhaft 
brought vnro vs.came into me, to mocke me. 

1 X But adbne as I lift vp my voyce and ςτίοιΓ, 
he left his garment with me.and fled out. 

I ρ Then when his mafter heard the words of! 
Iiii wife,which Ihe told him.faying, After this ma-| 
ncr did thy feruant to me.his anger was kindled. ; 

20 And lofephs mafter tooke him and put; f Eir. iV iit 
him in t » prifon , in the place , where the kings ir•'/•"*^'*/'•. 
prifoners lay bound:and there he was in prifon. i ;„^";; -i;'" "|1"1"' 

21 f But the Lord v/as with lofeph , and] ibn, may be gathc- 
t fhewed him mercy , and gorhimfauourin the redo. Pial. 
fight of the * mafter of the prifon. 

22 And the keeper of the prifon committed tp 

lofephs hand all the prifoners that were in f pri- 

■ at did he, 

fon,and ^ whatfoeuer the)' dd there, th 

23 And the keeper of the prifon looked vnto 
nothing that was vnder his hand, feeing tha: the 
Lord was with him: for whatfoiuef liee did,the 
Lordma.k it to profper. 


t It? rntrrfHition»l^tli"Ji"t ΰ cfGctl. 11, i» Icf.ffi 
fuKith Ike drrim^cftit t.tPi f^ifmc'S. tj neii>£', 
telle «ftiv htirr, 

'. ^ And. 

marty v*fo rtm. 

t- Or, lord. 

i That is, nothing 

was done \tiiho* 

his cojiunanie- 



+- Οι•, »κ>ι «*.'/.«<* 

titm. tl-ll ft 
Μ «^* ^/ijtf . O. 

th/m tui mm 

Λ Gci vTOilrtth 
many wondcifuH 
mearics to deliuei 

% That is, «ntry 
ihc thing aficiT' 
Tiaid declared. 

t EJr. jfiy ere)»vr 
jf*et niUi 

t Cannot God 
liiie \f fntl» ai 
(kail inie picte 

A>;ci after thefe thino-s, the butler of the ICino- 
<,f Egypt • ' • ' • - • ■ • ■ - '" 
th<i K'livj: of Esypt. 

■f Egypt and his balder o&ncled their Lord 

' ky cjie,ipiiit of 
INnctation wa< 

• Hee «6Λ4 n« thee, viito mc, and « make mention of me i 

to be 

leliutced, whicb 
ke theaghi C«l 
f Or^filtrtit. 

t "ribt If made «i 
vrhiic twi(^,ai as 
fome teade^ 
t'jskets fidl of 

Hee ftevveth 
SiatAe minincts. 
f God ought not 
to conceale that, 
hich Oodte- 
iKaleih vnto then*. 
ii Which was an 
acca/ion to 
iippoint his offi- 
icis}, and Γη ro 
rxaiiu'ne iheni 
iai we.^ in 

2 Aiiti Phaiaoh was ai'giie a^ainfi his two 
t Officers , agaiiift the chitfe btitier , and againll 
the chiefe baker. 

3 Tlierefore he put them in ward in his chiefe 
fiewards the prifon and place wherej lo- 
leph was boi.nd. 

4 And the chiefe fleward gauc lofeph charge 
oner them, and he ferued them ; and they ccnri- 
mied a feaibu in war Je. 

f f And they both dreamed a drearrc , ey- 
ther of them iiis dreame in one night, '"eche one 
according to the interpretation of his dreame, 
ietfj the butler and the baker t.f the King of E- 
gypt.which were bound in the prifon. 

6 And when lofeph came in vnto them in 
the morning , and looked vpon them , beliolde, 
they were fad. 

7 And he asked Pharaohs officers , that were 
wit!) him iii his maftcrs wardc, faying.V/herefore 
t looke ve (o fadi'y to d?v ? 

8 who aiifwered hitn .Wee haue dreamed 
eclje one a dreame , and there is none ro interprete 
the fame, Then lofeph faid vnto there, ' Are not 
interpretations of God ? tell them me now. 

9 So the chiefe butler to!d his dreame to lo- 
feph, and faid vnto him , In ray dreamc.belioid, a 
vine i)viu before me, 

I ο And in the vine were tl• branclies.and as 
[ it buddcdjher floiire came foiv..; and the clufters 
• of grapes waxed ripe, 

1 1 And I had Pharaohs cup in mine hande, 
andltooke the grapes , and wrung them into 
Pharaohs cup , and I gaue the cup iuco Pharaohs 

1 ζ Then lofeph faid vnto him.This ^ is the in- 
lerpraatio of it;^ three branches are three daies. 

13 Within three dayes ihallPharaoh lift vp j 
thine iiead,and reftoretliee vnto thinetoffice.and 

j thou flialt giue Pharaohs c':p into his hand after 
the olde maner , when thou waft his butler, 

14 But haue mee in remenibrance with thee, 
when diou art in good cafe ,& ihsw mercy ,1 pray 

XL I, dreames. Pharaohs dneames, id 

22 But he hanged the chiefe bahcr^as lofeph 
had interpreted vnto them. 

23 Vet the chiefe butler did not remercbei 
lofeph , but for gate him, 


r^ltr .un Atl Sgsjt ^i Uf-il, ntmei, ib*»i«L ssH«i-U 
ttraftnnts Mjtj^l• «,-,rf Elkrjim. 

Λ Nd t two yeeres after . Pharaoh alfo » th-ea 
'**• med.and behold.he ftcod by a riucr, 

2 And loc , there c.m-.e out of the riucr feuet 
t good.y kiueandf.u-fitflxd.andthcyfedin; 
I medov/: 

3 And !oe, feueii other kine came vp after their 
out of )'^ tiuer, euillfauoured & Icane ficihod, snt 
flood by the other kine vpcn tie brink of y riucr 
4 And the euilifauoutcd di\a Icane (ielhed kinf 
did eate vp the fcuen welfauoured and fatte kine 
fo Piiaraoli awoke 


J ni.sdiesBii 
v^a^uo: Icmuch 
foi rharaoh, as id 
be a mcanes to 
deiiiici lo.^h. 
and to picu'd* 
lot Cciis churck. 

t o•- He' 

raohjthat thou maleiiLringme out of this houfe. 

1 J For I was ftollen a.vay by theft out of f land 

of theEbrcwes,8c here alio haue I done nothing, 

wherefore they iLouid put me t in the dungeon. 

16 And when the chieL' baker fa we that the 
interpretation was good, hee faid ν nro lofeph, 
Alfo mee thought in roy dreame that 1 had three j 
f white baskets on mine < 

17 And in the vppcrrrioft basket there vva/ of j 
all manerfaaken meatcs for Pharaoh.-and j birde j 
did eate them out of the basket vr on mine head, ! 

1 8 Then lofeph anfwered , and faid . g This is ! 
the interpretationthereof : The three baskets are . 
three dayes: 

19 Within three dayes flial! Pharaoh take ; 
tliinc head from thee, & ihall hang thee on a tree ; 
and die birdes ihaii eate thy fieili from off thee. j 

20 And fo the third day ,ί-ι^ίί./) vvat Pharaohs j 
* bii thday,. hee made a LaA vnto all his feruants: / 
and he lifted vp the head of the.xhiefe butie.r,.iad 
die head of the chiefe baker among his feruants. ^ 

2 1 And he reftored the chiefe butler vnto his t 
tutJeriliJp/vho^auethe cugintoiiuiMe&jiwniis. \ 

Againe he llept .and dreamed the *fcccncjb''/.ii .heft Ktati 

and behold , (eiien eares of cc-rne grew vp-j ood vu.h to ^ 

en one iljlke.rankc and goodly. ■ jli«t.l.;sfeniaa«. 

6 And loe . feuen thin cares . and blafted ^kHuitZi^ 
the eail wind, (prang vp after diem. j»whodt;«. 

7 And the thinnc cares deuourcd the feneij 
ranke and full eares , then Pharaoh awaked , and 
loe ;i fMf/ a dream.e. , | 

8 Kowe when the rcornirg came , his friritd . . - 

was c troubled ; therefore hee lent and railed ali ,'„"^,',ν"?.Π" ' 
the ioothfayers of Ei^ypt ,and all the wife mer^ him liat this , 
thereof, and Phar.ioh tcide them his dreames :■, ^'*"""' *>" '*»' •* j 
but i none could intcrp: ete them to Pharaoh. | ^'^j,^ ^^^j-^ ^ { 

9 Then fpake the chiefe butler vnto Pharaoli j ,ht nuOd vnder^ | 
fajin g,I e call to minde n.y faults this day. i «and not cods 

10 Pharaoh being angry with his feruants, pu|i"'*"''^,'"''i}f | 
me in ward in the cliicfc lie wards houfe,^e</j mcj''"'ejei ' 

and the diiefc b.tker. • e nee conferitk 

1 1 Then wee dreamed a dreame in one niflm^'• *^"'^' »?''"* 
toth I,.-iDd he : Niee drermed each man accorduig '/^,Κ*• 7"*^ 
to the interpretation of his dreame. loi^!»• 

1 2 And there was with vs a young man.a Ebr- 
ew, fcruaiit \ nto the chiefe fteward, whom «hen 
we to'd.liedeciared our dreames to * vs.toeiiCry » Ktti cji^^' 
one he declared according to his drean-.e. to-s- 

j 5 And as he declared vnto vs , ίο it came to 
pafie : for he reftored me to mine office,and han- 
ged him. I 

14 * Then fe'nt Pharaoh, and called floil-phi-^f-^•' -'s^• 
and they brought him hallily out ofprifon,ar.di,e U. ,oXlL 
liiaued him , and cuanged his raiment , and came *eii of codin 
to Pharaoh. f'*^ necciHt•^ 

I y Then Pharaoh faid to lofeph,! hai;e Ατα-'ζΙ'Ι^^^Ι^ 
med a dreame , and no man can intf rp-rerc ir, 
1 h.auc heard iay cf thee.tfjur vtjiun tl-ioti hcareil a 
dreame, thou cnnft interprete it: j 

16 And loleph anfwered Pharaoh , faj-ing,; , . -i_ 
f Without mc God ihal I + «nfwerc for the wtaii5i ξ,^ω 3 Tt 

Cf Pharaoh. ^. ijnte<y:e« thy 

17 And Pharaoh faydvnto lofeph : Itrmy»*^"*. « 
dieame;beho!d,I ftood by the banke of the riucr; ^5^*^^^^^^ 

1 8 And !oe,there came vp out of the riiierfe- '^ z^^tw•,/ 
ucn fat flcllied , am.! weifadoured kine , and they^*«. 
ίζά m the medowe. | 

19 AifoJoe . fe'jcn other kine came vpaftcr' 
them pore aad vcrj' ί emlifauoured kine, and t -Ei'• ■*«!!•! 
leanefieiheil : I neuer fawe the like in aji die land ( 
of Egypt , tor eniifjuaureA i 

•^o Aiid tlvi. kxtima euufkaoucsdkine <Iid 

ioieptiex piundeth Pharaohs dreames, Gencfis. and is made ruler ouer Egypt. Falmiifc, 

{ EW. tfrrtgalif 
t»t» thiir iiit»*ri 

h Beth his iJtcame: 
vtai CO one end. 


i The offiie of a 
«He Propliet, is no 
oncly to Uie tv the 
eiiils to come, but 
alfo the remedies 
fei the fame. 

eate vp the firft feiien fat kinc 

21 And whin they t hati eaten them vp : it 
could not hz knowen that they had eaten them, 
but they were iliU as eui'l fauoured, as they were 
at the beginning: fo did I awake. 

22 Morcouer I faw in mydreame , & behold, i 
feuen eares fprang out of one ftalke.fal & faire. 1 

2,^ And be.feiien eares withered ,thinne,rf«i j 
blafted with the Eaft wind , fprang vp aftir them, , 

24 And the thinne eares deiioiired the i'euen 
good eare3. Now I haue told the foothi'ayers. and 
none can declare it vnto mee. ! 

2J• f Then lofeph anfwered Pharaoh, ^ Both ■ 
Pliaraohs dreames are one. God hath Ihewed ! 
rharaoh what he is about to doe. i 

2(5 The feuen good Kine are feuen yeeres.and ; 
the feuen good eares are feuen yeeresrthis is one ; 

27 Likewife the feuen thinne and euil fauou- 
red kine , that came out after them. , are ieuen 
yeeres : and the feuen emptie eares blafted with 
the Eaftwind.are feuen yeeres of famine. 

28 This is the thin» which I haue fayd vnto 
I'haraoh , that God hath fiiewed vnto Tliaraoh, 
what he is about to doe. 

29 Behold , there come feuen yeeres of great 
\ * plentie in all the land of Egypt, 
j 50 Againe , there iliall arife after themfeiiert 

yeeres of famine , fo that all the plentie fhall bee 
j forgotten in the land of Egypt , and the famine 
Uiall confume ihe land: 
3 1 Neither flial the plentie * be knowen in the 
I laiid, by reafon of this famine u\a.i fbdl come after, 
for it.ihalbe exceeding great. 
^z And therefore the dreame was doubled vn- 
i to" Pharaoh the fccond time .becaufe the thing is 
eflabliihcd by God,and God hafteth to perform it. 
^ ^ Now therefore lot Pharaoh ί prouide for 
a man of vnderftanding and wifdome , and fet 
him ouer the land of Egypt. 

_34 Let Pharaoh make and appoynt officers o- 
ueir the land, and take vp the hft part of the land 
of Egypt in the feuen plenteous yeeres. 

55: Alfo let them gather all the foode of thefe. 
good yeeres that come , and lay vpcorne vnder 
the hand of Pharaoh for foode , in the cities , and 
let them keepe it. 

^6 So the foode ihallbe for the prouifion of 
the land, againft the feuen yeVires of famine .which 
fiialbe in the land of Egypt , that the land periih 
not by famine. 

$y % And the faying pleafed Pharaoh and all 
bis ieruants. 

38 Then faid Pharaoh vnto his feioiants , Can 
It Neae (henld 6e we find fuch a man as this, in whom is the * Spirit 

of God? ! 

39 Then Pharaoh faide to lofeph , Forafmucli : 
as God hath fliewed thee all this, there is no man \ 
of vnderftanding , or wifedome like vnto thee. ; 

40 * Thou ilialt be ouer mine houfe.and atihy j 
t ί word iliall all my people be armed, only in the \ 
kings throne will I be aboue thee. \ 

41 Moreouer Pharaoh faid to lofeph. Behold, j 
I haue fet thee ouer all the land of Egypt. | 

42 And Pharaoh tooke oft'his * ring from his ' 
hand , and put it vpon lofephs hand , and arayed ' 
him in garments of tine liunen , and put a golden j 
chaine about his necke. 

43 So hee fet him vpon the t bill clwet that 

he had, fane one : and they cried befure him,, 
»" Abrech , and placed him ouer all the lande ofj , - 
Fo-viir m In figne of he. 

•^c.>t"- . , T. ■-•J -r /- . , noin•, ivhichwotej 

44 Agame Pharaoh laide vnto lofeph, I am iomccxround.ten 

ptefened to hi 
nciir, that haue no 
gifts ofGodmteti; 
tor the fame. 
"^Ρμ- 105. ί,. 
i43» 7.10. 
'^ £»u maaib. 
1 Some lead, the 
people flialUiilTe 
4hy monthl, that is 
fliall obey thee in 
* Or. hUf^tet. 


Pharaoh , and without thee ihali no man lift vp' ^'^'^ ^'''^'' 
his hand or his foote in the land of Egypt. i 0^" fedf do'^^'lfe 

4^ And Pharaoh called lofephs name * Zaph-i * or, tUe c^o«n' 
nath-paaneah ; and he gauehimto wifeAfenath''''""'//'^''"'• 
the daughter of Poti-pherah ■>< Prince of On. * "''f'^- 
then went lofephabroadein thelandof Egypt. ' . . ■ 

4(i -1 And lofeph was « thirty yeere olcf when Ironed bfrVto"'"" 
he Itonde before i'haraoh King oi Egiptrand lo- ii'w *at ^^^ m- 
feph departing fi-om the prefence of Pharaoh, '''""" ""V^ 
went throughout all the land of Egypt. : .h^fhe'.fced 

47 And m the feuen plemeoiis yeeres the earthjimprifonment aac 
t brought forth ftore. ic.^ijjc twelueyee- 

4? And he gathered vp all the foode in the fe-il" ftTV* 
uen plenteous yeeres , which were in the land of gMtlyL•)'. 
E":ypt,and layde vp foode in the cities:the foode 
of the fjelde,that was roundabout euery citie,!ayd 
hee vp in the fame, 

49 So lofeph gathered wheate,Hke vnto the I 
fande of the fea in multitude out of meafure.vntill ; 
hee left numbring: for it -uvas without number. :. 

5Ό Now vnto lofeph were borne * two fonnesi* <^^•ψ•+<.ίο. ar.t 
(before the yeere of famine came) which Afe-j''^^'^' 
nath the daughter of Poti-pherah prince of On 
bare vnto him. 1 

yi And lofeph called the name ofthefirftj 
borne Manafieh : for Godfaidhe, hath made mei 
forget all my labour & all my ο fathers hoiiihold. '* Nocvn'thitan. 
52 Alfo he called the name of the fecond , Ε-^"|ί,'^^'^^;^^^^' 
phraim : For God,fitjfd he, hath rnade me fruirfull jthe tme'chiiKh 
in the land of mine afflidlion. of God^^-et the^, 

5-3 f So the feuen yeeres of the plentie that *»"SP£^y-of'M 
was in the land of Egypt were ended. ^'γΙ? 7,2"L• 

J4 * Then began the feuen yeares of famine to foigetit. ^ '• 
to come.iccording as lofeph had fayd : and the * Ά• »<« • 5»» ' 
famine was in all iandes , but in all the landiof i.. .' ,•] 

Egypt was * bread. ^ * Οτ,ί,^ί':, • 

5 y At the length all the land of Egypt was af- ... 

famiihed, and the people cried vnto Pharaoh for J 

bread. And Pharaoh faide vnto all the Egyptians, ,- - 
Goe to lofeph : what he faith to you.doe ye, 

ytf when the famine was vpon all the land,Io- 
feph opened all pfaces, wherein the florevvas' 
and foldevnto the Egyptians : for the famine; 
waxed fore in the land of Egypt. | 

J 7 And all the countries*came to Egypt to buy! * Or, t^mi u e- 
corne of lofeph . becaufe the famine was fore ib;^;';" »» /«/'■/*• 
all Iandes. j 


3 Ufifhs intlren come into Egyjit to buy reyji!. 7 Hfe ftiiowpfi 
ihiiti. mi tryeth them n Simeon ΰ {ut in frifon. 3+Tie| 
other got to fetch BeJiiJmiii. \ 

Τ Hen a laakob fawe that there was +foode in a This fteiy (hew- 
E.ovi>t,8c laakob faid vnto his fonnes,whyi eth plainly that st 
b gaze ye one vpon an other ? \ ^^^f •;«|;";- 

2 And iie faid. Behold, I haue heard that therej ..jdence , for the 
is foode in Egypt ,*Get you down thither,&. buy; profit of his 

vs foode thence, that wee may Hue and not die. λ^'""'''• 

3 ί So went lofephs ten brethren downe toi ^ ^'• "(Γ^είΐίωι^ 
buy corne of the Egyptians. ; of coimfell. 

4 But Beniamin lofephs brother , would not * /)«/ 7. 1 1. 
laakob fend with his brethren: for he faid.Leaftj 

death ihotild t befall him. ; ^ BirfiouU mn t 

y And the fonnes of Ifrael came to buy foode, 
among them that came ; for there was famine in 
ώ& land of Canaan. 

6 Now 

gimeon is i pptifoned 

c This aiiftmbling 
latfadesot the fa- 
thers not apptoued 
by Gedswocd 



4 The Egyprians 
by theiilingslite 
but God forbiddeth 

Chap. XLIII 

6 Kow lofeph was goxiernonr of the land, 
who fold toallthepjopleoftheland : thenlo- 
iTeph's brethren came, and bowed their face to the 
ground before him. 

7 And when lofeph fawe his brethren , hee 
knewe them , and c made himielfe Itrange to- 
ward them.aid fpake to diem roughly , and fayd 
vuto them , Whence come ye ? Who anfvvered. 
Out of the land of buy vitaiie. 

8 (Now lofeph knew his brethren , but they 
knew not him, 

9 And Iofephremembredthe*dreames,which 
he dreamed of them) &he faid vnto them,Ye are 
fpies,a»<i are come to fee the t weaknes of^ land. 

I ο Butthey fayd vntohim.Nay, my lord .but 
to buy vitaiie thy'ieruants arecome. 

I I Wee are all one mans fonnes ; wee meane 
truely,and thy feruants are no fpies. 

I ζ But hee fayd vnto them , Nay , but ye are 
come to fee the weaknefle of the land. 

1 3 And they faid,Wce thy ferua^its are twelue 
brethren , the fonnes of one man in the land of j 
Canaan : and beholde.the yongeft is this day with 
our father , and one |t is not. 

1 4 Againe lofeph layd vnto them , This is it 
that I fpake vnto you,faying,Ye are fpies. 

I y Hereby ye ihall be prooued : ■* by the life 
of Pharaoh , ye Ihall not goe hence , except your 
yongeft brotlicr come hither. 

6 Send one of you which may fet your bro- 

aufe thcii <oa• 
themof thcitfinae, 
they thought God 
would haue 
brought ihem te 

>le by this 
money. ' 

{v!tixe by any , ther,and ye Ihalbe kept in prilon.that your words 


feiihimryetlofephj . 

uuay be prooued , whether there be trueth in you. 

meM toacknow- 
ledge their 
faults, wBich 
etherwife they 
notild difl'cmble. 

or els by the life of Pharaoh ye are but fpies. 
ImiUeiofthjeii: j j 7 So he put them in warde three dayes, 
jF.ottuptwHsr - J g -j-j^gj^ lofeph fayd vnto them the third 

e And*etefoi«am day.This doe.and Hue i/er I e fcare God. 
«ne ana iiiO; j 1 9 If ye be true men , let one of your brethren 
, V• 'be bound in your prifon houfe, and goe ye , carie 

food..-/or the "famine of your houfes: 

20 * But bring your yonger brother vnto me, 
that your words may be tried , and that yee dye 
not: and they didfo. 

2 1 f And they faid one to another ,f We haue 
verily finned againft our brother , in that we fawe 
the anguill• of his foule.when he befought vs,and 
we would not heare him : therefore is this trouble 

,ψ -Chf. 


g God will taSe 

•with e-.u- ο wne 


f Ei/r. an i/iler/'e. 

h Though hee 

rigorous , y»f His 

brothedy aifc^ioi 

come vpon vs. 

22 And Reuben anfvvered them, faying.War- 
ned I not you , faying . * Sinne not againft the 
childe,and ye would not heare? and lo,his S blood 
is now required. 

23 (And they were not aware that lofeph vn- 
derfiood them : for he t fpake vnto them by an 

24 Then he turned from them, andh wept, and 
turn.'d to them againe, and com.Tiuned with them, 
ma :ooke Simeon from ;unon^ them , and bound 
him before their eyes. 

25 Τ So lofeph commanded that they flioukl 
£11 their Dckes with wheate , and put euery mans 
mon jy againe ill his facke , and giue them vitaiie 
for the iourney : and thus did he vnto them. 

26 And iliiy .-.y-d their vitaiie vpon their' af- 
fcs.and departed thence 

27 And ai "one of th ; η opened his facke for 
to giue his aifj piO'iJiider in the Inne.he efpyed 
his mctneyifor lo,it was in his fackes mouth. 

28 Then he fayi!. vnto his brethren , My mo- 
ney is reftor€d:fur' is cuea in my facke. And 

Ihed , and fayd one to anoilier , Whas is this, that 
God hath done vnto vs? 

29 ί And they came vnto laakob their father 
vnto the land of Canaan , and tolde him all that 
had befallen them.faying, 
3 ο The man who is lord of the land.fpake rough- 
ly tci vs,&pi!C vs ill prifon as fpies of the countrey. 

3 I And we fayd vnto him . V/e are true men, 
«««iiareno fpies. 

3 2 We be tweluc brethren , fonnes af eilir fa- 
ther : one || is not.^'.nd the yongeft w this day with 
our father in the land of Canaan. 

^^ Then the lord of the countrey fayd vnto 
vs, Hereby lliall I knowe if ye be true men: Leaue 
one of your brethren with me , and take^o^ foi 
tlie famine of yourhoufes,and depart, 

34 And bring your yongeft brother vnto me. 
that I may knov/e that yee are no fpies , but true 
men : β will I deliuer you your brother, and ye 
Ibal! pccupie in the land. 

35• Τ And as they emptied theii• la^J^ , be- 
holde ,• euery mans bundel of monej^'as ia his 
facke:and when they snd theirfather faw'the bun- 
dels oftheir moHey,they were -afraid. 

3(i Then laakob their father fayd to diem 
Ye haue robbed me of my children:Iofeph is not, 
and Simeon is not , and ye will take Beniaraia:aU 
thefe things || are againftkme. 

3 7 Then Reuben ani\vered his father, faying. 
Slay my two fonnes, if I bring him not to thee a- 
gaine: delinerhim tothin<;hand,andI will bring 
him to thee againe. % ' 

3 8 But he laid. My fonne faall not goe downe 
with you : for his brother is dead,and he is lefM- 
lone : if death come vnto him bj' the way which 
ye go , then ye lliall bring ray gray head with fe 
row vnto the graue. 


ij laaktb fuffmth Sentamm n Λ^ρ.ιτί with hitchiUreu. 
iS Simem is dt'.iuerei tut of ftifm. 50 lofeph goeth 
aftie ani neepeth, 

^ Ο w great a famine was in the land, 

2 And v^en they had eaten vp the vitaiie, 
^vhich they had brought from Egypt.their father 
faid vntothem,Turne again,izi^bny vsa litle food. 

3 Andludnhanfweredhim .faying .The man 
charged \s by an oathe , faying , + Neuer fee my 
face.except your brother be with you. 

4 If thou wilt fend our brother with vs 
will goe downc.'.nd buy thee foode, 

f But if thou wilt not lend hw , wee will not 
go downj : for the man faid vnto vs,•" Locke mee 
not in the face.cxcept your brother be with you 

6 And Ifraei fayd , Wherefore dealt yeefo 
euill with me, as to tell the man , whether yee had 
yet a brother or no? i, 

7 And tliey .mfwcred.The man asked ftrairly of 
Hour felucs Sc of ourkinred,iaying,Is yo-irf-.thcr 
yetaliue? haue ye any brother ? An.l we tolde him 
according to aeie v/ordes ; coijid we kn-nv cer- 
tainly y he would fay,B'ing your brother downe ? 

8 Then ihyd lud-hto.!:---• ' his f.:her , Send 
the' boy with me , that wee m :y ul - ..:i:l goe .and 
that we may Hue , and not die, LkJi .v?,and thou, 
and our children. 

9 I will bee furetie for him.of mine hr.nd fhalt 
thou require hi>n. * If I brJighimuottothee, *ct„^ 4^. 
and fee iaijn before thee , f then ie: rce bearc t EU.iiriUjniii 

k For they feemed 
r.ot to be couched 
with any lone to- 
ward their 
bieihren, whicb 
I'oriow: and partly 
a; appeaveth , he 

I This was a grilt 
tcntationto li'liot 
to flitter {o great 
famine in cliat 
land where God 
haiptomifedte ' 




-f Ebr.toihcinotitli 
of thefe words : 
diat is, that thing, 
which lie asked . 



Beniamingyeth with his brethren. 


b When we arc ii 
r.eceilitit or dan - 

tei , God foibid- 
eih not lo vie sU 
fceiict onr eflace and 
c Oiirchiefe truft 
«.uglii tobeinGed, 
and net in 
vs'Oildiy meanes. 
rt M.tipe..k«th 
there words not fo 
miitli ofdcfyaitt, 
a; tomalve his 
fonues mot caic- 
fnjl to bring agiini 

II Or . K> itf ru/'r 

t So tht inJgement 
of Godprellcd 
their confcie no 
■j- £ir. TixIiWrrt. 

t E/,r. c.fthir»- 

f Noi.viihllaiidini 
the conuptioiis of 
taught his faniil.e 
to icaii lid. 

f Hi'. ftJM, 



ο For except wee had made this tarying, j 
duiibtlefle by this we had retiimedf fecond time. 
Then their fatlier lirael faid vnto them.If 
it mufi needej be fo now, doe thus : lakeofthebeft 
fiuites of the land in your vefl'els , and bring the 
man a pre fent.a little rofen.and a little hony.ufpi- 
ces andmyrrhe.nuttes.andalrcondes ; 

And take b double money in your hand, 
and the money , that was brought againe in your 
{".ickcs raouthesrcary it againe in your hand,ieaft 
it were forae ouerfight. 

1 3 Take alio your brother and arife , and goe 
againe to the man. 

1 4 And « God almightie giue yon mercy in 
the fight of tlie man , that hec may dcliuer you 
your other brother, and Beniarain : but I Ihall bo 
d robbed of my chikl, as I hauebeene. 

I <[ Thus the men tooke this prefent,and tooke 
twile lb much money in their hand with Bcnia- 
min , and rofe vp, and went downe to Egypt, and 
ftoode^efove loi'eph. 

l6 And when ioleph faweBeniamin witltthcm, 
he fayd |i to his fteward , Bring thefe men home 
and kill meate.and make ready ; for the men Ihall 
eate with me at noone. 

1 7And the men did aslofeph bade,and brought 
the men vnto lofephs ΙιοηΓο. 

1 8 Now when the men were brought into 
lofephs houfe.they were « 3frayd,& fayd,Becaufe 
of the money , that came in ourfackes mouthes at 
the firft time, are we brought.that he may tpicke 
a quarell a^ainft vs.and t lay feme thing to our 
charge.ind bring vs in bondage and our alles. 

1 9 1 herefore came rhey to lofephs llewarde, 
and communed with him at the doore of ;y houfe, 

20 And fiid. Oh fir, *we came indeed downe 
hither at the firft time to buy foode, 

21 And as we came to an Inne and opened 
otir fackes, behold, euery mans money was in his 
fickes mouth, etien oi;r money in full weight, but 
we haue brought it in our hands. 

Alfo other money haue we brought in our 
hands to buy foode , but we cannot tell , who put 
otir n-oney in our fackes. 

23 And he iiid,0 Peace be vnto you.feare not: 
f your God , and the God of your f.ither hath gi- 
lun you that treafure in your fackes , I had your 
money ; and he brought forth Simeon to them. 

24 So the man led them into lofephs houfe, 
and gaue tliera water to waih their feete,and gaue 
th;ir alles [frouender. 

2 5; And they mide ready their prefent agaimt 

lofcph came at noon J , (for they heard fay , that 

they !houId eate bread there. ) 

z6 when lufeph came hQme,they brought the 

refent into the houfe to him , which was in their 

ands.Sc bowed dov/n to ihe grc.uid before him. 

2 7 And bee asked them ci their t profperitie, 
and fayd , Is your father the olde m;'.n , of whome 
ye tolde me, in good health ? is he yet aliue ? 

28 Who aniwered , 1 hy fcruant onr fatlier is 
in good hcaltli , he i*yct aliue : undduy bowed 
downe, cuid made obeyfance. 

29 And he lifting vp.his eyes, beheld his bro- 
ther Benianiin , his g mothers fonne, and fayd. Is 
this your )'Onger brcihcfcf whomye toldeme ? 
Andhe fiid, God hi mercifuil vnto' fon. 

3oAndi iofeph uudc lMf«(furW5i;ff«ttioi} wa» 


A cup in Beniai nins fackc^ 

inflamed toward his brother.and fought where to 
weepe).-'.ndcntred into his chamber Scwepf there, 

3 I Afterward he walhed his fQce,and came out, 
and refrained himfelfe,and faid.Set on t meate, |j ^^i^*"^' ^. 

3 2 And they h prepared for him by himfeif,and ^;^°i '^"' * * 
for them by themfelues , and for the Egyptians, 
which did eate with him,by themfelues, becaufe J• 
Egyptians might not eate bread with tlieEbrews: 
for that was an ί abomination vnto the Ε g^-ptians. |i The nature of 

othev in reffiSof 

33 Sothey fate before him;the elde ft according ιΊ« i"?^' 
vnto his age, and the yongeft according vnto his '° '" 
youth : & the men marueiled among themfelues. 

And they tooke meafesfrom before him., k sometime this 

etfid fetit to them : but Beniamins meafe was fi ue 
times fomtich as any of theirs : and they dranke 
land had of the beft drinke with him. 


IS Icfrftacc^lttUircikircftUfi. jj laiU, φ"ΐί timfilft 
/» ir furjni far BiKUmn. 

Λ Fterward he commanded his fteward , faying. 
Fill the mens fackes with foode , as much .is 
they can c;ury, and put euery mans money ia his 
fackes mouth. 

2 And a pat my cup ,Imcane, the filuer cup, 
in the fackes mouth of the yongeft, and his come 
money. And'he did according to the commr.nde- 
mentthat lofeph gaue htm. 

3 And in the t morning the rhen were fenr 
away, they, and their afles. 

4 And when they went out of the citie not 
farre off, lofeph faid to his ftewai-de , Vp , follow 
after die men ; and when tiiou doeft ouertake 
them , fay vnto them , Wherefore haue ye rewar- 
ded euill for good ? 

y Is that not the cuf>f>e, whsre'm my Lord drin- 
kethi ^ and in the which he doeth diuineand pro- ^ Biciiife thtyeo- 
phecie ? ye haue done euill in lb doing, P''= ,'J°^&'" ''* 

6 ί And when hee ouertoke them ,he faydS*:r:'hX. 
theie wordes vnto them. [ielfe-thatknow- 

7 And they anfwered him , Wherefore fayth ^^H' '■ °* *''''* 
my lord fu;h wordesiGod forbid that thy feruants (Ό'""'' '*'"'"* " 

word ligiiilieth to 
be dninlcn,b[it 

tis meant, 
that they had 
en u(igh,aad dranke 
cf [hcb«ayvint> 

» Wejflijrnetky 
this example vfe 
pradices , feeing 
God hath eoat- 
walke in 
Ε*', iipfmcr-• 

Ihould doe fuch athin^ 

8 Behold , the money whicl,i we found in our 
fackes mouihes , we brought againe to thee out 
of the land of Canaan : how then should we fteale 
out of thy lords houfe filuer .or golde ? 

pWith whomfociier of thy feruants it be found, 

let him die,& we alfo will be my lords borvlmen, 

1 ο And he fayd,Now then let it he according 

vnto your v;ordes:he with whom it is found, (hail 

be my feruant , and ye Ihalbe 1 blaralefle. 

1 1 Then .'t once euery man tooke downe his 
facke toy ground,8c euery one opened his facke. 

1 2 And he fearched.and at the eideft,* 
and left at the yongeft ; and the cuppe was found 
in Beniamins lacke. 

13 Then they <^ rent their cloatiics, and laded 
euery mnn his aire,aud went againe into the citie. 

14 ί So Itidah and his brethren came to lo- 
fephs houfe (for he ΖΊ-Λί yet there) and they fell 
before him on the ground. 

I •; Then lofeph laid vnto thefn, what aite is 
this .wliich ye haue done ? know yc not that fuch a 
man .is I , can diuine and orophecie ? 

1 6 Then faid I udah,What ihall we fay vnto my 
lord? what ihall ws fpe?ke?andhowcan we iuftiiic 
oiir fellies ? d God hath fotmd out the wickedncs 
of thy feruants : beholde, wee are feruants to my 
ii>rd,botli.we,sndhe,^vidv\Yi}om the cup is found. 

eth that he 
fiilted wiJi 
foothiajets foir /»'• 
Which ίίηιηΙ«βοη 
ii woiihytole• 


c To Tgni/Tehow 
greatly the thing 
«lid howfonie 

If wefeino.eiti. 
dentfaiifeof otii 
afHiition , Ictvj 
looieto theieciet 
coiinfcnof Cod, 
who ptiniflicA 
vs iiiUly fot 

lodab ipeatetb to lofeph,' 


» riyiall ia ititho- 
(itie oi.mxcYjito 
the king. 

t Eir.rflMi tfvi* 
'III ^i. 

Γ Or , ^^^t I my / 

ί CJ^.+J.J. 


f Rihelbitef» 

laiSob, fefeph andj 
Buiiamtn. j 

g YeOiallcinfem 

ί Β, -r.hUfoutAt 

'«■ 0.^>.43.P. 

h Meani«ig,iite 

had i»thii 
their ptifoHet.thcr 
»o lemrneaHdlc» 
his father in htt- 

9 Netthithe was 
tQiamed of his 
kimed.but that 
he would coner hi 
6;eih«nf fiiilc. 

1 7 But he^nfwereci.God forbld^that I ihoiild 
doefo , tut the rmt\ , with whom thee uppe is 
foiinjc , he {hall be my feruant , and goe yee in 
peace vnto your father. 

1 8 1 Then Iiulah drewe neerc vnto him , and 
fajde , Ο my lord , let thy fcruont now fpeake η 
word inmy'lords eares , and let not thy wrath 
be kintiledagainft thy feruant : for thou art euen 
c as Ph.iraoh. 

19 My lord asked his feruants,fay ing,* Haue ye 
a father.or a brother f 

20 And wee anfwered my lotxi.Wec haue a fa- 
ther that is old, 5c a young t chMe,vvhich he be- 
rate in his age: & his brother is dead.Sc he alone 
is left of his mother.andhisfathiirlouethhim. 

2 1 Now thou faideft vnto thy feruants, Bring 
him vnto me.that I may || fet mine eye vpon him. 

22 And we anfwered my lord.The childe can 
not depart from his father ; ίρΐ if he leaue his fa- 
ther, hi J father would die. 

23. Then faideft tliou vnto thy feruants,* Ex- 
cept your yonger brother come downe with 
you.looke in my face no more. 

24 So when we came vnto thy feruant our fa- 
ther,and fhewed him what my lord had faid. 

2y And our father faid vnto vs , Goe againe, 
liuy vsalitlefoode. 

ϊ6 Then we anfwered,\Vee cannot go downa, 
hut if our yongeft brother t go with vs,rhen will 
we goe ik)wn : for we may not fee the mans face, 
except our yongeft brother be with vs. 

27 Then thy feruant my father faide vnto vs, 
Yc know that my f wife bare me two finnes. 

28 And the one went out from mce , and I 
faide, Of a fuerty he is torne in * pieces,Sc I faw 
him not lince. 

29 Now ye take this alfo away from mee : if 
death take him , then g ye ihall bring my gray 
head in forrow to the graue. 

30 Now therefore , when I come to thy fer- 
uant my father.and the c hild be not with vs (fee- 
ing that his t life dependeth on the childes life.) 

3 1 Then when he ihall fee that the childe is 
not c»me, he will die : fo iliall thy feruants bring 
the gray head of thy feniant our father with for- 
row to the graue 

3 2 Doubtlefle thy feruant became fuerty for 
the childe to my father , and , *IfI bring him 
not vnto thee againe,then I will beare the blame 
vnto my father for euer. 

33 Now therefore,! pray thee.let me thy fer- 
uant abide for the child , as a feruant to my lord, 
and let the childe go vp with his brethren. 

34 For •> how c η I go vp to my father: if the 
childe^i not wi:h me , vnleflel would fee the 
euill tliat Ihall come on my father. 


thti till j»j/ iaju t) CeiifrouiJnit. ι S P/i<rj»i tcmmnTtd th 
lim ίο f.tifcr lit fjtitr, t+ Isf-jk tx^orielh hit hrithrin la 

'T'Hcn lofcpli tould not refraine himfelfe before 
all that ftoode by him, but hee cryed , » Hase 
forth euery man from me. And there taried not 
one with him.whiic lofeph vttered himfelfe vnto 
his brethren. 

2 And he wept.anJ cried./a that the Egypti- 
ans heard : thehoufe of Pharaoh head dfo. 

3 Then lofeph faid to his brethien, I am I0-. 

which avt t nely 
humbled and 

oiuidcdfei cbcll 

Albeit Goa iiltR 

ncth mans wickeih 

n"e to fetue 10 
his g'ety. 

feph : doeth my father yet line ? But his brethren 
could not anfwere him , foi- they were aftonithcd 
at his prefence . 

4 Againe , lofeph faid to his brethren.Come 
nere,I pray you, to mce. And they came neere. 
And he faide , * I am lofeph yoiir brother, whom Κ *tt-i r, ij 
ye fold into Egypt. 

y Now therefore Le not ''faid,neithergrieued Ρ ■^'i.'lf"'!''* , 
with your felues , that ye fold me hither f * ForKyiiVnTc'ane 
God did fend me before you for your preferuatio . comfoit ihtm. 

6 For now two yeeres o^hmmi hAue beene 
tlnough the l.".nd , andfiue ye.ires rtr?bchi.nde, 
wherein neitheryirt/Z-i earing norh.irueft. 

7 wherefore God fcnt me before you to pre- 
ferue your poiteritie in this land , and to faue you 
auue by a great deliuerance. 

8 Now then you fenr not mee hither , but 
' God , whohathmademeafarhervntoPhai-aoh, 
and lord of all h is houfe , and ruler rhroi!ghout ail 
the land cf Egypt. 

9 Hafte you Sc go vp to my father.and tell him. 
Thus faith thy fonne lofeph', God hath made me 
lord of all Egypt : eome downe to me,t^ not. 

I ο And thou iliak dwell in the land oreoihen, 
andflult be neere me , thou and thy children.and 
thy ciiildrcns children , and thy llieepe , anddiy 
beafts,and all that thou haft. 

I I Alfo 1 will nourilh thee there (for yet re» 
maine fiue yeeres of famine) leaft thou periUi 
through poiierty , thou and tliy houfcold, and all 
that thou haft. 

1 2 And behold.your eies doe fcc.and the eies 
of my brother Beniamin , thatd my mouth fpeu- 
keth to yiou. 

1 3 Therefore tel 1 my father of all mine honor 
in Egypr.and of all that ye haue feene , and make 
h.ifte.'and bring my father hither 

14 Then hee fell on his brother Beniamins 
neckc,and wept .and Beniamin wept on his necke. 

I ί Moreouer , he kifled ail his brethren, and 
wept vpon them : and afterward his bretliren cal- 
ked with him. 
16 Τ And the f tidings came to Pharaohs houfe 

i tnatii.tlist Γ 
(pcalie in voiu 
Ovrnc langnag*, 
and haKC none is« 

f FlrΛ^)'t^ 

t Thtmoftplenti- 
lull greimd 
ί Thethiefcnfrni. 
id coaimodi- 

fothat they faid , lofephs brethren are come ; 
and it pleafed Pharaoh weil.and his feruants, 

17 Then Pharaoh faid to lofeph. Say to thy 
brethren,This do ye,lade your bealts and depart, 
go to the land of Canaan. 

1 8 And take your father, and your houihold 
and come to me ,Sc I wilgitieyoutne«beft of the 
land of Egypt. Scye Ihal care of the ^ fat of ;^ land 

I $> Audi commaun J thee, Thus doe ye,takej ^^^ ^ 
you ch.uets out of the hnd of Egypt for yoiuj""* 
children, .ind for your wiues , and»brmg your fa4 
thcrand come. ! 

2ϋ Alio t rcg.ird ;iot your ftuft'e : for the befl^ . ^., ,„ „,,„^ 
of all the land of Egypt isyoius. ^''Tf-fO"" 

2 1 And the chiidivn of I fr.-.el did fo: and lo- »#'»■ 
fcphgaue themcharcts according to the coffi- 
mandement of Pharaoh ; he .!>aue the.m vitailc 
alfo for the iourney. 

22 He gaiie them all.none except,change of 
rai:ncnt • but vnto B.-ui imin he gaue three hun- 
dreih pieces of liluer, ind fiue fuites of raiment. 

«3 And vnto his father |! likevvil'e he fent ten " ^'■'"P" ' 
hee ades laden with the beft things of Egypr.ami 
ten ihee allcs laden witii wheate , and bread and *>(( t'tni§t. 
meare for his father by the way. 

24 S fent hs his brethren away,and they de- 
C 2 parted; 


laakob and fiis familie cemming; 

(jc iefis» into Egypt. loiephmeetetl his father 

g Seeing he lisd 
temitiedthc fanlt 
done toward him, 
would not that 
they Qiould acciife 
put anethtf . 

h As one betwttne 
hoft and feare. 

9 V'/herebylieboth 
iignitieth that he 
worlliijipedihe tnie 
God , and jlfo that 
he Iteptin his heavi 
the polTc (lion oi 
hat laud from 
whence ptefcnt ite 
:cn;ty dioiic him. 

h Condiiling thee 
by my power. 
c In ihy poficritie, 
d Shall Ihiit thine 
eyes vThen thoudi- 
e/i ; which apper- 
tained to him that 
chief e of the 


t.Ckr. 5.1. 
* Esui.6.ii. 

* i.Cki.t.i. ani 


1 OT,tiffu,t. 


parted : and he fayd vnto them j f Fall not out by 
the vay. 

2 y ί Then they went vp from Egypt.Sc ca^nc 
vnto the land of Canaan, vnto laakob their father. 

7.6 And told him.faying.Iofcph is yet aliue.Sc 
he alfo is gouernour ouer ail the laad of Egypt,5c 
7<tii;^iihearth failed; for he beleeu-sd them not. 

27 And they told him all the words tjf lofeph, 

lich he had laid vnto them : but when he faw the 
ch.irets , which lofeph hadienc to cary him, then 
the fpirit of laakob their father rcuiued. 

28 And Ifrael foid, Ihme enough : lofeph my 
fonne « yet aliue ; I will go Sc fee him yer I cUe, 


Ϊ Cc:luj['„YftbI.ijksl"'f bit iournfy into Egyfl. 17 Tlii yttimhir of 
kit fjmilii ivheJihrvtm ΐΛίο E^ypt is• hfiyb- meet/tk Ht 
fjtbei. n He teAchitb kit irHkriK vvhAt (0 Mfwer» to Phumoh. 

Τ Hen Ifrae! tooke his iourney with all he 
had , and came to Beer-lheba , and a oftcred 
facrifice vnto the God of his father Izhak. 

a .. 4ftd God fpake vnto Ifraelin avilionby 
nighe>fi^ng,Iaakob, laakob. Who anfwered , I 
am here. 

3 Then hee fayd , I am God.the God of thy 
father , feare not to go downe into Egypt : for I 
will there make of thee a great nation, 

4 I will b go downe with thee into Egypt, 
and I will alfo^ bring thee vpagaine, and loleph 
ihall d put his hand vpon thine eyes. 

J Then laakob rofevpfromBeer-iheba : and 
the fonnes of Ifrael caried laakob their father, 
and their children,and their wines in the charets, 
which Pharaoh had lent to cary him . 

6 And they tocke their catiell and their 
goods, which they had gotten in the land of Ca- 
najn , and caitie into Egypt , both * laakob and 
allhisfeede wirhhim. 

7 His fonnes and his fonnes fonnes with him, 
his daughters and his fonnes daughters , and all 
his feede brought he with him into Egypt. 

8 f And thefe are the names of the children 
of Ifrael , which came into Egypt ,<;«?« laakob 
and his fonnes : ■" Reuben laakobs firft borne. 

β And the fonnes of Reuben ; Hanoch , and 
Phallu.nnd Hezron.and Carmi. 

I ο ί And thefonnesof* Simeon ;Iemuel,and 
lamin , ind Ohad , and lachinv, and Zohar , and 
Shiul the fonne of a Canaanitiili woman. 

J I, ί "Alfo the fonnes of* Leiii ; Gerihon,Ko- 

12 1 Alfo the fonnes of* Iudah;Er,andOnan, 
andShelah_, andPhaiez, and Zerah : (butErand 
Onin died in the land of Canaan.) And the fonnes 
of Pharez were Hezroii and Hamiil. 

13 ί Alfo the fonnes of ^Iliichar .-Tola ,and 
Phuuah,and lob, and Shimron. 

14 Τ Alfo the fonnes of Zebulun : Sered, and 

1 5 Thefe be the fonnes of Leah , which iliee 
bare vnto laakob in Padan AtAn , with his daugh- 
ter Dinah. All the |i foules of his fonnes and his 
daughters were thirtie and three. 

16 Alio the fonnes of Gad : Ziphion.andHag- 
gi,Shuni,2nd Ezbon,En.andArudi,and Arcii. 

17 ί ΑΙΓυ the lonnes of* Alher : limnah.and 
Ifnuah.and Ifui,::ndftcriah,and Serah their fuler. 
Andthe fonnes of Benah : and H;ber,Malchiel. 

18 Tkefearethe cbildtenof Ziliab iwhoai 

L-'.ban ga\ie to Leah his daughter : ind thefe llie• 
bare vnto laakob ,<??<?« iixteene foules. 

15) ■ The fonnes of Rahel laakobs wife i/vere 
lofeph, and Beniamin. 

20 ί And vnto lofeph in the land of Egypt 
were borne Manafleh , and Ε phraim , which * A- 
fenath the daughter of Poti-pheruh prince of On 
bare vnto him. 

21 ί Alio the fonnes of * Bcniamin : Belah, 
and Becher ,and Alhbeer,i.nd Gera,Naaman,ihi, 
and Ro{li,Muppirn,and Kuppim,.'nd Ard. . 

22 Thefe are the fonnes of Rahel^which were 
borne vnto laakob.foureteene foules in all. 

23 ί Alfo the fonnes of Dan : Hufiiim. 


* «<>.+$.{.. 

f Ebr.tiighet. 

Β Or,(o pyfftff! '■■ 


[ Bir.ho,mi{Ht 

i &i:fft.t*^*j 


24 f Alfo the fonnes of Ν 'phtal 
and Giini,Iezer,and Shillem, 

2 <! Thefe are the fonnes of Biihah ,' wtjicli La- 
ban gaue vnto Rahel his daughter , and il:iec bare 
thele to IaaI;ob,in all feucn foules. 

26 Ail the * foules.that c ame with laakob in- 
to Egypt, which came out of his t loines (befide 
la.Jsobs lonnes vviues) tiz/fre in the whole, three- 
fcore and fixe foules, 

27 Alfo the fonnes of lofeph , which were 
borne him in Egypt , were two foules •,/ό that 
the foules of the houfe of Iaakob,which came into 

2 8 f Then he fent I udah before him vnto lo- 
feph , to U diredhis way vnto Golhen,, and they 
came into the land of Goilien. 

29 Then lofeph t made ready his charet , and 
went vp to Goilien to meet Ifrael his father , and 
prefentedhimfelfe vnto him, and fell on Jiisnecke 
and wept vpon his necke a t good while-, 

30 And Ifrael faid vnto loieph.Now let me die 
fince I haue leene thy face,& y thou art yet aliue. 

3 1 Then loleph iaid to his breihren,-and to his 
fathers houfe, I will go yp and Ihevv Pharaoh, and 
tell him,My brethlen and my fathers hoiife,which 
were in the land of Canaan.arecome vnto me. , 

32 Andthemen«re« Ibeepheaides , andbe-|e Hewasnetaift. 
caufe they are fr,eephe.;rdes , they hauebroughts«ne^of Wsfather- 
their fl^-eepe & their tattell,and all that they haue.l'?"^'''""'^'?»^'• 

33 And if Pharaoh call you , and aske you,|f;„^aI^';•;"'^' 
what is vour trade ? j 

34 Then ye <lia!I fay , Thy feruants are menL 
©ccupied about cattel!, from olir chik!hoodeuen|^,''X;;;S 
vnto this time.both we & ourfctliers: that je may 
dwell in the land of Goilicn ; for euery llieep- 
liecper is an f abomination vnto the Egyptiaias. 


7 jMksi tcmmrthlrfireFtjUoli , unci titled him ihngt. ■ ii T{( 
/jDii of Gojhenit gi<,Ti him. ii The iikUtraus ftiefts taiii 
ymi'^oftbeKiJi^. a 8 iMhsbt ige jmhen ki aieth. 

'Ύ' Hen came lofeph and tolde Pharaoh , and 
faid , My"father,cndmy bretliren,,and theii 
flieepe.and their cattell,and all that they haue,are 
come out of the land of Canaan , and behold, they 
are in the land of Goflien. 

2 And lofeph took part of his brethren , eucn 
a fine men.andprelented them vnto Pharaoh, ^ ^j^ ^j^.j^. 

3 Then Pharaoh faid vnto his brethren, what might be \a"h 
is your trade ? And thiey anfwered Pliaraoh , Thy ' 
feru.:nts erelbepheartles,both we and our fathers, 

4 They faid moreouer vnto Pharaoh , For to 
foiourne in the knd are we come:fGr thy feruanu 
haue no pafture for their Iheep, fo fore is f famine S 
in tljeiaad of Canaan,, iiow tlierefore , we pray 

» — . ;liee, 

that they may for- 
fake the fill of the 
w otld.and dejH» 
(0 him. 

Did. fee vihac man- 
icv of jp»ofU ehiy 


Howloiegh dealeth i n tbg famine. Chap» X L V Π L 

JCntetprife nothing 
i withoiH the hings 

if EW^ h» immf 


f Ur.hlf'J. 

«Which Wis ! 
CoShen, Sxti• > 

I Ϊ thee.let thy feruants Swell in the land of Gcilen. 

j if Then fpakc Pharaoh to lofeph.faying.Thy 

; father rnd thy brethren «ire corae vnto thee. 
I» rof«pl>sgre»t j 6 The bland of Egypt is before thee rill the 
itiodeftie apjeattth ^eft place of the land make thy father and thy bre- 
li-iJll'li-i r"i^t, thren dweIJ;Iet them dwell in the land of Goflien: 
8c if thou knowelt that there be men of aftiuitii; 
arftong them,make them niJers ouer my cattei. 

7 lofeph alfo brought laakob iiis father , and 
fet him before Pharaoii. .And laakob f fainted 

8 Then Pharaoh f^d vnto laakob ' , t How 
bide art thou ? ' ' 

9 And laakob faid TOto Pharaoh , The whole 
> ff<k. »i.*'.i>- «; time of my t pilgrimage»/ .in hundreth andthirtie 

yeeres:few Sc euil haue the d.iies ofray life been, 
and I haue not attained vnto tlie yeeres of the life 
cf my fathers, in the dayes of their pilgrimsges. 

10 And laakob ttookeleautjofPliataoh.ani 
departed from the prefence of Phar-aoh. 

1 1 ί And lofeph placed his father.and His! bre- 
thren , and gaue them poileiTion ϊη the land of E- 
gypt , in the beft of the land , euen in the land of 

1[ «^ Pharaoh had comnwnded. 

12 Τ And lofeph nouriiliedhisfatheisand his 
brefhrea, and alt his fadiers houlliOldwith bread, 

a somcrejie.that j ^eneflto theyoinig children. 

he ftd ihcm as MM j ^ ί Njgw there w'as no bread in all the l^nd : 

t*U^et'1onw/ foi• the famine was exceeding lore : fo that th.e 

ifor4tmfdHes a- I land of Egypt.and the land of Canaan were t fa- 

IgtitiRthat faminej miibed by reafon of the famine. 

AfBhr.^.aghtu I j^ And lofeph gathered all the monev,that 

l*/i*^<1^rf ' i was found in the land of Egypt , and in the land 

•j • ^-?- ; I ofCdnaan/orthe.cornewhich theybonght^iid 

e wileieiiihebothi e loieph layd vp the money inPhardohs houfii. 

aeditcihrts fideliiji I y So when money failed in the land 6f E- 

howad the King j and iretheland of Canaan, rhen all theE- 

T'sn» njs mmde net ο ^ r .' ■, r i j r j »- ■ 

ίτ»ί>ν«3*:{οιιίίιο. > gy pnans came ynco lolepli , and layd , Griue vs 
"^ bread:forwhyilioiildwedyebeforethee!foro»r 

\_ money is fpent. 

i6 Then faydIoreph,Bring your catteli, and 
'<,' I will giiie you for yotrr cattell,if^»»'' money be 


\ if So they brought theircattell vnto lofeph, 

i 8c lofeph gaue them bread for the horfes, Sc for 

the flockes'of flieepe,and for the heaides of cat- 

I I tell.and for the afles : fo he fed them with bread 

i i for all their catteli that yeere. 

1 8 But when the yeere was ended,rhey came 
vnto him the next yeere,8c fayd vnto him , We 
will not hide from my lord.that lince our money 
is fpent ,andmy lord hath the heardes of the cat:- 
tell.there is nothing left in the fight of my lord, 
but our bodies and our ground. ■ 

19 Wliy lliall we penUi in thy fight,both we 
ani our ί land ? buy vs 8c our hndfor bread, and 
we 5c our iand willbe bointd to Pharaoh: there- 
fore giuevs kedc , th.itwecmay liue andnot 
dye, and that the land goe not to w-ifte. 

2ϋ Solofegh bought ail the iand of Egypt 
for Pharaoh -for the Egyptians folde euery man 
his ground , bccaufe the famine wa? fore vpon 
them : fo the iand be<;arne Pharaoiis. 

Ani lie g remooued the people vnto the ci 

laakob is fidf-e, i^i^ 

f For except tlie 
groiind be tilled & 
audit as it were 

g By dtis clungin 
hey fignihed tiiat 

ceiticd all ofthe 
^ fM.tnicftit 

iney iienihed tuat . . ..r " ./• i rr- ■ - ■ i i 

they had neUiijigol ^les, t irom one fide όΐ Egypt euen to the other 
«iftirowne, hut le 22 Gneiytlie tiind ofthe Iriefts bought he not 


forthePriefts hadanord nir-e of Pharaoh , and 
they did eate their ordintrie .which Pharaoh 
gattetdiemrwherforethey foidiiot their £;ruund. 

23 Then lofeph fayd fnto the people.Behold, 
I haue bought you this day^Sc your .dnti forPha- 
raoh : loe , hereit feede for you ; fo• /e therefore 
the ground. 

24 Andoftheincreafeyeefliall glue the fift 
part vnro Phaiaoh.audfoure partes ihalbe yours 
for the fecdc of the field, and for your meate,!ind 
for tlicin of your houilioldes . and for your chil- 
dren toeate. / 

25 Then they aufwered^hou ΙταΛ Cjued our 
Hues : let vs finde grace in tTlfe ijght-ofniy lord, 
ahd we win be Pharaohs feruants . I 

0,6 Then Iqfephmade italawouerthe kndl 
of Egypt vKto this day , that Pharaoh fiioulti' 
hauethef ft /)<»>•?, h except the land ofthe Priefts * '?''«/»»(»''» ϊ'»"'•• 
only .whic h was not Pharaohs . p',"!i5°Q,>nt"a""' 

27 1 And Ifracl dwelt in the land of Egypt, in tondcmnaiiontoail 
the eountrey of Go(l-\c:Sc they had their poiTef- !!^"i w•»•'!» negleit 
fions therein ■, and grew and multiplied excee- |,''««««'nin'fti«ot 
dingly. p«divre.d. 

28 ■ Moreouer.Taakob lined in the land of E- i that the wlioleageof! 
laakob fV4i an hundrerh fourtie & feiietjyeeres,! 

29 Kow wi\en the time ilrew neere thet Hirael l 
mult die.he called his fonne lofeph, and faid vn- j 
to him. If 1 haue now found grace in thy fight, : 

* put thine hand now vnder my thigh, and deale '* ckif.i^.x: 
mercifully and tritely with me : burie me not , I ^««byhepdoteiel 
praythee.inEgypt^ Ιί^ΐΙ^^ 

So But when 1 ilialii ileepe With my fathers, iachir.g his thfl- 
thou liialt carie me out of Egypt , and burie mcc ' "" '<> ''op« fet iht, 
in their buriall. Aad heeanfwered, I will doe 2s l 'on"i^:<! I'nd. ^ 

.1 I Λ r 1 He teiovced thlt 

thou haft fayd. ofeph l Jprontifei 

.31 Then he layd.Sweare vnto mee. Andiiec 
.fware vnto him. And Ifrael ^ worlhipped towai'ds ' =1^* ^ ^«n his 

^J- beds head fcf/S:!^ 

C H.A P. XLVlir. 

I Icftpi mill hi #»» p>nntt Ufitnh hit fi^k fMtt, ; ttAgl 
rittt'fnhCeis ynmiff. s Hffreeeiurlt Itjpfhffiwnet *fHt, 

ly He ir/fnutb til forger. 

AGaineafter this, one fayd to lofeph.Loe.thy 
father is ficke : then he tooke v.'ithhimhis 
atwofoi«ies,Manaileh;-ndEphraim. ^ lofeph 

ζ Alfo one rolde laiukob.and faid,BchoId,rhv «««meth that hi• 
fonne Iofef>h isxome to thee,and liracl tooke his £'^;,,";^,''„"^*^ 
ftrengthvntohim and fate vpon the bed. iobsfamiiy,°whiA 

3 Then laakob fayd vnto lofeph , God Π si- Wa^ the chmch of 
nightie appeared \-nto meat^Luzintlielandofl'^•^'''^»"'?"'"? 

/-• I 1 I n- J ~ ^llthe tieafnies o{ 

Canaan, and bleiled me. 

4 And bee fayd vnto me, Behold,! willmake 
thee fruitfuU , and will multiplie thee , and will 
make agreat numberof people of thee , andwill 
giue this land vnto thy feede after thee for an 
^ euerlafting poffeiTiun. ♦ 

y "i And now thy * two fonnes, Manaliehand 
Ephraim , which borne vnto thee in the land 
of Egypt.bcfore I came to thee into Tgypt , Iball Reiil)en .nd Simeon are mine. 

6 But thy linage , which thou h It begotten 
after them , ihaibj thine : thev ill -be cal-ed after 

• the names of their brethren in their inheritance. 

7 Now whL-n I came from Palaii , R hel 
* died vpon mine hand in' the I'.ni of Can t n, by 
the W.y wh.nrAerr i/vi/biir h'.fc ad.;ycs iowt- 
ney rf^rovnJ to ccmero Ephr th : and 1 bu.y- 
ed'her there in the vv.,^ to : the fame « 

8 ■ Then Ifrael beheld lofeph fonnes indfayJ 
Wiiofearcthcfe? •' ■ ■ i .. 

C j ρ Aud 


J CMfiffiimt^ 

i which is Itnti* 
rhe catnall Ifnel 
ofcluin.andin th< 
fpiiitiiall fo£ cii< 
* Ci*.*».So, 


fr eitfii'^i 

e The faithfiill ac. 
Irowlsdge all be 
nefits come of 

■f Etc ;/ 

9 And lofe ph fayd vnto his father. They are 
my fonnes . which ^ God hath giueumee here. 
Then lie f.iyd,I pr.-.y thee bring them to me > that 
I mny blclVe them ; 

I ο (Fortheeyesof Ifi'ael were dim for age, 
fo thst he could not well fee) Then he caufed 
them to come to him , anJ he kifled them and 
embraced them. 

I I And Ifrael fayd ATito lofeph , I had not 
th-oHght to haiic ieene thy face: yet loe.God hath 
Ihewed m-.• alfo thy foede. 

I ζ And lofcph to&'xe them away from his 
fMinti» jju,.gs^ gj- jjj i-eiierence t downe to the grounde, 
13 Then tooke lofeph them both , Epbraim 

_i Gods iudg 
is ofc tunes tonnrai-j 
to miiis.andhee 
L«ihkhma.i dcfti 

*Hel)t . ..ti. 

« rh/s Angel mail 
be vndetftoode of 
thrift, as Chag.ji. 

f Let them be ta- 
ken asmyciiii- 


lofeph faileth in 
adiag Gods gtace 
tlje Older of 


.all his Θ* 

wrie ibnne$« 

^lorybenot thou ioyned with their aflembly : L°''l°''S"' 
tor in their wrath they flew a « man , and in their fucKOnlinui to 

5 ί SlmeorjiindLewi,brethrenwiwtf, η the; q^^j^^. . 
inftriiments of crirehie are in tlieir habitations, ί,,/'ίφ£^„^^ 

6 Into their lecret letnot my foule come;my f/vf«i,«c,. 

>g that Jiee nei. 

feifewiil they digged'downe a wall. them in word nor 

7 Ciirfedbe their wrath.for it was fierce, and kiionght. 

their rage, for it was cruell : I will f diuide them j* ^■^'" "^«««esj 
in Iaakob,and fcatter thc:n in lirael, jf fm Leui had no 

8 ί Thou Iudah.thy brethren ihallpraife thee :^pait,and s/meo™ 
thine hand fhalbe in the nccke of thine enemies : j"" ""<•'": '"^'K 
thy fathers fonnelhall 8 bowe downe vnto thee, ^^i^.^^-^^f 

ρ ludahrt/aLions wheipe ibaltthou comejoftheAmJekKti, 
vpfromthe fpoile,my fonne. HeίlMllIyedo■Λ■nel'•C^tβ.^.+ 

in his right ii.ind toward Iftaels left hand, & Ma- j W couch a Lyon , mdasa LionelTc ; ^ Whoj?,^'^^^'"'^^•* 
luflch in his left hand toward Ifraels right hand, 
fo he brought them vnto him. 

14 But Ifrael ftretched out his right hand.and 
layde it on ^ Ephraims head, which was;^ yonger, 
an I his left hand vpon Manaflehs head (directing 
his hands of purpofe) for ManalTeh vvat the elder 

ly Λ i< Alfo he bieffedlofeph.and fayd. The 
God ..^fore whom my fathers , Abraham and Iz- 
hjk dti\valke , the God , which hath fed mee all 
my life long.vnto this ά^γΜφ fhee, 

16 The « Angel , which hath deliuered mee 
from ill euill.bleffe the children, Sc let my f name 

ihall ftiiTC himvp? jchnii. 

10 TheU Scepter Ihall Hot departfrom Iudah,nor h His ertmies ^ 
a Lawgiuer from betweene his feete. vntill i Shi- ^^j}/?r^"\* ^""^ 
loh come ,& the pcople/A«/^e gathered vnto him. l whic'hlchtfft 

1 1 He Ihail binde his Aife foale vnto the k vine, the Meirias.the gi- 
and his affes colte vnto the beft vine. Hee ihall "" «^ P"f"p"irie : 
wafli his garment in wine , and his cloaUe in the Gtn.uefcO fal'.a! 
blood of grapes 

be nimed vpon them , and the name of my fathers ! β^ΐΟε vntoZidon. 

2 His ey es/^*/o< red with wine.and his teeth 
white with milke. 

13 ί Zebelun ihall dwell by the fea fide , and 
hee pjalie an hauen for fliippes : and his border 

Abraham ^nd Izhik , that they may growasfilb 
into a multitude in the middes of the earth. \ 

17 But when lofeph faw that hi» father layd ! 
his right hand vpon the headof Ephraim.itS dif- 
pleafed him : and he ftaycd his fathers hand to re- 
moouc it fron Ephraims head to ManalViihs head. 

1 8 And lofeph fayd vnto his father , Not fo, 
niy father , for this is the eldeft : put thy right 
hand vpon his head. 

• 19 But his father refufed.andiayd,! know we!, 
my fonne, I know well : he fhalbe alfo a people, 
and he ihalbc gteatlikewife : but his yonger bro- 
ther ihalbe greater then lie , and his feed Ihall be 
Ifull of nations. 

20 So he bleffed them that day,aiid favd , In 
,thee Ifrael flull ble.Te,and fay , God make thee as 
* In whom Goaijj, Bphraim and as Manafleh , andhee fee Ephraim 
before Manalfeh. 

Then Ifiae! fayd vnto lofepb.Beholde , I 
die , and God ilialbe with you , and biing youa- 
gaine vnto the land of» your fathers. 

22 Moreouer,I haue giuen vnto thee one porti- 
on aboue thy brethren , which'' I gate out of the 
hand of y Araorite by my * fword & by my bow. 
• -C Η Λ Γ. XL IX. 

Ijiksi Il/pih iil'Hi finnet ly fjmr, 10 Ά, iiUfii ikinrlhjt 
ςΐ,,ίΑ βίΙΙ c«m, cutofluJJ), 19 Htjvith tariedmihht 
fjlb,Y$. a Hedyti. 

Τ Hen laakob calledhis fonnes^and faj^d , Ga- 
thir your felues together, that I may tell you 
what Ih.iil come to you in the a laft dayes. 

t Gather your lelues together.and heare.yee 
fonnes of laakcb , and hearken viho Ifrael your 

3 ί Reuben mine eldeft fonne , thou art my 
b might, 5c the beginning cf my ftrength,* the ex- 
cellencv of dignitie.Sc the excellency of power: 

4 TImu vvajl light as water : thou ihalt not be 
excellent , becanfe * thou wenteft vp to thy fa- 
thers bed : II then didUeit thou defile my bed,i''^ 
ii^wrtv• is gone, 

14 Τ lifacharyTw^ii t^aftrongafle.cGuching 
downe betweene two burdens : , 

I f And he Ihall fee that reft is i>ood,and that 

paces Ihoiiid mani- 

which the γ had 
I fa.ih in the pie 

anife . 

k By my childven 
in God fpatid 


4 when God-fliaH 

bri'ng yo:i our of 

Eg;pt, and bccaafc 

thjthcfreaketh oE 

the MeiTid^ihe na 

mtth ic the h.1- 


b Kn^ocKniin my 


c I't'ionhaJftnoc 

lofl thybirrhriglit 

bY t' oftcnci. 

> d-jf.;•; 2 1. 


k A eoimttey mo» 
aboundanc with 
vines andpaftuiJi 

t ηγ.α,ιφ.β 

1 His force ill alh« 
wanrcojraje 10 
refill his eacmiej, 
jm Shall haue the 
bonoiir oiiaiit. 

Β Thy iSj full of 

rits thathii Boft«- 
rity (Vioiud HU 
into,he biwflcth 
out ia f tayer to 
God to remedyir.' 
ρ He (haO ibenr.d 
in come and plel- 
r»nt ftuiiet. 
q Oneicomminj 
wovdes th«n by 
fo.ce. ' 

I Eir.ufoniitef 
i r. ctufi. 
I EU.iMgit, 

the land is pleafant, Sc he ihallbow his ihowlder 
to beaie.and ihall be fubieil vnto tribute. 

i(S ί Dan >« Ihall iudge his people as one of the 
tribes of Ifrael. 

17 Dan llialbe a u ferpent by the way. an ad- 
der by the p^ath , biting the horfc that 
his rider ihall fall backward. 

18 » Ο Loid,I haue waited far thy faluation 

19 ί Gad, an hofte of men ihall oi:ercome 
him,biit he fliall ouercome at tlie lail, 

20 ί Concerning Aihcr,his ρ bread yiii /ίί fat, 
and he ihall giue pieafures for a king. 

21 "i Naphtali/^;a/eeahindeletgoe,giwing 
«1 goodly wordes. 

22 ί lofeph i/jAiJif a S-uitfull bough, i;«f«a| 
fruitfull bough by the- well fide : the t fraall 
boughs Ihall runne vpon the wall. 

23 Ϊ And the archers grieuedhirc.andHictte 
Λ^Λκιβ /j/>'3,and hated him. 

24 But his bowe abode ftrong.and the hands ί as his brethren 
^f his armes were firengthened,by the hr«des of w>>eathey were 
i^e mightie God of laakoKci whom ivn: the fee- J^^l 
der appoyntedhy the f itone of Ifrael, f xhat is, cod, 

2 y Euen by the God of thy father , wlio fhall 
lielpe rhee.and by the almightie,who Ihall blelTe 
thee with heauenly bleffings fromaboue , with 
bleiringsofthedeejie tharliethbene.ath , with 
bleflings of the breaftes.and of the wombe. 

26 The bleflings of thy father Ihalbe « ftron- 
ger then the bleiSngsofmini elders : vnto the 
ende of the hilles of the world they Ihall bee on 
the head of lofeph, and on the tcppe cf the head 
cf him that was" fep arated from hisbrethrcH. 

27 ί Bcniamin ihall ratline rt/ a woIfe : in thi2i" E'<^«i''i'g'"- 

^. , - ,, ,• 1 , . , ry.oi when he «at 

morning he fliall deuoure the piaye,aDdat nigntjfoid fioni his tit- 
he ihall diuide the fpoyle. !**"^*"t 

28 Τ All thefe are the twelue tribes of Ifrael,? 
and.thuj their fatker fpake vnto ihem . and blef-l 


Ε Inasntnchisbe 
vvasinoic nee e (O 
the accompliO)- 
meniofthe pta- 
m:i'e,aad it had 
bcene itiore often 

laakob die h ^ and is buried. 


s wh«ieby is fij- 
aiHedhow q««"; 

be dyed. 

fed them • eiiery one of thembleffcd Iiee with a 

feiierall bleffing. , . λ u 

29 Aiidhe charged them.andlaydvnto them, ■ 
I am ready to be gathered vrwo my people: * bu- 
rie me with my fathers in the cane , that is m the 
fieldeofEphrontheHittite, ^ , , . ^ , 

ao 111 the caue that is in the field ot Maclipe- 
lali. befides the land of Canaan : which 
caue Abraham bought with the fieldeof Ephron 
the Hittite for a poffeffion to bnrie in 

a 1 There they buried Abraham and Sarah his 
wife: there they' buried IzhakandRebekahhis 
wife:and there! buried Leah. 

3 2 The purchafe of the held and the caue that 
is therem,vvas bought of the childrenof Heth. 

li Thus laakobmade an end of giuing charge 
to his fons.and" plucked his feete into y bcd.and 
gaue vp the ghoft.Sc was gathered to his people. 

Chap. l. 

fteA hit tiildtrr-t thilirt 

Τ Hen lofeph fell vpoi 
. .-,ΛΛ Kim tiriilkiUpii 

his fathers fice,and wept 

Chap ji;,. lofeph forgioeth bis brethren , an^l dicth 

of the land fawe the mourning in Goren Ata37 
they faid , This is a great mourning vnto the E- 
gyptians : whercfere the name thereof was-cailcd 
i'Abel Mizraim , which is beyond lorden. 

1 2 So his ibnnes did vnto him.accoidin g as 
hee had commanded them: 

1 3 * For his fonnes carried him into the land 
of Canaan.and buried him in tlie caue of tlie f.clde 
of Machpekh , which cc.ue * Abraham bought 
with the be aOplace to bury iii.of Epluon 
the Hittite beiidesMamre. 

1 4 1 Then lofeph returned into Egypt.hce and 
hisbrethren, and all that went vp with him to bu- 
rie his tuher.after that he had buried his fathet•. 

I ί And when lofephs brethren faw that their 
father was dead , they faid.d It may be that lo- 
feph will hate vs , and will pay vs againe ail the e- 
uill which we did vnto him. 

16 Therefore they fent vnto lofeph , fay in{^, 
Thy father commanded beforehis death , faying, 

1 7 Thus ilisU ye fay vntolofeph.Forgiue now, 
I pray thee.the trefp^lVe of thy brethr. n, and their 
fmiie : for thev rewarded thee euill ' And now ,we 

) Or.titUmMUll•- 

i ATieufUcenfc;. 

2 And lofeph commanded his feruants the 
» phyfic ians to embalme his father .and the phy- 

ficiansemb-ilmed Ifniel. ,,r r 1 o. 

3 So forty dales were accomphflied(forlolon^ 
did § dayes of themthat were embalmed latt) and 
the Egyptians bewayledhim b feuenty dayes. 

4 And when the dayes of his mourning were 
paft.Iefeph fpake to the houfe of rharaoh.faying. 


«He mtineth tht» 
thu embalmed th 

b Theyweiemwi 


^'' paft.Iefeph fpake to the houk 

If I haue now found fauour in your eyes , Ipeake 

^ a«f.*/Jt». J u in the eares.of Pharaoh.and fay, 

ί My father made me ♦ fwearc.iaying , Loe , I 
die.burie me in my graue , which I haue made me 
in the land of therefore let me go . I 
pray thee,& bury my father.Sc I wil come again. 
^ i Then Pharaoh laid , Go vp and bury thy fa- 

e The veiy infidel» tj^gj-.c as he made thee to fweare • , 

woddbaveMtUs ~ ί So lofcph went vp to bury his father, and 
with him went all the feruants ofPharaoh^.rAthe 
ciders of his houfe . and all the elders of the land 

I *^f ^ifk^wife all the houfe of lofepli . and his 
brethren, and his fathers houfe : onely their chil- 
dren , and their iheepe , and their cattell,left they 

ο And there went vp with him both charets 
and horfemen : and they were an exceeding great 
company .^ they came to ff Goren Atad , which is 
beyond lorden , and there they made a great and 
exceeding fore lamentation : and he mourned tor 
bis father feiien dayes. , • .^„ 

1 1 And when the Canaanites the inhabitants 

pmy thee . foigiue the trelpafle of the feruants of i 

thy fathers < God. And loleph wept when n they ft,^''^"^^j{^' *J/ 

fp.ike vnto him, 

18 Alfo his brethren came vnto him 
downe before his face , and faid , llchold 
thy feruants. 

19 To whom lofeph faid , ♦ Fearc not 
I am not I vnderfGod 

1 Γ 11 pur God AoiiUbf 

and fell f^^^.i^^^ott 
wee be . _ 

I O. t>" mrfrr^' 


ί whobythego»d 
n"e fe 

eeme ch 

,nrhf iiotto 

20 When yeetiiought euill againftmee.Goa 
difpofcd it to good . that he might bring to paile, 
as it is this day .and fane mucli people aliue.* 

21 Feare not now therefore, I will nomilh 
you , and your children ; and he comforted them, f^J,","/;*^^ 
and fpake t kindly vnto thera. k,,.,/ 

12 r SoIofephdweltinEgypt,he,andhisfa-f who.neiwiA- 
■ ' ^- - • - led an Sbundreth and Sanding he bate 

thers houfe : and lofeph lined , 

Π ο*., 'At fine 

tenneyeeres. jo 

23 * And lofeph CiwEphraimschildren.eueni^jt^jtioyned 
vnto the third generation • alfo the fonnes of Ma- [With ,h. church oi 
of Manaileh were brought vponCod^fa^'^.»..* 



chir the fonn 

lofephs knees. . , . 

24. And lofeph faid vmo his brethren , * I am) 
■adie to die , and God wil furely vifite you . andi* «'*'• « '- 
brin» you out ofthis land .vnto the land which] 
he iwarc vnto Abraliam, λτιιο l2hak,,and vntoi 

l\ And lofeph tooke anoathe of the children ofl* FW• •?.;••. 
IfrLl . faying . * " God will furely viiite you. and jh He fp^ale* .lu. 
ye (ball carrie my bones hence. Uopheticexhot- 

16 Sol ofeph rlied, when he was an hundreth fi„g his breton «a 
and tenneyeeres olde ; and they ^rabalmed him. fj^^^WJ^f^'f^, 
and put him in a cheft in Egypt. ^ii d«Uim»»t«i 


THE A R U V W mN 1 . -^ 

z- , I r• J ..^^^«J,^n taen.46A7hdi bromht hisfamiliet'nt» Eiybt, where they remained 

A Fter that T^h h ?'^ "T'^iT^i.Sirv ;.V,«.^ to an infinite nurrLr, β tUt tu Kf^, and 

the comtrey grudged and eiuieueuejxmi::jy^^^ 

hi,premife Geni^. U- had cor»pfon f'^'^•^^^^^^^^^^^^ enraged α^α.φ bis Church . the more d,i /.•.> 

-^ -ψτ — ■ "^ 

yjiamoQ^Rpreiicth the Ilraelites• 

^Exodus» M oles is borne.He killeth thejEgyptian• 


a Mofes defcifteth 
the wondetfuU ot 
det that God ob- 
fetitethin perfot- 
jning hi< pionul'e 
to Abraham,,i + . 

rthey fell tadifirufl , andttmptedCod vxiith fundrie murmumgiAndgrudgingjagainftijimanihrsminificu: 
fometime mooued with dmbttion , fometime for lack^ of drink^ or meate taconttnt their lufli , fometime by 
idolatry , er fucb like. "Viherefore God vifited them vvithjparpe rcddet and pk^utt , that by hif carreHnttt they 
might feelie to him for reruedy againfl his fcourges, and earriefily repent them for their rebdlieni and^T/vkl^ednefic» 
^nd because Cod loueth themto theend.vvhom be hathstue begunttloue , he punifhed theni not according ta 
their deferts , bu: dealt with them in great tnerciet , and euer with new benefiteJ labotiredtemercor^e their 
malice .• for he fiitl ^ouerncd them andgaue them his word and Law , both concerning the rnaner offirtting 
him , and alfo the forme ef iudgementj and ciuiU polity : to the intent that theyJhouldnat feme Gtd after thetr 
ovvne inuentient , but According to that order , whicMits heauenly vvifedowe hadappointed. 


a -T4e,cWi!r>« ef tiulili ΛλΙ ume iKioEpft. ! Ttenetv] 
tlnnnh cfflfffrlbthm. iz The foiid/r:,! ef Ctdto- 
Tparsl th^m. i> The 'Kingt commundemijit to th n^ii- 
vrtiift. It Tke fuB/lit ef the Eiretpei *rt ttmimjiititt 

Μ Ow+^thefe are the names of the' 

i*^•' ■ hiidrenoflfraelAvhichcamdin- 

J Or , ferfett. 


H Or, aH giorn, 

6 Hcc meaneth thi 
ountityof Goiheii 
c Hec confidercd 
how God had 


to Egypr(.niery man & his hrjuf-< 
hold cime thither withlaakob) 
^ Reuben, SimeonXeui,8cIildah, 
ar , Zcbuliin , <.nd Beniamin, 
4 L'an , and Napthali , Gad , and Alher. 
<ζ So all the II ruii'.eO.that came out of the loines 
of laakob, were * ieiienty foiiles : loieph was in 
Egypt already. 

6 Now lofcph died and all his brethren, and 
thgt whole generation. ' 

7 ί And the *' children of Ifrael li brought, 
forth fruit, and increafed in abiindaiice,and were' 
multiplied, and were exceeding mighty, lo that 
the Ηΐ'ηά was full of t^.em. 

8 Then there rofe vp a new King in Egypt, 
who e knew not lofeph. 

9 And he faid vnto his people , Behokl ,' the 
people of the children of Ifrael «re greater and 
mightier then wee. 

10 Come.let vsworKeΛvίΓe!y with them.Ieaft 
they multiplie, and it come to pafle.that if there' 

'bewarre , they ioyne theinfeliies alfo vnto our 
enemies , arid fight againft vs , and ^ Η get theni 
out" of the land". 

ΓΙ TherefoTedid,theyfetta5kem;.ilcr5c;ler 
theni•, to kecpe them vnder wit]\b«rdens • ind 
they built the cities Pithonv and Raamfes fof 
the II ireafiires of Pharaoh. 

12 Butthemore they vesedthem, the more 
t?ii"ii Ιΐ" ! thev multiplied and i^rew : therefore « tliey were 

God bleireth ms, -' . ' , • η i ? -i i c-ir i 

the mo.t doih• ,he ητ "'e grieued agamft the c hildfeJi of Urael. 

I 3 "Wherefore the Egyptians by cruelty 
cauied the children of Ifrael to ferae. 

14 Thus they.madc them we^^ry of their lines, 
by fore labour'in clay and inbricke., and inall 
w'orke in the field ,wiih all manner of bondage, 
t which they laid vpon them nioft cruelly . 

1 5" i'Morepuer the King of Egypt roiTftnanded' 
the midwiues of theEbrew woniin (of which the 
ones name wasiShiphrah',andt'he'nameofthe 
other Pu.ih.) 

1(5 And laid, ->= when ye doe the office ofa 
'midwife fuf women of the fibre we s, 8c fee them 
o«theiii|itoules,if itbe a ionne.then yeihall kill 
JiJm,: but if it be a daughter , then let her line, 

17 NotwithftaDding.themidw'inesfeanklGod; 
and did not as the King of Egypt commanded 
them , but preferued aliue the men chiklreih 
18 Then the Kingof Egypt called for themid- 
wi^ues, and faid vnto them.whj haue yeedone . 
kUusiS;; haue preftarue^^litije thenjea chilsLren? 

i tiito Cjwasiiiiii 

Commoditic. viOK» cf 

Or .iirTiiteiii 

■vricied entiie thejn 

f Hir. relet !«>it!> 
pU, of tkem ty 

ef the ten. 

^•/ί/a .s,j. 

Or , f-ji', mhrre 

' 15) And the midwiues anfwered Ph^raoh,Be- 
canfe the Ebrew S women are not as the women 

Their diTobedi 
nee herein was 

of Egypt : for they are liucly , ^ndare deliuered • awfuU, but their 

yei the midwiues come at them. 

20 Godtherefore profpered the midwiues, and, jeff^j'^^'*^^'"'." 

the people muliiplied , and were very mightie 

21 Andbecaiile the midwiues feared God, 
therefore he h made them hotUes. 

22 1 hen Pharaoh charged all his people,fay- an jiotpieua/lebv 
ing.Eiiery man.chlld that is borne,-i caft ye into "ft , they ■- - - ™ 
the riuer , but referue euery maid-child afiue 

"i iisc 


Mefish heme and caflif-te tie fl.igi. j Heiiuienvpef 
rkMMkt dMgUir iui kifl. 12 H' kitlnh Ibe Egyptiin. 
IS He fleetb ^nd nurrutb^mfe. ij Tie IfrAtliits tie 
vnto the Lpri, 

■iHembling eiiiU. 
That is, God inl 

es of the iftae, 
ty theic 

When Tyrants 

. burn 
otth into open 

i. i This Ee 

tailed Arar; 

, , fivho matti 

Am ram, 
«nattied ^ , 
■oehabed, '• ' 

•TpHen theie went 1" man of the houfe of Leui 
. and tooke to wife a daughter of Leui 

2 And the woman cor.ceiuedandbarea fon: 
ami when Ihe fawe that he was faire , * Ihe hid p^„ 4,„ 
him three moneths , p N«m. t*. s »,' 

3 But wen iliee could no longer hidehim, f'^'-^»3.'a. 
iliee tooke for himanai'ke made of reed.and dau- C* \ 
bed it with ilime and with pitch, andfJlaied the rcommitt'ftig i....„ 
child therein, andputii among the bulnilhes by ρ the piouidence" 


ύ God , whom uic | 

^, Now his filter ftoodafarre off , to wit what ί,'Ι^^^ΗΓνί^ ei 
would come of him. ^hetjijju, «1, 

y iThen the dciighterof Pharaoh came downe' 
to wafhher in the riuer , and her maidens walked: 
by the riuers fide : and when ilie faw the arke a- 
mong the bulrulhes , fhe fent her m lide to fet ir 

6 Then :he opened it,and faw it wasachild.iriJ 
behold,the bate wept ■ fo flie had i.ompaffton ou 
it,andfaid,This is one of the'Ebrcwes children, 

7 Then faid his filler vnto "Pharaohs daughter. 
Shall I go and call vnto thee a nurte of theEbiew 
women to nurfe thee the child '? 

8 And Pharaohs daugliter laid to her,Goe. So 
the maide went and called the •" child? mother. 

9 To whom Pharaohs daughter faid , Take 
this chiide av/'ay, and nurfe it for mee,and I will 
reward thee. Then the toc^e the chiide, 

I ο Now the child grew,and ihe broiight him 
vnto Pharaohs davighter.and he was as her ionne, 
and Ihe called his name Mofes,becauie,faid ihe,I 
drew hirn out of the water. 

II And in thofedayes .when Mofes was 
> ^growen,he went forth vnto his brethren , and ^^ 
: looked on their burdens;alfo he faw an^Egyptian ^ϊ{'^ 
; fmitingan Ebrew one of his brethren. 
' 1 2 And he lo iked t round about , and when . 
; he fawe no man , he * ilew the Egyptian, and hid \^^/' ' " 

him inxhefand. 

13 Againe he came forth the fecond day, and ^1"' God had aj- 
hehold two Ebrewes ftroue : and he faid vnto lll["^ 
; him•. that did the.^vrαr^g,Λyhctefor^Xmiteft.thou Γ^υ, 
i tbyfdlew? - /.. ϊ.^ 
14 And 

cannot hindAt 
that which God 
haih determined 
Qiall cemt to 

Tliatis, \m 
F«mty yeete oM(« 

K&. 7.ίί, 


God^fpeai ethtohmima bnCh. Chap. J Ii« I V 

f Tliougli by his 
fea.e he Qicvredhit 
iiiftimirjr.yet fjith 
toaertd it. 

g Whtteinheie- 
mind.wliicli weiild 
lecomf encc the 
benefit done vn to 


14 And he anf.verediWho made Aee a man of 
authoiitie,c.nd a iiidge oner vs ? Thinkeft thou to 
kilime,,sthuukiJledit ^ Egyptian? Then Moles 
f feared and faid , Certainly mis thing is knowen. 

1 y Now Ph?.ra<jh heard this matter.and fought 
to Uay Mofes.-thercfcxeMofes fled from- Pharaoh, 
and dweltin the i. nd of Midian,andhe fare downe 
by a well. 

1 6 And the fl Prieft of Midi.m had feuen daugh- 
ters , which came and drewe water, ζηά filled the 
troiighes , for to water iheirfithers Iheeps. 

1 7 Then the /hepheai ds came c.nd drone them 
awy : but Mofes role vp , and t defended them, 
and watered their iheepe. 

1 8 And wh.-n they came toReiiel their fl fa- 
ther.he fnd.How are ye come fo foone to day? 

19 And they faid , A man of Egypt deliuered 
vsfrom the hand of the iliepheards,and alfo drew 
vi water enough, and watered the llieepe. 

20 Then he laid vnto his daughters.And where 
is he ? why haue ye fo left the mgn ? 8 call him 
that he may ejte bread, 

2 1 And Moles agreed to dwell with the man ; 
who gaue vnto Mofes Zipporahiiis daughter: 

2 2 And fhe bare a fonne,*whofe name he cal- 
led Gerlhom ; for he fayd.I haue bene a ftranger 
in a ftringe 1 nd. 

23 iTheninprocefle cf time.theKingof E- 

gypt died, and the chi drenuflfraelfighedfor 

hnmWtthhii th. bondage and h cried• 8c their crie for the bon- 

th"e> Aiild c.^ VII 
MmjAd tefeiiie thi 

f Hfttl!i|eih theit 


his. .-.• • 

a It wij Γο called 
after the law was 

Any. ιο- 
ί Thii fignifie'ili 
that the Chinch is 
bccjuJe Cod is in 
the mids ihcreof. 
d Whom he called 
the Angel.verfi.i• 
e Refigiie thy felfe 
vpto me,Rmh.4..7 
f Becaufe ofmy 

* ΜΛί.ΧΙ. 3t. 

jtffi 7.31- 
% FotfimiecanfeA 
mintoieait Gods 

h Wheft cruelty 


_e came vp vnto God 

24 Then God heard their mone , and God re- 
memhedhis couenait with Abraham, l2hak,and 

25: So God looked νρυΠ the children of Ifrael, 
and God * had reipeft vnto them. 

TheNamci)fGod, tt 

( Heheiid bcfatc, 

henMMI ' 


lydiiobey God 
acinowledgeih hii 

η Tht Cod whj 1 
bene, a 


tni Cod jppyarfttj Vfito iim ι 
. ikUuti tbt ctltinn cflfrieU. 



■ mp4 kitfith JUnfi 
10 Utefenitbtin 

Ijf7 Hen Mofes keptthe Iheepe of lethro his fa- 
** ther inlaw , Prieft of Midian, and droue the 
fiocke to th. 8 bnckefide of die defert , and carae 
to the " Mountaine of God , *> Horeb . 

2 Then the Angel of the lord appeared vnto 
hira * in a,outofthemids efa«bulh; 
andhe iociced , indbehoiJ, th- bufl^ burned with 
ftre , and the bull• not conliimed. 

3 Thereft-rc Mofes f^i.!,! will turne afide now, 
anifee this greatfight.why tlie buih bumethnot, 

4 And when the "^ Lord fawe that he turned 
afule to fee , God called vnto him out of the mids 
of the bulb,cind faid-, Mofes , Mofes. Aad b*^ an- 
fweredjl amJiere. 

5 Theji hee faid , Come not hither , » put thy 
iliooes oft'tfay feete : for the place whereon thou 
ftandeft is ^hoiy ground. 

6 Mtneouer he I'ayd , *! am the God of thy fe- 
ther , the God of Abr.jhara, the God cf Izhak'.nnd 
the God of laakcb. Then Moies hid his face ; for 
he was Β .Anid tolooke vpon Gotl. 

7 ί Then the LorI l^id , 1 h-iie furely fecne 
the trouble ofmy people.whith.r ■ in Egypt>cnd 
haue lie ;rd their cry , bcc.uie of their '»fi.skenia- 
fters ; for I know their ibrrowes. 

! 8 Therefore I am come down todeliuer them 
[out of the hand of the Egyptians , and to bring 
them outofdjatbjid into igood land and a large, 
JiKQ!» Isnd that »dowe^withnulkeaBdhooie, 

*uen into the pLice of the Canaatvites.and the Hit 
tites.and th.• Amorites.and the Per izzites.and the 
Hiuites,; nd the lebufites 

9 k Andnowlo,thccrycft!i;chilcliencfIf- 
rael is come vnto me, & I haue alfo feene the op- 
preTion wh^r^wich the Egyptians opprefle them . 

I ο Gome now therefore , ayd I will lend thee 
vnto Pharaoh , that thou mayeft bring ray people 
the children of Iir .el out c^ Egypt. 

1 1 f But Mof:s faid vnto God , Who am 1 1,1 He doeth netful, 
that I fhouid gj vnto Pharaoh , and that I Ibould 
bring the children of Ifrsel out of Egypt? 

1 2 And h J ^nl wered , m Certainely I will bee ζ^ Neither fea'te" 
with thee : and this Iball be a token vnto thee, jihineewin wc. 
that 1 haue fent thee.After that thou hart brought «««■'.-'Οί rhujo 
the people• out of iball ferue God vponp''*""^' 

this mountaine. 

13 Ih:nMofes faid vnto God, Behold ,ΐ/ΐ/.^?» 
I ihali come vnto the children of Ifrael,and Ihall 
fay vnto them, The God of your fathers hath fent 
me \nto you : if they fay vnto mee , What fefeis 
Name? what Iliail I lay vnto them? 

1 4 And God anfwered Mofes.I a AM THAT 
I AM. Alfo he faid. Thus ihalt thou fay vnto the^_^j ^^j^^. ^^^ ^^^ 
children of Ifraei, I A Μ hath fent me vnto you. jaimighty.fay whom 
I ί And God Ipake further vnto Mofes , Thus fU thingshaee iheit• 
ihalt thou fay vnto tlK- children of Ifrael , The r/"8.^»"'*_^'^^^^^^^^ 
Lord God of your fathers , the God of Abraham, Ef „" momiTi, 
the God of izhak , and the God of laakob h.-'.thm«ael.i.f. 
fent me vnto you : this is my Name for euer, and' 
this is my memoriall vnto all ages. I 

16 Go and gather the Elders of Ifrael together, 
Scthou ihalt lay vnto them.TheLordGodof your 
fathers, the God of Abraham , Izhak , and laakob + Ε;τ.ίϊ>•;ιν•ζ 
appeared vnto me,and laid,tlhaue furely remem- 
bred you,& that which is done to you in Egypt. 
1 7 Therefore I did fay, I will bring you out oi 
the iiffiidion of Egypt vnto the land of tlie Ca- 
naanites , and the Hittites , r.nd the Amorites,rind 
the Perizzites,andthe Hiuites, and the lebufitei, 
\"ntw 3 land that floweth with milke and hmiie. 

! 8 Then fliall they obey my vuyce,& thou and 
^ Elders of Ifraelftall go vnto ;^ King of Egypt, 
and fay vnto him. The Lord Ciod of the Ebrewes 
hath ϋ met with vs : we pray thee now therefore,! |[or,j/;/j».i ' 
let vs goe three dayes ioutney in the wi.dernefle,|i-j:tov». 
thit we may facrifici vnto tlie Lord our God. '° ^V n^'t^??* 
-9 f Bml kiiow.that the Kmg of Egypt wi!l;„Y_codworiid• 


I not let you goe, but ly ftrong hand. iappey" ''«'"» 

' 20 Therefore will 1 ftretch out mine handipij« '■'''"« 'hey 
;, andlmite Egypt with all my wonders , which I^j;^^^/•"'*'"" 
' will doe in the mids thereof ; and after that IhallJ^ Thiie«niple 
\ he letyoil goe. 'jnsyneibefolle- 

2 1 Andlwillm.ikethispeopfetobeefauou-^^l'ff;^;'^?; 
; red ofthe Egyptians: fo that when ye Ihall <.p^'„,„atmei!t 
i not goeemprie. thrididitiurly, 

I 22 ρ * Foreuery woman ihall aske ofhcr neigh- '«««i"'"? ^"Γ^*^ 
I bour,and of her n that fcioitfneth in her houfe,icw-J°^'^*"" 
] e!s of filucr and iewels of gold and raiment , 5c yef * cktf. 1 i.sjaA 
[ fhall put them <n yotir fonnes ,and on your daugh-i 
ί ters,and Ih.;!! fpoiie the Egyptiajis 


m4' «/• 

11 o., »»■*>/> 

3 Mifif frei tthcrttrd hftjfefntl. 6 Ui 
» TbmrMii cfth riarr is iHtntiiKiD iltpi. 

'-S Gcdfcejietfci*^ 

THeaMofes tnfwered,cndraid, a But loe.thcy i.'.cfe! doubting, 
wiilnotbeleeueme , nor hearken vnto my |^'"''« •""■*' ' 
voyce : for ibey will lay , Ihe Lord bath not -p; jf^jX " 


Moiestod j His b and Ieproas« 

£xoi Ιαθ, 

fc tills fovrcrto 
worke ir.iiicles 
viae ro conRvmc hi: 
idc(;Vi»e , ind to 
«(Ttiichim ofliis 

Hee and Aaron come to Pharaoh, 

the Ian J of Ε&Λ'ρι , and Mofes tookc the '' roi of ^ whettby ht • 
God in his hand'. J ^JJ^-'S»" «^^ «"'«• 

ζ I And the Lord faid vnto Mofes , whcr 
tliou art entredand come into Egypt agiine , fee 
thnc thou doe all the woniers before Piiaraoh, ■ ^ rec»iii^,«i^ 
which 1 haue put in thine h aid ; but I will» hnr- fpuu and ie"«- 
den his hearr,and he Ihai not let the people goe. ting hi 

jpc are d vnto thee. 

i 2 And the Lord fayd vnto him.What is that in 

' tliine h.nd ? And he anfwered, A rod. 

3 Then fai.ihe,Cafkitonthe giound. So he 
caii: it on the ground, ;iid it was turnfdiatozici:- 
pent : and Moles fied from it. 

4 Againe tlie Lord faid vnto Mofes, Put forth 
thine hand , and take it by the t.d e. Then he put 
i'Jorth his h:i:d and caught it,and it waturncd in- 
to a rod in iiis hand. 

f Doe this',\> that they may beleeue , that the 
Lord God of their fathers , the Gcd of Abraham, 
the God of Iihak.and the God of loakob hath ap- 
peared vnto thee. 

.6 ί And the Lordfaidfurdicrmore vntohim, 
Thnift now thine hand into thy bofome. And he 

ithriift his hjnd into his bolbme , and when hee 
tooke it out ajrtiw, behold, his hand was |) leprous 
as Ihovv. 
I 7 Moreouer he laid , Put thine hand into thy 
i bofome againe. So hee put his hud into his bo- 
, I ibme againe, and pluckt it out of his bofome, and 

1 behold, it was turned againe as his other fleili. 
ict,titwtri, r«»- 8 So fliall it be, if they will not beleeue thee, 

' '■ "" neither obey II the voyce of the firftfigne.yet ihall ' ϊπ^ t-ord , who had fent him, and all the fignes 
thcybeieeuefor the voice of the fecondligne. ' wherewith he had chargedhim. 

9 But if they will not yet beleeue ttefe two j 29 5 So Went Moles and Aaron , and gathe- 
iignes , neither obey vnto thy voice , then fnaJt ' '^^'^ ^dl the elders of the children of Ifr.-iel. 
thou take of the' water oftheriuer , andpowre j .?o And Aaron told all the wordes.which the 
it vpon the drie land: fo the water which thou \ I-ord had Ipoken vnto Mofes, and he did the ml 
&alt take out of tlie riuer , Ihalbe thrnid to blood 
vpon the drie laBd. '■ 

10 ί But Moles faid vnto tlie Lord , Oh my 
Lord , I am not eloquent , t neither at ajiy time 
bene betne, nor yet lince thou haft vnto 
thy ferujnt : but I am t flow of fpeech and dowe 
of tongue. 

. 1 1 Then the Lord faid vnto liim , Who hath 
giuen the mouth toman ? or who hath made the 
dumbe , or the deafe . or him that feeth , or the 
blind < haue not I the Lord ? 

1 2 Therefore go no^',and * I will be with tky 
mouth.aad will teach thee what thou Ihalt fay. 

1 5 Bat he faid. Oh my Lord,fend,I pray thee, 
by the 11 hand of him, whom thou d ihouldelt fend. 

1 4 Then the Lord was « very angry with Mo 

Becaiift thefe 
nee fignes flioald 
be fufh'cient viii- 
«hat Mofes ftioiild 
dtliiicr Gods 

d*}. , 

t Ett.ieJU.iff 


Then thou flialt fay to Ph iraoh.Thus'faitl^ ^i! mlice ""** 
the Lord.Ifrael// my foniie, euen my k hrft borne. ι'ΜΤ4ΐιίη£,»ηοΛ •" 

Wherefore I fay to thee.Let my fonne go, dene vnto him, 

thit he may ferue me:if thou refufc to let him go, 

behold , I wil flay thy fonn;,e«fW thy firfl: borne. 

24 ί And as he was by the way in the Inue, 

I the Lord met him, and I would haue killed him. 

z$ Then Zipporah tooke <iiiharpe knife, and 1 Geiyemfliti 
m cutav/ay the foreskiane of her fonne.and caft ii ψ*^ withfickneiTe 
at his feete . and faid . Tliou m indeed a bloodie c" ' "m. 't*'"^ *"* 
husband vnto me. ; m This a5e was 

i6 So II he departed fro him. Then flie faid.d extiaotdimty:!•! 
bloody husband (becaufe of the circumcifion. ) ηΛ.*,'„4"οά" e« 

27 ί Then the Lord faid vnto Aarun,Gomeet|,htnMquitcd it. 
Mofes in the wiidernelVe. And hee v;ent and raet|ll or , «tf ^»^f\ 
him in tlie jj Moun: of God, and kifled him. | 

28 Then Mofes told Aaron all the wordes of! Ot,li»ii^ 

'j^Or , minifitri'. 

d That is, the 
Mtilias.orfojnt ο 
>neete then I. 
<t Though we pro 
tioke God Hiftly 


he wiU 

etti\ his. 
f TliouQialtin- 
Hiui^ him what ci 


g Meaning , « 
•wife cotinlellcc 
and fiUl of 

finU. X 

Λ So that M•: 

piomil'c I 

fes.and faid , Doe not I know Aaron thy brother , not the Lerd, neither will I let Ifrael goe, 

the Leuite, that he himlelfe Iball fpeake ? forloe, 
he commeth alfo foorth to meete'thee , and when 
hcfeeth thee,he will be glad in his heart. 

1 r Therefore thou ilialt fpeake vnto him.and 
f put the wordes in his moiuh , and 1 will be with 
thy mouth , and with his mouth , and will teach 
you what ye ought to doe. 

16 And hee lliall be tjiy fpokefman vnto the 
people : and hee fliall be,ff«f«hee fhal bee as thy 
inouth,and thou ihalt be to him as * g God. 

1 7 Moreouer thou Ihalt take this rod in thine 
hand, wherewith thoa ihalt doe miracles. 

1 8 ί Therefore Mofes went and returned to 
lethro his father in law, and faid vnto liira, I pr.-.y 
thee , let mec goe , and letmne to my It brethren, 
which are in Egypt , and fee whether they beyoc 
aljuc. Then lethro faid to Mofes, Go in peace. 

1 9 ( For tlie Lord had faid vnto Mofes in Mi- 
dim, Go, returne to Egypt ; for they are all dead 
which + went about to kill thee.) 

20 Then Mofes tooke his wife and his fonnes, 

racles in the fight of the peopie 

31 And the » people beleeued.and when they 
heard tluc the Lord had vifited the children of 
IfraeUand had looked vpon dieir tribulation,they 
bowed downe,and worlliipped. 


t Mtffi tni Ajron dct Urir rm^jgi m*I» PbirMi, »ic effriftt 
Ike f/oiU 0/ If'Jitl man 'mi ntri. ao tiirj t'j oi.t 

vfan Mofft tuii A*r<,n tbcrtftu , tnd Mof/f etmtUiMetV^ 
t «» C»rf. I 

'T'Hen afterward Mofes end Aaron went and laiauhouercometh 
* faid to^Pharaoh. Thus Taith the Lord God 1^^'^''»^*^'*"'*^ . 
of Ifrael.Let my people go.that they may ^ εε1ε-[^"„•,° . "* ' ' 
brate afeaft vnto me in tlie wilderneffc . ρ An4 eiSet &«ί•γ 

2 And Pharaoh faid, Who is the Lord.that I p«i '■ f 
ihould heare his voice, and let liiael goe? I know j 

3 And they faid , n We worihip the Gocfof | , 
the Ebrewes: we pray thee, let vs goe three dgyes i' ®'' ^"^ '*'* 
iourney in th^ defert.and facrifice vnto the Lord Γ" "" " 
om• God , leaft t he bring vpon vs the peftilence 
orfword. jtEir.t.iii, . 

and t put them on an ai& , andxMiuwtltevvar^ vntoaur Qoit 

4 Then faid the King of Egypt vnto them, 
Mofes and Aaron, why caufe yce the people to 
ceafe from thei•• works?get you to your burdens 

f Pharaoh faid fm-thermore. Behold, much 
people is now in the laud , and yee « make them 
Icaue their burdens. 

6 Therefore Pharaoh gaue commaiindement 
the fame day vnto the taskemaftersofthepeo•» 
pie, and to their d officers, faying, 

7 Ye Ihall giue the people no moreftrawe, 
to make bricke ( t as in time paft) iut let them go 
and gather them itrawthemfelues. 

8 Notwithftanding- lay vpon them the num- 
ber of bricke , which they made in time paft , di- 
minifli notliing thereof : for they be idle , there- 
fore tiiey crie,faying,Lcc vs goe to effer facrilice 


C A? thetijh yis 

i Which were of 
the llnelitet,and 
had charge to fee 
thew doe theit 

υοα ^tonwfeiHcicuuerancc. 

^.nap. ν I. or what itockc Moles and Aaron camc.iT 

»^» mote trnflfy 

i Ihenettci rs Oodl 

I f of Mofes ud 

9 * Lay more worke vpon the men . and catife 
them to doe• it.Stlet them not regard^vaine words. 

10 t Then went the raskemdters of the peo- 
ple and their officers out , -uxltolde the people, 
♦aying. Thus faith Pharaoh . I wiJl gitie you no 
reore ftrawe. 

11 Goe your felues , get ye ftrawe where ye 
can finde it, yet Ihall nothing of your labour be 

1 2 Tlien were the people fcattercd abroad 
throughout all the land of Egypt, for to gather 
ftubble infte ad of ftrawe . 

1 3 And the taskemafters hafted them , Crying, 
Finifh your dayes woike t eucry dayes taske , as 
ye did when ye had ftraw. 

1 4 And the officiers of the children of Ifrael. 
which Pharaohs taskemafters had fet oner them, 
were beaten , and dcmaunde, wherefore haue ye 
not fululled your taske in mdsingbrickeyettcr- 
day and to in tinxs p.ft. 

ly ί Then the officers of the children of If- 
rael came snd cried vnto Pharaoh,f2ying,VVhere- 
fore dealeft thou thus with thy feruants? 

i6 There is no ftrawe giuen to thy ferums, 
and they fay vnto vs , Make bricke ; and loe : tliy 
feruanis are beaten.and q thy people is blamed. 

1 7 But he laid.t Ye aie to muc h idle :therefeic 
ye f^y.Let vs goe to offer facrifice to• the Lord. 

1 8 Goe therefore now 4n<i worke : for there 
fliall no ftrawe be giuen you ,yet Ihall ye deliuer 
the whole tale of bricke. 

19 Then the officers ofthe children of Ifrael 
Π fawe thehifelues in an euill cafe , becaulc rt was 

i layd.Ye Ihall djmiiHih nothing of yout bricke.sor 
of cuery dayes talke . 

20 ί Arid they met Mofes and Aaron , which 
ftood in their way as they came out ftiom Pharaoh. 

2 1 To whom they laid. The Lord looke vpcn 
you and iudgc:for ye haue made our fauonr to 

» κ^Λ c» .3+. 3<j >ftinke before Phaxaoh and before his feruanis ,in 
that ye haue S put a fword iniheirh.Tid to Hay vs. 
,.., 2-2 .Wherefore Mofes returned te the Lord, 

!&d!>fi:°uii° " ^"'^ ^'^^'^ ' ^°^^ ' ^^y ^^^ ^^°^} sffliifted this peo- 


I [ef.ilytffltii' 

i /•"•"• , 

t Elr.idlfjKire 

1 S Or,U„k-ipi: 

I Or,fl^mtt. 

and ' ^* nujstih.ii 

oBchingchc oiir- 
tviidvociiioii, rtie 
ligniiy whciccf 
htyJoa afitcwJitl 
ly iheiiiebillion ; 
lit as{aTelc;hOn 
olife «ie;l»«iii{, 

is i.-nmiitabk. 

£1" li/i 

thebnrdensof the Egypti.ns ,Sc will deliuer 
cmt cf their bond ge , and will redecmcyou 
ftretchcdout .umc,. nd in grea y iud^ements. 

7 AHo I will d Like you for my people,; 
will be your God : then ye fliall know that I the 
Lord your God bring you out from the burdens 
ofthe Egyptians. 

8 And 1 will bring yon intothe land which I 
t fware that I would giue to Abraham, and to Iz- 
hak ,and to laal^ob ,£nd I wiilgiuc it vnto yon 
for a pof-effion: I an the Lord. 

9 * So Mofes told the children of Ifrael thus: 
but they harkened « not vnto Moles , for angiiilh 
of fpirit ,.ηά for cruell bondage. 

10 Then the Lord fp,ike vnto Mo'es , faying, 

1 1 Go fpeake to Ph.^raoh King of Egypt , tliat 
he let the children of Ifrael goe out of his land. 

1 2 But Moles fpake before th; Lord , faying. 
Behold , the children of Ifrael hearken not vnto 
me , how then ihall Pharaoh heare me , which am 
ofdvncircumcifed lippcs' 

1 3 Then the Lord fpal^e vnto Mofes and vnto li^^i" 'iVtV(v'n- 
Aaiun, and charged them fe ^otothechJIdrenofiircmjiciUdiisB^. 
Ifraeland to Pharaoh Kincof Eevot. tobrinii the "'*«^'''* ^Ί"'* 

So h«td 

>bediin«e vnd 
he «ι•Π« 

d Orbirbivciii and 

Ifpstiilly «fthtir 
cbeydoea5 chcit 

i Of, tOf.fpnrfit. 

p!e? wherefore haft thou thus fent me? 

23 For finre I came to Pharaoh to l^ke in 
thy name, he hath vexed this pecp!e,and yet thou 
haft not <ieli■Jςred thy people. 

C Η A P. VI. 

fif^fikctk lo Ik, Ifrjitit.i, Ut thy kfltrur Hm ft. to Mcfu 
Md.Urtx J'/frni j^jinr ml» Pl^ri»i. 

•J* Hen tlie Lord fayd vnto Mofes , Now (halt 
thou fee , what I will doe vnto Pliaf^oh : for 
by a ftrong h.uiJ Ih.dl he let th;m goe , and euen 
t be conitinined to driue them out of his land. 

2 -Moreoucr God ipake vnto M<sfes , end faid 
vnto him,I am the Lord, 

3 Andl .-.ppeared vnto 1 to 
laakob by tht Name of H Almighty God ^ bm by 

to bring the 

Eifinh thVt he Jfu "'Χ Name » Iehou.ih vvas I notknowen vnto them. 
fnioimt indeide ι 4 Furthermore as I made n-,y Couenant with 
»hat vrhith lie pro-• them to giue them the land of Canaan, the land of 
"i/5foVth*ir)!a*ine''^'^""'"Pi'gr"^''''S^'W'\'='^sin they were iirangers. 
dtclatcih *at he f${ Τ So I hauc ail'o heard the groning of the 
coniant andw;U children of lirael , >vhoni the Egyptians iteepe in 
sctfoi-mt his gio- bon:l.ige, inJ haue rememibred ray couenant. 
'• 6 Wiierifjre fay tliou vnto the children of 

lfrael,Iam the Lofd,And I will bring you oucfronj 

children of Ifraelout ofthe land ofEgy 

14 ί Thefe be the heads « of their fathers hou-i 
fes : the * fonnes of Reuben the firft borne of 1 1- 
lael are Hanoch and Pallu , Hezron andCarmi: weft. «.d Aatou 
thefe are the families of Reuben. 

If * Alfo the Tonnes of Simeon : lemuel .--nd 
lamin, and Ohad, and lichin.snd Zoar.and bhaul 
the fonne of a Canaanitilh woman : thefe arc jthc 
families of Simeon. 

1 6 ί * Thefe alfo are the names ofthe fcr.ncs 
of Leui in their generations, Gerfton and Kehath 
and Merari (Sc the yeeres ofthe life of Leui ννξΤ6 
aihundreihf thirty and fcucnyeeres.) 

17 The fonnes of Gerihon tiwiri Libni and 
Sliimi by their families. 

18 * And the fonnes of Kohath , Amram and 
Izhak.and Hebron.and Vzziel.iand Kohadiliueii * [*_ 
anhundreih diirty and three yeeres.) 

19 Alfo ^ .Qjnnes of Merari -nvtre Mahali & Mn- 
il:i:thefc are the families cf Leui by their kinreds. 

20 And An-jram tooke lochebed his g fathers ^ 
fitter to his wife , and iliee bare him Aaron and 

coiTiijrion oi man 


t This gmejlo|'i 

Oievrtihof wKcrr 


* C•n^i.ψ. 

* i.Ctr.,..a+. 

N'nw.j, i7.i.ilJ 
.1. iMj.». 

f Fothe.niat4». 
\ttt« old whfH 

gypt.uid thfrt^- 


Htm it.%9. 

Mofes (and Amram lined an hundrcth thity andtg wJuchiiu/iii 
'' matiijt waratrtr 

the law fora-J• i». 
4» .Mofes andlie 
andj «■«'^« bietheu 
]iibeHieii WM 

feuen yeeres.) 

21 Τ Alfo the fcnnco of Izhar: "h Korah , and|j"_j' 

22 And the fonnes of Vzzicl : Miihael 
JEIzaphan.and Siihri. 

23 And Aaron tooke Eliflieba danghrer of 
Amrainadab , fifter of Naliril-^n to his wife J 

which bare himN.idab , and Alfibu , Eieaz^r antlF f}^J^ 
Ithamar. ^^\ 

24 Alfo the fonnes ofKoidi : Afiir , r.nd Elka- 
n.h iid Abiafeph : thefe arethefaroilies^of tlje 

25: And Eleazar Aarons fonne toekehimee< 
of ilie daughters cf Putiei to his wife, which bart ^ 
him* Phinehas:thefeare the principall fathers of 
the Leuites throughout their f.Tmilies. 

z6 Thefe are Aaron rnd Mofes to whom the 
Lord faid .Bring the children of Ifrael out ofthe) 
Jatxi of Egypt, according to tjicir* armies. 

27 Thefe aie th.a Moles , rnd Aaron .whichj 
fpake torhirach King of Eg.)pt,that they niigh{' 
-biing the children of Ifruci'outof Egypt. 

3i8 tAn- 

of lodiJi^ 

ji For thca famnii 
weittbgrOi, Xb\ 
ehey bi ghibt 


Iviofes and Aaron with Pharaoh. 

1 The iifobeJiene ; 
both of Mofes ani 
ef the people, j 
flitwcth thjttheit 
dtlinerjuce came 
oKily of God; itt 

28 5 And at that time when the Lordfpake 
vm-o Mofes ill the laird of Egypt, 

29 When the Lord, Ifay,{ vnto Mofes, 
faying, I am th.- Lord,fpeake thou vnto Pharaoh 
the King of Egypt all t hat 1 £iy vnto thee. 

30 Then Moles faid before the LorJ^Behokl. 
I am of 1 vncircumcired lips , and how thai! Pha- 
raoh he are mee ? 


1 Cod hxrdfneth Flinrachs he.nt. :o Mofes ani AXf'H 
■' doe the mirnehs ofiheferpent,anithcblcod:it}fiPhA- 
rethiforctreti due the like. 

i 'y Hen the Lord faid to Mofes . Behold , I haue 
I •^' made thee |I Pharaohs» God, and Aaron thy 
brother (hall |l be thy Prophet. 

2 Thou Ihalt fpeakeallthatlcommaunded 

^ thee : and Aaron thy brother Ihallfpeake vnto 

a r.iy name /& tq Pharaoh , that he fuffer the children of Ifrael to 



Exodifs. . The nrft and fecortd plague otEgypt•. 

1 2 And the fiih that is in theriucrlballdie, 
and the riuer fli jtl ftinke , and it lliall || grieue thel (I ^^ • •''«y Qiilke• ' 
Egypti ns to drinkc uf .he water of the riuer. ίί!"!?:,*.'"* ''''*•"* 

19 ί The Lord then fpake to Mofes , Say vntoj 
Aaron , Take thy rod , and ftretchoiu thine handi 
cnier the waters of Egypt.oiier their nreames,oi]er| 
their riuers , an.-l oiicr their ponds , and oner all 
pooles of their waters , and they Ibalbe || blood,' 
and their Ihall be blood thiOUghout the land oil 
Egypt, both in veJJeL• of wood.and &f ftone. 1 

20 So Mofes find Αοιόπ did euen as the Lordi 
cotnmaunded : *f and he lift vp therodde ,and':^ 
fmote the water thatwasin the riuer in the fight 
of Pharaoh , and in the fight of his feruants : and 
* ail the water that was in the riuer , was turned | ,^ pj-j j 
into blood. < 

21 And the * fill•, that was in the riuer dyed, f Teiignifythjtit 
and the riuer ilanke ; fo that the Egypti uis could 'was a true mitacle, 
not drinke of the water of the riuer : and ther 



«xtcdte iny uidge-^ 
nients vponhim 

fir thit \irfin 

i)xtii9Tg..y ... 

goe out of his land. 
3 But Iwil harden Pharaohs lleart.and mult 


my miracIes.Sc my wonders in the land ofEgyp 
4 And Pharaoh nwll not hearken vn:o yon,that vnto the Lcxd had fayd 

was blood throughout the land of Egypt. 

22 * And the enchanters of Egypt did S like- 
wife with tlieir forceries : andtheheartof Pha-ifi'^ prcfetuationoi 
raoh was t hardened ; fo that he did not hearken ^ 

Mfifes hUit], Ged 
proniifeih' ^aine 
to fimifti Ψ.Φ ■ 
oppTefiiou of his 

c Mofes littej in 
afrtiftion sird ba- 
yeeres befoit lie 
«nioyef his office 
todeliaec God: 

( Οϊ , drigeit. 

i Itftemtththat 
theft were lannes 
and lambres: leade 
a, eiie! 
the wiel<ed malici- 
fiaech 0/ God, 

: I may lay mine hand vpon , and bring out 
imine armies.iafn ray people, y chaldren of ifr.icl 
!out of the Imd of great >> judgements, 
y Th.en the Egyptians il^al! knowe that I am 
the Lord, when iftretch forth mins hand vpoii 
Egypt, and bring out the children of Ifrael from 
atTiong them. 

6 So Mofes and Aaron did as the Lord corn- 
raanded them, tuen fo did they. 

7 (Now Mofes was « fourefcore yeeres old, 
and Aaron fourefcort: and three,when they fpake 
vntoPlwraoh.) . " 

8 ί And the Lord had fpokeii vnto Mofes and 
Aaron, faying, 

9 If Ph iraoh fpeake vnto you,fiying,Shew a 
miracle for you , then thou (halt fay vnto Aaron, 
Take thy rod , and caft it before Pharaoh., ani ic 
ihalbe turned iutoa |ί ferpent. 

10 ί Then went Mofes and Aaron vnto Pha- 
raoh, and did euen as the Lord had commanded, 
and Aaron caft forth his rod before Pharaoh and 
before his feruats.Sc it wa5 /«r^i^into aferpent. 

1 1 Then Pharaoh alfo called for tho wife men 
and^ forcerers: 5c thofe charmers alfo of Egypt 
did in like mmner with their (;nchar.nrments 

23 Then Pharaoh returned , and went againe 
into his houfe,t neither did this yet enter in to 

and that God 
plagued them in 
that, which was 
I» ncceirary for 


g In outward 

(after that the fctiea 
iJaies were ended, 

24 All the Egyptians then digged rounde a- jftrong. 

.i..^ Λ,ι Liiw ijgy jjnaiis Liicuuiggcu ;vuiiuc a-iitrong. 

bout the riuer^or waters to drinkc : for they ceuld | ^'"•i>' ietaotAi: 
not drinlce of the Ns^ater of the riuer, r'!" " ^ '''"' * 

2 <y And thii II continued fully feuen dayes af- 
ter the Lord had fmiten the riuer. 


< frogt life fcM . 13 MtptfrAytlh,t«i^rfdif. 17 Urt ft 
fnt, ifUreLy tit forcntfs ickfctaliige Codtftmer. J4 E^^tii j 
tU^utdmth tto/fotmfiin. 3» Mcfii frejitk^idiie, ^ 

■ . ' i 

A Fterward the Lord faid rato 'Mofes , Goe 
, ■" vnto Pliai'aoh , and tell him , Thus faith the 
I JLord,Let my people go.that they may fcrue me . ; 
j • 2 And if thou wilt not let them go , behold, j 
; I will fmite all thy countrey with a frogs: 


g Or , feiien dayeil 
ifC(jjnpl^c4. -. 



i there iototlisj 

And the riuer fli^ll fcrallfuU of fro?s , which f" «'"*^' 'Ψ «^«4 


', ieuij ini 

[2 For they caft downeeiiery man his rod;and dingtrouohes 

ihail goe vp and come into thine houfe , and into 
thy chamber , where thou fleepeft , and vpon thy 
bed.'and into the houfe of thy leru-.nts , ;nd vpon 
i thy people ,and into the ouens.andlii nto thy knea- 

|can not came to 
oueicome thcgiea- 
ert power of man. 

Or, vpon thy 
doiigh, or into 
thine ambries. 

they were tHmed into ferpents : but Aarons rod 
deuoured their rods. 

.13 So Pharaolis heart was hardened, and he 
hearkned not to the Lord faid. 

14 5 The Lord then fayd vntoMofes . Pha- 
raohs heart is (I obftin:te , heerefufeth to let the 
peop le goe. 

- i^ Go to Pharaoh in the morning, (loe, he 
will come forth vnto tlie water) and thou ihalt 
ftand and meete him by e the riuers brinke , and 
the rod , which'was turned into a ferpent , flialt 
thou take in thine hand. 

1 6 And thou ilialt fay vnto him , The Lord 
God of the Ebrewes hath fent me vnto thee,fay 

4 Yea, the frogs ihall climbe vp vpon thee, 
and on thy people, and vpon all thy feiuints. 

y ί Alio the Lord faid to Mofes , Say thou 
vnto Aaron , Stretch out thine h2!^d with thy red 
vpon the ftreames , vpon the riuers, and vpon the 
ponds , and caufe frogs to come vp vpon the land 
of Egypt. 

6 Then Aaron ftretched out his hand vpon the 

waters of Epypt.and theUfrogs came vp'and ccaie• 

red the lana of ^ Egypt. 

I 7 *And the forcerers did llkewife u• their fdr 

I ceries.Sc brought frogs vp vjion y land of Ε -''vpt^ 

j 8 Then Pharaoli called for Mofes and A τοη,ν'^Ρ!'/ 

The fetoud 

b^ Bill GoOie'n 
whe.e Gedspeopli 

and faid , c Pijy ye vnto the Lord , that he m 7 

ing. Let my people goe that they may ferue mee ' take away the frogs from me , and from my peo' 
m the wilderneffe : and behold, hitherto thou ' pie , and I will let"the people goe , that they miv 
vouldeftnotheare. ' j doe ficrifice vnto the Lord ' 

1 7 Thus faith the Lord , In this thou thati zra thcLord-behold.I will fmite with 
therodde that is in mine hand vpon the water 
tlut is in the riucr,8c it flwlbe tmticd into blood, 

_ 9 And Mofes faid vnto Pharaoh , t Concer 
ning mee , euen [f command wlien I ihall pray fot 
thee, and for thy feruants , and for thy people , tc 
deftroy tlje frags from thee and frojo tjjine hou 

Wild. 17 7. 
c Not leae , but 
very Infidel; to 
iecltcvnio God, 

■f Ebr. hatte thit 
honotironer me, 
II Or.fpealie 
plaine vnto me. 

The third and fourth plague. 

Jijl PKti. 

I Or, I4dff»' 


life God ott times 
heaieth ihe ptaysis 


II Or, made ttt- 

Ji*tt?! third plague 

i|f Goil<enfoun()kd 



J let tht Egyptiai 
vroiikipfed di- 
iiK] beaflcs.asthe 
oxe, the flicepe aiid 
fiichLke, which thi 
Jfiatlites offered 

fes , that thsy may remaine in the rluer onely, 
lo Thcri he faid, Tomorrow. And hee Jifwc- 

Chat., rx. 

The fift inTfixt pla^uiTSi; 

And Pharaoh faiJ,! ivji) let yon go.tLstj^ 
may facrifice vnto the Lord yonr God in the wi/- 

derneffe : but h go^ not f.;ire awiy , pr.iy for me. 
2p AHd Moles faid,BehoId,I will goO;it from 
thee,and pray \nto the Lord, that the fwarmes of 
files may depart from Ph3raoh,from his feruaiits. 
and from his people to morrow : but let Pharaoh 
from henceforth i deceiue no more , in not fufte- 
ring the people to facrifice vnto the Lord. 

30 SoMoles wentoutfiomPharaohjand pray- 
ed vnto tlie Lord. 

3 1 And the Lord did according to the faying 
of Mofes. , and the fwarmes of flies departed 'fiom 
Pharaoh, from bis feniants , and from his people, 
and there remained not one. 

32 Yet Pharaoh k hardened his heart at t^is 


r The motjimef ίίφ,, lo Tie iihguttfliotclft OTtiforrt. 
23 ΎΙχ koniil, hitle , thxniir , ,ηά n Jl, Ijf.i 
cfCsilheA turrit txitftti 27 Pt-fr.Kh nrtfrffith Hijwui^it- 
. "Φ- a M^icryethfnhim. 35 YtttiuoiiHnat. 

'~V Hen the Lord faid vnto Mofes , Go to Phara- 
oh . and tell h im , Thus faith the Lord God 
of die Ebtewes,Let my people go,that they may 

2 But if thou refufe to let th^m goc , and wilt 
yet hold them ftill, 

3 Behold , the hand of the Lord is vpon thy 


low itTtt diey 
hall go». 

f He conU Ββι 
iiidg. bisheitt, 6ih\ 
yeihe charged him' 
todoe thuvutei•. 1 

I Wlnre Ged gi. 
Heih not btth , n« 


redj?e iitas thoii haft maieltknow, 
tliat there is none like vnto the Lord our God, 

1 1 So tlie frogs ihall depart from thee,andfroKi 
thine houfes, and from' thy feruants, and from thy 
people : cnely they iivcdl remaine in the riuer. 

12 Ί hen Mofes and Aaion v^ent out from Pha- 
raoh : and Mofes cried vnto the Lord concerning 
the frogs , which he had Β fcnt \nto Pharaoh. 

1 3 And the Lord did according to the faying 
of Moles:So the frogs Ί died in tlic homes, in the 
townes , ^nd the fields. 

14 And they g.athered them together by heapes, 
«nd the land ftanke of them. 

ly But when Pharaoh fawe that hee had reft I ^_ ^ „ 

giuen him , he g hardened his heart .and'hearkened i time alfo , and did not let the people gee 
not vnto them , as the Lord had faid. ' 

16 ί Againe the Lord fayd vnto Mofes, S.^y 
vnto Aaron , Stretch out thy rod , and fmite the 
duft of the earth , that it may be turned to D 'ice 
throughout all the land of Ε gypt , 

1 7 And they did fo : for Aaron ftrctched out ! 
his hand with his rod , ami fmote the duft of the 
•earth : and lice came vpon man and vpon beaft : [ 
all the duft oftheearth was lice throughout all | 
the land of Egypt. j 
• 1 8 Now the enchanters aifaied likewife with \ 
their enchantments to bring fortli lice , but they ( 
«could not. So the lice were vpon man and vpon I α,,,ι,^ ,,ι^^^,^ j^ •„ ^j^^ f,^,j^l .^^, vponthqbor 

1' ^, r-j u u -Di 1 ΐ fes,vpontheaires,vponthecameis,vpcnthecat 

19 . Then faid the enchanters vnto Pharaoh, tel,and vpon the ft4pe^/W/^f a || mightie great thefiftphg,* 
This IS ί the finger of God. But Pharaohs heart I nioraine " © ο 
remained obftinate , and hee hearkened not vnto ; ^ ^^^ ^^^ j. ^^.^ ^^^„ j^^ , wonderfully be 
them , .is the Lord had laid ι ^^^^^^^ ^h^ b^aftes of Ifr.'.el , and the beafts of E• 

20 Τ Moreouerthe Lord laid to Mofes. Rde j . ς^ ^^at there ftiall nothing die at all . that !en.mieT..nd )us h 
vp earely in the morning, and ftanJ before Phara- | peneinHh to the children of Ifr.'cl H'" '<"»«•**»* 
oh (lo , he- will come foorth vnto tlie water) arid ! ^^j ^^^^ j.oxd appointed a time, faying,To t^^*"' ' 
fay vnto lHm,Thus faith the Lord,Let my people ; ^,erro^^e the L«rd flialliinub this thing in this 


^ So the Lord did this thing on the morrow, 
and all the cattell of Egypt diedrbut of the cattell 
of the children of Ifrael died not one. 

y Then Pharaoh *> fent, and behold,there was 
not one of the cattell of the Ifraelites dead : and jifta'tii(«s"dw^lcd 
the heart of Pharaoli was obftinate , andhee did 
not let the people goe. 

' 8 Τ Ancl the Lord faid to Mofes and tjo Aaron, 
Take your hindfull cfu alhes of the fornace, and 
Mofes ihall fprinkle them toward the heaiiqn in 
the fight of Pharaoh, 

• 9 And they iliai; bee titrnsd to duft in all the 
land ofEgypr.and it ilialbe as a ί<:.:φ brealting out 
into blift'ers ν pon man, and vponheaft,thorowoBt j ι 

all the land of Egypt. 

10 Tlienthe7tookeai]ie.softheforn,ue,arai I 
flood before Pliaraoh : and Mofes fgrinkied them 
toward >' h3auen»3c there came I) a breaking 
out into' bliftcrs vpon man , and vpon beaft. 

1 1 And the ibrcerers could not ftand before 
Mofes,becaufe of thefcab: for the fcab was vporv 
die enchanters and vpon all the Egyptians. 

1 2 And the Lord hardened the heart of Ph^i- i 
raoh , and he hearkened not vnto them ,*as the L. ^. 
Lord had faid vnto Mofes. | 

Ϊ 3 Τ Alio the Lord faid vnto Mofes;Rife vp j 

c.-rly in the morning , and ft?.nd before Pharaoh, ; 

and tell him.Thus faieth the Lord God cf the E-; 

biewesjLet mv people goej>y they may feiue me,.! 

. • J4 F«rj 

I I 

goe , that they may lerue me 

2 1 ElSjif thou wilt not let m.y people 
hold,I will fendl) fwarmes of flies both vpon thee, 
and vpon thy feruants , and vpon thy people, and 
into thine houfes : and the houfes of the Egypti- 
ans fl-ialbe full of fw'atmes of fiies,and the ground 
alfo whereon they are. 

22 But the land of Goflien,where my peoi^e 
are.vvill I cauie to be I! vvondeifuU in that day ,ΐ'ο 
that no fwarmes of files iliall be there > that thou 
maieft know that I am the Lord in the middes of 
the Hearth. 

23 And I will make a deliuerancc of my people 
from thy people: to morrowlhall this miracle be. 
24 And tiio'Lord did fo : * for there came 
Ά great fwarmes of flies into the houfe of Phara- 
ph,and intohis feruants through all 
the land of Egypt , the earth was corrupt by the 
fwarmes of flies*. 

2 Ϊ Jhen Pharaoh called for Mofes .iml Aaron, 
and faid, Goe,doe facrifice vnto your God in this 

116 But Mofes anfwefed,lt is not meete to do 
fo:for thin we Iheuldoiter vntotheLord ourGod 
that, which wan $ abomination vnto the Egypti- 
ans. Loc.canwe facrifice die abomination of the _ 
Egyptians before their eyes,8c dicy not ftone vs? j 
27 Let vs go three day'es ioumey in the defert, ; 
ihi«T?heEgvSm •'"'^ ^^"^^*^" "^^^ ^'^'^ ^^"^ outGod,*as be hath ί 
abiioned to ft! \ commandid vs 
?fha5 jjii•,. 

a He (lull declare 
his heaiciily iudj- 
ment agiinU ' ' 

Into the land of 
wLete the 

y Of.tmitn, 

(iThe rixtfligRe, 

The kucvfh plague. 


14 ^ό7~Ι will at this time lend my plagues j 

. , . ' vpon ί thine heart. 8c vpoH tliy feru5nts,and vpon | 
:w«*":'"nce i tbV people . that thou mayeii knosv that there is j 
fiiaU condcmne ' none like mee m all the e.u-ili. j 

chec of lagtatititde j y ρ^ι)- now I will itretch out mine hand , that j 
andwilice» | I may fmite thee and thy people with the pefti- 
! Icnce: and thou Ihalt perilh from the earth. ,1 

16 And indeed, * for this caufe haue 1| I ap- " 

£nd the haile and the thunder were cealed.he lin ' 
red againe , and haidned his hean^ief^ hee , anc 
his feruaits. 

3 y So the heart of Pharaoii was hardned : "nei- 
dier would he let the ciiildren of Ifri,el go , as the 


7 Phrash f^it,»ntt ccufipile him to Ut At Ifrjelll't d'f"' 
Η,βηη,. 21 D*k'"J',i'f.r.t. 

AGaine the Lord fayd vnto Mofes , Goc' to 
Pharaoh : for ""I haue hardened his heart.r.nd 
the heart of his feruants, that I might worke theic 
II my miracles in tlie middeft of his realms, 

% And that thou maycft declare in the ' eares 
of thy ionne, and of thy ibnncs fonne,what things 
I haue done in Egypt , and my miracles, which I ^ . 
haue done amon^ them ; that ye may know that ifl,o„jd be lo great, 

I am the Lord. jihar theyOiouldSf 

^ Then came Mofes and Aaron vnto Fhara-!<P."'*" ^^ f"' «""i» 
oh, and they fayd vnto him , Thus fairh the Lord 
God of the Ebrewes , How long wilt.thou refufe 
•> to humble thy felfe before mee ; Let my people 
goe.that they may ferue mee. 

4 But if thou refufe to let my people goe , be -Ί, The end of sf- morrow will I bring ϋ ■'' gralhoppiyrs into fii^ionsis.tohtijn- 
thy coaftes. "««"εη1"'«"^ 

y And they ihall ceuer the face of the earth, '4 "th? 'ί^Γοί^ 
that a man cannot fee the earth : and they ihall 'col. 
cate the reiidue which remaineth vnto yon ,and.p ot ,<>tuptt^ 
hath eicapedfrom the haiie : and they ihaJleate *W•l*^^J■'•^^ 
all your trees that bud in the field, 

6 And they lliall fill thine houfes , and all thy 
feruants houfes , and the houfes of all the Egypti- 

' ans , as neither thy fathers, nor thy fathers fathers 
; haue feene , fince the time they were vpon the 
earth vnto this day. So he returned.and went out 
■ from Pharaoh. I 

7 Then Pharaohs feruants faid vnto him, HoW| 
long ilaall he beuan «offence vnto vs ? let the men 
goe,that they may ferue the Lord their God:wilt 
thou Hrft know that Egypt is dcftroycd? 

; 8 So Mofes and Aaron were brought againe 
' vntoPharaoh.and he faid vnto them,Go,ferue the 

Lord ycur God,but who are they tliat ihall goe? 
j 9 And Moles anfwered , We will go with our 
i yong, and with our old.with our fonnes, and with 
! our daughters , widi our iheepe,and with our cat- 
i tell will wee goe ; for we muil• celebrated feaft 
! vnto the Lord. 
I I ο And he faid vnto them , Let a the Lord fo 

be with you , as I will let you goe and your chit 

dren:behold,for euill is before your face. 

I I It fh*ll not U lb ; now goe yee that are 
men , and feme the Lord : for was your dc- 
fire. Then they were thruit out from Pharaohs 
pre fence. 

III After.the Lord faid vnto Mofes , Stretch 
out thine hand vpon tlie land ofEgyptfor the 
grall^oppers , that they may corae vj)on the lind *i'f' 
of Egypt , and eate aJl the herbes of the land.««i?; 
all that the haile had left. 

13 Then Mofes ftretched forth his rod vpon 
the land of Egypt .; £nd the Lord broi'ght an 
Ε aft wind vpon thcland all that dc^y , and all that 
night : and in die morning the Eaft wind brought 
the II gralhoppers. 

14 So the gralhoppers went vpTponallthe 


* Q'r*',Z\,, \ poynted thee , to 11 ibew my power in t!iee,and to | 
I θτ%β,„ L. \ declare my d name throughout all the world. | 
■d That 15 . that alt j -7 Yet thou exalteftthy fclfe agamitmy peo- ' 
Ae world may ple.and lettcft them not goe.. 
ZVZ'J^ZT• 1 8 B^h°!^ ' ^" morrow this time I will caule 
i>ee, to raitie a mighty great hail j , fuch as was not in 

Egypt fince tire foundation thereof was laid vnto 
! this time. .11 ' 

ζ Hett wee fee ! 19 Send dierefore nowe,d»i c gather the c at- 
thongh Godi t^]i _and all that thou halt in the held : for vpon 

reftherc.sTcet ' all die men , :xid the beafts , which are found in ; 
.ainentetcy fl,eweil the field , and not brought home , the hailc ihall 5 
«aeniohtsene- :, faH γροπ tliem.and they Ihall die. ' 

*""• 20 Such f^f« as feared the word of the Lords 

\ amsng the feruants of Pharaoh, made his feruants | 
, and his cattell'flee into the houfes. . ^ , 

' 2 1 But fuch as t regarded not the' word of the , 
tEt../-««.»ir, 1 Lord,lefthi5feruants,andhiscattellinthei.eld. • 
A'-rf ,0. ' 2 2 f And the Lord faid to Moics.Sretch forth ■ 

ί The word of the! ^^-^^^ i^^^^j toward hoauen.that there may bee 
rrSt'cod. i haile in all the land of Egypt vpon man and vpon 
\ beafi , and vpon all the herbes of tiie held m the ; 
i land of Egypt. , 

23 Then Mofes ftretched out his rod toward 
heauen, and the Lord fent thunder and || haile,and 
I tiightning vpon the ground:and the Lord caufed ; 
' haile to raine vpon thp land of Egypt. 
; 24 So there was haile , and hre mingled with ; 
j the there was none throtigh- 
out all the land of Egypr.fince j] it was a nation. 

2 y And the haile imote throughout all the land 
of Egypt all that was in the field , both man and 
ibeaft:aKb the haile fmote all thee trees of die field 
(and brake to pieces all the trees of the held. 
; 20 Onely in the laud of Goilien (where the 
' children of Ifrael were ) was no haile. 
'> 27 Then Pharaoh fent and called for Mofes 
. ,.« «..Λ.» 1 and Aaron.and f.:id vnto them, I £ haue now fin- 
nfeffe theit finne j ned : the Lord is righteous , but 1 and my people 

to their condemns- ^^q wicked 

irb^Wt'Jot'i "28 Pray ye vnto the Lord tfor it is enough) 
l«si.i««iri*on. jthat there be no more t mighty thunders , and 
j } £ir.voy„f ^/crf.• jiaile, and I will let you goe , and ye lliall tary no 
j I longer. 

29 Then Mofes fayd vntohim.Aflooneail 

I am out of the citie , I will fpread mine hands vnto 

I the Lord , ακ4. the thunder ihall ceafe , neither 

iftall there be any more haile , that thou may eft 

* Ciap.^.i} 


'amiig item. 
The nuradei 

where jifn we fee 
toward iheuctul•: 

^ The feuenih 


■2 L•,, .fire aMkiil. 

'■ % The W felted 


h Meaning, that 
■when they hane 
their letiueft , they 

«hough they male 
many (aire promi 
fcs.wherein we fe( 
the praitife» of th< 
wicked. i 

Jl QjjlitefitPit, I 

know that * the earth is the Lords. 

30 As for thee and thy feruants , I know " a- 
fore I fray ,yee will feare before the face cf the 

;.ei the'beiier. Lord God. 

3 1 ( And the flax , and the barley were fmiten : 
for the barley was eared.and the flaxe was boiled. 

3 2 But the wheate and the rie were not fmit- 
teh,for they were II hid in the grouiid. ) 

33 Then Mofes went our of the citie from 
rharaoh.and fpread his hands to the Lord,and the 
thunder aiad die haile ceafed . neither rained it 
vpon the earth. 

i4 And when Pharaoh few? that the rayne 

c Melipg.«fc«ei- 

ciHon of]a>liJiefe 
eiiils : fo ac« die 
lodly ciicr'waiged• 

Is Eiii! wai;*y 

dThitii, twenld 
he Lord ivere no 
no>e affeftioned 
owaxdyoii, then I 
im minded to let 
ptt gtie. 

nepaied fotyotti 
Some lead , Ve ia» 
d fome mif- 

Πκ eight jligUC;; 

The ninithutague, 

ι (>,,»>,<«. fid 

It TMnmft 

Γ llie wicVed in 
iheit mifcrics 
fctke 10 Gods mi- 
bcit they hace and 
iette dum. 

gtlie water ft e- 
mcd ted , becanfe 
ihefand ot grant U 
'sred: the Ebrewes 

A icciufc it nas fo 

tTke ninth plague. 


Cbap.XL XII, 

land cf Egypt.ando remained in all qucrters i>f E- 
gypt:fe grieuous to theu; weie 
nc.ier before, neither after them ilialbe iuc h. 

1 J• For they cotiered all the of the e:u-th, 
fo thattlie land was diike:Sc they did eate all the 
herbes of the land , and all the fruites of the trees, 
vhich the huile had left, fo ^ there was no greene 
thing left vpon the trces.nor among the herbes of 
the helde throughout all the land of Egypt. 

16 Therefore Pharaoh called for f kofcs and 
Aaron in b.ifte,and fayde.I hauc finned againft the 
Lord your God , and againft you. 

17 And now forgiue mee my llnne onely this 
once.and pray vnto the Lord your God , that hee 
may take away from me this death onely. 

1 8 Mofes then went out from Phai'aoh , and 
praied vnto tlie Lord. 

15) And the Lord turned a mightie ftrong 
Weft winde.and tooke away the grathoppers.ctid 
violently caft them into the g jred Sea ,fothat 
there remained not one gralhopper in all the land 
of Egypt. 

20 But the Lord hardened Pharaohs heart, and 
he did not let the children of llrael goe. 

2 1 Τ Againe the Lord faid vnto Mofes.Stretch 
out thine liand toward heaiien , th?t there may be 
vpon the land of Egypt darkeneiTe, euendarkci 
neiie that may be \ felt. 

i2 Then Mofes ftretched foorthhis hand to- 
ward heaiien , and there was a || blacke ^ darkenes 
in all the land of Egypt three dayes. 
^ ^^^ , 23 No man faw another , neither rofe vp from 

• ^W^ the place wlierc he was f>r three dayes : * but all 

ftkW the children oflfrael had light where they dwelt. 

24 Then Pharaoh calletl for Mbfes.and faid.Go 
ferue theLordrcnely your Iheepe and your cattcll 
foall abide.and your children ihall go with you. 
2Τ And Mofes faid, Thoumuft giue vs alio fa- 
crifices .and burnt offerings that wee may doe 
facrifice vnto the Lord cur God, 

i6 Therefore our c attell alfolhall go with vs : 
there iball not an > hoofe bee left/orthereof muft 
we take to feme the Lord our God ; neither doe 
we know k how we iLall ferue the Lord, \-ntill wee 
come thither. 

27 (Bi:t the Lord hardened Pharaohs heart.and 
he would not Jet them goe.) 

28 And Phsraoh laid vnto him. Get thee 
"fc• c ti ^'■"^ "^^ •" ^^'^-'^ ^°" ^^'^ ™y f^^*i "o "^ore : for 

thieatnethto*pu' ' | whenfoeuer thou commeft in my fight , 
* die. • ! 

29 Then Mofes faid.Thoiihaft faid weli:from \ 
henceforth wfU 1 fee thy face no more. 

C Η A P. XI. i 

1 Ced pjun-.tfttt ihir iftflMre. i yie a>Ulfli itm tc tomt» , 
thiir mi^HouM ijtili. 3 Μαβ, m, ,fli,m.aof aUfii,r 

^^ Ow the Lord had faid vnto Mofes , yet will I j 
bring one plague more vpon Pharaoh , and | 
vpon Egvpf,i-frer that, he will let you goe hence; 
when he' lettethyou goe , he Ihall a at ence chafe 
you hence. 

2 Speake thou now to the people , that euery 
manllrcquire of his neighbour.Sc euery woman of 
her neighbor, "•'iewels of liluer.&iewels of gold. 

3 And die Lord gaue tlie people fauour in the 
fight of the Egyptians : alio * Moies was very 
great-in the land of Ε " the fight of Pharaoiis 
ieiu^owyopd m the figpt οίύκ people , 

_The PaiTeouer inftitudcd. 24 

b From the hi(h(| 
to the loiftA. 


f Thoofh before 
he coiifeiTtd Mofei 
itiu.yet againft his 

» wicheat any 
cendition.bat witl 
J» f.e and violence 

^ CtJf i-itttii 


4 And Mofes faid.Thus faith the L©rd,*Abou: "^ «j/. u,»?. 
midnight Willi go out into the middes of Egypt, i 

y * And all the firft borne in die larid of Egypt L 
fliall die .from the firft borne of Pharaoh that *«'•>''•'»••:'• 
litteth on his throne .vnto the fij ft borne of tlie 
maide fcruant.that is at b the mill , and all the .firft 
borneof be'ftes. 

6 Then there ihalbe a^reat crie throughout ail 
I the land ofEgypt.fuch as was neuer none like.nor 


7 But againft none of the children oflfrael ilial! I 
a dogge mouc his tongue,nL-ither againft man nor I 
beaft . that ye may know that tii'i Lord putteth a ! 
difference between the Egypti.-.ns and llrael. ' 

j 8 And all thefe thy fcruants fliall come dow«i 
j vnto me. and fall before me.faying.Get thee out. I 
j and all the people that c are at thy feete.and after I* "^^ 
; this will Idep.irt. So he went out from Pharaoh ^;Γ'"'''^*-~ 
i very angry. Γ ' 

I 9 And the Lord faid vnto Mofes.Pharaoh fliall j 
! not hoare you. d that my wonders m.iy bee njulti- , 
: plied in the land of Egypt. • Ιάγ.Λ',λ * 

10 t>o Moles and Aaron dul all thefe wonders the hearts ef die 
before Pharaoh: but the Lord hardened Pharaohs «probate, diathis 
heart . and hee fufFered not the childicn oflfrael «'""Z 'u'^^^ 
to go out of his land. ^Ι^^κ.»"!" 


tThf Lord luflitKlrtl, lie ftlftfuir. a< Tif/jlhen tnufi Cfjih 
lh<iraUirintkrt«,ffinieibtrnf. a? Tiefirfikorn, trr/Lia. 
3 ι Tit Ifurliiet jt/ drv<n out oflhf lixd• 3 s Tht Hgifii- 
Λτ.ι »it ffeilti. 37 Tti Jtiimifriij/ it'ifMhcut oft'pi*. 

TT Hen the Lord fpake to Mofes and to Aaron 
in the land of Egypt . faying. 

2 This 2 moneth ^albe vnto you the begin- 
ning of moneths : it βφβ to you the hrft b mo- 1 Ma'i'ch"ani fVaef. 
neth of the yeere. jApuii. 

3 Speake ye vnto all the congregatioB^f If- 1 ''.^' iottci>'ng tie 

< Γ '^- r 1 1 r 1 • 1 ilT " lobfervation of 

rael. iaymg.In the tenth xjf this moneth let euery jf^ns : ai for other 
man take vnto him a lambe , according to the policies, they tccko• 
houfeofthcc fathers . alamheformhoufe. i>iediromSiptemtex 

4 And if die houihold bee too little for the •'^j^^fc'jl.'oi^;^'^!^''^ 
lambe, he fliall take his neigiibour, which is next 
vnto biis houfe , according to the number of the 
perfons: eueric one of yoii,accordmgto his ^ ea- 
ting fliall mol^e your count for the lambe, 

J Your lamb ihalbe without blemifli.a male 
of a yeere oldfe : ye fliall take it of the lambes, or 

6 And ye fliall keqieiivntill the fonre tenth 


day of this moneth ; then c all the multitude of i" 
the congregation of I fracl fliall kill it t at euen. 

7 After, they Ihall take of the blood.and I'.rike 
it on the two jjofts,.-jid en the vpper doore polt 
of the houfes where they llvii c.iil it. 

8 And they tball eate the flefli th-.t fame night, 
roft witlifiie . and vnleauened bread : withlowre 
herbes they lliaii cite it. 

51 Eate not thereof r.-.we , boiled nor foddin in 
water.but rolle with iirc,both his f head^his feete, 
and his pi-rtenance. 

I ο Am! ye fliall referiic nothing of it vnto the 
morning : but that .which reniaiiieth of it vnto 
the morrow fliall yc burne v/iih f re. 

II f And thus fliall y^e eate it , Your loines 
girded, your flioes on your feete ^iuul your ftaues 
in your handcs.and yec fliall eate it in hai^ey»'' 8 it 
is the Lords Pafleouer. 

12 For I will pafie through the Ludeof E-lP«fcntJttit%ii«ii 
gypt the fame cii'ht, and wJilimiteaii the firft 

a Called ΝιΓλι, 

great ot Imall fa- 

insnyas arefuffoi- 

Ea«ry onelu*' 


may be eutn.. 

f T^lamfce sws- 
iiot the r.-i.leenetj 

the thi 



which they dot*. 

The Pairei>uer is prefcHbed. The tenth Exodus. plague» Departure out of Egypt. 


borne in the land of Egypt .both man and beaft, vnto the '•'"firft Eorne~oFtfie captiue that was in 

hOf thibtKeite 
ieceiued for your 

i Thjiis, vntiil 

Chtifls comming 
lot then 

(.eiemoaieshad ai 

{) Or, ciWn'g ugeibe 

Nnm.iS. "6. 
k For in old time 
fo tlieycoiimtd, 

and I will execute iudgement vpon all the \\ golls 
of Egypt, I Λ»ί the Lord. 

1 3 And the uiood ihalbe a token for you vpbn 
the houles where ye are:fo when I fee the blood, 

1 1 will pafle ouer you , and ths plague {hall not be 
vpon you to deftrudion , when 1 finite the land 

14 And this day fliall be vnto y ou ? h remem- 
brance : and ye fliallkcepe it an'holie feaft vntc 

pnfon,and all th.• firft burble of beafts. 

' 50 And Ph xioh rofe vp in the night, he , and 

all his feriiints, end nil the Egyptians : and the re 

a great crie in Egypt : for there was no to tome.was.cithet 

/- *^ 1 ,, *-'•' *■ , . rf\ mi»t^ ΛΪ• boon» 

houfe where th 

ο ®f there hotifts, 
where in any firft 

ι or beant^ 

1 Viiy for >iiee,' 

vvasnoz one dead. 
31 And he called tO Mofes and to Aaron by 
night, and faid.Rife vp.get you out from among 
my people, bodi yee ,and the children of Ifrael, 
and goe ferue the Lord as ye htue faid. 
the.Loid , thiOughout yolir generations ; ye'ihall 3 2. Take alfo your llicepe and your cattell as 
keepe it holie by an ordinance i for ewti. ' ye hauc faid,and depart.and Ρ blefle me alfo. 

15 Scuendayes lliall ye eatevnieauened bread, -33 And the Egypti.tns did force the people, 
and in any cafo ye fhall put away leauen the foil becaufe they would fend them υπΐ of the land in 
day out of your houles : for whofoeuer eateth hafte: for they faid.Wc die all. j 

Jea'uened bread from the firil day vntiil the fe- 34 Therefore the people tooke their dough 
uenth day.that peribn Ihaibe cu: of from Ifrael. j before it -vVas leauened , euen tlieir doiigh bound 

10 Andinthefirft dayj7;iii'&e anholie II affem- I in tloathes vpon their flioulders. 
blie ; alio in the feuenth day iliall be an holie af- , 3 ί And die cTiildren of lirael did according ) 
lennbly vnto you : no worke ilialbe done in then!. 1 the faying of Mofes.and they asked of;/ Ε oypti- * «Λ a u & 
faue about that which euery man muft eate : that ans^iewels of filuer.Sc jewels of gold,& rainenr. , ^'^' ''^* 
onely mayyedoe. ' 3^^ And the Lord gaue the people fauour in 

17 Ye 11-iall keepe alCothefeafl of vnleauened \ the light of the Egyptians : and they U granted .. ^^ 

- - ■ - - tneirrequeft:ro they fpoiled the Egyptians. 

3 7 Then the + children of Ifrael tooke their ■*.- ^,, 
journey fromiRamefes to Succoth about fixe 
hundreth thoufarid men of fcote, befide children J ^ ^''"'I• waji 

fceghining the da^ of jjje moneth 
itSiinnelettiU thfl 
jiext day at the 



IrTie Anfelient 
God to kill the firi 

ι The land of Ca- 


ΰ TJiey gaii 

Λ*η};5 toi 
a bencRce. 

: Cod 
fo gteai 


bread : for that fame day I will bring yeur armies 
out of die land of Egypt : therefore ye ihall ob- 
feniethis day , throughout your an 
ordinance for euer. 

18 ί ■♦'In the firfl: mcneth and the foiuteenth 
elay. of the moneth at k euen, yee lliall eate vn- 
leauened bread vnto the one and twentieth day 


19 Scuen dayes ihu\ no leauen bee founde in 
your houfes:for whofoeuer eateth leuened bread, 
that perfon Ihall be cut off from the Congrega- 
tion of Urael : whetlier he be a ftranger ,~or borne 
in the land. 

io?• ; Ye fl-!all eate no leanened bread : iut in all 
your habitations fliall ye eate vnleauened bread. 

2 1 ί Then Mofes called all the Elders of Ifra- 
el , iind fayd vnto' them ,Choore out and take 
you for ifuery of your houlboldes a lambe , and 
kill the Paffeouer." 

22 And take * a bunch of hyirop,and dip it in 
the blood that is in the bafen, and ftrike the || lin- 
tell , and the || doore cheekes with the blood that 
is in the bafen , and let none of yoii goe out at the 
doore of the houfe,vntill the morning, 

23 For the Lord will paffe by to fmite the B- 
gyptians : and when -he feethihe blood vpon the 
linteil and on the two doore cheekes , the Lord 
■will paffe ouer the doore.and wil not iuffer yl de- 
ftroyer to come into your houfes to plague 7»». 

24 Therefore lliall ye obferue this thing as an 
ordinance, 60th for thee and thy Ibnnes for euer. 

2 ? And when ye ibjll come into the >" land, 
\yhich the Lord will giue you , as he hath'promi- 
fed, tiien ye il->all keepe this H feruice. 

2(5 * And when your children aske you,W"hat 
feruice is this ye k^fpe ? 

27 Then ye ihali fav, It is the facrifice of the 
i-ords Paileouer , which oaffed ouer the houfes 
of the children of Ifrael in Egypt, when he fmote 
the Egyptians , and preferued our houfes. Then 
the people " bowed theraielues and vvorlbippcd. 

28 Sothe children of Ifrael wcnt.anddid as the 
L9rd had comandedMoJes andAaron:fo did they. 

29 ί Now at -*^ midnight , the Lord u Irnote 
all the firft borne in the land of Egypt , from the 
fiift boms of Piinraob that fate on his thfoae» 

, lem thim-i 

38 And r a great multitude >F fundry for te^ ο"^^",''***"' 
of people went out with them . and Hieepe , afic rwhicii 
beeues, and cattell in great abundance. fit3ngcrs,jnd net 

39 And they baked the dough which they ^°^^'*^*' 
brought out of Ε gypt,e»i/w4iie vnleauened cakes: 
for it was not leauened , becaufe they were thruft 
out of Egypt , neither could they tarie, nor yet 
prepare themfelues vitailes. 

40 ί So the dwelling of the children of Ifrael 
while they dwelled in Egypt , was *■ foure liun-' ^ 
drethand:hirtieyeeres. ^.^ 

4 1 And when the f foure hundreth and thirtie f Fro^HBtaiiam 
yeres were expired,euen ^felfe fame day departed ^'^'^^^"™ 
all the hoftes oftheLord out of the land ofEgypt. Jjj/^^ Jfj^ '^"f 

42 It « a night to bee kept holy to the Lord the chjlaten of 
becaufe hee brought theraoutofthelandofE-jlfcaΊfl•on^ Egypt 
gypt ; this is that night of the Lord,which all the 
children of Ifrael muft keepe throughout their 

43 Alfo the Lord fiidv^ito Mofes and Aaron 
This is the Law of the Paffeouer : t no ftranger 
fliall eate thereof, 

44 But euery feruant that is bought for mo- 
ney , when thou haft ciiciuncifed him , then fliall 
he eate thereof. ,..„.: 

4 ί A ftranger or an hired feruant iliall not eat 

4<5 * In one houfe iliall it be eaten: thou flnalt 
xarie none of the fleih out of the houfe , * oeither 
fliall ye breake a bone thereof, 

47 All the Congregation of Ifrael fliall ob- 
ferue " 

' 48 Bur if a ftrangjpr dwell with" thee, and yiil] 
obferue die pafleooer. of the Lord , lethira cir- 
cumcife all the males , that belong vnto, him , and 
then let him come and obferve it , and lie Ibali be; 
as one that is borne in the land : for none vncir 
cumciled perfon Ihalleate thereof. 

49 One «law Aiallbee to him that is borne 
in the land sand to the ftranger that dwcileth a-, ot thehoun.oldoi 

mongyou. God.miilibeaU 

% ο Then all the children of I frael (iid as the 

'Gen φ ii.e/t' 


I Except he be «jt>i. 
cumciled, and 
onely pvofeiTe yeas, 

I! Xheytliit are 

ioined iii oik fait^ 

tktmhomt^niV^freoxi^}^ _jC^ HicfieneamldQofep illay.q^ 

lord commanded MofesanJ Aaron: fo did they. 

f 1 And the Iclfe fame day did the Lord bring | 

the children of likaeJ but of the land of Egypt by I 

tfaeir armies. j 


a The firf hrne are tffnei to Cod. % Tht mttniriiU of 
thtiiitliinr»H{e. 6 TheinflitutitHofthePAjfeoufr.e, 
14 Ah exhortation to teach their thtlitento remember thit 
deliHtrUHce. ij Wl>j they ere ledby thetvtUer^effe. 19 
The toHti oflofifh. ar The filUr of tht etoHi ani of 
tht fire. \ 

ANd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes /ay ing, 1 

2 ■" Sanctifie vnto me all the firft borne : ' 
that is , euery one that βτβ openeth the wonibe | 
among the children of li'rael , as well of man as | 
of bead : /ar it is mine. , _^ ; 

J 5 Th°n Mofes faid vnto the people, * Re- ! 
member this day in the which ye came out of E- 
gypt ,out of the t houfe of » bondage : for by a 
raightie hand the Lord brought yon out from 
thence : therefore no leauened brvad ihall be 
h eaten. 

4 This day come yeeominthe moncthof; 
e Abib. j 

y t Now when the Lord bath brought thee ' 
fitt of AprilJ, into the land of the Canaanites. and Hittites , and ' 
f!la*"o*ri«eVuti4 Amorites.and Hiuites.and lebufites , (which hee ■: 
fviautj• i fwarc vnto thy fathi'rs, that hee would giue thee, \ 

'■ , <\*. I a Irtid flowing with milke and hony) then thou \ 

^'.Y '■*'■ [ flaaltkeepe this feruice in this moneth. * 

6 Seucn dayes flialt thou eate vnleauened \ 
β %*Λ die ft- I bread,and the * ieuenth day fhaUlfe the feaft of the ' 

BtntTund tht ϋιβ £qjJ_ I 

Vnleauened bread iluU be eaten feuen 


* £»((.>}. 2}. 


a Where they 

Wrere ία mod 

ciHell (ladctie. 
b To fignifie thie 
they had not kl- 
theii bread. 
C Conitlni) 

» thine! 

of my fonnesi redeerae. 

16 And itfliall be as a token vpon thine! 
I.and.and as fl frontlets betweene thine eycs.that I O'.Jfr»»•/»^ 
the Lord brought vs out of Egypt by a laightie i"'**'*"«»t 
hand, 1 

17 ' Now when Ph^jTOh had let the people 
goe.God caricd thim not by the way of the Phi- 
liftims countrey , Κ though it x/Piri necrer : (for'u ei,t,„„/•, 
God faid.Leaft the people repent when they »fee * whitj, /hi Phi.• 
warre.and tume againe to Egypt. ) Unims would 

1 8 But God made the people to goc about bv ϊί"" J"'''' *8•'"• 
thiidren of lirael went vp « armed out of the land * '^" is. not ρήν 

of Egypt. "Jly, but openly. 

.19 . ( And Mofes tookcthe bones of lofepli ΰ^Ιπί^Γί."?.. 
withhim : for he had made the children of I frael in order by fi.le 
fweare.fayi - ->.--.•..--..- .. ,, 

* God will furely vifite you.and '"^ 

ye fl^al! take my bones away lience with you. ) j,/',"• 
20 Τ * So rhey tooke their ioumev from Sue- h- nm 

toi Mati 


day were holy,^ii, 

1 rhey tooke their ioumey from Sue 
coth -, and camped in Etham in the edge of che 

21 •♦< / nd the Lord went before them by day U" "'"*• '♦• '*i ^' , 
in a pillar of a > cloud to lead them the way , and f^.' \.V»io.\. 
by night in. a pillar of fire to giue them light, J το defend ihen I 
that they might goe both by day and by night. *"»•" ** ''«>'» «f 

22 * He tooke not away the pillar of the cloud ^hI?"*•,, 
by day, nor che pillar of fire bynight from before I ' ' * ^ 
the people, j 

c Η A P. X I v: ! 

4, i. Pi^atit ^>Jrt iV l,Ard,nti , λλΛ futfueii tit IfniUliii ' 
1 1 Ti, IftMlues ft-itkct> mtkffae . m«ymurf agjwfl JM./>,, 
>J M,p,Uth,„oi.r.,i,ti,n,. XI Hfii^iiHhtheSe*. ij, 
»7 Tie Egyftitni foUtt» *ni •>ιι irovnti. 


% WVf η (hot} 
«otfl «Ubiatfr 
f Thitn (iatthaue 
conttaoaU itmem 
tbiDu woiildeft of 
a thiiig':^t is in 
Aine hand, or 
Jk(C«c dune tyUf' 

dayes, and there (ball no leauened bread be feene ' 'X' Hen the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.&yiag, 
with thee, nor yet leaucn be feene with thee in all •» 2 Speake to the children of Ifrael , that 

they * retume and campe before ^ PiJfahiroth, 

thy quarters 
8 Τ And thou (bale iliew thy fonne • in that 

f nr.ttttfirfl 
oommeih fo'ib. 
{ This is alfovn- 
deraood of the 
fcoife and other 
fceatls which wtit 
set offered in 
b By offtruig * 
deane bead in <a- 
η Or,hertaftei~ 

day .faying, Thit it done, becaufe of that which the 
Lord aid vnto me.when I c?.me out of Egypt. 

9 And it ihall be a figne vmo thee «vpon 
thine hand , and for a remembrance betweene 
thine eyes , that the Law of the Lord may be in 
tliy mouth : for by a ftrong hand the Lord 
brought thee out of Egypt. 

the countrey of 
the Philiflim». 
h So the Sea wjt 

betweene Migdol and the Sea.ouer againft*Baal- 

zephon : about it (liall ye campe by the Sea. , ,„ ,„, „, 

3 For Pharaoh will ftiy of the childrenof If- ieforethtm. 
rael. They are tangled in the land : the wildenies menntaiuesonei- 
fiath ihm them in. ^" ''f•*• ".^ ■'•* 

4 And r will harden Pharaohs heart that hee l^!u:y"t,htr 
{hill follow after you : fo I will « get me honour bi"yti cod.ani 
vponPharaoh,andvponallhishoafte:the Ε gyp- w"' <liii"«ed. 

10 Keepc therefore thij ordinance in his fea- i tians alfo fliali know diat I am the Lord; and they . bv 
fon appointed from yeere to veere. ' j:j/-„ • . 7 

ri 1 And when the Lprd ihall bring thee into 
the laixj of the Canaanites , as he fware vmo thee the people fled : and the heart of Pharaoh and of 

Nam. 53.7, 

and to thy fiUhQrs,and (hall giue it thee 

12 * Then ftalt thou fet apart vnto the Lord 
dl that firfi openeth the wombe : alfo euery 
thing that^^doeth open »^τ/νΐ)»»ί» , andcom- 
reeth foortlrofthybeaft : the males /^*fl i# the 

13 But euery t firft foale of an Β affe , thou 
fli*t redeeme with a lambe : and if thou redeeme 
him not , then flvilt thou breake his necke ; like- 
wife alfo the firft borne ef man among thy fonnes 
flialt thou •> buy out. 

14 f And when thy fonne (hall aske thee II to 
moirow , faying , What is this ? thou italt then 
fay vnto hira , With a raightie hjnd the Lord 
brought vs outof Egypr,ont of thehouie of bon- 

1 5r For when Phaaoh wa» h^ird hearted 
agiinft oar departing , the Lord then (lew all, the 
firft borne in the la^id of Egypt , from the firft 
borne of man ei^aJip the firft borne of bt^aft :. 
therefore I facrifijpjvnto the Lordall the males 
«bat firft opeBihs^lwrfnbe , but all the firft boxoe 

^ : 

y f Then it was told the king of Egypt, that *»« 

his feruants was turned againft the people , and 
they faid , Why haue wee this done, and hauc let 
liiael goe out of our fepjice ? 

6 And he made ready his charts , and tooke ' 
his people with him, 

7 And tooke flxehundreth choien charets, , .. 

and ί all the charets of Egypt.and capraiaes ouer ' ,f,*tha?biwM' 

euery one of them. Ihefichatets ihr 

8' (For the Lord had hardened the heart of ^«Tt-^^" >■« 
Pharaoh king of Egypt , and hee followed after {^•'';^';*"°<=°• 
the children of Ifrael : but the children of Ifrael ^ 
went out with an* high hand.) 

9 * And the EgVpti^ns piu-fued after them, 
and all the horfes e^iich rets of Pharaoh , and '■"*'■■* ''• 
liis borfemen and his ho?.ft ouertotike them cam- i 

ping by die Sea, befide Pi-hahiffith.befoie Baal- j 

zephon. if Thty wKih » 

10 And when Pharaoh drewmgh , the (.hil- imh b? fore in 
dien ti Ifrael lift vp theireyes , and behoide, the ;«h«« dtii»eri..«« 
Egyptians- marched ficr them , aid ihe^- were i^:^'^^ „ 
fore f afraid : wherefore tlie children of Ilraeijaf„;i ladjiuu- 
cryed vnto tlic Lord. J «""«j 

rrr^J ~ ■ - ■ J — 

With freat lej 

>^ lc&.ij..6. 


TheBgyptians di hp^ed . A fong^ 

f Snc3i«th«iii•- 
•pir^ncy of the 
ϊίΛ, that it cannot 
^ide Ccds sg. 
(ouicd cune> 

it Onelypntyout 
ir;Hfti;. God vrith- 
oot juidgUTgbr 
Uflf faiih fighttih 
ajiTlifl the rlfOs, 
and ci^ «ill with 
iuwatd gtonisjs 
:e sht loxd. 


ihtydee.Tke thiiilyih •tOtilieliutrtth not hi! Ckmch $nccKtineHt,eut tfdxng'r•, 
tHtteextrcifetheirfMthanifAUtncieominMththttri'ttblii.jea iS ofteniwts 
aucmiifttththtm: as the Ifraelites yvere new inleffthofi sf their lines,then wi.// 
the) ner' in £i.}J>l. The fturth pint η , lh»t whtn the dangers are mufl irfitf, 
then Cciili4pt «i mo/.' re^dj.t, fHccmr : (or the Ifraelites had tn either pde cf 
t'aeiiithuie rcckei andmouniai»ei,befi,re thtm the fea. behind themmtfi cruell tni.. 
mtU,J«.l/i»t.tiere vas n» ro*j left l« f;<.i/e ι • mam luditntent. 

1 1 And they faid vnto Mofes , Haft thou 
brought vs to die in thv; wildeines. becmife 'here 
were no graues in Egyi?t ? wherefore haft thou 
feiued vs cary vs out of Egypt ? 

I ζ Did noc wee tell ihee this ihing in Egypt, 
fcying , Let ί vs be in reft , that weni^y leruc the 
Egyptians > for it had beene better for vs to fttuc 
the Egyptians , then that wee ll}ould die in the 

liillien Mofes faiil to the people. Fcare yec 
not^iid ftill » and behold « the faUiation of the 
Lard which he will Ihew to you this day . For the 
Egyptians whom ye haue fecfie this day.yeihall 
neiier fee them againe. 

1 4 The Lord fhall fight for you 
'' looid you y our peac e» 

I r ί Ar.dthe Lord foid vnto Mofes.Where- 
fore ' cry eft thou vnto me ? fpeako vnto the chil, 
dren of Ifrael^that they goe forward: 

16 And lift thou vp thy rod , aid ftretth ont 
I thine hand vpon the Sea and d^iiide it.aud let the 
j children of liiatl goe on dne ground thorow the 
Imidsof the Sea. 

17 Andl , behold, I will hwdcn the heartof 
the Egypti.-.ns , that they may follow them, and I 
will gel me honour vpon Pharaoh, Si, vpon ail his 
hoafte.vpcn his charcts.and vpon his horfemen; 

1 8 Then the F. gy ptians iball know th'.t I am 
tlie Lord , whcnl h.i\ie gotten mee honour vpon 
Pharaoh , vpon his c harets , and vpon his horfe- 
pien, ... 

Ji> (Andthe Angel of God, which went bt- 
■bre the hoafte of I itacl , remooued, and wtnt be- 
hind thtm : alio the pillar of the cloud went from 
before them^and flood behind diem. 

20 And came betweenc the campc of the E- 
■ as both a 

I. Cor 10, f, ■ 

11 Then the ♦ childi«n of Ifrael went throu»h 
the mids of the SiM vpon the drie ground, and the 
waters were a wall vnto them ui their right 
band,cnd en their left hand 

23 And the Egy ptiiris puifued ant! w>-nt after 
them,tothemiddesoftheSe.i , i«f«r ail Pharaohs 
horfes.his chaiets.and his horfemen, 

24 Now , in the morning 'watch , whenth' 
Lord looked vnto the hoafte ofthe Egyrtians.ou. ^.,. ,, ., 
of the fierie and cloudy pl!Iar,he ftroke the hoafte Γ "'«''*♦ 
of the Egyptians withfearc. 

2) Forhe tooke off their charet wheeles.andl 

three Un hot:» 


6th light 10 ih» riV. 
iwl>te.<.biitte the 
igypii'ans " wa» 
4»lltenefle,fo that 
Aeii twehoaflil 

gyptiiins :>nddie campeof Ifracl ; itw-as both a 
cloud and dai'snefle .yet gaue it 1< light by night, 
fo that all the night long the one came not at the 
oth-;r.) , 

2 1, Ami Mofes ftretched forth his hand vpon 
the Sea, and the Lord catifed the S«a to rtm backe 
Vj a itrong• Ε oft wind all tlie night, .and made thi 

jSft4 φγ IwX ; fcr the >yateis wat* lUnidcd». 

t Or, U4.,ily^ 

m So tU Uii if 
the water faued 
"Γ diowned his 

they drauethc-m with Dmuchadoe : fo that the 
Egypti.-ns euery one faid, I will flee from the face 
oflfrael : for the Lord fightcth for tJiem againft 
the Egyptians. 

16 ' Thenthe Lord faid to Mofes , Stretch 
thimafhind vpon the Sea , that the waters may re- 
turne vpcn the Egyptians.vpon their charets aftd 
vpon their horfemen. 

27 Then Mofes ftretched forth his hand vpor 
the Sea, and the Sea returned to his force early in 
the morning , and the Egyptians fled againft it ; 
but the Lord "> ouerthrew the Egyptians in the 
mids of the Sea. 

28 So the water returned and couered the cha- 
rets and the horfemen ,«■««« all the hoafte of Pha• 
raoh that came into the Sea after them : there re- 
mained not one ofthem. 

29 β ut the cliildrcn of I frael walked vpon drie 
landthoiowrhemitls of the Sea ..and the waters . ,, 
were a wall vnto them on their right hand , anj 

on their left. ,! . 

30 Thus the Lofdlaueil Ifrael the 'Simeda^ .■•'Φ* 
out of the hand of the Egyptians , and ffrael fa\«| ' 

the Egyptians dead vpon the Sea banke, . -' ' 

31 And Ifraelfawtliemighticf power .whrdjf fir..|j|jf; 
the Lord ihewed vpon the Egyptians; ίο the peo-J » ptitS!%ht i^ 
pie feared the Lord , and bcle^ucd the Lord , anL '^"'"'■*#^''*^ 
his.fcruantMofes. ,' •«'ΙΙ^/^'^ 

C Η A P. X V. , > * ' '' 

1, to M^pt rriti tit THiJiMd tfmtn png ftifn vrh Goi fci 
ii'ird-liite'-uit;e. 13 The f/f'^pU murmure^ as At tie fr4yfr tj 
Mifrt lit liiieramtinrtjivetie, i» Gtd HAaetk tttfieiln-^ 

'Ρ Hen a fang * Mofes andthe children oflfrael 
this fong vnto the Lord , and faid in this ma- 
ner, I will iing vnto the Lord • for he hath trium 
phed gloriouily : the horie and him that rode vp 
on him hath he ouertdrowen in the Sea. 

2 The Lord U my ftrength , an-d (l praife,, and 
he is'beconsemy foluation. He is my God ,.andl 
will '' prepare him a tabernacle : he is my fathers 
God, and I will exalt him 

3 The Lord it a 'man of waire , his "^ Name U 

4 Pharaohs charets and his bo.aft h.nh hej:aft 
jntu the fea : his eliofcn cjptains aifo were drow- 
ned in the red Sea. 

f The depths hauc couircd them,they fanke 
to the bottome as a (lone. 

6 Thy II right h.^d , Ο Lord , is glorious in 
power : thy right ban.d.O Lord, hath bruifed the 

7 And in thy great giory thou haft ouef- 
throH'cn them thatroVe againft* thee : thou feu- 
ttft w5ath,xivAi<:/i confumedthem as the 

% And by the biaftof thy noftrels.thewat»?i"i 
were gi«hcre4 , thcioods Itood ftill as aiheape. 

Pniling Cedfoi 

the otietthiow of 

enemies, and 

their delitierauct, 


Π Cj•, i.'/f.-fj/Jii». 

ο Xo woruiip him 

Ιλ battel! he 
onetcommeih f ii«^' 
d Euer conftant 

his f<emii<« 

Til of«, that irt. 
Enemies to Cods- 
jeople.aie his 

acliuerarto ^ Bitter mtm made fweti, Chap.JCVL Mufmnrrng~QUafe 

tW. m) /4«/« 

cimet ch« Scife- 
ghrie men of 
the iroilj. 
{ Wliicliou|h- 
len lo.beprufei 
Ji Xliati», intoTlii 
land ot Canaan 


the depths cengealed together in the heart of 
the Sea. 

9 The enercie fay*! ,1 will purfue ,1 will ouei- 
take them,l will diiiide the fpoyle, t my luft (hall 
befaitsfiedvponthem , I will draw my fworde, 

. mine hand ihall deftroy them. 

10 Thou bkweft with thy winde, the fea co- 
uered them.Aey i'onke as iead in the mightie wa- 


1 1 Who h like vnto thee.O Lord.among the 

• OtM.x.M.i'fi 

i whicKwat 
mount Ζίοη, - 
vrhere aftciyt^td 
the i;«nwle yiii 

f gods ! \V1k) is like thee fi glorious in hoiineffe, 
irearcfull in praifes, doing wonders ! 

I ζ Thou ftretchedlt out thy right hand , the 
cartli fwallowed them, 

1 ■{ Thou wilt by thy mercy carie this people, 
which thou deliueredft : thou wilt bring t/ww in 
thy ftrength vnto thine holy •> habitation. 

1 4 The people ihall he jre <Wii be afraid : for- 
iArtmeontZM.ffrowihillcorae vponthc inhabkancs of Paleftina. 

ly T^fn the dukes of Edom Ihall be amazed, 
avi trembling ihall come vpon the great men of 
Moaii : all the inhabitants of Canaan ihall waxe 
faint hearted. 

i6 * Fearc and dreai (hall fall vpon them;be- 
canfcofthe fl greatnefle of thine arme .they ihall 
te ftill as a ftone,till thy people paffe,OLord:till 
this people pi{[s,vvhich thou halt purchafed. 

1 7 Thou ihaJt bring them in , and plant them 
in tlie mountaine of thine » inheritance , which U 
the place thAC thou haft prepared , Ο Lord , fur to 
dwell in, euen the faniiuary, Ο "Loxa.vvhich thine 
hands ihall eftablilh. 

1 8 The Lord Ihall reigne for euer and euer. 
ip For Pharauhs horles went with his cha- 

rets and horfemcn into the (ϊλ , and the Lord 
brought the waters of the fea vpon them: but the 
children of Ilrael wcHtondriekod in the mids 

zoijf And Miriam the Prophetefle , fifter of 
Aaronjtjooke a timl>reli in her h nd , and all the 
vomevfillie out after her with timbrels and 

ί I And Miriaml anfwered the men.Sing yee 
vnto the Lord : for hee hath triumphetigloriouf- 
ly : the horfe and bis rider hath be oiierthiowen 
In the fea. 

22 Then Mofes brought Ifracl from the red 
and they went out into the wildernefleof 

1 By finging the " ^^^ ' ^"^ ^^^V '^'^"^ ^^''■*-'^ ^^J^^ ^ ^^^ wilder- 

lilte fen{ oi thaik • η6ΐΓε,3Γκ1 found no^rs. 

""■'"" 23 And when they came to Marah.they could 

not drinke of the waters of Marah , for they were 

bitter : therefore the name of the place was called 

8 Marah. 
24 liien the people murmured againftMo- 

fes,faying, what lliall we drinke? 

2 y And he cryed vnto the Lord.and the Lord 
ihewedhima * tree , *f/w<> when hee hade aft 
into the waters , the waters were fweet ; there he 
made them an ordinance and a law , and there 
« he prooued them, 

16 And faid.If thou wilt diligently hearken, 
Ο Ifrael, vnto the voyce of the Lord thy God, and 
wilt do that which is • right in his fight , and wilt 
giueeare vnto his commanderaents , andkeepe 
all his ordinances , then will I putnone ofthefe 
difeafes vpon thee , which I brought vpon the E- 
gyptians r for I *m the Lord that healetli thee. 

27 ί * And they came to Elim , where were 
twelue fountaines of water , and feuentie fl palme 
wees ,and they cariped there by the waters. 

1 S>|n£iy!ng thei^ 
jrcat 107 : which 
cuUanuthe It wet 
taine folemniiie^ «•- 
St. but !t ought 
foeonirew w»n4 fea 
ton dances 

an Which was 
called Ethtm, 
Hum. J J. 8. 
■ Or.iiltirtiffc. 


a Tliit is, GoJjOt 

Mofes in Code 

• Which i« , to 
4eethat oncly 
that God com• 

» Kuwt.j'j.». 


I Tht Jfr'tlittf (cme tc thtiefnt ,f S,n , *ni nurmmt 
ai»,nft-M,liseni Αλτ,». <j The L,ri feni.ih^uii.lei 
And Μ*κη*. „ Tht SAlk*th iiUnaifit* •»«(, thTUU. 
17 Tht feutnth i»y Μληη» ouli na be ftuni. aa ii t< 
knt ftr β rtmcmiranct t, lu ftjUnue. 

^ Fterward .ill the Cotigregation of the chil- 
drenof Ifrael departed from Elim , and came 
torhewiiderneiTtiotiSin , (which is betweene 
Elim and Sinai) :he fifteenth day o(thefecon;l 
moneth after their departing out of the land of 

2 And the whole Congregation of the chil- 
dren of Ifrael murmured agauift Mofes , and 
againft Aaron in the wiidemclie. 

S For the children of Ifnicl faid to them. Oh 
that wee had died by the hand of t he Lord in the 
Ian .1 of Egypt , when wee fate by the fleih b pots, 
V:hm we ate bread eur lollies full : for y-e iiaue 
brought vs out into this wildemelTc , to kill this 
whole company with famine. 

4 ί Tten iaydtlie Lord vnto Mofes , Be- 
hold , Iwilicaule bread to raine from heauen to 
you , and the people fiwU goc out . and g.uhcr 

t that is fufficient for euery « dav , dut 1 nijy t ^^t^'fnu» ./ 

1 t .1 - 1 •,. ■. . . iij!ir.U,^f. 

■ k Ϊ0 flgmlit, t>u« 
ihey flioiaa pari. 

proouetherj , whether they will waike in my law 
or no, 

r But the fixt div they (hall prepare that 

I This is the eiglit I 
lace whcicitt ihty I 
[lid camped : ihcie 

oihci place 
:a'>UdziH, which 
wasthesj pl.^ie 

liertii, th«y can^ 
Μ .• aad is alfo 
ailed Kadtlh, 
liim 3j.j«. 

i> So hard a thin» 

toheriftj , 
not to mntjnme J 
iga/nfl cod when 


.ed . 


enily depend v^ 
on Codipioni- 
dtnce Γ[( 


which they fliall bring home , and it ihail be twife 
as much as tl>ey gather dayly. 

6 Then Moles and Aaron fayd vnto all the 
children of Ifrael , At euen ye Ihall know, that the 
Lord brought you out of the knd of Ε gypt ; j 

7 And in \\m mornin» ye flull fee the glorie! 

of the Lord•' i forhe hath heard your grudgings'' "«gnwthem 
againft the Lord : and what ai-c we that vae haue "'"/'?''" '^- 
murmuredagainftvsf ff'. ^;;;:];Κμ, 

8 Againe, Mofes (aid, At euen fliall thfe Lord Γ'^»"ί'ί faie. 
giue you flefli to in the morning your fill 

of bread : for the Lord hath he;iid your inurmu-i 
rings , which yec murmitre againft him : for what ' 
are we ? your raurmurings art not againft vs , btit 

'β''"ί Λ *,w°'r-r•, * Httthateoe. 

9 1 And Moies laid to A.-uon.Say wxo all tJie ««nineih Gods 
Congreg.ition of the duldren of Ifrael . Draw """'"'."• "»- 
tieere before the Lord ; for hee hath heard your h'Se. 
murmnnngs. ^ 

I a Now as Aaron fp.ike ^•nto the whole Con J 
gregarion of the children of Ifrael , they looked.' 
toward die wilderneiTe , and behold , the glory ofj 

the Lord appeared * in a cloud. ;* Ci.^.tj.f •.■• 

II (For the Lord had fpokcn vnto Mofes,' ' '' 
faying. » | 

12 * Ihauehena-dthemurmuringsofthcchil-i'» Etc!,/ 45,4.' 
drenoflfrael: tell them fAire/Bre , andlay, ;; At l|''''''"*"ii<l 
euen ye ihall eat fledi, and in the morning ye ihall '''**'• 

be filled with bread , and yc fliall know diat I mu 

the Lord your God.) | . -i 

13 Andlbat euenthc*qu.'iiles cameandcc-j» iim,j,„wj 
uered the camp : and in the morning the dew lay^ ' ' * 
rownd about the ho.ift. j 

14 * And when-tftf dewthatwasf,illcnwasi*Mem.n.7. 
afcended, behold , afmall round thing ff λ/ vpon ip/.?»,»*• 
the face of the wild-irnej , fmall as^hc hoarc froft "^^ •••»■'» 
vpon the earth. 

ly And when the children ofllraelfaw it, they 
faid one to another , 1 1 is * Μ A Ν , for they wilt! ^ ^*''''> Itgnffi*!» 
not whit it was. And Moies faid vnto them, * P'"'P^'''^• •• 
♦ This is the bread which the Lord ha»ii giuen:|„' ;,.^ "*"* ■ 
you to eat. . iicki.i,. 

16 f This is the thing which the Lord both; •C'r•»•• J» 

Matmatdt fa tbe pofteritie» 


^lofliua diicomfiteth Amalek^ 

commanded : gather of it euety man according 
I whidieentii- 'to his eating , I an omer for t a man 4«»ri/«j to 
atth »bom a fee- | ^j^^ number of your perlons : eiiery man Ihall take 

tic oi out inC2iu"« ,.1 1 . 1 • 1 • 

t itr/.r« tf-rf. i for them which are in his tent. 

17 And the children of Ifrael did lo, and ga- 
thered.fome more.fome lefle. 

And when they did meafure it with an 
omer , * he that had gathered much, had nothing 
ouer.Sc he that had gathered little.had no ^ lacke; 
β euery man gathered according to his eating. 

19 Mofes then faid vnto them.Let no man re- 
ferue thereof till morning. 

20 Notwithftandiiig.they obeyed not Mofes: 
but feme of them reieruedof it till morning , and 
it was full ofwormes,and«ftan'se : theiefore Mo- 
fes was angry with thera.- 

2 1 And they gathered it euery morning.eue- 
fie man according to his eating ; for when the 
heat of the funae was melted. 

22 Τ Andthe lixi da} they gathered i twife fo 

• t-Co».»,!;. 
% God Is a rich 
feeder of all, and 
; cap iiilUy 

fopute.but being 
ibHfed it tumeth 


A Nd all the Congregatioo of the children of 
Ifrael departed from the wilderreflecf Sin,[ 
by their V ourneyes at the t commaiidement of the j+ ^*» '*♦ «*e»ij 
Lord , and camped in » Rephidim, where vvaj no l*,fh „,! ^'ίί,""" 
water fcr the people to drinke, Liact. vihttTihtf 

2 * wherefore the people contended with «»niped, ai Numb, 
Mofes.&faid.Giue vs water.thatwe may drinke. ίίι',;,'',"Χ^^ί^''• 
And Mofes faid vnto themW.hy contend ye with %l,thu toe wa 
me? wherefore doe ye *• tempt the Lord•: ■" - 

ihould feme for 
the Sabbath and 

ey pt, to kill vs , and our children , and our cattell f"«o"' of hun 

with thirft ? iWiiheutmurma- 

4 And Mofes cryed vnto the Lord, fayingJ""^'^*"" 
What fliall I doe to this people > for they be al-.| 
tnoft ready to e ftone rae. '{* haw r«aii« ih» 

.y ea...^.... . ... ..^ .^ 5 And the Lord aul'wered to Mofri , Gee be-jfj'r*^^•^"'^^^ 

much bread, two omer -.:or one man: then all the \ fore the people , and take with thee of the Elders ,^^,οο,^,,,ι " 
irulersoftheCongrcg-'/jn came and told Mofes. oflfrael : and thy rod wherewith thou *lmoteft tmepiophtts.ind 
2? And he anlwe.:r!them,This is that which ; the riuer.take in thine hand .and goe ; , how iiow they ait 

- •• • ■"•• Ίο raorow»thereftofthe • 6 ♦^ Behold JL will ftand there before thee vp-i^^,;^^S*J°';| 
c. Lord : bake that re <<«/ on dbe rocke in Horeb , and tboii (halt fmite on enemie» and falfc 
the rocke, and water fiiall come out of it, that thei Prophets, 
people may drinke. And Mofes did fo in the fight * "^i.?•»»•. , 
ofthe Elders oflfrael. ,.Γρ/4.7^ύ 

7 And he called thename ofthe place fl Maf-l^ loj.i^i; a."'» 
fah and a Meribah , bee aufe of tbe contention of|«««+• . 
the c hildren of Ifrael. & becaufe diey had temp-i| %'TT''• ■ 
ted the Lord, faying , Is Uie^ Lord among vsJd whtiMBaiier- 

Orno ? ' iitie \TC«i|hiiilie 

|i aolteeliswjy 

I die etcafion 
5 from their labeur, 
I to Cgnifithew 
holieh* would 
ί fiaue che Sabbath 

; jnTheirinSdtli- 
ii« waste great, 
that they did tx- 

\ f Mfly agiin»,Godi 

5 Notwithilanding, there " wentout/iw* i men , and goc fight with Amalek : tomorow I "^.^'"'-^Jj^'/i 
: people in the feuenth day for to gather .and ' will ftand on the top of the ί bill with the r»d of fiyhoVa* tf .' 
Oundnone. ' God in mine hand. . Eliphai,foJbt of 

• lafotmiinl 

sthe Lord hath laid 

(holy Sabbath vnto 

ivvhich ye will bake , and '.'eethe that which ye will 

ifeethe, and all thatiemdiueth.lay it vp to be kept 

vtill the morning for you. 

\ 24 And they layde it vp till the morning , as 

'Moles bade , and it itanke not , neither was there 

any worme therein. 

2f ThenMofeslaid,Eatthattoday:fortoday 
'ii the Sabbath vnto the Lord : to day ye llialj not 

1 finde it in the field. 

26 Sixedayesihall ye gather it,but in the fe- 
' uenth day « the Sabbath: in it there lliall be none. 

27 " 
"ofthe _ 
' they foum 

28 And the Lord faid vnto Mofes , How long 
refufe ye to keepe my commandements , and my 
lawes ? 

29 Bdiold,howthe Lord hath giuenyou the 
Sabbath : therefore heeginetb you the iixt day 
bread for two dayes : tarie thenfare euery man in I malek prcuailed. 
his place : letno man goe out <rf his place the fe- 

JO So the people refted the feuenth day. 
\ 3 1 And the houfe of Ifrael called the mme of 
i it MAN, and it was like » to coriander feed , but 
■white : and the tafte of it was like vnto wafers 
; made with honie. 

31 And Mofes faid , This is that which the 
;; Lord had commanded. Fill an omer of it,to keepe 
5t for your pofteritie : that they man fee the bread 
wherewith I bane fed you in wilderneffe, when I 
I brought you out ofthe land of Egypt. 

33 Mofes alfo faid to Aaron , Take a β pt and ! 

8 -i I ThencameeAmalekandfoughtwith[S,-.t':.tiur• 
Ifrael in Buephidira. ■- - -^ - 

9 And Mofes faid to loihua 

Chufe vs OUt!malichina al)at. 

10 So lofhua did a$ Mofes bad him,and fbughtiifa«.Gfn.i«, 

with Amalek : and Moles , Aaron , and Hi 

vp to the top ofthe hill. -i,a suai 

1 1 And when Mofes held vp his hand , Ifrael; «^ 
preuailed : but when be let his band i downe , A- 

• ■ rcuailed. f sethafwtefce 

1 2 Now Mofes hands wereheaiiie : thercfore;"^;;;'*'^?;'^^"^ 
they todie a ftone and put it vnder him , and hee; » piajcr, 
fate vpon it : and Aaron and Ηω ftayedyphii 
hands , the one on the one lide , and the other 
on the other fide ; fo his hands were fiRdie vntill• 
the going downe of the funne. ' 

13 And lolhua difcomfited Amalek andhiS' 
people with the edge of the fword. 

1 4 t And the Lord faid to Mores,Write this *f |,^,'![*^*** 
for a remembrance ^ in the booke, tnd t rehearfe ^ eVr.i Um» fa At 
it to lolhua : for * I will vtterly put out the re- <*■« vfhjim». 


#Of<W«vtffeU , ^^ , . 

eeade wi».»,*. , put an omer full of Μ A Ν therein, Sc fet if before [ name of it ' lehouah-niffi. ) 

membrance of Amalekfrom vnder heauen. j* ^- *♦■»•• 

( And Mofes built an altar , and calledthe J^uu^lht uii 

(the Lord to be kept for your pofteritie. 

' 34 As the Lord commanded Mofes , fo Aaron 
tKaris.the Arlie ilaid it vp before the Ρ Teftimonie to be kept, 
βί the conenaer. ι•| 2 <; And the children oflfrael did eate MAN 
w,it,aftet «hat th« t * for tie ycere»s vntill they came vnto a land inha- 

ii my banner at 

Arie wai made 

cere»s vntill they 
bited : they did eat MAN vntill they came to the 
borders of the land of Canaan . 
q which meafiiie 3$ The omer « the tenth part of the ' Ephah, 

contained aboot 

«ill?««H, , CHAl'. XVII. 

' ( T/« tfrjAkit MIH» ireu HrfHJim , Λκά gruJlt ftftnU*. $ 

— ^ 1. " Λ - Γ" " / Γ ' " - — 1 

1 6 Alfo he faid, t The Lord hath fworne/that Μ iidated by 

he willhaue warre with Amalek from generati-f^^/^^^f^^^ J/'"• 

on to generation. ^^ Ekr tt> ΰ„/^ 

the Lord vfMt 

CHAP. XV III, ;.kiiir»»t, 

I Itthtt cmmeth tt fee Mtfes his fonne in lav. t Mt[e%\ 
telutk htmcf the weudetsef S%yft. 9 Itthr* teiejceihl 
«Hd tffneik facrtfice te Gti. xi What maner tf mtn \ ' 
«Jitfi•» «»d iuaieiwtfhttthe, 14 Mcftsiteuib leihrct \ 
tmnfell in affttntiug officers. 

WHen lefhrothe + Piieftof Midian , Mofes •»• Ct^.x.Ki 
father in law ^ heard all Ant God had done 

— .^«i . -- 

I-€thro couhreUet h Mofes to'appoint. 


ofi/cers.Moies obcyjtn Dim, if 

4 Hmjyreeme 
ihatht ttnthit 
hUVt for 1 time 
to her f ithei for 
htt imprienty, 
lexDOie etonld 
be a let to his vcca 
•*ion , which was 
4aji£erons< chap. 

7 f And Mofes went out to meete lus tatner 

for Moles , and for Ifrael his people, And how the ] 
Lord hid broiieht IiVael out of Egypt. j 

2 Then lahro the fuller in law of Mofes . ! 
tooke Zippurih Mofes wife , (after diee had » knt j 
her away.) 

3 And her two fonnes, (whereof the one was 
called * Gcrihon : for he faid.I haiie beene an ali- ! 
antinaftrangcland: _ !; 

4 And the name of the othzrvvas Elieza- : for j 
fl the God uf my father, fiid he, wis mine helpc.and ' 

deliuered me from the I'word of Vharaoh. ) 
! s And lefhro Mofes father in law came with 
' his two ibnnes , and his wife vnto Mofes into the 
' wildernefle , where he camped by the b mount of 

fhemoV'nr'fGoi 1 ^t And he ' faidtoMofcs I thy father inlaw 
becaiifeGod '• lethro am come to thee, and thy wiie andher 
vtionght many j^q fonnes with her 
miticles thete. «" 

tSVimt" hete' in iaw,aad did obsyfance.and killed him, Sc cacli 
thiinwastranf- , asked Other ofhist Welfare : and they came into 
''^""•^'f'bv*''' the tent. 

^ΐ;Ά ' 8 Then Mofes tolde his father ώ law all that 
itwashoiyioia . the Lord had done vnto Tharaoh , and to the L•- 
rime.i.PeM.•*. , oyptians for Ilracls fake . <»«ίί all the trauaile that 
Ji"ots«fav':tiadcome vnto them by the way , and /«t^t. the 
Lord deliuered them. 

9 And lethro reioyced at all the goodneffe, 
which the Lord had fliewed tolfrael, awrfbecaufe 
he had deliuered them out of the hand of the Ε - 
gyptians. , 

j.-i- I 10 Therefore lethro faid,aBlefled^<? the Lord 
lieaiihe 1 who hath deliuered you out of the hand of the 
iVerihiffW 'he Egyptians.and out of the hand of Pharaoh : who 
true God, and j^^^^j^ ^«-^ deliuered the people from vnder the 
iwcHoA"» hand of the Egyptians. 

,-,utri his daughter, u Now I know that the Lord IS gfeater then 
'*ch.£.>.O.u,iz all the gods: for as they haue dealt^pioudly with 
„,d th.chil- 12 Then lethro Mofes father in law tooke 
oftheiftae- ] burnt offerings and facrifices .feeder vnto God. 
,eiiQ>eathtm^ ^^^ Aaron and all the Elders of Ifrael came to eat 
6y water. ' .....,..._, 

y ate ir. that 
, wheie the . ^ _ _ . 

Slice was o/fe- j„jge the people .the people ftood about Mofes 
bujnt , and the left 

nwnengeis to fay 
vnto him. 

bread with Mofes father in law {'before God. 

13 ί Now on the morow, when Moles i^^^}° 
■ iu "_ 

,ed : toi pait _wa ^ ^^^^^ morning vnto euen. 

14 And when Moles father in law law all tlut 

he did to the people , hee laid , What is this that 

thou doeft to the people ? why fitteft thou thy 

lelfe alpne , and all the people ftand about thee 

i from morning vnto euen? 

i I y And Mofes faid vnto his father in law , Be- 
ς Thatis , tolnowi caufe the people come vnto me to feeke g God . 
cods will , and to ! j g when they haue a matter , they come vnto 
hatie jiifiice e«- ^^^ ^ jj,j j j \i^i^Q betweene one and another , and 
*"'"'■ ^ declare the ordinance cf God.and ins lawes. 

! 17 But Mofes father in law faid vnto him.The 
*Elr.rt.«»'iff ithing which not well. 
fainfoifM. ! 18 Thoubothtwearieft thy felfe greatly, and 

, this people that is with thee : for the thing u too 
»Di«f . .,i. ih,eauie for thee : * thou art not abk to doe u thy 

ifeife alone. ,,.,.-, 

r „. rn 19 Heare now my II voyce , (T will gine thee 

h u:C?&« ■' cotinfell, and God Aiall be with thee) be thou for 
haidcaufes. which the people to h God ward, and report thou tlie 
^.Λ..:^.Λ ig^mi^js vnto God. , r-, J- J 

i 20 And admonill•. them of the ordinances, and 
of the lawes.andfr.ewthem the way.whcrein they 

Irauft walke,and the worke that they muft doe. 

1 21 Moieouer , pronide thou among all the 
1 people » men of courage , feai-iog God , me§ dea- 

ling iniely , hating couetoufneHe ; and appoini 

fiich ouerthemie^srulersouer rhoufrjuis .rulers 

ouer hundieths .rulers ouer f.ftics.and rulers ouerj 


22 And let themiudge the people at all fea- 
I Ions : btit eucry great matter let them bring vnto 
! thee, and let them iudge all fm.ill caufes : fo Ihall 
* it be eafier for thee.whcn they fliall beare the bur^ 
j den with thee. 

'. 23 If thou doc tl>is thing, (and Godjecom- 
' mand thee) both thou Ibalt be able to endure, 
1 and all this people il-.all alio goc quietly to their P' c?'l'y""''['1 

! , r r 01^ bushteuei tobe 

Ρ '-r w Γ . , ^. ^,- c , Wycd.thonghit 

24 So Moles i obeyed the voyce of his rather tome of cm enfe- 
in law.and did all that he had faid : ^iou.s , for to fuch 

25: And Mofes chofe tt^en of courage out of '^°^^°^J^^^'^^'^^'^^ 
all Ifrael , and made them heads oucrihe people, |fo"iu',mMc ihem 
rulers oner thoufands .rulers ouer hundrctiis , ru- fhat ate e«itcd, 
lers ouer fifties.and rulers ouer tennes. £nt mctbn'hwh' 

26 And they iudged the people at all feafon?, f "caT'f a'othei. I 
iut they brought tlie hard cauies to Mofes :fur t Rcaie the occi-* ■ 
they iutiged all fmall matters tberafelues. |'*»ν, .mu». »o,»t, 

27 AitervviirdMofesl icthisfathet inlawde- 
pai t , and he went into his countrey . 


I The Ifriitlttti ccme tt Siitxi. ; Iftael ischcfen friet 
among ail tthtr naiifts. 3 The ftipie prtmifetc obt) 
Oii. 12 tUthatteucheehtht hill ,i)eth. i« Ctd af- 
fcarith x(!(« Mo/is -vpin the tnmnt in ihnnici ani 
ίφηίηι. _ j, ^v-hich 

1 Τ Ν the a third moneth , after the children of li- fie beginning 
; rael were gone out ofthelcndof Egypt .the |ο^'''«'η<»>« " •> day came they into the wildernes of Sinai. u"i','of "'« and' 

2 For they depirted from Rephidini , and j„rt of lur.e'. 
I came to the clefert of Sinai , and camped in the ρ That iheyde- 
, wildernefle : euen there Ifrael camped before the ^^:^^ *"'''" ''-•" 

■■ mount. >Alhir.:t 

1 3 -"RutMofes went vp vnto God, for the Lord jc God tantd ijj 
shad called out of the mount vnto him .faying,!'^••'. ''[''«l ■ ■''*■'■■ 
i Thus iLalt thou iij to the houfcof « laakob . and Ι,,^^όί anY'he 
j tell the children of Ifrael. jptojle of ifuei 

4 * Yee haue feene whati did vnto the Egyp- ii'Si•*»' oneiy codi 

I tians.and/wtrv I caricd you vpond eagles wings, |Γ.*°Ρ^-^ 

i and haue brought you vnto me. dFoii'heEgleby 

y Now therefore "" if yee will heare my voyce '■ f yiiVg hie, is out oi 

in deed.and keepemycouenaiii.thenycclhallbc '^•^fs'j''"^.'';"" 

my chiefc treafure aboue all people, * though all ;o,j"|n"et'wingj 

the earth be mine. jthen in tjlcms 

6 Yee Π -all be vnto mee alfo a kingdome;d«i««<hi'etloue. 
of * Priefts.and an holy nation. Thefe^ri rhe[^j^^'^"j';^'^^_ 
words which thoufhaltfpeakevntothe children (py:,/"^. ,'.'*' 
ef Ifrael. • *,.frtt.i>. 

7 ^ Mofes then came and called for the El- .»""'• '•'*• 
j ders of the peo})!c , and propoied viUG them all 
1 tHefe t]iings,which the Lord coiftmanJed him. 

And the people anfwered all together , and • 
fayd , * Ail that the Lord hath commanded , wee j* ci»^.i+,3• *««i 
will doe. And Mofes reported the wordes of the 5."•'""''*••7* [ 

cannot be decided 


Viixh Cod. 

i Whatmantr of 

men otight to be 

cl«K«n to btaitj 


people vnto the Lord. 

9 And the Lord faid vnto Mofes, Loe , I comcj 

vnto thee in a tbicke cloude, that the people mayi 
I hdare whiles I talke with tliee , and that they mayf 
i .alio beleeue thee for euer. (For Mofes hadtoldtf 
j the wordes of tl-x; people vnto the Lord.) . ' 

( I ο Moreouer the Lord faid vnto Mo<es , Goe 

to the people , and « fan<ilifie them to day and to 
I morow. and let them wall•, their cloathes, 
! 1 1 And let them be ready on the third d.-.yifc.r Γ^^'^Χ";^'/^^; 
[ the third day the Lord will come downe in the 

■ light of ali the people vpon mount S in ;i : 

J ζ And thou Ihalt fetmTksvmo the people 

round abi>lit , fay ing.Take hcede to your feiues, 

j . D 3 ώ« 

( Teach tT^tmiu 
be y.iie .11 heart,»» 
hey (he ' 

ctejne by waQiicg 



Ot , ImiHf/t, 
y Or, Itnuri. 

f E:>t giue joii! 
ind abninence. 
thai yon may at 
this time attend 
onely vpon the 

* ZV»».4, 1 r. 

• God^-fei thefe 
tearefuU fignei, 
• tenevence , and hi 

efty themoie 
h He gaite autho- 

r to Mofe;by 
shine word-, that 
riie people might 

•The ten Coramfmdcments• 

Of , T«ifr», 
S Or , ΙιτιΛί »i* 

i Neither dignity 
tiof mtatitnde 
haiie au:hoiity to 
palTe the baimds 
tljat Gcds word 

that yee goe not vp to the mount, nor touch the 
bortfcr of it.vhoibeuer toucheth ihe*monnt, 
fl-iall fnrely die. 

1 3 No hand il-all touch it , but he ihall he fto- 
ned to death.or ftriken thorow with dearts : \νΙκ> 
thet it be beaft or man,he iha]l not liue : when the 
« home bloweth long .they iliall come vp Β into 

14 ^ Then Mofcs vent downe from the 
mount vnto the people , and fandified the peo- 
ple.and they waihxd their cloathes. 

I J And hee faid vnto the people.Be ready on 
the thiid day, and come not at your ί wiues . 1 

16 And the third day, when it was morning, j 
there was thunders and lightnings , and a thicke i 
cloud vpon the mounr.and the found of the trum- 
pet exceeding loiide , fo that all the people that 
was in the campe was afraid. 

17 Then Mofes brought the people out of the 

j tents to meete withGod,andthey ftood inthe j 

j nether put of the mount. 

ί 1 8 * And mount Sinaifftf/ all on fmoake,be^ 
caufe the Lord came downe vpon it in iire.Sc the 
fmoake thereof afcended , as the fmoake of a for- 
naccand all the moiintg trembled exceedingly. 
■ 19 And when the found of the trumpet blcW 
long , and waxed louder and louder, Mofes ipake, 
and God anfwered him by ^ voyce, 

20 (For the Lord came downe vpon mount 
Sinai on the top of the mount) and when the 
Lord called Moles vp into the top of the mount, 
Mofes went vp. 

21 Then the Lord fayd vnto Mofes, Gw 
downe , charge the people , that they breake not 
their beundt, to goe vp to f Lord to gaze , leaft ma- 
ny of th;m periih. 

22 And let the II Priefts alfo which come to 
the Lord be fandihed . leaft the Lord ί deftroy 

23 And Mofes faid vnto the Lord.Thc people 
jcan'not comevpintothemountSinai 
I haft charged vs.iaying, Set markes on the moun- 
^ taine.and funftifie it. 

24 And the Lord fiid vnto him , Goe.get thee 
downe , and come vp.thou , and Aaron with thee : 
but let not the » Prieftes and the people breake 
their bounds 10 come vp vnto the Lord.leafthe de- 
ftroy them. 

2y SoMofes went downe vnto the people, and 
tolde them. 

6 And ihewing reercie \ύλο e thoufands to^ $ot^^y ,-, |^ 
them that loue mee .andkeepc my commande-Ljjh^t.o'jJj^ 

nients. meieythente 

7 -f Thou ihalt not take tbe Name of the Lord j^uHiO». 

thy God in f vaine iforihc Lord will not holdel•^™^•^;^'!»*, 
him guiltnefle th it taketh his Name in vaine , ^' ji'thet by* 

_ by fwtt- 

8 Remember the Sabbath day , { tok-iepe it »ης f alily or uft- 
•' lybyhisNamc.ot 

)y (ontcmniacil, 
Ε Which is by; 
meditating the ff\^ he«• 
ring Gods word, 
werldly trauiiles. 


9 * Sixe dayes ihalt thou labonf , and doe all 
thy woike, 

10 But the feucnth day «/the Sabbath of the 
Lord thy God : in it thou flialt not do any worke, 
thou , nor thy fonne , nor thy daughter , thy man 
feruant , nor thy maid.nor thy beaft,nor thy ftran- 
ger that is widiin thy 8 gates. 

1 1 * Frr in fixe dayes the Lord made the hea- 
tien and the earth , the fea , and all that in them is, 
and reftcd the feuenth day : therefore the Lord 
blelTed the feuenth day,and hallowed it. 

12 f ■»■ Honour thy 1« father and thy mother 
that tliy dayes may be prolonged vpon the land, 
which the Lord thy God giuetb ihee, 

13 C Thou fhalt not! kill. 
J 4 Thou ihah not* commit aduloerie. 
ly Thou Ihalt notlfteale. 

16 Thou ihalt not beare falfe *" witneffc 
againft thy neighbour. 

17 ♦ Thou Ihalt not «couet thy neighboursji.J,•;;^;^^'^ 
houle , neither Ihalt thou couet thyneighboiusiitcd.' 

wife , nor his man feruant, nor his maide, nor hisil B"' *ody to 
oxe , nor his afle .neirhej: «ny thing that is thy|^'g^/{^8°^^• 

Ϊ Or.nlil, 
* β». 1. 1. 


h By the; arentt 
ly ener vs. 
* /M« s,»t. 
i Enc lone ani I 
ptefttue thy bi«a 
thets life 

neighbour. , ^ , :>>is|oodBame,u• 

15 'And all the people fawe the thunders j ^ealt tmi ■ 
and the t lightnings , and the found of the trunw ^"""'^ 

: tnith. 

1 When Mofes jni 

Aaron were gone 
p,ot had parted 

the boitnJsof the 
peeplt. CDd^ake 
chns out of the 
mount Hoieb. that 

» Oral i,6.Tftl. 

brfWhofeeyL. „ 
ill things a.eopen.'i 


■Ur, lomfcrlrJ lyMof-t. 
rftrhMia. a+ Oftotit 

» Tie C'nnnnirmfiilt ofihfirfl TM.: 
ef th• fttelti. 1% rir frcfU afy 

"V Hen God ' fpake all thefe words, faying, 
•^ 2 * 1 am the Lord thy God .which haue 
brought thet- out of the land of Egypt, out of the 
houfeofll bondage. 

j 3 Thou fljalt haue none other gods ^ be- 

!i fore me. 

4 * Thou ihalt m.nke thee no graiien image, 

'neither any fimilitndee/f/)««^i thatare inheauen 
by this oiitwird jaboue , neither that are in the earth beneath .nor 

[that are in the waters vnder the earth. 

I f Thou ihalt not « bow downe to thcm.nei- 
ther ferue them : for I am the Lord thy God , a 

^ iealous Gcd.vifiting the iniquitie of the fathers 

jvpon- the children , vpon the rhixdgmer«ti}n and 
vpon the fourth of them that hate pie; 

pet .andthemountaine fmoaking . andwh;iithel^,^£^™'Jjfj^*• 
people faw it,they fled and flood rf^irre off, j hu hindera net it 

ip And faid vnto Mofes ,•* Talke thouwithUny'hing• 
vs, and we will heare : but let not God talke with '^2^; Jj;;^^^ . 
vs,leaft we die. \* D,'''lt^At§i 

. j._.^ - , 20 Then Mofes faid vntothepeople ,Feare i<*it» la.ii. 
for thou \ not : for God is come to• prooue you , and that" *!>•*" l'.*^ 

' his feare may be before you.that ye iinne not. «p» °a/yo«'^' 

21 So the people ftood afirre off. but Mofes|B»iiii4,ckif.i^% 
drew neere vnto the daikenefle where God vvat. 

22 f And the Lord faid Miio Mofes, Thus 
thou ilialt fay vnto the children of Ifrael, Ye haui 
feene that 1 haue talked with you from heauen. i 

23 Ye Ihall not make therefore with me gods 
of filuer , nor gods of golde : you Ihall make you 
none. .» ' »«^ t, ^ 

24 * An altar of earth ihalt thou make vnto ^ijl^^. " * 
me , and thereon ilialt offer thy burnt offerings,] 
and thy * peace offerings, thy llieepc , andthinel*^"*•'•*' 
oxen : in all places, where 1 Ihall put the remem- 
brance of my Name , I will come vnto thee , and 
blefle thee. 

25: * But if thou wilt make me an altar of 
ftone.thou fhalt not build ii of hewenftones: 

se (lure, all jiinde 
fe nice and wot. 
Oiip toidoles is 
a Andwulbe 
leutnged on the 
anijie honour. 

iofi. t, 3 1. 

for // thou lift vp thy took vpon them , thou haft f dr.ii.iUih, 

polluted t them. 

muie altar . that thy t fUihineire be not difcoae- 
red thereon. 


m<irtim,e»i»ri,ngt;tittifemtli>» mhtrisf i$rti natlufiift, » 
m4«,iH> ttiffurn l< irHtftittcorrMfi uMmrt, »Het tlfimouli 

>J Ow thefe are the lawes , which thou fhalt fet * l>*.i|,f>i 
*• before them: ^«».>s,«•. 

■ a *• If tho«buyaaEbiewfemant,hee(hillpi^''*> 

AVhieh mighi 



The luiicials. 28I 


b Nochiuuig 

Old• v>a((X• 
(i(«4 , T<hi(]i 
ftDcathTMCC Μ 

4 wk«(• ik• 


ytiuof lu^c, 
fiftieth Yccic. 

dicc by feBt(i). 

Jetue fixe yeerei , and in tfte feflenth hc« llwU goe 
out free for •nothing. 

3 If he * came himfelfe alone , he llisll go out 
himfelfe alone : if he fViremarried.thcnhis wife 
Ihall goe out svith him. 

4 If Ijis mafter hatli giuen him a wife and flic 
hath borne him formes or daughters . the wife and 
her children ihall he her ' matters , but he ilwU go 
out himfelfe alone, 

ί But if the feruant fay thus , I loue my nrw- 
fter, my \f ife and my children , I will Rot goe out 

6 Then liis matter Ihall bring him vnto the 
t lodges , and fet him to the • doore , or to 
die pofte , and his mafter IhaH boere his eare 
through with anawle "' K~/i-../:,-™u:„f.. 
« ciier, 

he ihall ferae him for 

ΐ So Red leiieng: :?i 
cnul;) in the maA 

♦ CcB . », s . 

if i!;ebej(Tbf 
uiniOicd , macit 
rnoic fliiU the 


Ey the !«« of 



fiioald Biarry her. 

rmeney tobBj Ρ 

Iicr of hii 

tt ^ 

H jiotfeiiievny. 


1 NelAet miny 

g^ inethti ro•• 


.|ier bcSonhec 
' «n Ms fvan*• 


''«•*» ρϊθΐύ«η«« 




7 Likcwife if a maa {fell his daughter to be 
a ieruanc , ll«e Ihall not goe out as the men ier- 
Uaotsdoe. , , ., 

8 If ihe pleale rot hfr mailer , who hath be- 
et tls tVthe iateei j trothed/ her to himfelfe , then Ihall S hee caufe to j 
dutthemane ^^^ j^j... j^^ j|^^j j^ay^ ^^ p^^er to fell her | 

to a ftrange people.feeinghe..i defpifed her, : 

' β But if he baib betrothed her vnto his forme, j 
he ihall deale with her' according to the cuftome j 
of the daughters, 

10 If he take* him another*i">, hee Ihall not | 
dicninilh her foode, her raiment, and recompence i 
ofhcrvifginitie. . ^ .. . l ' 

11 And if he doc not thefe» three vnto her. i 
then iliaUil^ goe out free.paying no money. '■ 

I^ l-XHetKatfinitetharaan.andhedic.lhall . 
die the death. , . , ' 

13 And if a man bath not laved wane , but ; 
> God hath offered him into bis hand, * then I ^ 
will appoint thee a place whither he ilwll flee, 

14 But if a roan come prelumptuoully vpon j 
his tieighbour to flay him with guile , thou itaXi j 
take him from mine » altar that be may die. j 

ly 5 Alfo hee that imiteth his father or his j 
,Bjother,ihali die the death. I 

' 16 ^ And he thatftealethaman,andfelletb ' 
* him.if it be found withhim,lhall die the death, ^ 

1 7 f * And be that curfeth his father or hi$ 
roother.ihall die the death . 

1 8 ? When men alfo Ibiue together , and one 
fmitc another with a » ftone , or with the fift , and 
he dienorbutlieth in bed, 

ip If he rife againe and walkewithom vpon 
IjU ftaffcthcQ ihaJlhe tliat fmote him goe β quite, i 
fane onely he ihall beare his charges β for his re- i 
ikJBg^d ihall pay for his healing. j 

10 ' And ύ a man fraite his feruant , or his | 
maide with a rodde, andfae die ^nder his h3nd,he j 
fliall be furely puniflied, ' 

1 1 But if he continue a day or two daye» , bee 
frallnotpbepuniihed : for be ρ his money, 

ia 1 Alfo if men ftriae and hurt a woman 
with that her childe depart from her, 
and Λ death follow not , hee ihall be furely poni- 
ihed , according aJ die womans husband ilvili ap- 
point hire, or be flull pay as the ludges deter- 
1 R^ie. , . , „ , 

al Bnt if death follow. iheo thou (halt pay 

• bA.u.!•.^ Hfc for life. t ν « » r^ 

»,.. I . Ml. r. )•^ 14 * Eye for eye » tooth ftar tooth . hand to» 

»T*Mxe«.rion ! l•and,footeforfoot€, 
1 »iwged"o*ihe* i 2 y Bu.-ning for burning , wound for wound, 

«MtiKasfkMia. jftripefcrfkrJpc. . ^ . , 

i ft»»» I 16 r .And if amaB fnutc lii$ ftru»« » tne eye. 

jr This lawforbid- 
leth net ently not 
hoit .but 10 be • 
•vaicIeaF. anybt»b.iS<4( 

ο Bithet fan* •8 

■m Byihe ύιΰΆ 


tnigiOiatc , bat 
before Ged he is 

or his maid in the eye . and hath perllhed it , 1ιλ 
Ihall let him goe free for hie eye . 

27 Alfo if he fmite font his fcru^nts tootli , or 
bis maides tooth ,he ihill let hirn goe oui lice for 
his tooth. 

28 1 If .m oxe »orc a man or wom.n that he 
die.the* oxe ihalbc ' ftoncd to death,::nd his fleili 
Ihall not be eaten , but the owasr of the o\c^aU 
goe quite. 

29 If the oxe were woont to pulh in 
paft, and it hath beene II tolde his mifter , ;η-! hee 
h.ith not kept him , and after lie killeth .1 τ,.^ι οί- 
α w'oman.the oxe ilialbe itoned, and his owner! 
IhalKlieaH'o. | 

3 ο If there be fet to him a α fumnie pf money , 
then he ilwllp.iy thenuiioraeof hislife.whatio- 
euerllialbc layd vpon him. 

H I Wherlicr he hath gored a fonne , or gored 
a daughter , he ilialbe iudged after tlie liimc ma- 
iler. . 

32 If the oxe gore a feruant or a raaid.he iliall 
gitie vnto their maiier thiity χ (hekels of liluer, 
and the oxe Ihall be ftoncd. 

33 f And wlien a flull open a well, or 
when he fliall digge a pit and couer it not , and aftk 
oxe or an afle faU therein, '^ 

34 The owner of the pit fliall γ make it good, 
and giue money to the owner thereof, but the 

35• f And if a mans oxe hurt his neighbours 
oxe that he die , then they fliall fell the liue oxe, 
and diuide themoney thereof «and the dead «λτ» 
alfo they fliall diuide. 

36 Or if it be knowen that the oxe hath vfed 
to pwfli in tirccs paft , and his mafter hath not 
kept him , he fliall pay oxe for oxe , but the dead 
fliall be his owne. 


iOfittfi, 5 Dtniigf. 7 Ltttijig. 14 Btriwhg.ii ttttfug 

I F a man fteale an » oxe or a fl^.eepe , and kill it J,'io" h^Mri, 
^ or fell it , he fliall reftore fine oxen for the oxe, »» a fmaU beift «£ 
■ and fonre fliecpe for the flieepe . J;''* ■<^'^*• 

2 f If a thiefe be found b Lreakine vp , and ^ ^'f;^^''-*• 
be linitten that he die ,noblood/7.e//?tf/fei</for },e.,f, ,otn,„,„, 

bijtl C' vr.diimijiirg. 

/ But if it be t in the day light ,c b!ood/7;<ii:iM{;"^';"j|;/"" 

%ed for him:)»'• he fliould make full reftituti- ΓΗβύυί!>« put to 
on : ifhehadnotffA#revt/K<>,thenfliouldheebe^eaih[h«l!aiei}i 
fold for his theft. 

4 If the theft be found t with lum aliue, (whe- 
ther it be oxe,afle,or flieepe) hee [lull rcftoie the 

y f If a man dee hmt field , or vineyard, and 
put in his beaft to feede in another mans field , he 
fliall recompenfc of thcbcftofhis ownefield.andi 
of the.bcft of his owne vineyard . j 

<J f If fire breakeout^ind catch in the thpmcsj 
and the ftacks of the ftanding come , or 
the field be confumed.he tl«t kindled the fire 
ihall full reitituticn. 

y ^ If .'.ra.-.nJeliuer his neiglibour money o» 
ftuffe to kcepc . and it bo fto'.len out of his houfe, 
if tlie thiefe be found, he fliall pay the double. 

g If the thiefe be not found , then the mafter 
of the houfe flialbe brought vnto the ♦ ludges « 
^ν^ΛΓί , whether he hath* pm his hand vnto his 
hcighboHr$good,urno. , . ., , 

9 In all roaner of trefpaiTe, whether it be foi 
9 4 oxen > 




d Tliat it , Mbifti» 

be bath SoUcb. 

«■•i» j 



e Tliey Qioiild 
fweaieby the 
Hanie of tlit Ι.ογ3, 

f Kt Qiallfliew 
fonii pait of the 
beaft . orbting 
in wirntui:!. 


Exo( us 


g HttTiathireJit 
l^allbt ftee by 
paying the hi, «. 

h The Tiift pljgi'.i 
of CoJ vpon til» 
op pre fTo tits. 
^ i.i'«i'f as, 37, 

k Thine abunilance! 
of ihy come, 
oy]< , and iTine. 


1 Andfohauen»- 
^thinft'j doe vviilfc 


oxen , for afle , for flieepe , for raiment.or for any 
manor of loft things , which another chalkngcth 
to be liis , the caule of both parties iliall come be- 
fore the Iu(jges,<t«i whom the luJges-conckmnc, 
he iball piy the double vnro his neighbom-, 

ID If 'a. man deliiier vnto his neighboi.r to 
keepe afle ,or oxe , or Iheepe, or any beaft, and it 
die , or be t hurt, or uken away by enemies, and 
no man fee it, 

η e An oath of the Lord iliall be betweene 
them twaine .that he hath not put his hand vnto 
his neighboms good , and the owner of it Iball 
take the ortf/),and he Hull not it good: 

1 2 * But if it be ftollen from him,he ihall make 
reftitntioa vnto the owner thereof. 

13 If it hi torne in pieces , he iball bring f re- 
cord , and Ihall not make that good , vvknh is dc- 

14 Τ And if a man borrow ou^ht of his neigh- 
bour , and it be hurt , or els die, the owner thereof 
not being by, he Ihall furely make it good. 

I J If the owner thereof be by , hee Ihall nor 
make it good :fir if it ie an hired thing, it g came 
for his hire. 

16 ' * And if a man entife a mayd that is not 
bL-troathed , and lie with her,he ihall endow her, 
and take her to his wife. 

1 7 If her father refufe to gitte her to him . hee 
fliall pay mon-y according to the dowi>y of vir- 

1 8 ί Thou fliait not fuffer a witch to li^ie. 

19 Whofoeucr lieth with a beaft ,ίΜΙ die 
the death. 

ao f * Hee that offeretli vnto atiy gods ,faiie 
vnto the Lord onely, {hail be llaine. _ | 

21 ί ■''Moreouer .thoulbaitnot doeiniuryto; 
η ftranger , neither oppreffi; him : for yee were ! 
ftr^ngers in the knd of Egypt. 

22 ί * Yee fball not trouble any widow , nor 
fatherlefle childe. 

23 If thou vexeortroublefnch.andfohe call | 
and cry vntome.I will furely heare his nie. j 

24 Then ihallMy wrath be kindled, and I will s 
j kill you with the fword , and your•* wiueslballbe 

I widovves.and your children farherlelTe. I 

! 25: f ""If thou lend money to my people, //)di i 

w, 'to the poore with thee , thou llialt not be as an 

vfurer vnto him : ye ihail not 9ppreiie him with 

vfurie. : 

26 If thou take thy neighbours raymentto [ 
pledge , thou flnalt reftore it vnto him before the ί 
iiinne goe Jovvne. .- _ \ 

2 7 For that is his cov.ering onely , <wi< this is ' 
\ his garment for his skin : wbeiein Ihall he fleepe? , 
] therefore wh jn hee ' crieth vnto me , 1 will hcai-e * 
jhini: for lammercifull, j 
j 28 f * Thou ihalt not raile vpon the ludges, j 
■ neitirt-r I'peakc cuill of theriiler ofthy people. i 

29 ^ Thine ^ abundance and thy iiciuor Ibalt | 
thou nor keepe backe. *' The firft' borne ofthy [ 
fonnes Unit thou giue me, f 

30 Likiiwile ihalt thou doe with thine oxen i 
end with thy fliecpe : feuen dayes it iliall be with 
his dam,<ini the eight day thou Ihalt giue it me. 

3 I f • Ve ihalbe an holy people vnto mc,* nei- 
ther (hall yeeateanyfleihthatistoinee/i'W^jin 
die field: ye Ibalicaft it 1 to the dogge. 


» Kttttfcltccv tht multttuie. 13 Ktt 1οηΐΛΪ:(ηΐ(>Ί•'η 
tf tht PfHuge f.tis. >4 The three fclemnt feaflf, \ 

ao. ti Iht. Anpl ii irmtfti ta Uaitthtitofif, \ 

Three ibkmnefea. 

i; }νΐΐΛί G*dprmifeth if thej tiiy him. t9 God witl I 
lafi oHt the CaaAiiiues by little and iiitle , end rvhy. ' 

"ΤΓ Hou (hilt not II receiue afiUe tale , neither ,|L,^ 

ilialt tliou put thine hand with the wicked , to iu ''"^''" ''■^''■'* 

be a ii fdfe witnclTe. ' | * ' 

2 ί Thou ibalt not follow a multitude to do } οτ,ΐτκ,η: 
euill , neither agree in a controuerfie ^ to decline 1 f^'- •"'/«'",'• 
after muny and ouerthrow the tmeth. 1 godlyt'thoJgh 

3 ί Thou ibalt not efteeme a poore man in lc(y dotfa-.tomit, 
his catife. 

4 ' If thou meete thine enemies oxe , or his i 

afle going aftray ,thou llwlt ''bring him to him ^ ifwebeboimi 
againc. "^ ^°' 20""1 w out 

ί If thou fee thine enemies c afle lying vnder Sm«efao« ^ 
his burdeii.wilt thou ceafe tohelpehira ? thou incmie himfelfe-, 
llialc helpe liim vp againe with it. ^ntii.s,++. , 

6 Thou ibalt not ouerthrowe the right of *„'/„^ °^^^"^^~ 

the poore in his fuite. pm"enemies^a(^ " 

7 Thou ihalt keepe thee farre from a falfe mat- vnler his bmdeji, 
ter,+ thou ibalt not ilay the «^ innocent and the "'^j^'^''*"^^"• 
righteous: for I will not iuftifie a wicked man. ""w"""",.'..,. 

8 ί '* Thou Aidt take no gift : for the gift «ie buideiis ,» '^ 
blindeth the t wife , and peruerteth the words of * ^"l• 
the righteous. 

9 f Thou flialt not opprefle a ftranger : fo^an 
ye know the e heart of a ftranger , feeing ye wer?«l"e 
ftrangers in the land of Egypt. i*.^ 

I ο * Moreouer,Sxe yeeres thou flialt fowe thy ψηχ\7,^11 
land.and gather the fruits thereof e ροπε λ« Ait 

II But the feiienth yeere thou ihalt let it reft *' " ' fituigti', his 
and lie ftiil, that the poore of tliy people may eat, *„"" ^' fo^owfuU 
asd what they leaue, die beaftes of the field ihall•* 1,^1.1:1'^^^ 
eate. In like maner thou flialt doe with thy vine- :ί<.+3•<''("'-ι μ , 
yard,an<i with thine oliue trees. ^ cij^.jo.s, 

•*"- Sixe dayes thou ilialt doe thy vvorke , and !f "'Ntiihet 

Λ whether thoii 

le aiagiritate or 

ommanded by 1 
laeifttate. [ 

in. the feuenth day thou Halt reft , that thine oxe, ling by theJ 

■ " " ' " fpciliingjttl 


of thy ' 


and thine afle may reft , and the fonne 

maide ,and the ftranger may be lefiell-ied. i^cfcjf i-^"(i»>v 

1 3 And ye Iball take heede to all things that I :'3+, li^' ' . ■ '. *, 
haue faid vnto you : and ye iball males f nomem- "S ^>f " . EJHer;' 
tion of the name of other gods , neither lliall it be ,'h ","^ α5"γ* • 
heard out of thy mouth. paired oiiei and 

14 f Three times ibalt thou keepe afeaft vnto ipa^i 'lie i&w- . 
mc in the yeere . ^i'",- "'?"" •>«""»» 

I τ Thou * ihalt keepe the feaft of S vn-Ieaiie- 'Z ^i.\aZ > ί 
Bed bread ; thou flialteate vnleauened bread le- *d,«<; κ.κ, i 
uen dayes , as I commanded thee,inthefeafon'«'«'-.5s.+. 
of the moneth of Abib : for in it thou cameft^^J^J^'^l^'^ ,^ 
out of Egypt : and * none fliall appeare before me token that tht'i^ ' 

empty. ' («as g'uen 50 dayei 

16 The ^ feaft alfo of theharueftpf rhefirft!^\'^^;''^5'^;f '^- 
fruits ofjhy labours , which thou hiftioweniniititisSthiTt^'ft ! 
the field ; and the ifeaft of gathering fmitr in th-a ; of Tabernacles, j 
end of the yeere , wlien thou hail gathered in thy ίδ"''^5 ''"S 'i"' 'Ί«7 i 
labours out of the field. p^t:^- \ 

17 Thefe three times m the yeere fliail all | the Tabetjiades 
thy men children appeare before the Lord Ie-,'"w '<l"neire. | 


^^"iVl. ,11 rr 1 . , J r C it'-'id ύιίίΠ be then 

18 Thou llialt not ofter th .■ olood of my la- Ijiui-.ineheKre. 
criftce with^'leanened bread : ncidier Ihnll the fatj* cuf.n.i6,i,ut, I 

r X ,11 j 1 Me an in e, that no 
f thy land^thouj f„;„, n^onldbe 1 

taken before itiB ' 
and hereby 

of my facrifice remaine vntillthe morning. 
19 ^Thefirftofthefrltfriiitsofthylan^ 

into the houieof theLord thy God:j 
on not feeth a kid in his * mothers ; 

flialt brin^ 

If ί ihalt thou , . , 

„;,, are bridled ill 

mili^e. • Ciiiell and wanton 

20 f^ * Behol irfend an Afigel before lapyetites. 
keepe thee iutlie way, and tabnngtheetotliej*c/.j/..j3.i.rf„», 
place which I hiu' prepared. ί„'ί'»ίηι,ί«,Μ™ ' 

2 1 Beware of liira , and heare his voyce , artd ^,„e smhotiry.aiid 
prouoke him not : for he will not fp ire yoiurmif- jhe Qiail gmtetne 
-Ucedcs ,.be,caufe tny «» name is in hmi. >°^« •""? ""»«f 

■ 22- But. 

"feoas protiii^',and the peoples/ Chap. iCfiiij. xxv 

1 "'" "' '' -, T!„»;ft-Vir»ihparken'vntohisvovce . and : whofaycl 

Mofesand the Elders leic iaod. ap 


η God conunaii 
iwh hii not ORcly 
not to wotfliip 
idolcs, buitode• 
ο That is.all "Mn j; 
neceffary ioi this 
ptefent lift. 
' Diiit.7•^*• 
«hem afraid at thy 
tedcAioy them, ai 
Chap. 3 s.». 


i•* Cij/ 

iSruf 7. a. 


22 Kilt if thou hearken vnto his voyce 
doe all that I fpcake, then I will be an enemie vn- 
to thine eniimies, and svill afflict them that iffliit 

2^ ' For mine Angel * Ihall goe before thee, and 
bring thee vnto the Amoritcs.Sc the Hutitcs, and 
the I'erizzites , and the Canaunires , the Hiiutes, 
and the Icbulites.and I will deftroy them. 

24 Thou ihalt not bow downe to their gods, 
neuher feme them . nor doe after the workesot 
them: but * » vtterly ouerthrow them.and brea^e 
in pieces their imapes. 

2i For yee flail ferue the Lord your God 

thee, - . , 

26 < * There fliall none caft their fruit .nor be 
barren in thy land ; the number of thy dayes will 
Ifulfiil. , , ... 

27 I will fend my Ρ feare before thee -.and wi 1 
denroy all the people among whom thou ihalt 
go : and I will make all thitie enemies turne their 

backs vnto thee : , r u 

28 And I will fend * hornets before thee, 

which fliall driue out the Hiuites .the Canaanites, 

and the Hittites from thy face. , c • ■ 

29 I will not caft them out from thy t^cc in ; 
one yeere.leaft the Isnd grow toawildemefle.and ; 
the benftsoftlie field multiply againit thee. j 

30 By little (k little I will dnue them out fiOra I 
thv face, \Titill thou incrtafe,and inherit the land . 

3 1 And I will m-ke thy coxites from the red t 
feavntoihefe.-.ioftliePhiiiftiras , aidfronrthe i 
r delert vnto the f Riuer: for I will delitier the in- 
habitants of the land into your hand , and thou 
flialt driup them out from tliy face . 

32-»" Thou Ihalt make no ccucnant with them, 
nor with their gods : „ . , , j , λ 

7 3 Ne ither Ihall they dwell m thy land . leaft 
they make thee Gnne ag^inft me : for if thou ferue 
thek 2ods,furelv it fl.ail Be thy f* deftruftion. 

,we will do,i 

who fayd , All that the Lord hath l.-»y 

and be obedient. 

8 Τ hen >Iofes tooke the * blood.and fprink- 

ledjt on the people; and layd , behold ,the d blood 

of the coucnant , which the lord hah made wiih 

you concerning all thefe things. 
I 9 ί Then went vpMofcs , and Aaron.Nadab 
I and Abihu,.md feueinie of the Elders of Ilrael. 
j 10 Andthey e fawethe Godoflfrael . εηι 
' \nder hit feete vvaj as it were a t worke of a Sa- 
I phir ftone , and as the very heaucn when it is 

t II Andvpon the nobles of the children of If. 
nd i rnelheeflaide not his hand : alio they law God, 

■ Ptt.t.u 
i Which bloo4 
llS..ii.eih that the 
canno: bt latishfi* 
wuhwitblocd- ( 
fr-cddi.ig. j 

« A:[eitceHya» j 
ihcir jjifiimitie» | 
could bchoU his ' 

1 Ke made tiiem 
not afiaid, r.oipt: 
niflied ihtm. 
g Tint is, leioy- 


1-2 Τ And the Lord h faid vnto Mofes , Come 
vp tome into the mountaine , and be there , arid I ih Tht fecond 
will !>iue thee i tables of ftone , and the Law, and time. 

" - - • ..-,rran (V-ur<-.|i Sienilyingil 

ot 01:1 
teach ^ chem. |hean;,e««jii 

1 3 ■ Then Mofes rofe vp , and his minifter lo-j God do wn.c hii 
fliua : and Mofes went vp into the mountaine tfl}^^"^';,'';;"•^ 
God, jsj.ezev' 

I 1 4 And faid \-nto the Elders.Tane vs here vn 
j till we come againe Mito you : and behold, Aaron 
j and Hur ΛΓί with you : wholoeuer hath any mat- .^^.j^ 
ters.let him come to them. 

r ί Then Moles went vp to the mount.and the 
cloud couercd the mountaine, 

16 And the glory of the Lord abeade vpon 
mount Sinai.and the cloudcouered L' it fix dayes: |ll o*,iim. 
and the feucndr day he called vnto Moles out ot 
the middes of the cJoud . 

17 And the light of the glory of the Loxd-ovaf 
like 1 confiiming fire on thetoppe ofthenr.ouu- 
taine.inthe eyes of the children of Ifrael. 

18 And Moles entred into the middes of the 




»The puple pemifi U ohij Gci. 4 Mif's vrit/lh tie ciuill ; 
X«we! 0,13 Mifei rttmmth into the mtmtair.c: n I 
^arattui HKth<tMetheth»rgecfthepeofU. i3 JV/t/« j 
I 1 was forty Uayts mifnt) Mghn m the tnm>ne,ne. 

' ^ , , ^"T Ow hee had »■ faid vnto Mofes . Come vp to 

i, wh»«*txaUea ί fS^ ^^ j_^^j ^ j,^p,j^ ^^^ Aaron. Nadab.and Abi- 
„Γ»Ι'κ.νΟ gi..el h.i,and ieuenty of the Elders of Ifrael,and ye fl^all 

liImtheLawf'.beLyorJtip.fqi-ieoff. • 

EinnirE.ttheao,! ^ jin^ Mofcs himfclfe aionc fliall come nccrc 
to the Lord , but they"n.ailnot come neere , nei- 
ther ll.ali the people goe vp with him. 

sib Afterward Moles came andtoldethe 
people all the wordes of the Lord . and all the 
ILawes : rjidalhhe people anf.vered with one 1 
voyce,and fayd , * All tlie things which the Lord 
hath faid.wulwe doe. , r, j 

4 Alid Mofes wrote all the words of the Lord . 
and rofe vp csrly,and fet vp an *-ali.» I .•nder the 
mountaiHc , and tweliie pillars according to the 
t^velue tribes of Ifrael. 

5 And he lent yong ' men oftb•: children ot 
Ifrael.which offered burnt oftrings of beeues,and 
facrificed peace ofteringsvnto the Lo:-d. > 

Then Mofes tooke halfe of the blood , and 

b V/henhehad 
limes IH mount 


U Eir iuigmnntt. 

- ci..i'.ii,8; 


c. ΪΟΙ a! yet the 
isot giue» CO Leui 

cloud , and went vp to the mountaine : and Mo- 
fes W4s.inthe * raouBt foiutie dayes-aml fourtie 

a Th't -vtlitniary gifts fcr the mnkin ^ftheTgti^nch. 
10 Thefttmeefthe ^rkf. '7 The Mtrcte-fe^te. 2} 
7 he Tabic. iiThe CandlefacKt. ^0 Alimufitf dun 
ucntdiii^lothefaterne. '. 

Τ Hen the Lord fpike vnto Hofes,faying, ' 
2 * Speake vnto the children of Ifrael that 
they receii>e an offering for me : of -^ euery men, 
whofe heart gitieth it freely ,yee flwll take the of- 
fering forme. ^ ,,h• 1 

3 And this is the offnng wh ich ye flull » t J<.e 
of them.goliiind fiiuer.and braile, 

4 And II blue€iKi,'^nd purple.and fcarlet.cnd 
fnelinnen,andgoati/;4i'i, , * , , ' , 

y And ramniis skinnes coloured red , and the 
skiiinesof badgers, and the wood* Shlttiin, 

6 OylefoiVneligiit , fpicesford-anoynting 
ovle.snd for the perfu.tie of Iweet fauoiir, 
'7 Onix ftoncs .and floncs to be fet in the * Ε 

8 Alio they Ihall mike me a* Santtuiiy ,-thAt 
Γηΐ3Τ dwell aniong them. 

9 ' According to all that I ihew thee , eucn fo 
fliall ye mike the forme of the Tabernacle -^ 
the falhion of all the iiiftnimenrs thereof. 

Γ The Loid tyftih• 
xth l;!;e dcuoti- 
;>ig fiictocirjiaU 
men : but le ihcm 
that he diatreth- 
ih bis Spirit 



1 wood 

I tr.ttrlaelitf 

IpiuitinSira^^iitfeoTthrbiood^reipH^^^^ J cubite and an lulfe broad; 
jledonthedtar. ^^ ^ [ halfe high: 

' 7 After , hee tooke the Κ booke of the conc- 
in.-aic , and4ea^l it JM the audience of ibcpopli** 

Theylhallmake alio an * Arke of Shit- 
two cubites and ai halfe long , and * 
aad a cubite arid 


After the 


giiieih thimtht 

that nothing 
fl'.cidd belch to 

as in:!Uiao]i. 

i]i?2iid \lc ciihi 

c Which is 
kir.dt of Cedar, 
•uliich will not 

Oideiiied for 
the ri.cHs. 

σ^. 18.4, 

CtJ/•. iS, 1 < 

Λ piicc bcth • 

ietlacriCce, ; 



Kni thon flialt oirerlay iirwith pure gold 
iqand wiiboutll«ittlWirvu«rIa: 

ίΊΙΠ pun- H'"-' 

ay ic; and ihaliv'. --a » » 
maJel- * 

The Arke and Mefde-ieatc The Exod is. Table of fiiewbread. The ^αιοίίίοϊίς. 

I f of.ftwi, 

1 A Β r*i 
I lt»gth,tw!icu• 

ittes and Λα 

i BC Ώ? 

itrenath a ch• 
lite and an 
AD The 
j h'ight Λ cu• 

' '•elfe. 

s Hitliathm"" 

m ake vpon it a ί crowne of gold lOiitid about. 

12 And thou flialt call feme rings of golde 
fo;• it.iind put thera in the foiire n corners thereof: 
that is , two rings //;ί!ΰ i* on the one fide of it, 
and two rings on the other fide thereof. 

1 3 And thou iliait make banes of Shittim 
wood.and ^oucr thtm with gold. 

1 4 Then thou llialt put the bnnes in the rings 
by the fides of the Arke , to beare the Arkc with 


thee , and frorn abone the Merc iefeat ♦ betweene 
file two Cheriibims .which are vpon the Arke of 
the Teftimonie, I will tell ihte all things wJiich I 
will giue thee in coroniandensut vnto the chil 



iYves ectterei rvilb gold tc fut through the rings 
tnei fart tf the Arke where the Teffimunii ΐρΛί fut. 

f) the Artie. 

I J The baires ilialbe in the rin^sof the Atfee: 
they ihali not be taken away from it. 

i6 Sothou fliait put in the AiIqc the fTcfti• 
monie,which I fliall giue thee. 

1 7 Alio thou ihalt make a Β δ Mercie-feate of 
pure gold , two cnbites and an halfe long , and a 
cabite and an halfe broad 

lAtcodof Aaion» 
anil Minni which 
wtK Ϊ teftinienie 
»f Gois prefenee. 
JJ Or,MK(r{fj : »» 

!g yictc 6*0^ »f(it«ti av«i*if«Uy vnto «him ; ini ihit WM t figuit eichii'fl. 


τ The Prof itia• 
<»»jror Merciefeet 
which h the coue- 
Ting of the Arke 
the Teflim>mc,fei 
«* (» thif ed•- 
thn for plamefftt 

Κ The fla^e 
vhence iljiiei the i 
Iromn^Me the 
'rrifitiaurf, and 
from befareene the 
Wings of till Che- 

irei'.dih thiekt. f The foureyings. G The bAtrei to i»tie fke Table , -nhith 
yvtn put through the rings. Η Dijies wherein the SAcMiir.iii was fut. 
I The tneliie cakes or laaues callri the Shiivkread. Κ Thi gohleti tr cout* 
rings, the iiiccnfr Clips ■ 

aj f ♦Thoui!iaItaIfomaf;eaTabIeofShiNf **fl/•»* 
ί tlrawootl, oftwocubiteslong , andonecHbiW 
! broad^d a cubitc and a halfe high : 
i 24 And thon ihalt couer it with pure golde 
and make thereto a crowne of gold round about, 
ay Thou ihalt alfo make vnto it a border of 
ί g foure fingers round about ; and thcu (halt make I <" 
j a golden crowne round about the border thereof: *"'*• 
1 %6 After, thou Ibaltnvike for it foure rings of 
gold , ami fhalt put the rings in the foure comers 
that sre in the foure feete tnereof : 

i7 Oner agamft the bcffder Ihall the rJngs be 
forplaces forbarres to beare the T.ible, 

a 8 And thou (bait make the barres of Shittitaj 
wood , and Ihalt ouerlay them with gold, thai the! 
Table may be borne with them. 

ai> Thou Ihalt make alfo ^ difbes for it , and 
meenfe cups for ir.and couerings for it , and gob- 
lets.wherewith it ilialbe couered.«»i» of fine gold 
ihalt thou make thera. 

30 And thou Ihalt fetvpoiltM TabloSliew 
bread before me continnally. 


ϊί? And thon (ball make two Chembifnsof 
ffoldc : of worke beaten out with the hammer 
fiislt thon make thera η the two cndcs of .the 

Ip And the one Cherub ihalt thou laake a» 
itlie one ende , and the other Cherub at the other 
jend: ofr^ ntAttor of theMerciefeat ihall ye make 
the Cherub ims.on tlie two ends thereof. 
20 And the Cherubims (hallftrctch their wing* 
•n hie.couering the Merciefeat with their wings j 
end their faces oneto another : totheMercic*i 
ieat ward fhall the fices of the Chenibims be, I 

2» And thou ihalt put the MercJeftat aboeef 
tpon the Arkc, and in the Atke thou ihalt pntthCi 
Tcftimonie.which 1 will giue thee. -gcai:. , ' 

14 Afl4 there i will I d«cb• Z"?^. 
' — Τ 


SeeAufeUht fefbioH of^e /■) ft flaine λκ4 
tHiient , it nenttth Hit to Λ: 
fcriie the particular purs then• 
of tccoriiHg to the order of Ut• 
ten. OittljTvbereas it isfni in 
the 14 verfe th»t there fb»iht 
four» houlot or cups iH tht 
_ C»ndleftiek* , itMu/l be njitder• 
I food ofthefbaft. or fiianke : for 
j then xre im three for entry oitt 
' tf the other braucheu 

Alfo the k»>ps of the Cand't. 
!titk, are thofe which are Hinder 
tht branthes as they ijfue out of 

f * Ali 




Jump* oi |olde 

31 I •»• Alfo thou fcalt make a caedleft icke of 
pure gold : of' worke beaten out with the ham- 
mer Itall the Candlefticke be made , his flwft.and 
his branches , his boules , his kncps : and his 
fionres iliaibe of the fatiie, 

Sixe branches alio iliall come put of the 

f Pl" Γ 


hrce branches of the candlefticke out 

haue one meafure. - 1 

3 Fine curtarnes flialbe coupled one to anoJ 
ther : and the other fine ciirtaines Ihall be coupled! 
one to another. 

4 And thou Ihah make firings t>f blew filke 
vpon the edge of the one curtaine,T't'/;tc<i « in the 
fehiedge bof the coupling : and likewife flwlt 
thoii make in the edge οί' the «f^rcurtainc in 
the the i'ccond coupling. 

y Fiftie firings ihalt thou make in one cur- 
taine.and fiftie ftrings Ihalr thou make in the edge 
of the curtaine,\vhich is in the'fecond coupling: 
the firings βαΐίΐί one right againft another. 

6 Thou flialt make alio fiftie | taches of gold, 
and coxiple the curtaines one to another with tlie 
Mches.and it ilialbe one a Tabernacle. 

Ctleac wtight ot 
«il«i ito|«und 


ji Mxe 


of the one lide of it , and three branches of the 
Candlefticke out of the other fide of it. 

3 3 Three boules like vnto almonds, one knop 
and vie floure in one branch : and three boules 
like almonds in the e/Air branch , one knop and 
tne floure :fo throughout the fixe branches that 
come out of the Candlefticke. 

3 4 And in the fhafie of the Candlefticke /^Λ/έ* 
foure boules like vnto almonds , his knops and 
his floure s. 

25• And thtre fiwe iViio^ vnder two bran- 
ches made thereof : and a knop vnder two bran- 
ches madt thereof : and aknop vnder two bran- 
ches rmie thereof .according to the fixe branches 
comming out of the Candlefticke. 

.36 Their knops and their branches fiiall be 
thereof : all this llialbe one beaten worke of pure 

37 And thou Ihalt make the feuen lampe» 
thereof :& the lamps thereof Ihalt thou put there- | [^ giue light toward that that is before it. 

3 8 Alfo the fnuffas and fnuffediaies thereof 

3 ρ Ofa * talent of fine gold flialtthoH make 
i it with all thefc inftrtiments. 
' 40 * Looke therefore that thou make i*«» 
after their fall^ion , that was Ihewed thee in the 
mountaine.. _ _ 

C^H A T•. XXVI. 

t 1i^fofm^^fttt^Λfnιt^t^βJι^tl>'<ιtftr^t%ίm^*. J} «» 
flMt .f iW Arii , »fth MerHt-fMtr , cftbt r«Wf . «W »f Ai 
C«»*Ji.Vl||, , , , , 

AFterward thon flialt make the Tabernacle ; f,ie the) vne « (utut Ungir 
with tenlie curtaines of fine twined linnen \u«thftdeth»tihit>»rMmiih:itt<,i4t,ii 

b 0« At C.U Aif 
th« tnioin! mijb* 
b( t)'(l cogtthti. 

C Intyiigiejc• 
thtiboth the 

I O1 , iitiii. 


rh eUuernhhaHiti hf„e the entry cfthe Taietnult , Ujke »•"'/'''''' 
thirty <Mt. Un, ,„i Ue „het Ht ei,h, ani twenty, "^ ^'g^* ^^,',1' «' 
- ■ ■ 1 vere λ (utite Un^er then the ether ,liiKe C. Λ»Λ^υ**""" 

Κ «Hi 

were «Ift 

■ ' uth- 


with tenhe curtaines 
and blew filke , and purple , and skarlet : and in 
them thou Ihalt make Cuerubims of • broidered 
vsOtke. , 

1THE FTRSt Covering of 

T ABEft^tAC TTT-^ 


7 Τ Alfo thou il^.alt make curtaines of goats 
fetfrri .to be a * couering vpon the Tabernade^ihou 
ftialt mike themr»tfeff ««wi-rrof cleuen cui|anis, 
g The length ofacurtaine/ld/^ithirtiecu- 
bites.aiid the breadth of a curtaine fouie cubltcs: 
the eleuen curtaines/Jj't/i< of one meafure. 

9 And thoufl-iait couple fine curtaines by j 
themfelucs, and the fixe curtaines by themielues: 
but thou Ihalt double the « fixt curtaine vpon thej» Thi. i,Mfa 
forefront of the couering. .,;!,„ 

I ο And thou flialt make fiftie firings in thejj^ 
edge of one curtaine in thefeluedge cfthe cou- 
piing.and fiftie firings in the edgCuftheeiAiT'ij 
curtaine in the fecond coupling. 

I I Likewife thou iLalt make fiftieB taches 
brafie , and faften them on the ftrings , and 
couple the couering together that it may be one, 

1 2 And thu ^ il'mnant that rcfteth in the cur- 
taines of the couering , eueti the halfe curt.iinc 
that refteih,ftiall be left at the b^icke fide of the 

1 3 That the cubite on the one fide.and^the cu 

>veaihci Cioiild 
mine Λ. 

(he one fide.intl 
d thefixfflitnW 

ungoutv ihc 

loote ofiht Tt» 




A β; CD TV *«» *nrt»inti ythkh vett tight Ληά notWy eH%i*ii Uttr ,f ; 
ChernHmt *>»rke. A Ε The trexith efe turtaiue was foure luiites , enifothe . 
W« (mrty i-Kts br,»i . f 6 Ty^eurttinet Mvi »n halfe : β thAt the wh.U 
ttjei ic tether , ietUreth that the T*ber»MU was thirty eubites Icng, and ttrtltH 
tt,n4• F Η Tatbti nkukes t> tie the cMttatnts. 

The length of one curuinepw/ii eight and : 
twentie cubites , and the breadth of onecurtaine ' 

bite on the other fide of that which is left in the 
lengtli of the curtains off- couering m.Ay remaine 
©neither fide of the Tabernacle to coiKrit 



foure cubites i euery one of the curtaines OiaU \ fccrmckof Sbittunjv^'^j,^, ^,o,.^^vp. ^^^ 

Moreouer.for that couering thou uialtp^,oo«inEeT; 
make a ί couering of mmmes skinnes died red, 

and a couermg of h badgers skinnes^boue. ^ ^_ 

I f 1 Alio thou flialt m J^e bor^rds for the Ta- ,^^,^ „,„„•„β of 
- --• • • *- •>' - ih«Iib»»Kl«. 

f For Acre tin- 

cnbifts longer 

the cnnu«(« 
fo ihatihev \v«ie 
onbeih flies• 

Tele fit 


make tlwra w 

'i^Qarcisfor jbe Tabernacle,' 

Ten cwbius/^iii the length of a board, 
ciibite tad an halfe cubite ihe breadth of 



one bosrJ. . 

1 7 Two tenons pialbe in one board let in or- 
der as tiie feete of a Ladder, cm againft another : 
thus fiiak thou make for all the boardes of the 


■ Th evaileoftheTabetnacl, ' W" 

And the middle barre fliall gee throiigJii JP-4^ 

die middes of the boards.fiom end toend. | 

29 And thou ihalt coaer the bo.irds witl^ goh!. 

and make their rings of golde , for places far the 
barres, and thou ilialt couerthe barres with gold. 
30 So thou fnakrearevp the Tabernacle, ■"ac- 
cording t© the failiion thereof, which was Ihew- 


Β Or, Ιφ{}!»ι, 
juhrrrln nrtrr Ihl 

»«« tftZcHbits in U»ith , thM h . fnm Ε ». E. The ireaith of each rvis Λ 
'TX^LnjlThrt^n i>here>f . alt .oyned tot'ther , made thirtie elites, 
' ''^hi.h^,< tL• 'uKith if the Taiitnade. lofephus writeth that etch heard Wis 
^ntnifJlMe^V The «s^ther part ,f ihe boards wts cut ,nt. m. 
! f»c»i. C The twomortaifes , foif each tenon one ,wroHi,ht ,n twtpiecei apart 
I i^vhneunt, when the beards were put,, key received ,h, tenons, and held the boards 
••vt,. D D D D D Silffitfi'if barres to hcldthe boards tn order : fcttre pajjcd 

the beards . yokerein holes were made therefore. Ε Ε T^ .cneatthe 
t^iter tan and. another at the neither part of the hoards , mhich toynedihe 
,7d!sofThei-abnnaae, and the boards of i^e νΑβ end together. F F Rinp, 
■KheritbroHth the barres paped. G Η Availe hangmg on foure ptUars , and 
'Zro»ihtofCherUb,ms , ^hich dtdeparate the hoi, place from the η,οβ holy. 
ir4h!n„nh^liilace Κ The holy place . whereinonthe Sonthfide the Candle- 

ΚνΓ, boLds that clofevp the Tabernacle oniheWfft 'nie . wh.chwastie 
%permoii ende of the place. Μ A han^.ng orvaile , Μ was a. the entr.e 
tfihe Tabe,KUli,bciniattbeEaitende , which was fafiened to hang at β»β 

SAnd thou ilwlt make boards for the Ta- 
le, i««ntwentic boards on the Southfide, 
euen full South; 

I ρ And thou ilialt make fortie |1 lockets ot lil- 
uer vnder the twentie boards , two fockets vnder 
one board for his two tenons , and two focICe.ts 
■vnder another board for his two tenons. 

20 In like maner on the other fide of the Ta- 
ibernacle toward the North fide/fa^tf he twentie 

i 2 1 And their fonrtie fockets of filuer.two loc- 
I kets vnder one board , and two fockets vnder an- 
I other board. 

: 2 2 And on the fide of the Tabernacle , toward 
' the Weft.fhalt thou make fixe boards. 
.,23 Alfo two boards fhalt thou mrke in the 
corners of the Tabernacle in the two fides. 

24 AUb they flvilbe » ioyned bencath,and like- 
wife they flialbe ioyned aboiie to a ring:thus Ihall 
it be for them two: they flialbe for f two corners. 
25 So they Ihalbe eight boards hauing fockets 
feAand weU iov- of filuer.eas» fixteene fockets, thAt w,two fockets 
biolCf vnder one board , and two lockets vnder another 
i 26 ^ Then thou flMlt make flue barres of Shit- 
; tini wood for the boards of one fide of the Ta- 
1. bernacle, 

i 27 And fiCV; , --'»$,for the boards of the otlwr 
I fuleofthe τΙ^Γι . -n^- j"Ofi>'e barresforthc 
1 boaSth?''* *^'" • ^^" ^ade toward the 

eddiee m the Mount. 

31 f Moreoiier , thou flialt make a vaile of 
blew filke , end purple , and skarlet, and fine twi- 
ned linnen ; thou llialt make it of broidred worke 
with Cherubims. 

•^ 2 And thou fl'.alt hang it vpon foure pillars 
of'shittim wood couered with golde . ( whole j 
I'liookes fiiali be of golde) ^anding vpon iburellc somt te>ae, 
fockets offiluer. jhcadsofthepiU 

33 f Afterward thou ilult hang the vaile f on ''"^^^^y^,j^. 
thehooks.that thou mayeftbrin^ in thither , that \ooC> ■■ mnving, 
k J within the v^le.the Arke ofthe Teftknonie :|itaiii77/»«w*4i>» 
and the vaile lha!l make you a feparationbetweene! i""^"'*^^ f'"» 
I the Hoiy place and the Imoft holy place. ji'wh°i «into the 

' 34 Alfo diou iliait put the Mercifeat vpon thejhic Pnenonlyen- 
! Arke of the Teftimcnie in the rcoft Holy place. '"* »"" ' ""'*/ 

] vaile , and the Ccudlefticke oner again* the Ta-j 
ble on the Southfide ofthe Tabernacle , and thou) 
j flviltfet the Table on the Northfide. j 

I 3(i Alio thou Ihah make an η hanging for the'» Thishsn-inj "^ 
; doore ofthe Tabein.icle of blewe filke . and pur-!"' ^'"' ^'1"^" 

i , 1,1 I r • I I• '' , itweeac tht holy 

pie , and skarlet , and hue twined linnen wrought jiace.and Λ«β ] 
' with needle. , 1 whei't the peegis 

I 37 Andthou llialtmake forthehangingfiue l•**?•- - 
I pillars of Shittim , and couer them with gold ;1 
i their heads/7W6f of gold , and thou ihah caft fiue . .; 

; fjcketsofbraflefor them. I 

C Η A P. XX ν IT. i • . 

, ι ThMur, f tie bur»! cgMn^, 5, Tknourtcftiera^irxtlU?. 

la ThtUmpe: coniinmlly iurvfg. 

X4"Oreouerthou ihalt mal<e the * Altar of Shit- » For *t_*tiini » 
•«•^■'■tim woodjfiue cubires long and fiue cubites[°^"'"P' * 

1 C Tht Ebrtwe 

I vioid fignifieih 

! tv.i)i«et:dccla 

ling that th«.y 


las wiSfofsi 



Altai ofbuunt 


k Oftht fnh• 
«ree4 ind mat(*i 
fifVpnci vn- 




-^ rauicrhoopcso 
' !i«Ietfort«b< 

• Meinint.riR- 
Kiincsof fifiit 

•ji• ■ • 

broad (the altar i(Wl fee (orae fgoare) «nd the 
height thereof three cnbites, '^ .• , 

i . And thou ilialt make it homes in thefiiiife 

co:ners thereof ί the homes ihall beofii^felfe, i 

and thou ihAlt couer it with brafle. "'- '|' j 

'3 Alfo thou ihalt make his ίΐ1ιρ3ηη6$'ίθΓ his ! 
aflies.and his beforaes.and his balins.Sc his fleili- ! 
hookes^d his H cenfers : thou Ihalt make all the i 
inftruments thereof of brafle, .1 

J 4 And thou ihalt make vnto it a grate Jikf \ 
networke of braffe :alfo vpon that t grate ihaJc '. 
thou make foiire biafen rings vpon the foure cor- 
ners thereof. 

r And thou ihalt put it vnder the compaffe 
of the altar beneath , that the grate may be in the 
xniddes of the altar. 

6 Alfo thou ihalt make barrcs for the altar, 
karrcs ,1 fy ,o{ Shittira wood, and fliaJt coucr 
thera with braife : ^ 

7 And the harfp<: thereof ihill be put in the 
rings, , tlic \vhich barres Ihalbt vpon the two fides Priefts office, 
ef the altar to beare it. 

8 Thou^hak make the altar hollow Betweetie 
the boards : as G#ilheweth thee in the mount , fe 
ftjili they make it. 

! 9 y Alfo thou ihalt make the «court of the 
Tabernacle in the South fide,euen full South: the 
oourt flW.l haue curtaines of fine twined linnen, 
of aahundreth cubites long ,for one fide, 

10 And it ihall haue twenty pillars , with their 
j twenty fockets of braiVe: the heads of the pillars, 
I and their i fillets/W/^e filuer. 

1 1 Likewil'e on the Northfide in length there 
1- i/hali be hangings of an hundiethctt^»>«long .and 

the twenty pillars thereof svith theii- twenty foc- 
kets of brafle : the heads of the pillars and die ii- 

II f And the breadth of the court, on the 
^eftfide fhtU haue curtaines of fiftie cubites, 
with their ten pillars , and their ten fockets. 

τ 5 And the breadth of the court , Eaitward full 
Ea&,fhailh«He t fiftie cubites. 

14 Alio hangings of fifteene cubites /?w»/!f^« 
Ion the β*?ί fide vv/f/5» their three pihars and their 
three fockets 

ning ίο ιροΓπίηέ !?6Fot< *hc tbi;d, for a'.ftatut^ foj- 
ciicr vnto theirgeiiet;atioi{i , teheobfertteit)b^'uii 
children of Ifracl.• • '; V' ; ] 


7 The Zora i»lUth A»fn & hn fonius le the fritflhtUi 

4 Their inrtnenis ij. i»• jtxftt enitttli, <ait the 
Sknduarj iif- the e«»ie if the chtHrett tf Tfttet.^ joi 
Vtim and Thumoum. st At**» tt-Milh tkt i» ifitity. 
*fthtIfraelttes»ffe'iHgs. | 

ANi caufe thort thy brother Aatim to cpine; 
vnto thee , atld'hii fonnas widl him , from a- 
raong• the children ofirmel.that he may fcruetne 
! in the Triefts office : I meane , Aaron , Nadab.and 
Ahihu,Eleazar,and IchararirAaronsfonnes. 

ζ Alfo thou fiialt raAe holy garments forj 
; Aaron thv brother,» glorious andbeatitifull. 

iWhtiriy liiS 
ο Wet ntjybc 

3 Therefore thou flialtfpeakc vnto silt cim- kn.vttn to be 1 

ig men, whom I haue filled with the Ipirit of ;gi^io«in<«-< ij 

Jedeme , that they m^e Aarons garmchtsto'^ ^^1)•• ^.^j^^ ] 

b confecrate him .that hee.mayferuemceinthelk whichii.ofe»' 

■ ί ' fiatthinxUtm 



Jt The Ephid er *^»/l 
ecxtt which tr^j likt clrthtfgtCief 
aniifAS griiti^Htf him , w»«ri«" 
w^« the tre»/l fUternlhlhexij.l 
flones , lehieb wni tted »iiHt With j 
fB>» ehaiHts tun» Ouix^tHtiA 
aniteHeethtvith tvetUees.t 1 

Β The rebc xehicb tf 4s nt: t^^ 
vniet the Bfhti,nh(revMtew*i* 
fojued the feuietrAKftts and ktlii 

C Thi tunide tihrtiieitietttft 
\\ehfh Teas vttiltr the rihe aadlf»•^ 
Ifer then it , and ir4{ «//• witbiut I 


be' the garrnents 


, which t A fliort ill 

y Likcwife on the other fide A** *' hangings i they ihall make , a breilplate , and an c Ephod and ,^^^ ,^^_,^^ _ ^„, ^ 
of fiftcene cubits , wtrh their three pillars and j a r obe,aid a broydered coat.a miter.^na a girdle : ^on vpon h» ga- , 
kheir diree fockets. '- ! fo tJ>efe holy garments ihall they make for A^ron^^.njs ro λ„ς 

' ! thybrother.andforhisfonnes.thathemayfcrue«'«"i'l«'"«• 

! me in the Priefts office. .,, i ' 

y Therefore they fluH take golde and bluc| 
' filke.andDurple. andfcatlet, andfim 

frith tht cuiuiaet 
t Such at com- 
ittdifiom the 

, v^en it it 
Stft prtlTedot 

i6 ί And in the gate of the court βαίΐ be a 
V^ile of twenty cubites of blue fdke , .'.nd purple, 
«d fcarlet , and fine twined linnen wrought with 
needle . x/*«<> die foure pillars thereof and their 
foure fockets. 

Ϊ7 All the pillars ©f the court ihall haue filets ; fcluc 
of fiiuerround about , with their heads of filuer, 
and thsir fockets of bralTe. 

1 8 S The length of the court /ί>ΛΛέί an hun- 
dreth cubites, and the breadth fiftie t at eidier 
end, and the height fiue cwhv.ts ,*»d, the tt^ng. 
ingt of fine twined linnen , and their fockets of 
brafle. ^ „ 

19 All die vefTels of the Tab.'maclefor all 
roaner feruice thereof . and all the S pinnes there- 
of,and alfjiie pinnes of the co\m fwll be brafle. 
i 20 ί And thou flult commaund the children 

of Ifrael, that they bring vnto thee pure oyle oliue 
h beaten for the light , that tlie lampes may alway 
|l)ume. . r , ^ 

21 In the Tabeitiacle of the Congreganoa 
Widiout the vaile .which is before the Teltimony 

6 "i" Ani thef iiiail make the Ephod of gold,{ 
lie filke, and purple, fcarlet, and hne twined hnn 

iiencf broydered %vorke. ,^ „ . . j 

7 The two flioulders thereof (Iiall be loyne^ 
together I y theii two edges: fGi!;.allitbecIofed. 

8 And th . ^ imbroidered gaid of the fame E- ' 
phod, which fliaibe vpon*-" '■" ■" '" ^ '"•'"" '""'"•' 

him,lhali be cf the fc.;fe|l">"'''• 
Xmt woikeanTftuffe'ittMof gold.Wue filke.and' 
purple , and fcarlet,; η J fine twined hnnen. 

9 And thou fl^ak tak- two Onix itoncs ,and 
graue vpcn ihjm the naiiKS of the children of If4 

I υ Sixenamesofthimvponth^oncftone.-nJ; 
the fixe names that remaine . vpon die i^^oai'^ ^, ,^^γ^,, ^^ 
ftone,accordingto« their gencrjcior.s. ^ »gt , ft n,ouid .htj 

Thou iliak caufe to graue die two ftcnesjfci g, 

! by 

ordipg to the nimesofthe children of Iftael,, 
a erauer of fignets thit workctL rnJgraiicth 

uXAaii^^'is'fii^^cVdiViR j ik ftone.and ϋ^ΰ make ito ^«^i""'"^^?^ 

>ardsfo- "' bofled in goW. 

ί Xhtt Aiten 
«he Ifratlitcs (o 

g Of chc boXitu 

i PriertcoHld 
■ gtue femt-iici 
•iiidgenient ν 


li, Α^ά thou fltalt. puctlw ^vw> ftones vpen ' phod altogether of blue filke. 

theuiQiadersoftheBpJioJ.rfiftobesufffcmem- .52 And the hole for his head ihaU be in thai 

brance of the childrenoflhael :Τόι• Aaron fhsll midd^s of it .hailing an edge oEwouenworkc 

beaic their names before the Lord vpoii his two roimi about the collar of it : fo fliaiJ ix be as the j 

ilioKidersforarei^mbfance. ' collar of an habergion.thst it rent rot I 

13 'SothottAahmakebofresofgold, ' 33 ί And beneath vpon the i'kirts thereof. 

, 14 ί And two c.ljaines.ofhn.^ goldeg at the thou fl^alt make pomegranates ofblue filke and 

end. ot wrethen workc ilialt thou make them, and purple.and Icarlet roupd about the fkirts thereof 

liialt faften the wrcthen chaine^vpon tlie boiTes 
li itwufecillcd h . ^^ .^; Alfp thqu fliak itjake the bL; of 
ti«)tift the high i "iudgemenf with broydaied worke : like tlie. 
~" ■' woikc 9fthe EphodllwlttjhourBokeit :ofgold. 

bluefilkc, and purple, andfaarlet.and finetwinea 
linnen fnalt thoufaake it. 

16 ' Fourelquire it ihall be a««i double , an 
i ''^h^b^'n'?"'' '^''"'^ braadthJoug and an hand breadth broad. 

* £({!«^.4{>: 

of thebtejftphi 
1 1 Or, Enuttuie^ 
Β Or, Cjr4««.-ff' 


17 Then thou Ibak fet it full of places for 
{tones, euen foures rowet of ftones : the order 

fjallieihts ,a k nibie.a topaze.anda | carbuncle 
in the firft row. 

18 And in the iccondrovis thou, fhahp!t m 
J emeraud, , a laphir , and a II diamond. 

19 And in the third row a turkeis , an achate, 
and an Hematite. 

lo And in the fourth row t a chryfdlite , an 
onix.and a iafper .- and they ilullie fet in gold in 
their embofleihents. 

^ι And tjie ftones (lull be according to the 
names c( the 'children of Il'rael , twekie , accor- 
ding .«a their names, graucn in lignetsi euery one 
after his nanie,4?ji they llwU&forthe twclue 
tribes. ■■ i 

A Which ite vp• 
moft tAwud tlie 

: and belsofgoldbetwecne them round about : 
^^TUtis, * a golden bell and.a pomegranate, 
a golden bcl^and a pomegranate round about vpon 

3 ί So lliali it be vpon Aaron , when fcee mini- 
, ftreth , and his ioand ilvlbe heard when he goeth 
; into the holy place beiore die Lord, and when he 1 
i commetli out , and he ihali not die, 

3d ί Alfo thou ilialt make a piate of pure gold, 
■ and graue thereon , as fignets are gtauen. <> Η O-L «.v λ- 
^^INES TO ThI LoId. ''p.ta. 

<7 And thou ihaltputit on a blue filke Lire. ;^°"*• fethtit 
; and it ihsll be vpon the miter ,e«i« vpon the fore-!'?"'""''''• '"'' "^- 
, front ofthe miter iliail it be. li^'"^ Γ^^""'' 

3 J i)0 Uiajl It be vpon Aarons forehead , thatjp xiKiroiterugi 
Aaron maypbeare the iniquitieofthcoffeiings,""^'*"'"'"'^• ' 
which the children of Ifrael ihall offer in all theiilr'i"* ' ^'ι1'"Γ' ' 
holy offerings : and it ihali be allwayes vpon his^ ■Η";"Γν.*κΐ. fi» , 
torehead ,to make tliem acceptable before thc;''«'''B'>''"<'» ! 
Lord. tba'e, ujd jKifiei:: 

l,v»hichati be- 

KiK<M DiiU noii 

39 Likewife thou ihalt irabroider the fine lin- ' • i' 

nen coat , and thou ftah make a miter of fine lin-j 
pnen.but thou ihalt m^kc a gridle ofneedle worke.i ' 
_ _^, , _ , , , . n. ^° ^^,^ν^^'^ '^^^' f^^'^^fo'' Aarons Jonnesl 

2z Τ Thin thouihah make vpon the breaft- coats .and thou Ibalti-nake them girdles and bo-' 
plate two chsines atthc ends , of wrethen worke { nets Ihalt thou make them for giorv and comeli-' 
ot pure gold. •■ nefle. β / , , 

z$ _ Thou ilialt make dfo vpon the breftplate ΐ _4i And thou fhalt put them vpon Aaron thy' 
iwo rings of «old, and put the two rings on* the', brother, and on his fonnes with hira .and ihalt i 
twoendso.thebreftphtq; ■ ,.;! anoynt then?, and, fill their band», and fandtifie: .^ /^ ' ■ 

24 And thou Ihalt pat t^e two wrethen qhames; theni , that they ioay minifter vmo roee ίηιΙκ»?ί*ΐΐΆ""• ' 
ot golde in ine two iifags la.thccndesof the pnefts office. ω" 'ΐί Ih• 

brellplate , - '"' ' ^ .^ , ' 4^ Thou ftalt alfo make themlinncnbreechesl»»"«^'ftt.w<iihtt. 

zy AndtheotWtwoendsofthetwowrethen to couer their priuities: from the lovnes vntothel*''"'^'""'"»"» "i 
ci-rf/i^w^ thou 'Ihalt faften in the^ two emboffe- thighesiliallthey reach. T*""*®"• > 

,43 And they llialbe for Aaron and his fonnes. i | 

when they come into the Tabernacle || of thei 
Congregation, or when they come vnto the ahar!" O'. •/»•'''»ΙΝ| 
to mmifter in the holy place , that tlwy r commit 
not iniquity , and fo die. nit βιαίί be a hw ioi 
cner vnto hi;n , and to hisfeede after him. 

ments , and liialt put them vpon the Hioulders of 
-tbeEphod vporithcforeridecf it. '■ -- 

26 f Alio thou ilialt make two rings of gold, 
vhich thou ilwlt pnt in the' twoef&fr endes of ' 
the breaftplate , vpon the border thereof , toward j 
the infidc of die Ephud, . ' | 

27 And two ether rings of golde thou flialt j 
make iand put them on the two fides ofthe E- i 
phod. beneath in the forepart ofitoueragainft j 
the coupling of it vpon the broidered gard of the •■ 


C Η A P. X X I X. • 

Tie Lctiinmipili t, iM>iU *mnitht aittuvof 

'p His thing alfo flialt thou do vnto them , when 
thou confecrateft them to be my Prieftes, 
* Take a young calfe . and two rammes without 

2 And vnleauened bread , and cakes vnleaue- 
ned tempered with oyle , and wafers vnleauened 

ya« >:i his owni| ""gs νροπ the rings ofthe Ephod, with a of 

aiame . bM ,n (ht \ blue filke , that it may he fail vpon the broidered 

S^ofif'jti ^ ^^''^ "f ^''^ Ephod,and that die breaftplate be not 

η vtun (i^nifi.rh ' ioofed from the Ephod. 

Sight , ani ThiuB. 2p So Aaron Ihal! m beare the names ofthe 

i^TXg.trth. ,>^i''''-f" oflfrael in the breaftplate of iudgement ' anoynted ννΪΛ o^leVToffinc whe«flowreibal'i 

«ones oftht bicft. ■^'PO" "'* nt^art , when hee goedi into the holy thou make them.) 

jhti w«f«>neft ; p'ace for a remembrance continually before the — 

«Ititt , »nd of pel-: Lord. 

v,''^"'i?is m«iii .30 ^ Alfo thou nialt put in the breaftplate of 
tnewledge , ind i ludgemeDt, the η Vrim and the Thummim.which 
Thuotmimhoii- ί fliall be vpon Aarons heart .when he goeth in be- 
wiac'v«t«s"ft ^^"^ ^% ^°^^ > ^"1 Aaron ihali beaie the iudge- 
M^uHedi» Che j'"'^' of tbe children oflfrael vpon his heart be- 
«deiUj fore the Lord coatiuualiy. 

(btis niktdntOi. 


3 Then thou ihalt put them in one basket, 
and'»prefcnt them in the bask<;t with the calfe j τβ ββ"« thiia 
andthc tworammes. in fjtiiS 

4 And ihdt bring Aaron and his ibnnes vnto 
the doore of the Tabernacle ofthe Congregati- 
on , and wiih them with water. 

y Alfo thou ihalt take die garments , and put 
vpon Aaron the ninide, and tlie^'rebe ofthe 

V. d<i Che Ffhod. 

Γ ifce €<>nifecration of the Prieftsi 


ilfo oiFertd fo» ■ 
them, ind tliit iluy 
4)4 >{fxi»au« i(. 

ikfl^' which cxifeih 
the i«rath of Cod 


put of che < 

I wJiftcwjth the 


£>i the conftni• 
tfnn of Arhif.' 

EphoJ , 2nil "the EphoJ ,3ncithe t^reftpliie , irtd 
link clofe thtm to liim with the broidefecf g,:id 
of the Epfto'd. '•'■ ' ■ • 

6 Then rhou (li.ilt put the mitre vpcn liis Iicijtf, 
ami ihalt put the holy * crowne ^'pon the mitre. 

7 And thon Ih.ilt • rake the anoynring * oy Ic, 
and ihalt powre Λ-ροη his hiad end anoynthimr 

, i And thoulbaJt |n-in^4iis fonhci,.ahd' put 
to^svponthem,' ' ■• - i• ■■ - .■ • » r 

9 And Ihalt gird them with girtl|t;s , SethAi" 
jdti and his fames : ftrvf llra!t isilrihe bonets on 
them . and thu Priefl^•. 'ofSce ftaii be theirs for a 
perpetnall ' iav? : tlioir * fli.ilt tdio H fill the*h.;ndes. 
of A.'.ron , c-nid the haads of his Mines. 

lb' ' /tfif r , thou ihilf pidfcat the caffe hefore 
the Tabernacic of the congregation .""aiui Aa- 
ron :nd bis fonnes ihall t put , their haiids.vpon 
theheadoFthecalfe. . • .■ "^. '; ' ': ' 

1 1 So ihalt thou kill the c'alfe before jfie Lord. 
at the'dootii of the Tabcfnacleofthe^Coifcre- 
gation, ' ' '■■ ' .•'■'' _"' *" 

iz Then thou Ihalt t.ake ofthe blood <»f the 
calfe.and put it vpon the honies of the Altar with 
thy finger, end tiialr powre jH the refl of the blood 
at the f(30te of the Altar. 

,13 ■•' Alfo thou Ihalt takeafithefatiltuco- 
Hereth the inwards , arid the call , that is qh the li- 
uer , and tire two krdncis , ani the fat that is ν j>- 
on rheni , «hd iha't burne them vpon the Altar. 

14 But the fleili cf tiie caJfe , i.nd his skin.anl 
his douiig fhait thon burne with Fi-e without the 
I hoafte ; it is a t linne offering, 

ly f Thtiu ihjJt alio take'one tamme, and Aa- 
ioasai his fonncs lhajlputtheirJ)jQ_^,i£utuhe 
head of tlie rimme.^ ., -^ "-.^ j 

16 Then ihilt thou kill the rmt^z , Sc take l|s 
blood, and fpriinkie it round aboutj-pon the Alt*•, 

1-7, And thotflhilt cutthe'ramrne in pieces,j|d 
wafli the inwarcfs of him and his legs, 5c ihalt {|it 
1 them vpon the pieces thereof, csid vpon his he^. 

18 So thou llnalt burne the whole ratnnie \φ- 
on the A'car:^'' it is a burn: offering vnro tie 
Lord dfor a fweet faiiour ; it is an offering made 
byfirevnto the Lord. . , ' 

19 And thoa ihalt take the other r^me , and 
Aaron and his fonnes (ball p«t their hamlsvf^n 
tlie head of the ramme. 

7.0 Then Ihalt thou kill the ramme , and take 
cf his blood, p.nd put it« vponthe lappeof Aa- 
rons eare , and vpon the kppe of the right care of 
his fonncs , and vpon the thnmbe oftheirright 
hand , and vpon the great toe of their right foote, 
and ihalt fprinkle the blood v.pon the altar round 
about, . 

2 1 And thou ihalt take of the biocd that is 
f vpon the altar , ind of the snoynting oyle , end 
ihalt fprinkle ft vpon Aaron , and vpon his gar- 
inents, and vpcn his fcnncs .and vpcnthe gar- 
ments of his fonnes withhim : fohelliallbeha- 
lowed , and his clqathcs , and his ibnnes , and the 
garments of his Tonnes with him. 

22 Alfo thou ihalt take of the rammes the fat, 
and thenimpe ,euen the fat that conereih the in- 
wards , and the kail of the liUer , and ths two kid- 
neis , and the fat that is vpon them , and the right 
Ihoulder , (for it is the t ramme of confecratinn. ) 

13•. And one lofe of bread , sn^.1 one cake of 

bread tempered with oyle , and one wafx-r , out of 

the balkct of vnleauened ir«4ii that is before the• 


14 And thou ihakButall tuf» in the handf.of 


riiisinVsce' * 
ociic tonndth» 

iv.ft It wjs net' 
inly Oiitin to 
ii4 {10 , tut ih'c 

It wBicIi wr^ 
offerings of 
God fot hit 

I Th«t ill» 


Αϊίοη , -ithe Al^^^^'^^S'^^'^'S'i<^™es ■> ahd ^Jwit 

Ihakeihe.^ife th/ro befc re t,lie Lord , 

. ,^ϊ : ^hnts.andiou iWtfi'cciiie fhcni-'cf\heir 
; Kjhds,ahd t,.gari|iem\'pcn"tk'clt3iBerfdes'thfe 
I burnt oftringfu» iv,;.yecti..nuur before the'L-ord; 
I for this is;.nuff'rlngm.-dcbvfiicvn(otfteLord. 
j ■ 26 Likewile thou ihih take the bfift cf thfc 
Uranvi-kc of theconfecrsticn ..which is fftrAarort, 
I andlhslt Ihake it tcjh aiidfi;c;befJ;itrH;LerJ, 
! • cndit Ihall L-<; thy p-,trt. -■ - - ; "- ' ' '■ . ' 
;•, "17 Atid'thod'ihil-t.f^ndiFc thb bird 'fifth'. 
\ 'Ih-'kert-'oftering ,arid the fhpulderof the < RtsBe 
I offering' , \vhich\vas /haken to and fro 1, and 

which was hoaued vpcftherJirtme </f the-cfnfe 

oration which: «tajfoflAaroai ..^ndwhuhT/w 

^{(w'ViS'fennes. •.' . 

2^ .^,Λη.1 Aaron ajid his fonnes (h^II hauc^ it by 

aftatutiproreuer.Ofthechildrenof iFlraVl^forit 
•IS aih^atie offering,' anil it'fliaJl be An iwkue oje- 
• ring'fefthe'chiFSfeHiof ifeehof thejrkpe»<?eOf- 
I frings^fKfn their heaue.oft''eriiig to the Lord'; 
; 2i> ' AhiV the hol)ro5rmsrits •^hKch-ttppertani 
,j to Aaron , fliall be his lOnnei after him , t© be an 

oynted th'ir(§ii1 •,■ and to be• ίοιιίεί•η)ί6 therein. 

• 30 That fonne that ihall be Prieft-'iti his ftead, 
; ^lallf nt them on leuen day^s^when he commeth 
: into the Tpbernacleofthotelmgregationtomi» 
" itifterintheh#»«,'Ol.'!c<».. iir. , 
i . 3 1 ? f" ^ .u.ou imft tafeftne-camBti ϊ^,^^ con, 
' fecratitS'n , and feethe tiis'fielh'in the boi^"7iac« 
! - '32 ' "* And Aaron and Mi lotmesilialleate the 
I flelhofthe'rarhmcSs thiWi-eadtbat is in the baf- 
! ket , at the doore of thie Tcberfia^k of the Coa- 
r gregatiQO. 
; 33• So they aValicaW^hefe things. ;Lwhere'Ijy 

their .^twnement. was made ».to confecrate them, 

«■'lii'tolanALIifc th^mj bnta ftriffgir ilraliiidt iite 

thereof J becaufe they ara holy thing*. 

34— ♦iewifmightof the fkA)«£*Ji*-ccnfccra- 
j tion,or ofthebreadremaine-^nto the morning, 
j thert thou ihalt burnjit-lie reft with f re ί it Ihall 
' net be eaten, becaufe it is-in holy thing..' J** 
^ 3 y ^^herefore Ihah'thou Joe thus \ nto Aarcu 
\ and vnie4ii« fonnes,Ttc<roiJin*' to all.thifigs ν hich 
ί 1 hiuc commaTided-ihec' ; i'eueu (j.;yes lualt thou 

t confecrateth(im. '. '' 

i i0- Aqd ilialt offt^ cnefy day a falf; for a iinn. 
I offering for »• rfeccnci!i«ion;5: thou fl.^t clenli 
i the Aitar , when thou haff offered vpon it fur re 

1 conciliation , and flialt anoynt it to fanclifie it. 
3 7 Seuen dayes Ihalt thou cleanfe the Altar and 
I fardifie . it , fo the Altar Ihall be nioft holy : »ni 
j v-'hatlbeucr toucheth the Altar , ihftll be holy. 
! 38 C ■" Now this is that which thou ihaiv pre 
' font vpon the altar: eue?t two lambes of one yeerc 

olde, day by day continually. \ j 

, 39 The one lambe thou n-ialtprefent inthel 
morning , and the other lambe thou ihalt prefcntj 
I ateuen. J vi, • « 

40 And with the one lambe , a » tenth part cf "^»' '*■*" *?- 
: ^ ^ .,1.1,.- , r ni« J rcaac Chafti- 

♦ fne flowre mmgled wuh the fourth part ο^ί.η ,^,^_ * 
I ο Hin of beaten oyle ,and the fourth part of an ο whfchif a- 

j Hm of wine for a drinke offering. ^<»« » E''»'*'« 

I 41 And the other lambe thou Ihalt prelent at 

j euen: thou Ihah due thereto according to the of- 

' ferin,; of the morning , and according to the 

1 drinke offering thereof, ίβ^ί a burnt oft'ering for 

i a Iweetefauourvntotbe Lord, 

j 41 r/;w /'•rti'/ ^e a CDntinuall burnt offering iri 

I your generations attho dooreofthe Tab-^^rnacJe 

i of theCoDgregatien befbxe the I.ord,where I wn 

■^- make 

To sjiftift 
Gods wiith ihu 

ThfiAlt^jgogitiCeirfc^ -> t Γ 

H Ot.iettumf 

m B««Hfe»f my 

«.Cor.i.i*. ^ 




I makeappointmetxfrwft»-/b.^/^of",«etfae« nor burnt faaifice.nofofenn^^ithcrpcwre any 

vntothee. ' ^'''V-^for Aar drinkc offering f thereon. ( 

4? There I willappr^^/^' i.iU.-i.-.f .- λ^λ a η,.ιι «,Λ-,-^^-^η;,»:^».,., 

Ifracl , and the place ίΧ\κ''θη . 
PgloEy. , _ ^ „.r^^es, 

. 4.? There I w^lappr^^'^./^yj" V'^tldrcftof 

44 And I will fanaifie ..fcTabernacIe of the 
Congregation and the Akat : I will fandifie alio 
Aaron and his fonnes to be my Priefts, 

4^ And I will * dwell among the thildten of 
ifrael,and will be their God. ' 

4^ Then Ihall they know that I^_ the Lord 

4 It δ ΐΛβ Xoti, 
chuamiKiit God, 

tVien the wlireh 
fnmi wisbiuat^ 
vetfe 34, 


I Ο And Aaron Ihall tnakerecoBciliatiosvp- 
©n the homes of it once inayeerc with the blood 
of the finne offering»«»i"ii'*)fofreconciliation:J 
OBce in the yeere Iball hee make reconciliatioti 
vpon it througlioiit your generations : this is 
tnoft ho ly vnto the Lord. 

11 f Afterward the lord fpake vnto Mofe*,) 
faying, „ -_ . j 

1 2 * when thoa takeft the fumme of the chil- 

fero* 10 bnin* 

dieir God , that brought them OHt of the land of | dren of Ifrael after their nipiber , then they fhall 


Egypt , that I might dwell among them ; «I ai» 
the Lord their God. 

C Η A P.. XXX. •■■' ,. 

t^y to /», TuinXKcIt^ j8 Tti ir^fm Uu». }} T*» 

P, Vrthermore thoi» il^alt make en Altar « for 
" Lweete perfume ,of i Shittiw wood tl^ou ihalt 
ini^ke it', υ.': ' 

2 Thtj length thereof a cubite.and the breadth 

/fea/iieJ» ofthefame. , 

3 And thou ijjah ouerlay it with fine golde, 
both the tQp.thetei)f»'atid the lides thereof round J 
about , and his homes : alio thou Ihait make vm» , 
it r a creitvo^'ofrgdiuroiiiia -^ut.. 

giiic eaery man e a redemptionof his life vnto 

the Lord, when thou telleft them.that there be πθ)„ whitibyhe 

plagwe-among.them when thou eounteft them, jieftifitd tiai he 

13 This flialleuery man giue, that goeth into «^«nied his lift' 
the number , halfe a Hiekell . after the »» il.ekell o(^^^^^,lYl'"i 
the Sandiiary : ( * a fl^ekcl μ twenty gerahsj t^s.-^^ 6mii,i'lxm 
halfe Ihekeli fhalU an offring to the Lord. '«4, • • ' ' 

14 All that are niMnbred from uventy yeeres* '^^" ffc«>«lva- 
olde and aboue, iliall giue an offring to the Lord. iSh °'~* 

1 5• The rich lliall not pafle, and the poore Ihall gerah valued about 
thereofacubite ,{"it"il^lbe*foure'fquare) and the j not diminill• fromhaifeaniekell . whenyeefl«ll|-^ien« 
height thereof two cubites : the hornes thereof 1 g4ueanoffnngvmotheLord,ifortheredempti-;,b, c„Lofful«| 
-•'••" i on ofyourliues. i*if<,ii.i7.»j. 

id So thou flialt take the money of there-|N«mi.3,47 
Jempuoii of the children of Ifrael ,andihaltputitr$l*"'^i-''j« «^ 
vpto the v/e of the Tabernacle of tlie Congiega-fc^fK:? 
«on, that it may be a memoriall vnto the children} you. 

% jBefides this thou ibalc-make v^def this ; of Ifrael bejFore the Lord » for the redemption 
drovvne two golden rings on either fide : e«e»On i youi Hues. 

ciiery fide il>al£ thou make ?/;«»», that they may -^ ■* 

be as places for the barrcsrobeareitwithall. 

f The which barrcs thou ilialt make of Stuu 
tin» wood, and ihalt couei thcra with golde. 


tne (ubitt lt»l, 
irt»d,eHain I 
htitht rras tw (««' 
Utts.the rtflmaj 
ie vnietficti by 

tie ftmitfiS'*'"• 

Sanitaaty . and η 

7 lAlfo the Lord fpake vnio Mofes , iaying, 

1 8 Thou ll:alt alfo moke a Lauer of brafl'c , and 
his footof braffe to waib.and flialt put it betwcenei 

i the Tabernacle of th« Congregation and the Al-i 
I tar,andil■lalt put water therein. ! 

19 For Aaron and his fonnes fliiIl*Wafljtheir!j,s;p,ifyiMr,tJntfi 
hands,and their feete thereat. Ac that commtth 

20 When they goe into the Tabernacle of the "° 9°f} """ "ie 
Congregation , or when they goe vnto the Altar Κ andTu»». 
to minifter , ΛΛίί to make the perftime of the burnt Itiou, 

j g After thou ilialr fc-t it < before the vaiW.that j offering to the Lord , they iliall waih themfehies i 
°l' is neere the Arke of the Teftimonie , before the | ^ith water, Jeaft they die. 

Mercifeatc: that is \•ροη the Teftimonie , where I 
will appoint %vith thee. 

21 S© they Ihall waih their hands Sc their feete' 
that they die not : and thii Ihall be to them an or- > s» Onj »f t?it 
- ' - - >ticnhoodihaa 

J 7 And Aaron Ihall burne thereon fweete in- dinance Iforeiier ,^6 vntohimandtohisfeeticL'"'" 

A Meieing>wlie>j^gj^f2 eocry morning ι when hee^dreifeth ths throughout their generations. r^ ;^,, 

araXT^'thTllampes thereof, ihall he burne it. I αϊ f Aifo the Lord fpake vnto Mofes .faying, »π,.Λ 

ejle. 8 Like wife at euen, when Aaron feitethvp ; 2^ Take thou alfo vnto thee pfincipill fpices: ^ '"'' 

^ Iiisalinjtof- 

Likewife ateuen.when Aaron feiteth vp 

the'lamps thereof , he flwllburneincenfe.t/>w per- ^ ^ _ _^ -,««..«■«,« 

«, ©thrtwiftmade ! iwc&^idke p^ petusUy before tlie Lord^itough- ; of iweete cinamon halfe fo much , tA*t it , two jwithin .ind ii«i 

2^ Take thou alfo vnto thee pfincipill fpices. 
of the moft pure myrrhe hue hundreth mfhekfU, t"„tt ' '^"^ 

thcjt this . whith , out your generations 

a» Yeilialioffeipoi^ftrapgeinceHieaereePy feundretftjajwlfiftiej;• 

himdreih and fftie , aad offwestt ^ calamus .two W^ 


An> inj ; Ojde. Perfumed 

Chap.xxxj xxxij. The Sabbath. The molt en Calfe» 3} 


adenine to the 

24 Alfo ofCairtafiiiehundreth. after the ihe- ' ments.and the Altar of perfume: 

j feelloftheSanauaricandofoyleoliuean *Hin. 9 Likewife the Altar of burnt offring with all' 

I 2? So thou ihalt make ofittheoyleofholy , hisinftruments.andtheLauerwkhhisfooce; j 

I oyntraent , i«*» a moft precious ointment after 10 Alfo the garments of the miniltration ! atid 

the arte of the Apothicary : this ihall be the oylc the holy garment forAaron thePrieil.and the gar- j 

ofhoiyointmenr. metsofhisfonnes.tominifterinthePriefts ofHcc.j 

i6 And thou ihalt anoynt the » Tabernacle r r And the « anoynting oyle, and fwectc per- ^ which ontly^ 

of the. Congregation therewith, and the Ai'ke of '' fume for thcSandVuarie : acconiiiig to all that I '° '""'""''*''''"" 

the Teiiimonie; ' haue commanded thec^all they doe. ft '^l ^^^ΓΧ'' 

27 Alfo the Table, and all the inftrumentes 12 ί Afterward the Lord ipake vntoMofcs, indnocVbume! 

thereof, and tlie Candlefticke , with all the inftru- 
ments thereof.and the altar of incenfe : 

28 Alio the altar ofburntoftiring with all his 
inftruments.and the lauer and his footc. - 

pake vnto Moles, ind noccobume, 
laying, i 

1} Speake Λοιί alfo vnto the children oflf-f ^^^^^ ,^^^ 
raei.and lay, f Notwithrtandingkeepeycmy Sab- mand cSie wotkes 
badis : for it is a figne betwecnc race and you in 

29 So» tlTouihahfancHfiethem.and they fhalbe i yoiii^ generations .that ye may know that I the J"",' - , , 

■ f'iOtddofanrtifipvnn ^ b.., Sit,b,ch 

a Ncitltei it dieic 
loiials τ 

[ other - 


tnoft holy rail that ihall totir h them.lhaibe holy 

30 Thou ihalt alfo anoint Aaron and his foiines, 
and flialt confecrate them, that they may minifter 
vnto me in the Priefts office. 

3 1 Moreouer thou Ihalt fpeake vnto the chil- 
dren of Ifrael , faying.This rtialbe an holy ointing 
oyle vnto me,thruughout your generations. 

32 None Ihall anoint praans fleih therewith, 
neither iliall ye make any compofifion like vnto 
it : fir it is holy , and iliaibe holy vnto you. 
j 33 Whofoeuer Ihall make the like ointment, 
^EwheiaBraagit} or whofoeuer ihall put any ofit vpon 9aftranger, 
or an irraelite fau« euen he ihalbe cut offfrom his people. 
Γι η ir' Shei 3 4 And the Lord faid vnto Moles . Take vHto 
lerh : v«hich is» , thee thefe fpices,pure myrrhe and « cleare gumme 
CweeiekiiiHtof and galbamim , rAi/f odours with pure frankin- 
ii'.m* '^''""^ cenle of each like weight: 

<3S Then thou ihalt make of them perfume 
compofed after the arte of the apothicaric , min- 
gled together.pure «««f holy.' 

3(i Andthoailialtbeate ittopouder .andilialt tables of ftone,\vritten with the linger of God; 
put it before the ^rke of the Teftimonie in the ta- 
bernacle of ^ congregatio, where I will make ap- 
pointmet with thee:it ihalbe vnto you moft holy. 
37 And ye ihaJl not make vnto you any com- 
poiition like this perfurae.which thou llwlt make: 
it Ihalbe vnto thee holy for the ' Lord. 
3 8 whofoeuer ihall make like vnto that to fmell 
thereto.eueh he ihalbe cut ofFfromhis people. 


rbnrly jediciteto 
thcvfeoftht Ta 

• IhuttcHorcn«ni} 
made mtete, 
chif. 35.30. 

ofandlifieyou. ^,.,5 

'" r"4 * Ye lliall therefore ke'epe the g Sabbsth: "*■ ct^ 
tor it is holy vntoyou:hc thatdefilcth it,fljaUdit,»° '»; 
the death : therefore whofoeuer svorkcth therein, iiuWm^"Vca..fe 
the fame perfon Ihall be euen cut offfrom'^ong jne uh.ic keeping 

his peopl(^. fofihelaw llandeih 

1 y Six dayes il-all men v^cike . but in the fe- 1" ' iVsV''* ν h 
uenth day is the S.ibbuh of the holy rfeft to the Ts ,0 «aft from ί« 
Lord : whofoeuer doth.'.ny worke «oikes.andto 
day ,ihall die the death. obey the will of 

16 Wlierefcej• children {5f Ifrael flnallkeepe ^'."nts.iM - 
Sabbath,that they may obferue thtuVeit through-' " c/». ί i . w 2t, 
out their generations for an eucrlaitiiigCoiK-n nt. ■' lomcieaiing 
1 7 It is a figne beiweeiic mc ..nd the children ''" «•'-'""•'.'"" 
of Ilrael foremT;-^for in i,.v dayes the Lord made-;;-'f,up^''eTr. 
the heauen andthe ei-nh , and in the leuenth day Ini^g ih^m. • 
i» he ceafed .ind refted. j * ^'" * '"• 

• 1 8 Thus ( when the Lord had made an end of L^'e'd hh «nu,' 
communing with Mofes vpun rriount Sinai) * helhispeofle. 
gaiie him two Tables • of the Tei'.imony ,euen' 


3 GaJrτιak_ΊhBflJl^^l^Άί^Atoli^tmr^ti■f(>rtitw<ιtkl. '3 Τ*ί 
SaUutliclujitlhefigneofoi<rfi»aifitation. i( ThtTtH^t 
vnitiiK h} the finder of Gaa. 

A Nd the Lord fpake vntoMofes.faying, 

2 Behold , i a haue called bv name Be- 
zaleel the fonne of Vri , the ibnne of Hur , of the 
tribe of ludah, 
u^i.• Λ- 1. t 3 whom I haue filled with the Spirit of 
h.?dycaftT"Vthe^ Go'l . in vvifedome, and in vnderitanding . and in 
gifts of Cods Γρίϊύ,; knowledge.and in all * workemanihip : 

and therefore ongh^ 4 Xo find OUt CUrioUS WOrkcs tO WOrkC in 

golde.and in filuer,and in brafle, 

y Alfo in the arttofct ftones.andtocaruein 
timber ,and to worke in all maner of wurkmanlhip. 
'6 And behold, I haue ioyned him with Aholi- 
« ihitieinftrn^td * ab the fonne of Ahifamach of the tribe of Dan.and 
!h«?hno*«?e'd"e'*'^ '" ^'^« ^^"^'^^ °^•*^' that arcc wife hearred,hauel put 
d sotalied.betaiife; wifedomG to make all y I haue comm.-nded thee: 


the Tabernacle of the Congrega. 

'/"'•'"» "|tion,and the Arke of the Teftimonie,and the Mer- 

!ea«i'of cie-feato thaflhallbe there vpon, with all inftru- 

nrentsofthe Tabernacle 

of the cunninc an<i ' 

«iTfed • 


vras beaten %n of 


^ The IfrLtHilft imfulr their drlinfr^neeto tkfcMff. 14 G'iit 

β Vt when the people fawe , thjt Mofes taned \ 

long or he came downe from the mounraine, i. Th,,..„ -f 
the people gathered themieluestogedieragainft,,doia..y is, whe» 
Aaron, and iaid vnto him , Vp ,' make vs gods tomc'thinkcthat 
goe before vs:for of this Mofes (rhemanthati'^"*''?<"V'l"'• 
brought vs out ofthe land of Egypt) weknowe::3if ^ 
ί not what is become of him. 'b ThiaikiBgihar 

I 2 And Aaron laid vnto them , <» Plucke offthe '"^'ϊ "°"'' '"''" 
■ gohlcn caterings , which are in the eares of your Si?," «!"?' 

wiues, of your lonnes.and of your daughters, and > ,heii mon tteiios» 
' bring them vnto mce. ieweif. 

3 Then all the people pluckt^rom rhem-|*f.';Y' ■'■*"£* 
c felues the golden c.rerings.which were in dieirl They w no cck 

i eares.and they brou^ht'^"»» vnro Aaron. jteinftCeiheit 

4 * Who recciued them at their hands.and fa-j wicked dtiiics. 
cioned it wiih the graning toolc. and made of it a! \ iii;.'fm,uci of 
dmolte calfe:the they faid,*Thei"e be thy gods.O theii Wn of e- 
Ifrael,whichbroughtthecout ofylundoftgypt. cypt.whett ihty 

% AVhen Aaron law r/Mi,hee made an Altar!'''r"'""'''"" 
before it: and Aaron proclainied.iliying.Tomor- λΙ,Γ""'^'* 
io\v{hallfe the holy day ofthe Lord. * » . Ki'i• 

6 So th-iy role vp the next day in the iTor- 
ning,aDd offered burnt offrings,&: brought peace 
offTings-alfo'" the peopic^theni duwnctoeate 
and drinfce, and rofe vp to play. 

7 f Then the Lord faid vnto M(')ic$,* Go.get 
thee downe : for thy people whitii thou haft 

:ntsorcue laocrnacic: j tiiee downe : tor tny people whith thou haft 

% Alfo the Table and the inilruments thereof, i broughtout ofthe land of Egypt, hath corrupted 
d the i Dure Candlefticke with all bis inftru.. their titiAvet. 

and the ' pure Candlefticke with all bi$ji]ltru. 

their vv*ye*. 

8 They 


Moiesprayctb for he people* 

« wTictebywefee 
whjt iaettCfUy wee 

jiePly wUod . to 
iiep?' vs in his true 
otediCHce , and to 
fend vs|oo4 

"• I Ki'rg.t-iit. 

ί Ged J:eweth ihi: 
thepvaysrsof ihe 
godly flay his pu- 


8 Th'^y « are foone tiiriwd out of the way, 
hich I cofnmandcd tliern ι/βί• they liaue made 

them a raoltcn calf'e , and hane worlhipped it, and 

h.aue offired thereto.fiying.^* Ihele be thy gods. 

Ο Ifrael.which haue brought thee out of the laud 

of Egypt. 

9 Ai^in the Lord laid vuto Moles,*! haue ieene 
this pepplcMnd isa itiffenecked people. 

10 N*ow^ therefore let mee alone, that my wrath 
may waxe hote againft them , for I will confume 
thcHi : but 1 will make oftheearoif^hty people. 

H * But Moles praied vnto the Lord his Ciod, 
nd ΓικΙ,Ο Lord, why doth thy wrath waxe hotc 
-gainft thy people , which thou haft brought out 
of the land of E^ypt , with great power aUj^witH 
amishtie hand? ■_ 

Ihall the Egyptians D fpeake. 

26 And Mofes flood in the gate of the catrp, 
and Csid , Who pertai'neth to tlie Lord ? let htm 
come to me. And all the follies of Lcui gathered 
thetnrelues vnto him, 
27 Theti he faid vnto them.Thus laith the Lord 
God of Ifrael ; Put euery man his fwordby his 
fide , gse to and fro .from gate to gate .through f 
hoaft, and ' flay eiicr>' man his brother, ; nd euery 
ηΐίπ hiscompaiiion.&euery man his neighbour. 

28 Sotlie children of Leui did as Mofes had 
commanded : ind there fell of the. people the fame 
day about three thouiand π en. 

29 (For Mofes had f. id , Confecrate your 
li 'iiJs vnto the Lord this clay euen eiieiy man vp- 

χοη his m fonne , and vpon his brother, that there 
^-faiay be giucn you a bicfling this day.) 


leafe God. thath» 
urntd the cnrfe of 
laalicbigjinft tMx 
to a MeilIiig,~Ccut, 

haa< no leipeA 

3.0 And when the morning came , Mofes faid iV'""'*^' ^"' °'^ 


g That it, thy pio 
mile made to 
*C,n.ii.7, -»'' 

Ή AUtheiicrcjttk. 
Ijicellent a thing 
ihemtcluci el by 

God, that hcpie- 
ftned j'leucii to 
his oniiclaluaiion,'; 
I will miU it 

I will put hinioutof my [k^owititiiaihe 

wasnMictprcderti- _ 

iisit ill mine eiet-' 

nail connitll to lift: 


ρ This (ietlitet!^ 

1 Patilytodifpitt 
tlieii of iheii ido- 
l«tty,aid partly iha« 
_Sj — raej.iliciild.haMe 
«one oceariQH to 
ttmeitibei it 

V.BMhdeHiniti of 
esisfien to iheii 
^emfes to !pt ale 

i 1 2 * Wiieretore „^ . ^ _ _ 

i.iatl fay , He hath brought them out mnlicioutly^ • vnto the people , Ye haue committed a gricuous- 
Ifoy to Ihy them in the'moantaines . and to con- crime ; but now I will go vp to the Lord,if I may, 
jfume them from the earth ? turne frt-im thy fierce 
Jvvrath ,.a«d it cll.nge thy mind from this euill to- 
iward thy peopie. , - , 

1 3 Re.r.embcr & Abraham , Izhak , and Ilrael 
tliv .vhotn thou fwarelt by thine ovmj 
Ife.fe.and Tiydeft vnto{hem,*Iwill miiltip-y your , 
Ifeede , as the ft rres of heauen , and all this land, ,; 
that I haue fpokcnof.vvihl giiie vnto your feede, ; 
and they flia) 1 inherit it for euei-, ij 

4 Then the Lord>4.bis mind from the j 
euui , which he threatned to 4oii*nto lus people. ' 

If So Mofes returned and went down; from 
the mountaine with the two Tab'es of the Tefti- 
monie in his hmd:the t-,blesoi/arivrrittea on 
both their fides . euen on tlie one ii Je and on the | 
other were the V written. , r , \ 

I ii And theie Tables were the worke of God, ' 
and h this writiiag was die writing of God gtauen 
the Tables. , , , . t ,. ί 

1 7 And when lofhua heard the noy.fe of the !, 
people, as they Ibouted.he fayd vnto Mofes,r/;.-fe ' 
it a noyfe of wane in the hoafte. , r t - 

1 3 who anfweced. It is not the noyle of them ' 
that haue the viftory , nor the noyfe ofthem tlwc : 
areoucrcome;'*tiiIdohearethenoylcofiinging, ' 

19 Nov/, as foone as he came nterevnro the ; Egypt) vmo the l..nd which I fware vnto Abra- 
boaft.he iawthe calfe and die dauncing: fo Mofes : ham , to Izhafc , and to laakob,faying,* Vnto thy 
wrath' waxed hote , and he caft the Tables out of ; feed will Γ giue it. 

lis h.-,nds , and brake them in pi,eces beneath the j 2 And * I will fend an Angel before thee, and 
pjountaine. ' ' ^'^^ caft out the Canaanites , the AmoriteS , and^ 

ao ♦After, he tooke the calfe .which they h:d ij the Hittites , andthererizzites. the Hiuites.andj 
made,and burned it in the fire.and ground it vnto ' •'- τ„,,..ί;.„, . 

pacifie him for your fume. 

3 1 Mofes, therefore went againe vnto the 
Lortl,and faid, Oh. this people haue finned a great 
f.nne.and haue made them gods of golde. 

3 i Τ herefore now if thou pardon their finne.j „ j, mitthlie .; 
tl.y mercy fuallappeare . but if thou wilt not, I pray :med the gloiy of 
thee , rale me « out of thy bookcwhich thou haft 

33 Then the Lord faid to Mofes , Whofoeucr 
hath finned g^ainftmc 

34 Goe now therefore .bring the people vnto 
the place which I commandedtliee:behold,mine 
An^cillhaligo; beforcthee.butyet intheday of,,. . ,• - 
n^.y vihtaiioa I vvih Ρ vilitc their linne vpon them, ,ί^οΐί^. is.feeing 

3y So the Lord plagued the people ,becaiife th^tat Mofes prsver 
they, cauied Aaron te make f calf j which he made . po"* wcnW «t 
' follyiemiii. 

C HA p. Χ XXII I, '' 

t GaiptciriC/lito fiAiAK Angrli,>fiirt Ht^tfii. ♦ Tioi «'« 
famitUtly with Cei. 13 tit frajiih ftitir frt^e. \ 

Δ Fterwaid the Lord faid vnto Mofes , Depart» 

» goe vp from hence , tliou , and the peonle , ,„„^ ^,j^ . ^• ,^j^ 

(•which thou haft brought vp out ofthelandct,that tntred «, 

' " '' ' pJlTe vp bj ih» 

The !an3 old- • 
naan waycompafied 

Οί-φ a J. 17. 

powder , and ftrowed it vpon the water.and made 
the children of Ifrael idrinke of it. 

Alfo Moles faid vnto Aaron, Wh η did this 
people vnto thee , that thou haft brought ίο great 
afinnevpon them? 

22 Then Aiiron anfwercd , Let not the wrath- 
Dfmy Lord waxe fierce : Thoviknoweft this peo- 
ple, that they arc euen ftt on milchiefc . 

23 And they fayd vnto me , Make vs gods to 
po before vs : for we know not what is become 
of this Mofes (i-lie that brought vs out of the- 
li!f>d of Egypt.) , , ,, 

24 Then I faid vntothcm.Ye thatlnue golde. 
phKke it off : ..nd they brought it mee.and I dia 

aft it into the fire , and thereof <:ojik this calte. 
2 7 MoVs therefore faw that the people were 
» naked (for Aaron had made theoi nsfeed γΐ«ο 
{kKlhonK anjoBg thsk eacnaies) 

the lebufites: 

3 To a land , Γ- Jd)' , that floweth withwilkCj^ 
and hony : fori will not goe vp with thee , * ^^'i.d^'^^J*' 
caufe tliou irt a ftiffenecked people, leaft I con- j '" '*' ' 
fume thee in the way. 

4 And when the people heard this eiiill tidings,) 
they fcrowed, Sc no man put on his bcft raiment, j 

J (For rhe Lord had faid vnto Mofes, Say vnto!^ ^^^ ^.^^^^ ^ 
the childrC of Ifrael,Ye arc a ftiffenecked people, L,jy (hew in«,<y.;f 
I will come fuddenly vpon thee δέ confume.thse; thon «ptnt, or els 
therefore, now put thy coftlyraymentfromthee. Γ"»'"' «byitbtUt- 
thatlmay know b what to doe vnto tliee.) c That is ihe Ta- 

6 So the children of Ifrael layed their good i>«tnae3e of the 
raiment from th<yB , efttr Mofes cami don/vpe from iCoiigiegaiion . f• 
tiiemo.jmHorcb. ' . pp&tiid^- 

7 Then Moles tooke hii tabernacle , and pit- Jihei , when they 
ched it without the hort fir off from the hofte.and fl.onid fee infimiH* 
called it ' Ohel-moed. And whenany did fetke oftheXoraivriUi 
to the I.oj:d,l:ieWv-tJt out vato the Tabernacle of. . 

_^ ^y 

Moc6 ta.fejeth with Godfamiliarly: Chap, X X X I V. 

fimiliatly of lU 

e I care fot (Iiee 
and niU ftttttat 
thee in chif thy 

Sigaifymg ihtt 

e Iftalitcs 
diroDgli Godi fi- 

i- ^ 

iiM,au(l thy snt• 



fctherh caie 

i Read Cl»;. 34. 


* R.m.».iS. 

l For finding ne- 

dun; <n m^n tliai 

tan dffenic meicy, 

lie will iicely uuc 


1 For Mofei fjwe 

not his fwe in full 


miss wctleneiTc 


m lu mOHnt Ho- 


-n So iniich of my 

|lory as in this 

moiiiU life ihoN 


j the Congregation, which was without the hofte. 
( 8 And when Mofes v/ent out v-nto the Taber- 
\ n.icle,all the people lofc v-d, and flood euery 

St his tent doore , and Ioa#ed after Moles , vntiil 

he was goni; iiito the Tabernacle. 
9 And affoone as Mofes was cntrcd into the 

Tabernaclc.the cloudie pillar defcended ?c flood 

at the doore of the Tabernacle , and the Lordul. 

ked with Mofes. 

I ο Now when all the people fawc the cloitdie 
pillar ftand at the Tabernacle doorc.allthe people 
rofe vp,& worlKipped mery man in his tent dore. 

I I And tlie Lord Ipake vnto Mofes , i face to 
fece .us a man fpeaketh vnto his friend. After hee 
turned againc into the hoaftc , but his feniaut I 
fliua the lonne of Nun a yon g man , departed, 
out of the Tabernacle. 

II < Then Mofes faid vnto the Lord , S 
thou fayeftvnto me.Leadthis people foorth, ancf 
thou haft not ihewed me whom thou wilt -fend 
with mee : thou haft fayd raoreouer , I know 
thee by t name , and thou haftalfo found gixice ia 
tny fight. 

J 3 Now therefore , I pray thee , if I hauc 
found fauour in thy fight , Ihewe mee how thy 
way , that I may know thee , and that I may finde 
grace in thy fight : cooiider alio tiiat this nation 
»/ thy people. 

1 4 And he anfwiered. My t f prefence ihall go 
vviththrt, and I will giue thee reft. 

I f Then he faid vnco liira.If thy prefence goc 
nor with vj,c3iy vs not hence. 

l6 And wherein now Ihaii it be knowen , that 
I and thy people haue found fauour in tliy fight ? 
ihall it nor be when thou goeft with vs ? ίο I . and 
• thy people fliallhaue preeminence before all the 
i peapic that are vpon the earth. 
I 1 7 And the Lord favd vnto Mofes , I will doe 
'.this alfo that thou haft laid : for thou haft found 
grace in my fight ,ani I know thee by name. 

1 8 Againe he iayd.I befeech chee.lhevve mee 
thy f glory. 

1 9 And he anfwered.I will make all my h good 
go before rhee.and I will ' faoclaime the Name of 
the Lord before thee : * for I will (hew * mercie 

Nfew Tablesa» made, jj, 

|1Hr.j>«i|t« m*. 


to whom 1 will fliew mercy , and will haue com- 
pdffion on whom I will haue compalTion. 

20 Furthermore he fayd.Thou canft not fee my 
face.for there fliall no man fee me, and ' liuc. 

1 1 Alfo the Lord, there is a place 
by "* me .and thou Ibalt ftand vpon the rocke : 

22 And while my glory pafleth by.I wiji put 
thee in a cleft of the rocke , and will couer thee 
with mine hand whiles I paife by. 

23 After I will take away mine hand.and thou 
ihalt fee my η backe p.irts : but my face Jtall not 
be fecne. 


ι η,ΎΛηΐΊΠγηκίί. t Tiii'fniftUntfC^il. jtAUftU 
kmfiiffiiUdaljInihftrUMn. ,tTt>rf,jflt. il Λί»/,» 
It +0 djy.t in thi m»»*t. 30 Hit f*ir [kiniik, laitt nittiik 
it mii Λ wiit. 

ANdthe Lord fayd vnto Mofes , ♦Hewethee 
two Tables of ftone , like vnto the firrt , cml I 
will write vpon the T.iblcs the wordes that were 
in the firft Tables.which thou brakeft in pieces. 

And bereadieinthe morning , tint thoa 
irayeft come vp c.rely vnto the mount of Sinai, , 
andt waite there forme in thi top of thcraoHut, 

3 But let ro man come vp wiili thee , neither 
let any man be feene trtrighcutalitlie mount, 
neither let thefaecpe norcattdl fecdc ti before 
this mount. 

li Ot.Htii. 


tefenctl ic ihe 
I.o:d,ai<l t.ct to 
"I'lig.jjChap }j, 
Vftfe IP. 
t Fir. titt/n4ii»( 

4 ί ThenMofeshewed Π two Tables of ftone 
like vnto the firft , and r<.fe vp e.^reiy in tlie mor- 
ning , ;nd went vp vnto the mount of Siaiii as the 
Lord had comm.mded him, and tookc in his hand 
tow Tables of ftone. 

y And the Lord defcended in t!>e cloud , and 
ftood with him there.aid proclaimed the name of 
the Lord: 

6 So the Lord pafTedbcfore his face.and »cri- 
ed.ThcLord.the Lord.ftrdng.mcrcifiill.Sc graci- 
' , Αο•ΛΌ to anger , and abundant in ^oodnefle 

■Referuing mercie for thoufjinos, forgiuing 
uitie.and tianrgrcificn and llnne, 5c not t ma- 
r/;ffT/T»jc^iinnocent, * vifitingthe initjuitie 
of the fathers vpon the children,& \ pon chiklrens 
children.vnto the third and ioniihgeneratien 

% Then Moles made hafte,and bowed himfeife 
to the earth, sndworftiipped, 

9 And fayd , Ο Lord , I pray thee , If I haue 
found grace in thy fight , that the Lord would 
now goe with vs (b for it isaftiftencckcdpeo-jbsteinf thtpeejie 
pie) andpardonour iniquitie and our finne , and!•"'•*"- «('■'""•^ 
take vs for thine inherit.uice. I.'o «ii νρΌη^ΓΓ' 

Xo And he anfwereil,Bchoid , * 1 will mal-.e ajthat he* «euid ai- 
couenant before all thy people, and will doe mar-| *> aye; beeptcient 
ueils.fuch as haue not beene done in all ;y world, ^'^ ' 
neither in all nations : and all the people among 
whom thou art , fliall iee the worke of tlie Lord ; 
for it is a terrible thing that I will do witli thee. 

I St , Keepe diligentiv that which I commaiind 
thee this day : Behold, ί willcaft out before thee 
the Amorites , and the Cmanites , and the Hit- 
tites.nndthe Perizzices, and the Hiuites, and the 
lebiilites. j 

12 * Take heede to thy felfe,that tliou makeU- p,^ ^^-i 
no compact with the inh.nbitants of the l.'.nd whi- 
ther thou goelt, leaft they bee the caufc of c ruinel ^ ,f ,^^,, f^jj^^ 
among you : ,beit vvick.dnes, 

13 But yee ll:all ouerthrow their altais , and "''i Ρ<Ί^"« 'by 
breake their images in pieces , and cut downei Jjl"^^"'"'"'"'' ^ 
their ^ groues. i '< Vhki. pleafant 

14 ( For thou flialt liow downe ronone other places they thufei 

for theii idol«>, 
ihJf. iO.i. 



pod.becatile the Lord,whofe Name w * 
■ a ielous God. ) 

I τ Leaft thou make a * compaft with the in- 
habitants of the land , and when diey goe a who 
ring after their gods, and doe facrifice vnto their 
gods, y»;ne wan call thee , and tiiou»* eare ©f hisi » lOri i» 
l«crifice. 1 

\6 And [eafl thou take of their * daughters: * ■Jfi'i >'.«,' 
vnito thy fonnes, and their d.uightcrs goe a wlio-* 
ring after tiieir gods , and make thy io.nnes goe a' 
whoring after tlie ir gods. ' " i 

17 Thou Ihalt make thee no gods of *.mettal].[* AsgpU./anei, 

18 ί The fcaft of * voleauened breade *aitf*;;fVXy.»'^•? 
thou keepe : leuen dayes (halt thou eate vnleaue-j hettinit eoidem. 
ned bread , as I commaunded thee, in the time or =«■* 'H mi.Tnei of 
the '" moneth of Abib : for in the moneth ef Abib! '*'>'r•• »^''/''""''«» 
thou cameft out of Ε gypt. , '^'it)""^'^',"^' 

19 * Eucryw«2!f that/ry?openct]ithev;omb, * Civi;.'ij.'4. ' 
p7albe mine : alfo all the firft borne of thy fli)ckej * Civ/.i3,».««l 
ilialbe reckoned OTWi ,*»/i)of beci.cs andiheepe,'*'• "'^'^•+*•1*' 

ao But the firft of y alle thou ihalt buy out with 

alarabe : and if thou redeemed"»» not ,'thenthoii 

£ 2 ih.:lti 

τ-^- -•^: 

iofesfaca (hinetb briglit^ 
tilat. JSf. 
" Witheut ofFctng 

Ci^/. 13. li. 

«Which was in 

fimiic declined, 
which ill the cms at 
jfpoiii^call th.iig' 
ihey callei the end 
jf t'lie yeere. 
Oe^l.ii. 16. 

;.y.2i.i + .>7. 
God piomifcth ro 

Exodi sT 



flvitbreakehis necke r all the fir ft borne of thy 
ibnnes fhak rliou rideeme, and none llwU appeare 
before me * fempde. 

21 i* Sixdi'.yeslmltthouworke.and itithe 
feuenth day thou ihik relt : both in earing time, 
and in the harueft theu ilialt reft . ^ 

21 ί * Thou Ihalt alfo obferue the feaft of 
wtekisinthetime of the iirft fruites , ofvvheate 
h xueft . and the feaft oi giuisnngfriates in S the 

23 ί * rlirife in 1 yeere fhall all yom• men chil- 
dren appeaie before the Lord lehouah God of 
Ifrael. ^ , ^ 

24 For I will caft out the nations before thee 
and enlarge th ν co ilts , fo that no man ihali ^ de- 
fire chy land , wh:n thou ihalt come vp to appeare 
' before ihe Lord thy God thrife in the yeere. _ 

I oUty 

*Ci*|> 23.18. 

. ZS * Tli-JU ihalt ofler the blood of my facrifice 
wiih leaiien, η jiih-r ihiU ought of the lacrifir e of 
I th; feaft of Pdileouer be left vnto the merning. 
z6 The l^rft: ripe fruites of thy land thou ihalt 

Euery mans offring to J^feP^ 

5 Ye ilizll kindle no fire throughont all your 
habitations vponthe Sabbath day. 

4 1 Agains , Mofes fp.-ke vnto all the Con- 
gregationofthe children ofH'rael,fnying,This is 
the thing v-hi^-h the Lord comm,indethjiaying, 

5• Take from among vou an offering vnto the 
Lord : whoioeuer is of a ■*" willing heart , let him 
bring this offering to the Lord, namely golde,? nd 
iiluer.andbraile : 

6 And blew filke.and purple, and skarlet, and 
fine linnen,. nd goats haiie, 

7 And rams skins died red, and Ijadgers skins 
with Shittemwood ; 

8 Alio oyle for light, and fpices for the anoin- 
ting oyle,.ind for the fweete incenfe, 

_-. $► And onyx ft(.nes, .nd ftoncs to be fet in the 

^3|phod,.;nd in the brcft plate. 

'.'"*'' 10 And all the wile ^ hearted among you, 
iliall come and make all that the Lord hath com- 
manded : 
1 1 That u^the* Tabernacle ,the pauillion there- 


i Read CJiip.ij. 
dent. 1^.2 1. 
Ci-if 2+ 1 1. 

* Dent + ij, 

'^0', spirit. 

bring rato the hou e of the Lord thy God : ^^^ jj of.and his couering,5c his taches,\nd his boards 

Read Chap 1 8. J 



J Ihali 

lhalt'rho'inot"i (eeth ikid in his mothers milke 
ij And the Lord laid vnto Mofes,Write thou 

th le words : for after the tenor of* thele words 
li miracle was» I h .ue made acouenint with thee 8c with Ifrael. 
toconfitme.hea.i.i 28 So he WIS there with the Lord k fourtie 
thox I e 0; ti.e la.», J^y^s & f j'lriy nights.dnii did neither eate bread 
io"be7uo:eS nor ^<' "5.' w aer , Sc he wrote in the Tables * the 

words of die couenant , ewn the Ten H comman- 

29 ί So when Mofes came downe from mount 

Sinai, thetwoTablesoftheTeftimoniewfrein i oftheTabermcle 

his barres.his pillars.and his lockets, 

1 2 The Arke.and the barres thereof • the Mer- , 
cie-leate,and the vaile thn c couereth k. L ^^hich hanstd 

13 TheTable, and the barres of it.and all the before the Mercy- 
inftruments thereof,cnd the Ihewbread : feate that it cohIA 

14 Alfo the Candlefticke oflight & his inftru-""' "' '^="'*- 
tnents.and his lam.pes with the oyle for die light : 

I J * Likewile the Altar of perfume and hisj' 
barres.and the anointing oyle , arid the iweete in- 
cenfe, and the vaile of the doore at the entrjng iq 

Mofes hand . ashee delcendedfromtheniount : r 
(now Moles wift not that the skinne of his face 
ihone bright, after th it God had talked widi him. ) 

30 And Aaron and all the children of lirae I ; 
looked vpon Moles , antl behold , the skin of his . 

ί B.tt4 s.Cot.}.7.|face flione bright, and they were ^afraid to come 
neere him. ι 

31 But Mofes called them : «nd Aaron and all ; 
the chiefe of the congregation returned vnto , 
him : and Mole.s talked with them . ' 

32 And afterward all the children of Ifrael ; 
came neere .and he charged them with all that the , 
Lord had laid vnto him in mount Sinai. 

33 So Moles made an end of communing with ] 
them, •* -nd h-.d put a couering vpon his face. 

34 But, when Mofes came m before the Lord 
to ipeake with him, he tooke efi'the couering vn- 
till he came out : then he ca;ne out^and Ipake vn- 
to the children of IfrAcl that which he was com- 

3 y And the children of Ifrael faw the face of 
Mofes , how tlie skin of Moles f ice Ihone bright, 
therefore Moles put the couering vpon his face, 
yntili he went to ipeake with Ged. 


jn Which wa? in 
the Tabernacle βί 


i Such It »j»pef- 
teine to the teiiiice 

o£ thi labitnacle, j 

», Wietein ye (hall 


φτ. 30 BilJect -ma AktlUh art fr*/f,a.f 

J. The JUUj»1, 

Τ Hen Mofesaffembledallthe Congregation 
of the children of Ifrael , and faid vnto them, 
rhefc are the wor<les wriieh-the Lord hath com- 
iianded,that ye Ihould doe them : 

2 * Sixedayesthoufliahworke.bnt the fe- 
uenth day Ihalbe vnto you the holv " Sabbath of 
reft vnto the Loiid , whoioeuer detbenjiwoxllie 
t]^.ieki»lhali (uto. 

6 The * Altarofburnt offring withhis bra- 
fen grate , his barres and all his inftruments , the 1 
latter and his foote, ' 

17 Th ; hangings of the court,his pillars & his 
lockets.andthe vaile of the gate of the court, 

1 8 The pinnes of the Tabernacle,and the pin- 
nesof the court with their cordes. 

IQ The ^ miniftring garments tpminiiler in 
the holy place , and uic holy garments for Aaron 
the Prieft , and the garments of his ionncs , that 
they may minifter in the Priefts office. 

20 1 Then all the Congregation of the chil- 
dren of IlVael departed frgra\he prefenee of! 
Mofes. Ί j 

21- And eueryone,%v4iofe heart t encouraged stEi».K/ifii(»»»i, | 
him,8c euery une.whofe ipirit made him willing, ' ' 

eame a^thi brought ρ offring to the Lord , for the 
worl^e gf the Tabernacle of the Congregation, | 

3^4 for all his yfes.and for the holy garments. j 

2 2 Both men and women, as ra ny as were free ] j 

hearted, came d«<ibrought g taches Sc earerings, ;0 Οι-,ι^λε».; 
and ring5,and bracelets.all vvertt iewels of gold ; ; ; 

and euery one that offered an offring of gold vn- ! ' 

to the Lord: ' 

23 Euery manalfo , which h d blew filke.and j ' 
purple, and skarlet, and fine litincnand gQ.its hair^y 

and rammes skinnes die4 red , .md^badgefs skins, j 

brouglit/Aiw. j j 

24 All that offered an oblation of filuer and i ." I 
of braile.brought tbeofFring vnto the Lord : and ; 

euery one , that t had Shittim wood for any ma• 

nev worke of the niiniftratii>n,bioiight «. ■ , 

2 1 And all the women thatwerc « wife hear- , which were wit- 
ted , did fpin with their hands , and brought the 17 andcxj*» 
fpun worke , euemhe. blewe filke , aod the purple, \ 
iktsKaiJei.andunelinnen» i 

x6 Like- 




2fedaii d Aholiah, Thecurtaines, Chap« XpCXy I. bo ards^and b arresajem ade. ^} 

t Thitis.whwh 
«cic good 

ntiniHci dicieof , 


0». « 


2(5 Likewife all the women.^whofe hearts were 5» The length ofoneciirtainez't/d/ twenty and 
mooucd with knowlcdge.fpun goats bane. I eight the breadth of one cnrtaine foure 

27 And the rulers brought onyx ftones , and cubites : and tho ciirtSmes were ail of one lile. 
ftonestobefetintheEphod.Scinthebreftplate: . lo And hce coupled fiuecmames together, 

2 8 Alfo fpice. and oyie for light, nnd f«• the | and other hue cwupled he together. 

* anointing oyle, and for the iweete perfume. 1 ii Andhce made itrings olblewefilkeby the 

29 Euery man and woman of the children of edge of one ctirtainc . in the ieluedge of the cou- 
■ael whule heartes mooned them willingly to , plmg : likewife hee madeonihehdcoftlieit/;er 

Ifrael , whule heartes mooned them willingly 
bring for all the worke which thi Lord had com- 
manded them to makes by the hand ofMofes, 
brought a free oflringvnto the Lord. 

^o ί Then Mofcs faydevnto the children of 
Ifrael , Behold , *■ the Lord hath called by name 
Bezaleelthe fonne of Vri, the fonne of Hur of the 
tribe of ludah, 

3 1 And hath filled him Π with an excellent 
fpirit of wifedome , of vndcrftanding , and of 
knowledge.and in all maner worke, 

32 To finde out curions workes , to worke in 
gold, and in filuer, and in braffe, 

33 And in grauing ftones to fet them.and in ear- 
ning of wood,e«f« to make any manner of fine 
worke. , . , , , 

34 And he hath put in his heart that he may 
teach other .• both hee , and Aholiab the fonne of 
Ahifaraach of the tribe of Dan: 

ciirtaine in the feiuedge in the fecond coupling 
1 ζ *Fifty ftrings made he in the one curtaine, 
and fifty ftrings made he in the edge of die ctlxr 
curtaine, which was in the fecond coupling : the 
firings were ict one againlt another. | 

1 3 After,he made liftie Β taches of golde.and \\ 
coupled the curtaines one to another with the j 
taches : /β was it one Tabernacle, j 

14 1 Alfo hee made c urtaines of goates hairt 
for the U couering vpon the Tabernacle : he nude | 
them to the number of eleuen curtaines. 

I % The length of one curtaine had thirtie cu- 
bites , and the breadth of one curtaine loure cu- 
bites ; the eleuen curtaines t-tirre of one life. 

16 And hee coupled Rue curtaines by them- 
felues,and lixe curtaines by themfelues. 

1 7 Alfo hee made fiftie rtring*s vpo4i the edge 
of «w curtaine in the feiuedge in the couplin 

'VrThem hatlVhee filled with wifedome of heart i and fiftie ftrings made he vpon the edge of tli« 
to worke all manerhof cunning * andbroidred, \ other cnn.imm the fecond couplu?; 

h pertaining w ',^η^ needle worke; in blewe filkcand in 
famSii «fuA iskarlet : and in fine Imnen and weauing ,««« to 
- - *■ doc ail maner of worke and lubtill inuentions . 


H Ttihmit, )S «i 


Or, b.l^'i. 




i|<ar. mnf'iit ie«it. 

J The p"t teaiinei •/ rtf ftcfU 

1 8 He made alio hftie taches of braffe to cou- 
ple the couering that it might be one. 
' 1 9 And hee made a e couering vpon the paui- L;,;;",;;^;^^;"* 
' lion of rammes skinnes died red , and a couering t j ^^^^^ ^,jj,^ • 
m^ie ' of badgers skinnes aboue. 1 

T*i «I 


10 Thtkenrirt, 

» Sythe San&uu} 
he tnsu^edihete al 

20 1 Likewifc he made the boards for the Ta- 1 
bernacle, of Shittim wood to f ftand vp. I AnicoBeiKvp I 

2 1 The length of a board vva. ten cubites.and ξΐ^^^Κ ' 
thebredthofoneboardfX'd/acubice&anhalfe. i * | 

22 One board had two tenons.fet in order as 
the feete of a ladder , one againft another : dius 
made he for all the boaides of the Tabernacle. 

2 ί So hee made twentie boards for the Soutli 
fide "of the Tabernacle, euen full South. 

24 And fourtie fockets of filuer made hee vn- 
der the twentie boards , two lockets vnder one 
board fur his two tenons , and two fockets vnder 

Τ Hen wrought Bezaleel , and Aholiab , and all i 
t cunning men , to whom the Lord gaue wif- | 
dorae,8c vnderftanding.toknow how to worke all 
m.aner of work for the leruice of the » SanCtuar}•, 
according to all that the Lord had commanded. 

ζ For Mofes had called Bezaleel, and Aholi- 
ab , and all die wife hearted men, in whofc hearts 
the Lord had giuen wifedome ,fuenns many as 
their heartsencouraged to come vnto that worke 

3 And they receiued ofMofes all dieoffring another board for his two tenons. 
which the children of Ifrael had brought for the 2 y Alfo for the other fide of the Tabernacle 
workeoftheferuiceofthe Sanauary,tomakeit: ί toward the Nonh.he made twentie boards. | 

alfo i they brought ftill vnto him free gifts euery | 26 And their fourty fockets of filuer. two ioc- , 

kets vnder one board , and t\vo fockets vnder an- I 


4 So all the wife men, that wrought all the ho- I other board. 

lie worke.came euery man from his worke which , 
they wrought. ^ r ■ ^1. , 

y And Ipake to Mofes , faying , The people 
bring toa< much , and more then enough for the 
vfe of the worke , which the Lord hath comman- 

« A r«e eximyle 

^tftopiefo uady; ««^Ό^ε made 
S^ttnie God vricb ^ '^' 

6 Then Mofes gaue a commandement , and 
4kcii(oods, they caufed it to be proclaymed throughout the 

hofte, faving.Let neither man nor woman prepare 
any more worke for the oblation of the SanCtua- 
rie.Sothe p.'ople were ftayedfrom olFring.• 

7 For the ftufie they had, was lufhc lent for 
all thi worke :o niikc i£,and too much. 

■ 8 * AH the cunning men therefore among the 
workem'.n, madc/cr the Tabetfiacle ten curtaines 
of fine twined linnen . : nd of blewe fiike , and 

piftuies vfUh purple.und Jtarlef.iCherubims of broidrcd WOtke 

*ri«g$ in the focm• maae they v^tn thero. 

27 Likewife toward g the Weftfide of the Ta- l^f'^i»;;'^,;^^^ 
bernacle he m.-ide fixe boardes. sn^UedMedi 

28 And two boardes made he^ in the corners ititantiun 

of the Tabernacle for either fide, Nv«fl«r«d fiom 

29 And they were * ioyned beneath,and like- ^"c]I^7«.a+, 
wife were made fiire aboue with a ring : this hee | " • 
did to both in both corners. i 

30 So there were eight boards.Sc their fixteene 1 
fockets of filuer, vnder euery bo?rd two lockets, j 
ί After he made * baires ol shi.ti.T. wood 


fiuefor the boards in the on . fide ofy i ;bern-cie, 

3 2 And fue barres for the boai ds in ihc oilier 
fide of the Tabernacle. and fiue bars for f bo.j.des 
of the Tabrtn.cle on tliclide towadthcAVcft. I 

33 And he made the niiudcft barre tc ll.ootej 
through the boards, from the ctieend to f other.; 

54 He ouerlaid alfo the boards with goid,and 
made their rings of gold for places for tlae baircs: 
t 3 


The Arke,fierciieate,&:c. 

Bxod !$. 

h whin was be- 
twtene rheSaa- 
fttui:e and the 
Holicftof all. 

H Or. htiitt. 

i Which wasbe- 
tweene the conrt 
and chc San^iiiary 



^Lilic binluncnts 


b Ofthefelfcfame 
Metciicaie was. ' 



ani couered the barres wirh golde. 

3 ί ί Moieoner he made a ^ vaile of blew filke 
and purp!e,ind of skarlet.andcf fine twined linne: 
with Ciierubims of broydcred woike raadehe it : 

i6 And made thereunto foiire pillars of Shit- 
tim,8c ouerlayed ihem with gold;whofel| hookes 
were dfo of gold , and hee cjft for ihem fuure 
fockets of filuer. 

3 7 And he mad*^ an i hanging for the Taber- 

cie doore, of blew filke, and pmple.and skarler, 
2nd fine twined l'nnen,<ini needie worke. 

3 8 And the Hue pillars of it with their bodies, 
and ouerlaide their ch piters and theirlj filets with 
golde.but thcirfiue fockets were of bralle. 


Ttr A'fif 6 The M.iiif-Mf. lo ThtTMe, tj Tht 
C^ndtejii k:. i 5 Th, att^ cfinceK/l•. 

Λ Fter this , Bezaleei m^ide the * Arke of Shit- 
^^ tim wood , two cubites and an halfe long, and 
a cubite and an halfe broade , and a cubite and an 
halfe high : 

2 ' And ouerlayed it with fine golde within 
and without , and made a a crowne of gold to it 

3 And caft for it fou're rings ofgolde for the 
foure corners of it : that is, two rings for the one 
fide of ir,and two rings for the other fide thereof. 

4 Alio he made barres of Shittim wood , and 
couered them with golde, 

5• And put the barres in the rings by the fides 
of bearethe Arke. 

6 ί And he mide the^Mercifeate of pure gold : 

two cubites and anha.fe vvaj the length thereof, 

and one cubite and an halfe the breadth thereof. 

7 And he made two Cherubims of gold , vp- 

the two ends ofth ^ Mercifeate : eueti of worke 

beaten with the hammer made he them. 

One Cherub on the one cnde , and another 
Cherub on the other endc : '' of the Mercileate 
made he the Cherubims ,at the two ends thereof 

9 And the Cherubims fpread out their wings 
on high.Sc coiiered^Mercileate with their wings 
and their faces were one towards another -toward 
the Mercifeate were the faces of the Cherubims. 

10 Τ h; m.ide the Table of Shittim wood: 
two cubites was the length thereof.^nd a cubite 
the breadth thereof.and a cubite and an halfe the 
height of it, 

n And he oiierlnyd it with fine golde, and 
niade thereto a crowne of gold rounJ about. 

1 2 Alio he made thereto a bordir of an ζ hand 
breadth rornd about , and made vpon the border 
a crowne of gold round about. 

1 3 And he calt for it foure rings of geld , and 
put the rings in the foure corners that were in 
the foure feete thereof. 

14 Againit the border were the rings, as pla- 
ces for the bures to be are the Table. 

I f And he mide the birres of Shittim wood, 
and couered them with gold to beare the Table, 

16 * Alfo he made the initruraents for the Ta- 
ble of pure gold : dilhes for it , and «'«if»/? ci'ps 
for it, and goblets for it ,and coueringsforit, 
wherewith itihoiildbe couered. 

17 ' Likewife he made tlie Candlefticke of 
pure gold : of worke beaten out with the hammer 
made he the Candleiticke : awihis iliaft , and his 
branc he, his boUeSjhis knops,3c his floures were 
of one piece» 

The Altar of perfume ,Lauer,&c. 

1 8 And fixe branches came out of the fides 
thereof : three branches of the Candicfticke out 
of the one fide of it, and three branches of the 
Candielticke uut of the other hde of it. 

19 In one branch tluee bolles made like a!- 
nionds.a knup and a floure: and in another branch 
three bolies made like almonds , a knop and a 
floure ; and fo throughout the fixe braochcs that 
proceeded out cf t he Candlefticke. 

20 And vpon the Candleilickei'i'i^ri• foure 
holies after the falhion of almonds , the knoppes 
thereof and the flumes thereof. 

2 1 That is, vndereuery two branches a knop 
made thereof,5c a knop vrKlcr the ieccnd branch 
thereof , Sc a knop vnder f third branch thereof, 
accoiding to the fix br inches comming out of it. 

22 Their knops and their branches were of the 
fame : it was all one * beaten worke ofpure gold 

23 And he made for it feaucn larapes with tht 
fnuffers,and fnufdilhes thcreofof pure gold. 

24 Of a c talent of pure ^.^Idraade he it with 
all the initrumentsthiieof. 

2f ί Furthermore he made ihe*perfume ahar 
of Shittim wood;thc length oCnwat a cubite, 8c 
the breadth ofit a cubite ( it was fiquare) and two 
cubites hlgh,^ thehorns therof were of f fam< 

2,6 And he couered it with pure gold,both the 
top and tiie fides thereof roundabout , and the 
homes ofit , and made vnto it a crowne of gcvlde 

27 And he mde two rings of gold for it , VH- 
derthe crowne thereof in the two comers of the 
two fides thereof, to put barres in for to beare it 

28 Alfo he made the barres of Shittim wood, 
and ouerlayed them with golde. ■ ^ 

29 And he made the holy * anoyntingoyle,and ♦ «^.je.jj.j»^' 
the fwcet pi ire incenfe after the apothecaxies art, 

Ct 4f. 



6 Thalimcfiurnlnpingt. 
Cturt. 14. Ttt/umm 

S The Ι,νφκ Umt 
eftkittU {refit ogrtt. 

* Tfc 



P^ Lfo he made the altar of the burnt ofFring *ofi *a?>.tr.•,' 

Shittim woode : fiue cubites fvax the length; 
thereof , and fine cubite$ the breadth thereof; it 
was fquare and three cubites high. 

2 And he made vnto it homes in the foure 
corners thereof: the homes thereof were of the 
fame.and he ouerlayed it wirh braife. 

3 Alio he made all the initruments of the al- 
tar ; the Π aflipans.and the beforas and the bafins, 
the fielhhookes.and the * cenfers : all the inilru- * a'4.'»/"j 
ments thereof made he of brafle. i 

4 Moreouer , lie made a brafen grate wroughri 
like a net to the Altar, vniier the compare of i« 
beneath in the * middes of it. 

y And cafl: foure rings of braiTe for the fourej » $0 tli»t xht ^Uj. 
endes of the grate to put barres in. *«" <»: S"« «-« 

6 And he made the barres of Shittim wood, ^^^"tit^'^ 
and coueied them with brafle. 

7 The whicli barreshe put intothe rings cp 
the fides of the altar to beare it withall , and made 
it * hollow T'f/>/jM the boardes. 

8 t Alfo he made the lauer of braiTe , and the 
foote of it of braife of the *> glafles of the women 
that did atfemble and came together at the doore 
of the T.ibernacie of the Congregation. 

within it. 
"*€*,»/. Z7 t. 
b R.Kjinhifai*, 
that ihc womtn 
broright iheit loo- 
king ghfTes.whub 
w«e ofbcaneoi 
fine me rail, and 
vnio thtvfeofth» 
Tabernacle: whick 
a bright thing 

9 ' Finally, he made the court on the South 
fide fill! Somh:the hangings ofthe court z/werf of jr - 
«ae twined linnen,hauing an hundretb cubites. ^ *"" "***' 
^o Theii 

■ Tfacgoldj ndfilnerof theTabcrnacI e^ Chap. XX XIX. The Epbod and brea Iplate. 3 6 

10 Their pilkrsrx/fritwentie.and their Lrafen « talents, and twothcufand .andfuiirchunJrcth « "■'"J"'" 


fockets twentie : the hookes of the pillars , and 
their filets τ• fertf of fiiucr. 

1 1 And on the Northfide th* luingingt were 
an hundreth cubites : their pillars twentie.and 
their iockets of brafle twcHtie , the hookes of the 
pillars and their filets of filner. 

1 2 On the weftfide alfoi>t/iri hangings of fiftie 
cubites.their ten pillars with their ten fockets :the 
liookes of the pillars and their filets of liluer. 

13 And toward the Ealbide.fuU Eaftt/Ktfri 
hanging/ of fiftie cubites. 

1 4 The hangings of the one fide were fif teene 
cubites.their three pillars.and their three fockets: 

I y * And of the other fide of the court gate on 
both fides were hangings of fifteene cubites, 
z»z/;f/>tlTeir three pillars and their three fockets. 

16 All the hangings of the court round abour 
were of fine twined linnen. 

1 7 But the lockets of the pillars were of braiTe: 
ihe hookes of the pillars and their filets of filuer, 
and the couering of their chapiters of filuer ; and 
all the pillars of the court were hooped about ^ 
with filuer. ' I 

li He made alfo the hanging of the gate of j 
the court of needlewoike .blewc lilke.and purple, 
and skarlet , and fine twined linnen.eiien twentie ' 
cubites long, and fiue cubites in height 3c bredtli, ! 
t like the hangings of the court. j 

19 And their pillars i/weri foure with their foure 1 
fockets of braiVe; their hooks of fiiuer.and the co- I, 
uering of the chapiters, and their filets of filuer, ' 

20 But all tile *pinnesofthe Tabernacle and j 
of the court round about were of braiVc. | 

21 ί Thefe are the parts of the Tabernacle , / | 
meMte , of the Tabernacle ofthe Teitimonie, | 
which was appointed by thecommandementof j 

t Tlut tlie teHi'ttt i Mol'es for the office ofthe ' Leuites , by the hand j 

ght oi'aialeat.». 


f ar.»«e» «^««A 


charg« chtitof, 
and miainei in the 
2ir and Ichamar, 

i At s granei , or 
•atpcntci. Chap. 

of Ithamar I'onne to Aaron the Priefts. | 

22 So Bazaleel the fonne of Vri , the Ibnne of 
Hur ofthe tribe cf ludah , rpade all that the Lord 
commanded Mofes. 

23 And with him Aholib fontie of Ahifamach 
ef the tribe of Dan ,a d cunning workeman.and an 
embroidercr.and a worker ofntedkworke in blew 
filke.and in purple.and in skarlet, &in f5ne linnen. 

24 All the gold that was occupied in all the 
worke wrought for the holy place (which was the 
gold of theofFfing) was nine and twentie talents 
and feuen hundreth and thirtie ihekels, according 
to the ihekell of the S-ndluarie. 

2y But the filuer of them that were numbred 
in the Conj;reg3tiun,t«f«/ an hundri'th talents, 8c 
a thoufand leucB hi ndreth ieuentie and fiue ihe- 
kels,'.fter the Ihekel ofthe San ituarie. 

26 A J portion for am Ji, that h , halfe a ihekel 
after the Ihekel ofthe S-nctuary , for all th.m tha 
vere numbred from twentie yeere old -^nd ab^'ue, 
among fixe hi ndreth thuui^nd . and three thou- 
fand.and fiue hrndreth and f fii'r • 

27 Morcuuer rhjre were c-nhundreth t:knts 
of filuer , to czft the I'ockeis of the S n:lu xy, .nd 
the fockets of ihc vaile; an hundreth lockets of an 
hundreth t.ilents , a t.iient for a locket. 

28 Jut he made the hookes for the pillars of a 
jlioufand feuen hundreth and Ieuentie ^nd hue 
'p)el{eis, and ouerlaid their f.lets 

2.jj Artb^Jie braffe of the offering vva* Ieuentie 

talents . and two thcufand , and foure hundreth 

3 ο Wherepf he made the foe ke ts to the doore 
of the Tabernacle ©f the Congregation,. nd the 
brafen altar,andthe bral'en grate which was for it, 
with all the inftriiments ofthe Altar. 

3 1 And the iockets ofthe court roundabout, 
and the fockets for the coiu-t gate , and all the* * '^^^τ• 
pinnes ofthe Tabernacle ,and all the pinncs of die 
court round about, 


iTtf apfurtUcfylartii i>,d Ht fiKJiti. 31 All itjl ihi Uri m>, 
mMd,dmJi muif, ani βκφιά- +j Mtfn Ufjfrtt th, ft.flt. 

J^ Oreouer they made « garments of minilfra- ,«'*'"'"' 

tiun to minifter in the San£tii.uie ofblewef^j*, ,'^^^ι^^•, 
filke . end purple , and skarlet : they * made alio ^d fuch ΐικ^Γ' 
the hojy garments for Aaron, as the Lord had i* '^'■'i' J"», 
commanded Mofes. «.<,>, i>. 

2 So he made the Ephod of gold , blew filke '" 
and purple, rnd skarlet, and fine twined linnen. 

3 And they did beate the gold into cbinne 
plates,and cut it into wicis, toworke it in ;y blew 
liike and in the purple , and in the skarlet , and in 
the fine l!nnen,with broidered worke. 

4 For the which they made thouideis to cou- 
ple tegether : f>r it was doled by .the two edges ^ 

% And the broidered gard cf h is Ε phod that 
was vpon him , was of tlie f.ime ftufFj , and of like 
worke : euen of gold, of blew fiLI^e,and purple.and 
sk?j:let , and fdie twined linnen , as the Lordhad *Ci^.»«.». 
commanded Moles. ίη^,'ήΓίύ"^"*'' 

6 f And they vvrough:*fx/t-9 Onyx iirones^oiktm^ib!»' 
clofed in ouches of golde , and graued , as b lig- 

nets ate grauen.widi the names of the children of 

Ili'-iel. ;*ci-f.i»..i,• 

7 And put them on the flioulders ofthe E- 
phod,*/ Hones for * a remembrance of y childreoj 
of Ifrael,as the Lord liad commanded Moles. I 

8 f Alfo he made the breaftplate of broideredj 
worke like the worke cfthe Ephod ; to wit , cfj 
geld , blew filke, and purple , and skarlet.and finej 
twined linnen. ι 

9 They made the breaftplate double.and it wasi 
fquare, an hand breadth long , and an handbreadth' 
broad : it was alfo doutle. | 

I ο And they filled it with foure rowes of ftones. 
The crdcr vvaithus.i Rubie,a Topazcanda Car- 
buncle in the firftrowe : 

1 1 And in the lecond rows an Emeraud , a Sa- 
phir,;.nd a Diamond: 

12 Alio in tlie thirdrowe 'a^urkeis ,anA- .„.„.„ 

cbate,and-.nHi.m,t're: iofth«bc»«t»Ut«l 

1 3 Like wife in the fourth rowe a Chryfolitc, ii-yni. 
an Onyx,and α lalper, doled and let in ouches of 

14 So the (tones were according to the names 
of the children of Ifr lei , euen tweluc <• ..ftcr their 
names, grauen like fi!^n:ts .cuery oneafterhis 
name.accordlng to the tv-eaietrib.'S 

I y After.thcy ra.dc vpcn .Ik breaftplate chainij 
at dii ends , of -vre.hcen aiU piuv gold. 

16 I hey made alio twobol!es of i^';oid,and two! 
go-d rings , and put the two rings m ihe t ,vo cor4 
n.rsif th br? llpiare. J 

17 And they put the tvo wrcthen ch.jn.s of gold! 
in the two rinj^s .in ύν- com rs of rhe breaipiate. 
18 Α^Ι'ς» the two otijir ciidcs ofthe Ιλό wrei- 
£ 4 • ώεα! 


Ot a li'gait, I 

v)ii<h none auiheil ' 

e thar itcom- 

i thu is.intry 
iiitc hadhjsnamt 
vniutn in « eont. 


Aaron afid his ibnnesapparell. 

Exc dus^ 

c which was next 
vnder tht Ephod. 
f wlieiehee (hoM 

itdiorow his 






J So citlti, becatift 
it hinged before 

oiicrcd it fvotn 
ight, Chap.; 5,1 

h Or.whic'i Aar& 

dtefleaand te- 
ftediid with oyle 

y morning, 

then chaines they faftened in the tWotoffes , and 
put them on the JhouIJers of the Ephod.vpon the 

19 Likewife they made two rings of gold, and 
put them in thetwo other corners ofthebreft- 
plare vpon tlie edge of ic.which was on the infidc 
of the Ephod. 

20 Tliey made alfo two ether golden rings, and 
put them OHthetwofidesofthe Ephod.-beneath 
on the forefide of it, and oiiei againft his coupling 
aboue the broidered gard of the Ephod. 

21 Then they fattened the breft plate by his 
rings vnto the rJiigs of the Ephod , with a lace of 
blew filkc.that it might be/<iyi vpon the broidered 
gard of the Ephod, and that the breftplate fliould 
net be loofed from the Ephod , as the Lord had 
commanded Moles. 

22 Τ Moreouer , he made the robe of the e E- 
phod of wouen worke , altogether of blewe filke, 

23 And f the hole of the robe vvai in the rcids 
of it , as the collar of an hihergion , with an edge 
about the collar , that it ihould not rent. 

24 And they made vpon the skirts of the robe 
pomegranates of b!ew filke & purple.and fcarlet, 
sadfine tinnen twined. 

2y They made alfo -"bels of pure gold, and 
put the bels betwccne the pomegranates vpon the 
skirts of the robe rotind about betweene the 

26 A bell and a pomegranate.a bell and a pome- 
granate round about the skirts of the robe to 
miiiifter in,as the Lord had commanded Mofes. 

27 ί After , they made coatesof fine linnen,of 
Wouen worke for Aaron and for his fonnes. 

28 And the miter of fine linnen , and goodly 
bonnets of finelinnen, and linnen * breeches of 
ine twined linnen. 

29 ί An<.l the girdle of fine twined linnen , and 
of blewe filke, and purple.and fcarlet,i«f« of nee- 
dle the Lord had commanded Mofes. 

30 ί Finally , they made the plate for the holy 
crowne of fine gold , and wrote vpon it a fuper- 
fcription like to the grauingofafignet, * Η O- 

3£ And they tied vnto it a lace of blewe filke, 
to faften it on high vporvthe miter , as the Lord 
had commanded Mofes. 

32 ί Thus was all the worke of the Taberna- 
c\(i,euen of the* Tabernacle of the Congregation 
hnilhed ; and the childrjn of Ifrael did-iccording 
to all thut the Lord had commanded Mofes -fo did 

33 f Afterward they brought the Tabernacle 
vnto Mofes, ^ Tabernacle and all his inilruments, 
his tachcs.his boards , his barres , and his pillars, 
find his fockets, 

34 And the couering of rammes skitlnes : died 
red , and the couering of badgers skiHnes,andthe 
S couering vaile, 

3 f Tie Arke of the teilimony , and the barres 
rhereof.and the Mercie-feate. 

3<i The Table , with all the inflruments there- 
of , r^nd the il^ewbiead, 

37 The pure Cmdlefticke.the lamps thereof, 
euen the Larapes •> fet in order , and all the inftru- 
ments th ?reof, and the oyle for light : 

38 Alfo the go. den Altar , and the anoynt ing 
oyle . rud tlie fw.^ete inc^fe , and the hanging of 
the Tabernacle doQtc 

The Tabernacle 


39 The trifen Altir with his grate oftrafie. 
his barres and all his inftruments , the Laucr and 

40 The curtains cfthecoutt with his pillars. 
and his fockers.and the h nging to the court gate, 
and his coards , and his pinnes , and ail the inftru- 
ments of the feruice of the Tabernacle , cttlledxhc 
Tabernacle of the Congregation. 

41 Fwa/Zy , the miniltring garments to ferue 
j in the Sandtuary ,4«rf the holy garments for Aa- 
j ron the Prieil.and his fonnes garments to minifler '^'gn'fy'Hi «h" i 
(inthePrieitsoffice. . , «V-XX. 

42 According to euery point that the Lord | nor diminiih. 

j had 'commanded Mofes. fo the children of Ifrael 1< Piaifedcedfor 
made all the worke. '^uin«e"„d " 

I 43 And Mofes beheld ail the worke .and behold guy'ij for them,' 
they had done it as the Lord had commanded: fo 
haa they done : And Moles ktlelTed them. 


1 Tif Tiiiciutff wUi Λι iffnttinatctt itrtJKti »f. 3+ Tif {;»vj 
0/ (if Lord iffurttk in lie thai couering tht TMrrmte. f 

•p Hen the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, faying, • j After Λ« μοΓ*» 
2 In the a/r/i day of the firil raonetji in |Hid btene +o dayei, 
the very Hrft fl/i^fj2iweraonethJhaltthoufetvp^"'*+°n''s''"intfie 
the Tabernacle , called the Tabernacle of the Se belf'-^'^V"'" 
Congregation: AngunSo ,he te„,h 

3 And thou lltalt put therein'the Arke ofthe ;of September, he 
Teflimonie , and couer the Arke with the vaile. KTf ^"""^ • ""** 
. ,4 Alfo thou (halt bring in the * Table , and fet fO ΐΐΓ^ '^ζ^^ 
it in order as it doth require: thou ihalt alfo bring being dnUhti, ψ. 
in the Candlefticke , and light his lampes Γ",^Ρ '» Abid, 

J And thou fl.alt fet the incenfe Altar b of βοΜ^^Πΐ 
before the Arke ofthe Teftiraonis , and pai the t Match andhalfe. 
hanging at the doore ofthe Tabernacle. tjpriu. 

6 Moreouer , thou ilialt fet the burnt of}ringi*^"'''^'*'P'»< 
Altar before the doore ofthe Tabernacle ,Μ//ί/ί^ χΐ,ι, ,-5, tJie^ic 
the Tabernacle ofthe Congregation, pf perfume. wVo 

7 And thou ihalt fet the Lauer betweene the ' 
Tabernacle of theCengregation and the Ahar.and f "" "' ■ «'"^ " 

8 Then thou llialt appoint the court round ♦«•-^ 
about, and hang vp the hanging at the court gate . 

9 After, thou ilialt take the anoynting oyle, 
and anoint the Tabernacle, and all thjr is there- 
in, and hallow it with all the inftruments thereof» 

Ϊ that it may be holy. 

10 And thou ilialt anoynt the Altar cfths 
■ burnt ofFring , and all his inftruraents , and ihah 

fanilifie the Altar , that it may bee an altar moil 

1 1 Alfo thou fnalt anoynt the Lauer , and his 
foote , aid flialt fanitifie it. 

12 Then thou fhait bring Aaron and his fonnes 
vnto the doore ofthe Tahernacle ofthe Congre- 
gation , and wail-i them with water. 

1 3 And thou Ihalt put vpon Aaron the hely 
garments.and ilialt anoynt him, and fanftifie him, 
that he may rainifter vnto me in thePriefts officel 

14 Thou flialt alfo bring his fonnes Sc cloathe 
them with garments, 

1 5 And ihalt anoynt them as thou diddefli 
anoynt their father ,. that they may miniiter 
\'nto mee in the Prieits ofBce : fo» their anoyn-ld rillboththe 
ting fliall bee afigne , that the Prieflhood ^ Aiall P'ieshood & the 
be euerlafting vnto them throughout their gene- i'"!JJh°ih wt'Tt'^ 
rations. , jchtioi «onuiujisj 

\6 So Mofes did according to all that the Lord 
h^d vojninantkd hiro : ίο did he,"• 
1 7 1 .*Thi 

Vear ed vp,w tn 

k N»m.7.'. 
Aftei ihty C; 
pal of t£TP'> 

Chap. J I. •»■»<* 

8 α-,/^ιί, 

g JBttWeen the ^ 
San(ftwiiy uid Λί ,3 

Cha*. I. 

the appcrti^anQVi 37 

17 "I * Thus was the Tibernacle reared vp the ( 

5rft tky of the fiift monerh in « the fecond ycere. j 
i3 Then Mofes reared \p the Tabernacle end ' 

aftcned his fotkets.and fet vp the boa-ds thereof, ; 

md put in the barres <j( it,& reared vp his pill.irs. | 
I5> And he fpread the coiiering ouer the Ta- i 

aemacle, & put the couering of that couering on 1 

^ ;y Lord had commanded Moies. j 

20 1 And hee tooke and put the i Teftimonie j 
in the Arfce . snd put the barres in tke ringt of the • 
Arke.Scfct the Mercy-feate onhigh vpo the Arke. j 

2 1 He brought alfo the Arke into the Taber- ! 
nacle,8c hanged vp the * couering vaile.and co- 
uered the Arke of the die Lord had 
conunanded Mofes. 

zz 1 Furthermore hee put the Table in the 
Tabernacle of the Congregation in the North- 
fide of the Tabernacle.without the vaile, 

23 And fet the bread in order before the Lord, 
as the Lord had commanded Mo!es, 

24 ί Alfo he put the Candiefticke in the Ta- 
bernacle of the Congregation . ouer againft the 
Table toward the Southiide of the Tabernacle. ' 

25 And hee || lighted the iampes before the the Lord had commmded Mofes. 

26 ί Moreouer , hee fet the golden Altar in 
the Tabernacle of the Congregation before the 

27 And burnt fweete incenfe thereon, as the 
j Lord had commanded Mofes. 
j 28 ί Alio hee hanged vp the vaile at the 
i J doore of the Tabernjcle. 

2i> After.he fet the burnt offering Altar with- 

* Sccaufc i» chiV 
is du'cflyia- 
tftaud of the Lt- 
:aitcs,and of ihuigi 

0ut the doore of the Tabernacle, «fcii the Tiber- 
nacle of the Congregation, and oflered the burnt 
oftering Sc the facrince thereon, as the Lord had 
commanded Mofes. 

30 1 Likewife hefettheLauerbetweenethe 
T..bernacle of the Congregation and the Altar, 
and powred water therein to waih with. 

31 So Mofes and Aaron.and his fonnes waihed 
their hands and their feetc thereat. 

32 When they went into the Tabernacle of 
the Congregation, and when they approached to 
the Altar, they waihed, as the Lord had comman- 
ded Mofes. 

3 3 Finally, hee rerjed vp the court round a ^ j 

bout the Tabernacle Sc the Altar , and hanged vp] 
the Veile at the court gate : fo Mofes finiilied the' 

34 1 * Then the cloude coueted die Taber-; * i^"*/;; 
nacleofUie Congregation, and the glorie of thei '"^" 
Lord filled the Tabernacle, j 

3 ί ■ So Mofes coidd not enter into the Taber* 
nacle cf the Congregation,becanfe the cloude a-l 
bode thereon.and the glory of the Lord filled the 
Tabernacle. ' 

^6 Now when the cloude afcended vp fi-omj 
the Tabernacle . the children cflfrael wentfor- 
wardinalldieirioiimeyes. j 

3 7 But if the cloude afcended not, then theyi j, τΐ,„, ,i,tprercL-; 
ioutneyed not till the day that it afcended. of cod pititnttd 

3 8 For ^ the cloude cf the Lord was vpon the anignii'd *tm 
Tabern. clc by day . and fire was in it by night in "^ί^^ΐί. w die 
the fight of all the houfc of Ifrael , throughout alii inj piomibd, 
their iouineyes. 






ΜίΓώώβ"«ν"ώ'ϊ3 Δ -y G<i<i^yb h ^(^ P»gul^>• hnefte/'decUreth himfilfe to be mtndfM ofhts Church : β het wetM net thjt 
•IS», J^tkey fheuld hau* any occafiin to truft either in themfelues , or to depend vpon otkert , either for lack^ of tern- 

'■ tortll things , or ought that belonged to his ditmeferuice and Religion. Therefore hee ordetned diutrs Ιζτηώ ofob- 
lationsAndptmfices . toagiirethemofforgititnesoftheiroffences{ifthey offeredtbem tn true fait hand obedience.) 
^Ifo he appointed their Priest and Leuites , their apptreU, offices , comterfatm and portion : be Plowed vvh*t, 
feoAeJ theyPioM obferne,and tn vvhattrves. Moreouer, he declareth by thefe facnfices and ceremonies, that th» 
rtvvard effmne is death , and that without the blood of Chrtfl the innocent Lambe , there can bee noforgiuenes of 
finnes. ^nd becaufe they fheuldgiut no place t» their tfvvne inuevtions {which thing God mofi deteiieth , as- 
appeareth by the terrible example ofNadab and ^bihtt) he prefcnbed euen to the leafl things, vvlsat theyfhoidd' 
itefis what heaves they fhould ojfer and eaie : what difeafis were contagious andtt be atuyded : ν vhat ord^r 
theyfhould takf for allmaner offilthinejfe andpoUution tepurge it : whofecompany they fhould flee : what »«- 
riaies were lawjuU: and what pehtikelaweswereprefitable. Which thingsdeelared , he promtfedfaiuHr 
Mdblefftng tt them that fyepehislavvtt^ndttfrettnedhij curfetothetn thattranfgreffedthtm. 

C Η A P. 1. 

of luml 'ff-ini /•' t'f">"f*'t"f'^f• 3 '« *?i '♦ ^*'. 

Hett^ Mofts 

taught n»[hmg to 
{he people hiu the 
ivhichhc icieiued 
«f God. I 


Ow the » Lord c.illed Mofes, and 
fpake vnto him out of the Taber- 
nacle of the Congregatio, faying, j 
2 S peake vnto the children of \ 
Ifrael, 5c thou fhalt fay vnto them, 
ftrofnintothtt ' jQtfjnjTjir^ If any of you offer a lacrificc vnto 
fert.but of theft , J. , g ji-,3ii offer your facf ifics of* cattell 
:^lr *""1 i»of b^eiaidofthe ibeepe 

3 * Ifhisfacrifice*<abmm ofltrlngofthi" ^'•»*•*"'• 
herde , he Ihall offer a male without blemifli.prc- 
fentinghim of his owne voluntary will at tli« ^ „.„;„„ ^ίΛ;η 
doore of thee Tabernacle of tlie Congregation j,„o„»oftht. 
before the Lord.' ^ Tabtroatl*. 

4 And hee lliall put his hand vpon the head c* 

the bitmt offering.^md it Ihalbe accepted t to tht t H** ■♦•'^• 
Lsrii.tobe his atonement. ■ ,_^..„ 

5 And * he A^Ukiil the bullocke before th* d Th. ■?«.«« « 
Lord , and the Prieftes A.-.rons lonnes ihall ofter ^"'"■ 

the blood and ihall iprinkle it round about vpon « t?f thetamfet 
the e altar, that is by the doore of die Tabemat le ««.u^,*».»?• •? ■ 
of the Congregation. λ rhcA 

rhe .^aint^fffingand meate. 

6 Then (hall he flay the burnt ofiring. 

f Oiifjiioatof 
en, which paci- 
dtilxiht jngtrof 
fit Loid. 

Riidyetfi 5- 
Before the allit 
»Clhe Loid. 

r into hici<f- 

ί Tilt sStewe 
vtati figniSeth te 

Lei tticus. 

cilt It in pieces. 

7 So the lonnes of Aaron the Prieft iTiall put 
fire vpon the <Jtar , and lay the wood in order vp- 
on the five. 

8 Then the Priefts Aarons fonnes Ihall lay the 
parts in order , the head and the Β kail vpon the 
wood that is in the fire wliich is vpon the aitAr. 

^^ But the inwards th.rtof and the legges 
thereof he fliall wafl-i in water, and the Prieft ihall ' 
burne all on the ahar : fir it is a burnt ofFrin» , an 
oblation made by fire , for afweetefaiiourf vnto 
the Lord. . 

Τ And if his facrilice for the burnt offrJng 
6g of the flocks [^ of the iheepe , er of the goats) 
he fliall ofter a male without blemill 

7 Τ And if thy meate offring ie an'oblatien 
ηΛίΙ« in die caldron , itlhaxbc made cf fine fioiu-e 
with oyie, 

8 After , thon flialt bring the meate offllng 
(that is matle of thefc things) vnto the Lord , an3 
fliait prefent it vnto the Prieft , and he Ihali bring 
it to the altar. 

9 And the Prieft ihall t.:ke from the meate 
offiinga * memorial] of it.andihalibiirne it vpon 
the altar : for it is an oblation * made by fire for a 
fweete fauotir vnto the Lord, 

I ο But that which is left of the meate offring, 
fialie Arrons and his fonnes : fir it it moitholy 

of the offrings of the Lord made by fire. 

I I All the meate offrings which ye Ihall offcjt 
vntp the Lord.lhalbe made without leauen.-forye 

The p< ace offring; 

And he Ihall kill it on the Northfide of | ihali neither burne leauen nor hony in any offring 

the altai- •» before the Lord^anci the Priefts Aarons 
fonnes Ihall fprinkle the blood thereof round 
about vpon the altar. 

And he (Ml cut it in t pieces , fepardthig 
his head and his U kall.and the Prieft ihail lay them 
in order vpon the wood that lyeth in the fire which 
is on the altar : , , , 

13 But he Ihall wafli the inwnrdes , and the 
legges with water , and the Prieft fliall ofter the 
whole and hurne it vpon the altar : fir it is a burnt 
offering, an oblation made by fire for a fweete fa- 
uour vnto the Lord. 

14 Τ Andifhisfacrifice^eabimn offring to 
the Lord of the foules.then ihall he offerhis facn- 
fice of ihe turtle doues,or of theyong pigeons. 

I y And the Pneft Ihall bring it vnto the altar, 
and «■ wring the necke of it afunder , and burne it 
on the altar : and the blood thereoi ihalbe fl Ihed 

f Thit it, fraftei, 
wh'cii wererwecte 
ti$ hony, )« may 

jinchetf with the ■: γρο„ jj^g fide of the altar. 


Cr , ftna 

\ 6 And he ihall phicke out his maw with his 
(feathers , and caft them befide the altaron the 

ANd when any will offer a^ meate offring vn- . Prieft ihall fpiinkle the blood vpon the altar 
to the Lord, his offring Ihall be of fine ftoure, 5 roundabout. 
^ '""ftVngceBia and he ihall powre oyle vpon it .'andputinccnie | 3 

i* Eaft part in the place of the alhcs. 

And he Ihall cleaiic it with his wmgs, but 

'.'"r•^^^ "•]"'!' ί no! diuidek afunder : and the Prieft ihalfbume i 

Oeod wich ^Qies. 

it vpon the altar vpon the wood that is in the hre : 
fir it is a burnt offring . an oblation made by fire 
for a fweete faupur vnto the Lord. 
C Η A P. II. 

of the Lord made by fire. 

1 2 ί In the oblation of the firft fniites ye fliall 
offer f them vnto the Lord , but they fliall not be 
burnt ε vpon the altar for a fweete fauour. 

1 3 ( All the meate offrings alfo fhalt thou fea- b/rji." 
fon with * fait, neither ihslt thon llifter the iJt of jg Batrefemeifot 
the \ couenant of thy God to be lacking from thy ΐ'^"|ί^'• 
meite offring , but vpon all thine oblations thou h which theVwere 

ihalt offer fait. bo«nd (asbycout- 

14 If then thou offer a meate offering of thy "™'> '" ^^' ^ f»- 
fii=ft fiuites vnto the Lord , thou ilialt offer for Nnm"ii,i». ' 
thy meate offering of thy firft fruites * cares of ι jchion.'is.'j, 
corne driedbythc fire.andwheatebeatenoutof E«^-3+.H.oiit I 
8 the greenc eares. jme»»eth 3 fme »ai . 

I y Aher , thou malt putoyle vpon it,and lay iV ct^.ij. 14. i 
incenfe thereon : fir it is a meate offring, a oi^m.t«,t: f,r i 

1 6 And the Prieft ihall biinie the memorial! {''ί'^ψΡ^'"'* \ 
of it . euen of that that is beaten, and of the oyle oiUJ^^^'^^^' 
it with all the incenfe thereof; _/flr it is an offring ' 

vnto the Lord made by fire, 


I Tie mm,ttfftiuegrii<lt .Jni ittfitsftrltefimr. 17 Tit 
Ip*tlilft m-iy *el mlt f^s itorlilttd. 

Λ Lfo if his otlation be a » peace offring, if he 

will offer of the droue { wncth.-r it be male or 

femile) he Ihall offer fuchas is without blemiih, 

before the Lord, 

l 2 Andlhallputhis hand vpon the head of his 

0/ 1 offring, and kill it at the doore of the Tabernacle 

I of the Con»regatiun : and Aarons fonnes the 

kelgiiing off*-' 
i tor peace and 

jiot De wiihout 
»t«ai« offring. 

bt, thereon. ^ , 

ζ And ftall bring it vnto Aarons fonnes the 

Priefts , and" he ftwUtake thence his handtullof 

the flonre , and of the oyle with all the incenfe, 

.,.-^, - and the Prieft ihall burne it fora' raemonall vpon 

coaiemembre.h | j.,^^ ^j^^^ ; ftr it is an offering made by hre for 3 
j,i„.thatoff^.h. j ^^^^^^ j.^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ Lord. 

3 * But the remn.-nt of the rr 

fe the Pifefl 
ί Tofignifytliat 

* Ea/a.7.51 

meate offrins 

So he ihall offer ^ part of the peace offring, Ρ Oat put wit 
at a facrifice made by fire vnto the Lord . eum the ^'"'"- *"'"''" ' 
* fat that couereth the inwardes 
that is vpon the inwardes 

1 11 L c i'o the Pritns.ina 

na all the hit , the thi.d to him 

ithar oiTe td. 

4 He ihall alfo takeaway the two kidneis.andl ' f*"*"" ** 
the fat that is on them.and vpon || the flankes, .,nd 

the kail on the liuer witk the kidncis 

y And Aarons lonnes ih'al burne it on the altar 
with the burnt offering, which is vpon the wood 
that is on the fire : thir is a lacri'^ce nude by hr^ 
for a fweete fauour vnto the Lord 

6 C Alfo if his obhtionii a peace offring 
vnto the Lord out of the flocke , whether it be 
c male or female, he Ihali offer i' widiout blemiih 

7 If he offer a Limbe'fji• his oblation .then 
he Ihall bring it bcfjre the Luid 

8 An J iay hish ,nd \p-)n the he -d of his offring, 

^ _ . ^ and fliall kil it btrfore the Tabernacle of the Con 

6 AndAou ilialt part it in pieces,andpowte ί gregation , and Aarons fonnes fti.ill fprinkle the 
oyle tiiereon .fir it is a raeate ctfting, blgod thweof round about vpon the altar. 

9 Aftei 

d Thetefoienone|A^•/^^ Aarott and his fonnes : /eric is ^ raoftho- 
r',lrr°^"'"lly oftlieLordsoffringm^debyfire. 

4 S If thon bring alfo a meate offring baken 
in the oucn , h βαίί« an vnleauened cake of fine 
floure mingled with oyle, or an vnleauened wafer 
. , anoynted withovle, 
e 'Afhiiliisa|ift t f But if thy «meate offring be an oblation 

^fe Mm? '" of the fryingpan , it fliall be of fine floure valea- 
' ued.mingled with oyle, 


kil'tii ■>'■ vetre 

c In che ptic* ef- 
Ιήηξ It was inili^ 
fe.ent to ofter 
e.thet male ot f»*. 
male, but in the 
the male : fo heic 
can bt oiferedno 
tdes, but in the 
bmnc olfeting.' ')r 
eoniiimed with 
fiie.aiid in the 
peace otfecisg km 

Kit vhiyh, eonlii- 

done ofignorancc. 

ncil , 
Hiing made by f.K 
gicvtit burnt : 
l]s< Qiouldcc and 

iBiiwe wcit tre 

his that efficd. 

c Me»ni«g , »t *< 

Altar, Chaf.i, 

f By eating fat, 
VJ5 meant to be 
catnall, ardby 
blood eating, w^t 
fignitcd cvuelty 
*Gtn 9,^tk^ 


9 After.of the peace ottrings he fl-.all offer * an 
)ffring raide by tire vnto the Lord ; he fhall take 
w. y the f t thereof .and the rump altogLther.h'rd 
ay the b..cke bene , and ilie f t ih .t couereth the 
awMrdes, and all thei.t iliat is vpcn the inwads. 
i. „ M, V ,«. lo Alio heefl^.allt.J^e away the twokidne s.wiih 
tVi':"i.u :he fat thit is vpon them , and vpcn the ♦ flriikes. 
[and the kail vptn the liiitrwirhihekidneis. 

11 1 htn the Pricft ihali it vpon the al- 
tar , «if the meateofaiofiringmade byfrevnto 
the Lord. 

12 f AlfoifhisufFringA#agoate,thenfl^l 
be ofler it before the Lord, , j c 

1 3 And Ihall put his htnd vpon the head ot 
it . and kill it before• .he T^bcm cie of the Cori- 
gregation , and the ionnes of Aaron ihall Ipnnkle 
the blood iherccf vpon the aitar round aboiJt. 

14 Then hee inall ofter thereof h is oftering, 
eucH an offering made by fre vnto the Lord , the 
fat that couereth the inwads . and all the tat that 
is vpon the inwards. . 

I y Aifo hee llwll take away the two kidneis, 
and the fat that is vpon them, and vpon the Eanks, 
and the call vpon the liuer with the kidneis . 

1 5 So the Prielt ihali butne thcni vpon the al- 
tar ,Λί the meare of an offering made by trc for 
a fweete fauour : * 41 the fatte « the Lords. 

1 7 Tbispialbe a perpeteall ordinance for your 
generations , tluoughuut all jour dwellings :/e 
thai- yc ύ\ύ\ tate neitlier f fat nor * blood. 
C Η A P. IV. 

Coti£r,rati9m , ih ruii-r, atidfriuatt man. 

Λ/Ι k,«eouer,lhe Lord vnto Mofes. faying, 
2 Spcake vnto the children of liraei, 
faying , If t any lliail lione through a ignorance, 
in .-jiy of the corairunJenients of tlieLurd,(which 
ought not to be done) but fliaU doc ctntmrie to 
any of them, 

3 If ^ the Prieft that is anointed do Gnue (ac- 
cording to the linne of the people) then Ihallhe 
offer , for his linne which hee hath iinned , a yong 
bullocke without blemilii veto, the Lord tor a 

Γ Of the Congregation anj ruierr j» 

nes,anJ the Prieft Ihaii bume them 


tlic j>cace offr _ 

vpon the alta of burnt offrm^ 

1 1 * But the skinne of the bullocke , and all f E«.<i.t» »^' 

his fleih.with his head:and his legges.And his in- ' 
wardes,.nd his άν,ηζβ'ΛΙιε bttreout. 

I ζ ϋο he il-iali t ury the vvhok- bullocke out of 
the* holte vnto a place,where the allies are 
powred , rnd Ihall butnc him on the wood in the 
nrerwhere the clhes arec.^ftout.ll-allhc bebiimt. 

13 5 And if the f whole Congregation of If- 
raclihall linne throi^gh ignoi-ance.Rnd ^ thing be 


I the iruUitndt 
ixctileih not the 

■♦'hicl from the eyes of ;y niUitiuidcand h.:iie done inrt.b.uif allhawe 
agtinfi any of the comni.;ndemi.nts of die Lord ' "^ " 
wh.i-h Ihouldnot Le dene, and haue offended; 

14 When the iinne which they haui.- commit- 
ted Ihaibe kiiow-n , then the Congregation ihall 
ofter a yong bullocke for the linne.and brirg hin\ 
before the f abemacle of the Congrcg.tion. 

I y And the g Hldeis of the Congregation iliall 
put their handcs vpon the head of tlie bu:loi ke 
before the Lord , ana Β hee fliall kill the bullocke 
before the Lord, 

16 Ί hen the Prieft that is anoymed,fliall bring 

ed i they mull 
t\ be («niuicd. 
CtJp S.^.J.♦• 

g Fot all the l*etU 
couU not lay on 
ihcii hands ; ihiff- 
tore it waiiofiici• 
tnt that the 

of the 



-a That is,|Sf7Wgl 
jtmoniall Uw: ίβ 
otheiwife elji pii- 

' ding to the ttanf. 

Ijteaioa, Num. IS 

fcMeaning.ththigk ^ a• •„„ 

-ritft I linne oftnng 

1 4 And he Ihali bring the bnllocke ^-ncD f doore 
cf the Tabernacle of the Congregation before the 
Lord , and ihall put his hand vpon the builockes 
head.and e kill the bullocke before the Lord. 

jT And the Prieft tliat is anointed , lliail t^ke of 
the builockes blood, and bring it into the Taber- 
nacle of tlve Congregation. 

6 Then the Prielt Ihall dippe his fjiger in the 
blood, 5c fprinkle of the blood feiien times before 
the Lord , before the vaiie of the * Saniiuay 

•hatheiefetued thi 
fame punifliment 

tweenc tht-Holicl 
which wasinth 

of the bullocks blood into the Tabernacle of the «opie did it in 

Congregition. nme ofaUih» 

17 And the Prieif iLall dippe his finger in the \^ΐγ^}^'^ 
Hood .and fprinLe it feuen times before the " '* ' 
Lord/ttf»! before the vaile. 

18 Alio he luall piit/cwi of the blood vpon the 
homes of the aitst, which is before the Lord.that 
is in the Tabernacle of the Con^reg-tion : then 
fliftUhe powre allihe refi of the b»ood at the footc 
cfihe altar of biirnc off ring .which is at the doore 
of tile Tnb^rnacle of the Congregation, 

1 9 And he ihall take all his tat from hira,and| ? "^ . "-ίΚ' «ifr- 
I burnt it \ pon the aitar. 

20 And t>it Prttfl iball dee with this bullocke 
as he did with the bullocke for /wfinne : io ihal 
he doe with this: fo f Priell llwll make an atone- 
ment for them , and ii liulbe forgiuen tliem. 

2 1 For he Ihall c-ry the buiiwcke without the 
hofte . and burne him as hee burned the tirft bul- 
locke . for it is an offering for the finne of the 

22 1 when a ruler iliall unnc.and doe through 
ignorance agatnfi any of the commandements of 
the Lord his God.which Ihouldnot be done^anJ 
Ihall oftend, 

23 If one lliew vnto him his finne ,whic h hei 
hath committed , then ll.ali he bring for his 

, oftring ai 1) hee goate without blcmiih, 

! 24 And Ihcii lay his hand vpon tlie bead of 

I the hee go^te , and kill it in h the place where h 

a^^ „. „,^ ^ , . Ihould kill the burnt oftiin^before the 1 ord : /«' 

The Prieft alio Ihall pur /"ewe of tlicb'.ood 1 it is a linne offimg 

• ■ ... - ^^ Then the Pneft ihall of the blood of 

the liiane oifring with his fnger , and put it vpon 
the homes of the burnt oftring altar , and ihall 
powre the refi of his blood at tbefooteof the 
burnt offiing altar. »• 

26 And ihall bume all his fat vpon the altar: 
as the fa: of the peace oftring : fo the I rieft Ihal 
make i^n atonement for Jum , conceruinu ^M .^„„jni„«,e' 
f.nne , and it ihnlbe forgi'.ien him. ' jftntti lite 'ΐ»ρ"ΐ. 

2 7 1 L ikewifc if any of the Jl people of die Janc^ ^ ouf4M*ttir*fim, 
(ball finne through igoorance in doing «^«tw/t a-j 
ny of the commandements of the Lord, which 
jliould no: be done . andihail <'ffend, 

i8 If one flicwe him his finne wbichhc haA 

before the Lord , vpon the'horncs of the alt:r of 
eaning b• fweetc iHcenic.which is in the• laliernacle of the 
Ac Taternaci» the Congregation , then ihall hee powTe ♦ ah the refi 
saaiaHaty: and^^nl ^jf jl^g j^jq^j of the buHocke at thefoote cf the 
'ralie''a ί« the > altar of burnt offering , which is at the d«ore of 

the Tabernacle of the Congregation. 
Ckf s,»' 8 And he ll-all take away all tbe fatte CI the 

bHllockc for the linne offring: iot-t'ii.the fat that 
couereth the inwards , and all the fatte that is 
about the inwardcs. 

^ He Ihall take away alfo the two kidDeis,and 
the fat that is vpon them , and vpon the fiankes, 
and the kail vpon tlie liiier with the kidneis. 
-40 As it was takeo awayiromibe tiUlocke-of 

(ΙΟλ lit mjUnjtt 

h That 11 , tie 
Fiieil fi-.aUliilKi; vra: notJiw- 
ftill foe any οΐϊΤ «f 

Ogeriflg fb t a r afh vow. 


g Ov.llffrmtlf 

i Rfilt viife »+ 

committed, then he fliall bring for his offring || aj 
ilie goate without blemiflT for his fiiuie which he: 
hath committed. 

29 * And he iliall lay his hnnd vpon the head 
of the finne offring , and Hay the linne offring inj 
the place of burnt offring. I 

30 Then the Prieft Ihall take of the blood I 
thereof with hisiinger.Si: put it vpon the homes \ 
of tlie burn: offring ahar, and powre all the reft of .^ 
the blood thereof at the foote of the altar, 

3 1 And ihall take away all his fat,as the fat of; 
the peace offerings is taken away , and the Prieft I 
flnll burne it vpon the ahar for a * fwcete fauour | 
vnto the Lord, and the Prieft iliall make an atone- 

I 32 And if he bring a lambe for his finne of- ! 
j fringjie Ihall bring a female without blemilh. 
3 Meinn;g..hatth<i . 33 Andjhall lay hi_s_l hand vpon the head cf 

j^imithmenc of " ' 
'iiane Qionldbe 


» &i»j(. 

ihmenc of hii the linne offring , and he ihall flay it for a finne 
' '"" Offring in the place where lie ihould kiil the 

hldltcilntd "i 3 4 Then the Prieft fliall take of the blood of 
ijliiags of Go4, tU the finne offring wuh his finger , and put it vpon i 
.cffttdthis j|ie homes of the burnt offring altar , andlliall 

yiiliwily. J powreallrAerfjiofthe blood thereof atthefoote 

'I of the altar. | 

3y And he Hiall take away all the fat thereof, ! 

as the fat of the lambe of the peace offrings is ta- j 

; ken away : then the Prieft Ihall burne it vpon the 
«lOt.befidtsthf .^^^.^^ m with the oblations of the Lord made by 
^hkhwefdiylylf^'^'^ . and the Prieft lliall make an atonement for 
,efti«dioUiiLord,jhim concerning his finne that he hath commit- ; 

jted, and it Ihalbe forgiuen him. 

I CHAP. V. ί 

\i Ofhintthm ttjiifiithttitrutth. + Ofhimliat vii»>tir.ijhl}. \ 
j 1 5 OfHm ifcil iy i^nctMte mtiiriwith <»v tkivg ieiictte In tbi , 
1 Leri. 

that is , II ifhehaua 
voyce of an oathe,and hee can be a 
\vitneiVe,whedier he hath feene or a knowen of it, 
if he doe not vtter it, he fbaH beare his initjujty : 
2 Either if one touch any vncleane thing, 
whether it be a carion of an vncleane beaft , or a 
carion of vncleane cattell , or a carion of vncleane 

ALfo if t any haue finned 
heard the 

{■Efcf. Λ /■.«/?. 
11 Or.if <(i.-i„4-f 
bJib ukiH *n ami 
af *7>y ciker. 
a whereby it is 
csninta»<led to 
beaie witnes to 
thetriiih.and dif- _ _ 

eiofc the iniquity creeping things ', and is not ware of it , yet hee is 
cf the vrgodiy. I y^J^^^^^snd hath offended : 

i 3 Either if he touch any vnclearmefTe of man 
j (whatfoeuer vncleanneile it be, that he is defiled 
1 with) and is not ware of it , and after comraeth to 
{ the knowledge of it.he hath finned : 
i 4 Either if any "i fweare and pronounce with 
b Or,v6w riMy ί j^jj ijppes to doe euill,or to do good (whatfoeuer 
■ ^ilI'a°ion '<jVthe" J^ be that a man ihall pronounce with an oathe) 8c 
«iratrnfiances, and it be hid from him.and after knoweth that he hath 
aiotknowinzwhit^ offended in one of thefe^ewfi, 
jflianbetheimKofi ^ v/hen he hath finned in any ofthefe ' things, 
if wh.Th haue bien* then hc iliall confeffe that he hath finned therein. 
' Mentientd befote | ^ Therefore ihall he bring his trefpas offring vn- 
Mthii chapter, j ^q j^g Lord for his finne which he hath commit- 
ted, euen a female from the flocke , h it a lambe or i 
a ihe goate for a finne offring.and the Prieft ihall } 
make an atonement for him concerning his finne. j 

7 Bur t if he be not able to bring a Iheep , he 
ihall bring for his trefpaffe which he hath com- 
raitted , two turtle doues, or two young pigeons 1 
vnto the for a finne offring,8c the other j 
1 c! vu t J for a burnt offring. 
tlroit.lm,*- 8 So he ihall bringthem vnto the Prieft.who 
t,imfo,hi.'f>utfiA fliall offsnhe finne offrins fiift , a«d ^ wdig the ; 

necke of itafunder , but not pUicke it 

ρ After hee iliall fprinkle of the biooti dt 
finne ofiiing vpon the fide of the altar,Sc the re 
of the blood iliall be || ihed at the foote of tlie al-i 5 Or,f,nrt/. 
tar : fir it is a finne oflring. 

10 Alfo he Ihall offer the fecond for a burnt 
ofl&ing (I as the maner is:fo ili?!! the Prieft ^ make 
an atonement for him (for his finne which hee|,l°f'ff.','f^*jy5, 
hath committed) and it ihalbe forgiuen him. '"," 

1 1 '' But if hee * be not able to'bring two turn * ν^ψτ, 
tie doues,or twoyorag pigeons, then he that hath: 
finned, ihall bring for his offring the tenth part of] 

an t Ephah of fine flowre for a finne offring , hee< which was about 
iliall put none f oyle thereto , neither put any in-iJP°"*."• , 
cenfe thereon : for it is a finne offring. ^,^Ι^^ ^,'™"* 

12 Then iliall hee bring it to the Prieft, & the: 

Prieft ihall take his hamlfullof itforthe * ic-i^ch^ti•-'• 
membrance thereof , and burne it vpon thealtar'*'^'"'''*•''' 
* with the offrings of the Lord made by fire : far, 
it i? a finne offring. 

13 So the Prieft iliall make an atonement for 
him, as touching his finne, that he hath commit- 
ted in one of theie/?ewf/ , and it ilialbe forgiuen ' 
him ; and the remnani ihall be the Priefts , as the 
meate offring. • 

14 Τ And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes,faying,! 
1 5• If any perfon tranfgreile and finne through 

i'gnoimct%bytAl(ing»vvay things confecrated g At totichiag the . 
vnto the Lord , hc ihall then bring for his tref-*" [™^'^»^;/*^^^ 
pafle offering vnto the Lord a rarame without j^j "enites."' * 
blemiih out of the flocke , worth two ihekels of; 
filuerhby thy eftimation after the fhckel of the'' ^T*«*"V"««- 
San%ary,fora trefpaffe offring. Λ^^Γ* 

\6 So he ihall reftore that wherein he hath 
offended , in taking away of the holy thing.and 
fliall put the fift part more thereto, and giuc it vn-i 
to the Prieft : fothe Prieft ihall make an atone- - •. 
mentfor him with the ramme of the trefpaffe of-; 
fring.and it ihalbe forgiuen him. 

17 \ Alfoif any finneand * doe<ig<ii«yi any *C4jp.+.jj 
of the Commanderaents of the Lord, which ought; 

not to be done and know not,andi finne and bears "i T:hit\s,iiiKV)ixi \ 
hisiniquitie. jicm.mbteth that 

1 8 Then iliall hc bring a ramme without ble- ^Λ." his confii- 
mi(h out of the flocke , inthy eftimation x-T/or/^'encedothawuit" 
♦/z/x/i)/^e;i;i/r for a trefpaffe offring vnto the Prieft; Mm. 

and the Prieft fliall makean atonement for him .^ ^*"'-3'• 'J• 
concerning his * ignorance wherein he erred.and i( th if his Γ«ίΐι« 
was not ware : fo it fliall be forgiuen him. • -- . 

19 Tliis is the trefpaffe offring for the trefpaffe 
committed againft the Lord, 

igainR God come 
η malice, he mull 

vfn tit 

a Tv>beftow,an4 
occiipie foi the vft 
of him that gaiie it. 


t Tie cffrln^ fotfinrtet aiichurt iloTie mllingiy 
tht hurnt offttirigi. 1 3 lit fitt mufl tiijt 
*lt*r. Λ^ The Ua nftitmtMl efrin^. 
AJitiiti,*«i iisfoTiTitt. 

ANd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes,faying, 
2 If any finne and commit atrelpaffe a- 
gainft the Lord, Sc denic vnto his neighbour that 
which was taken him to keep , or that which was it'eyliVy giliV 
put to him ' of truft.or doeth by '' robbery, or byjvahwiull mtinei. 
violence opprefle his neighbour, 

3 Or hath found that which was loft , and de- 

nieth it , and fwcarethfalfely , * for any oithefe]* N«m.s.<. 
things that a man doeth, «wherein he finnedi : ;< '"''l^^^^l^^' 

4 VVhen.I lay,he thus finneth and trefparteth,:^''^'^"^^','^',^ °'j 
he ihall then reftore the robbery that he robbed, oηcullometh to finnt 
the thing taken by violence which hee tookeby bypetiutyoifuch 
force , or the «hiog which was deliiiaed him 

like thing. 

and of knowledge: 


monies which 
enght to be 
ebftiued therei 




ΤΚέ tre^affe e uring. ^9 

c Vpon his fectet 

In ihe aflipans 

to keepe ,ov tfe loft thing which he found, 

y Or for whatioeuer he hath Iwoine falfeiy. 
he Ihall both rcftoie it in rhs whole * iunmie, and 
Ibail aide the fift pait more thereto , and giue it 
vnro him to whom it pertaineth , the iameday he offereih for his trel'paife. 

6 Alio he Ihall bring for his trefpafle vnto the 
Lord^ ramme without blcmifb out of the * flock 
in thy eftimation worth two fbel^els for a trelpaffe 
offiirig vnto the Prieft. 

7 And the Prjelt ib.all make an atonement 
for him befoiethe Lord , and it Ihalbe forgnien 
him, whatfoeuer thing he hatli done, and trel'pai- j 
fed therein. 
8' ' Then the Lord {pake vnto Mofes.faying, 
9 Comm.iind Aaron and hisionnes , faying, 
This is the ^lawe of the burnt offring, (itisthe 
burnt offring becaule it burneth vpon the altar all 
the night vnto the morning , and the lire burneth 
on the altar.) 

ro And the Prieft lliall put en his linnen gar 
ment,and Ihail 
e his fielh , ι.ηά take 


23r -Foreiierymeatt;oi?riTigGftherrieftll^.!Ui 
be burnt altogothci-,it ihal! not be eatA . 

24 ί Furthermore, the Lord fpjQc vnto Mo- 

25 Sp^ake vnto Aaron, .-nd vnto his fonnes, 
and fay, Ί his is the Lawe of the finne offting. In 
■ the place whtre the b Jrnt offring is killed , fl-.all 

the iinne ofthng be kided before the Lord ,fir it 

26 The Prieft that offereth this iinne offring. 
iliall eate it : in the holy pLxe lliail it be 
the court of the Tabcrnick of the Congregation 

27 whatioeuer (hall touch the fierti thereof; 
ihaibe holy; 8: when there droppeth of the blood 
thereof vpon a * gainient , thou ihalt waili that ', 
whereon it droppeth in the hoiv' pkce. 

28 Alio the earthen potthatit isfoddenin, 
fliaibe broken.biit if it be iodden in a bralen pot, 
it fl-'-all both be Icov-T^d and walbed with I water. ; 

29 Ail the males among the Prieltes ihall eate 


Jrmeni c 

thereof, for it is moft hojy 
put on bislinnen breeches vpon ί , 3ο * But no linne Ifferlng , vvhofe blood is 
ike away thealhes when thel^re j brought into theTabcrnacle of theCongregatun, f cf^.4.s.i»Er, 

hath conlumcd the burnt' offering vpon the altar. | to make reccjnciliation in the holy place, lnall^e 
and he inall put them belide the ialtai", eaten,6er ihalbe burnt with >» hre. 

.11 Aftcr,helhaUp.itoft'hisgarments,andput I CHAP. VII. 

on other raiment , and cary the alhes foorth with- I • ΤΙ" '"' »/ '*' "φφ ΦΗ- ' • '^Ψ "f «*' ί'*" 
out the hoalte vnto a cicane place. ./""i. .j τ., /.,..,,., J»-<m.,..,t»«.«. 

1 2 But the fire vpon the aJtar iliall burne there- « Τ Ikewife this is the lawe ot the » irelpafle offe- 
on Λπά neuer be put out ; wherefore the Prieft [ ring ji is moll holy 
fr.all bnrne wood on it euery morning,aiid lay the i 


; Qt,\ntii widl 

! burnt oifring in order vpon it , and he ihall burne 
I tliereon the rat of the peace offrings. 

13 The fire ibah euer biiriie vpon the altar .««i 
ijeuer goeout. 

■ 14 ί * Alfo this is the lawe of the meate of- 
! fring , which Aarons ionnes ihall offer in the pre- 
i fence of the Lord.before the altar. _ 

j I y, Hee ihall euen take thence his hindfull of 
Ifine iftoure of the meate offring and of the oyle, 
and all the incenfe which u vpon f meate oflring, 
d fliall Uirne it vpon the altar for a iwcete la- 
UGur,-!/ a * memoriali therefore vnto the Lord : 
6 But the reft thereof Ibail Aaron and his 

In the place •» where they kill the burnt of- 

fering.lhail they kill the trei'paife ofhing,and the 
j blood thereof ihail he iprinkle round about vpon 
1 the altar. 

\ 3 All the fat thereof alio fhall <= he offer , the \ ϊ•" '"'δ•» Ρ"'•«ι 
\ rump,and the fat that couered tlie inwards. 
! 4 After , hee ihall take away the two kidneis, 
' wiih the fat that is on them and vpon the flankes, 
< and the kail on the iiuer with f he kidneis. 
j y Then the Prieft Ihilll-iurne them vpon the 

altar , for an offring made by hre vnto the Lord ; 

this is a tieipalfe oftiing. 
I. 6 All the males among the Prieftes Ihall eate 

thereof , it liialbe eaten .n the holy place .for it is 

moft holy. ' / 

7 As the Iinne offring ii,fo it the trefpafle of- 
£rihg,one d law lerueth for both: * that wherewith ^ ^^ j._.^^^ 
the Prieft Ihall make atonemcnt.uialbe his. 

8 Alio the Prieft that offereth any msns burnt 

which was in 
he l>.ae<, EtoiU ; 

η Oiitofrhe 

Whiih is for th» 
mallei finnes, anil 
uch as are 
"Ai the coirtt gate. 

fonnes eate . it ihalbe eaten without leauen in the 
holy place ; inthecom-t of the Tabernacle of the 
Congregation they ftiall eate it . 

Ϊ7 It (l^all not be g baken with leauen:! haue 
eiuen it for their poition of mine ofliing made , 

bv fte:fer it is as the fume ofi"ring , and as the ί offring, Ihah haue the skmn of the burnt oflring 
trelWlTeoifi-'^"• ■ which he hath tTStied. . . 

{% ' All the^males among the children of Aa- i 9 And .dl the meate offeiing that is baken in jt 
ron iliall eate of it • Ittfijalbe a ftaiutc for euer in ' the ouen.and that is the pan , and m the 
voiu generations concerning the ofliiiigs of the• frying p.!jr,lhaJb€ the Trieftsthut oflereth it.: 
Lord made by fire • * whatfoeuer toucheih them, io And euery meate oflriBg mingled wnhoylt, 

monies, noiwirh- 
woid «cipaile lig- 
niBeth leire then 
an,e• . . • 
Meaning, theitfl 
which is Itfc ani 
not btiint. 

Lord made by i 

and that is idiy.lhQll pertaine vnio ali the iooncs 

h so oft as the- 

19 iAg.iinethcLordipikeTntoMofes,faying, ; ofAaion.roaUalike. 

This is the ofliing of Aaron and his Ionnes, j ϊ I Furtherniore,this is the lawe of the peace 
-° • - '■ ' '- offnngs.whichhtihallotfervntotheLord. 

f 1 2 If he (.fier it to g giue thankes ,thcn he ftrall f. . ''.'.'I! '*.'"&■ 
■life οΙϊ^Γ for his thankes olfcrirg , vn!e 

20 This is the oflring of Aaron and nis ionnes 
^•hich th-y Ihall offer vnto the Lord in the da' 
,',-hcn he is anointcd:the tenth part of tn * Ephd 
Df fine fioiire,for a meate ofhing ^ perpettialJ:h,Ui 

High ptieft Ihall be " ' • „ ^ ^^.[{ς tjiCTeof at night, ; ming.ed with oyle, and vnk.'.uened v«'iters anoin- uing for 
«leAedandanoin-iOf ltintnemurning,c.iiauaiicy.<;;ic & , ,.^ , ,f • , , o; t„» a^,..^ Λ,,,,Ι T„..t/,fhi. ί-.-ιΙτΛ rectiutd.and alfo 

.. T;;h;fryi,;gp.nne'irihaibemacCwuh i ted with oyic. ic fine flouts fryed ν v«/nhecake^ --^.-d^^^^^^^ 
oyle : thou Ihalt bring ic fryed, and Ihalt oftewhe j mingled with oyle. _^ _ ^_ _ _^ _ ^_ _ ,γ?""?.'» """"■ » 

II baken pieces of the meate oflring foi a fweete ' " i-'-""!"'-• - 

fauour vnto the Lord. _ ,•,«.. 

And the Prieft tliit is » anointed in his ttead. 


•llii'w^lid*)!». among hh fonnes iliall ofter k-.lti, the Lords or- 
ft»il foctcdhun, dinan^cforeuer,itihallbe burnt altogether. 

1 3 He ihail offer αΐβ his oflring with cakes of [beaehts 
leaucned bread , for his peace oftiing* , to giue 
thankes. . ^ 

1 4 And of all the fac rifie'e he A'all offer one 
A*4f for an heauc oflring vnto the Lord , and 


f Bccanfe it had no• 
ylc net licoin. ^ 

nea caKes !„„ ,„a .hanktigi- 

I Λ 

^ Λ peace offrings. Aarons portion- Lcuit cus. 

it iball hi the Prieits that fprLiklcth the tloodof 
the peace ofFiings. 

1 5- Alfo the fleih of the ,pesce offerings , for 
thankefgiuiiig, ftail be eaten the lame davthu it 
is offered : he ihall leaue nothing thereof vntill 
the morning. 

16 But if the facrifice of his oifringii ai» vow, 
or a free offiring, it fhalbe eaten the Lune day that 
he oftiethhis lacrifice: andfoin thi morning the 
refidiie tliereof flwlbe eaten. 

17 Β ut as much of the offered fleih as remai- 
neth vnto the tliird day, Ihalbc burnt with fire. 

1 8 For if any of the fielh of his pjace offringj 
be eaten in the third day.he ilwU not be accepted 
t'hatoffereth it , neither ihall it be reckoned vnto 
him , but iliall be an abomination : therefore the 
perfon that eateth of it.lball i beare his iniquity. 

19 The fleih alfo that toucheth any vncleane 
i Aitet it be ficd. ^ thiii^, fhall not be eaten>«i burnt with fire ; but 

f) ifhemiltcsvow 
10 ortet: for«lsiiii 
licSi of the peace 
«ten the fame day. 

I The Γ«Λ« where- 
fore he offied (hall 

Aaron an ihislonne^l 


\\ of the peace 


m And flienU noi 
fend «by another 

arcynting Of iiis fonnes, cencemiDg the offrings 
of the Lord made by fire, in the day when he pre- 
fented them to fcruein the Prieits orfice the 

3d The v,\uchport'ionj the Lord commarnded 
to giue them in tlie day thithe rnointedthem 
from among tlie children of Ifrael,by aitatute foe 
cuer in dieir generations. 

37 This is a/fi the law of the burnt offering, 
of the meate offring, and of the ilnue cffring , and 
of the trefpaife offring.and of the <> conl'ecrations, ] β whieh f^aim- 
and uf the peace offrings, was oftetedwhtn 

58 Which the Lord commaunded Mofcs in I^V^i'"^ w«te 
the mount Sinai . when he comrasndedthechil-""»"""^ 
dren of lirael to offer their gifts vnto the Lord " 
in the wildemeife of Sinai, j 


It Ti» an,ynii»i »/ A»rti, , *ni Ut f tints , wSlti tit furifia j 
Mncernin^thfamr, \ 

Λ Fterward the Lord fpjke vnto Mofes, faying, ' 

2 * Take Aaron and his fonnes with him, !*£«,<. >». ,.^i 
and the garments, and the * anointing oyle, anda i* £»ni. jo'.t^ 
bullocke for the finne offering , and two ramme j, ; 
and a basket of vnleauened bread, 

3 And afiemhle all the company at the ioore 1 
of the Tabernacle of the Congregation. ; 

4 So Mofes did as the Lord had commanded i 

i of this fleili all that be cleane ihail eate thereof. ',! 
20 Cut if any eate of die fleih of the peace of- \ 
frings that pcrtaineth to the Lord, hauinghis ί 
* vncleanneife vpon him ,euen the fame petfoH ] 
ilialbe cut off fromhis people. ι 

21 Moreouer , when any toucheth any vh- ! 
cleane thing , as tiie vncleanneileof man, or of an ί 
vncleanebeall, orofany tilthie abomination, and \ 

■eate of the fleih of the peace offrings.whichper- j hirn.and the company was affembled at the doore 
taineth vnto the Lord, eutn that perfon ihall be i ofthe Tabernacle of the Congregation. i 

cut off from his people. ! ^ Then Mofes &yd vnto the company,* This Γ ^'•*^'''*• 

ζ 2 ί Againe the Lord fpakc vnto Mofcs .faying, i is the thing which the Lord hath commanded to 

23 Spccifce vnto the children of Ifrael, and fay, i doe, 

'Yefl-ialleatenofatof beeues,noroflheepc,nor 6 And Mofes brought Aaron and his fonnes» 
ofgoates. I and wail^.ed them with water, I 

24 Yet the fat of the dead beaft, and the fat I 7 And put vpon him the coate , and girded 
of tliat , which is tome with iieafies.u^idhe occu- i him with a girdle.and clothedhim with the robe, ' 

' and put the Ephod on him, which he girded with , . ;; 

the broy dercd garde cf the Ephod , and bound it j (f|f 

vnto him therewith. 

8 After , he put the breaftplate thereoji , and | 
put in tlje breaftplate * the Vrim and the Thum- i''''E«»i'-»».j«>i ,^ 
mim. i 

9 Alfo he put the raiter vpon his head, and ' 
put vpon the miter on dae forefront the golden 
plate , and the > holy crowne , as the Lord had i, so ialled.becinft 

pied to any vfe.but ye iliall not eate of it. 

2f For whofoeuer eateth the fat ofthe beaft, 
of the which he fliall offer an offring made by fire 
to theLord.euen the perfon that eateth.lhalbe cut 
offfrom his people. 

■16 Neither * ihall ye eate anv blood.either of 
foiile^or of beaft.iii allyour dwellings. 

ζ 7 Euery perfon that eatedi any blood , enen 
the fame perfon fhalbe cut off from his people. 

28 ί And the Lord calked with Moies, faying, 

29 Spcake vnto the children of Ifrael.and fay 

commaunded Mofes. 

10 (Now Mofes h.^d taken the anoynt 

He that offereth his peace offrings vnto theLord, 1 oyle , and anoynted the b Tabernacle, and all that 

ihall bring his gift vnto the Lord of his peace of- j was therein.and fandified them, 

frings. ! 1 1 And iprinkled thereof vpon tlie altar fe- 

30 His m hands ihall bring the offrings of the j tien times , and anoynted rhc altar and all his in- 

Lord made by fire : eutn the tatte with the breaft j ftruments, and the la'uer.and his foote, to fandifie 

lliallhe bring , that the breaft may be * Ihaken to } them.) 

and fro before the Lord, i '-^ ♦ And heepowftd of the.inoyntingoyle 

31 Then the Prieft ihall burne the fat vpon the | vpon Aarons head , and anoynted him to fandifie 

Altatj.and the breaflilialbc Aarons and his fonnes, i hini. 

a thHis.hiiprj. 

32 And the right ihoulder ihall yee giue vnto 
the Pricit for an heaue offcring.c^ your peace of- 

33 The fame that offereth the blood of the 
j)eace offrings, and the fat among the fonnes of 
Λέroπ,^l•all haue the right ihoulder for his part. 

34 For the breait fl^aken to and fro , and the 
fhoulder lifted vp , haiie I taken ofthe children of 
lfrael,*«f« of their peace offrings,and haue giucn 
them vnto Aaron the Prieft , andvntohis fonnes 
by aftatute for euer from amone the children of 

3j iThisisthc» anointing of Aaj«n,and the 

this iuperUription, 
■■ ' to the 


was friuin 

b That it, the He. 

tuirie aad (he 


13 After, Mofes brought Aarons fonnes , and 

Sut coates vpon them, and girded them with gir- 
les, and put bonets vpon their heads,as the Lord 
had comm.anded Mofes. < 

14 * Then he brought the bullocke for the *'»<»■ »»•ι,' 
finne offering, and Aaron and hif fonnes put rheiii '^t•*•*• 
handes vpon the head ofthe bullocke for the linnej 

1 5 And Mofcs flew him.and tooke the blood, 
which he put vpon the home ofthe * Altar,round 
about with his finger.Sc purified the altar,8c pow- 
red the reft ofthe blood at the foote ofthe aJt;ir:fo 
he fandified d it,to make recotKUiation vpon it. 

16 Ther 



d T• efftrfoxilH 
finnesef ih{ 

a yMnoynt id 

efftings, which 
•t oftiing foihim 
ftlfe , chc Pikft 
liiih ibe ikiiine, 


iitcanh <Iiat (he 
PtieRs weieuoty 
eilaUiUicci in tlicj 


16 Then fiee «5cfte all the fat that was vpon 
the in\varc!s,snd ihe kail of the liuer, and the two 
kiJncis with their fat , which Mofes buined vpon 
the altar. 

17 But the biillocke tnd his « hide , and his 
ftelh J and his donng , hee burnt with f re without 
the hoalle as the Lord had commanded Mo<t-s, 

18 f ^^^° ^^^ brought tlTeramitie for the 
bwrnt oftring , aiid Aaron aid his lonnes put tht'ir 
hands vpon the head of the r'rctne. 

19 So Mofes killed it.snd iprinklcd.the blood 
vpon the altar round i'boiit, 

2u And Mofes cut the ramme in pieces ,and 
burnt the head with the pieces , and the fat, 

21 And vvaflied the inwardes and the ledges ia 
water;fo Mofes burnt the ramme euery whit vpon 
the Altar : f»r it was a burnt offering for a fweece 
fauoTir , whith was madt by hie vnto the 
the Lord comnimded Mofes. 

7.1 f * After he brought the other ramme ,the 
ramme of confecrations, & A<iron rndhis fonnes 
layed their hands vpon the head of the ramme, 

23 Which Mofcsfllewc, and tookecfthe 
blood of it ,andpiitit vpon thelappeof Aarons 
right eare, rnd vpon the thumb of his right hand, 
and vpon the great toe of his right foote. 

24 Then Mofes brought A'arons fcnnos , and 
put of the blood .on the lap of their right eares 

Aarons firftoffrings, ^o 

34 As lihchath done this day .βώ^ Lordhath 
commanded to doe,tu make an ntono net for you. 

3 y Therefore Ihall yee abide at the doorc of the 
Tabernacle of the Congregation , day and night, 
fenen dayes , and fhall keepe the watch ofthe 
Lord , that ye die not : for fo I am commanded. 
3;i So Aaron and his fonnes did ail thinges 
which the Lord had commanded by tlic ifhand 
of Mofes. 


Aj'oH ll.ffith Ihtfnfif. 
Ϊ+ fbtfitttamnittk 

I1 BycemmilTion 


8 Tit βτβ efriuft cfAJ'in. 1 

ZV Κ Λ in the > eight day Mofes called Aaron and 
his fonnes . and the Eiders of Ilrael : 

2 * Then hee faid vnto Aaron , Take thee a 
yong caJfe for ab finne oftring , and a ramme for 
a burnt oftring , l/eth without blemiib , and bring 
them before the Loi-d. 

3 And vnto the children of Ifrae! thou .'halt Lf, he pj_^__^^^ 
fpeakc ,fay ing.Take yee an lice goate for a finne jjnd offtKthTht ' 
ofti ing, and a calfe, and a kmbe, both of ayeere |ίο»ι« priniipill 
Okie , without blcmin-i for a burnt oftVing, f"if»"'' λ* Sc 

4 Alfo a bullocke , and a ramme for peace of- lotftring ' ih! «"« 
frings , to offer before the Lord , and a rne.ue of- joiftrings*, ind iht 
fring mingled with oyle; for today the Lord «ϋΐ'"""'• •*'•>8• 
appeare vnto you. • 

y Τ Then they brought that v.hichMofesf c.Ti- 
maiinded before the Tabernacle c-f the Congre- 

I After their cen- 
«cration : for the 

;ien dayes beroiC« 
he FrieOtwirt 


b Aaron entictfa 
the pollefsioe 

c Eefbrt f Jie AJiai 
where his ςΙοΓγ 

andvpon thethumbes ofiheirrighthahdes .and i "■'"""''«^'•' ti' ,«-,,, 

vpon die great toes of theirright^cte .and Mo- gation.and all the aifembly drew neere.&itoodc 

fcs fprinkJed r/;irf/Z of the blooJF^.oD the Altar ί before the 'Lord; 

round abo'it. ^ (For Moles had laid , This is the thing, 

2 y And he tookc the fatte andthe rumpc . and [ «'hich the Lord commanded that yee fh.oiild doe,, 

all the fatte that was vpon the inwardes .andthe | & the glory of the Lord Ihall appeare vnto yo».), 
kail of the liuer , and the two kidneis with their ί 7 Then Mofesfaid vnto Aaron , Drawneerc' 

fat , and the ri»ht Ihoiilder. i *° '''" -^'^^r , and offer thy imne oftring , and thy i Ktiit forthtvm• 


g. At the dooic of 

26 Alfo he tocke ofthe b:sfcet ofthe vnleauened 
bread , that was before the Lord,one vnleauened 
ca'<e,an.i a c?.ke of oyledbread.and one W3fer,und 
put ihom on the f .t, and vpon tlie right IhonJdcr. 

27 So he put * all in Aarons kands, f nd in his 
fons h inds, & ihook it to & fro before the Lord. 
28 After ,Mofe$ tooke them out-of tiieir h^nds, 
and burnt them vpqnthealtarfor abiimt offering: 
f»T thefe were confecrations for a fvvcete iauGur, 
wliich were made by fire vnto the Lord. 

29 Likewifo Mofes tooke the breaft ofthe 
ramme of , and ihooke it to andfro 
before the Lord :/orit vjm Mofes * portion ,as the 
Lord hath commanded Mofes. 

ΑΙΓ0 Mofes tooke of the anoynting oyle. 

peace, Htb 5, J. and 

30 . _ . 

and of the blood which was vpon the Altar•, and 

fprinkled it vpon A;u-on , vpon his garments, and ,•..,,,-,,., 

vpon his fonnes , and on his lonnes g.irmens with ' rons fonnes• brought vnto him fhe blood , which 
bim; fo he ftnaifiod Aaronjiis garmems.and liis \ he Iprinkled round about vpon the Altar. 

burnt oifring , and make an atonement for d thee 1**^";'",'*,'"^ '^''"^• 
and for the people : ofter alfo the offiing of tlie 
people ,andm<;ke an atonement for them, as the 
Loidh-uh commanded 

• 8 Τ Aai on therefore went vnto the altar , anc! 
killed the calfe of the finncuiFring,which was• for 

9 And the fonnes of Aaron brongiit the blood 
vnto him, and he dipthis unger inthe blood.and 
put it vpon the homes of the altar , and powrcd 
the ri/? of the blood at the foote of the Altar, 

I ο But the fat and the kindneis,and the kali ofje iiia 
the liuer ofthe finne ofixing , he « burnt vpon the 
Altar , as the Lord Iiad com.mandcd Mofes 

I I The flefh alio and the hide he burnt with 
fire without the hoafte. 

1 2 After, he ilewe the burnt ofting.and Ai 

hem in ovdcr, and ' 
fo they were burnt 
when till toidient 

fcnnes.and his fonnes garments with him. 

3 1 ί Afterward Mofes faid vnto Atron end 

13 Alfo theyhrought the burnt ofting-info 
him with the pieces therecfjind the head, and he 
lli-s>onneV"rSecthe7he'fleni'at the doore ofthe i biunt*;,.^ vpon the A^^^^^^ 
gTabemacle ofthe Congregation.and there •'eate 1 4 Likewife he did waih the inw.-rds and the 
it with the bread that is in the basket ofconfecra- legs , and * biunt them vpon the burnt oftring on 
tions , as 1 commended, faying, A,.ron and his the Altar. , ^. ' , 

'15 ί• Then he oftred die peoples offring.and 

fonnes iliall eate it. 

32 Bur that which remaineth ofthe fleih and 
ofthe bread.ihfill ve burne with fire. 
, '33 And ye fliall not depart from the doore of 
tiietabernacle ofthe Congregation feuen dayes, 
vntill the dayes of your confecrations bee at an 
end•* for feuen dayes, faid the Ltrd ,(h&\\\\^e 
titonfecrate yoii« 

tookc a goate, which was the finne oftring for the 
pec>ple,& (lew i:,& ofFied it for finnc'.s the firlt: 
16 So hee ofl^rcd the burnt oifiing.and prepa- 
red it, acconling to the mancr. 

1 7 He prefented .^ΐΓο the meate ofFring.and fil- 
led his h.ind thereof.^.nd ■♦' befide the burnt facri- 
fice of the morning , he burnt thisv^ua th-i .altar. 
iS. Hea 

f Alltiwiniifllet- 
weie biuni litcc, 
verit a^. 




Nadab and Abihu burnt. 


iseaites cieane and vncleaQCi 

{ of ^l1c btiUeclie I 
andthcnmme. I 

1 8 Heu fiewe ACo the bullocke.and the ramme 
for the p>;ace offiings,that was for the people, and 
A.uOns foiines brought vnto him f blood, which 
he fprinkled vpon the Altar round about. 

I ρ with the fet of the bullocke , and of the 
rammc.the riimpe,and that whi^h conercth tlie in- 
wards.and rlie kidneis.and the kail of the liiler. 

20 So they laied the fat vpon the brefts.and he 
blunt the fat vpon the Altar. 

2 1 But tlie £ brefts and the right fl^oulder Aa- 
ron ihooke to and fro before the Lord,as the Lord 
had commanded Mofes. 

22 So Aaron lift vp his hand toward the peo- 
ple.and blefled them, and'» came downe from of- 

fi Bee >iif« the Utw fring the linne offring, and the burnt oftring, and 
Λ1 «tere the San- ^,^^ ^ offringS. 

•"ppn"n^. 23 After , Mofes and Aaron went into the Ta- 

iteioii he il iiit bernacle of the Congregation.and cam»out, and 

to come downe. i bjeflej the people , * and the glory of the Lord 
oi^pr,yedfortI* ^ppearedtoall the people. 
lAiIi.i.s. i 24, * And there camea fire outfrom the Lerd, 
Cf».+,+. ; and confumed vpon the Altar tlie burnt ofhing 

.K,>g. .3,3s. ; gj^j jj^g f^jjg _. .^vhich when all the people fawc, 
A<"',t'.Vo. .1. ■ theyli gaue thankes,and fell on theirfaces. 

'11 Ov.f^trfitn» 

pe.-!ce oHeijn|s 
mijhi be bioiight 

il«m.3,4. »*i 

a Hoc taken of the 




3 H*i*i Mi Aliiu ΛΠ iurrt. 
9 Tie Ρΰφι JTf ftiiMiK 

13 Vt * Nadab and Abihni, the formes ©f Aaron, 
tooke either of them his cenfor , and put hre 
therein, and put incenfe there vpon, andoft'ered ; 
Ihange fire before the Lord , which he had not \ 

frings of the Lord made by fire , 2nd eate it with4 
out leiuen btfide the altar : for it is moft holy : 

1 3 And ye ihall eate it in the holy pla<e » be• 
cauie it is thy duetie and thy fonnes duetie of the 
ofinngs of the Lord made by ire : for fo I ara 

14 Alfo the * (luken breaft and the heaue 
fl'',oiiider ihal! ye eate in a H cieane place : thou, 
and thy fonnes.EOd thy* daughters with thee.-for e imihtbUta j 
they are giuen as thyll duetie 8c thy fonnes duty, ^o' ' " 
of the peace offrings of the children of Ifrael. 

ly The heaue ihoulder, and the fhaken bread 
fhall they bring with the oftrings made by fire that theii danghcets 
of the fat , to fliake it to and fro before the Lord, '"^'S'" "'« "f ''"i"• , 
and it llialbe thine and thy fonnes with thee by i7ngs'offiiIifn!ites"i 
a law for euer , as the Lord hath commanded. the fitn bome.and'i 

16 f * AndMoles fought the goatcthat was 'i'* Eaneriambe. . j 
cffiedforfinne.'and lo, itwas burnt : therefore he R«>"chap,it,ii.'^ 
was angry with Eleazar and Ithamer the fonnes 
of Aaron .which werefleft<ti»«ff, faying, 

1 7 Wlierefore haue ye not eaten the finne of- 
fring in the holy place,leeing it is molt Hoiy?and 

Godhia giuen it you.tobeaie the iniquitie of the Abihe, 

Congregation , to mJie an atonement for them 

before the Lord. ' 

1 8 Beholde , the blood of it was not brought 
within the holy place ; ye IhoiJd haue eaten it in , 
theholy place,* asl commanded. >c4</>.«,i<. 

1 9 And Aaron faid vnto Mofes , Beholde , this g That ή , Nadab 

f And not confu- 
med as Kadab and 

altat , which was commanded them 

fent from heiuen. 
End er.diited till the 

^^^.^^^^^ 2 Threfore a fire went out from the'Lord, and ^ 

^2ριίΒί"γ e£ Biby- j deuourdd them:fo they died before the Lord. 
Ion. j 3 Then Mofes faid vnto Aaron, This is it that 

S.lrL'Tw «*! the L^rdfpake , faying , I will bee " fanftified in 
^' - ■ - '■ them, that come neere me.and before all the peo- 
ple I will be glorified : but Aaron held his peace. 
4 And Mofes called Miihael and Elzapham 
the fonnes of V2.ziel,the vncle of Aaron.^nd faid 
vnto them,Comenere,carie your || brethren from 
before the Sanihiarie out of the hofte. 

% Then they went , and caried them in their 

j coates out of the hoft, as Moles had commanded. 

I 6 After, Mofes faid vnto Aaron and vnto E- 

As though ^elai leazarand Ithamerhis fonnes,* Vncouer not your 

nested foi them. ; heads,neither rent your cloathes.leaft ye die,and 

i leaft wrath come vpon all the pegpleibut let your 

Γ brethren, all the houfe of Ilrael bewaile the bur- 

I ring which the Lord hath d kindled. 

! 7 And goe not ye outfromthedooreofthe 

Tabernacle of the Congregation leaft ye die: for 

the anointing oyle of the Lord it vpon you : and 

they did according to Mofes commandement. 

8 f And the Lord fpake vnto Aaron,faying, 

9 Thou ftalt not drinke wine nor || ftrong 
drinke, thou,nof thy fonnes with thee, when yee 
come into the Tabernacle of the Congregation, 
leaft ye die : this is an ordinsnce for euer through- 
out yoUr generations, 

10 That ye may put difference betwcene the 
holy and the vnholy.and betweenc the cieane and 


1 1 And that ye may teach the children of If- 
rael all the ft:atutes which the Lord hath comman- 
ded them by the hand ofMofes. 

12 f Then Mofes faid vnto Aaron and vnto 
Eleazar and to Ithamar his fonnes that were left. 
Take the nieateoffringthatretmincthoftheof-t 

tthet wife the 
Sane commanded, 
ihiete , that the 
jeople may feate 


all atfe^ipn t 
Gods iiin indge- . 

Ceuc. u,'• . 
d In deflroywg 
Wadab and Abihu 
the chiefe , and 
tnenacing the leR, 





their burnt Mering before the Lord , and fuchj^isi„(;j^jjy_co„f,l 
things as thett^evvffi arc come vnto me. If I had deiinghisjieat 
eaten the linne offring to day,ihoiild it haue benefo"ovv,but doth 

1 • 1 i- 1 Γ i_ 3- I not leane an exam- 

accepted m the fight of the Lord? ' j^ ,„ fotg;.«them 

20 So when Mofes heard it, he was " content. ; ,har maiiiiou-iiy 

CHAP. XI. «ommandeAent oT 

I Of ifjfit , fifin 4ΐ>ί Urikt , »Wci t» ditiM . a»J xhitb *< , 

vncl/ane, , ' 

A Fter , tlie Lord fpake to Mofes and to Aaron, j 
■^^ faying vntoihem, ι 

2 Speake vnto the children of Ifrael , and fay, ^cm.^.i 
* Theie are the beaftes which yee aihall eate , a_pi«t. η.Ί*. 
mohg all the beaftes that are on the earth. '^^^ "■'*• < 

3 Whatfoenerpattcth the b hoofe , and is clo-l^^;,^''""'^* 
ucn footed , and cheweth the cud, among the b He not'eth fome 
beaftes,that fhall yc eate: jOnes of teafles, 

4 But of them that chewe the cud , or diuide ^°J]" ^^th^l "^ 
the hoofe onely, of them ye ihall not eate : as the !h"i« only tli" foote 
camell,becauiebe cheweth the cud.cnd diuidethi<lelt;oiheis neither 
not the hoofe,he ihall be vncleanc vnto you. *''*" '^' «"'.nor 

y Likewife the conie , becaufe lie cheweth the *'"{' "'"'he ku^.h 
cud , and diuideth not the hoofe ,hee ftall be vn-'both chew the cud 

cieane to you. |and haue the hoofe 

6 Aifo the hare,becaufe he cheweth the cud,&r^"^^^^ j^'^^^'*'' 
diuideth not f hoofe,he ihalbe vncleane to you. ^"^'^ 

7 * And the iwine , becaufe hee parteth thei* 1 
hoofe and is clouen footed, but cheweth not the I 

ctjd.he Hialbe vncleane to you. 

8 Of dieir ' fleili ihall ye not eate , and their jc cod wrfuld that 
carkiefe fhall ye not touch :fer they ihall be vn-|b"«by foi a time 
cieane to you. !th.y fcouidbedif- 

5) f Thefe fhall ye eate.of all that are in the wa-! "'cm the cll'all' 
ters : whatfoeuer hath finnes and skalcs in the wa-J 
ters,inthe feas:orin the riucrs,themiha]lye eate. 
10 But all that haue not finnes nor iJ<ales inj 
thefeas,orinihcriuers,ofallthatdnioouethir*^ λ» liniefiAiji, 
the waters.and of all « lining things that are in the.S,'^**""* "^'^^ 
waters,they Hialbe an abomination vnto you. ; tAs'they which 

1 1 Theyal fay , flialbe an abomination to you : 


Mcatesck^ne and vneleane. 

Chap. J^ll. 

11 Ot.grfhin^til 



»»jj «Λ titirfetl. 

but ftaU abhorre 

Purifying ofwomen. 41 

ye ihall not eatc of their fleih 
their carkeis. 

12 whatfoeuer hath not finnes nor fcalesin 
the waters.rhat flialbe abomination vnto you. 

13 ί Thefe ihall ye haue alfo in abomination 
among the foiiles, they Ihall not be eaten,/er they \ 
areanabomination, theegle,andthe Π goihauke, ■ 
and the ofprey : 

1 4 Alfo the vttltur.and the kite after his kind, 
35 Alfotherauensafteriheirkinde. ! 
Ί 6 The oftrich alfo , and the night-crow, and 

the fi feameaw.and the hawke after his kind : I 

17 The little owle alfo , and the cormorant, j 
aid the great owle : i 

1 8 Alfo the I redibanke, and the pelicane.and j 
the fwan : ' 

19 The ftorke alfo.the heron after his kinde, . 
and the lapwing and the backe : ; 

20 Alfo euery foule that creepeth Ληά, goeth 
vpon allfoure , fuch Iballbe an abomination vnto ! 
you, ' \ 

2 1 Yet' thefe iliall yee eate: of euery foule that , 
creepeth , »nd goeth vpon all foure which || haue | 
their feet and legs all of one to leape wnhall vp- j 
on the earth, ' 

22 Of them ye fliall eate thefe.the grafliopper 
1 f Thifc vfttt eet-j after his kind , and the ί folean after h is kind , the 
InineVindcsoE I hargol after his kind.Sc the hagab after his kind. 
'^«ηΟ?Γο«Γιο- -i But all οί/;ίΓ foules that creepetni haue- 

--^criyin'owtii. ' foiirefeetjihey/ijiiiZ^i abomination vHto you. 

24 For by fuch ye iliall be polluted: whofoe- j 

I iier toucheth their carkeis, ilaalibe vncleane vnto ; 

, the eucning. j 

■; orit of the cimp^ 2 y Whofoeuer alfo Ζ beare th of their carkeis, ! 

β»11 walb his cloathes,& be vncleane vntii euen. , 

\ 26 Euery beaft that hath clawes diuided, and 1 

tr Π ot, ijti w !>•' ! is fl not cloucn footed.nor cheweth the cud, fuch ι 

p jfjf» limin in t"*• ! fliall be vncleane vnto you : euery one that touch- j 

• * I eth them, fhallbe vncleane. j 

. ; 27 And whatfoeuer goeth vpon his pawes i 

among all manner beafts that goeth on all foure, : 

fuch ih.ilbe vncleane vnio you:\ doth touch ' 

their carkeis.lballbe \Ticleane vncill the euen. j 

j 28 And hee that bcareth their carkeis , (liall 

walb his cloathes.and be vncleane vntill the euen; 

far fuch fliallbe vncleane vnto you, 

^9 ' Alfo thefe ftall be \ticleane to you 
among the things that creepe & mooue vpon the 
earth, the weafell, and the moufe,and the 1> il frog, 
after his kinder 

3ϋ Alfo the rat.and the lizard.and the chame- 
leon, and the ftcllio.and the molle. 

31 Thefe (liallbe vncleane to you among all 
that creepe : whofoeuer doeth touch them when 
tbey be dead,(hallbe vncleane vntill the euen. 

3 2 Alio whatfoeuer any of the dead carkeifes 
of them doth fall vpon , lliallbe vncleane, whether 
it be vellell of wood , or rayment , or ' skinne , or 
facke ; whatfoeuer veflell it be that 
fbalbe put in the water as vncleane ^'ntilIthe euen, 

3 3 But euery earthen veffell , wherein any of 
them falleth , whatfoeuer is within it fliall be yn- 
cleane,and * ye Ihall breake it. 

34 All meate alfo thatlbalbe eaten.if any fuch 
water come vpon it , flialbe vncleane : and all 
drinkethat ihallbe drunke in all fuch veffels Ihall 
be\-ncleane. . . e „ 

35 And euery thing that then- carkeis fall 
vpon, ihall be vncleane : the fomace or the pot 
fljall be brc*en ; fir tbey are vncleane , and fliall 

k lo much of ih• 
wsrct ts (oochcdi 

h ΤΛί pMntfee 
ilijt liiieih on the 

Η Or, cntt^f. 

i Kti boitk et 


be vncleane vnto yon" 

3ji Yet the fountaines «id welles where there 
is plentie of water fliallbe cleanc : but that which 
i toucheth their carkeifes.ftiallbe vncleane. 

37 And if there fallof the dead carkeis vpon 
any fcede, which vfcth to be fowen, it fliallbe vn- 

3 8 But if any 1 water be powred vpon the feed, . 
and there fallof the dead carkeis thereon . it ihallbe"* ,^ί^ΐ^^ί 
be vncleane vnto you. »« «ttpe befo» 

39 If alfo any beaft .whereof ye mayeate.die, jitbtroww, 
hee that toucheth the carkeis thereof, fliallbe vn- ; 

cleane vntill the euen, i 

40 And he that eatcth of the carkeis of it,fl-allj 
waih his cloathes.and be vncleane vntill the euen :\ 
he alfo thai beareth the carkeis of it , fliall walhj 
his cloathes.and be vncleane vntill the euen. ! 

41 Euery creeping thing therefore that cree-| 
perh vpon the eardi , flialbe aa abomination , «»»<£ 
not be eaten. 

42 whatfoeuer goeth vpon tlie broaft , and 
whatfoeuer goeth vpon all foure , or rhithathj 
many feet among all creeping things that creepe 
vpon tire earth, ye Ihall not eate of them, for they, 
fliall be abomination. i 

43 Ye Ihall not poUuteyour felues vcithanyj 
thing that creepeth, neither make your ielues vn- 
cleane with them.neither defile yoiirfelues there-] 
by : ye fliall not, I defiled by them. J 

' 44 For I am the Lord your God ; be fandified '> 
therefore, and be " holy, for I am holy, and defile ^Jh^c'dT'd"'* 
not your felues with any creeping thing that ^^λ rtem ίβ fce 
creepeth vpon the earth. iiis people, i.wi, 

4 J For I am the Lord that brought y ou out | » . • i •. 
ofthelandof Egypt, to be your God , anddiati 
you fliould be holy ,for lam holy. j 

46 This is the law of beafts, and of foules^ntl 
of euery liuing thing that mooueth in thew.itetsj 
and ofcueiy thing that creepeth vpon the earth -j 

47 That there may be a difference betweenel 
the vncleane and cleane , and betweene the beaflj 
that may be eaten , and the beaft that oughtnotj 
to be eaten, 

C Η A P. XII. 

t Atm hon wmtufiMuU it f'f^ 'F'tr titir 4,Uutrati, 1 

ANd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.faying, | 

2 Speake vnto the children of Ifrael , and 
fay , when a woman hath brought foorth feede, 
arid borne a man childe , ihe flialbe \T3cleane » fe- 
uen dayes , like as Ihe is vncleane when flie is put 
apart for her 11 * difeafe, 

3 (* And in the eight day the foreskin of the 
ehiides flelh flialbe cireufiicifedf 

4 And Ihe Ihall continue in the blood ofher 
purify ir^g thr^e fc and thirtie dayes :flie ihall touch 
no ' hallowed thing , nor come into the i SanSu- 
ary.vntill the time ofher purifying be out. 

y But if flie beare a maid child , then flie fliall 

be vncleane two e weekes , as when fliee hsth her :ouit gneinUif• 
difeafe : and fliee ihall continue in the blood of pJo'«ri«,_ifY«• 
her purifying threefcore and fixe dayes. 

6 Now when the daves ofher piirifving are 
cut (whether it be for a fonneorfora daughter) 
flie ihall bring to the Prieft a lambe of one yeere 
olde for a burnt offering , ind a yong pigeon or a 
turtle done for a fmiie offering , vnto the doGre 
of the f Tabernacle of the Congregation. [f vt^rtrtche 

7 who ihall offer it before the Lord . .and^nmrofftringi 
make an atonement for hor : fo flie ihalbe _ . . 
of the ii^ue of her blood : this is the law for her 
that hath borne a male or female. 

M <m — 

>]ad fei that time 



* ί•.Κ' ■,»!. 

> Btfidcsihttili 

fciicn diyes. 

; Ajfactifice, «I 


d Thit ij, into the 

Twifi fo lon4 
f a.cbaica 

TKe difcef t ing of 

tfetii ticus7 


a Thiritntay bt 
fiifpeftciJ lobe 

b Tli»t is,Oir:t«ke 
in.ani bt lower 
ihcn the itn of i!ve 


la'u driwcii loge 

Jl Ot.hijiifti 

A As touching his 
fcodily dif..f« : fe: 
hii dileafe v.js noi 
imputed to him 
for finncbefcrt 
God.iJioiigh it 
Weie (he piinii- 
BWjitef iiiUlt. 

«Tor it'll net thjt 
contagion: leprie 
ihat infiSeth.biit• 
Ttinde of fciref», 
which hjthnot 
f Thjtis.dtcla- 
lech th» the iie3i 
is SOI found, but is 
jndaBget tobc, 


8 But if iliee t be not able to bring a lambe, 
fhe ilAall bring two * turtles, or two young pige- 
ons : theoneforabuiTiC offering , and the other 
for a finne offering : end the Piieft iliail miki tn 
atonement for her : fo Ihe fi-.all b'j ckane. . 


ί VfUt Itr^inMUtil lit Prkfl t ci'gh id ijkt in tod^tug l«r 
Irftifit \, Tkt iUlkfi", •'/""» 47 Anilht-I^riiof 
ipt ^iTftieltt, 

MOreouer , the Lord fpakc vnto Mofcs and to 

2 The man that fliall haue in the skin of his 
flelh a fwelling or a fcab , or a white fpot , fo thit 
in the skinne of his flcfli a it be like the plague of 
leprofie , then he Tnali be biought vnto Aaron the 
Erieft,or vnto one of his fonnes the Priefts, 

3 And the irieft fliall looke on the fore in the 
skin of hii fielh ; if the haire in the fore be turned 
into white , and'the fore leeme to be l" lower then 
the skinne of his fielt , it is a plague of leprofie : 
therefore the Prieft foall looke on him.and t pro- 
nounce him VDcleane. 

4 But if the white fpot be in the skinne of his 
flclh , and fecme not to be lower then the skinne, 
nor tliehairethareof be turned into white , then 
the- Prieft ihall Ihut vp htm that hath the plague, 
feuen dayes•. 

y After y the Prieft iliall looke vpon him tlie 
feuenth day : and if the plague feemc t to him to 
abide ftill , and the plague grow not in the skin, 
the Prieft fhall ihut him vp yet feuen daycs more, 

6 Then the Prieft iball looke on him againe 
the feuemh day, and if the plague « be darke , and 
the fore grow not in the skin, then the Prieft Ihnl 
i pronounce him clemcfar it is a fcab : therefore 
be Ihall w.ilh his cloithes.omd be cleane. 

7 But if the fcab grow more in the skin , after 
that he is feene of the Prieft for to be purged, liee 
jLall be feene of the Pxieft yet againe. 

8 Then the Prieft Ihall coniider , and if the 
fcab grow in the skin , then the Prieft fliall pro- 
nounce liim.dvncleane :^>-it is leprofie. 

<) Τ when the plague »f leprofie is in a man, 
he fliall be brought vnto the Prieft, 

I ο And the Prieft Aiall fee him -. and if the fwel- 
ling it white in the skin, and haue made the haire 
white.and there be raw flefn in.the fwelling, 

1 1 It :s an oldleprofie in the skin of his fiefl•!.• 
and the Prieft ihal! pronounce him vncleane , and 
iliali not Ihut him vp,for he is vncleane. 

Alfo if the leprofie II breake out in the skin, 
iadthe leprofie couer all the skin of the plague, 
from his head eucn to his feete , v^'herefoeuer the 
Prieft looketh, 

3 τ hen the Prieft fl^all .confider : and if the 
leprofie couer all his flefii , he ihall pronounce the 
pl.igue to be « cleane , bccaufe it is all turned into 
whiteneffe : fo he ihalbe cleane. 

14 Bm lit here he raw iieih on liinn when he i s 
feene,he fliall be vncleaue. 

1 5• For the Piieftiliall fee tlie raw flelh , and 
declare him to be vncleane .-^rtheraw flt'lh is 
f .vncleane ,f/;fre/jri i: is the leprofie, 

i6 Or if the raw flefli change and be tuitied 
into vvhire.rhcn he fiiail come to the Prieft, 

7 And the Prieft iliallbehoJd him: and if tlie 
fore be changed.inco white , . then the Pxieft fiwll 
lironoupce the plague cJara-ie, /or it is cleane, 
" igv T-ThefleAvalfo «i whoieskui there is a 
Kile, 915(1 is healed,.. 

leprofie ii the ffciL» 


tmpted, butif thii 

n pronouiiee4 

lim vr.clear.e.Iit 

IS pill oiitfVom 

loiig the people: 

«pptatMhbj»: , 

Mity the prop he- 

elTe.Num. ii, 14. 

d byltiiig Vj- 

h Ifhehiiie» 
liie fpot in tht 
ce where the 

Vrw Jiiict hcilcd. 

19 And in the place ofthe bile there be a white 

fwelling, or a white fpot fomewhat flul 
be feene of tlv; Prieft. 

xo And when ilie Prieft fceth it, if it appe.are 
lower then the skinne , .-ind the haiie thereof be 
changed into white , the Prieft then ihallpro- 
nounce him ξ vncleane -.for it is a plague ofiepro- 
fie.broken out in the bile. 

2 Γ But if the Prieft looke on it, and there be 
no white haircs therein , and if it be not lower 
then the skin , but be darker, then the Prieft Ihall 
iliut him vp feucndayes. 

2 2 And if it fpred abroad in the flefh.the Prieft 
iliall pronounce him vncleane:J^r it is a fore, 

23 But if the fpot continue in his place , and 
grow not, it isa burning bile; therefore the Piieft 
ihall declare hirttto be cleane. 

24 ί If there be any fle.1i, in whofe skin tliere 
is an hote burning , and the qnicke flefliofthe 
burning haue ah white fpot, fomewhat reddilh or 

2$ Then the Prieft iliall looke vpon it ; and if Eti 
tlie haire in that changed into wKire , and 
it appearc lower then the skin, it is a leprofie bro- 
ken out in the burning : therefore the Prieft ihall 
pronounce him vncleane ; yir it is the plagi!e of 

16 But if the Prieft looke on it , £«d there be 
no white haire in the fpot , and le no lower then 
the £i/.^r skin , but be darker , then the Prieft lliai] 
ihut him vp feuen daycs. 

2 7 After.the Prieft iliall looke on him the fe- 
uentiiday : if it be giowen abroad in the skinne, 
then the Prieft fhali pronounce him vncleane : fsi 
it is the plague of leptofie. 

28 And if the fpot abide in his place.not grow- 
ing in the skinne,but is darke,it is a j] riling of the 
burning : the Prieft iliall therefore declare him 
cleane •" for it is the drying jp of the burning. 

29 ί If alfo a man or Twoman hath a fore on 
the head or in tlie beaid, 

3 ο Then the Prieft ihall fee the fore : and if it 
sppeare lower then the skin , and there be in it a 
fmall yellowihaire rthen the Prieft ihall pro- 
nonnce him vncleane -.for it is abiacke fpot, and wonttobedje . 
leprofie ofthe head or of the beard. h™\« .'^" 

3 1 And if the Prieft looke on the fore of the of the body,''' 
blacke fpot , and if it feeme not lower then the 
skinne , nor haue any blacke haire in it , then the 
Prierfl ihall fiuit vp hirsi that /)<i/A the foreof the 
blacke fpot,feuen daycs. 

3 2 After . in the feuenth d.iy the Prieft fhall 
looke on the fere : and if the blacke fpot grow 
not, and there be in it no yellow Iviirc , andtbe 
blacke fpot feeme not lower then the skin, 

33 Then hee ihall be ibauen , but tl}epkce of 
the blacke fpot ihall he not ihauc : but the Prieft 
ihall iliut vp him that hath the blacke fpot , feuen 
dayes more. 

3 4 And the feuenth d.iy the Prieft fliall looke 
on the blacke fpot : and if the blacke fpot giow 
not in the skinne , nor feeme lower then the other 
skin, then the Prieft ihall cleanfe hini,and he iliall 
wafli his cloathes,.and be cleane. 

35:. But if the blacke, fpot grow abroad ia the 
fieib after his clcanfin»,. 

3i '- Then the Prieft Ihall looke on it; and if the 
blacke fpot grow in the skinne, the Prieft ihall nor 
k'feeke for theydlow baire :/er he is vncleane. 
37 But if the bl^ck fpot fe.tne to him. to :bid 
saa that blacke. hake grow therein .> ik; ' " 

I er, piflii^? " 


J -oiue, uuo 

: blacke jhetc 

fpot J 

k HeftaJlnet 
fare whether the•. 

eUow haire be ^ 

01 119, . 

W «dm the 


1 ayfidteneOe.ei 
any oth cr imcoji 

Cbap,S IV 

ot ta figne ef fo(- 
rsw and Umen- 
taiion . 

η ii'ther in toieji 
of itiouiJiir.g, ot 
fot Uiit of in- 
fetluie others. 


s. s• 

J whethtt it be 
gsrment, veflell. 

f IiUiWeliill 
Tiion<;l2cc, u 
Wife 37, 

^ IM Ttmtint w 
it jid bcfcce. 
I Or , wkeiliet ii 
tc in any baie 
f lace btiorc , Μ 

fpot is healed, hewcleane.and the Prieft fljall de- 
clare him to be cleane. 

' 3 8 f Furthermore if rhere be many white fi'ots 
in the skinne of the flefh of man or woman, 

39 Then the Prieft ilwll confider : and if the 
fpots in the skinof tiieir flcfli be fomcwhat darke 
and white withall , it is but a white fpot broken 
oiit in the skinne -.•thereforeh'i is cleane. 

40 And the man whofe haire is fallen off his 
head, and is balde, is cleane. 

41 And if his head lofe the 1 haire on the fore- 
pert, and be balde before, he is cleane. 

42 But if there be in his baldc head.or in the 
Jjalde forehead a white reddifh fore , it is a lepro- 
fie fpringing in his bald Iiead ,-or in hi^ bald fore- 

43 Therefore tlie Prieft fl^all looke \•\κ>η it, 
and if4he rifing of tlie fore be white reddiil• in 
his balde head , or in his balde forehead , appea- 
riiig like leproiie in the skinne of the flcfli, 

44 Hee is a leper and vncleane :t(ierefere ihc 
Prieft iliail pronounce him altogether vncleane : 
fer the Tore is in his head. 

4 Ϊ The leper alfo in whom the plague is , fl^all 
haue his cloathes m rent , and his head bare , and 
iliall put a coiiering vpon his " lips, and ihall cr}-, 
I am vncleane,/*»! vncleane. 

46 As long as the dii'eafe/7;i»^i vpon him, hce 
iliallbe polkited.^r he is vncleane : he ihcll dwell 
alone,* without the campe/7jd// his habit.:tion ύί. 

47 ί Alfo the garment thai the plague of ie- 
profie is in , vs-hether it be a woollen garment or 
a linnen garment, 

48 Whether it be in the warp or in the woofe 
of linnen or of wollen,#ither in a skinne, or in 
any thing made of skinne, 

49 And if the fore be greene or fomewhatred- 
difli in the garment or in the skin, or in the warp, 
01• in the woofe , or in anything that is made of 
β skill , it is a plague of leproiie, and Ibalbe lliew- 
edvnto the Prieft. 

50 Then the Prieft iliall fee the plague .and 
flnit vp If that bath the plague, feuen dayes, 

y l^ And Ihall looke an tlie plague the ieuenth 
tlay : if the plague grow in the garment or in the 
warpe.or in the woofe, or in the skinne, or in any 
thing that is made of skinne , tliat plague it a fret- 
ting leproiie and vncleane. 

f 2 And hee lliall burne the garment , or the 
warpe, or the woofe , whether it be woUen or lin- 
nen, or any thing tiiat is made of skin, wherein 
the plague is : for u is a fretting leprofie; therefore 
it ib.iU be burnt in the fire. 

5-3 If the Prieft yet lee that the plague t grow 
not in the garment , or m the woofe , or in \\ har- 
foeuer thing of skinne it be, 

y4 Then the Prieft ihall commaimd them to 
svaili the thing wherein the plague is, and be Ihall 
{bm it vp feuen dayes more . 

yj Againe the Prieft llialUocfo on the plague, 
after it is waihed : and if the plague haue not 
changed his 9 colour .though the plague fpread 
no further , it is vncle.nne : thou ilialt burne it in 
the fire , far it is a fret inward , ' whether the fpot 
be in the b-ue place of the whole , or in part 

<i6 And if the Prieft fee thar the plague be 
Jaiker , after tbaijt is waihed , hee llnall cut it out 
of the garment , or out cf the skinnosor out of die 
warpe.or out of the woofe. 

57 And if it appeare ftHl in the garment cr in 

Cleanfing o7m^ Xeper. 4a 

the warpe , or in the woofe, or in any th:ngfm?.de 
of skin , it is a fpread ing/i;>rfe : thoulhalt burne 
the thing wherein the plague is, in the fire. 

y 8 If thou haft walked the garinent . or tfte 
warpe . or the woofe ,or whatioeuw thing of 
skinne It be , if the plague be departed therefrom, 
then ihall it be walliedi the fecund time , and be 

yjf. This is the law of the plague of Icprofie in 
a garment of wollen or linnen , or in the warpe, 
or in the woofe , or in any thing of j^ , to make 
it cleane or vncleane. 


3 rte, i-Mfxgtfti, t,i,r. n Aoitfiit Umf, tkut t, l,m, 

A Nd the Lord fpake vnto Moles, faying, 
•**' 2 * This is the » law of the bpcr in the 
day of his cleanfing ; that is , he Ihallbc brought 
vnto the Prieft, 

3 And the Prieft fliall goe cut of the campe, 
and the Prieft ihall confuier liim ; and if the 
plague of Icprofie be hsaied in the leper, 

4 Then Ihall the Prieft command to take 
ioikim that is cleanfed.two Π iparruwes aliiie and 
^ cleane, and cedar wood and aslurlet /Uii,and 

5• And the Prieft fliall command to kill one 
of the biids ouer « pure water in in earthen vcf- 

6 After , hee Vnall take t!ie line fparrow with 
the cedar wood , and the skarlet lace , and the hy- 
fope,and ihall dip them and the lining fparrow 
in the blood of the fparrow ilaiue , ouer the pure 

7 And he ftall fprinckle vpqn him , that miift 
be clernfed of his leprofie,feuen times,Sc cleanfe 
him, and Ihall ^ let goe the liue fparrow into tlie 
broad field. 

8 Then he that (hall be cleanfed, fliall w.ifli his 
cloathes.and ihaue off ail his haiie,and waili him- 
felfe in water, fo he Ihall be chane: after that ([-.?[{ 
he come into the hoaft , and Ihall tary without his 
tent feuen dayes. 

9 So in the feuenth day he fliall fliaue off all 
his haire bothh\s head and his beard , and his eye 
browes : cuen all his haire ihall he fliaue.cnd fliall 
walh his cloathes , and ihall walh his flefli in wa 
ter : io he fliall be cleane. 

10 Then ill the eiglit day lie fliall take two hee 
lambes without' blcmifli , and an ewe l.imbe cf 
yeerc old vrithouttlemiih, and three tenth deales 
of fine flowrc for a meate offiing , mingled with 
oyle,^and a pinte ofoyle. 

1 1 A'nd the Prieft that raJketh him cleane fliall 
bring the man which is to be mide cleane , snd 
thofe things, l>efore the Lord, at the doore of the 
Tabernacle cf the Congregation. 

1 2 Then the Prieft fliall i:ki. one lambe . and 
offer him for a trcfpafle J tiie pince of 
oyle.and * fli.;ke them to and fro before the Lord. 

13 And hee fliall kill the lambc in the plate 
where the finnc oflering and the burn: offering 
are flaine ,?««'» in the holy place: for as the * linne 
offering is the Priefts,/» is the trefpaffc offering 
/eritis moftholy. 

14 So the Prieft fli-iU take ofthe blood of the 
treipafl'e ofti ing , and put it vpon the lappe of the 
1 ight eare of him that fliall be cleanfed , and vpon 
the thumbe cf his right hand , and vpon the great 
loe of his right foote. 

1 y The Prieft Ml 2ίΓο take of the pint ofoyle. 
Fa aaj 

f T-o (he inita t kt 
might be I'lite ilii» 
the leptpfie wt> 
departed, aid that 
all ocoallon of ίβ- 
r«lion might b« 
taken aw a./. 

aOt liie teremoBie 
in his f ingiiigji. 

I Or.UuUiMf. 
b Of biids wihich 
were rcimiacd Μ 
be eaten. 

d Signifying, iliu 
be ihatvras made 
dea'ne , wa» fee Λ 
liteiiie, asdteRo- 
lej to theceinpuiy 
of otbeti. 

e Which kath n• 
ijnperfedhon iii 
any membec. 

f This mtaTne i» 
rtrew, is called 



Cleaniing the Leper. 


μηά powre it into the paime^Fhis left hand, 

1 6 And the Piieft Ihali dip his t right finger in 
the oyle that is in his left h.'.nd , & fprinkle of the 
oyle with his finger feuen times before the Lord. 

1 7 And of the reft of the oyle that is in his 
hand , iluU thePriell put vpon the lap of the riglit 
eare of hi;n that is to be cleanfed , and vpon the 
thumbe of his right hand , and vpon the great toe 
of his right foote . t where the blood of the tref- 
paile ofrcringTi't'rtifwi.' 

' But the remnant of the oyle that is in the 
Priefts hand, he lliall powre vpon the head of him 
that is to be cleanfed : fo the Prieft iLall make an 
atonement forhim before the Lord. 

1 5» And the Prieit ihall offer the finne ofFring, 
and make an atonement foi him that is to ba 
cleanfed of his vncleanneiTe : then after ihall hee 
kill the burnt offring. 

2Ό So the Prieil iliall offer the burnt ofFring 
and the meate offring vpon the Altar : and the 
Prieit lliall make an atonementfor him : lb hee 
ihall be cleane. 

But if he be poore, and not t able, then he 
iliall bring one lambe for a trefpafle offring to be 
ibaken, for his reconciliation , and a g tenth deale 
of fine flovvre mingled with oyle , for a meate of- 
fring.with apinte of oyle. 

22 Alfo two turtle dbues.or two young pige- 
oni , as he is able , whereof the one flialbe alinne 
offering.and the other a burnt offering, 

23 And he iliall bring them the eight day for 


LeprofieiiaQiioafei ' 

: tin's declarttfi 
hat no plague noi 
" to man with 

h. Or, aalloffsr 
thtmasthe oifting 
ttetis Qiaktn to 
and f:o. 

an which I giue you in poffeffion , if I ^ fend the 
plague ofleprofie inanlioufcofthelandefyour 

? <; Then he that oweth the houfe.fhall come 
and tell the Prieft, faying, Me thinke there is like t'" ^odsproui 
a plague cfhp^ in the houfe . f '"" »"'* ^" i»»' 

56 Then the Prieft Hiallcommaiind them to 
empcie the houfe before the Prieft goe it to 
fee the plague , that all that is in the houfe be not 
made vncleane , and then ihall the Prieft goe in to 
fee the houfe. 

? 7 And he il:all raarke the plague : and if the 
plague ire in the wals of the houfe , and that there 
be li deepe fpots,greenilborreddilb,w'hich feeme ' O'-i'^'^'-'i?-• 
to he. lower then the wall , fι>u,mJ^,tl^it 

38 Tlien the Prieft iliall goe out of the houfe 
to the doore of the houfe , and ihali caufe to lliut 
vp the houfe feuen dayes. • 

39 So the Prieft lliall come againe the feuenth 
day : and if he fee that the plague be increafed in 
the vvalles of the houfe, 

40 Then the Prieft iballcommaund them to 
take away the ftones wherein the plague « , and 
they Iball caft them into a |l fouie place without L g, ftl/ntii 
the citie. t > i 

41 Alfo hee fliall caufe to fcrape the houfe 
within round about, and powre the duft, that they 
haue pared off, without the city in « an vncleane 

42 And they ihall take other ftones , andptit 
them in the places of thofe ftones , andfhall take 

f El'.iiitDiitpji 

S*.h,*>vt,f, .7. 

* Wittlitr of 
ihcmht can get. 

f Οτ,ί,μ,ιΛ 

k This Older ij 
af pointed f 91 the 

his cleanfing vnto the Prieft at the doorc of the j other mQrtar,to plaifter the houfe with 
Tabernacle of tte Congregation before y Lord, i 43 But if the plague come againe and breake 
24 Then the Prieft it>all take the lambe of the -| cut in the houfe , after that hee hath taken away 
trefpafie offering , and the pinte of oyle, and the j the ftones , and after that hee hath fcrapedand 
Prieft ihall ^ fliake them to and fro before the i plaiftered the houfe 

2? And hee fliall kill the lambe of the tref- 
pafle offring,andthe Prieft fliall take of the blood 
of the trefpafle oftiring , and put it vpon the lap of 
[his right eare that is to be cleanfed, and vpon the 
I thumb of his right hand , and vpon the great toe 
of his right foote. 

2.6 Alfo the Prieft fliall powre of the oyle in- ji 
to the palme of his ov;ne t left hand 

m where caii'm»- 

were can, and 
Jthetfiieh, that the 
)eople might nM 
It thetewiUi in•» 

44 Then the Prieft fliall come and fee : aed if 
the plague grow in the houfe , itisafreatingle- 
proiie in the houfe : it is i/jeri/ore vncleane. 

4i And hee fliall η breake downe the houfe, 

with the ftones of it , and the timber thereof , and _ ^ 

all the Η mortar of the houfe , S'nd hee fliall carieprfied downe" «s 

η taitii, he Chill 
command i 

27 So the Prieft fliall with his right finger J vntill the euen. 

i them out of the citie vnto an vncleane place 

46 Moreouer he that goeth into the houfe all! 
the while that it is Qiut vp , hee fliall be vncleand 


fpiinkie of the oyle that is in his left hand , feuen 
times before the Lord. 

28 Then the Prieft fliall put of th? oyle diat is 
jin his hand, vpon the lap ofihe right eare of him 
[that is to be cleanfed , and vpon the thumb of his 
jright h.'.nd , and vpon the »reat toe of his right 
foote : vpon the place 11 of the blood of the tref- 
pafle offering. 

25» But the reft of the oyle that is in the Priefts 
hand , he ihall put vpon the head of him that is to 
I be cleanfed, to make an atonementfor him before 
the Lord. 

3 ο Alfo hee fliall prefem one of the turtie 
doiies.or of the yong pigeons, 'as he is-able. 

4 7 He alfo that fleepeth in the houfe fliall wafli 
I hiscloathes:heelikewiiethateatethinthehoufel 
fliall wafli his- c loathes. 1 

48 But if the Prieft fliall come and fee.thattha 
: plague hath fpread no further in the houfe , aftea 
J the houfe be plaiftxred.the Prieft fhall pronounce 
i the houfe cleane ,for the plague is healed. 

I 49 Then fliall he take to pur ifie the houfe ,twol 
ij fparrowes , and cedar wood , and « skailet Uce, and 1^ i't^J*, « 

j hylfope. firing to binde the 

"•, y ο And hee fliall kill one fparrow ouer ptiifc ^yfop to the wood, 

II water in an earthen veffell. T(it^\^'to. 
ί yi And fliall take the cedar wood , and the liie to the Ebrewe» 

,_ „ . _. I hyiTope , and the skarlet/dci with the Hue Spar- ""«'hit fcatlei 

31 Such,Ifay,asheisable,theon9fora finne ί row,nnd dip them in the blood of the flaine Spar- wooU.Ebi.p.ip. 
offring , and the other for a burnt offiing , Β with ', row , and in the pure water.and fprinkle the houfi 

the meate offering : fo the Prieft fliall make an ; feuen times : 

atonementfor him that is to be cleanfed before ; 52 So fliall he cleanfc^the houfe with the blood 

the Lord. i of the fparrow, and with' the pure water , and witlif 

32 This is the* Lawofhira whichhaththe \ the Hue fparrow , and with the cedar wood , ani .• ί 
pLigne of leprofie.who is not able in his cleanfing \ with the hyfrope,and with the skarlet lace. 

taoffer the whole. 1, 5-3 Afterward hefliall let goethe Hue fparrowj 

33 ^ TheLordalfofpakevntoMofesandtO;; out of the ttowne into the -t? broad fieldes : for't ^■'■tiii*• ^^ 
Aaron.fayingi, fliall liee make- atonement for the houfe ,. and iif l^^fgf." ""fi*«W 

3*4; When-yebecomevntotheland^fCmav fliSllbe-cJeane,. 

— . _______] ΨΛ. 

I ΛφίΛ, 

T he purg ing of 

♦ Elr. i»«W/fl»»j 


tt/eiu, ,. 

tithes in 11<(;ί 
«I els of weak] 
ofnamie iiUKihai 
hit fctretjm. 
♦ of «he thing 
irhcieferc h( dial) 
te vB<lc*AC, 

Chap« XV .XVT 


il The ΛΛ Bgtif• 
.£eth cutty thisc 

«htteoc a inia 

• Ci^.• 

» That te* 
Sored <o his old 

«ate.and bt 1>«»1U 


if Meiai'tiii *U hit 

y 4 This ij the liwforeiJeiy plague pf leprofie 
find* blackeipof, - 

f y And of tile ieprolle ofthe garment , and of 

ϊ6 And ofthe t fwelling , and ofthe fcab ^ and 
ofthe white fpot. 

y7 This is the lawe ofthe leprofie ,to teach 
■t when a thing is vncleane.and v?hen it is cleane. 
C Η A P. XV. 

tiemfM. 31 Tit cliUrtM of Ι/λ,Ι mKjftrfeiTM'f"mtU 

Λ /^Oreoiier the Lord fpake vntoMofes , and to 
Aaron, faying, 
a Spe.ike vnto the children of Ifrael , and fay 
vnto thera , Whofoewer hath ?.n illue from his 
* vncleaDe,6fM«/# of hisillue. 

3 And this Ihalbe hii vncleanneiie in-his ifl'ue, 
vx>hen his flelh auoi Jeth his ϋΓΐϊβ,ΟΓ if his flclli be 
flopped froiTi his iflue. this is k his vnclearwlfe. 

4 Eiieiy bed whereon hee lyeth that hath the ' 
iliue , ihalbe vncleane ,andeuery thing whereon '• 
helitteth.ihalbe vncleane, 

J Whofueuer alfo toiicheth his bed.iball waih 
hii cloihes.Sc wafh iiimfeife in waEer.and ihallbe 
vncleane vntill the euen. 

6 And he that fitteth on any thing , whereon 
he late that bath the iflue,lball walb his cloaihes, 
and waib hirafelfe in water , andihull be vncleane 
vntili the cuen, 

7 Alfo he that toucheth the flefb of him that 
hath the iflue , Iball walb his r loathes , and walb 

Jiimfelfe in water , and liiallbe vncleane vniill the 

8 If be alfo, that hath the ifi'iie, fpitvponhim 
Hi ! that is cleanc.c he ibali waih his clothes, and wafli 

hirafelfe in water , and fliali be vncleane vntiil the 

9 And what ^ faddle foener he rideth vpoHj 
that ha;h die ilfue, ihallbe vncle.ine, 

I ο And whofoeuer toucheth any thing that 
was vnder him , lltali be vncleane vniill the euen; 
and he that bearetb thofe r6»)y/ , ihall w.uh his 
cloathes , and walh himfelfe in water , and ihaiJbe 
vncleane vntill the euen. 

Jl Likcwife whomloeuer hee tuncheththat 
hath the illue (and hathnotwaibedhish.ndsin . 
water) Ihall walh his cloathes , and walb hunlelfe 1 
in water, and vnckane vntiil die cUv-n. 

I i * And die vcilell of e?rth that he toucheth, 
which hath the iffue , ihall be broken : and eiiery ■ 
velfell of wood iha.lbe rini'ed in water. ' . 

13 But if he thut hath an iflue, be « tleanfed of , 
his ilVue , then ih.ii he count hini feuen dayes for , 
his cleanfing , iin.l waib his cloatbcs.and walb his ; 
fleth in pure water : fo ih .11 ie be cleane, 1 

1 4 Then the eiglit d-.y he iliaii Ccke vnto him | 
two tiurtie doiics ,.or two young pigeons , aid j 
come bcfor.- the Lord at the doore uf tlie Taber- 1 
nacle of the Congregation, and Ihall giuethenj 
■yntothe Pncil, 

I f And ihc I'rieft ihall make ofthe one of them 
a fmne oftei ing, nd of fKe oth.r a burnt ofltring: 
{o the Prieit ui.'.U mAe ji atonement for hira be- 
io.e the Lordfor his ilVue, 

10 Aijo ii any niuiis ilVue of feed depart from 
him , he ih ll waih all liis f Uiah in water ,and be 
vncleane vntiil the euen 

vncfeara iiffues.' 4 | 

18 If he that hath an iffue of feedidoe lie with 
a womw .they fluirbotbwilbtliemfclues wfth 
water, and be vncleane vntill the euen. 

19 ί Alfo when awom.-nfhaUbaueaniirue, 
and her iflue in her flefli thalbe blood, the ihalbe 
put apart feuen dayes : and whofogiaer touchcdi ; 
her, ihallbe vnc leane vntiil the eutOT^i ,ΐ τΙί• ί» , "ΐ 

2ο And whatfoeutr ihe lieth vpimin i her fc- j?" ^**^'",,^ 

paration .ihallbe vnclestie .andcuery thing that .ι^*'^"•!^;",','?,/^ 

ihe fitteth vpon ihali'oe vncleane» ,; . . hei husband, ftem 

21 Whufoeu.r alfo toucheth herW.n•'!! ^»alli ''»T't«'''"l««"4 


Ciomtoncliing < 
tiiyholy ilurj, 

Duly lottch hint in 
the bed: £oi elttlii 
PT»j, ihatcomM-J 
nifd vviihluefi» 
die, chap. to. f. 

1 7 ivnd euery garment, and euery skin where- 
vpon ihall be itluc of feed , iliall be euen walhed 
with water, and b« vaclcane vncji» ,tlw«ueo. 

his cloatiies , and wj{b himfeife with water , and, 
fliallbe vnclean; vnto the euen. 

21 And whofoei:er toucheth any thirg that' 
fl'.e late vpon.lhall walh his cloathes, Sc waih him- 1 
felfe in water,and ilialbe vntill the euen; 1 

23 So thit whether hs toucheth her bed , or 
any thing whereon ihe hatli lit ihe lliaibe vncleane 
vnto the euen, . | 

i4 And if aman lie wuh her , and the flowenf^h it any other 
of heir feparation''» totich hini.he Ihallbe vnc'e.uie 
feuen diyes: ?Jid all the whole bcdwhereoabe-li- 
cth.ihaiibe N-ncie^nfc. 

2y Alfowhen a wom,3is iflae of blood runneth 
long time befides.y time of her t tioures, or when 
ihe hath an itihc longer then her iioures , all th^e 
dayes of the iflue of her vncleanneiie llitilwlibc 
vncleane, as in the time of her lioures, 

25 Euery bed wiiercon ilie liclli (aslongitf ', 
her ilVue kfteth) Ihallbe to her ^th^ ih.-d<jl h-r jf;?,,, "„""' 
lep.iration lan^l «■li.ufo.iieDha iitretli vpon, ihail on ii-.e lay when 
be vncleane , as her vncleaancfl'e when ihe is put .Oie had het namull 
apart. ' [*'^'»1*• 

27 And whofoeuer toucheth tliefe thin^t, fliali ; 
be vnclean.Jc-ihaU waih his clothes,Sc v.aih hirn- 
. ielfe invvater^iond ihallbe inicieane.vntoflie euen. 

2 8 But if ihe be cleanled of her tfliie, then ite 
. ihall 1 count her feuea dayes.and ijfter.ihe (iialibe . , 

cleane. ' '< k Afru.h.fime 

* , : " , . , 1 rt ΛΙ 11 ) iha; ihe ji ie«o- 

29 And m the ei»ht d..yflie€flia!l take vntoLj.ji, 
i her two turtles , or tvso y ong pigeons , and bring 
them vnto the Prieit tt the doore ofthe Tabei- 
: nacle ofthe Congregation. 
1 3c AndtliePrietiihillraakecftheoneaiinne 
j. offring, and ofthe other a burnt oftering.and the 
i Priefl Ibail make an atonement for her before the , 
; Lord,fur the ilVue of her vucieannefle 

31 Thus ihall ys 1 ieparate the chiidien of If- ^/";"d othi: 
raeVfrora their vucleanneflc , that they die not in sm,,n andck 
their vncleanneiie , ifthey denle n.y Tabernacle is among them. 

32 This is the lawof him that hath an ifliie, 
an J of him fiom Avhom goe^h an JflHe of Iccde 
whereby he is d<:6ied. 

3 3 Alfo of her thi;t is Gcke of her floures , and 
of bin that huh .1 rr.nning illue .whether it be 
man or woman , i«id of him that iieth with her 
which is vncle?ne. 


a The Pritfl mitht not eiauitmcu nu mf iht tptfl htff 
flAce S Tnt fi-ift ttite. m Tnt failing '»■ the The dear f,H<,,{ ike Tubiu.c,. zrTht 
J>rif;i c^n(r/j,thihe [tnnti tf Iht [-etflt. ij Ikt ffjl 
•/ fUiinfini finnti. 

■p Vtih-riHoic the Lord fp^ko \-nto* M-ofes.aftcr 
the deadi of the two lonnes of A:ron , when 
they came to ojfer b-forc ihj Lord, and died: 

2 And th^; Loidf'id -ntu Mo.'es,.SpeJkL• visto 
A.uxin thy broriier,* that hee come not at 'all 
times into the hoiy place within the vaiie .be- 
fore the Mcrcieicat,wliich is vpon the Arkc , that! 
hi die A0( ,for Iwiiiappearc in the duudvpon 
F i ilwl 

es wtcinnoibe 
hi!, iX"pfOitthl'U 
& (ii.nestie pnije^ 
wiih the blood «f i 
VTclcaiaii• de- 
li UlUfuuK. 


■ne hi* frfee 
ltd iuraihc 


. Xfeqiticiis ^ A finne offering fo r an i itonemcnt 

: I theHoly.phice/andthe Tβb^fπacIeofthee©n-. 
.''3 ' After ύύ$ fort iball Aaron come into the gregation ,and the Altar , then he ihall bring the 
Holy place : <^f« witli a yong bullocke For a finne line goati 

offring.and a raitime'fora burnt offring, 

4' He fliall piit on the holy linnea coate ,and 
Ihali haue linnen bretchcs vpon his flen\,& ihail 
jbe gilded wiftklinnen gir<ile,aiid llviU couerhis 
^ead with .almfen miter : thele are the holy gar- ί 
iments : tlrerefore fhall he waih his flelh in water, | 
whenhe doAfjiiitthem on. ' 

y And -hs iball take of the Congregation of ] 

-jthe children of Ifrael.twoheegoatesforafinne 

ofFiing.and a ramme for abamt offring. . 

6 Then Aaron Aiall offer the bnllocke for his j 

finne offring , * and make an atonement for him-• \ 

felfe, arid for his houfe. ; 

cjlleil Azazd, 
which fome fay. 
raoHntaine neet* j 

11 And Aaron lliall put both bis hands vpon 
' the iiead oftheliuegoate.andtonfefleouerhimj' 
all the iniquities of the children of Ifrael, and alt: 
their treipfles in all- their iinnes, putting them 
i vpon the head of the goate , and Ihail fend him s Herein tbU 
away (by the haiidof amanappointed) into the !|**"','""• 6- . 
wilderneffe. chri« , «ho'bej, 

22 So the goat iball beare vpon him all their i«th the finntj of 
iniquities into t the land that is not inhabited, •'''P">pl«-'f»• 5 1>« 
and he lliall let thi goat goe into' the wildemes . }^rau,'J*** '^ 

23 After ,Aaron Ihall come into the Taberna- , ' ' 
cle of the Congregation , and put off the linnen | 
cloathes , which he put on when he went into the I 

7 And hee iliall take the two hee goates , and i Holypkce.andleaue them there. i ' 

pi'efent them before the Lord ■at the doore of the i ' 24 He fliall waih alio his fleil^ with water in* 
Tabernacle of the Congregation. ■ t ^ the Holy place , and put on his ovme raiment, ;'' J" *« '«"« 

•8 Then Aaron ftiallcaftlotsioHerthetwohee and come out, and make his burnt offering and .^^/"^|^*'^|* 
goats : one lot for the Lord, and the other for the ' the burnt offering of the people , and make an ' " -* * 
I» Scape goate. ■ . I atonement for himielfe,and for the people. 

9 And Aaron (liall offer the goat , vpon which ; 2 f Alfo the fat of the finne oflfcring 11-^11 hee : 

ί Sinai, whiciiet tbii the Lords lot fliall fall.&make him a finne offriBg. 

10 But the goat , on which the lot fliall fall to ' 
be the Scape goate, ihalbe prefented aliue before 
the Lord j to make reconciliation by him, and 
to let him goe (as a Scape goate) into the wil' ; 

-4crnefle.^ - ■ ■ 

1 1 Thus• Aaron fliall offer the biillocke for h?s 
finne offring , and make a reconciliation for him- 
felfe, and for his houfe, and fliall kill the bullocke 
for his finne offring. 

1 2 And hee fliall take a cenfer full of burning 
■ coalesfrora oft' the altar before tlie Lord, and his 

handfull of fweet incenfe beaten Iraall , and bring 
»i within the? evaile, 

: 13 Andflsall putthe incenfe vpon the fire be- 
fore the Lord , that the π cloijde of the incenfe 
may couer the Merciefeat that is vpofij the Tefti- 
nujnie ; fo he fliall not die. 
i . 14 And hee fliall * take cf the blood of the 
bullocke , * and fpr inkle it with his finger vpon 
ά Thatis.on the ; the Metciifeat "^ Eaftward.-and before the Mercie- 
'i'l;/j;**J".'*Tfeat fliall hee fprinkle of the blood with his fin- 
foi"thi head oi the ' get feuen times. 

• goat wasfent , ba\ 
j lathec it it called | 
I the S'cape^oaie, * 

* becaufe it was not I 
t otfted, bmfe 
I, to the deieitj 
i verfs ί i. 


I, O, . <ii/«ou^. 
y Or. *(t4>^^ ~ 

mid 10 



VthiA vnit Tit. 

{ j^ncftaaiy Rood. 

* pTicti amoig 
tl«m which iie 

if Then fliall he kill the goate that is the ί 
: peoples finne offring , and bring his blood within [ 
ithe vaile and doe with that blood , as he did with ; 
the blood of the bullocke , and fprinkle it vpon • 
the Mciciefeat, and before the Merciefeat, 

16 So he fliall purge the Holy pLice from the 
vncleannes of the children of Ifirael , Sc from their ' 
trefpafles of all their finnes ; fo fliall he doe alfo ■ 
for the Tabernacle of the Congregation «placed ' 
with the middes of their vncleannefle. 
I 17 ^ And there fliall be no man in the Taber- | 
uacle of the Congregation, when he goeth into 

bume vpon the altar, 

26 And he that caried foorth the goate called] 
the Scape goate, fliall wafli his cloathes, and wafli; 
his flefli in water, and after that fliall eome into! 
the hoaft. 

27 Alfo the bullocke for the burnt offring.and i 
the goate for thefiniie offring (whofe blood was 
brought to make a reconciliation in the Holy 
place)fliall one*cary out without the hoafte to be 
burnt in the fire , with their skinnes.and with tlieit '''Ί Ί 
flefli, and with their doung. 

28 And he that btimeth them fliall wafli his 
cloathes.and wafli his flefli in water.and afterwari 
come into the hoaft. 

29 ί So this fliall5e an ordinance fereuer vnte 
you : the tenth day of the i feuenth moneth , yee 
fliaU 1" humble yourfoules.anddoeno worke attti7'jnd'itefweT"(b 
all , whether it be one of the fame countrey . or a f <> p«' of s«p'em-. 
ftranger that foioumeth among you. Ιολ^''^"''* 

30 For that* 4ay-fliall the Prieftmakeana-|kM°eai.Vng.b»ik.:' 
tenement for you to cleanfe you:ye flaalbe cleane iflinenee and 
from all your finnes before the Lord. jiaiiing. , ^ 

31 This fliaibe a Ϊ Sabbath of reft vnto yon, [ΐ^Ι!;^'^^';•^^ 
and you fliall humble yourfoules by an ordi- iioiaitftwiiiA 
nance for euer. γ» OnUkeiyemofl 

32 And the Prieft » whom hee fliall anoynt, ^^^^^^^,^^ ^ . - 
and whom he fliall confecrate (to minifter in his ; chaUan^nt by " 
fathers fliead) Ihall make the atonement , and fliall Gods conunaudt- 
put on the linnen cloathes ; nd holy veftments, ?"*"' '° '•"««^ >'•» 

3 3 And fliall purge the holy Sanduary and the! '■"*"""*!♦ 
Tabernicle of the CoogregatiGD,and Ihall cleanfe; 
the altar, and make an atonement for the Priefts 
and for all the people of the Congregation. 

34 And this flialbe ao euerlafting ordinance 

f Wecie incenfe 
andfctiqmt viS 


gregation of Ifrael. 

18 After, he flial! goe out vnto the ^altai that 
is before the Lord , and make a reconciliation vp- 
on it , and fliall take of the blood of the bullocke, 
and of the blood of the goat , and put it vpon the 
homes of the Altar round about. 

19 So fliaiJ hee fprinkle of the blood vpon ii 
vithhis finger feuen times, & cleanfe it,8c halow 
it from the vncleannefle of tlie children of Ifrael. 

a<j iWhea heiuthimdeaieadofipurgisg 

vnto you to make an atonement for the childreni 
I make an atonement in the Holy place ,vntiilhee ; of Ifraelfor all their finnes*onceaycere :an<i as' *&•«'•?•, t». 
(come' out , and haue made an atonement for him- ' the Lord commanded Moles, he did. < ***'•»»/? 

felfe, and for his houfliold,andforall the Con- CHAP XVII 

< <i/?yi«i/frf J myfi it ho ulkua the iocrt tf ike Teiernacie, ^.Ti 
JmiU Ihif nij »e; cjjfer. i» Tiey m^ »ei eat tittti, 

Δ Nd the Lord fpakc vnto Mofes, faying, 

2 Speake vnto Aaron , and to his Ibnnes, » inixhn fteaa 
and to all the children of Ifrael,and fay vnto them, ptaftife that idoia- 
This is the thing which die Lord hath icom-Jf^•"'!"'' ''"y^* 
maBded. faying. εΖΙΓ""*'^' 

3 Whofoeuer *« *«• of the houfe of Ifrael that b xo maii 1 
b killeth a bullocke ,ot lambe ,or goate ia the'""''" «>f»fi«u<3 
boaftiOr that kiJktll it eutof tjbie Jioaft, ^'*•*« 

i . 4— 

Xhey atef<)rbiddcn 

4 Idoal mwM Λ though 



Λ Whtit[c€att 
«*ithfo«lilli 'dcnO' 


toeatec?ood. 44 

, 4 And briogetH ithef Vntothedooreofthe | that foionrneth among you,fi-.aiieatc hico J. 
Tabernacle of tlie Ck)ngregntion to offeranof- L 13 ΜθΓ€ουεΓ>1ιοΓο6α0ΓΑί^»-ο£ the children; 
frin^vntothe Lord before the Tabernacle of the [oflirael, or of die llr angers t lint 1 υ iouitie among ; 

fring vnto the Lord before the Tabernacle of the . 
Lord , < blood llialbe imputed vnto that man : he 
hath (lied blood , wherefore that man Ihall be cut j 
offfrom among his people. ! 

y Therefore the children of Ifraeliliall bring 
their offrings.which they would offer * abroad in . 
the held , and prelent them vnto the Lord at the | 
doore of the Tabernacle of the Congregation by , 
the Prieft , and offer them for peace of&ings vnto 
the Lord, 

6 Then tlie Prieit fliall fprinkle the blood vp- 
onthe Altai- of the Lord before the doore of the 
Tabernacle of the Congregation , and bumethe 
fat for a * fweet fauour vnta the Lord. 
ftj^TjiV ' 7 And they fliall no more offer their oifrings 

c Mianin'g, what- vnto * deuils, after whom they haiie gone a f who- 
foeeer is not the j^^g . ^ j^j^ jhalbc an ordinance for euer vnto them 

nae Goo.i.Cor. . *? . 

opfaljss. m their generations. 
{ Foi idolatry is g ^ Alfo thoii flialt fay vnto them.^'hoioener whott- : fjg f,g jjf jhe i,oufe of.lfrael , or of the ftr angers 
faiA wwLdCod t Which foiourne among ihera , that offreth a burnt 
ibioien, offring Or facrifice, ' 

9 And bringeth it not vnto the doore ot the 
Tabernacle of theCongregation to offer it vnto f 
Lord, euen f man fhalbe cut offfrom his people. 

10 ί Likewiie.whofoeuer /;i^f of thehoufe 
.oflfrael : brofthe ftr angers that foiourne* among 
jthem^ that eateth any blood , I will euen fetg my 
iface againft that perion that eaterh blood, and wid 
' cut him offfrom among his people : 
^11 For the life ofrhefleih is in the Woodland 

I haue giucn it vnto you ta offer vpon the aJtar , to 
make an atonement for your foules : for this 
blood ihall make an atonement for the foule. 

1 1 Therefore I faid vnto the children of Ifrael, 
None of you iball eate blood: neither the ftrafig• 

C lVriUd«claie 

them, which by hunting taketh any beait ot foule 

that may be h eaten , he llwll powre.out the bloodi, which iht law 

thcreof.andcouer itvvith duit : ^eimutediio i>« 

1 4 For the life of all flelh is l^blood , it is ta «n,l>«"nf« « 
ieyned with his life : thcreft^e '£5feid vnto the *' *" 
children of Ifrael , * Yee iliall eate the blood of '^ ^^^^ „ ^ 
no II flelh •' for the life of all fleibisthe blood i or'h 
thereof r wbofoeiier eateth it.fhalbeteutoff. 

I y ■ And eueiy pcrfon that caieA it whic h di- 
eth<iibn#,or that which is totnn with beaflej,whe~ 
ther it be one of the fame countrey or a Itranger, 
he fhall both walh his cloathes.and waih himklfi: 
in water , and be vncleane vnto the euen ι after he 
flialbe fi cleanc. 

16 Β 1 1 1 if he waili thcr/t not.nor walh his 8 flelli, 
thenhelball beare || his iniquitie. 


j rhl'prnlhfreugtt nil tofoUcm ihrmaTrtn^fihfE^fflunfiii 

ANd the Lord ipake vnto Moles , izs ing, 
2 Speake vnco the children of lirael , and 
I {λυ vnto them, I am the Lord your God. 

3 After die » doings of the land of Egypt. 
I wflierein ye dwelt. Ihall ye not doe : and after the lyo'-ff•!»" 
i maner of the land of Canann , Whither I will ';,'';i^„u™"- 
■■ bring you, iliail ye not doe, neither walke in their j„hich the Eg>p 

I Or,4tmtii 



Ye Oialletefnufc 
fiom . 

tiaiH and Canaa- 

B«rdoe after my iudgements , andkeepe'j'««J^^^ ^_ 
ordinances, to walke therein : lamtheLord;^^ .^' , ^^,, 

fiod. b And theitfo 

mine ordi 

your God. b An2 thenfoi* 

c Yeniallkeepcthereforemyflatutcs.andmy yeoughttoftttie 
iudgeraents , * which if a man doe . he ihall then ™"''^ "^ 
line inihem :■ Τ am the Lord. c That»s,tolie 

6 Τ Nonefhallcome neere to any of the kinred , with het.ihougi» 
of his fleili to c v ncouer her lliame : I am the Lord . ; ^^''^^ίΐ^'* 

As Mofes cannot iontiia^Kiunomtvt^iththt.womenimt *e Γο of liinne to him as is ibctie fpec.itd 
■ hisfiB" ma•!' with ihf men that ate in like degite. Note alfo , thai feelidei tlie perfons 
\ ΛβΓ« *« afcend «t defccnd tithe it »£ bleod «lisied. 

.hc.e Λ 

Knot Mar^ 

EtegifecsH, ί idmedtimd^jahg-marriage. Leui 

d Whjch is thy 


« Eiihetbyfjihei 


f They ate lier 
fhiUten whof« 
fiiamc thoahaft 
'* Chjji iO.lP. 
(1 Or.f.r.•.,. 
* Cktf.'iO.tri. 
g Which thine 
vacle doeth dif- 


h Bccsuft tUei'Jo 
Ijtets, among 
■whgm Gods peo- 
ple had dwdt and 
flioiild dwell, 
vi'Cie giiien to• 
«hefe honible 
inccRs, Cod 
chargeth his to 
bevmeof the 

i «Yfeiing Mat. 
aflFcaion moie 
«hen to her^ 
* Chjf 

7 Thori flisit not vncouer the lliame of thy f.t- 
ther , nor the rtiame of thy mother, ftr ftee i$ thy 
■nother.thouiUahnot diicoueihcrlharae. 

* The Ihame of thy fathers i wife ihait thou 
not difcQucr : fir it is thy fathers iliame. 

ρ Thou ihilt not dlfcouerthe Ihame of thy 
«fitter , thediughter of thy father, or th« daugh- 
ter of thymii^ter , whether flie be borne at home 
or borne without : thou ihalt not difcDHer their 

I ο The'fhanw of thy fcnnes dattghter , or of 
thy dnighters diughrer, thou fhik not,i fay.ivn- 
coiier their Iharae : for it is thy ^ ihame. 

II The ihameoftliy fathers wiues daughter, 
begotten of thy fithcr (^rlheisthy fifter) thou 
Ihalr not, //^j.difcouer her ihame. 

12 * Τ hou ihilt not vncouer the II lb ime of 
thy fathers iifter : .^r Ave is tliy fathers kinfewo- 

13 Thou Ihaknot difcouerth3n>.?.mi ofthy 
mothers finer : forlhee isthy mothers-kinfewQ- 

14 Thou llnh not vncouer the-fl-iame of thy 
S.fathers brother : tiwitis , thou ΠΛah not gqe in 
to his vvife,jvr ibe is thine taunt. 

1 y * Thou ih'lt not di'.coiier the (liarae of thy 
daughter in law : for ilic is thy fonnes wife : there- 
fore Ihalt thou not vncouer ber Ihame. 

id * Thou ihilt not difcouer the fliamc of ihy 
brothers wife -Jar it is thy brothers ilT^me, 

17 Ihon ill lit not diicQuer the Ihame of the 
wife ark} of her daughter , neither ihilt thou tak.e 
her fonnes daughter, nor her daughters djughter, 
to vncouer ber lh=roe , for they Mthy kinsfolks. 


A f<feetition of 

2 8 And ihall ret t!ie land fpue yott o»t if xee 
defile it β fpued out the peopk that wece be- *, -f?' j ^^ *«''' 

r ι * meted mamjitf, 

fore you?) mnatutall copuf " 

29 For vvhofoeuer (ball commir any-of thefe tioat.xioiit.y er 
abominations , theperfonsthatdo^/Slhallpbe cut fp'''"'^' «Ίο«. 
off from among their people. p*"'"* ""'' "o- 

^ , - . abominatioat. 

that yc doe not any of the abominable cuftomes. S Eicheibjnht 
whichhaue bene done before you,and chat ye de- \^^\[Τ°^^'''^Υ> 

X. . 

i otwhiltsQie, I <«i/it wcrewickedneiTe. 

^, y .1 1*1 Ί ■ f iMi ind fuih Jiie 

30 Therefore Ihall ye Keepemme ordinances 

' " q Eithi 

\ c.qiU f 

file not your I'dues therein ': /er I aratbe Lord ο^Ι^^^^^^,^ 
your -God,. .-r..>v 

C Η A P. X 

A Nd the.Lord fpAe vnto Mofes.faying 
•**■ 2 SpeaRe vnto all the Congregation of 
the children o/irrael,5c fay vnto them, * Ye iliall * ctf. 1 !,««. aj 
be » holy .for I the Lord your God amholy. < ^ ',.' ' /" ' • ' ' • 

3 ί Ye fliali feare euery man his mother and *]]5,l">-'-'.-j. 
his father , and Ih ifl keepe my Sabbath ; /ir I am ' • 
the Lord vour God. * > r j 

4 Τ Ye ihall not turner ntoidoles , nor mak4""*'"''*»^^ 
you molten gods; I am the Lord your God. 

5• Τ And when yee (hall offer a j'eace ofi'ering 

.vnto the mall offer Ιι•» freely 

6 * Itfliallbeeatentheday yeofferit.oroo 

the morrow : and that wl-.ich reraaineth vntiU the 
I third d^iy.lhallbe burnt in the fire. 
j 7 For if it be eaten the third day , itlhallbe 
ί xttcleane.itib.allootbec accepted. 
' ^ g Therefore he that cateth it , ihall beare hi« 

iniquitie , becaufeheehath defiled the hallowed 

thing of the Lord , and that perfoa Ihallbe cut off 

from his people 

fome plague that 
Ced nil 

latrie,ard fupec. 

b Of^oiifewne 



< r»wn,efGeli 

haihhet Howitt. 

*K'S'i •°• , 

f Mb..,fihf-,i. 

1 which was an 
idole of the Am- 

v»hom they bin- 
ned aud I'aciihced 
tlieit childicn, 
t.Kiag.t}' 10. 
kethechiefeaad , 
ciircipallof ill- 
jdoles; jBdasthe 
lewes write, wai 
ef ajcat Batme, 
indholiow wiih- 

Places erclum- 
ers within him; 
oae was to itceine 
aneale that was 
cftited : aa o- 
cheridctledoues : 
the thiid r a . 
CicePe : the 
fouttli.aramme : 
tlie fixi m oxf ! 
cHilde. This 
j-doles face was 
hands weie tntx 
flteched out to 
teceiiie|ifit : 
iiispcielfs wete 
called Oemarim. . 
rcjidai. Kings 13. 
S.hoiei '3,5. 

1 8 Alfo thou fli.ilt not take a wife vvith her 
filter, during her life to ' vexe/'«r . ill vacouering 
her ib.ame vpon her. 

i^ * Thou ihalt not alio goe vnto a woman 
to vncouer her fliarae , as long a$ ilie is put •• ap.;rt 
for her difeafe. 

20 Moreouer , thou ilialt not giue thy felfe to 
thy neighbours wife by carnall copulation , to be 
defied with.her. ... 

21!- '* AUci thou flialt not giue thy t children 
to g offer them vntol Molech , neither Ihalt thou 
cefiieithe Name of thy God : {or I am the Lord. 
I 22: Thou Ihah nor lie with the male as one li- 
eth with a woman :fot it is abonjin.nion. 

23 * Τ hou ihalt not alio lie with any beaft to 
be defiled therewith , neither fliall any woman 
fend before a baalt , to lie dawns thereto : /«r it 
is 5 sbomin ititjn.. 

24 Ve ihall not defile your felues in any of thefe 
things : for in all thelethe Nations are defiled 
wluchJLwill call out bsfcre you.:. 

ij And.the land is defiled : therefore 1 will 
»" vifite the wickednelle thereof vpcin it , gnd the 
land η lliallvo Tiit out her inhabitants. ; 

r6 Yt iliall fcepathfrefoi^e mine or Jijwnccs, 
and my iudgemenrs , and comTiit noneofthe.^e 
aborrjinations , nfvveil bee is of the fame 
councrey , asthe ftrang^r thatfoioumethatnorig 
you. ^' 

%7- (B'or all thefe abominations hjue the mea 
of the land done, which were before you.and the 
Itnd is defiled: ' 

Slice (in 


Or, t*ti,^gt t»: 


5» ί * when yee reape the hariieft of your (hall not reape euery comer of ydur field, 
neither ihall thou gather the (j gleanings of thv 

ro Tlicu flialt not gather the grapes of thy 

vineyard tU»»e , neither gather euery grape uf 

thy vineyard , ^Λί thou ihalt leaue them for tlie 

poqre and for the itranger ; I am the Lord your 

I God.. 

1 1 ί Yee iliall not fteale.neaclier * deale falfe- υ m ιΐκ which 
' Iy,fleiφe: lie one to another. is commiiKd to 

j Ϊ 2 ί ' * A 1 io ye iliail not fweare by my P"' "*^"• 
I'falfely, neither Ihah thou defile the Name of thy Γ .^1''',!°• '"''*** 
I God : i :un the Lord. _ _ *'"' 

ί 13 ?Thoun-.aIt not do thy neighbour fl wrong, 
neither rob fc«>. * Theworkemois hire ihall not ^°:•νΐ'φι^•ι» 
itbiJe with rh;e vntjll the morning, fi '^d/J.'L.h ,{ 

J4 S Thou ibJc not curfe the diiafe,* neither ίί<Ί-»,ι+. * ' 
put a ftumblitig block before the blind , butlhaltj* ι^ί^Μ/.ιβ, 
lt;re thy God : 1 am the Lord. j 

15: ί Yeeihallnot'doevniuftiyiniudgement•. I 
* Thou ilialt not fauour the perLooof the poore, I* '^* »5.3. ''«.', 
nor honour the pcrfon of the mightic , ^«f thoutJ4'','"^j'*;^'; , 
$ialt Judge thy neighbour jiiftiy. ζ As a'liaiidercr. 

\6 ί Thou ihalt oot'walke <ji*«r with tales h«''''i'<''°'i'"-• 
among thy people. Thou flwlt not * ftand againft P^' P'«'"J.• 

( the blood of thy neighbour : I am the Lord, 



. . ,.^ in Iwai^piniflulie Jiadwhiiefnth 
, „ ^ - j/"° peUiitions ate fiiffertd. μ H«e «ompareih the witked 

17 "i Thou fnaltnothatethy biotherinthine jtonfeiring with 
ί heart , έ«ί thoirihait pltiindy rebuke thy neigh- P' "''''•*• 
jbour, tanJ fuffer himnottolinne, f«vntmiln' 

\ 1 8 ί Thou ihalt j»ot.auengc,nor be mindful! f 
j «/vfrin^ againft the childrenof thy jpsople,* but f' *<*"*• s.+j.'mji 
Ihalt louethy neighbo»iras diy felfe : J amtije Mj'i•^• »«♦««* 
. Lord. p' ■ 

i 19 "i^ Ye Ih-^Jl keepe mine- ordinances. Thou 
jflialt not let tby catte'l gender with gofW^f of L Ajthexftt* 
diiiers kinHes. Thou (halt not fowe thy field wirii feaft a» an«, e: 
«ningled/iirfi , f)i«jUii«ihall a g«mem cf diuecs sawi» amiui 

mdiylawesand ordinances. 



νηΐαν;ί:ϋΐι<:οηιαΓ|αιοη5. 4y 

thintts , 4/ of llnnen and woollen come vpoH thee. 
Λ c- wKr.fty.ner alfoiieth- .'.ndmeaieth With 

•iS'i Whofoeuer alfoiieth-.>.ndmeaiethv.ith | people of the land ll«ii ftonc him to 
1 a-jvomij that is t bondmaid;, affianced to a huf- ; death. 

P-iueth his children vnto»Molech,he ihall die the ■? e^ weicch he 

o{ Mole , Chap, 

IlitUbc , fomt 

.they Oilll 
be bwta. 

„ r' „j^^.„;n^nV.i.r i ί And I will ^ fet my face againft that man, |b B-eaie chip. ir. 

band, and riot rcdeemed,norfreedome_gim^ |^ J cut hiraciffrom among hispicple .becatitel••.-* '•■-- 

t ihe'ihall be fconrged. iM they llvill not 

canfe (he is not made free 

! he hath Jiinen his children vnco Molech ,for to 

, ofle_ ' defile my Saniluaiy , and to pollute mine holy 

21 And hee ihall bring for his trefpaile-.- 
ritvgvnro the Lord, at the 'bore oCthe Tabem^^^ ^^^^^^^^ .^ ^^^ ^ ^^^p,^ of 'the land hide their 

ο& the Congreeation , a ram for a uefpafle of- 

4 Ana It tnccpeopii 
eyes , and winke at that tiun when hce giueth his 
children vnto Molech . and kill hinvr.ot. 

Then will I fet my face againft that man 

c Though ihe 

ptcplc be acjlj- 
nt to iee iheit 
ery , iiid dtfeno 

Cods lijht , γ^ν»• 

, and will cut him off , and iwiu noi lutfe 

h itOijUle ve- 
tlea«« »5 that 
ihing , which ύ 

hath done . and pnrdon Ihall be giuen him tor his 1 Jl^Jh•'^ 
feline, which he hath committed. <- i i ' 

2 J ί Alfo when yee (liall come into the land 

iandhaue planted euery tree for raeate. yee 
Icoimt thefniite thereof as vricircumciied • 



fed vnto you: ic ihall 


AihMtr 11 If 
tnflii, ft Qllir- 

le miiiiite tuc- 
[iie o« velutli• 

* Cii/.it, J. 

Ill As did ihc Gtn 

kUes inligne ot 


U Or,«:ut, cr ««>«■ 

* Oiiit. 14•'• 

y ^c fowle et 

1 3r «•»'«'■» I 

Yeaikediei ,ot 

t'^t'*""• . . - 
Yttani , ittd L•- 

* t.iw».»*»*• 

I Ot.detUni 

Tiion tVip Prieft iliall make sn atonement , 

ρ hi"> '™ht — of,h=,,crp*„feins , „5. A- -- ;«; 

before the Lord, concerning his fnnewMchhee ^ ^^^ ^hfjg^^ shoring after him tocommit «■bore-*«''"«'^;^E»« 

lie with Moluth , from among th^ir people *"'""' ' • 
6 < If any turne after fuch as waike with fpi- 
rits . and after foothfaycrs to goe a ^ whoring S- \ 
ter them, then will I let my f ce againft that per- if J*/"'/"" f»'- 
fon. and will cut him cfl from among his pcop.e. , ,,^ / ^^■^■^^{^ 
7 % Sin^;lihe your felues iheicfore, '•' and be Llioicdemt , « 
holy . for I am the Lurdy cur God. ;"rl*"''' 

8 Keepe ye therefore mine ordinftnces,2nd doc; J y^^l'^'^**• 
! them : I am the Lord which dothf^nftihe you. j _"* ' 
9 f * lit here be any that curfcthhii father or| 
his mother, he fliall die the death ,/««'«£ he hath I 
curfedhis father Sc his mother .« his blood /WiiL a^^.,,,,^ 
vponhira. W'"• •'•«ο- 

ίο f ♦Andthcman.thatcommittethadulte-^<j»'''-'i.+- ^ 
ry with another mans wife. becaule-he hath com- f,,^,•., ' ■ 
rjitted adultery with his neighbours wife .the *Crfj.»a. αι. 
adulterer and the adultereffe il.all die the death. 

1 1 And the -man that lieth with his fathers 

vnfe , bectHiC hec haih vncoucred his fathers 

ihame , they Ihall bothdie : theirblood/7)4//*« 

jy<ere ilwU itbevncircumc 

inot be eaten: . , ,- . 1 

24 But in the founh yeere al the friiite there 
Uf Ihall be holy to tlie ptayfe of the Lord 
J2i And in the ffc yeere Hall yeeate of the fruit; 
Uf it.that it may S yeeld to you the lucreafe there-! 
lof : I am the Lord your Q«a. ,1 

I 26 f Ye Ihall not eate tiiPip' with the i blood. 
! ve Ihall not vie witchcraft, n^.r i oblerue tunes. 

* Yee IMI not k cut round rhe corners ot 


jyoui• heads, neither ibalt tliou ϊ maite the tuftes | 

° ' ^^* Yc ihall not cut yourfleni for the t Jead. 
mor mike any print of a i^aike vpoo you : I am , 
the Lord 

'io 1 Thou ttv»lt not m.J.e thy daughter com-. "^^^ • ^ 
nion.tocaufehertobe a", whore . ieafttlic land j vponthera 

alfo fall to whorcdome. and the land be full of s 
iwickednefTe. . , , , 

I to f Yee aiallkeepe my Sabbaths, and reuc- 
*encemy Santtu.fy : I am the Lord. 
' - Yee Ihill not regard them thatworkc 

ts ^'neitherSoothiavers :yeefliailnot 
them tobe deiiledbythera . Iamth6 

irence my 

1 3» ' 

feeke t« 

12, Alio the man that licth with his daughter 
in law . they both a^all die the death , they liaue j 
wrought II abomination , their blood fhidbt vp<rti ;jj 0,, ,.»/•^,^ 

tliem. . . , . i 

13 ί * Tlie man alfo that lieth with tlie male, ;^ ^ ^^ 
as one lieth with a woman, they hauc both coin- ^' ' 
mitted abomination :they fliall die the dcadi, 
tlieirblood/W^i*pouthera. . ,, 1 

1 4 Likewjle he that taketh a wife and her mo- 
ther, f coramitteth wickcdnelTc : they Oiall burne f „ ,•, ,„ «„.» . 
him and them with fiie , that tliere be 00 wicked- tu ,„d dettn»- 

4>ic ihisg 

f'°s-2TTh^'*ihalt η rife vp before the hoare 

'head , and honour the perlon of the old man . and 

dread thy God : 1 am the Lord. ... »- 

aa f And if aftrangcrroiuurnewiththeein, neileamonp-ou. -ι,,ι^,Λη,.π 

^^ Λ . lL\\ not ί vexe him 1 5 * Alfo the man that lieth wiihabeaft. ihall ,c»^. .8.^5 

^'^JnSSrtb^^^^^^^^ dieSiedeath.andyefliallflaythebeaft *^ 

,^lte as oL of voir felues , and thou Ihalt loue ' 16 And if .1 woman cotne to auy beaft , andli* , 

Ulbeasoneot yourieuc , »ι,^,ρ„,;^κ ,hev^ thou Hialt kUl the woman & the ; 




3 Ϊ 1 Ye flwll not doe vniuftly in mdgeraent'. 


i6 * You Ihall haiie iuft balanccs.tme weights^ 
awue Ρ Ephahnnd a true Hin.I am the Lord your 
God. which haue brcughtyou out of the land ot 

,ί,ιι. md".•' 
Ρ Bj thefe two 
OCEphih, «lit 1 

4i«i,E*«4.»i.*°'nanj the Lord. 

^ί'Γ Therefore fl-.all ye chferue all mine ordi- 
nd all my iudgeraents . and doe thcnv; j 


They H»t iit* If theh/tti'^ f Λί«/«* 
< Tlity tf"** I"»" ftcurfi «« 
that (ommUteth -tiulier} , 
mHh the kixrid tr kffinitit, 
fie tt the Lori 

muf ait. I 

fiutritS• lO Tfcf man 

initlt < •' fnuitati»n 

Jfintia fts»ti«r tt*- 

beaft: they Mldiethe< 

"^T? aSo the man that taketh his fifter . liis f»; j 
Thers daughter .or his inoihcis (L'.ughter.cndlet;th, 
l^eI n«m.e , and fl^e feeth his Tname , it is viilaniCT 
therefore the>• ll^all be cutoftmtheiight t ol 
their-peop'e,*^^"^ I'chatli vncoucred bis fiftas- 
Itame.he fl.all bearchis iniquitie. 

18 «'•The man alfo drat licdt with a woman * 
Jvauing her Β difeafe . and vncouereth her Aume. |* 
^«ioi^neth her fountains, and ihe open thefoun- 1 



Of, β" 

Ctjf ii.iMJV 


fl.-NdtheLoidfpakevmoKofes.iaying ''to L Τ^ΧΓ^ι that lieth wirhhisf.- 

P^ 2 Thou (halt fiy «'^-'^ ^^^.f/i'^J/" f . '^ brmhers wife . and vncouereth- Ivis vni- 
[frael. * VVhoroeuer UBe of the children of lira- Λ^^>,^γοΛ^ j^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ 

.:i,or ©f «hs ftrapseis 

rilVu i-lW.S; *; aS^:*cy ^* bearctoWW- 


Ordinances toucbhi^ 

fliall die ε childeleffe. 

21 So ihe man that taketh his brothers wife, 
> committeth filthinefle , becaufe lie ha:h vncouered 
his brothers h ihame.they fliaibe childlelle. 
'{ 2 2 ί Vee iliall keepe therefore all mine * or- 
' dimnces and all my iudgements , and doe them, 
h "Keide Chap. i8, that the land whither I bring you to dwell there- 
in, * Ipiie you not eut. 

23 Wherefore ye iliall not walke in the maners 
ofthis nation which I caft out before yon : for 
they hitue committed all thefe things, * therefore 
1 abhorred them. 

24 But I haue faid vnto you. Ye ftall inherite 
their land , and I will giue it vnto you to poffefle 
it , euen aland that » floweth with mllke and ho- 

*«»« of all things, nig . j ^^ the Lord your God . which haue fe pa- 
rated you irovaother people, 

g Thty Siallbe 
fcople.aiid ihcit 
and not connted 
among tht Iftae- 




i ΓηΙΙ of abHii- 

Heuiticusrr tliePriefts. Who may 

1 1 Neither iJiall hee goe to any fl dead body, Ρ o,.uti,h,^f„ 
nor make himfelfe vncleane by his father or byj'^ '*'*•*'• 

i his mother, 

1 2 Neither il-sall he goe out of the h Sanftuay J h To goe to A« 
: nor pollute the holy place of his God : forthd^"''• , 
' i ci'owne of the anoynting oyle of his God « vpoii; ''/,;„! ηΓ^Γ 
him : I am the Lord. ; prefeired to the 

s 13 Alfo he fhall take a maide vnto his wife ; ,o*«f PiieHt.anj 
;; 14 But a widow , or a diuoired women , or a *«"f»« to«U 
< polluted, or an harlot , thefe ifiall he not marry, dea'd>a»'hei 
; but ihall take a maide of his owne'' people to iioui'd haue pol- 

ij wife : lilted his holy 

I f Neither iliall hee defile his 1 feede anion 

£> i Notonelyef 

his people : for I am the Lord which fanCtifie his tribe.bJef 

him. all liiael 

16 Τ AndtheLordfpakevntoMofes,faving,^ ^7 f^'i'^f'»? 
Speake vnto Aaron . and fay , WhoiGeuer m^ «ΟΓ>:ί! 

1 zs 

* Therefore ihall yee put difference be- \ cfthy feede in their generations hath any blc 

tweene cleane beaftes and vncleane , and be- 
1 tweene vncleane foules and cleane , neither iball 
Ϊ By eathtfthem 'yeli defile your ielues with beaftes and foulcs.nor 
«onttary to my ■ with any creeping thing , that the ground bringeth 
ifoorth , which I haue feparated from you as vn- 
; cleane. 

I 2i Therefore iliallye be * holy vnto me: for I 
'■ the Lord am holy , and I haue feparated you from 
j ether people that ye fliould be mine, 

27 ί * And ifa roan or woman hatie a fpirit 
of diiiination , or foothfaying in them , they Ihall 
die the death : they ihall itone them to death, 
ilieif blood fhalbe vpon them. 


i ftt tohcm til Pri/ftt mijlAwtM. i How furt iht Sri'fls 
axgUta ίί,ΙηύΪΛ lbrmf'i'<ti,<t»din liuir fjmiljf . 

Λ Ndthe Lord faid vnto Mofes , Speake vnto 



« ly tonching the 

« ly tonching the I'lcin , χ-ν-ι 
dead.hmeniing.or hiS people. 

the Priefts the fonnes of Aaron , and fay viito 
them , Let none be » defiled by the dead among 

beina at iheji bu- 

miilies , flv^U not preai'e to offer the bread of his 
i God : 

1 8 For whofoeuer hath any blemiih, fliall not 
; comeneere : «/ a man blinde or lambe , or that) 
I hath «a flat nofe , or that hath any η miihapen m which fsje. 

\^ member, formed or btnifti, 

! 15) Or , a man that hath a broken foote . or a " '^^ "f^°^ *i"*^* 
i; broken hand, % Stn^Xl'^ 

20 Or , Μ crooke backt , or bleare eyed , or mote 01 lefie. 

;, hatb a biemifli in his eye , or be fcwruie , or fcab- ° orthathtrh a 
' bed.or haue his ftones broken, ^*^' <«P"d«» 

2 1 None of the feed of Aaron the Prieil; that 1 
hath a blemiih , fhall come neere to offer the fa- j 
crifices of the Lord made by fire , hauingable-i 

i, rniili : hee fliall not preale to offer the Ρ bread of Ίρ As the Diewe 
his God. plead, and mcaie 

22 The bread of his God , euen of the α moii «''^"'"S^ ., •. 
holy.and'^ofthc holy fliall he eate; 'Lr.nne 

23 Btu he Ihall not goe in vnto the f vaile, nor '» as of the ten^i 
! come neere the altar , becaufe he hath a bJemifli, "^ ''''' ^"""• , 

ieaft he pollute my Sanauaries;for I am the Lord [l^" *' ^'"^= 
that fanttifie them. * 

* Tor being mar- 
Tied, flit feemed id 
be cut off {coin his 

J Eltjhcmjfii 

ε The Pricft wai 
fcimitted to 
anotinie for his 
next kindled only 

24 Thus fpake Mofes vnto Aaron , 
fonnes,and to all the children of Ifrael. 

; to his 


Wi» eugitu uftjne frtm («ting tbr thin^t thu Wilt cffuii 

f Wt'l MwenfioMtiD^ired. 

ANd the Lord fpake vntoMofes.faying, 
2 Speake vnto Aaron , and to his ibnnes," 
that they be «feparated from 'the holy things ofa M«»«uig. tSat 
the children of Ilrael , and that they pollute not ij* P"''nsal>«a}«i 

2 But by his kinfman that is neere vnto him : 
to wit , by his mother , or by his father, or by his 
fonne.orby his daughter,or by his brother, 

3 Or by his filter ab maide, that is neere vnto 
him.which hath not had an husband : for her t he 
may lament. 

4 He Ihall rtot lament for the « Prince among 
his people,to pollute himfelfe. 

J• They fliall not make * bald parts vpon their 
head , nor ihaue off the lockes of their beard , nor 
make any cuttings in their flefli. , , -— ^ r - <v 

6 They ihall be holy vnto their God, and not , mine holy name in thofe things , which they hal- lonTaVihil'are 
pollute the Name of their God : for the facri- low vnto me : I am the Lord. foUwitd. ' 
uces ofthe Lord made by fire , <««<< the bread of 3 Say vnto them , Whufoeuer hee be οι uh 
their God they doe offer : therefore they fliall be ' your feed among your generations after you, that! 
holy. ^toucheth the holy things which the children} 6 lei 

7 They fliall not take to wife an whore , or of Ifrael hallow vnto the Lord , hauinghis vn-i 
a which hath an ; d one polluted , neitherihall they marry a woman cleannefle vpon him , euen that perfonihallbci ' ' 
cuiUnamcoiis | diuorccd fromhcr husband : for fuch one ij holy ■ cutofffrommy fight.I amtheLord. | 

«leiamed. vDtohisGod. ; 4 ♦ Whofoeuer alfo of the feede of Aaron is *«v. «$.*•'■ 

c Thou (halt counl ^ Thou flialt * fanof ifie him therefore , for a leper , or hath a running iflue , he fliall not eaicl 
ihem hoiyand te-l he offereth the f bread of thy God ; he flialbe ho- of tne holy things vntill he be cleane : and who 
««*""''"?• . I ly vnto thee : for I the Lord which fandlifie you, i fo toucheth any that is « vncleane by reafin oftho,* *7'«"•'"'"Ι*»ί 

f Ih« (hewbuad. , ^^ j^^iy ^ ^ jg^j ^ ^^ 3 ^^ ^jj^j-^ j^-^,^ ^f ^^^ j^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ |deaJ thing.ot b_^ 

9 f If a Priefts daughter fall to play the whore, 

β Ht&^vfen» 


iheepolluteth her father ; therefore fliall fliee be ; j Or the man that toucheth any creeping 
burnt with fire. | thing , whereby hee may be made vncleane , or a 

I ο Τ Alfo the hie Prieft among his brethren, ] man by whom he may t^ke vncleanneiTe , t what- 
(vpon whole head the anointing oyle was pow- \ foeuervncleanneilehehath, 
red , and hath confecrated his hand to put on the ! 6 The perfonthat hadi touched fuch • fliall 
garments) ihsllnot 8 vocouerhishead, iiorrent therefore be vncleane vntiU the euen, & fliall not 
4iis cloathes, eate ofthe holy things , ffjexcept he haue wafl^ed 


ing at ctui 
the deadj 

f Eir.diitfdliig I» 

I Or,vnt!lti. 

'eateofthe holy things 

a Or , irmi. 

Chap|. XXIIL S6 Iemii>e feafts,4. 

28 As for the cow or the ihaJi not^^lETIl i*P"".«».«, 

τ But when the Sunne is downe . he Hiallbe i her . and her yox\gbothm one d»v. 
iieane and flwU afterward eat of the holy things : 29 So when ye will oftcr a thanke ofFnng 
for kis his Β food. ! to the Lord . ye ihall offer willingly, 

8 * Of abeafttliat dieth.or is temvvtth beafir, 
whereby he may be defiled . he iliall not eat : I am 
the Lord. 

9 Let them keepe therefore mine ordinance, 
leaft they beare their finne for it , and die for it, it 

30 The fame day (ball it he il^all leate 
* none of it to the morrow : I am the Lord. 
3 1 Therefore fliall yee keepe iny Coramande• 


a which is ηβί 
ef ihe uibe ef 


fetaant whichhaS 
histatebottd, »«<* 


I whoisnwefihe 

that and » fiftn 
Bin oner. 

ments and doethem: for I am the Lord. i foi v^hofcuet 

3 ζ Neither fliall ye » pollute my holy Name, ao,h othtrwife 

but 1 will be hallowed arr,ongthe children of If- ihen Gcdcom- 
fo^'Ther'raXnrrftiarig^r'd^o'eateof^^^ ^, , ^ ;Γί'.;ί;Γ'^••*1 

Iv thin" ne th r . the gheilof the Prieft . nei- 3 3 Which haue brot.ght yon out of the landc, ""'• 
IV rnm_ . iicnut i, , .. ^f Egypt , to be yoiir Gol: 1 am the Loid 

they defile it : I the Lord fanftifie them 
. 10 There fedl no * 
lioly thing , neither ο the gheft 

hi'ithe'r ihalfan hired feramt eat of the holy thing: 
II But if the Prieft buy any with money . hee 

fliall eat of it , alio he that is borne in his houfe: 
they fliall eat of his meat. 

12 If the Pricfts daughter alio be maried vnto 
a f ftranger.fhe mny not eat of the holy offerings. 

1 3 Notwithftandin 

"if the Priefts daughter 

1 ThifiMfies cftht Ltrd. y Thi Sabbath, 
utr. 6 The feafl efvnliauinei bread, i , 

firfifmitei. 16 WhitfunUit. ^ The fiafi tfiUwi 
trumpets. 3+ Tit feaa tfTabtrnatles. 

The Vajfei• 

vnto Mofes, faying, j 
the children oflfraelamj 

ANd the Lord I'pake 
2 Speake vnto 
; rs"'retum'^dvn"to'her fathers houfe , fl^.efliall eat of fay vmothem , The feafts of the Lord which yee g, ^ «,^,^ί^;, 
jhet fathers bread,asihee did in her * youth : but diall call the holy y aflemblies , fMn thefearemy 
i there Ihall no ftranger eat thereof. _ _ feafts. ^ , , ... 

14 ilfamaneaioftheholythingvnwitting- 3 -κ sixedayes Hflwll woikebedone.butmthe 
Iv he rtiall put the g fift part therevnto,and giue it , fcuenth day fhall be the Sabbath of reft , an holy 
'' • -■" • 1 -1--1--11— .-J»v.;,^f> (I conuocation : ye fliall doe no worke »<'#'•««, it is 

die Sabbath of the all your dwellings 

vnto the Prieft with the hallowed thmg. 
„.tu..v-.- , If So ihall they not defile the holy things of 
toffc.foi<heit [the children of Ifrael .which they offer vnto the 
tnoH€.«h«i«oBl« £ord 

b^ then• ^ . χ' ντ£•„ι,ς.. caufe the/wfl^^itobcare the iniqui- 

Γ^^ΧΤΓ tie ,'i2'^"Safle, w^ifetheyeatetheirholy 

i thing : for I the Lord doe hallow them. 

i 17 r And the Lord Ipake vnto Mofes . faying, 

i ig Speake vnto Aaron, and to bis fonnes , and 

* i to all the children of Ifrael , and fey vnto them 

: Or. y "v "''hi 

Ο Or. .-Jfrmllf. 

4 f Thefe are the-feafts of the Lord, ««rfholy 
conuocations , which ye fliall proclaime in theit' 

«feafons. ,., c , l»ForiheSaW>»A 

5 In the fitft moneth And in the fourteenth' „»$ kept eneiy 
day of the moneth at euening/fc«/^i the Pafleouer wtcke , md thcf• 

oftheLord. , bmoncetutr,' 

6 And on the fifteenth dayof this moneth γ„„_ ' 

Β Of, 


all their vowes ,and for all their free offerings 
j vvhich they vfe to offer vnto the Lord for a burnt 
', oftering, , . , 

19 Tee fhaU offer of your free mmde a m^le 
without blemifti of the beeues , of the flieepe , or 

of the goats. ..... li 

20 Ye fliall not offer any thing that hath a ble- 
i miOi : for that fliall not be acceptAle for you. 
j 2 1 * And whofoeuer bringeth a peace offring 

vnto the Lord to accomplifli his vow, or for " 

fhalbe the feaft ■* of vnleauened bread vnto the 
Whofoener^'^fTrof the houfe of Ifrael, or of the Lord : feuen dayes yee fliall eate vnleauened *^^^^ J». '^| 
ftran oers in Ilrael, that will offer his faciifice for bread. 

-" , -- ., .L-:.. r„„„fl--.:_^. ^ In the lirft day yee fliall haue an holy con- 

uocation:ye fliall doe no t feruile worket;fe«rfw. ^^^^^^.,^,^^ 
8 Alfo ye fliall offer facrifice made by fire vn-boiir.faue'abmt 
to the Lord feuen dayes , <«»i in the « feuenth day thu which one 
/"Wii an holy conuocation: ye fliall doenoferuile ,";^1j"'• ^'""*' 

WOike thirem. r r Ψ '^^'- '»''' ■'*ϊ ** 

9 ί And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, faying, |theftjft and ihe 

1 Speake vnto the children of I frael, and fay ί'""* *"!" ^'J* 
vnto them.Whe ye be come into the land whichiJ'^'J;,^^^, ^^.j, 

vijiu luv *-v/x« ^" - r - -- • Ϊ g'"2 '^'^'^° you, and leape the harueft thereof, „„pta„yftaR 

free oftVingofthebeeues,oroftheftieepe,his free then yee fliall bring D a flieafe of the fiift fruits of w«^i, 
offrinoflialbeperfeft,noblemifliflialbeinir. ! your harueft vnto the Prieft, iuauer.dbmi, 

22 Blinde.orbroken ,ormairaed,orhauinga n And hee fliall fliake the flieate beto^•etne^J„^f,M„,l,aηf, 
D wenne or skiruie.or skabbed : thefe fliall ye not Lord,that it may be acceptable for you : the mor-a„d<he of 
offer vnto the Lord, nor make an ofiring by fixe row after the d Sabbath , the Prieft flialHhake it ^^^^^^'^ 
of thefe vpon the Altar of the Lord. 1 2 And that day when yee fliake the flicafe. ^^„ 'o«* 

■ 2? Yet abnllocke,or a flieei>ethathathrf»)' fliall yee prepare a lambe, without blemifliot a „,ί, 
•* member fuperfluous.or lacking.fuch mayft thon ; yeere olde, for a burnt offering vnto the Lord: d,.»,>+, .». 
preferit for a free offering , but for a vow it fliall j 

. for^a facrifice made by fire vnto the Lord of I'weet cmid s.bbithol 

fauour: and the drinkc oftering thereof the fourth. ;t'^»^'J^'«"<;•^ 

partf ofanHinofwine. fift part of 'an 

Λ And ye fliall eate neither bread ror parched' Fphah.ottw• 

*+ ■' ■,, 1 /..If, /■ — - .1--Oirei5: -.eade 


1 3 And the meate offering thereof fkalbe two ^-'^ ;, ^_^_ 
tenth deales of fine flouic mingled with oyle, j That ii ,, heft- | 

not be accepted. 

24 Ye fliall not offer vnto the Lord that which 
is bruifed or cruflied, or broken, or cut away, nei- 
ther fliall ye make an offrt^gthereof in your hnd, 
l^y•,^^;^;"- 2V Neither iofthc hand of a ftranger fliall ye 

f.'ftthJgor» 'offer the bread of your God of any of thefe, be- . ^„,,..,„.. „ ^,..- -^,- ,„,„^ .- ^i,od..i. .6. 

"3*• 'caufe their corruption is in them, there is able- , that ye haue brought an oftnngviuo your ν,οα•^ ^^^^ ^^^ 

: IhaBge: 
it tit Loids of- 
frisg : which he 
«^eth thebwad ' for yoiJ 
«f sht Lord• 

mifli in them : therefore fliall they not be accepted ' thh βα /be a Law for euer in your generations and \ 
■ you. 

26 f • And the Lord fpake vnto MofeS , faying, 

27 when a bullocke . or a flieepe , or a goate 
ftalbe brought forth , it flialbeeuen feuen diyes 
vnder his damme rand from the eight day forth 
it flialbe acceptedfor a lacrificetnade by fire yiu 
ito the Lord, 


I ί Τ Ye fliall count alfo to you from the mo- ; 
row after the 8 Sabbath , eue» from the day that ye g χι,,, ,•, , ,ι,, {^ 
fliall bring the flieafe of the fliake offering , feuen iu,,th day after 
8 Sabbath°s,they flialbe complete '„'? ^ /.t^'S:,. 

1 6 Vnto the morow after die leiienth Sabbath , <,, , ^„^^^ 
iliall yee number fiftie dayes ; then ye fliall bring 1 



holy conuoci tions. Τ 

« I 

h Becauft clit 

lit α Gioiild eat Cha|.7, 1 

nd thiy J.onll 
not be offered to 
the Lord vpoa 


a new meat offering vnto the Lord. | 

17 Yee ih*!l bring out of yoiir habitations 
■bread for the ihake oilering : they ihall be two , 
ΙοΛίί^ί of two tenth deaies οι fine Rouk , which ' 
ihall be baken with 1> leauenforirft fruits vnto ' 
the Lord . ' 

1 8 Alfo yee flisll offer with the bread fei'.en 
lambes without blemilh of one yeere old , and a ' 
yong bullocke and two rams : they ihall be for a 
burnt offering vnto the Lord , with their meat of- 
ferings and their drinke offerings , for a facrifice 
made by fire of afweet iauour vnio the Lord. 

ip Then yee Ihall prepare an hee goat for a | 
finne oftiing, and two lambes of one yccre old for j 
peace offrings. Ί 

3.0 And the Prieftihalliliakethemtoandfro 
with the bread of the firft fruits before the. Lord. 
and witli the two lambes : they CiJbe holy to the 
Lord, for the.i Prieft. 

1.1 So ye Uiall proclaime the fame day , that k 
may be an holy conuocation vnto you rye <hall 
.doe no feruile woike therein: izfhall be jaoiax- 

* nance for eiier in all your dwellings , throughouc 

; your generations. 

22 ί ■♦'And when you reape the harueil: of yoiir \ 
land, thou Ihalt not rid cleanc the corners of thy 
field when thou reapeft , neither (halt thou make 
any after-gathering of thy harueft , l/ttt (halt leaue 
them vnto the poore and to the ftranger : I am tlw 
Lord your God, 

23 ^ And the Lord fp-ike vnto Mofes,faying, 

24 Speake vnto the children of Ifrael, and fay. 
In the k ieiienth moneth,if«<i in thefirftrf.*/ of 
ithemoneth Ihall yee I haue a Sabbath , forthe re- 

X &x, anholydayjmembiance of n» blowing the trumpets , an holy 

ρ Or, 1 day whir». 

ia the people at* 
«ayed liom iXi 



iiThitii, oft'reito 
the Lord , and the 
reft ttiould be lot 
ihs V-cUAs, 

■*Ci4p.I?, J. 

% That is , aioBt 
the end of Sep- 


ke Lord, 
m w; blow- 
ing wai to put 
«hem iiueinem• 
biance t>t the nil- 
ve e ill ihjt mo- 
«efh , and of the 

* Ckjf. 19. J?.,je 
iii.m.1. a»,7. 
η Ly faRing> 3nd 

conuocation. \ 

2 J Ye Ihall doe no feruile worke therein , btit \ 

offer facrifice made by tire vnto the Lord. ι 

ζβ ^ And the Lord fp>;ke vnto Mofes , faying, 

27 The ♦tenth alio of this feuenth monetn, 
ihalbe a day of reconciliation : it ibalbe an hoiy 
conuocation vntoyou,.;nd yelhai» humble your 
follies > and offer facrifice made by fire vnto the , 

28 And ye -ihall doe no worke that fame day: , 
fcr it is a day of reconciliation , to make an ; 
atonement for you before the L ord your God. ; 

15) For eucryperibn ihtit humblethnot him- ' 
felfe tliat lame day , Uiall euen be cut off from his 

30 And etjery perfou that ihall doe any worke 
tha. lame day , tiie lame pcrfon alio will 1 deltroy 
from his people. 

5 1 Ye Ihall doe no manei• worke thenfore : this : 
fhall be a law for euer in your generations,i/ber»Kz,- ] 
tut all your dwellings. | 

3» This Ihall be vnto yon a Sabbath of rejft, j 
. and ye ihah humble your loules : in the ninth d.iy ; 
"ίΛ a «iem'a'ad t. °^ ''■'*^ moneth at euen,from ο euen to euen Ihall ye . yet they i t Celebrate your Sabbath. I 

ρ fokrone aflembly, ye ihall doe no feruile worke 

37 Thefe are the feaftcsoftheLcrd( which ye 
fhaii call holy conuocations) to offer facrifice 
made by fire vnto the Lord, as burnt offering.ind 
meate offering , 9 facrifice , and drinke offerings, 
euery one vponhis day, 

3 8 fiefide the Sabbaths of the Lord,aud beiide, andbeiide all your TOwes , and befide 
all your free offrings,which ye flwll giue vnto the 

39 But ia the fifteenth day ofthe feuenth mo- 1 
neth , when yee haue gatheredin the friiite ofthe I 
land , yee fliall keepe an holy feaft vnto the Lord \ 
feuen dayes : in the firft day /?;<«// ^e a ^ Sabbath: j 
likewife in the eight day /7W/^i a Sabbath. Lq, ,ρ, 

40 And yee lliall take you in the firft day the \uial " ""^^ 
fruit of goodly trees, brani.hes of palme trees.and j 

the boiighes ofl) thicke trees.and willowes of the '< 
biooke.aiid fliall reioyce before the Lord your U o,,«/t<,„^i,f 
God feuen dayes. (*'><« »</* /μ»*-» 

4 1 So yee ihall keepe this feaft vnto the Lord 
feuen dayes in the yterc , by a perpetuall ordi- 
nance through your generations : in the.feiienth 
monech il:ali you keepe it. 

42 Yee ihall dwell in boothes feuen d.iyes: all 
that are Ifraelitcs borne , Ihail dwell in boothes, I ^ ^ . 

43 That your poilerity may know that I haue ^ '" ' * *'*<'«- 
made the children of liirael to dwell in ^boothes, 
when I brought them out of the ktid of Egypt ; 1 
am the Lord your God, 

44 So.Mofes declaied vnto the children of If- 
rael the feaftes ofthe Lord. 


Tb,cjl,forli,h!rfrt. J Ti./J/» trwrf. i^lhlUffUmf* 


Caleb, when tluy 
leiiDiKd from 

of Caeitni 


eheut «attifall day• 



33 f Andthe Lord vnto Moles , faying, I 

34 Speuke vnto the children of Ilrael.and lay, ' 
*lnthe tiftcL-nth day of this lcH-Xi.hmoneth,/W/ 
be for feuen dayes the feaft of Tabernacles vnto , 
the Lord. ■ 

35 In thefirft dayy734iZ^«anho!y comiocati-l 
on : ye ilvli doe no feruile worke therein. i 

36 Scuen dayes ye ihall offer * lacrifice made 
'by fire vnto the Lord, and in the eight day Ihaibe : 
an holy ccnuocarion vnto you , and ye Ihall offer 
i^crifices raads: by firQ vnto the Χ,υί4 :itistj}e 

A Nd the Lord ipake vnto Mofes, faying, ^ 

i aCoramundthe children of lirael that 
they bring vnto diee pure oy le oliue beaten , fori * '^*'*« O'•*- 
thelJght.tocaulc ;^Ianipes to biirne continually, ί *''*°* ■ ; \ 

3 Without the vaile ^ of the Teftimony , inib whiehvaiTtft- | 
the Tabernacle ofthe Congregation, ihall AaroHiP"""! "hehi^tei 
drefle them, both euen and morning before the «^/]J^J,",^,;*^'"« 
Lord alway es : this fhaliie a law for cuer thiough Tefiimony . ftoqi 
your generations. j the sanftnjry, 

4 He lh;ll dreffe thelampes vponthe*pufeL.£^-j 
Candielticke before the Lord• perpetually. «*> 3'• ^ 

, y ' Alfo thou ihrtk take fine floure , and bake' 
twelue*cakes thereof; twoe tenth deaies ihall be! **»"'• *'»'••' 

6 And thouihalt fet them m tivo rowes , Λχώ txod..*.•*, 
in a row vpon the pure table before the Lord. 1 

7 Thoti ihnlt alio put pure incenfe vpon th^ 
rowes , that i in Itead of ilie bread it may be for a i Tot it w« biit>< 
remembrance , and an offering made by fire vntq *""ϊ sabbath, 

thelnril 1 when ihe bread 

thCLora. ^ ,, , . „ ,, , . Uas <ώ» avoy, 

g Ε iiery Sabbath he iluU put them in rowea 
before the Lortl euermore , rict/ic/jg f/ji;„ of the 
children of llracl foraneuerl .fting Coiie.iant. 

9* Aij,d the ir«<ifii liuube A irons .ndhis ionnc9, 
and they Ihall eate it in the hoiy piace .- fyr it is 
moft hoiy vnto him of tire offerings ofthe Lore 
made by fire by a perpetuall oidinanc . 

10 ί And there went « out among the children 
of Ifrael the lonnc of atilfraelitilh woman , wh 
f thcr was an Egyptian : anddiisfonne-of ijic II- 
raciiti.h woman, and amanofllraelftrouecoge 
ther inthehoaite. 

11 So the Ifraelitifli womans fonne f blufphe- 
naed tlie Name ^i*ff£*rrf, and ciu:fed, anil ihey 


Λΐ«/(». la, 1,1, 

f ByfweatiiigW 
delfiting Gel, 





Thf lubile. 47 


g Shall be puni. 

Sf«i. «>.♦,">. 
t Eh.frntettiie 
f,uU .fu,f w«. 
t Ekr.finUf-r 


,^ Bicaufe the pu- 

rSi^inenc was no 

1 yet appointed by 

' th« Jaw for th« 


I Its ftinliilttd with 

■ the Lovd, and told 

-Vr peopiewhat 

- i cvunnwnded. 

i EirfitU njl 

a The Icwcs be- 
gan tlie count of 
tin's yeere in Sep- 
tjmbet , for then 
gll the fruits wccc 

h Byreifon of tht 
seme that fell out 
el thee ares the 

Ot.wWeh thoB 
from thyfelfe, 
id conleaaied 
> God for th« 


breiight him vnto Mofes (his mothers name a! fo 
was Sheloroith, the daughter of Dibri of the tribe 

1 2 And tl-tey * put him in ward, till hee tolde 
them the minde of the Lord. 

1 3 Then the Lotd Ipake vnto Mofes, frying, 

14 Bringthe bUfphemer without the hoafte, 
and let all that heard him , * put their hands vp- 
cn his head , and let all tlie Congregation ftone 

1 <; And thou flialt fpeake vnto the children of 
Ifrael, faying , Whol'oeuer curfeth his God, il.all 

1 6 And he that blafphemcth the Name of the 
Lord , (lialbe put to death : all the Congregation 
(liitll ftone him to death : afwcll the ftranger, as he 
that is borne in the land : when he blafphemeth 
the Nims of ίΐΛ Lord, let him be ilaine. 

17 ί 'ί* He alfo that t killeth any man , he fl~iall 
be put to death. 

1 8 And he that killeth a beaft,he iliall reftore 
it, tbeaftfor beaft. 

ip Alfo if a man caufe any blemiih in his 
neighbour j as he hath done , fo ihall it be done 
to him: 

20 * Breach forbreach.eye for eye,tooth for 
tooth : fuch a blemiih as hee hath made in any, 
fuch ihalbe re payed to him. 

2 1 And he that killeth a beaft, iliall reftore it : 
but he that killeth a Ilaine. 

22 Yee Hall haue one * law : it fliall be afwell 
for the ftranger as for one borne in the countrey, 
for I am the Lord your God. 

23 ί Then J• Mofes told the children of Ifra- 
! el , and they brought the blafphemer out of the 

hoafte , and ftoned him with ftones : fo the chil- 
dren of Iliael didas the Lord had commanded 


1 7kf SMalt ef iktfeufnih yteri. 8 Tii Mil' hthfifiitib 
jtt'f. 14 Hot to oifrfjp iheirhftinB. ij Ttrfjlen/iilrt- 
Jrrntiig of Undt.heuftt i)»d fr*f,-7ti. 

ANd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes in mount Si- 

2 Speake vnto the children of Ifrael , and fay 
vnto them , When yeefliall come into the land 
which I giue you , the * land ftiall f keepe Sab- 
bath vnto the Lord. 

3 a Sixe yeeres thou (halt fowe thy f eld, and 
fixe yeeres thou Ihalt cut thy vineyard,and gather 
the fruit thereof. 

4 But the feuenth yeere fii.ill be a Sabbath of 
reftvnto the land : itj^hixU be the Lords Snbbath : 
thou ihalt neither fow thy field nor cut thy vine- 

y That which groweth of it b owne accord 
ofthyharueft , diou flaaltnotreape, neither ga- 
ther the grapes that thou haft left* viMaboured : 
■'fo^ it ihall be a yeere of reft vnto the land. 

6 And the ^ reft of the land Ihaibe meate for 
you, euen for thee and for thy feruant.and for thy 
maid , and for thy hired fetaant.and for the ftran- 
ger that I'oioiuneih with thee : 

7 And fur thy cattell , and for the beafts that 
are in thy land , Ihallallthe increafethcic.ofbe 

f Alfo thou fl^alt number feuen Sabbaths- 
of yeeres vntathee ixM feuen rimes feuen yeere :, 
and the fpace of the feuen Sabbaths of yeeres will 
feevotatiiee nine andfburty yeae. 

9 e Then thou flialt catife feWowthetriim 
pet of the Iiibilein the tendi ;^^^ of the feuenti 
moneth ; euen in the day of the reconciii.-ttion 
Ihall yee make the trumpet blow throughout ali 
your land 

- 10 And yee fliall hallow that yeere, euen the 
fiftieth yeere , andproclaime libenie intheland 
to all the ^ inhabitanis thereof: itiliallbethc lu 
bile vnto you , and ye il.all rctiirne eucry m^n vn- 
to his g poireiTion.andeuery man ihall returne vn- 
to his f.:mily. 

1 1 This fiftieth yeere iliall be a yeere of lubile 
vnto you : yee lliall not fowe , neither reapi; that 
which groweth of it felfe , neither gather the 
grdpei thereof that are left vnlal.uured. 

1 2 For it is the lubile , it iliall be holy vnto 
you : yee Ih.alleate of the increafe thereof out of 
the field. 

13 In the yeere of this ftsall returne 
euery man vnto his pofl'effion. 

14 And when thou felleft ought to thy neigh- 
bour, orbuyeft at thy neighbours hand, yeeftiall 
^ not opprelle ont another : 

ly But according to the numberof•' yeeres 
after the Iubile,thuu ilialt buy of thy neighbour : 
alfo according to the number of the yeeres of the thou ialt feu 
reueniies.he ftiall fell vnto thee. Ϊ'Ι,'"/''"^^' ^ 

16 According to the multitude of yeeres, thou ί^,'„"" ' * 
flialt increafe the price thereof, and according to 
the fewnefle of yeeres thou ilwlt abate the price 
of it : for the number of >* fruits doth he fell vnto |* An 

17 Opprefle not yee therefore any man his 
neighbour, but thou ihalt feare.thy God : fori 
am the Lord your God. 

18 ί Wherefore yee iliall obey mine ordi- 
nances, and keepe my lawes,and doe them,and y 
iliall dwell in the land || in fafetie. 

19 And the land fliall giue her fruit , and yee '" 
iliall eate your fill, and dwell therein in fafetie. 

20 And if ye ihall fay. What iliall we eate the 
feuenth yeere, for we iliall not fowe,nor gather in 
out increaie ? 

21 I will t fend my blefflng vpon yotj in the 
fixt yeere . and it Ihall bring foorth fiuitfor three j^•'*'"'' 

22 And ye iliall fowe the eight yeere,and eate 
of the old fruite vntiil the ninth yeere : vinill the 
fruit thereof come,ye iliall eate theolde. 

23 ί Alio the land ihall not be fold to be 'cut 
oS fr^m the family .• for the land is mine , andycc 
be but ftnngers and ioiourners with me, 

2 4 Therefore in .ill the land of your polTeiTion 
ye flail »" graunt a redemptionior the land. 

25: ί If thy brother he inipouerillicd, and fell 
his pofTelTion, then his redeemer (hall come, euen 
his eeerc kinlemen , and buy out that , which his 
a brother fold. 

2d And if hee haue no redeemer , but tliath 
gotten andfound to buy it out, 

27 Then ll-uill he » count the yeeres of his f.tle, 
and reftore the ouerplus to the man , to whom he 
fold it : lb tliall he returne to his poiTelTtun. 

e Inihebegtsnijif 
oithcsovtett "^ 
was the liibile.fe 
called, becaufe the 
loyfiill tidisgsof 
liberty wasptJj- 
likely pioclaimed 
by ihelouadof a 

f Which mtt in 

g icca'uie the 
tiibesfl^ould nei- 
ther haue their 
podiilToiisor fa- 
milies dijniniJ;«4 
nor confotindedj 


Β By deceit, a» 

If the lubile I 
come be nceie. 

noi ihi fill 

t 0*, [>'(I5' "ititi 

\ EW. Imlttm' 

fold for eiier.bnt 
mini leiurre to 

family in the " 

OuUfell it' 
dition that 

2» But if hee cAnnot get iuffic lent to reftore Ρ^'^^^,^^^,^^,, 
to him , then that which is folde , ihall remainc 
in the hand of him tlwt hath bought it , vntiil 
the yeere of the lubile : and in the liibile it iliall 
come ο ouc , and hee ihall returne vnto his pof- ο rvom his haul» 
feffion. thatboushtit. | 

2^ tikewife ifa man fella dwelling houfe in 

a walled city ,. he may buy it out againc within a 


be redee- 

Or, i^f,m^K. 


n Abating ih» 
ey of the 


Vfurid fort icl(3en . Sale and 

f Th»( ίί , foi 


q whitt ih'e Lt- 
nites ktptrhiit 

I In Eitew it ii, 
mtantng , if hec 
flietih forthhis 
hindfothtlpe j$ 
em injnifety. 



V«t• perf effliU 

a ?et diey fcdl 
not be botijhte™ 
•trtic lubilc. 

whole yeere after it is foldrwithin a yeere may he 
buy it out. .,.-,, 

30 But ifitbenotboHgntoutwuhintheipace 
of a full yeere.then the houfe that is in the walled 
city, fliall be ftablillied, Ρ as cut off from thefami- 
lie, to him that bought it, throughout his genci-a- 
tions : it uiall not goe out in the lubile. 

31 But the houfes ofvillages which haue no 
walks round about them, ihall be eftecmed as the 
field of the countrey : they may be bought out a- 
gaine , anJihall-B goc out in the lubile, 

3 2 NotwithftandTng , the cities of the Leuites, 
and the houfes of the cities of their polleffion, 
may the Leuites redeemc t at all feafons. 

33 And if a man purchafe of the Leuites , the 
houfe that was fold , and the citie of their poflef- 
lion ihall goe out in the lubile : for the houfes.of 
the cities of the Leuites are their polVeiTion 
among the children of Ifrael. 

34 But the field of the ί fuburbes of their ci- 
ties ihall not be foJde : for it is their perpetuaH 

3 y f Moreoucr.if thy brother be impoueri- 
fliecl, and f fallen in decay with thee , thou ihalt 
relieue him , and a: a ilran^r and ibiourner , (b 
Ihall he Hue with thee. 

3(i * Thou (halt take no vfury of him,nor van- 
tage , bur thoa ihalt feare thy God , that thy bro- 
ther may li<ie with thee . 

37 Thou Ih'.lt not giue him thy money to 
vfurie.nor lend him thy vitailes for increafe. 

38 I am the Lord your God , which iiauc 
bi-ought you out of the land of Egypt , to giue 
you the land of Canaan ,<inJ to be your God. 

39 ί * If thy .brother s\{o that d-uvellethhj 
thee be impoueriihed.and be iblde vnto thee, 
thou ilialt not compell him to fcrue as a bond 

40 But as an hired feruant , and as a foiourner 
he Ihall be with tbce : he ihall ferae thee vnto the 
yeere of lubile. 

41 Then Ihall he depart from thee, l>oth he and 
his children with him , and ihall retunie vnto his 
femily ,and vnto the poCfeiTion of his fathers ihall 

4 ζ For they are my feruants, whom I brought 
our of the land of Egypt ; they Ihall not f be fold 
as bondmen are fold. 

43 * Thuu ibalc not rule'ouer him cruelly, 
fcut Ihalt feare thy God. 

44 Thy bond feruant alfo, and thy bondmaid, 
which thou Ihalt haue ./"W/Jff of the heathen that 
are round about you : of them fliall yee buy fer- 
uants and ma ides. 

45- And moreouer, of the chili-en of the ftran- 
gcrs that arc Ibiourners amojig you , of them Ihall 
ye buy , and of their families that are with you, 
which they begate in your land: thefe ihalbc your 

ύ,6 So yee ihall take tiiern as inheritance for 
your children after you BopoiTelTethem by inhe- ihall vfe their labours for euer : but ο- 
πέ; your brethren the children of Ifrael yee fliall 
not rule one oner another with cruelty. 

47 1 If a foiourner or a ftranger -^i/t/i///»^ by 
1 thee f get riches , ami thy brother by him be im- 

poueriihed , and fell himfelfe vnto the Ilranger or 
foiourner duvelUng by tJiee, or to tlie (to eke of the 
ftrangers family, 

48 After that he is fold,he niay be bought out; 
Φ»5 of bis bicthuen may buy hiin our. 


redeeming of fefuantsj BlefHngs , 


X which Mina in* 

. 49 Or his vncle, or his vncies fonne may buy 
him out , or &nf of the kinred of his fleih among 
his family, may redeemc him : either if hee can 
» gct/ff mu,ch , he may buy himfelfe out. 

5Ό Then he iliall reckon with his buyer from 
the yeere that he was fold to him , vnto the yeere 
of lubile: and the money of his fale ilialbe accof- 
ding to tlie number of ϊ yeeres : according to the 
time of an hired feruant iball he be with him. 

5: 1 If there be many yeeres behind.Cccording 
to tliem fliall he giue againe for his deliuerance, 
of the money that he was bought for. 

yi If there remaine but few yeeres vnto tlie 
yeere of lubile, then he Ihall count with him, and 
according to his yeeres giue againe for his re- 

5• 3 Hee fliall be w itk h im yeere by yeere as tn 
hired feruant : he il.all not ruii; cruelly ouer him 
in thy y fight. 

54 And if hee be not redeemed thus, hee fliall 
goe out in the yeere of lubile.he.and his children 
with him. 

Tf For vntomethethildrenof Ifrael Λί-ί fer- 
uants: they are my feruants whom I haue brought 
out cf the land of Egypt : I am the Lord yuur 


ι tJalutyy firiidirn. 3 A hl/fiif^to tltm tin kirfelhtcummtxilr- 
mfMs. J^ Ttriarfeti thsifttlmhcjki tbim, ^iCoi^re- 
nufititoTtmimhtrti' cmtTiini, 

Υ Ee fl-.all make you none idoles ncr grauen 
image, neither reare you vp any * pillar , nei- 
ther fliall ye fet Β any image of ftone in your land 
to bow downe to it : for I am the Lord y&ur God. 

2 Ye fliall keepe my Sabbatbs.and * reuerejice 
my San^uary : I am the Lord. 

3 ί ♦If yee waike in mine ordinances , and ■ 
kee pe my commandemems,and doe them, Otut.xi^t. 

4 I will then fendyou'raineinduefeafon.u J jj^^^ 
and the land fliall yeeld her increafe, and the trees ikimdance of * 
of the field fliall giue their fruit, 

5" And yowr threfliing fliail reach vnto the 
vintage , and the vintage flull reach vnto fowin; 

y Thou fliilcjn* 
fiilTet him 10 in- 
esue him tige- 
loiiffy , if thoB 
know it. 

Eirthly things 
flitteth the mind 
conriibi'the >' 
h treafuics oi 

, and you ihall eate your bread in plcnteoul- ihefBiritndl 

nefle ; and dwell in your land fafely 

6 And 1 will fend peace in the land , and yee 
/liall fleepe,and none * fliall make you afraid : alfo 
I twill rid euill beafts out of the land , and the 
b fword fliall not goe thorow your land. 

7 Alio ye ihall chafe your enemies , and they 
fliall fall before you vpon the fword. 

8 * And fine of you ihall chafe an hundreth, 
and an hundreth of you fliall put ten thoufand to 
fiight,and your enemies fliall fall before you vpon 
the fword. 

9 For 1 1 will hiue refpeft vnto you,and make 
yor^ incrdafe, and multiply you , and' iiiblilh my 
CQuenant with you, 

I ο Ye fliall eate alfo old ftore,and cary out old 

I I •./■ And I will fet my ^ Tabernacle ara'ong 
you, and my foule fliail not loathe you. 

1 2 Alfo I will walke among you, aiid I will be 
your God,andyc fliallbe my people. 
13 I am the Lord your God which haue brought 
you out ofthe land of Egypt .that ye ihould not 
be their bondmen, and 1 haue broken the « bond* 
of youryoke,.ind n«de you goe vpright 

J 4 f * But if ye will not obey me , nor doe all 
thsie commandements, 

J ί Aii4 if ye lliail defpife wine oidinances.ti 


ibf lurtl i,Sfl ta i 

b Ye fliallhw* 
5 watre. 

f Etr. I jciS i«»W 

c rtiforme that 
which I haue pie- 


i I Will be d>ylj 

nefeni wiihjou. 

e I hineretyoii» 
fnll liberty, whet 
atbefeveye wet» 
as beafti lyed ia 
*Di«r !β•'5, 

CurfingS)pI igues and" threatnin gs» " Οτϊ 

■with you tji cliu- 


s Rtadi Cli>p.i 

h TliM i», mow 

i Vi Oiall 
fought and bar- 

l' Cr, W.*r. 

Ic Or, as feme fo""""» 
in tntiirg my 
plaguts to diincc 

1 Of γοαϊ chil- 

idrcn,». I<in.i;,a5 
m iecaiiOt none 
daie parte ihcicby 

*■ ».X«»i.ji.«7. 

n- Tint is, the 
ftitsgth, wheisljy 
■ titriieisfi'ft"- 

if). OneoHenfliall 
' itt Jcifficient fet 

{ Or, i*>itt•!. 

f I will not jc 
«r]ti ycui facijfices 

q. Signifying that 
»o cncmic can 
Eomc vvii)>oiic 
ft Ct-' 

Ϊ Which I com. 
snanded yoii (0 

p. ttvij* 

ther ifyomfoule abhorre my lawes , fotlwtyee 
illnotck)eallmy ConmianJemcnts, but breaks 
myiCouencnt. ' 

1 6 Then wi•!! I clfo doe this vnto you , I will 
apt^oint otier yoti || fcarcfulncfle . a confmnption, 
and the burning ague to coniimic the eyes , and 
make the heait heauie , and you ilwH iowe your 
feede in vaine : for yoiu: enemies Oiall e.ite it : 

1 7 And I will let ε my fjte againft yoti.aiid yc 
ftall fall before your enemies , and they that hate 
you , Ihali reigne ouer you , -»" and yee ihall flee 
when none piul'ueth you. . . , 

18 And if yee willnot for tbefe thn^s obey 
nie, then will 1 punilh you ^ feuen times mote,ac- 
cording to yom finnes, 

1 9 And I will breake the pride of your power, 
andlwillmiikeyour hcaucnas'yron , and your 
earth as bralTe : 

20 And your fl ftrength flialbefpentuivaine: 
neither toll your land gine her increafe , neither 
ihallthe trees of tlie laid giue theii fruit. 

21 ί And if yee walke l* ftubburpely againft 
me, and will not obey me, I will then bring feuen 
times moe plagues vpon you , according to your 

22 I will alfo fend wilde beafts vpon you, 
which Hiall l Ipoile you , and deftroy your cattell, 
and make you fewe in number : fo your high 
n» wayes iliall be defolate. 

23 Yet if by theie ye will not be reformed by 
me.but walke ftubbumciy againft me, 

24 Then will I allovalke * ftubbiunely a- 
gainll you , and I will fmitc yoR yet feuen times 

2 J And 1 will fendafword vpon you , that 
ilia51 aucnge the quarrellofmy Couensnt : and 
when ye are gathered in your cities , I will fend 
the peftilenceamong you.and yee lliall be deUue- 
red into the Ixsnd of the enemie. 

16 When I tbaU breake the nftafleof your 
bread , thenten women Iball bake your bread in 
one ouen>& they fl^all dcliuer your bread againe 
by weight.andye Iball eatcbut not be fatished. 

27 Yet if yee will not for this obey mee,but 
walke againft me ftiibbumly, 

2 8 Thin will Iwalke ftubbmnefy in tnme an- 
ger againft you, and 1 will alfo chaftiie you feuen 
times more according to your finnes. 

2p * And yee Ihall eatc the fielb of your 
fonncs-, and the fleih of.your daughters ftiali yee 

30 I will alfo deftroy your hie placcs.atid * cut 
away your images , andcaft your carkeiics vpon 
the U bodies of your idoks^indmy foule li^aU ab- 
horre you. . . , 

3 1 • And I will make your c incs defolate , itnd 
■bring your Sanfluary vnto naught , aBdPwilinot 
fmell the lauour of your fwcet odours . 

^2 I will alfo bring the land vnto a wilder- 
neile, and your enemies which dwell therem, llaaw 
be aftoniil-cd thereat. 

3 2 Ai-fo 1 will ic atter yBu among the heartten, 
and q will draw out a fword after you . and your 
land fliall>e wafte ,nnd your cities fhalbe delolate . 

ς 4 -flicn fliall the land enioy her "»' Sabbaths, 
as long as it heth voide . and yee ihall be in y oux 
enemies Lmd : then il^iU rh« land reft , and enioy 
her Sabbaths. ,. , . , . „ ,, 

3 s All the dayej that it heth voide , it fliall 
relt , becanfe it did not reft in your 'f Sabbaths, 
yvhen ye dwelt vpon it. 

I Ot,te7tjririiffi 

f AS if their tr.t 


Foiafmiicli r, 
ihey iteciilpablt 
of ilieir fathtts 
falilis.they iliaib.•. 
faniOed as s^M 
as iheirliiktii. 

(I Ot, f rjjr /«r (W 

II whiles thty ^. 
ite captiites.and 

3i And vpon them that-are left of )-oii , I will 
fend cuen a 8 faintneffe into theii hearts in the 
bndofyour enemies , and the fouiidecf aleafc 
n.aken ihall chafe them , andthevlball^fiee-s 
fleeing from a i'word , and they ihall fall , no man 

37 They fliall fall alfo one vpon inothcr , as 
befute a fword, thoupli none puriue them, end ye 
ihall not be able to ftand before your enemies : 

38 And yee ihall periili f.mung thelieathen, 
and the land of yoii» enemies Ihall eate you vp. 

39 And they tlwt are left of you , Ihall pine 
away for their iniquity , in your enemies lands.and 
for the iniquities of their fathers (ball they pine 
away with ' them alfo. 

40 Then they fhr.ll cenfeife their iniqiiity.and 
the wickedncs of their fathers for their tiefpaflc, 
which they haiie trefpafled againft mc.Sc alio be- 
caufe they haue walked ftubbiirnely againft me. 

41 Therefore I will walke ftubburnly againft 
them , and bring them into the land of their ene- 
mies : fo then their vncircumcifed hearts flwlbe 
humbled , and then they fliall willingly bcaie 
the putiifhment β/ their iniquitic. 

42 Then I will remember my Coueni.m v/ith 
laakob , and my Coiienant alfo with Izhak , and 
alfo my Couenant with Abraham wiillremem- 
ber.and will remember the land. 

43 " The land alfow the meant feafin fl>ail be 
left of them , and ihall enioy her Sabbaths while 
ihe lieth wafte without them , but they ihall wil 
linglyfufteriAf/'««»j7)»ii«fi>/their iniquitie , be- 
caufe they dcfpiled my L.wes.andbecaufc their 
foule abhorred mine ordinances. 

44 Yet notwithftanding this.when they ihall 
be in the land of their enemies , * I willnot caft 
them away .neither will I abhorre deftroy 
them vtterly , ««r to breake my Couenant with 
them : fox I am the Lord their God : 

4-7 But I will remember foi- them the ^ Couc 
nant of uld , when I brought them out of the land 
of Egypt in the fight of the hcatheivhat Imight 
be their God : I am the Lord. 

46 Thcfe are the Ordinances.and the ludge- 
roents.and the Lawes, which the Lord made be- 
tweene him , and the children ot Ifiael, in mount 
y Sinai by the hand of Mofes. 


Pii'itt from tir if, cf r.^n , unnct hfolli r»r uinmii •, i•"» 
rm^r.,^ (« tit Lori. 

MOreouer.ihe Lord fpakc vnto Mofes.faying, 
2 Speake vnto the children of Ifracl , and 
fay vnto them.If any man Ihall make af^'ow of a a 
pc-rfon vniotht ^ tky eftimation, 

3 Then thy eftimation ihdl be thus .- a male 
from twenty yeere old vnto fixtie yeerc olde ihall 
be by tiiy eftimation euen fifi/ ί ftiekels of filiier, 

4 But if it be a femak.then thy valuationiliall 
be thirty Iliekels. 

y And from flue yeere odle to twcnne. yeere 
olde , diy valuation th?ll be for the male twenty 
llK'kels.cnd fordicferaale ten ll^kels. 

6 But from a ^ moneth olde vnto hue yeere 
old ; thyi.iicsofthe..;alcfhal!befiue fhckel5cftH<>r<^^^_^^^^^^ 
filuer. and thy price of the female,thr£e ^ekels of^,i,,„j ,^,,•, ,^;,. 

7 And from lixtie yeere old and aboue.if/'e 
i< amale , then thy price iliall be fiftceae ihekels, 
and fw the fcmale ten fljckels, 
• - - 5 tsiu 

MaJc'Co chcit 

liter ike y came 

j.As of his fonat. 
ot his daughter. 
■ Which ill iLtf. 


Reade the v»lut 
:fth< Sheke!,'j, 

d Hef^eaiiAof 
■ ' heit 

Redeemini ; of houfes. 

e Ifhf ben«t 
able (s pay afcei 
thy valuation. 

f WhicHi 

<iitte ro the Ιοϊά. 

eftee- fr 


8 BiiEif hebe poom• « then thou haftefte 
med him, then lliall he prefent himfelfe before the 
Prieft.and the Prieft fiiall value him,according to 
the abilicie of him that vowed , jeihallthePrieil 

9 And if <f 6e a f beaft , whereof men bring an 
offering vnto the Lord.all that one giueth of Inch 
vnto tlie Lord, (liallbe holy. 

I ο He iliall not alter it nor change it , « good 
for a bad , nor a bad for a good : and if he change 

the poffeffion thereof ihalfef 

om commoH vies 
the Prieftes. 

2Z If a man alio dedicate x-nto the Lord a 
fielde which he hath bought , which is not of the 
ground of his inheritance. 

23 Then the Prieft fhall fet the price to him,as 
* thou efteemcft it , vnto the yeere of lubile, and 
he (hall giue >" thy price the fame day ,asathin^ 
holy vnto the Lord. 

24 But in the yeere of lubile.the field ihaHre 

beaft for beail.then^if/j this and that, which was tume vntohim , of whom itwasbonght : to him 



Jh Valuing ciic 
'i'tding torfve 
I ittit ihat is 
I fowen, or by the 



changed for it.flialbe g holy 

1 1 And if /> dt any vncleane beaft , of which 
men doe not offer a iacrifice vnto the Lord , hee 
fliall then prefent the beaft before the Prieft. 

1 2 And the Prieft fliall value it.-.vhether it be 
good or bad : and as thou valueft it, which art the (liall it be. 

13 But if he will buy it againe, then hec lliall 
gine the fift part of it^ore,abuue thy valu.ition. 

14 Τ Alfo when a man Hiall dedicate his houfe 
to be holy νπεο the Lord.then the Prieft fliall va- 
lue it.whether it be good or bad,*«i as the Prieft 

ifm.fvJbtUit fl"H ptife it. t ib fcall the value be. 
•(•'«ι I y But if he that fanclified it.will redeerae his 

houfe , then hee fhall giue thereto the fift part of 
money more then thy eftimation.Sc it flialbe his. 
! ϊ6 If alfo a man dedicate to the Lord any 
j ground of his inheritance,thcn ilialt thou efteeme 

iit according to the J> leede thereof, ati ' Homer of 
barley Icede [halbe at fiftie lliekels of filuer. 
17 Ifh?e dedicate his fielde «»»eiMt/y from 
jthe yeere of lubile ."itihall be worth as thou 
I doeit efteeme it. 
mta-' 1 8 But if lie dedicate his field after the lubile, 
fiKi containing i then the Prieft fliall reckcn him the money accor- 
eVEphai'Exod. j '^ing to theveeres that remaine vnto the yeere of; ' j inbile.and it fhalbe abated by thy cftimation. 
ji For thefrowM i^ And if he that dedicateth it , will redeerae 
Γ"";'^ °' ^'"*' ' ^^e field.then he ihall putthe fift patt of the price, 
/ Thai is, which 1 ^'''^t thou efteemedft it at , therevnto , and it iliall 
is dedicate to the jremainehis. 

xo»d wi'th a ciirfe | 20 And if hee wiU notrcdecme the field ,but 
i°incTtlws°Fi- i**^^'"'^/^'' i"'^^! the field to another man , itlhalbe 
ustevfe, Kmn.tij redeemed no more. 


* £»rf.ij.i; 


η It was (he Lvsii 



"♦So tilled be- 
«inre of the diue»- 
uty and multitude 
of numbrings 
Vihich aie here 
«liiefly contained, 
both of nuns 
■tmeswd places. 

2 Ϊ But the field fhalbe holy to the Lord.when 
it goeth out in the lubile , as a field l feparate 


of Mofes , catled * Numbers 

//Sy,whole inheritance the land w; 

2 5- And all the valuation iliall be according 
to the fhekel of* the Sandluarie : a ibekel contei- 

z6 ^ * ^fotvvithftanditlg the firft borne of the 
bcafts , becflufe it is the Lords firft borne , none 
fliall dedicate it bullocke , or Iheepe : for 
it is the η Lords. 

27 But if it be an vncleane beaft.then he fliaH 
redeeme it by thy valuation , and giue the fift pard 
more thereto : and if it be not redeemed , then 
it ihall be fold.according to thy eftimation. 

28 *■ Notwithftanding.nothing feparate from^ «e ujh.n n. 
the common vfe that a man doth feparate vnto thq 
Lord of all that he hath (whether it be man or; 
beaft, or land of his inheiitance) maybe foldnorj 
redeemed : for euery thing feparate from the 
common vie is moft holy vnto the Lord. 

^9 Nothing feparate from the common vfe,j 
which ihall be feparate from man , fliall be redee-j 
med, but die the death. » " '^'^ ;'«»«< 

.? ο Alfo ail the tythe of the land hth of ihe\^'^'"'*^'"t-. 
feed of the ground, and of the fruit of the uees is 
the Lords : it is holy to the Lord. 

31 But if a man will redeeme any of his tithe, 
he iballadde the Ρ fift part thereto. 

?2 Andeuervtitheofbullocke.andofflieepe. . 
««^ of all that goeth vnder the -J rod . the tenth i^'*jj', 
fliall be holy vneo the Lord. is numbri^ : that 

? 3 Hee fhall not looke if it be good or bad, is, e»ety tenth as, . 
neither fliall hee change it : elfe if hee change it. ^'J^^Jf^J'^T-iJ ,f 
both it , and that it was changed withall , fliall be ^^ ^^ tcfjta. ■' 
holy,rt«i/ it fhall not be redeemed. j f• 

34 Thefe are the Comraandements which the 

Itie ef (he thinA 

^tlfe\ ^ 

q AUthVwhj» 

Lord commanded by Mofes vnto the chilAen of 
Ifraei in Moimt Sinai. 



Ρ OrafmuehAt G»d hath appointed that his Church in thit world βαϋίβ vnderthe crop , hth becaufe 
*" they poould learne mt to put their trufi in worldly thingt , md αΐβ feele his cemfort , when all 
ether helpefaiteth : he didnot flraightvv.ty bring hii people , ^ter their departure out of Egypt , into the 
land which he had prorttifed them .• butUdde themtoandfreforthe/paceoffourtie yeeres , and kept ttiem 
in contiiiHali exercijes before they enioyedit , to trie their faith , and to teach them to forget th* world, 
and to depend on him. Vvhich tridU did greatly profit , to difcertte the wicked and tl>e hypocrites , from 
thefaithfuU and true feruants of God , whoferued him with pure heart , whereas the other , prefir- 
fingtheircarnallaffeiiion! toGodsglory , andmakhig Religion to ferue their purpofe , murmured vvtien they 
lacked to content their ΐΗβθ5 , and difpifed them whom God iiad appoynted rulers ouer them. By reafort 
■whereof they prouoked Gods terrible fudgements againfi them , and are fet foorth as a mofi notable example for 
aUagei , to beware how tltey abufe Godsvvord , preferre their evvne lu^es to his will , ordefpifehU 
miniilers. Notvvithftanding , Godiseuertrueinhispremife . and leuetHtth his-fyhis holy Spirit , that 
either they fall not to fuchinconueniences , or elfe returne to him ijuickely by true repentance : and therefon 
heeeontinueth his graces tovvard them , hee giuHh them ordinances and infiruiiions , as well for Religion ,a 
«award poUctt : hee preferutd them a^ainftall craft and confptraae , andgimth themmanifo^viiioriei 


T he ttibes ^umbfed all that 

• faihuplKeof 
the WUdcrnclTc 
thu was nttit te 
mount Sinti. 
b Which coflKi'- 
ncd piic of April! 



■vflxeil^ minibct 
-Λί geojie. 

Cnap. I. ^yere able to beare weapons. /^^ 

ψχτ^ their enemU, ^ni to aa>ydi Ml eMr.uerfi,, that might trtfe . h^e takfth avv^y th» ,cc^„'.M 

ώι^^,ηι^ arnong all the tube, both thelandc vvlnchtLey had vvonne , and thM alfi which het habromtfci 
tufeimed bsSlto hisgodlywifedome, r i > 


and goutiBCiur:. 


(iinof KtRbcii, 

J Or, 41 tvernUt 

g 6;airfli, 

Mofes Mi Aatm rvith the trvilue princti tftht Irihes 
are ctmmaniei of the Ltri to number them that are nUe 
tot'tt^vtrre. 4, The Leuiles *re exempted fer the 
fexHice if the Lord. 

He Lord fpakc againe vnto Mo- 
fes in f wiJiiernes of' Sinai , in 
the Tibernacle of the Con^re- 
_ the firft day of the l» fe- 
cond nioneth , in the-fecond 
yeere after they were come out 
of the land of Egypt , faying, 
' * 1 Take yee the fumnae of all the Congrega- 
tion of the children of Ifrael, after their families 
and hoHfliolds oftheir fathers .with the niimlicr 
of their names : to wit , all the males , t mm by 

3 From' rvventie yeere old aiidaboue, all that 
goe forth to the warre in Ifracl ; thou and Aaron 
Ihall number them throughout their armies. 

4 And with you ihallbe c men of euery tribe, 
fiich as are the heads of the houfc of their fa- 

y And thefe are the names of the men that 
ihall <• ftjnd with you , of tiiem^ff o/Reuben , Eli- 
zur.the fonneofShedeur• 

6 Of Simeon, Shelumiel the fonne ofZuii- 
fliaddai: . ^ ^ . 

7 Of Iiidah , Nahlhon the fonne of Ammi- 
fladab: , , , r 

8 Of Iffachar, Nethaneel the fonne of Zuar; 
^ Of Zebulun, Eliab, the fonne of Helon; 

10 Of the children of lofeph : ©f Ephraim.E- 
lilhama the fonne of Aramihud ; of ManalTeh, 
Gamliel.the fonne of Pedahzur: 

1 1 Of Beniamin . Abidan the fonne of Gi- 

I a OfDan.Ahiezer.thefonneofAmmiibad- 


13 OfAihef.Pagiel.thc fonne of Ocrgn; 

14 Of Gad, Elialaphthe fonne of Deuel; 
1 y Of Naphtali, Ahira the fonne of Enan. 

16 Thefe i/x/ere famous in the Congregation, 
e princes of the tribes of thierfathers.^nrf heads 
ouer thoufands in Ifraei. 

17 ί The» Mofes and Aaron tooke thefe men 
which are cxprelVed by their names. 

1 8 And they called all the Congregation to- 
gether in the firlt day of the fecond moneth , who 
declared ί their kinredsby their families ,««<^by 
the houfes of tlieir fathers according to the num- 
ber of their names , from twentie yeere old and 
abouc , man by man. , , r r \. 

19 As the Lord had commanded Mofes, lo he 
numbred them inthewildemeffeof Sinai. 

20 So were the fonncs of |) Reuben Ifroels el- 
deit fonne by their generations, by their families, 
and by the houfes of their fathers according to 
the number of their , man by man euery 
male from twentie yeere old and aboue , as many 
as y went forth to warre: _^ 

2 1 The number of them , I fay , of the tribe of 
Reuben , -ovat fixe and fourtie thoafnnd , and hue 
hundreth. , . , , . 

32 Of the fonnesofD Simeon by their genera- 
tions, by their families,««i by the houfes of their 
fathers, the funMneth€reofbythenuni»eioti/«w 

nnmes, man by man, euery male from twenty yere 
oldsnd aboue, all that went forth to warre: 

23 The fnrame of them ,1 fty , of the tribe of 
Simeon was nine ;uid fifric thoufand an J three 

24 f Of the foKnes of || G-id by their genera- 
tions, by their families, ««i by the houfes of tlicir 
fathers , nccording to the number of i/;«> names 
from twentie yeere old and aboue , all that went 
foorth to warre : 

25• The number of them, / fay , of the tribe of 
Gad was fiue and fourticthoufand , and lixe kun- 

26 ί Of the fonnes cf II ludah by their gene- 
rations , by their fimilies ,and by thehoules of 
their fathers , according to the number οι their 
names , from twentie yeere old and aboue, all that 
went foorth to warre: 

27 The number of them , I fay, of the tribe of 
ludah , ΐΊΊΐί tlireefcore and fomteene thoufand, 
and fixe hundreth, 

28 f Of the fonncs of Iffachar by their ge- 
nerations . by their families , atidby the houles of 
their fathers, according to the number oitbtir 
names, from twentie yeere old and aboue , all that 
went foorth to warre: 

2<) The number of them ai(e of the tribe of 
IlTachsr was foure and fiftiethouiand , andfoitre 
hundreth 1 

30 5 Of the fonncs of Β Zebulun by their ge- 
nerations , by their families , and by the houles of 
their fathers , according to the num,ber oi their 
names, from twentie yeere old and aboue : dl that 
went foorth to warre : 

3 1 The number of them alfo of the tribe of 
Zebulun was feuen and fiftie thoufand and foure 

3 2 ί Of the fonnes of lofeph , nafnily of the 
fonnes of n Ephraim by their generations , by 
their families , and by the houfes of their fathers, 
according to the number of their names , fiom 
twentie yeere old and aboue, all tliat went forth 
to warre: 

33 The number of them alfo of the tribe of 
Ephraim *x/4ifourtie thoufand and fiue hundreth. 

34 < Of the fonnes of fl Wanafleh by their ge- 
nerations ,by their families ,<!wiby the houfes of ' 
iheir fathers .according to the number of their 
names, from twentie yeere old and aboue, all that 
went foorth to warre : 

3 J The number of them *lfo of the tribe of 
Manaffeh was two and thirty thoufand and iwa j 

36 Of the fonnes of fl Beniamin by their ge-L 
ncrations ,by their families .«««iby dielioufesof r 
their fathers .according to tiie number o( their 
η 'mes , from tsventie yeere old and aboue, ail that 
went foorth to warre : 

37 The rmrober of them alfo of the tribe of 
Beniamin was fiue and thirtie thoufand and foiue 

38 Of the fonncs of || Dan by their genera- 1 οιλ^ 
tions. by theirfdmilies,<wi by the houles of their 
fathers, according to the number of f/wr names, 
from twentie yeere old and abouc, all that went 
fortlj to warre; 

G 39 The 







Tabernacle ereoled , and of the Tents 
pitched round about it. 




^ Β Thetingth of the Csurt tfan hunireth <ithius,tn tht South 

f^f. '» the whiih fpace therewere 

y AO-M. 

i Mijhiali, 

fillars of fiut cubits 

iiei.^htx piece, wheren the csntxines veretyei toinchfe the Court. 
C D The North ftUe.vhukvias in aUfiiMts like. BCThefVefl 
tiie.tvhich wai offif'ieeubites wide. In ihn fpace there were tenne 
fiU/trs of e^uail height with the reji , wherevnto the curtxnits 
wfti faflencd.toclofethe Court in on tfittfide.A D The JE«rt tni, 
nhich WAS atf» of fiftie tuiites breaith ,ft> that tht whott Court 
ivjts in length Irtufe the breadth. The contming in wits at the 
EAit ^ni , right as it there hanged a wrought hanging of nvtntie 
titi.te, l»jg,t*(lenei to fowe f, liars. Ε At the fides ofthe hanging 
there vere curtaines offifieene enbites i» length , nhich were 
fafieHcd on this fide ofthe fianging. to three pitUrsMia en the other 
(Ue re as η,,ιη, as three r,g»re fiervi-ih . 

-^9 The number of them αΐβ of the tribe of 
VzRvvat threei'core and two thoufand , andleuen ' 
huadreth, j 

40 ί Οίϊ the fonnes of |) Aiher by their gene- [ 
rations , by their families , and by the houfes of ; 
their fathers , according to the number oi their \ 
names , fora tv.'entie yeere old and aboue,all that I 
wentforditowarte: ! 

41 The mimber ofthema/jfj ofthe tribe of A- ! 
fl^cr , 'uvas one and fourtis thoufand and fine hiui- I 
dreth. ! 

42 ί Ofthe children of i) Naphraly , by their \ 
gen2rations,by their families , and by the houfes 
of their fathers , according to the number oi their 
names , from twtntie yeere old and abouc, allthat 

43 The number of thcra *ίβ> ofthe tribe ί£ 

Naphtali.t^prf/ three and fiftie thoufand , and fonre 

44 Thefearethe n fumraes which Mofes, and 
Aaron numbred.and the Princes uflfrael.the 
twelue men which were euery one for the houfc 
"Cftheir fathers. 

4 jT So thii was all the fumnw ofthe fonnes of 
Ifrael , by the lioufes of their fathers from twenty 
yeere old and abouc , all that went to the warre 
in Ifrael, 

4.6 And all they were in number fixe hundreth 
and three thoufand fiue hundreth and fiftie. 

47 But the Leuites, after the tribes of their fa- 
thers were not numbred among g them. 

48 For the Lord had fpoken vmo Mofes , and 

49 Onely thou flialt not number the tribe of 
Leui .neither take the fummeof them among the 
children of Ifrael: 

y ο But thou ihalt appoint the Leuites ouer the 
Tabernacle ofthe Teftimony , and ouer all the in- 
ftruments thereof, and ouer all things that belong! 
to it : they lliall beare the Tabernacle, and all the 
inftruments thereof, and fliall minifter in it , and 
ihall t dwell rouHd about the Tabernacle. 

11 And when the Tabernacle goethfoorth, 
the Leuites fliall take it downe : and when the Ta- 
bernacle is to be pitched , the Leuites ihall fet it 
vp :for thefiftranger that cummethneere,lhall^whofoeii« 
be ilaine. 

5i2 Alfo the children oflfraelfliall pitch their 
tents euery man in his campe , and euery man vn- 
der his ftanderd throughout their armies. 

ί 3 But the Leuites liiall pitch round about 
the Tabernacle ofthe Teftimoiiie.leaft vengeance 
» come vpen the Congregation of the children 
of Ifrael , and the Leuites lliall take the charge of 
the Tabernacle ofthe Teilimonie. 

f 4 So the children of Ifrael did according roi 
all that the Lord had commanded Mofes ; lb did 


» Tli orieroftht Ttxt», end lie n,tmtt of the €<iflai*n 0/ the 

A Nd _the Lord fpake vnto Mofes , and to Aa- 
ron, faying, 

2 a Euery man of thechiidrea of Ifrael ihalll'" i"'keiw«iu« 
campe by his ibnderd .^«alvriderthe enfigneof]";.™^^^^^^ 
their fathers houfe : farre off, about the Tabern2-;dtrds/fo iha"tHe- 
cle ofthe Congregation iliall they pitch. ^r ihif» tribes hid 

3 On the Eait fide toward the rifing cfthe'^'" «»"''"'*• 
funne , fl-iall they of the ftanderd of the hoc-fte of• 

ludah pitch according to their armies ; and Nah-l 
llion the fonne of Amminadab/7;rt//ae β captaJne ^ °''t'' 
ofthe fonnes of ludah. 

4 And his hoaft and the number of them vzfere 
feuentie and foure thoufand and fixe hundreth. 

y Next vnto him iliall they ef the tribe ίΌί 
Iflachar pitch , and Nethaneei the fdnne ofZnar 
/7W/^e the captaine of the fonnes of Iflachar: 

6 And his hoaft and the number thereof vi-iri «eit of tht iut 
fourAind fiftit thouf.nd. nhd foure hundreth. in»iid«i<i. 

7 Then the tribe of Zebulun.and Eliab the fonne] 
ofHelonciptaine ouer the fonnes of Zebulun: 

8 And his hoafte and thenumbertheieofie- 
uen and fiftie thoufand and foure hundreth: 

9 The whole number ofthe «hoafte of ludah 
are an hundreth fourefcore and fixe thoufand. 
and foure hundreth according to their armies: ' 
they ftiall firft let forth . 

la f OntheSouthfideP<((i!ietheft,uiderdof 

g Whiih w«tt 
Trariioiiis , but 
to the vie ef [he 

£ir. »»((; 

f the (tibe ef 

i Bynetliaiiisf 
Jiiereeird to ihi 
Tab.rnidrM ihe 
roid. 4 

b ti'iah, l/Taehar, 
and Zebiilim ch» 
fonntsof Leah 

Of them whiel» 
i«ie tonm'ned 
'ndei tkai name. 

Theljrder pf the Tents. 

Chap. IIL 


c Bteittic {t miglK 

iof Κ 


IthehoafteiofReubenaccording to their annies; 

Loi'. <h"on„« and the capcaine ouerthe fonnes of Reuben /^^λΒ 

ofLti'h, aad Gsd ^f Eliziir the fonne of Shedeur. 

Aefonneofzii. n Andhis hoaftc and the numbct thercof.fixe 

wewOf^hiftiona ^^ ^°"^^ thoufand and fiuehundredi. 

ewieti, li And by him ftall the tribe of Simeon pitch, 

and the captaine ouerthe fonnes of Siraeon/'W/ 
*« Shehimiel the fonne of Zuriiliaddai: 

1 3 And his hoafte , and the number of them, 
nine and fiftie thoufand and three hundreth. 

14 And the tribe of Gad, and thecaptaine 
ouer the fonnes of Gad/?>dtf6e Eliafaph the fonne 
of y Deuel : 

1 y And his hoafte and the number of them were 
fiue and fortie thonfand.fixe hundreth and fiftie, 

16 All the number of the campe of Ruben 
vvtre an hundreth and one and fiftie theufand, 
and foure hnndredi and fiftie according to their 
armies , and they iliall fet foorth in die fecond 

17 ^ Then the Tabernacle of the Congrega- 
tion ihall goe with the hoafte of the Leuites , in 
the «raids of the campe as they haue pitched, fo 
ihall they goe forward, eiiery roan in his order, 
o«" nd"uiudif- according to their ftanderds. 
fereitiyhiue It- 1 8 ί * The ftanderd ofthe campc of Ephraim 

couifetheievmo. 7<>4^ 6e toward the Weft according to their .ir- 
ί Btciufe Ephra- ; mjgs . 3^^^ jj^g captainc ouer the fonnes of Enhra- 
^*^ "d "'«ΐ'ί ' imputlibe Eliihama the fonne of Ammihud: 

lofeph theit fi- 19 And his hoafte and the number of them 
were fourcie thoufand and fiue hundreth . 
'ΛϋΑ: foche* ^° And by him/%«tf^f the tribe of Manaffeh, 

<aallen'iamin and the captaine ouer the fonnes of Manafleh, 
fhalioe Gamliel the fonne of Pedahzur ; 

2 1 And his hoaft and the number of themfX'irtf 
two and thirtie thoufand and two hundreth, 

22 And the tribe of Beniamin .and the cap- 
taine ouer the fonnes of Beniamin /^ai/i-iAbidan 
the fonne of Gideoni ; 

23 And his hoafte , and the number of them 
were fiue and thirtie thoufand and foure hun- 

24 All the number ofthe campe of Epbraim 
'yg^ Were an hundreth and eight thoufand and one 
Ir' ^ hundreth according to their armies , and they 

fhall goe in the third place. 

2 ί ί The ftandcrd ofthe hoaft of g Omfhalih 
toward the North according to their armies : and 
the captaine ouer the children of Dan/^W/ii A- 
hiezer the fonne of Ammilhaddai: 

26 And his hoaft and the number of them were 
two and threefcore thoufand and feuen hundreth. 

27 And by him Ihall the tribe of Aftiur pitch, 
and the captaine ouerthe'f9nnesof Aflier/^4//i* 
Ptigiel the fonne of Ocran, 

28 And his hoaft and the number of them were 
one and fourtie thoufand.and fiue hundreth. 

29 1 Then the tribe of Nepthali.and the cap- 
taine ouer the children ofNephtali/W/i* Ahira 
the fonne of Enan : 

30 And his hoaft and the number of thenM.'i'iri 
three and fiftie thoufand and foure Iftmdretfi. 

3 1 All the number ofthe hoaft of Dan waj «n 
hundreth and feuen and fiftie thoufand and fixe 
hundreth ; they fliall goe hindmoft with their 

32 f Thefe are the <» fummes oPfhe children 
of Ifrael by the houfes of their fathers , all the 
number ofthe hoafte , according to their armies, 
fixe hundreth and three thoufand , fiue hundreth 
aid fiftie. 

«rs»T-~i ■ ■ 

The office ofthe ; Leuites 

i For vnJtr « 



Or.btfoie the 

jc while! th«it , 

ζ Ban and Neph• 
SiUu Rahcls maid 
vrith Alhcrihe. 
fonne of zilpah 
mate the foEinh 

ii which weie of 

53 But the Leuites wer^ not numbred amon? 
the children of Iftael , as the Lord had comman- 
ded Mofes. 

34 And the children of Ifrael did 
to all that the Lord had commanded Mofes -fo.^^ f , , - 
they pitched, according to their ί ftanderds .and'puJ'^iT 
lo they loiirneyed eiiery one with his families, '<'«'li"".di«« 
according to the houfes of their fathers '^'^"" '<> •'«Γ' '• 

CHAP. III. ,iyb««d inoidt., 

f Thtihtnetni oficetftheLtuitts. 'ti. ,; mytht' 
Lord Jeferxttd the Leuites fcr himfelfe. «i Thnr I 
number , fiimiUes.aKd enf taints. 40 Thtfirn btrnt ,f • 
Ifrael uteiefmed by the Leuins. 47 The cutttlui ,i ' 
redeemed tj nuHty. " 

'J' Hefe alio were the a generations of Aaron [a or.familiesani 

and Mofes , in the day that the Lord fpakc k'l'tds. 
with Mofes in mount Sinai. 

2 So thefe are the names ofthe fonnes of Aa- 
ron , * Nadab the firft borne , and Abih" , Eleazar, 
and Ithamar. 

3 Thefe are the names of the fonnes of Aa- 
ron the anoynted Preifts , whom Mofes did * con- 
fecrate to miniftcr in the Priefts office. 

4 * And Nadab and Abihu died I" before the 
, Lord , when they offered * ftrange fire before the 
I Lord in the wildernes of Sinai , and had no chil- 
) dren : tut Eleazar and Itharanr ferued in the |α1"γ. 
! Priefts office in the « fight of Aaron their father. I^i,'."';'• ,„ 
\ y Then the Lord fpake vnto Mofes . faying, ifX "n/d! 
: 6 Bring the tribe of Leui , and <i fet them be- Id offer ihemvnm 
: fore Aaron the Prieft that they may ferue him, (Ajioafor ihevic 

; 7 And take the charge with him. euen the f ;\^c\ "" μ 
i charge of the whole Congregation ,« before the rained to the exe- 
i Tabernacle ofthe Congregation to doe the fer- '"""8°^ ''^*'"ί'' 
; "ice ofthe Tabernacle. ^''eme''nt"tTihr" 

j 8 They ftall alfo keepe all the inftniments :οήΓιΠ£Ηι'οΓ the 
I ot the Tabernack ofthe Congregation , and /j4«i|p«opl«.>''d to the I 
I the charge ofthe children of Iir.iel to doc the fer- 
uice ofthe Tabernacle. 

9 And thou ilialt giue the Leuites vnto Aa- 
ron and to his f fonnes j/sr they .ire gipenhim ^ 

freely from among the children of Ifrael. ,] __ 

xo And thou Ihalt appoint Aaron and hisiin the sandhiat^" 
fonnes to execute dieir Priefts office : and the >» P-'T^ng f or the 
ε ftrangcr that commeth neere, ihallbe ilaine. ftc,^fiV,''^h!'Le! 

11 ί Alfo the Lord fpake vnto Mofes , fay- niteifen'iedfoi 

ing, the infcrionc vfej 

1 2 Behold, I haue euen t.iken the Leuites from "f''''f'"*• ,. 
among the children of Ifrael : for all the fiiftl^?nli"oTbi'Lj 
borne that openeth the roatrice among thechil-jaLenite. 

dren of Ifrael, and the Leuites fliallbe mine, ; I 

I .] Becaufe all the firft borne are mine : for the I 

fame day .that I fmote all the firft borne in the! 

land of Eg)'pr, * I fandified vnto mee all the fiift 

borne in Ifrael .both man and beaft ; mine IhalJ 

they be : I am the Lord. 

14 ί Moreoiier , the Lord fpake vnto Mofes in 

the wilderneife of Sinai, faying, 

I y Number the children of Leiii after the 

houfes of their fathers , in their families : euery 

male from a moneth olde and aboue llialtthou 


16 Then Mofes numbred them according to• 
the word of the Lord ,ashe was commanded. 

1 7 And thefe were the fonnes of Leiii by theit 

names , ■" Gerilion. .ind Kohath, and Merari. » g,^ ^ , , 

\% Alfo thele are the n.imes ofthe fonnes ofi.ti.ii^^.'is'/^. ' 
Gerihonby theirfamilies : LibniandShimei. i.itw.., «,.(»(» " 

19 The fonnes alfo ofKohathby theirfami-!*3•*• 
lies ; Amram and Izehar, Hebron, and Vzziel . 

2Q And the fonnes of Merari by theirfami-' 

lics : Mahli and Mulhi, Thefe are the families of 

G 2 Leui, 
ithe PrieRil'eriitd 


I o»,/artir, 

i Tlle'r charge 
yfjs to cjiit tile 
ceueniigs, and 
hir.giTigs of the 



and tlieir offices» 

Leui , according to the hoiifes of their fethers. 

2 1 Of Gerihon came the family of the Libnites 
and the family of the Shimcices ; thefc are the fa- 
inilies oftheGerlhonites. 
, , 1 22 The fumme whereof ( '^ after the number 
*h« julli chSL*?!' of all the males from amoneth okleandaboue) 
was counted feuen thoufand and fine hundreth, 

i^ f The families of the Gerihonites ihall 
pitch behinde the Tabernacle WeftwarJ. 

24 The captaine and |] ancient of the houfe of 
the Gerllionites fiaUie Eliaiaph the I'onne of 


25 And the charge cfthelbnnes of Gerihon 
I in the Tabernacle ot the Congregation ,βαΐώβ 
iithc i Tabernacle , and the pauilion , the couering 
[thereof , and the vaile of the doore of the Taber- 
nacle of tlie Congregation, 

26 And the hanging of the court, and the vaile 
of the doorc of the court which is neere the Ta- 
bernacle, and neerc the Altar round about, and 
the cords of it for all the feniice thereof. 

27 f And of Kohath cajve the family of the 
i Aroramites ,and the family of the Izeharites, and 
j the family of the Hebronitcs , and the familic of 

the Vzzielites : thefe are the families of the Ko- 

28 The number of all the males flom amo- 
neth olde and aho\xc,vvas eight thoufand and f^xtt 
hundreth , hauing the k charge of the Sanduarie . I 

2,9 The families of the ibnnes of Kohath Ihall \ 
pitch on the South fide of the Tabernacle. 

30 The captaine and ancient of the houfe <i«i 
families of the Kohathitcs fjallh Elizaphan the 
fonneof Vzziel: 

3 1 Andtheirchfrge/?)rt/7^ithe ^ Arke , and the 
Table, and the Candlcliicke, and the altai-s.and the 
inftfunaents of the Sandiury that iheyminiiter 
with.and the vaile,and all that ferueth thereto. 

32 And Ele.:z.5r the fonne of Anron the Prieft 
/JW/of chiefe captaine ofthe Leuites,<)4w»^thc 
ouerfigln of them that haue the charge of the 

.33 'Of Merari catne the familie of the Mah- 
Htes-, and the family of the Muihitcs : thefe. are 
ihe fanjilies of Merari. 

34 And the fumme of them .according to the 
number of all the males , from amoneth. olde and 
aboue was fixe thoufiind and two hundreth. 

3 Ϊ The captaine end the ancient of the houfe j 
ot the families of Merari /"^««//^ff Zuriel the fonne i 
of Abihail : they Ihall pitch onthcNcxthfide of 

36 Andin the charge and cuftodie of the fonnes 

of Merari fial/ie m the boatds bf theTabetnacie, 

vriiltc a)»a_^ere|i ^j thchaircs thereof, and his pilhrs , and his 

fockcts, and ail thie inftruments thereof, and all 

that ierueth thereto, 

37 With the pillars of the court round about, 
with [heir lockeis, ind their pins and :}\eir coaals. 

38 f Alio en the fore&ont of the Tabernacle 
toward the Eaft , before the Tabernacle , I fay, of! 
the Congregation Ε aft ward Ihall Mofes and Aa- 
ron and his fonnes pitch , hauing the charge of 
the Sanitiiary ," and the charge of the children 
of Ifrael : biit the ftrangcr that commeth neere 

39 The wliole fumme of the Leuites .which 
Moies and Aaron numbredat the commandement 

40 'i And the Lord faid vnto Mofes, Number 
all the iirft borne that are males among the chil- 
dren of Ifrael from amoneth old andabowe, and 
take the number of their names. 

41 And thou Ihalt take the Leuites to mee. 
V for all the firfi; borne of the children of IiVaeir«;J;*(j^^^*« 
(I iiw the Lord) and the cattell of the Leuites for [is(i,vntdth« *' 
all the firft borne oftbecattell of the children of tordfoi tin fit» 

Ifrael. Ibomt of lliael. 

"jne for iht 


hen the Leiiiics, 
for whom they 

k Doiag tilery oni 
«iidiietie in il 

1 ThV thitfe thing 
witWn the Sanftu 
ary were commit- 
ted to the Koha• 


I Orfftintitf 

-M lilt »06ί- 


■wcii commitii 

(β then chai{< 




Aiould entec into 

the Tab«inacle 

centtarii to Gods 


b So that the urft 

botat-of ihi chil- 

<lteaof Ifrael v»c! ... 

■moeby j;j. as ■ of the Lord tiuoughout their famiiies ,eiicn alljj 
V«i».t3, itbe maksfrom a moneth old wd aboue,*9rt; ;wo ii 

;*ndtweiiiie«tliotjfcinds I 

42 And Mofes mimbrcd, as the Lord com-j^j^j,, 
maunded him , all the firft borne of the children 
of Ifrael. 

43 And all the firft borne males rehearfed by 
nme (from a moneth old and aboue) according 
to their number were two and twentie thoufsnd, 
twohundreth feuentie and three. 

44 Τ And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.faying, 
4? Take the Leuites for all the firft borne o( 

the children oflfrael, andthe cattellofthe Lc- 
uites for their cattell.and the Leuites ihalbe mine, 
(lam the Lord.) 

46 And for the redeeming of the two hun- 
dreth feuentie and three , (which are moethcn 
the Leuites) of the firft borne of the children oi 

47 Thou Ihaltalfo take fiuelhekels for euery 
perlbn : after the weiglit of the Sanduarie fliait 
thou take it ;* the ihzkclconteineth twsnty gerahs. 

48 And thou ilialt giue the money , wherewith 
the oddc number of them is redeemed, vnto Aa- 
ron and to his fonnes. i 

45) Thus Mofes tooke the redemption of them j 
that were redeemed.being more then the Leuites; Jj^hi^e'^tieSd ■ 

<!o Ofthe qfifft boinc of the childrcnof Ifrael three, "hic'ii\«t 
tooke he the money :<«?'« a thoufand three hun-i"">"t'>ena**,; 
di;eth threefcore and fiue/if/^f/•», after the ihekeli^'"""• 
of the Sanduarie. 9 ,jf i 

J I And Mofes gaue the money of them that ψκ*' 

were redeemed . vnto Aaron and to his fonnes ac- λ - ^.:. 

cording to the word ofthe Lord , as the Lord had ''^ 

commanded Moles. 


iTtitfficntflitli«itrt.xitnihfiojfitrtmctuii, 4< Tif 
Λκmί,r,fιhtlimf^mi!l•sofKt:bMb, Ο/τβ,ι,, ^ni /Mir*i. 

ANd the Lord fpake vnto Moles , and to Aa- 
ron, faying, \ 

2 Take the fumftie of the fonnes of Kohath! 
from among the fonnes of Leui, after their fami- 
lies, «siihouies of their fathers. 

3 From " thirtie yeere old and aboue, euen 

vntillfiftie yeere olde, all thatenteriHiotheai-iatamonuhol 
fembly to do the worke in the Tabernacle ofthe Γ*"" ''''?»>'«'« 
Congregation. Κ'ηίχΓ,Γ a** 

4 This fiialibe the office ofthe fcnnes of Ko-M«>eoJd when'" 
hath in the Tabernacle of the Congrcgaticnh'yw^appoin- 
4*e«itheholieftofal!. feb™ucu*"'''d 

y Τ when the hoafteremooueth.then Aaron [30 )'«'ieO)de'o" 
and his fonnes iball come and take downtb the ^taie the but- 
couering vaile ,and Ihall cou(;r the Arkcof thei''""^"^''"^»- ' 
Teftimonie therewith. . Lw^'.h diuided 

6 And they lliall put thereon a couering oflhe sanitt.ary frem 
badgers skinnes , and ihalFfpread vpon it a cioaih r" '=<Ί;<η of all. 
altogether of blcwe filke , and put toe the barresf o^^jJIit aoui"" 

thereof: Wets to caiy it ; foi 

7 And vpon the "i^ table of fliew irirt<i,they «Jwtauesofth• 
Ihnll fpiead a cloath of blew filke, and put thereon \^l\^ «^oi'Ii neu«i 
the dilhes , and the incenfe cu^s and goblets , md\ij^'^°^"': / 
cotiirings to couer it ^ with, and the bread lhali[> Exc/,s,\,^- 

d Meanisg,! 

a The lem'ctj 
wen nambied jf•. 
'Jttrthiee forts, fitd 

' ilie 

be there on continualhr. 
i And theyftiallipreadvpoftihepaacQiieringf*' 

: ihc bical. 

fteLcuitei officer. ' 


Their fam ilies niimbfed. fi 


of skarlct , and CoiWi the fami with a coueting of Ρ which is neire tlie Tabernacle and neere the al- ^^.^^ ^^^^ 
badgers skinnes.and put to the barres thereof. tar round about, with their coaids : and all the'k'olh 

9 Then they IhaU take a cloath of blew filke, ' inftruments for their feruice, and all that is made 
and couer the * candlefticke of light with his for them : fo ihall they lerue. 
lampes.andhis lhufFers,*jndhisfnuffediflie$,and : 27 Ac the commandement of Aaron and his 
all the oyle veffels thereof, which they occupie fonnes Ihall all the furuice of the fonnes of the 
about t. Gerlhonites be done , in all their charges and in 

10 So they fliall put it, and all the jnftniments 1 all their fcniice , and yec iliall appoint them to 
thereof in a couering of badgers skinncs , and put ' keepe all their charges . 

e-rteEbew it vpon the» barres. ^0 This is the feruice of the families of the 

word fignifitth in ^ ^^ ^j^^ vpon the golden f altar they fliall fonnes of the GerAionites in the Tabernacle of j 

ί»ο''κ'^«"Ό"' * ipread a clo.ith of-blewlilke, andcoueritwitha the Congregation , and their watch pj-tu^r vnder ' 

couering of badgers skins , and put to the barres the 1 hand of Ithamar the fonne of Aaron the ^ viid<rti>.c!.arge 

thereof. Prieft. 

11 And they fliall take all the inftruments of ; 19 ί Thou ibak number the fonnes of Mc- 
the miniftcrie , wherewith they minifterinthe ' rarv by their families ,««i by the houfes of their 
Sanftuaric , and put them in a cloath of blew filke, 1 fathers . 

and couer them >Tith a couering of badgers 30 From thirtieyeere old and aboue.euenvn- 
skinnes, and put them on the barres. to fiftie yeere olde fliak thou number thetti , all 

I ί Alfo they ihall take away the aflnes from ' that enter mto the doe the feruice ot 
the g altar.and fpitad a purple cloath vpon it, the Tabernacle of the Congregation. 

14 And fhall put vpon it all the Jnftniments ?I And this is their office ««</ charge aceor- , 
;thereof.which they occupie about it.thecenfers. ding ro all their feruice in the Tabernacle of the ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ 
the fleihhookes , and the befomes, and the bafens. Congregation : the * boards of the Tabernacle . ' ' 
'fuen all the inftruments of the altar : ^nd they : witlr the barres thereof , and his pillars , and his . 
ffhall fpread vpon it acouering of badgers skins, fockets, , , u i 

and pui to the barres of it. ^ .3^^ , And the pillars rotand about the court. | | 

I f And when Aaron and his fonnes haue with their fockets and their pinnes , and their ] 


f which WIS te 

Made Exol.ji, 


h Thvif, inW- 
dirgvp ihethings 
of the SaniftHjtii, 
■ ;thc Aike.&c. 
w Si fore i(be 

made an end ofcoueringthehSunftuaricindall cords withal their mihiiraints.euen for all their 1 

the inftruments of the Sanotuai-y .attheremoo- feruice :,ind by; name ye Ihall reckon the "^ftiu- ' ^^J^*>» «' «j 

uineofrhehoafte.afterward the tonnes of Kohath racnis of their off cert«ich.:rge fi»'''«''''T. 

uing ofrhehoafte, . 

fliail come to beare it , but they (ball not ' touch 
any lioly thing leaft they die. This is the charge 
of the fonnes of Kohach in the Tabernacle of the 

k which wai of- 
feted »' motning 

33 This is the feruice of the families of the Uhuh y , 

fonnes of Merary , according to all their ieruice }o *»" chjtgt. 
in the T.ibcrnucle of the Congregation vnder 
Conpre'>ation. ^^^ ^'^"'^ "^ Ithamar the fonne of Aaron the 

16 i'And to the office of Eleazar the fonne of Tiieft. ,, ^. 

Aaron the Prieft pertaineth the cyle for the light, , 34 ^ Then Mofes and Aaron and the Princes 
.nd the*fweete incenfe .and th hdaylymeate ' of the Congregation numbred the fonnes of the 
offeripg.and the *anoyntingoyl-ffrf^ the oner- , their fellies and by thehouies 
fieht of all the Tabernacle ,'and of all that there- of their fathers. _ 

π is . b^th inthe Sanftuarie . and in all the inttru- 3 y From thutie yeere oldc and ^^^0"^ • euen 
t therec f ' ^'"^o hfcie yeere old , dl that enter into the aflem- 

raems tne ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ , ^^^^^ ^^^^,^^ ^^^^.^^ ^^^^ Tabern.:cle of the Con- 

^ i Aaron, laying, /-./•• 

icemmittiagby ! ^g Ye flwll not 1 cut off the tribe Ot the tami- 

r«,Sl^hi!r" ' lies of the Kohathites from among the Leuites: 
th'ngiU «ot well 1 9 But thus do vnto them that they may hue 

wrapped, andfo ancl not die . when they come neere to the mott 37 ,,,r -irri . 

.he/Jy.'oucMng u"? ""hjngs ' let Aaron and his fonnes come and the Kohathites .all that fcruem the Tabernacle, 
.hereotperi*. J^'^ i^em eucry one to his office.and to his of the Congregation . which Moies and Aaron 
^JXtZ ZT^. idid^numberaccojd>ngtojhecommandementof,,^,p^,.,„j 

OiaUbeaie. . ^^ But let them not goe in . to fee when the 

• I Sanauarie is folden vp, leaft they die 


3(i So the t numbers of them throughout» ψ'}"'" 
their families were two thoufand , feuen hundrethi*'"* '' '*""' 
and fiftie. J 

Thefe are the mimbers ofthe families of; 

Mofes I 
mininct andejft. 

ji WhicH Wiie 
receiiied into the 
company of ihem 
tkai minifiitd in 
the Tabeijiaclc of 
\ theCongiejaiieii. 

• hahgtdbetwetne 
1 fht Saii<itatiie and 

I 21 ί And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes , faying, 
1 2 2 Take.alfo the I'limme of the fonnes of Ger- 
: flion.euery one by the houies of their fathers. 
: throughout their families: 
1 2 3 From thirtie yeere old and aboue vntill hr- 
tie yeere olde flialt thou number them . all that 
η enter into the aflembly for to doe feruice in the 
Tabernacle ofthe Congregation 
24 This fliallbc the feruice 
the Gerlhonites to ferue and to beare. 

2 1 They Ihall beare the curtaines ofthe Ta 

bernacle , and the Tabernsclc ofthe Congrega- 

tion , his couering . and the coucnng of badgers 

skinnes , th.u is on high vpon it .arid the vaile of 

the ο doorc ofthe Tabernacle ofthe Congrega- 

"T<i The curtaines alfo of the court , and the 
vaile of the entring in of the gate of the court. 

Lord by the f hand of Moies. 

38 Alfo the numbers ofthe fonnes of Gerflion 
througliout their families and houfesofthcir fa- p»'•" *«""*• 

39 From thirtie yeere olde and vpward . eiien 
vnto liftic yeere olde :all that enter into the af- 
fembly for the feruice ofthe Tabernicle ofthe 
Congregation. , . r •ι• 

40 So the numbers ofthem by their tamiljcs, 
andhy the houies of their fathers i-f «rf two thou- 

ofthefamiliesofi fandiixehundreth and thirtie. ' 

! 41 Thefe are the numbers of the families ot 
. ■ the fonnes of Gerftion : of all that 'did feruice in 
the Tabernacle of the Congregation.whom Mo- 
fes and Aaron did number according to the com- 
mandement of the Lord . , f ... ,, 

42 < The numbers alfo ofthe families ofthe 

fennesofMerari by their families , fidhy the 

houfes of their fathers, ,, , .1 

A 7 From thktie yeere olde and vpward, euen 

I Whichwer» of 
csmpeient ajeit» 

TcTNc rheiein, ihtC 
jisbetwtenf }e. 
and 50. 



af. i 


υ whefoiiier of 
tti'C Lciiitec rbac 
iiji anymsrer of 
*hat;«'iH iht Ta- 

X Sorhat Mofes 
neither added, 
jioi dimini'a.ed, 
from rh St which 
^Ίe Lqid com- 
ntindtd hijt. 

i Tiff» 

vtitofiftieyeereolde : all that enter into the 
icmbly for the feruice of the Tabernacle of the 

44 So the numbers of rhcra by their faraiiies 
were three thoufand, anJ twohundicth. 

45 Thefe are the Ibmrnes of the families of the 
ibnnes of Merari , whom Mofes nnd Aaron niim- 
bred according to the cotnmandemen: of the the hand of Mofes. 

4^ Soallthennrobcrsofthe Leiiites, which 
Mofes, and Aaron, and the princes of ifrael num- 
Wed by their families and by the houfes of their 

47 From thirtie ycere old and vpward , enen 
tofifcie yeere old,euery one that came to do•» his 
diiety, office , feniice und charge in the Taberna- 
cle of the Congregation. 

48 So the number of them were eight thou- 
fand fine hundreth and fonrefcorc. 

49 According to the t commandement of the 
Lord by the hand of Mofes did ^Λτοη number 
them.euery one according to his feruice, and ac- 
cording to his chirge. Th\xsvvere they of that 
tribe niimbred, as the Lord commanded * Mofes, 


* Tlf Itffttt and il,rft.l!ui,dfi.M,r^fccni 
ffni .ffiKKf. I S Ti, irw.'i tftbtf.fpeflrdjrif. 

A NJ the Lord fpakc vnto Moles , faying, 

2 Command the children of Ifrael that 
they *puz otit of the hoafte tuery leper.and euery 
one that hath* an iifue , and wliofoeuer is defiled 
by * the dead. 

3 Roth male and female, (liall ye put out ; f out 
of the hoafte (hall ye put them.that they defile not 
their » tents among whom I dwell. 

4 And the children of Ifrael did fo , and put 
tliem out of the hoafte.euenasthe Lord had com- 
manded did the children of Ifrael. 

jr ί And the Lord fpike vnto Mofes , faying, 

6 Speake vnto the children ef Ifrael,* when 
a- min or woman ilvill commit any l)nne''that 
men commit , and tranfgrelYeagainft the Lord, 
when thit perfon ftall a-efpafTe. 

7 Then they Ihall confeffe their finne which 
they haue done, & ihall rcftorethe dam ',' there- 
of *■ with his principall , and put the fife p:rt of it 
more iheieco, and (hall giueitvmohim, againft 
whom he hath trefpaiTed. 

But if the « man haue no kinfeman , to 
whom he fiiould reftGrc the damage , the d.iraage 
fliillbe reftored to the Lord forthePriefts 
fides the ramrae of the atonement , whereby hee 
hall m .ke atonf mcnt for him. 

51 And euery offring of all the ^ holy things 
of the children of Ifrael , which they bt'ing vnto 

ro And euery nuns hallowed things (liall be 
his: i/jdf //.whatfoeuer any mangiueththe Prieft, 

11 ί And the Lord fp.ikc vnto Mofes.fay'ng, 

12 Spjakevntothe childrenof IfraeUand fay 
<t. ii7.i>v*!ii!ngt!ie.| vnto them . If any mans wuc * turne to euill, and 

*■ If Ml. τ 3. J. 

J Or. in jflAttm 

» There were ilire 
maner of lents: 
of the Lord of the 
J.enites , and ot th« 

* Cf«(.«.3,' 
v. Commit any 


te whom the 
vwngis dine, 
d alio haue no 

a Ot.thii 


t$d (othe Lo.d, as 
Lfxii io.>t. 

bind of 1 



commit a trefpaile againft him, 

13 So th It another man lie with her ReCtuy., 
and it be hid from the eyes of her husband , and 
Kept clofe. Slid yet (he be defiled , and there be no 
%»ijtncire, againft her , neither.lhei^takcn with the 

14 t'Ifhebemooittdwitha ielousminde.fia 
tlwt.heJsiglQHs,ouer.his wifc,^icbi i$defil^^d,or 

if he haue a ielous mind , fo that he is iclous onei 
his wife, which is not defiled, 

I jT Then ihall the man bring his wife to the 
Prieft, and bring her offering with her, the tenth 
•part of an Ephah of barley meale , hut he fhall not 
powre f oyle vpon it, nor put incenfe thereon 
for it is an offering of ieloufie , an offering for a 
iemerabrance,caliing the fmae to gminde. 

1 6. And the Prieft il.all bring her , and fet he 
before the Lord. 

1 7 Then the Prieft fi-all take 5i the holy vatc. 
inan earthen veflell ,and of the duft that is in the 
floore of the Tabernacle, eue» the Prieft fliall take 
it and put it into the w.iter. 

1 8 After the Prieft (Lall fet the woman before 
the Lord, and vncouerthe wcmans head, and put 
thu offering of the memoriall in bet hands ; it is 
the ielouile offering.andrhe Prieft AmU haue bit- 
ter and i curfed water in his hand, 

1,9 And the Prieft flviU charge her by an oathe 
3nd fay vnto the woman , If no man haue lien 
with thee , neither thou haft turned to vncjean- 
nefie from thine husband,be free from this bitten 
and curfed water.. 

20 But if thou haft, turned from thine huf- 
band , and fo art defiled, and fome man h-ith lien 
with thee befides thine husband, 

21 (Then the Prieft ftall charge the woman 
with an oathe of curling , and the Prieft (hall fay 
vnto the woman:) The Lord m^ke thee to be 
liaccurfed^and deteftable for the oathe among the 
people, and the Lord caufe thy thigh to trot.and 
thy belly to fwell: • 

2.2 .And that this curfed water may goe into 
thy bowels, to caufe thy belly to fwell, and tliy 
thigh to rot. Then the woman flaall aiifwere, 
'Amen, Amen. 

23 After, the Prieft (hall write thefe curfes in 
a booke , and fl-iall >" blot them out with the bit- 
ter water, 

24 And iliaU caufethe woman to drinke the 
bitter and curfed water, and the curfed wateriwr 

•nei into bittemefte ih Ί1 enter \mo her. 

2 f Then the Prieft fhall take the ieloufie ofTe. 
ring out of the wom-ns hand , and (liall ihake the 
offering before the Lord , and offer it vpon the 

i6. And the Prieft fl->alltai^e<eefc<t.vfl?/e(// of the 
offring for a (I . memorial! thereof , andburne it 
vpon the" altar , andafierwardmake the woman 
drinke the water. 

27 when he huh made her drinke the water, 
if fhee be defiled and haue trefpaffed againfther 
husband , then (hall the curfed water , turned kite 
bitterniife.enter into hcr.and her belly ihall fwell, 
and her thigh fliall rot , and the woman fliallbe 
accurfed among her people. 

28 But if the woman be not defiled , butbe 
Π cleane, (lie fliall be free, and fliall concciue anc 

29 This is the law of ieloufie, when a wife tur 
nethTrona her husband and is defiled, ' 

30 Or , when a man is mooued with a ielous 
minde , being ielous ouer his wife , then iliail hee 
bring the woman before the Lord , and the Prieft 
fliall doe to her according to all this law, 

3 I And the man fliallbe «> free from finne , but 
this woman (hall beare her iniciuitie. 

C Η A P. V I. 

» n, hta ifne eonftcHtifntf*nlu. »+ Tie »M»a»r 

f Onely in t!>^ 

his cffiringefu 
leiifie were nei- 
ther 05 ]e η or in- 

fe offited. . -^ 
g Or.mai r J the" 
'"niif kiowea, and 

lOt paging it. ; 

Which alfo is 

calitd tlic vvatet 


ng. teadt 

was fe ca'Jel 
"fe ii declared 
the woman to be 
»ed to hei dcHH. 

k Bothbicairfe 

had commit- 
ted fo ha inoiiu 
fault, and tVefwa:» 
herfelfeinden/. < 
ing the fame. I 

t Eir.tof^U. 

i That is, be it fo,. 
asthou wiOiefl, ' ' 
as Pfal.41 13. j 

m Shall wit thV' 
written, into the 
water in ib( vefleU. ' 

η where the'in 
«enfe was offered, 

vponfiifpition , in 
not be tcprooutd» 

Of theNaz itite ] and his 


ihemftliics {com 
ihc woild.jiul 
ilcdicAcd ihent- 
fdiet to God: 
«(hich figiu* vf It 
•icainpliOicd ia 

t As Μ fc«riil»/M 

c In thit Jiefofli- 
jTOw,he fignifiei 
thic hewMConfe- 
<tatc to Cod. 


A Nd the Lord fpake \'ntoMo(cs,faying, 

ζ S peakevnto the children of lirael , and 
fay vnto them , When a man or a wom.^n doth fe- 
parate themfelues to vow a vow of a «Nazarite, 
to feparate himfelfe vnto the Lord, 

3 Hee lliall abftaine from wine and ftrong 
drinke , atid fhall drinke no fowre wina nor fowre 
drinke, nor Ihall drinke any liquor of grapes, nei- 
ther lliall eat frelb grapes nor dried. 

4 As long as his abftinence endiireth.iha!! he 
eat nothing that is made of the wine of the vine, 
neither the kernels nor the huske. 

5 while he is fe?arated by his vow.the * rafor 
fliall not come vpon his head , vntill the dayes be 
out , in the which hee fepareth<^«>-/»/i//ir vnto the 
Lord , he IhalJbe holy , and ihall let the locks of 
die haire of his head grow, 

6 During the time that hee feparateth him- 
felfe vnto the Lord , hee fliali come at do b dead 

7 He ihall iiot make himfelfe vncleane at the 
death of his father or mother , brother , or fifter: 
for the confecration of his God is vpon< his 

i All the daycs of his fepaiationliee ll:allbe 
ί holy to the Lord. 

I *9 And if iny die fuddenly by him , or he be- 
4 whfihloiighsira ware .then the ^ head of his confecration fliallbe 
i» » ffjneihit heii| defiled ^ .nd ^^ f^ajj fl^u^ ^^5 head in the day of 
4 '^'*•" '• °'^* ihis cleanfing: in the feucmh day he ύαϊΐ ihaue it. 
10 And in the eight day nc ihall bring two 
turtles , or two yong pigeons to the Pricft , at 
thedoore of the tabernacle of the Congregation. 
■I I Then tlie Prieft Ihall prepare the one for a 
finne offering , and the other for a burnt offering, 
and Ihall make an atonement for him, becaufe he 
finned by « the dead : lb Ihall he hallowhisheaJ 
the fame day. 

I ζ And he fl-.all f confecrate vnto the Lord the 
dayes of his reparation , and lliall bring a lambe 
of a yeere olde for a trefpafle offering , and the 
firft g dayes ihallbe void : for his confecration was 

13 Τ This then is the laweoftheNszarite: 
when tlie time ofhis conlecration is out.he ihall 
come to the doore of the tabernacle of the Con- 

14 And he ihall bring his oflering vnto the 
Lord , an heelambe of ayeere olde without ble- 
milh , for a burnt offering , and a fliee lambc of a 
yeere old without blcmilh, for alinne offring, and 
a ram without blemilh.for peace oflferings, 

1 5• And a basket of N^nleauened bread , of 
•* cakes of fine noms, mingled with oy!e, and wa- 
fers of ynleauened bread anointed with oyle.with 
their meate.offring,aiid their drinke offerings : 

16 The which the Prieft ihall bring before 
the Lord , and make his fin offering and his burnt 

1 7 Hee iliall prepare alfo the ram for a peace 
oflering vnto the Lord , with rhe basket of vnlea- 
•iiencd bread , and the Prieft iliall make his meate 
oflering.snd his drinke oflering. 

18 And * the Nazarite fliaJl fhaue the head 
'* ofhis confecration at thedoore of the Taber- 
nacle of the Congregation.and ihall take the haire 
of the head of his confecration, and ' put it in the 
fire which is TOticr the peace offering. 

19 Then the Prieft Ihall take the foddenfhoul- 
der of theramme , and an vnloauencd cake out of 
the basket, and a \^afer vnlcaucned, and jw them 

VL^U, offeripg^ T he^i^ices gSiiigsT 

after hee hath 

vpon the hands of the Nazarite 
fl-.auen his conlccr-.tion. 

20 And the Prieft fliall ■•' (liake them to inc 
fVo before the Lord : this is an holy thing for the 
Prieit II befide the fiiaken breaft , and bei'idts the j Or,»;,» 4< ir,/, 
beaue Ih.oulder : fo afterwand the Nazarite may 
drinke wine. 

2 1 This is the law of the Nazarite,which hee 

hath vowed, Λβύί ofhis offering vnto the Lord for 

his confecration ,* befides that that he is able to ' 

bring : according to tlv; vow which he vowed, fo , 

Ihedoi' ■ ■ -■ - I 


It Atttttltidhl 
O-.all doc this, it 

after the law ofhis confecr.tion. ' ^Vmc«! "^^ 

22 f And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.faying, 

23 Speake vnto Aaron and to his fontics, fay- 
ing . Tiius ilwll ye I bleflb the children of Ifrael, 
and fay vnto them , 

24 The Lord bleife thee.and keepe thee. 
2 5Γ The Lord make his face ftinevponthee, 

and be mercifull vnto thee, 

26 ths Lord lift vp his countenance vpon 
thee.and giue thee peace. 

27 So they Ihall put m.y"> Naiiie vpon the 
children of Ifrael.and I will blefle them. 

1 rtit ii.ersy for 

m Τίι»5τΛιΠ•ρη^ 
'» "iy Nwnt iot 

: Bybtingpttrent 


t EiginnAg >t the 
"i tight da^ >»««" he: 


I» lf<fi'.»>5^ 

* Alh.*i.u• 
ft Is tclun til» 

f Foiihehaiicl 
«riifch was «enft- 
«ilic-toihe Lord, 
might not k« (lit 

j C Η A P. νϊΐ. 

I 2 The heads tr princtt eflfrml cffir at Ihtftltint-vt ,f 
the Tubexntcte. lo Ani μ the iU.catita ,f the At. 
j Mr. ij Gtiffe»ktthtt Mefesfimihi Mettie-fette. 1 
j "^Ow when Mofes had finifhedthefettingvpl 
! •"^cf the Tabernacle , and ■•• anointed itand fsn-i» EmU^ 
] ftified it , and all the inftruments thereof, and the 
i altar with all the fl inftruments thereof , and had 
! anointed them,and fcndtificd them, 

2 Then the n princes of Ifrael, heads ouer the 
I houfcs of their fathers , (they were the princes of 

the tribes , who were ouer them that were niun- 
jbred) oftled, 

3 And brought their offring before the Lord, 
fixe * couered cn."rets,and twehie oxen: one cha- 
ret for two princes , andforeuery one an oxe , and 
they offred them before the Tabenrcle. 

4 And the Lord fp^ke vnto Moles , faying, 
y Take thefe of them , that they may be to do 

thc''feruice of the Tabernacle of the Congrega-1 xhjtis.toor» 
tion , and thou flialt gitie them vnto the Leuites, ' - " 

to euery man according vnto his office. 

6 So Mofes tookc the charets and the oxen, 
and gaue them vnto the Leuites, 

7 Two ch rets and fourc oXen he gaue to the 
fonnes of Gerlhon , according vnto their *Of-^ Fetifieii»fii• 

8 And foure charetsandeight oxen he gaue 
to the fonnes of Merari , according vnto their of- 
fice , vnder the hand of Ithamitr die fonne of Aa- 
ron the Prieft. » 

9 But to the fonnes of Kohath he gaue none, : 
«^becaufe the charge of the Sanduary belonged il Tie lielyAi»|i 
to uvtm , which they did beare vpon rto'r ihuiil- jof the s»nAuiiy 
ders. ' "*■ "*■" 

io C The princes alfo offered in the * dedica- 
tion for the altar in the day that it was anointed: 
then the princes offered their offering before the 

1 1 And the Lord faid vnto Mofes,One prince 
one day .and another prince another day , Ihall 
offer their offeing , for the dedicuion of the al- 

ii Or,».//f, 
I Ot,uft»i»n^ 

a LilehoTllittttJ, 
Ό kitpihe things 
Jiat xtttt caiitd ia 

hingt and Raftt 


iin be citicd vp- 
Ί Oiouldc» 
I dranCB 
ith (Mt<n,cha;. 

Thatjj, whtii 
•fried cheie- 
jLcKic.;. I. 

12 Τ So then on the firfl day did Nahihon 

the fonne of Amminadab of the tribe of ludah 
offer his offering. 

1 3 Andhis offering way a filue* chargerofiti 

hundreth aad thitryy^Jii^f^ weight , a tiiuet bowk 

G 4 ijt 

I Tht «%ίη(«ϊ 

J The offtring oi 

H rht offering of 

I The offiiiirg of 

Numl ef s 


D Tlie o!fi:ng ' 

of fenenty ilieke!s,a'ter the flekd of the Santlu- 
ary , both full of fine floHje , mingled with oyle, 
for a *■ meste ofFring, 

4 An hcenfe cup of gold oftcn/7ji^i/r, full 

I τ A yoog biiJloeke, a ram, a lambe of a yeere 
old for a burnt offering, ; 

16 An hec goat for a finne offering, 

1 7 And fof peace oflcrings.two bullocks.fiue - 
rJFnmes, fiue hee goats , and fine lambes of a yeete i 
old : this WIS the offeiing ofNahihcnthefonne 

1 8 f The fecond day 1] Nethaneel.the fonne of; 
^iiar.prince οι the trtda of liiachar did offer. '\ 

19 Who offered for his offering a fihier char- 
ger of an himdrcth .md thirty fhekfls weight ,a 
filiier bowle of leuenty Ibekels, .ftertheiliekel of 
the SaniiliMty , both full of fine floure mingled 
with oy!e,fora meatoffering, 

. %o An incenfe cup of golde of ten/if%^ , full ' 
ofincenfe, j 

A yong biillocke , a ram , a lambe of a yeere ' 
old for a burnt offering, \ 

2Z An hee goat for a finne offring, [ 

25 And for peace offrings two bullocks , fiue j 

:i.]mmes, fiue hee go its, fiue lambs of a yeere old; j 

. "this was the offring of Nethaneol the fonne of [ 

Znar. | 

24 f The third day fl Hliab the fonne of He- ; 
Ion prince pf the children oiZchulon offered. [ 
25• His offering vvai a filuer charger of an hun- \ 
dreih and thirty /"'^e-^/i weight, a liluer bowle of j 
fauenty ibekels, after the lliekelofthe Saniluary, : 
both full of fine floure, mingled with oykjfur a i 
nieat offring, ; 

2^ A golden »'«««/# cupoften/Zje'^i/i.fullofi 

27 A yong biillocke , a ram, a lambe of a yeere J 
old for a burnt offering, | 

28 An hee goat for a finne offering, i 

29 And for peace offerings, two bullocks, fiue 
rammes,fiue hee goates ,fiue lambesofayeeie ' 
olde : this was the offering of Eliab the I'onne of '■ 
Helon. . j 

30 ί The fourth day 1| Elizur the fonne of 
$hedeur prince of the children of Reuben o/f- ? 
red. I 

3 I His ofFring was a filiier charger of an hun- l 
dreth and thirty//;i/^e/j weight «a filuer bowle of ' 
feuenty Ihekels , .fter the Ihekel of the Sandua- ! 
rie .both full of fine flouie , mingled with oyle , | 
for a meate offering, 

32 A golden wii»iecupof ten/7je%//, fnllof 

33 Ayongbullocke.eram, aTambeofayeere ι 
old for a burnt offering, \ 

34 An hee goat for a finne offering, 

3 5: And for a peace offering.two btillocks.fiue j 
ramraes, fiue hee goats, and fiue lambes of a yeere \ 
old : this was the offering of Elizur the fonne of ; 
Shcdeur. ? 

3i ί The fifth day n Shelumiel the fonne of ' 
Znriihaddai, prince of the children of Simeon ' 
φτ^4. I 

37^ Hi5 offering z-T'ii/afKuerchargerof.nhun- 
dreth and thuty piel^els weight , a fiiuer bowle of ' 
'feuenty Ihekels : after the Ibekel of die Sanitua- ' 
ry , both full of fine floure, mingled with oyle, for Ί. 
ia meat offering. | 

} 38 A golden iwcnfe cup of ten /'«^«/f , fullcf j 

i ^, [ 


39 A yong builecke , a ram,* Iamb* of a y«eK j 

olifor a burnt offering, { 

40 An hee goat for a finne effering, _ j 

41 And for a peace offering, t>vohiilIocks,fi«e! 
rammes.fiue hee goats,fi«c lambes of a yeere old: t 
this was the oft'ering of Shelumiel thefonne of 
Zuriihaddai, i. . . . , 

42 ί The fixt day Π Eliafaph the fonae of De- "^i^' ^*"•* •** 
uel prince of the children of Gad «jfefii. 

43 Hisofferingft'rfJafiluerchargerofanhun- 
dreth and thiity fxkel' weight, a iiluer bowle οβ 
feuenty fliekels , after the (hekel of the Sanituary,' 
both full of fine floure , mingled with oyle , for 3; 
meate offering, 

44 A golden inctnfi cupof ten/"/!ieiiif/.i,fullof 
■incenfe, • ϊ 

4 Τ A yong bullocke, a ram, a lambe of a yeere' 
oldfora burnt oflFring, ; 

46 An hee goarfor a finne offering, j 

47 And for a peace offering , two bullockes, I 
fiue rammes,fiue hee goats, hue lambes of a yeerej 
olde : this was the offering of Eliafaph tlie ίοιιηβ; 
of Eteuel. 

48 ί The feuenth day i| Elifhama the fonne |,;^_«5*'^i»f 
of Aramind prince of the children of Ephraira ' " " " 

49 His offering was a fiiuer charger of an htrn- 
dreth and thirty fjelie/s weight , a fiiuer bowie of 
feuenty ibekels , after the ihekel of the Saiiduary, 
both full of fine floure , mingled with oyle , for 
a meat offering, 

ro A golden incenft cup of ten piekf It , {all of 
inccn'e, f 

y I A yong bullockc , a ram, a lambe of a yeerei 
old for a burnt offering, '■_ 

f 2 An hee go-u for a finne ofiering, 

53 And for a peace offring, [wobiidockes,fiue 
rammes, fiue hec goats.fiue L-mbes of a yeere old: 
this was the offering of Eliihama the fonne of 

' 5•4 f The eight day ojfsred (| G.imliel the fonne 
of Pedazur , prince of the children of Manaf- 

Τ y His offering vvits.a fiiuer charger of an hun-, 
dreth and thirty //;f;^f/i weight , a fiiuer bowle of 
leuenty (hekcls. after the ihekel of the Sanduary, 
both frll of fine floure , mingled witii oyle , for 
a meat oft'ering, 

S6 A goiden incenfe cup o{tenfhel((/i ,ίιύΐο^ 

5: 7 A yong buUocke , a ram, a lambe of a yeere 
old for a burnt offering, \ 

J 8 An hee goat for a finne offering, 

f 9 And for a peace offering, two bullocks,fitie 
rammes , fiue hee goats , fiue lambes of a yeere 
olde : this was the offering of Gamliel thefonne 

60 f The ninth day j Abidan the fonne of l.'^*•'**''»!•' 
Gideoni prince of the children of Beniamin »f- :^ ' "' 

61 His offiingT/tia/ a fiiuer charger of an hiiri-l 
dreth and thirty f^ek^O weight , a liluer bowle of 
feuenty ibekels, .iftcrthe ihekel of the Sariduary, 
both full of fine lioure, mingled with oyle , for ; 
a meate offering, ; 

6 ζ A golden incenfi cupof tenP;i%^,full(rf'! 
incenfe, | 

6^ A yong bullocke , a ram , a lambe of a yeere ί 
old for a burnt offering, 

64 An hee goat for a finne offering, ; 

, ο J And for a peace offring , two bullocks, fioe 

Hie offtting pf 


people onracl. 

rr The ο{Γ€ΐφ»8 «f 

Tieiel , or Phe- 


Vlil. The offering of the U. 

fixty, t-he hec goates iixt ic, the Umbcs of a.ycere 
oide lixtic:this was the dcdicitiui df the Ahal 
after that it wjs S nnointed. j 

8p And when Moles went intotheitabemJf Ks*"),» 

cle of the Congregation to ijOske with God , bee! ίύ.Λαι/.. .• 

heard the vcyce of cne Ipcakingvntuhim from' 

the Merci-feat , that was vpon the Arke of the Te 

and he 

> Tht nieY tftSeJamfs. β The fuiifjingmatjftiat 
the Zeuitef. i^ The age tf the Letumnhemkej ( 
ticeiHiit»feiutsc , Λκά veken the} ate iifmijei, 

A Ndthc Lordfpake vnto.Mofes.kying, 
■**• 2 Speake vnto Aaion , «nd fay vntohir . 
when clioii lighteft thelarapes . the fcucn iampes 
IhsJl giue light toward the » forefront of the Can 
3 And Aaron did fo 




ranwnes , fiue hee goates ,fiue lambeS of a ytere 
oIde:this was the offering of Abidarj.the.lonne 
of Gideoni. 

66 f The tenth day fl Ahiezer the fonne of 
Ammiihaddai , prince of the children of Dano/- 

67 His offering t-wa/ a fiJiier charger of an hiin- _^ ._ 

dreth end thirty //jei^/i weight , a liluerbcwJe of j ftimony ί betweeBcthetwoChenibims 
feuenty ihekels.after the Aiekel of the Sandiury, [ fpake vnto him. 
both nill of fine floure , mingled with oyle , for a 
meate offering, , 

6% A golden iwre»/* cup of tcn/i*y^/i, full of 

69 A yoDg bullocke, a ram , a lambc of a yeeie 
old for a burnt offering, 

70 An hee goat for a finne offering, 

71 And for a peace oftring , two bullocks, fine 
rammes , fiue hee goates , fiue lambes of a yeere 
olde:this was tbeofteringof Ahiezer theicnne 

72 ί The eleuenthdiv jPagielthefonneof 
■..Gcran , prince of the children of hihex effcred, 

75 His ofli ing vvat a iiluer charger of an hua- 

'dreth and thirty /);e%// sveight , a filner bowle of 

ifeuenty lhekels,after the Ihekel of the Sanftuary, 

both full of fine floure , mingled with oyle , for a 

I meate offering, 

1 74. A golden /«fwy^ cupoften/7ii%/^, fuUof 
j -incenfe, 

7r Ayongbullock,arara, alambc ofayeere 
olde for a burnt offering, 

■76 An hee goate for a finne offering, 
77 And for a peace offering, two buUocks.fiue 
rams, fine hee goats , fiue lambcs of a yeere olde; 
i this was the offring of Pagiel the lonne of Ο- 
Ι cran. 

ί 78 < The twelfth day || Ahira the fonnc of E- 
. nan , prince ofthe children of Naphtaliojfirii. 
79 His oflring Z'i'iw a filiicrclwrgerofan hun 


i AfCirdingaili» 

hid piomiltd. 


lighting the Ismpcs si^iniil•» t>rdlt. 

thereof toward the forefront of the CandleiUcke, 
as thcLord had commanded Moles. 

4 ' And this was the workc of the Cindlcfticke, 
tuen of gold beaten cut with the hammer , both 
the fliaft , and the flower thereof* was beaten oui 
with the hammer : ^ according to the p^ternc 
which the Lord had fliewed λ5ο1ε$ , fo made hee 
the Candlefticke. 

y ί And tlie Lord fpake vnto Mofes, fay ing^ 

6 Take the Liuites from among the children 
of Ifrael, and purifie them, 

7 And thus ilialt thou doe vnto them , when 
thou piirifieft them , Sprinkle ' w.utr of purifica- 
tion vpon them , and let them fliaue all their fieili 
and waih their cloathes.-fo they liiall be cleane. 

8 Then they fliall takeayong bullock with 
his meate offering of fine floure , mingltd with; 
oyle , and .nother yong bullocke (halt thou take 
for a finne offering 

9 Then thou Ilialt bring the Leuites before the 

wfiich is ontr 


b Ard jior f«i re• 


c In Efcrew ft J» 
tilled the vractr 
of, bjtjufc 

made (o 
i purge fifliK, aj 

dreth end thirty /Jji^f A weight, a filuer bowle of = Tabernacle of the Congregation, and aflenible 

feuenty ihekels, after the Ihckel of the Sanftuary 

both full of fine floure , mingled with oyle , for ] 

a me are offering, j 

80 A gosdtn inctnfe cup oittnfhckels , full of [ 
incenfe, 'i 

8 1 A yong bullocke, a ram, a lambc of a yeere \ 
old for a burnt offering, i 

^ 2 An hee goate for a finne offering, I 

85 And for peace offerings , two bullockes, | 
fiue rammes.fiue hee goits,fiue lambes of a yeere ' 
olde , this was the offering of Ahira the fonne of ; 
Enan. • 

84 This was the ί dedication of rheAltir by I 

|iiiiice.s when Atl the princes cf Ifi-acl, when it w<is ano^Tted: ' 

λ"αι'*γ^'^"*'* rwelue charters of filuer ,twelue fihier bowles, \ 

'*'■ ' twelue-MffiJf cups of gold, ■ , 

8r Euery ch.)rger conttmng anhundrcthand \ 

thirty fhek^U of filuer,and euc'ry bowle feuenty : αϊ ; 
the fiiuer ve iVelUwffiirii two thou ian.l and fourc 

hundreth /Xwi^'i'// , after the ihekelof the Sandu- : 

arie. ! 

86 Twelue»ii-i»yf cups of gold full of incenfe, 
onteining ten fliekels euery cup . afttr the ihckell 
of the Sandtiiary rail the gold of the '««•ew/f cups ; 

{ Tlii« wai th» 


mayefl doe thi« 
in ricfence ol thri 

e V.eaiiirj, cti- 
taine of them in 
ihename of th» 

all tJie Congregation of the children of Ifr.iel, 

10 Thou flult bring the Leuites alfo before 
the Lord , and the « children cf liiael Ihall put 
their h-inds vpon the Leuires 

11 And Aaron fliall offer the Leuites before 
the Lord, as a iliake offering of the chiWrcn of 
Ifraeljthat they may execute the feruice of tlie 

I 2 And the Leuites (hall put their hrncis vpon 
the heads of the bullocks , and make thou the 01 
a finne oftring .and the other a burnt offrirgvi 
to the Lord , that thou mayeft mskn «d aton 
ment for the Leuites. 

13. And thon Ihalt fetthf Leuites. before A.-!- 
ron and- before his Tonnes, and offi;r them as a 
fliakc offering to the Lord. 

14 Thus thou ihalt fepaiate the Leuites from 
among the children of Ifrael.and the Leuites Ihtll , 
be ■"mine. 

ly And afterward fliaJI the Leuites goe in , to 
feme in the Tabernacle of die Congregation, and 
thou (halt purifie them , and offer them .is a ihakej 
offering. I 

1 6 For they are freely giuen * vnto mec fromf* ^t^• '- '■ 

among the children of Ju;.iel . furiluchasopenl'J,,;,",^*/^, 

ombe .-for all the firit borne of thechil-lboine. 



was an himdrcth and twenty f^iektU 

87 All the bullockes for the burntoff^r ^ 
vvtre twelue bullocks, the rams twelue.ihe Ir.mbs i dren of Ilrael hnue I taken them vnto me. 

of a yeere old twelue , with their meare offerings, 1 17'*' For all the firft borne of the chiu — r » f 

and twelue hee goats for a finne offering. , Ifr.-icl are mine , both cf m.:n and heail r finceji^jj" ' ''' *' 

88 And allthe bill ocks for the peace ofliings • the d.iy that I fmotc euery firft borne in the land! 
*vtr€ foure end twenty bullockes , the rainmcs of Egy^t , I fandified them for my felfe. J 

18 And 

dren oij , 

'"bithQ PaiTeoMef.; 


The appearing < >f the cfoudi.' 

tht 'rftatlifti 

1 8 And Τ haue taken the Leuites for all the 
j -firft borne of the children of Ilrael, 
i 19 Ana haue ginen the Leuites as a gift vnto 
I Aaron , and to his fonnes from among the chil- 
i drenof doethe feruice of the g children 
; of Ifrael in the Tabern.icle of the Congregation, 
j and to make an atonement for the children of ΤΓ- 
j raei , that there be no plague among the chil- 
I dren of Ifrael , when the children of Ilrael come 

h Beciur* tht L«. neere vnto the '« Sandluary, 

«lites goeiate the ^ ^o f Then Mofes and Aaron and all the Con- 

sanAiary « theic ; .^^gtion of the children of Ifrael did with the i 
' ; Leuites , according vnto all that the Lord ha I 

I commanded Mofes concerning the Leuites : fo 
i did the children of Ifrael vnto them, 
) 2 1 So the Leuites were purified , and wailied 
j their c loathes, ahd Aaron offered them as a iliake 
|offoring before the Lord , and Aaron made an at- 
jonement for purifie them, 
j 2z And after that, went the Leuites in to doe 
their feruice in the Tabernacle of the Congrega- 

i !a their prifiMf^ tion , ' before Aaron and before his fonnes : as the 

Lord had comrannded Mofes concerning the Le- they did vnto them. 

a3 f And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.faying, 

24 This dli'a oelon^eth to the Leuites : from 

fine and twentie yeere old and vpward, they iLall 

d And nnaM* 
tome where th» 
TibernKle is, 
when oihect i;t«f| 

(β tciuc them. 

•δ SuchoSfc ji 
coJ)care burchcnc 
snd fiichlike. 
1 in fi-ngiaig 
ing. coiir.felli'ig 
«hingt in order, 

43 j.Ct^ 
t)nit.t*.t. / 


Λ Etien in 1ΙΓ 
«ointsnthe tori 

Ii flytenthingi 
«erps.ot being 
«I i^e kntiaU, 

iJie PalTcoiier the 

goein , to execute f/)fiV office in this feruice of I fire vntiil morning. 

9 And the Lord (pake vnto Mofes , faying, 

10 Speake vnto the children of Ifrael, and fay, 
If any among you , orof yourporteritielliiillbe 
vncleme by the reafon of a corps . or be in a long 
iourney , i he ihall kcepe the Paiteoucr vnto the 

1 1 In the fourteenth day of the * fecond rao- 
neth at eiien they Ihall keepe it: with vnleaucned 
bread.andfowfehearbes Ihall they eate it, e s that the va- 

■I ζ They Ihall leaue none of it vnto the mor- «ΐ«>η«. ini the| 
ning , * nor breake any Ijone of it according to all t'l^'"^°J^^l 
the ordinance of fhePaffeouer (hail they keepe it. moneth lonjei 

I ί But the m^n that is cleane and is not in a granted vat» 
* iourney .and is negligent to kcepe the PaiTeoucr, '^*^; . 
the fame ped'on Ihili be cnt off from his people; \f,in',,'*f* ' 
becaufe he brought not the offering of the Lord if when'the paift- 
in his due feafon , that man ihall beare his 8 finne, '^" " "^'i"'"*« 
14 And if a ftranger dwell among you.and wild p/4^''/,'',V ** 
keepe the Pafleoiier vnto the Lord, as the ordi- ' 

nance of the PalVeouer , and as the maner thereof 
it , fo rtiallhe do : * ye ihall haue one l^w both for * ^'■'*>*'i 
the ftranger , and for hva that was borne in die 
fame land. 

ly f * And when the Tabernacle was reared *^^^*e,J4i'. 
vp ,a cloud couered the Tabernacle, >i<»»i!?/y, thei 
Tabernacle of the Teftimony : andaieuen there ^LuejpiUir, 
was vpon the Tabernacle , as the g appeiy:ance of |««a4e i*<>i.i,n 

■the Tabernacle of the Congregation 

2 5• And after the age of fiftie yeeres.they ihall 
ceafe from executing the ^ office , and iliall ferue 
no more. 

26 But they (liall minifter 1 with their brethren 
in the Tabernacle of the Congregation , to keepe 
things committed to their charge , but they iliall j 
doe no feruice ; thus ihalt thou doe vato the Le- 
uites touching their.char^es. 


16 So it was alway : the cloud couered it iy j 
&tjf,ma the appearance of fire by night. 

1 7 And when the cloud was taken vp from 
the Tabernacle , then afterward the children of 
Ifrael iourneyed : and in the place where the 
cloud abode , there the chikken of Ilrael pitched 
their rents, 

r8 At the t commandcment of the '• Lord 
the children of Ifrael iourneyed, and at the cora- 
manderaent of the Lord they pitched : as long as 
the cloud abode vpon theTabernacle,* they t lay 

19 And when the cloud taried ftill vpon the 
Tabernacle a Ion» time , the children of Ifrael 
kept the > watch or the Lord, and iourneyed not. 
- , ^ . . , , 20 So when the cloud abode t a fewedayes 

fecond yeere.after they were come eutofthe land J vpon the Tabernacle , they abode in their tents 
of Egypt.fay uig, ^,, ,^ „ ,- , ! according to the commandement of the Lord: for 

, ^^ ί?'ί "^^, °^. "^' • . . '^'*^^'"" ti^ey iourneyed at the commandement of the 
the * Pafleouer at the time appointed therevnto. Lord. 

3 In the fouretcenth day of this moneth at i ^ i ' And though the cloud abode vpon the Ta- 
*euen,ye ihall keepe it in his due feafon : accor- ; bcrnacle from euen vnto the morning , yet «/the 
dang to a all the ordinances ofit.and according 10 j cloud was taken vp in the morning , then they 

iourneyed: whether by day or by night the cloud 


Tht fjJPfurr it nmm»»dii jj 
Hn, that kiftlt «I tie Ραβ,,ν,η 
IfrjtUttttirau^h tht tfiUtrnrff>, 

IX. \ 

15 T*f W»<«(c.7i*tfi(iltf I 

Δ Nd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes in thewil-l 
dcrneffe of Sinai , in the firft moneth of the 

f Ei'. **«(»; 

h who taught 
rhem whit to dot 
yiheiloude, ς• 

* I.CiMO, t, 

\ Btr. utnfiiy 

They wai'ted ' 
when the Lord 

obU fignifi^ ei. 
ther thtitdepit- 
ntt , or ihcrrabodi 
)y the doude. 

nuntitr. ' 

all the ceremonies thereof ihall ye keepe ir. 

4 Then Mofes fpke vnto doe children of If- 
rael.tocelebrate the Paffeouer. 

y And they kept the Paffeouer in the foure- 
teenth day of the firft moneth at euen in the wil- 
derncffc of Sinai : according to all that the Lord 
had commanded Mofes, fo did the children of Il- 
iac J. 

6 f And certaine men were defiled * by a 
dead man , that they might not keepe the Paffeo- 
uer the Cime day : and they came before Mofes 
and before Aaron the fame day- 

7 And thofe men fayd vnto him, We are defi- 
led by a dead man : Wherefore arc we kept backe 
that we may not * offer an offringviuo the Lord 
iti the time therevnto appointed araony the chil- 
dren of Ifrael» 

8 ThenMofes fayd vnto rhem.Stand ftiII,aiKl 
1 will heare what the Lord will command con- 

was taken vp.then they iourneyed 

22 Or if the cloud taried two dayes,or a mo- 
HCtli.or a yeere vpon theTabernacIe abiding ther 
on,the children ©f Ifiael*abode ftill.and ioumey-i 
ed not: but when it was taken vp.they iourneyed.!* ^^'"^■^°'}*Λ7\ 

23 At the commandement of thft Lord they 
pitched , and at the commandement of the Lprd 
they iourneyed.keepin» the watch of the Lord at 
the commandement of the Lord by thtjlihahd 
of Mofes. 

C Η A P, X, 
> The n/fe of iht flutt Irttmptts. n Tht Ifttlelitu df 

part fitm Sin»,, ιψ Tit cxptninti »/ (if hmflt Art 

numhrid. )o Hti»l jifuftth f gtt with Mtfti hit 

fmne in /λ». 
A Nd the Lord I'pake vnto Mofes, faying, 

2 Make thee two trumpets of filuer : of «1 

whole piece ihalt thou make them , that then 
mayeft vie them for theaffembling of the Con- 
gre^ation,andfor the departure of the carope. 
3 And 

.'/. .», 

k Vndit the chirg 
aad g<5Her)iem«iit 
ei Mofei, 

a Oi,*f w*rl« 





3 And vhcn they ftall blow wnhthem, all 
tlie Congrcgatio fr.all aiieir.blc to thee.btfore the 
dcoie c(d\t Tabernacle of the Congregation. 

4 But it" ikcy blow with cne , then the Prin- 
ces, er heads oner the thuukndsof llriclfi-iall 
come vnto thee. 

5 But if yec blow an alarme , then the campe 
of them that pitch on the ^ Eaft pan , ihall goe 

6 If ye blow an akrme the fccond time , then 
the hoaft of them that lie on the* South fide, fl%tll 
maich -.for they Itall blow an alarrae when they 

7 But in the aifembling the Congregation, 
ye (liall blow without an alamie, 

g And the fonncs of Aaron the Prieft ihall 
* blow the trumpets , and ye fhall haue them as a 
'aw for eucr in your generations. 

ρ And when ye goe to warre in your land a- 
gainft the enemie that vexeth yoti.yee il.all blow 
an akrme with the trumpets , and ye Ihall be re- 
membred before the Lord your God , and fliall be 
faued from your enemies. 

JO Alfo in thediy ofyoure'gladneffe .aniJin 
jyour feaft dayes, & in the beginning of your mo- 
'neths ,ye fliallalfo blow the trumpets |! oner your 
burnt lacrilices .and otier your psace offerings, 
that they may be a remembrance for you before 
your God : 1 am the Lordyom God. 

II t And in the fccondyeere ,in thefecond 
moneth ,<»«<i in the twentieth i/aji of the moncth, 
!the cloud was taken vp from the Tabernacle of 
:the Teftimonie, 

i i.z And the children of Ifrael departed on 
τ,ο! titk-tpinfiu^^^^"^^^ iuurneys out ofthedefertofSinai.andthe 
"ki•?*""""• '^^o"'^ reltcd in the wilderneffe of Paran. 
'ΰ^.. '. 13 So they f firft tooke their iourney atthe 

comraandement of the Lord . by the hand of Mo- 

14 f ■♦' In the firft place went the ftandard of 
the hoalle cfthechildrenofludah according to 
j tlieir armies : and * Naliflion the lonncof Ammi- 
! nadab WAt ouer his band. 

If And ouertlicbandof the tribe of the chil- 
wcn of liVachar i/i/rf/Methaneel the ionne ©f Zt:ar. ■ 
; 16 And ouer the band of the tribe of the chil- 
■ drenof Zebulunx•!"»/ Eliab the fonne of Heion. 

1 7 when the Tabernacle was taken downe, 
ithen the lonnesof Geribn and the fonnes ofMe- 

rari went forward bearing g the Tabernacle.. 

1 8 ί Aftcr.departed the ftandard ofihe ho -fte 
of Reuben , according to their armies , cndcuer 
his band was Elizur the fonne of Shedenr. 

19 And ouertheb nd of tlie. tribe of ihe chil- 
dren of. Simeon τ-τ-Λί Shclumicltlic lonae cf Zuri- 
ihaddai. . 

20 And ouer the band of the tribe of the chil- 
dren of Gad vvaj l^Iiafaph the fonne of Deuel. 

21. The Koliathitcs alfci went forward and 
^ bare the * Sandiuarie,and the i former did fet vp 
the Tabernacle againft they came. 

22 1 Then the ftandard of the hoafte cf the 
children of Ephr.iim went fcrw.ird according to 
their armies , and ouer his band itvat Elilhama the 
fonne of Ammiud. 

23 And ouer the band of the tribe of the fons 
cf Manaffeh vvat Gamliel the fonne of Pedaziir. 

24 And oner the band of the tribe of the fons 
bt«*aiifnoii•. n ofBeuiaminT/Viti Abidan the fonne of Gideoni 
Whindt.iiot asy ^ . Laft, the ftandard of the hoafle of the 
^ίΓ.^'.% children of Datvraarchea , »- gathering. ajl the 

V that fi . «>>« ^oxt 

of mdihind ihey 

thai UK vndci bis 


c Mtaning , the 


tilt Pritfls muft 
blow Λί tnim- 
ptts, folong asiht 


« Whtnytrt- 
ieycc that G«d 
kaih rcmooutd 
any plague. 

i»rnt fffmnii 

. i ftqp Sillai t» 

The people mi rmurc, ft 

Jewish all the 

Vfen »tafr 

i The Metarites 

hoaflps according »o their armies : and oner his 
bain v-oas Ah lexer the ionrt of An miibaddai. 

%6 And (ΛίΓί :1),- b.rd cf the ti ibf cf the chil. 
dren of Afi ei was Ρ igichhe I'onnc tf Ocr.n. 

27 And oik-r the b nd < ( the ti ibe of ilic chil. 
drcn cf N" .ph-alifz/a/ /hiiathe fonne of Enan. 

28 ^ Tht'e wtfrc the remoouings of the chil- 
dren of lirael according to their armies, when 
they marched, 

29 Τ After.Mofes faid vnto" Hobab the fonne 
of Pveuel the Midianite ,thc father in law of Mo- 
fes,\Vee goe into the place , of which the Lord 
faid , I will glue it you. Come thcu with vs , and 
we will doe thee good : for tlw Lord hath promi 
fed good vnto lirael. 

30 And he aiifwered him , I will not goe ; but 
I will depart to mine iiwne countrey , and to my 
kinred . 

3 1 Then he faid , I pray thee, leaile vs not : for 
thoii knoweft oi:r camping places in the wilder- 
nefle :therefore thou mayeft be t our guide. 

3 2 And if thou goe with vs , whit-goodnefle 
the Lord ft^all ft'.ewe vnto vs , the fame will wee 
fliew vnto thee, 

33 1 So they departed from the " mount of 
the Lord, three dayes iourney : and theArkeof **^«™,'Sir»«V 
the couenant of the Lord before them in the 
three d.iyes iourney , to fearch out a refting piaue 
for them. 
34 And the cloud of the Lord was vpon them 
by day , when they went out of the campe, 

3 r And when the Arke went forward , Mofes 
faid.+oRife vp Lord,Sc let thine enemies be fcat- 
tered,anil let them that hate thee.flee before thee, 

3^ And when it refted , hee faid , Returne, Ο 
Lord , to the t many thoiifands of Ifrael, 

This was the f 
itt of iheiihoa(£ 
whtiviKej lemcoi 

ΤΛ same ihiulie 
tliai KtiKl, Icihteu 
Hobr.b. audKcai. 
U one ^ , 
Taiih , thiC 
k' as Icthros 
laihec : lo Hckab 
was Moles fithet 
law, look• Exe, 
S^and 3, 1, and 
I and it, 1,1a 

ffe-. t]li VXIf V>t 

The tecpU murmunth, ani is pt. 

p/elur - ' - - 


ijbed with fire. 

weakefaithtfMefcs. i« 2he Ltrdituidtdthe kurdei 
»f Mofes ttfiuemte of tht.Ancitnts. 31 The Lord ft»- 
deth quaiUs. jj Their ktH is funijbed. 

γΓ7 Hen the peop.e became t murmurers , i it 
dilpieafed the Lord , and the Lord heard 
i;,thercfure his wrath was kindled , and the fire of [t ^*'•" 
the Lord burnt among them, and * ccnfumcd the 
vtmoft part of the hoafte. 

2 Then the people ciycd vnto Mofes•: and 
when Mofes prayed vnto the Lord , the fire was 

3 And he called ihenam.c of y pl.-.ce H Tabcra.'i, 
bccaufe the lire i^f the Lord burnt aniong them, 

4 f And a number of»neopIe that was a- 
mongtl>cm,fc!l a lafting, and ο turned away, and 
the children of Ifrael alio Wepr , and layd , Who 
ihall giuc vs fieib to cat* ? ♦ 

y We remember the filh whichwe did eat in 
Egypt foi'nonght.tbc cucumbers, ic the {sepons, 
and t>he leckes , and the onions , and the gariicke, 

6 But now oiirfotile is ^diyed away , we can 
fee nothing but this MAN. 

7 (The MAN alio was as + cori..nder feede, 
and his colour like the colour of « bdelium. - 

8 The people went about and gathered , and 
ground it in milles , cr beat it in morters, and ba- 
ked it in a ciuldron•, and made cakes cf it.and the 
tafte of it was like vnto the t-^fte of frefh oyle. ^ 

9 And when the dewe fell downe vpon the 
hoafte m the neight, the MAN felLwithit) [ 

JO «Γ Then Mofes heard the people wcepei 

throughoi;t their families , euery in the] 

dooxe of his.tent,andthe.watUoi the Lord wisi 

■ ■ . siieiiouflxj 


^fti «S.I.J. 

might and powee. 
f Etr. ID cif trcDf 

J/ inifl 


3 Cr, t...».>x. 

Which weie oi 

thatca.-neeui of 

Igypt with them, 

£xod. ia,j9'. 

b Fiom Cod. 

c for a rmill 

price . or good 


d For ihegTceit*' 

if* is.te. 


ewhiihis a 
rhite pciile, «»• 
ecicui iloM« 

Thefeaentic Eldefifi -^ 


Miriam ftrickentvith leproiS 

grieuoufly kindled : alfo Mefes was grieued, 

1 1 And Moftfs fayd vnto the Lord .Wlieref ore 

haft thou n vexed thy feruant ? and why haue I 

Γ Of.,u!tttnm4. not found ffauoiir in thy fight , feeing thou h.ift 

f ot, wherein hauei puc the charge of all this people vpon i 

g Am I iheii fa- 
ihec, thitnone 
Imay hane the 
jeharge of them 

i• h Of Canaan pte- 
jnlfed by an oathe 
to one fathers. 

ί ihadrlAeidie 
then to fee my 
gtiefe ind luifety 
thiii daily inctesfe 
b^thtlt lebrllion. 

It I willdiRiibiiie 
my fpiritimmig 
thent , ss I haiie 
e CO thee- 

1 Prepare your 
fellies thai ye be 
not vncleane. 

Haue I ε conceiued all this people ? or 
• haue I begotten them, that thou fliouldeft fay vn- 
to me.Cary them in thy bofome ( as a nurfe bea- 
reth the fuQking childe) vnto the ^ land , for the 
which thou fwareft vnto their fathers? 

13 Where ilibuldlhauefleilitogiue vmoall 
this people? for they weepe vnto me.faying.Giiie 
vs flelh that we may eate , 

1 14 lara not able to beare all this people a- 
i lone.for it is too heauie for me. 
; I r Therefore if thou deale thus with mee , I 
I pray thee , if I haue found fauour in thy • light, 
ikiU'me.that Ibeholdnotmymilery. 

16 ί Then the Lord fayd vnto Mofes.Gather 
vnro mee fenentie men of the Elders of Ifrael, 
whom thou knoweft , that they are the Elders of 
the people , and gouernours ouer thera.and bring 
them vnto the Tabernacle of the Congregation, 
and let them ftand there with thee, 

1 7 And I will come downe , and talke with 
thee there , ^ nnd take of the Spirit, which is vp- 
on thee , and put vpon them , and they ihall beare 
the burthen of the people with thee: fothoulhalt 
not beare it alone. 

1 8 Furtherrnore thou fhalt fay vnto the peo- 
ple , ^Be fandified againft tomorrow, and ye (hall 
eate flefli : for you haue wept in the eares of the 
Lord, faying, Who lliall giue Vs flefVi to eate ? for 
wc were better in Egypr: therefore the Lord will 
giue you flelh.and ye ihall eat. 

1 9 Ye fliall not eat one day nor two dayes.nor 
( fiue dayes , n:ither ten dayes, nor twenty dayes, 
; 20 Butawholemoneth ,vntill itcome omat 

yourno(h*els , and be lorhfome vnto you.becaufe 

ni or,<anhim off,; ye haue m contemned the Lord,which is " among 
ManHt,«h/ch he γο",•^"^ 'ι^"« wcpt before him.faying.Why came 

feecaufe ye 1 

Manna, which lie - ,•, r^ 

appointed as mod ■ Wfi hitherout of Egypt? 
meetforyoii. 21 And Mofes fayd , Sixe hundreth thoufand 

a» who leade* ^^ footmen are there of the people ,° among whom 
Γ ofwh "m 1 IZt I a™ : and thou fayeft, I will giue them fleib.that 

the charge , 

* φ io.t. 

H 0*,f>fM4tti, 
Vttf, .7. 

f FremtliMdiy 
the fpif it of pio- 

they may eat a moneth long. 

22 Shall the Iheepe andthebecuesbe flaine 
for them to finde them? either IMI all the fiili 
of the Sea be gathered together for them to fiif- 
fice them» 

23 And the Lord fayd vnto Mofes , Is * the 
Lords hand iliortened ? thou Ihalt fee now whe- 
ther my worde ihall come to paife vnto thee, 
or no. 

24 ί So Mofes went out,and told the people 
the words of the Lord , and gathered leuenty men 
of the Elders of the people , and let them round 
about the Tabernacle. 

2i Then the Lord came downe in a cloud.and 
fpake vnto him.and || tooke of the Spirit that 
vpon him.and put it vpon the feuentie Ancient 
men :and when the Spiritrefted vpon them, then 
they prophecied.and did notPceafe. 

26 But there remained two of the men in the 
haafte : the name of the one wat Eidad , and the 
name of the other Medad , and the Spiritrefted 
vpon them , (for they were of them that were 
written, and went not out vnto the Tabernacle) 
and they prophecied in the hoafte. 

27 Then there ranne a young man , and tolde 
Mofes .and fayd.Eldad and'Medad doe prephecie 

in the hoafte," 

28 And lofhua the fonne of Nan the feruant 
of Mofes one of hisivonng men anfweredand'9 O' . « yeng m»• 
fayd , My lord Mofes.» forbid them. :f7n [«!l*h'''"' '""t" 

29 But Mofes fi.yd vnto him.Enuieft thou for χ blind mie 
my fake : yea, would God that all the Lords peo- was in the Ap»- 
ple were Prophets , and that the Lord woiilti put i'V • ^"^f-it, 
his Spirit vpon them. i."ic».++, 

30 And Mofes returned into the hoailejie and ■ 
the Elders of Ifrael. 

31 Then there went foorth a winde from the ' 

Lord . and * brought quailes from the fea.and let * e^g ,,_ ^.^, \ 
them fall vpon the campe.a dayes iourney on this Pf*i.^ 
fide, and a dayes iourney on the other fide.round 
about the hoalle.and they vvereahom two cubites 
aboue the earth. 

3 2 Then the people arofe.all that day.and all 
the night , and all the next day ,and gathered the 
quailes • he that gathered thelealt , gathered ten 
^ Homers full , and they fpread them abroad for f of Homer, tttit 
their vfe round about the hoafte, Leuit. a?, ./.aii» 

33 While the fieili was yet betweene their ^'J'i,'"'''"'' " 
teeth,before it was chewed,euen the wrath of the ,''^ι''^! T° i'*,^ 
Lord was kindled againft the people, and the ; ' 
Lord * fmote the people with an exceeding great ''" Pf*'-7iit\ 

34 So the name of the place was called, Β Ki- 3 or, gmuft •//»/» 
broth-hattaauah : for there they buried the peo- 
ple that fell a lufting. I 

3 5• Fiom Kibroih-hattaauah the people tooke i 
their iourney to Hazeroth , and abode at Haze- 


triib Itfnfie.tmd hialti 


i""(S' Η^'β ^"f"- ■< ^'Λ* iijhiik:» 


Δ Fterward Miriam and Aaron J fpake againft j Or, ^S^ifuL 
Mofes , becaufe of the woman of Ethiopia *> ,ΠΙν 

whom he had married (for he had ftiaried » a wo- * zippoijh ajefet 
man of Ethiopia.) '"^' "Va^i''' 

2 And they fayd .what ? h.ith the Lord fpo- MidUntorlclei ' 
ken but onely by Mofes ? hath he not fpoken alfo on it 
by vs'and the Lord heard ffc<>. fome,iiitA-in the 

3 (But Mofes t/i/./ a very * b meeke man a- JZTdVd viTdVt . 
boueall the men that were vpon the earth.) this name. 

4 And by and by the Lord fayd vnto Mofes, * ^"^"^ ti,• ,+• " 
and vnro Aaron, and vnto Miriam, Come oiit ye ^^,^^"],^,?^?'^^^^ 
tluee vnto the Tabernacle of the Congregation: ging.ahho'h he 
and they three came foorth. _ Inev» them, 

y Then the Lord came downe in the pillar i 
of the cloud, and ftood in the doore of tlie Taber- • 
nacle , and called Aaron and Miriam, and they 
both came foorth. 

6 And he fayd , Heare now my words .If there! 
be a Prophet of the Lord among you , I will be ' 
knowentohim by at vifion ,rt»rfwilHpeakc vnto'f Thefeweretht 
himbydreame. me°an's^'"'"* 

J My (eruant Mofes it not fo , who is faithfull '"*^''"• 
.i in all mine houfe, id in all ifrael 

8 Vnto him will I fpeake * mouth to mouth, i which wa» Wi 
and by vifion , and not in darke wordes , but bee;» ^^,^ j},i». 
ihall» fee the fimilitude of the Lord. Wherefore! e soAn• aiauy 
then were ye not afraid to fpeake againft my fej--i """«'«>''•« '<> 
uant..«.» againft Mofes? Ί "^^ίΊ!:':^.:.. 

9 Thus the Lord was very angry with them, 1 his backepaits, 
and departed. ' mod. 3 3.13 

10 Alfo the clo'nd departed from the f Taber-, Y""" '''* '''"• 
nacleiand behold.Miriam f frt/icproiis like lhow;j " 
and Aaron lookedvponMiriam, and behold,/?)* 
vfrtJ leprous. 

II Then Aaron fayd vnto Mofes .Alas.m)^ 
lord , I be feech thee , lay not the finne vpon vs \ 

[the Ttbtinadc. 

The I pics a 'e lent to Canaan. 

coouneih out oi 
his mothers belly 
4(aii,ha<<ing as ic 




ma, whtdiwas in 
i Afiei the peo- 
ple had required 
it of Moies. as it ii 
isDeui. i.xt. thea 



β wWcKia num- 
ket weie twelue, 
according to the 
«yicloc Kibes, 



which we hiue fooliihly committed, and wherein 
we liaue finned. 

1 1 Lee her noc,I pray as one < dcaU.of 
whom the fleih is halfe confiimcd , wlien he com- 
meth out of his moth/:rs worabe. 

3 Then Mofes cryed vnto the Lord.faying, 
Ο God , I befcech thee , heale he; now. 

14 ί And the Lord faid vnto Mofes.lf her fa- 
ther had h Ipit in her face , (l-.ould iliee not hauc 
beene clhamed fcnen dayes ? let her be * ftiui out 
of the hoafte feiien dayes. and after /he ihall be re- 

1 y So Miriam was ihut out of the hoafte leuen 
dayes , and the people remooued not , till Miriam 
was brought in againe. 


4 Crrttt'e tntu art/rni Ic (ijrtb ikr U»i ofCjim». 1+ Titf 
hing »f tit fruit ,f Ike ImJ. 51 €λΜ amforuth tii (οι^Ιι 
Λ£«Ά lie JiptuN^fng tftit otitrffi,,. 

TP Hen afterward the people remooued from 
Hazeroth , and pitched in the wildernefle of 
' Par an. 

2 ί And the Lord fpake TOto Mcfes.faying, 

3 ^ Send thou men out toiearchthelandof 
Canaan which I giue vnto the children of Ilrael : 
of eiiery tribe of their fathers fl^allye feud a man, 
fkch autre all rulers among them. 

4 Then Mofes fenc them out of the wilder- 
nes ofParanatthecommandementofthe Lord j 
all thole men were a heads of the children of If- 

5• Alfo their names are thefe : of the tribe of 
Reuben , Shammua the fonne of Zaccur : 

6 Of the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat the fonne 
of Hori ; 

7 Of the tribe of luiah , Caleb the fonne ©f 
lephunneh ; 

8 Of the tribe of liTachar , Igal the fonne of 
lofeph : 

9 Of the ti-ibc of Eplaraim , |) Oitea the fonne 
of Nun : 

10 Of the tribe of Beniamin , Palti the fonne i 
of Raphu : 

11 Ofthe tribe ofZebulun.Gadidiel the fonne I 
of Sodi : ] 

12, OfthetribeofIofeph,f«T'Wif,ofthetribe ι 
of Manall'eh , Gaddi the fonne cf Sufi : | 

13 Of the tribe of Dan , Ammiel the fonne of | 
Gemilli : 

14 Of the tribe of Afl-,er , Sethur the fc nne of 
Michael : 

15 Of the tribe of Naphtali , Nahbi the fonne 
cf Vophfi : 

16 Of the tribe ofGad.GeueLthe fonneof 

17 Thefe are the n^mescf the «n-jen, which 
Mofes fent to fpie out the i.-.nde : ..nd Moles cal- 
led the name of Oiliea the fonne ef Nun , leho- 

1 8 So Mofes fent them to fnje out the land of 
Canaan , r.nd faid to them. Go vp this way ruward 
the South , and goevp into the H moantaincs. 

19 And ccntider the land what it is , ψά the 
people that dvvelltherein.whether they be lirong, 
or weake , either few or many, 

20 AHo what the land >> that they dwell in, 
whether it be^good or bud ; and what cities 
they t/e , that they dwell in, whether they dwell io 
tents , or in walled townes : 

21 And what the land « : whether it be fat or 
Jewe^tAYhetber there be u«e« theiein^cr wt^ 

They returne. Miirinuring, 5- 

e which w»s ia 

the wilie.T.e(re 

r Which were a 

iirdt of jyiBt»» 
g Detlaiing the 
anriquiry theieef: 
ώ• Akaham.Sare* 

vcen buried iheie, ' 
tfii'l . (Wi u, • 

h Called jlio Ki- 


*£«<(. i5,S. 

And be of good coUrage , and bring of the fruit 
of the land (for then i)V*i the time of ilic irft ripe 

22 f So they went vp , Slid fearthed out the 
land , from the wildernelleof» Zin vntoRehob, to|efrai»n 
goc to Hamath 

23 And they afcended toward the South , and 
came vnto Hebron .where were Ahiman , Sheihai, 
and Talmai,thc fonncs of fAnak. And g Hebron 
was built feuenyeere before Zoan in Egypt. 

24 "*' Then they tothe riuerof Ellicol 
and cut downe thence a br.-.nch with one cluftu: 
of grapes ,and they bare it vponabrrre betweene 
two, and braught of the pomegranates end cf the 

25• That place was called the DriuerEllico),jr"/«•, 
l-iecaufe of the clufter of grapes, which the chil- 
dren of Ifrael cup downe thence. 

16 Then after fortie duyes they turned againe 
from fearching of the land.' 

27 And they went and, came to Moies and to 
Aaron , and vnto all the Congregation of the 
children cf Ifrael , in the wildernclle cf •> Par 
to Kadeih , and brought to them , and to all the 
Congregation tidings , and Ihewed them the fruit 
of the land. 

2 8 And they told ' him,ind (aid , We came vn- 
to the land whither thou haft lent vs , and fiuely 
it fiowetli with*milke andhony ,'andhereis of 
the fruit of it. 

29 Neuerthelaffe the people be flren^ that 
dwellln the laid, and the cities are wailed and 
exceeding great : and moreoua,wee faw the 
k Tonnes of Anak theie. 

30 The Amalekites dwellinihe South cona-*^^'^']" •, '*«■• 
trey, and the Hittites, and the lebufites.and the A-j uw cJtbTee 
morites dwell in the mountaines , antl the Canaa-| alieiwaid.ieOi. " 
nites dwell by the fea,and by the ccafts of lorden. 

3 1 Then Caleb ikilled the people n before Mo- 
fes , and faid , Ler vs goe vp at once , and pofleiTe 
it : for vndoubtediy we Ihall ouercome it. 

32 Sut themen thai went vp with him ,fayd, 
We b£ not able to goc vpagainft the people : for 
they are ftronger then we. 

i'i So they brought τρ aneuillreportofthe 
land which they had fearched for the children oi 
Ifrael , faying. The land which we gone the 
row to fearch k alandth..t leatethvp theJlTtegyJiiw^ 
inhabitants thereof : for all the i>eople that wee 
faw in it , are men of great Itirnre. 

34 For there we faw gyants , the fonnes of A-juiet and ihofe 
n^kyvvhich come oiihe gyants , fothat wee feemeJ:''" «»« J'» ^tiaj 
in our fight like graflioppers : and I'o we were in 
their fightj. 


1 Tiff ffltmirmHrr j^jinfl Mt, Γ r. lo Ti'y maU hJntflcT. 
as Tir fiofUll-M mmUrnierinit lit 1m4 nalfifv it Gci 

Ύ' Hen .•>Η the Congregation lifted vp thci 
vcyce , r.nd cried : anJ^he «-people wept th; 
night. ^ 

^ And eH the childtenoflfrael murmured s- 
gsinft liafes and Aaicn : and the whole aflcmbiy 
faid vnro them , Would God we had died in the 
land of Egypt.or in this wildeiTefie : would God 
we were dead. 

3 Wherefore row hath the Lord brought ts 
into this h.nd tofallvponthefword ? ourwiues 
and our children flialbe ^ a pray : were it no: bet- 
ter for vs 10 isuuce! into Egypt ? 

4 And 

II σ>•, mmmmif^tifr 
l-ii'ft Mtf,). 

■were lo croell, tha» 
hey ipovled and 

a Such as wue - 
adaiii at the rf. 
loit of tioe lea 

of Mofes forjbepeople." NumI )ers. 

TTteir infidelity threacnea< 


another k fpirit, and hath followed mee ftill , euen !|ί^^^'7/„'*^„'?|* 

him will I bring into the land , whether he went, 

and his fecde iT^all inherite it, 
1 2 y Now the Amalekites and the Canaanites 
I * remaine in the valley : T/w<iiri/»riturnebacke to 

morow , and get you into the n» wildernes , by the 
i way of the red fea. 
I i,6 ί After , the Lord fpake vnto Mofes and to 

Aaron, faying, 
I 27 * How long /W/fyo^^ this wicked mul- 
i t itude to murmure againft me ? I haue heard the 
: murraurings of tke children of Ifrael , which they 
I murmure againft rae. 

28 Tellthem,AsI*liue(f4iththeLord)Iwill 

furely doe vnto you , euen as yee haue fpeken in 
i mineeares. 

', 29 Your carkeifes (hall fall in this wildernes, 
I and all youthat were* counted through all your 
i numbers, from twenty yeere old and aboue, which 

haue murmured againft me. 
, 30 Ye ihall not doubtleffa come into the land, 
; for the which I * lifted vp mine hand , to make 
) you dwell therein, faue Caleb thefonneofic 
I phunneh, and loihua the fonne of Nun. 

3 1 But your children , (which ye fayd iliould 

4 And they fayd one to another , Let vs make 
a-captaine and returne into Egypt. 

y Then Mofes and Aaron « fell on their faces 
before all the affembly of the Congregation of 
the children of Ifrael. 

6 * And lofl-iua the fonne of Nun , and Caleb 
the fonne of lephunneh two of them that fear- 
ched the land , d rent their cloathes. 

7 And fpake vnto all the aflembly of the chil- 
dren of Ifrael , faying, The la,nd which we walked 
thorow to fearchic , is a very good land. 

8 If the Lord loue vs , hee will bring vs into 
this land.and giue it vs, which is a land that flow- 
eth with railke and hony. 

9 But rebell not yee againft the Lord , nei- 
ther feare yee the people of the lande : for they 
are i>ut c bread for vs : their iliield is departed 
from them , and the Lord is with vs , feare them 

I ο And all the multitude fayd , f Stone them 
with ftones : but the glory of the Lord appeared 
in the Tabernacle of the Congregation before all 
the children of Ifrael. 

I I And the Lord fayd vnto Mofes , How long 
will this people prouoke me, and how long will 

it be yer they beleeue rae, for all the fignes which 1 be 'a praye") them will I bring in, "and they fliall 
I haue fliewed among them? j know the land which ye haue refufed: 

12 I will fmite them with the peftilence and S 32 But euen your carkeifes fliall fall in this 
deftroy them, and will make thee a greater nation i wildernefle, 
and mightier then they. ! 33 And your children ihaH a wander in the 

13 But Mofes fayd vntothe Lord, * when the j wilderneffe fourtie yeeres,and fl:all beare your 
Egyptians fliall heare it, (for thou broughteft this ! «vvhoredome^ , vBtill your carkeifes be wafted ii 
people by thy power from among them) ' " ' "" 

14 Then they ihall fay to the inhabitants of 
the land , (for they haue heard , that thou Lord, 
art among this people ,Λ«ίί that thou. Lord, art 
feene t face to face , and that thy cloude ftandeth 
ouer them, and that thou * goeft before them, by 
day time in a pillar of a cloude , and in a pillar of 
fire by night.) 

1 5: That thou wilt kill this people as g one 
man : fo the heathen which haue heard the fame 
of thee, ihall thus fay, 

16 Becaufe the Lord was not * able to bring 
this people into the land which hee fware vnto 
them .therefore hath bee flaine them in the wil- 

17 And now, I befeech thee, let the power of 
my Lord be great, according as thou haft fpoken, 

obedient fpitu 

And lit in wait 
foi you. 

m Foi I will aot 
defend yon, 


* ciup.i(,fs: 

'^'Criir, 1^,11^ 

* Exod.H.t, 
VfJ .03,i. 
*Pf^, c.i. 

* £*» 

bin tliithede- 

;ily, but left 
theit pofleriiie 

i thit is, fimity 
times and oittn. 


η The word Cj. 
nificth to be flirp- 
herds , oi to win.' 
ο YoBi infidelity 
and dlfobedienct 
agiinli God. 

the wildernefle. ' """""""^ '" pwhethVi'my 

3 4 After the number of the dayes in the which Γ'*"«^^« ^* ««« . 
ye fearched out the land,e«ea fourty dayes,* eue- *" ^°• 
ry day for a yeere . {hall you beare your iniquitv^ ' % ''V 
for * fourty yeeres,and ye ρ ilwll feele my breach^ " • 


3 ί I the Lord haue fayd, Certainely I will doe 
fo to all this -wicked company that are gathered; 
together againft mee : ^r in this wildernefle they 
flialbe confumed, and there they fliall die. 

3(i And the men which Mofes had fent to 
fearch the land (which when they came againe, 
made all the people to murmure againft him , and 
brought vp a flander vpon the land. ) 

37 Euen thofe men that did bring vp that vile » 
flander vpon the land , ♦Ihall die by^ plague be- h^Ix^'I"'''' 

fore the Lord 

38 But loiliua the fonne of Nun , and Caleb 

18 TheLordis*flowetoan^er,andofgreat i the fonne of lephunneh, of thofe men that went 
mercy.and ■* forgiuing iniquity and finne,but not { to fearch the land, (hall line, 

making the vvickfd innocent , and * vifiting the 
wickednefle of the fathers vpon the children , in 
th'e third and fourth^iSfMiien: 

19 Be mercifull , I befeech thee, vnto the ini- 
quity of this people, according to thy great mer- 
cie ,and as thou haft forgiuen this people from 
Egypt, euen vntill now. 

20 And the Lord fayd, 1 haue forgiuen •" it,ac- 
cording to thy requeft. 

21 Notwithftanding , as I Hue , all the earth 
fliall be filled widi the glory of the Lord. 

22 For all thofe men which hane feene my glo- 
ry , and my miracles which I did in Egypt.and in 
the wildernefle , and haue tempted mee this» ten 
times, and haue not obeyed my voyce, . 

23 Certainely they Iball not fee the lande, 
whereof I fware vnto their fathers : neither flwll 
any that prouoke me, lee it, 

24 But my fematni Caleb ,becaufeheeha4 

^9 ί Then Mofes loldethefefayings vnto an 
the children of Ifrael , and the people forrowed 

40 * And they rofe vp early in the morning 
and gate them vp intothe topofthemountaine. 
faying, Loe , wee be ready to goe vp to the place 
which the Lord hath promifed: for we haue 9 fin- 

41 But Mofes fayd.wherefore tranfgrefle yee 
thus the commanderaent of the Lord ? it will not' 
focome welltopafle. 

42 Goe not vp,(for the Lord is not among 
you) leaft yee be oucrthrowen before your ene. 

43 For the Amalekites and the Canaanites <irt 
there before you , and yee fliall fail by the f\vord-:| χ They toidi i 
for in as much as yee are turned away from the '":«»T«d''ya«y 
Lord, the Lord alfo will not be with you. 

44 Yet they prcfunaed "= obftiiwtely ro goe vp 


9 TlieytonfeiTe 
they finned by x^ 
belMng againft 
not they offended 
ingoing vpwiih- 
ont Gods conv- 


a Into the' land' 

g Ot,fif*iatt. 

b Kead* Exed, 

c Tlie liyiocwat 
retailed, tecaufc 
κ was (owiid on 
the tfiing ihw W» 


Id Bieff^ni{«« 
hane theft meat 

the top of the mountalne : bm the Arke of the 
:c>uenant of the Lord , and Mofes departed not 
jut of the cainpe. 

45 Then the Amalekites and the Canaanites, 
which dwelt inthatmoitmaine .came downeand 
fmote them, * and conlumed them vnto Horraah, 


Tbe cfmn^iiwUti the Ifraeliln Jhculi effnwtn titjc'me 
into tie Undo f CeitAin . 3 j Tie funifimtnt of bim li*t irnkl 
ti, SMaii. 

Δ Nd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.faying, 

I Speake vnto the children of Ifrael , and 
fav vnto them, * When ye be come into the » land 
of your habitations which I giue vnto you, 

3 And will make an offering by fire vnto the 
Lord, a burnt offering or a facrifice * II to fulfill a 
vow , or a free offering, or in yoiir feafts to mal^e 
a * fweet fauour vnto the Lord, of the herd or of 
the flocke. 

4 Then * let him that offereth his offering 
vnto the "Lord . bring a meate offering of a tenth 
deale of fine flonre , mingled with the fourth part 
of an b Hin of oyle. 

J- Alfo thou flialt prepare the foi'irth part of 
an Hin of wine to be powred on a lambe appmi- 
tedioi the burnt offering.or λ»/ offering. 

6 And for a ramme thou ihalt for a meate of- 
fering , prepare two tenth deales offineflowre, 
mingled with the third part of an Hin of oyle. 

7 And for a « drinke offering thou ihalt offer 
the third part ofan Hin of wine , for a fweet fa- 

> uour vnto the Lord. 

8 And wJien thou prepareft a bullocke for a 
burnt offering , or for a facrifice to fulfill a vowe 

I or a peace offering to the Lord, 
9 Then let him offer with the bullocke a meat 
(Offering of II three tenth deales of fineftowre, 
mingled with halfc an Hin of oyle. 

1 And thou Ih-ilt bring for a drinke offering 
hslfe an Hin of wine , for an offering made by 
j fire of a fweet fauour vnto the Lord. 

li Thus fliall it be done for a bullocke, or for 
a ramme ,or for a lanabe.or for a kid. 

1 2 According to the number d that yee pre- 
pare to offer , fo {hall ye doe tO euery one accor- 

The Sabbath J3rok€H« y^ 

he Congregation, 
thai is, which is 
hid from the cos» 

ffiain J and drijilie 
t» ihif;iofoition. 


e which ύ made 


ye gather. 

* LtiiU,tiii4.. 

ding to their number. 

13 All that are torae of the countreyi iliall 
do thefe things thus, to offfer an offering made by 
fire of fweet lauour vnto the Lord, 

14 And ifa flrangerfoiourne withyou , or 
wholbeuer be among you in your generations, 5c 
will make an offering by fire of a fweete fauour 
vnto the ye doe,fo he ihall doe. 

.If* One ordinance J7jii/^ff both for you of the 
Cpngregation.and alfo for the ftranger that dwel- 
leth With you , euen an ordinance for cuer in your 
generations : as you are, fo fliall the ftranger be 
before the Lord. 

\6 One law and one manner fliall ferue both 
for you and for the ftranger that foiiouroeth with 

17 ί And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes.faying, 

1 8 Speake vnto the children of Ifrael, and fay 
vnto them , when yce be come into the land , to 
the which I bringyou. 

19 And when yec fliall eate of the bread of 
the land , ye fliall offer an beaue offering vnto the 

20 Ye fliall offer vp a cake of the fitft of yotir 
* dough for an heaue offring : * as the beaue of- 
fring ^f the barne,fo ye flwlUift it ypL 

2 1 Of the firft of yoOf dough ye flial giue vnto 
the Lord an heaue offring in your generations, 

2 2 And if yee f haueened , and notobferued k Asbyeueifigfit 
all thefe commandements , which the Lord hath " ignorance, lead 
fpoken vnto Mofes, Leiiii.+.a.ij, 

23 Etten all that the Lord hath commanded | 
you by the hand of Mofes , from the firft day that 
the Lord commanded Mofes , and hence forward ] 
among your generations: j 

24 And if fo be that ought be committe<3L somtread* 
ignorantly of the g Congregation , then all the ffrom the eyes'ef 
Congregation fliall gnie a bullocke for a burnt " 
offering , for a fweete fauour vnto the Lord, with 
the meate oflring and drinke offring thereto , ac- 
cording to the * maner , and an hee goate for a 
linne offring, 

25 And the Prieft fliall make an atonement 
for all the Congregation of the children of Ifra- 
el , and it fliall be forgiuen them : for it is igno- 
ratict; : and they fliall bring their offering for an 
offering made by fire vnto the Lord, and their fin 
offering before the Lord for their ignorance. 

i x6 Then it fljali be forgiuen all Ae Congrega- 
I tion of the children of Ifrael , and the ftranger 
J that dwelleth among them : for all the people 
I T/»ere in ignorance. 

j 27 f * But if any one perfon finne through ig- 
I norance,then he ihall bring a fliee goate of a yeere 
j old for a finne offering. 

[ 28 And the Prieft fliall makean atonement for 
i the ignorant perfon , when hee finneth by igno- 
\ ranee before the Lord , to make reconciliation! 
I for him : and it fliall be forgiuen him. 
t 29 Hee that is borne among the children of 
I Ifrael , and the ftranger that dwelleth among 
them , fliall haue both one law , who fo doetb 
I finne by ignorance. 

I 30 «Γ But the perfon thrt doeth ought t pre- 
I fumptuoufly, whether he be borne in the land, or 
a ftranger.the fime blafphemeth the Lord : there- 
fore that perfon fliall be cut offfrom among his 

3 1 Becaafe hee hath defpifed the word of the 
Lord , and hath broken his commandement ; that 
perfon ftialbe vtterly cut off : his f" iniquitic Ihall "> He OuUfiiUiin» 
be vpon him. "" ''^ ' 

32 ^ And while the children of Ifrael were in 
the wildernefle , they found a man that gathered 
ftickes vpon the Sabbath day. 

33 And they thatfound him gathering fticks, 
brought him vnto Mofes and to Aaron , and vnto 
all the Congregation, '■ 

34 And they puthirain *w.ird;foritwasnot » i,«»,a4.»»,' 
declared wh η fliould be done vnto him, 

3 $• Then the Lord i«d vnto Mofes, This man 
I fliall die the death : and lei aUthe mnltitude ftone 
< him with ftones without the hoafte. 
j 3^ And all the Congfegrtion brought him ί 
j without the hoafte , and ftoned him with ftofles.i 
I and he died, as the Lord hath commanded Mofes. 

37' f Aiid the Lord fpake vnto Mdfes,faying, 
38 Speako vnto the children of Ifrael,and bid 
them that they * make ihera fringes vpon the I•• Di«MJ.ii, 
borders of their garments throughout their ge- |Λωί'•*ί. 
nerations , and put vpon the fringes of the bar-" 
d^s aribbartd of blue iilke. 

3 9 And ye flwll haue the fringes that when ye 
fooke vpcn them , ye may remember all the com- i B7 leaning codi 
mandements of the Lord.and doe them: and that <"""'"'"<'™«"'» 
yee feeke not .ifrer yous owne heart,nor after yoiu• Ιοί^"*^^. 
owaeeyesjafterthewkieh^yeegoeaiwhoring:' ^ 
40 That 

|• EU, teirl 4» lit 
Und, thui ii, in cut. 
tem^l cfCtH. 


£t.i«. + s.'3• 
ludf I.. 

I Or, leak^ eth 

I Or . itfire M'p-t 

Na nbers^ 

40 That yee may remember and doe ail my 
comrtiandements , and behoJy vnto your God. 

41 I am the Lord your God , which brought 
you out ofthe land of Egypt to bey oui God : I 
am the Lord your God. 


I Tkt TiUVh-nofKicrA , Γ)λ4λλ »»J Aluim. 5 ■ λ'ο'ώ tni 
HsccmfMUe'ifi"'' +■ Tke fei'fle Iht ftxt i^ tnKrmi'tt, 

NOvv * Korah the lonne of Izhar.the Tonne of 
Kohiuh, thj fonne of Leui il went apart with 
Dathan , and Abiram the ionnes of Eliab ,aiid On 
the fonne ofPcleth , the ionnes of Reuben: 
-» And they rofe vp || againft Mofes.with cer- 

and Abifatn : '^bey periil) 

cenie inthew, and bring yee eueiy man his ccnfcr 
b.;fore the Lord , two hundreth and fiftie cenfers : 
thou alio and Aaron, euery one his cenfer. 

18 So they tooke eueiy man his cenfer , aid 
put lire in thera , and laid incenfe thereon , and 
Hood in the dooreof the Tabernacle of the Con- 
f^regation with Mofes and Aaron. 

ip And Korah gathered all the » multitude 
againft them %nto the doore ofthe Tabernacle of 
the Ccn^regatiun : then the glory of tlie Lord 
appeared vnto all the Congi'egation. 
■ 20 And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes and to 
Aaron, faying, 

1 1 Separate your felues from among this Con- 

i All th»t wtte ef 

thai long. 
lAUa.eahkflio- 1 
ly : ihciefoK none 

ochtr : ihiis ilie 
j v/iclved ie»!on 
U To be the Prieft 
and te offer. 

taiise ofthe children of Ifrael , two himdrcth and j gregation , that I may coufiime them at once, 
liftie captaines ofthe aflembly , ■" famous in the i Z2 And they fed vpon their faces and fayd , Ο 
Congregation . and men of renoiime, j God .the Godof thefpirits U cfaIlfi;ih,hathnot 

3 who gathered themfelues together againft .one man onely finned , and wiir thou be wroth 
Mofes , and agiinft Aaron, and fayd vnto them, 1 with all the Congregation? 

a Tc take too much vpon you , feeing all the Con- ί zS And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, faying.^^ 
gi-egation is holy ,^ euery one of them , and the : 24 Speake rato the Congregation, and "fay, 
Lordu among them : wherefore then lift ye your i Get you away from about the Tabernacle of Ko- 
fehtes aboue the Congregation ofthe Lord ? | rah, Dathan, and Abiram. 

4 But when Mofes heard it , he fell vpon his | 25• Then Mofes rofe vp , and went vnto Da- 
fjt-e, ] than and Abiram , and the Elders of liirael fol- 

5• And fpake to Korah and vnto all his com- ,• lowed him. 
pany , faying , To morow the Lord will fhew who i 26 And he fpake vnto the Congregation , fay 
is his .and who is holy.and who ought toapproch i ing , Depart , I pray you , from the tents of thefc 

fami to their 
thjige iiinly. 
Viheiewiththey i 

« Te feme in the 
C«nereeation, as 

necre vnto him : and whom he hath « chofen , he 
will cauie to come neere to him. 

6 This doc therefore , Take you cenfers , l^oth 
Korah and all his company. 

7 And put fire therein , and put incenfe in 
liiem before the Lord to morowe : and the man 
whom the Lord doerh chiife , the fame llwll be 
holy : ^ye take too much vpon you , ye fonnes of 

8 Againe Mofes fayd vnto Korali , Heaie , I 
pray you ,ye fonnes of Leui. 

c) ■ Seemeth it a fmall thing vnto you, that the 
God of Ifrael hath feparated you froin the multi- 
tude of Ifrael, to take you neere to hirafelfe,to do 

«/■'«(V .rM- 

wicki^d inen, and touch nothing of theirs.leaft yee 

perilh k in ail their finnes. ^ w;ththt«r|h»t 

27 So they gat them away from the Taberna-i"*^""^""* 
cle of Korah , Dathan , and Abiram on euery fide:" 
and Dath:!n and Abiram canic out and ftoode in 
the <.loore of their tents .with their wiucs.and 
theirionues.and their little children. 

28 And Mofes fayd. Hereby ihall yee know 
that tke Lord hath fent me to do all thefe works: 
ίοτΙΙίΛΗί notdonethem of mine owne Irainde. 1 Ihaaenot for- 

7.9 If thefc men die the cotnmon death of all ί«^ them oiinin» 
men . or if they be vifited after the vifuation of all j"^"* """''' 
men , the Lord hath not fent me. j 

But if the Lord make»» a new thing .and 

f ThiwtlieyfpiTie 
ftefening Ejypt 

g Wilt thou make 

iawii«tthat whicli 
«hey iaw ? 

For wliich cauie. thou.and ^11 thy compa- 
nie are gathered together againft the Lord ; and 
wliat is Aaron.thatye murmure againft him ? 

12 ί And Mofes fent to call Dathan, and Abi- 
ram the fonnes of Eliab : who anfwered.We will 
Outcome vp. 

13 Is it a fmall thing that thou haft brought 
vs out f of a land that floweth with milke and 
hony , to kiil vs in the wildernelTc , except thou j 
make thy felfe lord and ruler ouer vs alio ? j 

1 4 Alfo thou haft not brought vs vnto a land j 
that flowedi with milke and hony . neither giuen 
vs inheritance of fields and vineyards ; wilt thou 
£ pilt out the eyes of thefe men ? wee will not | 

D Or, icB. .|t 

ji Or,de«pe inA ' 
daike plates ef 
che casth. 


the feruice ofthe Tabernacle ofthe Lord .and to ; the earth open hermouth. and fwallow them vplmOt, Qiew• 
ftand before the Congregation . and to minifter j with all that thty haue , and they goe downep"8'''8'"<'' » 
vnto them? j quicke into fl " the pit : then yee (I'.all vnderftand 

10 He hath alfo taken thee to * him , and all that thefe men haue prouoked the Lord . 
tliy brethren , the fonnes of Leui with thee , and 3 1 f And affoone as he had made an end of 
feeke yee the office ofthe Prieft alio ? fpeaking all thefe words , euen the ground claue 

~ '■ ' '" ' ' " ' -- alimder that was vnder them, 

32 And the earth * opened her mouth .and 
fwailowed them vp with their families , and all 
the men that were with Korah , and ail their 

33 So they and all that they hid , went downe 
aliue into the pit.and the earth couered them : fo 
they periitedfrora among the Congregation. 

3 4 And all Ifrael that were about them . fled at 
the cry of them ; for ihey fayd, Let vrfee, leaft the 
earth fwallowvsvp. 

3 5τ But there came out a fire from the Lord, 
and confumed the two hundreth and fiftie men 
that oftered the incenfe. 

36 f And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes. faying, 

37 Speafce vnto Eleazar the fonnc of Aaron 

. , Then Mofes waxed very angrie, and fayd \ 

vnto the Lord ,*Looke not vnto their offering: j the Prieft, that he take vp the cenfers out uf the 

I haue not taken fo much as an alie from then>, j burning, and fcatter the fiie beyond i/j»it/i«r : for 

neither haue 1 hurt any of them. | they are hallowed. 

16 And Mofes fayd vnto Korah . Be thou and 38 The centers ,1 fay , of thefe finiiersf^<«iie- 

all thy company ^ before the Lord : ifth thou, 
they , and Aaron to morrow. 

17 And take euery rain his cenftr,and put Ία• 

ftrcyed ο themfelues : and let them make of then: β \;iucii wt» 

broad plates for a coucring ofthe Altar : for thej the occafion•) 

offered them bsfose the Lord, therefore they tl»*"»?*»**) 


The peopu murmure» 

p o£ Cods itidge- 
meait siainil :(- 

q WrtOfriRimfd 

fiOt, nrit, 

M'ftt «^ Mnn, 

Chap.xyij. xviij. 

» TeinWisnet 

iballbe holy , andtheyihallbeapfignevmothe i 
children of'ifMel. j 

39 Then Eleazw thcPriefttooIcethebrafen 
ceiil'ers , which ihev that were burnt had offsred, 
and made broad plates of them for a couering of j 
the Altar, 

40 It if a remembrance vnto thechildret)of 
Ifrael , that no ftranger which is not of the feed 
of Aaron , come neerc to offer incenle before the 
Lord , that hee be not like iKorah-and his com- 
pany , as the Lord iayd to him by the hand of | 
Mofes. i 

41 1 Bat on the morrow all the multitude of 
the children of Ifraei murmured againft Mofes 

jand againft Aaron , fjying , Ycc haue killed rhe 
people of the Lord. 

4 T. And wh :n the Qjngrtigation was gathered 
againft Mofes and againft Aaron , then they |i tur- 
ned their faces toward the taberHicle of the Con- 
gregation ; and behold , the cloud couered it.and 
the glory of die Lord appcired. 

43 Then Moles and Aaron were come before 
the Tabernacle of the Congregation. 
i 44 ί And the Lord vnto Mofes.faying, 
I 45 Get you vpftom among this Congrcga- 
I tion; for I will confiime them -quickly : then they 
■ fell vpon their faces. 

! 46 And Mofes faid vnto Aaron.Take tlie cen- 
ί er.andpiit fire therein of ihc Altar , and put 

AaiOnsroQbjiddeth. ς / 

'. ^ LwinU to tail my; therein jncenfc , and goe quicklie vnto the Con 
-_ «thttii^, but βί j gregation , and m.:ke an atonement for them : fo 
/ ΐ'ΊΪ'ί'' ?ίί""1 j there is writh gone out from the Lord : the 

« God dtiT» bi»l! 



the doettofth* 

tbiaTurefkitnit |^ ^^ j^ ^^ ^^ £^_^ ^j^^ j 

T** I plague is begun. 

*ϊ^ V ^ ' ^^ Then Aaron tooke as Mofes commanded 

-.- i hira .andranneintothemiddcsoftheCongrega- 

if eoi ij3 UjHn lO tion , and behold , the f plague was begun iiniong 
fimiib cht people, ί ^^g people , and he put incenfe, and made an ato- 
j nement for the people. 

48 And when he ftoode betweene the dead, 
and them that were aliue , the « plague was ftaied. 

49 So they died of this plague fourteen thou- 
fand and feuen hundreth.befide them that died in 
the confpiracie of Korah. 

f ο And Aaron went againe vnto Mofes before 
the doore of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, 
and the plague was ftaied. 


* rkt hvtUt xtUfi cfiii l»d-4, frinai of it. Irjiu cflfrjml. 
t AcncmrciituUtA , ΛΠίίιΛίιΙί thfiimt, 10 Far β trfiimeti/ 
tgJiKfl lit rthiliiui (,o[\r. 

A NdtheLordlpakevnto*Mofes,faying, 

2 Speake vnro the children of Ifrael , and 
take of eiiery oneofthema rod , after the hcufc 
of their fathers , of all their princes according to 
the family of their fathers , ίκΜ twelueroddes: 
Λπά thou llialt write euery m?Jis name vpon his 

3 And write Aarons name vpon the rod of 
Leui : for euery rodde fhtllhe for the head of the 
houfc of their fathers. 

4 And thou flialt put them in the Tabernacle 
ofthe Congregation ' before t^f .^% of the te- 
flimony,'•' where I will dcclaie my felfe to you. 

y And the mans rod , whom I "> chiife , fliall 
bloffome : and I wiil make ceafc from mee the 
grudgings ofthe children ofli'rael.which grudge 
againft you. 

6 ί Then Mofes fpake vnto the children of 
Ifrael, anil all their Prieces gaue him a rodde , one 
rodde for tuery prince , according to the houfes 
of their fathus , ema cwelue loddes , and the rod 


k Tobcihc 
chicfc Vnti. 


Coildidchaltihe j 

B»,ulc ot Lti 
• Sfiui him in 

racl : I 

c of Aaron was smcng their rods. 1« Thcajh loiiphj 

7 And Mofes Isyd the rods before the Lord 
in the T?.bern.:clc of the Teftimcny . 

8 And when Mofes en the morow went into 
the Tabernacle ofthe Tcftimuny , behold, thcf"' 
rod of A.iron Ί for die houfe of Leui w.,s budded, " 
and broi:ght foorth buus , and brought for: blot 
iomes, and bare ripe iilmonds. 

9 Then Mofes brought out all the rods fi 
before the Lord \-Bto all the children of If 
.tid they looked vpon them , and tooke euery 
man his rod. i 

ID After the Lord faid vnto Mofes , * Bring |* H.i 
Airons rod againe before the Teftimony to be 
kept for a token to the rebellious children , and 
thou tlialt caul'c their* murmurings to ccale from 
tne.rhat the^r die not. 

1 1 So Mofes did as the Lord had co;nmanded 
him: fodid he. 

12 ί And the children of Ifr.icl fp.tke vnto 
Mofes , faying, Behold, f we are dead, we pcrifli, 
we are all loft: 

1 3 Whofoeuer commeih neere or approacheth 
to the Tabernacle of the Lord , iLall die ; Hiall we 
be confumed and die? 

Xlic Cildt icw 
"w«ll(»weib VI vp, 
he ipcOitcuct 


I.;^. Txr offli' of Aircu jui U, ftunit, 1 M'Wilf if«/'i 
t Tkr Vurflip.m ef lie c^rrt^^t. ίο Ccdu lifirfrliii 
tt Tin LfKiin k^t ihir liitu , λμιΙ tffir tbt iintift Hrrnf 

A Nd the Lord faid vnto Aaron ,Thou , and thy 

Ibnncs , and thy fathers houfe with thee , Ihall' 

beare a the iniquity ofthe S..nrtuiuy : both thou ja if yes trrfptflt 

and thy fonneswith thee ihall beare the iaiquity ('"'"Υ ■'''''«*«'»- 

of your priefts office Χ";':;!:ϊγ;.-.. 

2 And brtng ally with tnee thy brethren of Wiuty.oijoat of, 
the tribe of Leui ofthe family of thy father, which i«,y<«< Ibillbe 
fl^.allbe ioynedwith thee, and roinifter \nto thee: r'*»'*'**• 

but thou, and thy lonnes with thee //W/»a/wy?irj 
before the Tabernacle of the Teftimony: | 

3 And they fliallb keepe thy charge, euen the |b That i»,ih« 
charge ofall the Tabernacle : but they Ihali not '•'•'"8• *»'•'<'«>'« 
ccme neere the inftruments ofthe Sanauai7.nor;''"»Kllh ,1.']^***' 
to the altar.leaft they die,both they and you. !do««enioyne 

4 And tl-.ey lliallbc ioyned with thee, and keei)ej*«ni. 
the charge of the Tabeiriacle ofthe Congrega-i 
tion for ail the leruice ofthe Tabernacle : and no: 
c ftranger lliali come neere vnto you: 't wh/cbwacMt 

5 Therefore fliall ye keepe the charge ofthelof ι1ι««*««ίΐ•«»ί| 
Saniiluary , and the charge ofthe Altar : fo there 
Ihail fall no more wrath vpon the children of, 
Ifrael, 1 

6 For loe , Ihaue * tikenyourbrcthrcnthe * o^.j.+j 
Leuites from among the children of Ifrael, ff^iA 
as a gift of yours , are giiien vnto the Lord , to do. 
the ieruice of ;y^ Tabe?^cle ofthe Congregation. 

7 But thou , aitQ thy fonncs with thee fl'.allj 
keepe your Priefts office for all things of the Al- 
tar, and within the vaile : therefore fl-ail ye fente: | 
for I haue made your Pricfts office Ο an office of 
feru ice: therefore the ftranger that conimet'h neere 
ihallbe flaine 

[ or.e-fi- 

8 ^ Againe the Lord fpake vnto Aaron , Be• 

hold, I h^ucgiuen thee the keeping of mine ^ of- id ai ib« fij» rnrf», 
frings , of all thchailowed things ofthe children t"n''0"'«.»J><i «h« 
of Ifrael : vnto thee hane I giuen them for the 
anoyntings fake, audio thy focnes , for a ptrpe- 
tuall ordinance. , 

9 This Ihallbe thine ofthe moft holy things, '„^".7ftOia4 
tfferutd fr«u the*fiie : all their oiFringofall|btihtiii«c«i, 
Η their 

The Piiefts and Leuites portions and titn es. Num )eP6 

Thst is,{n the 

wtejii tht court 
ni the Holiefl of 

h That is , the 
ihifleU, 0Ϊ the be ft. 

iieir meat offering , and of all their iinne ofiring, 
incl of all their trefpas ofFring ^ which they bring 
vnto me , that fliallbe moft holy vntothee, i.nd to 
thy lonnes. 

10 In the moft fholy place flialt thou eat it: 
euery male lliall eat of it: it is holy vnto thee. 

1 1 This alio fliall be thino;the heaue otrering 
of their gift , with all the Ihake offerings of the 
children of I frael , I haiie giueii them vnto thee 
and to thy fonnes and to tliy g daughters with be a diiety for euer; ail the cleane in thine 
houfe lliall cat of it. 

12 Allthehfiitoftheoylc , andalhhe fat of 
the wine, and of the wheat, which they ihall oiFer 
vnto tlie Lord for their f.rit fruits , I haue giuen 
them vntothee. 

13 And the firft ripe of all that is in their 
land , which they iliall bring vnto the Lord ihall 
be thine : all the cleane in thiuehoufeil-.alleate 
of it. 

14 * Euery thing feparate from the common 
vfe in Ifraeljfliallbe thine. 

The iacrifice of thi ; red kow 

them, when ye fliall take of the children of IfraeT 
the tithes , which I haue giuen you of ihem for 
your inheritance , thenlliall ye taJce an heaue of- 
fering of that fame for the Lord , euen the tenth 
part of the tithe. 

27 And your hcaiie offering iliallbe reckened 
vnto you , asthe ο corneof the baine , or as the 
abundance of the wineprefl'e 

28 So ye Ihall alio ofter an heaue offering vn- 
to the Lord of all your tithes , which ye Ihall re- 
ceiue ofthe children of lirael , and yee fliall giue 
tliereof the Lords heaue offring to Aaron the 

29 Yee fliall offer of allyoinP gifts all the 
Lords heaue offrings : of all the s fat of the fame 

fhall ye offer the holy things thereof. 

3 ο Therefore thou ihalt l'.iy vnto them. When 
ye haue offred ^ fat thereof, then it Ihalibe coun 
ted vnto the Leuites , as the increafe ofthe corne 
floore,or as the increafe ofthe wineprefle 

3 1 And ye fhall eat it in all ^ places , yee , and 
your houihoids: for it is your wages for your fer 

i scceptable 
2s the fruit of yout 
owne gioiind ei 


I Which ye haiie 
leceiiied ofthe 
hilJiei, oflfrael. 
J Readeverfe i». 

As IB the ii.veii. 

1 5- All that firji epeneththe ■•' matrice of any nice in the Tabernacle of the Congregation 

flelli , which they Ihall offer vnto the Lord of man 
crbeail.lhalibe thine : but the firft borne of man 
flialt thou redeeme , and the f ril borne ofthe vn- 
cleane beaft Ilialt thou redeeme. 

\6 And thofe that are to be redeemed , flialt 
thou redeeme from the age of a moneth , accor- 
ding to thy eflimation, for the mon<iy of fiue fl-.e-' 
kek, after the fliekel ofthe Sanftuary , * which is 
twenty gerahs. 

17 But the firil borne of a kow , or the fril 
borne of a iheepe , or the finlborneofagoate 
flialt thou not ' redeeme -.for they are holy : thou- 
llialt fprinkle their blood at the altar , and thou 
flialt burnc their fat : it is a facrifice made by lire 
for a fwcct iauour vnto the Lord. 

18 And the flefliofthcm Ihall be thine , *as 
the fliake breaft,and as the right IhouliierlLallbe 

,19 All the heaue offrings ofthe holy things 
which the children of Ilrael fnall offer vnto the 
Lord, haue I giuen thee, and thy fonnes, and thy 
sdaughters ί^'ith thee , to be a duety fer euer : it is 
a perpetual! coiicnant l of fait before the Lord, 
to thee.and to thy feed with thee. 

ο f And the Lord faid vnto A.iron , Thou 
fl^alt haue none inheritance in their ^]and : nei- 
ther ihalt thou haue a.ny part among them; * I am 
thy part and thine inheritance among the chil- 
dren of Ifiael. 

I For behold , I li.uie giuen tlie children of 
Leui all the tenth in Iliael for an inherit^ce , for 
their ieruice v.hich they ferue in the Tabernacle 
ofthe Congreg,• lion. 

22 Neither fliall the children of Ifraelany 
nore *" come neere the Tabernacle ofthe Con- 
gregation, leaft they fuftaine iinne , and die. 

13 But the Leuites lliail doe the feruice in the 
Tabernacle ofthe Congregation , and they il.all 
beare " their fmne : it ii λ law for euer in your ge- 
nerations , that among the children of lirad they 
poffelfe none inheritance. 

24 For the tithes of the children of Ifrael, 
^\hich they Ihal offer as an.ofiring vnto the Lord, 
I haue giuen the Leuites for an inheritance, there- 
Fore I haue faid vnto them , Among the children 
©f Ifrael ye fliall polfeffcuone inheritance. 

I5: ί And the Lord fpake vnto Moies,fjying, 

26 Spcwke alio vnro ώς Leuites,an4 lay vnto 

32 And ye ihall f be :re no finne by the reafon f Ye Gull not be 
of it, when yee haue offered the fat of it ; neither {p'"^\*"'^'''«"fo« 
fli.iil ye pollute the holy 'things ofthe child: 
ofllrael.leaft ye die. 


The facrifice of the red kcw. 


9 Theff: 

nkliKt, water. 
The man thatdieth 

mony, Tfe'Oialla- 
dfice the x.^ Itokr^' 

> By another rriedj 

A Nd the Lord fpake to Mofes , and to Aaron, 

2 ' This is the ordinance ofthe Law , which 
the Lord hath commanded , faying , Speake vnto 
the children of lirael that they bring thee a red 
kow withoHt blemilli , wherein is no Ipot , vpon 
the which neuer came yoke 

3 And yee iliall giue• her vnto Eleazar the 
Prieft.that he may bring her ""without the hoaftc, 
and caule her to b be flainc before his face. 

4 Then fliall Eleazar the Priell take of he 
blood with his* finger , and fprinkle it befon 
the Tabernacle of the Congregation feuen 

<j And caufe the kow to be burnt in his fight, 
with her '•' skinne ^.and her flefli , and her blood, 
and her doung ihall heburne her. 

6 Then Ihall the Trieft take cedar wood , and 
hyflbpe,and Icarlet lace, call them in the mids 
of the lire where the kow burneth . 

7 Then ihall the c Prieft wafli his cIoathes,cnd 
hee Ihall walh his fleih in water , and tlien conic 
into the hoafte.aud the Prieft fhallbe vncle^ne vn- 
to the euen, 

8 Alio hee that "^burneth her , fliall wafli hisji The infen 
cloathes in water, and wafli his flclh in water, and 
be vncleane vnciil euen. 

9 And a man , that is cleane , fliall t.ike vp the 
allies of thekov;,and put them without the hoiilf 
in a cleane place: and it fliallbe kept for the Con- 

regation ofthe children ofllraelfore afprin- f^'W'•'" 

kling vwrer: it is a iinne offring. 

I ο Therefore hee tliat gathercth the alhcs of 
the kow, Ihall wr.lh hiseloathes , andremaine vn- 
cleane vntill cuen:;nd it fliallbe vnto the children 
of lirad , and vnto the tfranger that dwclleth 
among them,a il-atute for euer, 

II Hee that toucheth the dead body of any 
man, fliallbe vncleane euen feuen dayes. watntneip 

•iz Hee Hiall piirifie hirafelfe 'therewith the kiuicwatcr. 
thii-d"^ ' 

The ofFeriHgs. 
which thelfrjellies 


* £xcrf. 

e Or.the^water of 


fepsute for their 

ItajiKede, were 
fpriiikled, there- 
with and tnade 
■ is alio called holy 
was ordained^ 
an holy vfe. 
Chap, s 17- 
th the fpiia 


Th e peopl 

tD be of ih« holy 
ptople.biit asa 
polluted ind 


f Sir. Λ uuttiig 

h Ofthtiedkoir 
fcnmtfor finnt. 
i Water of ihe 
fonJkaine ei liiiei 
i One of the 
ptiiR! which is 

a This was fout- 
lie yeeies «ftet 
chtir depaitaie ' 
ftom Egypf. 
b Moles and At- 
lons finer. 
< ABothec rebel- 
lion wssinRaphi 
iim.Exo. 17. and 
* e4^.ii.33. 

chide fof water. 

Ch^px. - ^^ Im^ 

third day , and the feuenth day J;ie fl-sallhe clcanc: 
but if hee puiifie not himfelfe the third day , then 
the feuenth day he iliallnot be cleane. 

13 Whofoeuer tovicheth the corps of any nvan 
that is dead.and purgeth not himfelfe, dcfileth the 
Tabernacle of the Lord , and that peribn iballbe 
S cut ofFfronn Ifrael, becaufe the fprinkling water 
was not fprinkled vpon him : he fliallbe vncleane, 
and his vnucanntffsfhdlremaitte itill vpon him. 

14 This is the law , When a man dyeth in a 
tent , all that come into the tent , and all that is in 
the tent , fliallbe vncleane feuen dayes. 

I f And all the veffels that be open , which 
haue notcouering faftened vpon them .rtiallbc 

l6 Alfo whofoeuer toueheth one that is'llaine 
with a fword in the field , or a dead perfcn , or 

ater out of the rocke. yg 

Congregation , and fci! vpon their faces : and the 
glorie of the Lord appeared vn:o them. 

7 And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, faying, 

8 Take the i roddc , and gather thou and thy 
brother Aaron the Copgrcgation together, and 
fpeake ye vnto therijcke before their eyes , and it 
fhall giue forth his water , and thou Ihalt bring 
them water out" of the rocke : fo thou (lialt giue 
the Congregation and the beaftes drinke. 

9 Then Mofes tocke the rod from before the 
Lord, as he had ccMtiraanded him. 

10 And Mofes and Aaron gathered the Con- 
gregation together before the rocke : and Mtfet 
faid vnto them , Heare now ye rebels : « Ihali wee 
bring you water out of this rceke? 

■ II Then Mofes lift vp his hand , and with his 
rod hee (mote the rocke twife, nnd the water came 

d wh««wiih 
hoiiiidileft mi- 
lades in Ejyp». 
ihe fe». 

bone of a dead man , or a graue , fliall be vncleane out abundantly : fo the Congregation , and their 

feuefi dayes 

1 7 Therefore for an vncleane perfon.they iliall 
take of tlie burnt ail^es of the h finne pfFering, and 
i pure water fliallbe put thereto in a veiiell. 

1 8 And a ^ cleune peribn flial! take hyflbpe, 
and dippc it in the water , and fprinkle it vpon 
the tent , and vpon all the velfels , and on the per- 
fons that were therein , and vpon him that tou- 
ched the bone , or the ilaine , or the dead , or the 

19 And the cleaueperfonfliall fprinkle vpon 
the vncleane the third day , and the feuenth day, 
and he (ball piirifie himfelfe the feuenth day , and 
1 walh his cloathes.and wafh himfelfe in water, 
and Ihallbe cleane at euen. 

20 But the man that is vncleane, and purifieth 
not himielfe , that perfon fhall be cut off from 
among the Congregation, becaufe he hath defiled 
the Sanotuaiy of the Lordrand the fprinkling wa- 
ter hath not beene fprinkled vpon him : therefore 
fliall he be vncleane. 

21 And it Ihallbe a perpetuall law vnto them, 
that he that iprinkleth the Iprinkiing water , ihall 
wafli his cloathesralib he that toueheth the fprin- 
kling water , iliallbe vncleane vnrill the euen. 

2 2 And whatfoeuer the vncleane perfon tou- 
eheth iliallbe vncleane : and the perion that tou- 
eheth m him , fhallbe vncleane vntill the euen. 

J MlriimtXtli. a Thrpe.flfmurmurt. 8 Thy htut n>Mtt 
tutoflherockt >♦ idom d'nitth ihtlfrtAiitt fjfi^'. as. 
ii Tic d!*th <>fj1.ncn in xkoft rcemt E(f<J'/«wf«(«*. 

'T' Hen the children of Ifrael came with the 
whole Congregation te the defert of Zin 
in the firft^moneth ,and the people abode at 
Cadelh : where b Miriam died , and was buried 

2 But there was no water for the Congrega- 
tion , and they « aflembled themfelues againft 
Mofes and againft Aaron. 

_ .3 And the people chode with Mofes , and 
ipake,faying,AVould God we had periihed* when 
our brethren died before the Lord. 

4 * why haue yee thus brought the Congre- 
g.-rtionof theLord vnto this wilderncffe , ihiiboth 
we and our cattell fliould die there? 

<i Wherefore now haue ye made vs to come 
τρ from Egypt , to bring vs into this-mifcTable 
place , ff/«c/;i!rnopl?.ceoffeede,norfigges,nor 
vines, nor poraegranats ? neither is there any wa- 
ter to drinke. 

6 Then Mofes and Aaron went from the af- 
fembly vnto tlie doore of the Tabernacle of the 

e The pnaiil^nKat 
which tcUnwed 
hciest , dtdiicd 
that Mole > and 
Asreu beleeiied 
I the Loids pte- 

\Xlit It. 

Ifrael d.eiild 
beUcue, and ac- 
knowledge my 

, and fo he• 
nonr mee. 
g Or . «tife and 
hBy (hewing 

felfe joightie, 
and maintaining 
his glory, 
i £ecaiile latkcb 
or Ifrael maj Efan• 
brother , who w« 
called £dom, 

beaftes dranke, 

12 f Againe , the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, 
and toAaron , Becaufe yee beleeued mee not , to 
^ fandifie mee in the prefence of the children υί|^^''*",'''^«'''ίΜ'*β 
Ifrael , therefore yee lh.ill aot bring this Con 
gregation into the land which I haue giuen 

1 3 This is the water of g Mcribah, becaufe the 
children of Ifr.iel ftroue with the Lord . and^hec 
'' was fanftified inthem. 

14 f Then Mofes fentmeirengers from Kadell• 
vnto the king of i Edom ,piyi»g , ThiK faith thy 
brother Ifrael, Thou knoweft all the trauell that 
we haue had, 

. I y How our fathers wentdowne into Egypt; 
and we dwelt in Egypt a long time , where the E- 
gyptians h'Jidled vs euill and our f.ithers, 

16 But wiien we ciyed vnto the Lord, he heard 
our voyce , and fent an Angel , and hath brought 
vs out of Egypt, and beholde, wee aie in the citic 
Kadelb, in thine vtmoft border. 

17 I pray thee that wee may pafle thorow thy 
countrey ; we will not go thorow the fieldes nor 
the vineyards , neither will we drinke of the wa. 
ter of the welles : we will goe by the Kings way, 
and neither turne vnto the right hand nor to the 
left.vntill we be paft thy bordtrs 

18 And Edom anfweredhim.U Thou ihalt not 
pafle by me, leaft I come out againft thee with the 

19 Then the children oflfrael faid vnto hitn. 
We will goe vpby the hie way : and if I and my 
cattell drinke of thy water , I will then pay for it; 
I will onely (without any harme) go thorow on 

'20 Hee anfwercd againe, Thou flialtnotgoe 
thorow. Then |l Edom came out againft him with 
much pcople.snd with a mightie power. 

2 1 Thus Edom denied to giue Ifrael paflage 
thorow his countrey : wherefore Ifrael ^ turned 
away from him, 

22 ί And when the children of Ifiaclvi'ith 
the Congregation departed from * Kadelh , they 
came vnto mount Hor. 

23 And the Lord fpake vnro Mofes and to A• 
aron in the mount Hor neere the coaft of the 
land of Edom, faying, 

24 A.iron ihalibe ' gathered vnto his pcopL 
for he fhall not enter into the land .which 1 haue 
giuen vnto the children of Ifrael, becaufe yc n dif- 
obcyed my coramandementatthe waterof OMe- 
ribch. *ckM t 

2f 2 Take ''' Aaron and Eleazar his fonnc , andl,^J|Y,-^j»'5*' 
a ^ bring ' 

il Ot,t!il,wJf, 


I Or,tie Ednnititi 

I ToparTcby 
an other Way, 


B.c]dcC«ii.a{. t| 

I Or, r^ifffrd. 

, By that way 
' wtich thtii fpits, 
ihai leiKhtd c/ie 
dangers, found lo 

. Fierie 



Nun: bers. 

bring them vp into the mount Hoi•. 

26 And caufe Aaron to put offliis garnsents, 
and put them vpon EleazM his fonne • for Aaron 
fhailbe gathered to biifatherifind Ih^ll die there• 

27 And Moles didas the Lord had comman- 
ded : and they went vp into the Mount Hor, in the 
fight of alJ the Congregation. 

z8 And Mofes put off Aarons cloathes,andput 
them vpon EJezzar his fonne ; * fo Anon died 
there in the cop of the mount : and Moles ..nd E- 
leazar came downe from off the mount. 

29 when ail the Congregation fawthat Aa- 
ron was dcad,all the houle of IlraelU wept foi: Aa- 
ron :]\irrie dayes» 


3 Ifr.el 

Sihon and Og are oaercomSi 

i.ij7-t4 kihf Arni , « Tht fi'hfirinlt ire fr»t 
liMox if tit ffcflf. t+, a Si»0%"idOl:<rf 
in hMlrU. 

yiJ Hen * King Arad the Caiwanite , which 
^ dwek toward the South , heard- tell that 
Ifrael came by the * way of the fpies,then foug^Iit 
I he againft IliaeJ.and tool^ of them priloncrs. 

2 So lli/el vowed a vow vnto the Lord , and 
fayd, If thou wiUdelirter««<i giue this people in- 
to mine hand , then will 1 vtterly deftroy their ci-- 

J And the Lord heard the voyce of Mae], and' 

I Meaning, Min- 

nhich they 
llioiigt» didnst 



Of, vfen jf »(/. 

downe to the dwelling of Ar , and lieth vpon the 
border of Mo?.b. 

16 ί And from thence they turr.tdio Beer : the 
fame is thevvellwhere the Lord iaid vnto Moles, 
AffemHe the people,and I will giue them water. 

1 7 5 Then Ifrael fang thisfong.Rifc vp|) well. 
ifiHgy* vnto it, 

1 8 The princes digged this well.the captaineskheieof.giiiepaife ] 
of the people digged it, euen thet.lawgiuci-,with ^'jj^'^'^^^ ^ 
their ftaues, Αικί from the wJlderneffe rAi^Mwrpon heads of the 
to Mattanah, 

19 f And from Mattanah to NahalieJ , and 
from Nahaliel to Bamotb, 

so f A,ndfrum Bamoth in the valley , that ist^ 
in the plaine of Moab , to the top of Pifgah , that ««it dttje dijstd, 
lookethtowardleihimon. j 

f Then Ifrael lent meffengers vnto Silicii 

I Or, firing. 
t Ye that receiiit 
ht Ciinmoditic 

>eoplc onely 
(mote the ιοΛ« 
with the rod ot 
iafife, ««hichgati* 
21C1 as > McU that 

king of the Amorites, faying 

22 * Let me go thorow thy land : we willnot 
turne afide into the fieldes.nor into the vine- 
yards , neither drinke of the waters of the welles; 
we will goe by tlie kings way , vncill wee be paft 

23 ■•'Biit Sihon gaue Ifrael no licence to paffe 
thorow his countrey. but Sihon aflembled all his 
people , and went out againft Iftael into the wil- 
dcrnes , and he came to lahoz, and fought againft 

deiiuered them the Canaanites .• and they vtterly j "^ '+ B„tlfrael fmote him with the edge of the 
deftroyed them and their cuies , and called the f^ord , and conquered his land , from Arnon vnto 
name ot the place β * Hormah h i^bok , eiun vnto the children of Ammon , for ^ .^^^""«"«"^ , 

4 f After they departed fiom the mount Hor I i,order of the children of Ammon T^T/^iiiitrong. fjeut^ffi , 
bv the way of the Red lea , to l> compafle the land' ; ^ ^ ^ad Ifrael tooke all theie cities , and dwelt firong liket-nti,• 
of Edom : and the people were fore gncued be- i -^^ ^χγ ^^^ cities of the Amorites in Heihbon . and " 
caufe of the way. .^^, ! in all the t villages, thereof. 

r And the people pase againft God . and ^5 por ^ Heibbon was the citie of Sihon the|b, 
againft Mofes Juyv^, wherefore haue ye brought ! bjng of th# Amorites , which had fought before- 
y^outofEgypt.toJieinthewilderneHerfor/jtrtf J ^j^^ ^^^^„(^ ^^. king of the Moabitcs . and had 


Λ Tiiettiier. 

« neither bread nor water,anisl our loule * loathetii \ 
this light c bread. 

6 * wherefore the Lord fcut'^fietieferpencs 
among the pdople , which ftung the people, lb 
thatnr.iry of the people of Krael died. 

7 Therefore the people came to Mofes .and• 
iaid.We haue finnedtfor wee haue fpoken again-it 
the Lord.and aj^ainft thee : pray cothe Lord.that 
hee' tjke away the ferpents frona vs : and Mofes 
prayed fc>r the ρ .ople . 

8 And the Lord Old vnto Mofes, Make thee 
a.iierie ferp.;nt ,diidfetitvp Β fora figne.thatas 
majiy .is are'bitten.may looke vpon it,md Hue•. 

9 * ίο Moles made a ferpeiat of biaife, and fot 
it vp for a figne : and when a ferpent had bitten a 
mai9 , then he looked to the ferpen: cf braffe , and 
tj iiiied. 

10 *• And the chiklren of Ifrael departed 
tlitjnce.andpitched in Oboth. 

1 1 f And thc;y departed fiom Oboth , and pit- 
ched J in lie-aKiiim, in the wilderneffe,vYhich is 
before Mo;;bon the Eaftfide. 

12 iThey rcmootted thence, and pitched vpo« 

13 t Thence they departed ,and pitched on 
thci other tide of Arnon , whichis in the wiidcr- 
nelK.anJ cummeth out of the coifts of the Amo- 
rites : (for Ainonw the border of Moab,betweene 
the Moabites .ind the Amoi liis. ) 

1 4 wherefore it (hall be ipoken in the books 
ofths battels of the Lord , J what tiling he didiUi 
the red ieaj and iji the riuers of Arao!i^ , 

«5 And fli ihs itreame ζιί the ri«er&ihat goetii 

his land oiu of his hand , f«f« vnto Ar- 

I For ifit lad. 

bitet.thc ■rieliie^ 
50ff«ir<4ft^ D»:»i 


27 wherefore they that fpake in proucrhs.fay 
Come to Heibbon , let the citie of Sihon be builc 
and repaired: 

2 8 For 1 a fte is gone out of Heflibon ,αηάί 
flpme from the citie of Sihon. and hath confumeJ 
Ar of the Moabites, «««i/ the lords of Bamoth in 

29 Wo be to tliee.Moab : Ο people of•" Che- 
mofli.thou art vndone: lie hath iuffcrcd Jiis fonnes 
to be puriued, and his daughters tobe incaptiuity 
to Sihon the king of the Amorites. 

3Q Their + empire aHb is loft from Hcflibon 
vnto Dibon , and we hnue deftroyed them vnto 
Noph.ih.whicli reachetb vnto Medel 

31 fThiis Ifrael dwelt in the landofthe A-jt£tr'i>{ti. 

32 And Mofes fent to fearch out laazer, and 
they tooke the townes bek)nging thereto , anJ 
rooted out the Amorites that wtre there. 

33 C * And they turned , and went vp toward 
Balbin : and Og the king of B^Hian- came out 
ag.iinft them, hce, and all his people , to. fight 
at Edrei. 

34 Thenthe Lord faid Vnto Mofes , Feare him 
not : for I haue deiiuered him into thine hand, 
and all his people , andhis land : * and thou Ihalt 
doe to him as thou diJdeft vnto Sihon the king 
of the Amorites.which dwelt at Heibbon. 

^■■y They fmote him thereriore,anabu.fonneSo 
and all his people . vntili there was none leftbiraj 
fo they; con^iwedliis land,, 

" -e Η Λ τ;- 


m Chemoft wa»• . 
the ;dole of the 
Mcabite*. 1 iijig J 
,3;. who vtit 
t able to defeni 
his wotUiippert, 
which tooie tht 
iUole fotihciifa• 

!••1>ι<ί j,>,i(i(i-. 




ι Being it Itri- «as beyond 
lotjin: but where 
jthe ifiaelices was on 

b which were 
the heads and go- 
• ueiBOUts. 



; Xi'xj BeUkftideth fcr'BAleim fctirfe the ifrxtlitet. 
Ij thi LtrifnhMethhimttgte. ji The Angtt of tht 
Lni meettth him , and his afeffe*k.eih. 3J Balaam 
friteiteth thxt hit mill fpeake ntihmi ,tut ihxtwhith 
the Luiputtttb in his mouth, 

AFter , the children of Ifrael departed and pit- 
ched in the plaine of Moab on the » other 
fide of lorden from lericho. 

2 1 Now Rilik the fonne of Zippor iavvall 
that Ifrael had done to the Amorites. 

And the Moabites were fore afraid of the 

The aflfcip^akcth. yp 

» Ufi.Hf 


peoplc.becaufe they were many, and Moab U fret 
ted ag.iinft the children of Ifrael. 

are round about vs , as an oxe licketh vp the 
graffc of the field : and Balak the fonne of Zippor 
was King of the Moabites at that time. 

y * He lent meflengcrs therefore vnto Bala 

19 But now.I pr.iy you, tary here this night." 
that I may wit , what the Lord will fay vnto nic 

20 And God came vnto Balaam by night, and 
faid vnto him , If the men come to call thee, rife 
vp , asd goe with them : but onely what thing I 
fay vnto thee.thnt (halt thou doe. 

21 So Balaam role vp early , andfadledhis 
aire,and went with the princes of Moab. 

22 And the wrath of God was kindled , be- 
caufe he k went : and the Angel of the Lord ftood 
in the wiy to be againft him, as hee rode vpon his 
afle.and his two leruantsx'Vfre vvithhim. » 

4 Therefore Moab faid vnto the b Elders of j z^ And * when the afle fawe the Angel of the ir^iTi"''' 
Midian , Now lliall this multitude licke vp all that Lord ftand in the way , and his fword dr.iwcn in j 

his h '.nd.the alTc turned out of the way , ind went ; 
into the held , but Balaam imote the afle , to turns | 
herinto the w.iy. j 

gaine the Angel of the Lord ftood in a 1 The fecosd time 
hauing a wall on the one 
ehold , there is a people come 

y CO hiscommas- 
eme«t .hiiptci. 

was gianied, 
ut it uiined 10 


ich coocicournes, 
10 «bey God• 

y T" HC lent meucngcrs tnererore vnto una- ; 24 i Againe tne Ar 

am the fonne ofBeortoPethcr (which is by the \ path of the vineyards 

' t riuer of the land of the children of his folke) to j fide.and a wall on the ot 

.hi»<i"«P«- call him, faying, 

2Ϊ And when the afle fawe the Angel of the 

out of Egypt , which coucr the face of the earth, ! Lord , ilie thrult her felfe vnto the wall ."and daflit 
andlie oueragainftme. ! Balaams foote ag.iinlt the wall : wherefore laee 

6 Coracnow therefore, 1 pray thee, «'«icurfe j fmote her againe. 
me this people (for they are ftronger then I) fo it 26 Then the Angel of the Lord went furthex, 
may be that I fliallbe able to Imite. them , and to j and ftood in a narrow place , where was no way 

driue them out oftheland : forlTcnow tliathee 
whom thou bieired,and he whom thou 
curfeft.fliallbe curfed. 

7 And the Elders of Moab , and the Elders 
of Midian departed , hauingd f/3fii't"i'''^of the 
foothfaying in their hard , and they came \Tito 
Balaam.and told him the words of Bal.ik. 

8 Who anfwered them, Tary here this night, 
and I will giue you an anfwere , as the Lord (hall 
fay vnto me. So « the princes of Moab abode with 

meanin^ihe go- | ρ Then God Came vnto Balaam , and faid, 
"""«""• '"^ ^^'" what men are thefe with thee? 
»t" ΛίΓίΓ" ΙΟ And Balaam faid vnto God , Balak the 
fubieiistoihei jfonne of Zippor king of Moab hath fent vnto me, 

1 1 Behold , then is a people come out of Ε- 

ι* Thinking t» 

jfciibe him with 
giJFts to ciitfi he 

r. ^ 
e'SVlvm before 
he called Elderi: 

to turnc,rt>';<'' to the right hand.or to the left. 

27 And when the afle fawe the Angel of the 
Lord, iliee tl lay downe vnder Balaam : therefore uor.ftfl was very wroth , and fmote the afle with 

a ftaffe. j 

28 Then the Lord m opened the mouth of the ' 

η Gaeeherpowei 

f He w»f ned hin» 
fcyadieamc, that 
he fcoiild notcsa- 
fent to the tinis 
«fickcd te^ueff 

β lils he (hewed 
Iiinrfelfe williilg, 
«oueteoufnefre had 
fD blinded his heart, 

ii ThewiclMd 

afl'e , and ihe faid vnto Balaam , What h.iue I done 
vnto thee , that thou haft fraitten me now three 

29 And Balaam faid vnto the a(ie,Becaufe thou 
haft mocked me : I would there were a fword in 
mine hand.for now would I kill thee. 

30 And the afle laid vnto Balaam , AranotI 
thine afle , which thou haft ridden vpon n fince 
thy firft time vnto this day ? haue I vied at any jeene'my manet 
time to doe thus vnto thee ? Who laid,Nay 

And the Lord ο opcaed the eyes of Bala- ^ foi whofeey* 

η since thee hlH 

gypt, and couereth the face of the earth : come ' am , andhe faw the Angelof the Lord ftandingin fhtLerddoeth 
now,curfe them for ray f :kc : fo it m.ay be th.-it I the way with his fword drawcn in his hand : then Τ'"' °P*" • ''?•ϊ"'' 

• ■' -'^ -' he bowed himlelfe>cnd fell flat on his face, • " "*„μ,'1,'^'. 

;? 2 And the Angel of the Lord faid vnto him. 
Wherefore hart thou now imitten thine afl'e three 

and to 

fliallbe able to ouercome them in battel 
driue them out. 

1 2 And God f faid vnto Balaam , Goe not 

thou with them, neither curfe the people,for they ! times ? behold, I came out to withftand thee, be 
are blefled. j caufe thy t way is not ftraight before me 

13 And rofe vp in the morning , and 
faid vnto the princes of Balak. Returne vnto your 
Imd: for the Lord hath refufcd to giue t me leaue 
to goe with you. 

14 ' So the princes of Moab rofe vp , and went 
vnto Balak.and faid , Balaam hath refuled to come 
with vs. I 

I y ί Balak yet fent againe more princes, and . 
more honourable then they. 

3 3 But the afle liiw me .and tiuOed from me now 
three times : for elle.if ihe had not turned from 
me.furely I had euen now llaine thee , and faued 
hei aliue. * 

34 Then Balaam faid vnto the Angel of the 
Lord , I haue finned : for I wift not ihat thou 
ftoodeft intheway II .ngainftme : now therefore po,^j,*„^^^ 
if It difplctfe thee, I will turne t home againe. \, „'„„mt. 

3 y But the Angel faid vnto Balaam, Goe with|t fit' /m/lre- 

f Both (hy JietK 
' (ortnpi , and 
thine caKrgriic 
nic lied. 

16 who came to Balaam , and faid to him, j the men : but q wliat I fiy vnto thee , 'hat llialt|'"y'^Y^'^|r'j^•.^ 
Thus fayth Balak the fonne of Zippor , ^iBenot j thoufpeake. So Balaam went widuhc princes of^^eaiVwas eniil. 

*'ί«Λ.' "h^V" thou flayed. I pray thee , from comraing vnto me. 


naiightit enierpti- 
I fes, though ihey 
I know that God is 
(•gainH them. 

•» Cfcipat.ij. 

17 For I will promote thee vnto great honour, 
and will do whatfoeuer thoirfayeft vnto me: come 
therefore.I pray thee.ciirfe me this people. 

18 And Β ilaam anfwered . and faid vnto the 
feruantsofB.ilak , ♦ If Balak would giue me his 
houfe full of fduer and gold , I cannot go beyond 
the word of the Lord my God , to doe leife or 

Balak, 'his charge wa 

36 And when Bilakheardth.itBa!aamcame,j«'«"«''' ■''"'' 
hee went out to nieerehim vntoa city ofMoab,^^"^ , "°'Jn«. 
which is in the » border of Arnon , euen in the vt- ^ Neeie the place 
moft coaft. h"h«'e '>>« «ΐι»»1*ι• 

-^7 Then Balak faid vnto Balaam , Did not I ['""Hi 
fend for thee to call thee? Wherefore camert thou I 
not vnto me ? ami notable in deed to promote 
thee vHto honour? 

Η 3 38 Ana 

Nu cnbcKi 

id Balnam made tn'iv/ets vnto Balak 
f of ifty itlft r I Lo, 1 3Π1 come vnto thee, and can I now fay *' 

ifpiaie nothing: 
ontly whatGod le- 
.B«i)t!h,tf»t will I 
'vtur.i^tcmt ir 
j-)od or bad. 
iOr,rffl.„„: ,r, 
f.fU^u. titif. 

t Where *€ idole 
Bial ivai 

9 For ameng the 
Gentilis the «ingj 
eft times vfeJ to 
faciifice.asdid the 

rf elfraclitcg' 

b Appeared vnio 

Taught him 

I Or.fwyipeV. 

Ρ Or, Syrtj. 
ί CmW that ill 
may hate and de- 
ί»β them. 

ing at a!J ? the worde that God putteth in my 
jmouth that Hiall I fpe.ike. 

39 So Balaam went with Balak.and they came 
vnto the city of \\ Huzoth. 

40 Then Balak ofF-'red bullockes.and flieepe, 
and fent thereof lo Balaam , and to the princes that 
were with him, 

41 And on the morowBalacktooke Balaam, 
and brought him vp into the hie places of' Baal, 
that thence hee might fee thevtmoftpartofthe 

I StUamc»ufeth feuenaltarstt be iuilt. ; Gtiteachtth 
him what tc anfyvcre. S In fleai cf thrfmi hee tlefeth 
Jfrael. 19 Cod is not lik* man, 

ANd Bnlaam faid vnto Balak, Build mee here 
ieucn alt.irs , and prepare me here feuen bul- 
lockes.and feiien ramraes. 

2 And Bdak did as Balaam faid , and » Balak 
and Balaam offered onew/altarabiillocke and 

3 Then Balaam faid vnto Balak , Standby 
thy burnt offering, and I will goe.if fo be that the 
Lord will come ^^iiraeetemee : and whntfoeuer 
he Ihcweth me, I will tell thee : fo he |j went forth j 
alone. j 

4 And God b met Balaam , and Balaam faid , 
vnto him , 1 haiie prepared feuen alters , and haue | 
cifered vpon tuery altar a bullocke and a r.imme. 

J And tlie Lord' put an anfwere in Balaams | 
moinh , and faid•, Goe againe to Balak , and fay on 
this wife. 

6 So when hee turned vnto him , loe 
flood by his burnt offering, hee , and all the prin- | 
cesofMoab. j 

7 Then he vttered his [j p-rable, and faid ,Ba- | 
lak the king of Moib hath brought mee from | 
Β Aram out of the raountaines of the Eaft , frying, ,ι 
Come, curfe laakob for my fake-; corae,and i de- j 

8 How fliall I CHrfe.where God hath not ctir- ; 
fed > or how Ihall Ideteft , vvhertuiQ Lord hath ) 
not deteftedf ! 

9 For from thf toppe of the rockes I did fee | 
him , end from the hiiies I did behold him : loe, j 
tlie people fhall dwell by themfelueSiand (hall not : 
lie reckonedamong the «nations. > 

Jo who cm tell the fdnft of laakob, and the ; 
number of the fourth• part of Ifrael ; Let meS die 
the death of the righteous, and let my laft ende be 
like his. 

II Then Balak faid vnto Balaam , What haft 


\6 And the Lord met Balaafn,and ♦ put an an 
iw'ere in his mouth , and faid , Go againe vnto Ba- 
lak,and fay thus. j 

1 7 And when hee cme to him, beholde, bee 
flood by his burnt offering , and the princes of 
Moab with him : fo Balak laid vnto him , What 
hath the Lord faid» 

1 8 And he vttered his parable, and faid. Rife 
vp Balak.and heare : hearken vnto me, thou foiine 
of Zippor. 

19 ^ God/'/ note/ man, that he fiioii]dlie,nei-!5, codtenemiei 
ther as the fonne of man , that hee Ihotild repent • ;' ,« compelled to 
hath he (aid , and (hall he not doe it ? and hath he confen'e that hit 
fpoJcen.nnd (Ml heiwt accomplifn it? 

20 Behold , I haue receiued cemmandevnent 
to bleffe.for he hath bleffed,and I cannot alter it. 

21 Hee leethnone inicjuitie in laakob , not 
feeth no tranfgrcflTon in linielthe Lord liis God 
is with him , and theMoyfullihoutofaKingw 
among them. 

22 God brought them outof Egypt : their 
ftrengthw as an vnicome. 

23 For there is no forceric in laakob , nor 
foothfaying in Ifrael :* according to this time it 
Ihallbe faid of laakob and of I frael , Whathath 
God wrought? 

24 Behold, the people fliall rife vp as a lyon, 
j andliftvp himfelfeasayong lyon : " 
■■ lye downe , till hee eate of the pray 
I drinke the blood of the ilainc. 

2Ϊ ? Then Balak faid vnto Balaam 
curle.nor bleUe them at all. 
I 26 But Balaam anfwered , and faid vnto Balak, 
j Tolde not I thee , faying , All that the Lord fpea- 
hee 1 kcth.that muft I doe? 

27 f Againe Balak faid vnto Balaam , Come 
I pray thce.I will bring thee vnto another 1 place 
if lo be ir will pleafeGod.that thou mayeft thence imagine of cod 
curfe them for my fake. : that that ivhich 

28 So Balak brought Balaam vnto the top ofj^' w,il notgta», 

■I. 1 , , , ir η im one place, 

1 eor,that lo&keth toward leilimon. ^hewiU doeit is 

without chanje 

i TheT ttinmph 
as vidtotieui 
kings otiet their 

I Confideting- 
Y7hat Grd Qiall 
>vorke this time 
for the ddiae- 
rance ο 1 his pes- 

hee fliallnot^ ??''?"''« 7"'*' 
and till hed 


1 Thus the Tfielei 


ί Ttot ftiall ha 

3cli|ion and lanes 


1 ThcinSnite 

iriiliitiKle, as the 

d.ift of the earth. 

g Thr ftare of 

Godjiudgement , , , τ , i_ r • 

canftd him to wiOi! thou done vnto mee ? i. tooke thee to curie mme 
eneniies.andbehold, thou haft bleffed them alto- 

I i And he anfwered, and faid, Muft Inot take 
heede to ipeake th it , which the LordJiath put iu 
ray moutli? 

' 13 And Balak faid vntohiifi , Come , I pray 
thee , with me vnto another place , whence thou 
m'jyeft fee them, and thou ikilt lee but the vtmoft• 
part of chem.and i-balt not fee them all ; therefore 
curfe them out of that place fcn'my fake 

tlithoulholdof thus 
thf «rictiedhsue 
thtir confcierces 
wottndel when 
«bey coiiiid;! Gods 

J Ot.iniothe.lJtId ,. f And he brought him into B-Scdc-fophim 
«iI^.rie*'hi«f>o tlie top feuen altars . and 

seieAfliiU apptoch.^ offered a bullocke and a ramme onemry altar. 

Ϊ If After , hee fjyd vnto Balak, Sund here by ; 

jthy burnt offering 1 and L will.m^t* the-Ltrd j 

', 29 Then Balaam faid vnto Balak ,. Make mt 
; here feuen altars , and prepare me here feuen bul- 
■j locks, and feuen r.immes. 

; 30 And Blink did as Balaam had faid , and of«j 
\ fered a bullocke aid a ramme en ixery altar. j 

! C Η A p. X X I V. ■ 

/ JB^Uam prefhecieth of the great frofperitie that p>t>tiH\ 
(tote -vntt Jfrael. 17 Alfo ef the eemmtug tfChrifl. j 
.20 The deftrnnim ef the AmaieK'tes , and ef the 
• Kenitei, 

WHen Balaam faw that it pleafed the Lord to ; % 
, bleffe Ifrael , then he went not , + as cer-V a-w.ij.s.ii; 

1 taine times before, to fet diuinations , but fet his j " ^ 

face toward the a wilderncffe. L whtrethe if- 

2 And Balaam lift vp his eyes,and looked vp- jiaelites tamped, 
on Ifrael , which dwelt according to their tribes, 
and the Spirit of God came vpon him. t 

3, + And he vttered his p..rable,and fa'd,Bar L-cii/.tj.» «j 

liam.thc fonne of Beor hath faid , and the man; • ■ • '■ 

whofe eyes ''were ihut vp.hath faid, i His eyes were 

4 Hee hath faid which heard the wordes αίί^^^χ'^Ρ•»*'»"'"» 

God , and fawe the vilion of the Almightie, and **Γ-'* "ί '■'"ί 'J'*'*'' 

- ,. . 1 t ι • I viiions vpnjcn he 

«falling »«<» traur.ce had his eyes opened : ;faw after : leme, 

5• f How goodly are thy.tems,OIaakob,<»imi»eade,i»ereopea. 
thine habitations. Ο Ifrael ! j« ihe»fhheiay 

6 As the valleys are they.ftretched foorth, as ^ι,^.νΜ''! U" 
gardens by the riuers fide , as the U aloe trees, mind weie open, j 
which the Lordhath planted ,as-.the cedars be-• °''•'"'" . '■ 
fide the waters. LdvoiU*t^ ■ 

X The* water dropp,ethoutLof his bucket.anJfb, very cew i 

^ 4— ^ 


and prophe4ieth. 

Chap, XXV. XXVI, 

j kings si Amalck, 

•♦ Gtit^»t% 

ί tmuUnoi tmgtt, 

his (zzafhalibe in many waters .and his King fhill 
be higher then c Agag , anj his kingJorus Uullbe 

% Goa brought him out of Egypt : his 
ftrength fhaUbe as an vnicoine : he iballeate the 
nations his enemies . and bruife their bones , and 
Ihoote them thorow with his arrowes. 

9 * Hecoucheth, ««iliethdowneasayong 
Lion, and ns a Lion: Who Ihali ftirre him vp? 
blefled is hee that blefleth thee, and curfed is hce" 
that curfeththee. 

10 Then Balak was very angry with Balaam, 
and ί i'mote his hands together : fo Bilak layd | of tht: Lords wrath may bd turned fic^n Urael 
vnto Balaam , I fent for thee to curfe mine ene- r Then Moles faidvnto the luJg^rs of Ifrac!, 

Baal Peor 

6 ί And behold, one of rhe children of Ifrael 

iiden 6eil 
wfce.-ithey cinitoc ι 

Tficzcale ofPhinehas. 6^ 

Crtf . i S . ♦ J . 

]^0w whiles Ilhel .-.boiie :n * Shittin.the 
people began to conamic whoredomc with 
the 'daughters of Moab: 

2 which called the people vnto the facrifice 
of their gods , and die people ate . and bowed 
downe to their gods, 

i And Ifrael •> coupled himfelfe vnto Bnal 
Peor : wherefore the wrath of the Lord was kin- 
dled agjinftl'.rael; 

4 And the Lord fayd vnto Mofes . * Take all 
the heads of the people and h ng them vp Β before 
the Lord c againft the iunne, that the indignation 

fnies.and behold, thou haft blefled them now ι Euery one ilay his "^ men that were ioyned vnto iiischjij•. 

three times. ' '<='^' •* ■"'»•■ 
1 1 Therefore now flee vnto thy place:! thought 

furely to promote thee vnto honour , but loe, the | came and brought vnto his brethren a Midi.ini- 

" ' ' ' tidi woman in the fight of Mufcs,and in the light 

ί Lord hath kept thee backe from honour. 

I τ Then Balaam anfwered Balak , Told I not 
i»iiVain!'ewif«iJ ^^•'o.'^'^y meflengers , which thou fenteft vnto me. 

13 If Balak would giue mehisTioufefiiU of 
llluer and gold.I cannot pafli the comraandement 
of the Lord, to doc eithtr goed or bad of mine 
owne mind ? what the Lord llull command , that 
fame willlipeake. 

14 And new behold , I goe vnto my people: 
come . I will t ^ aduertiie tliee what this people 
fhalldoe to thy folke in the latter dayes, 

I f And he vttered his perable.and fayd. Bala- 
am the fonne of Beor hath iayd , and the man 
whofe eyes were Ihut vp hath fayd, 

\6 He hath faid that heard the words of God, 
and hath riie knowledge of the raoit High , and 
faw the vilion of the Almighty , and falling in a, 
»r4nri had his eyes opened: 

I Ihall fee hira.but not now : I fliall behold 

t with ibc «romca 

> Worl^rppta 
the idoieot'ciic 
MoabiiCi, «thick 
was in y hill Pco>, 
>D/+ j.i»/•. »i If 

|0f ,»,,*, £,rii. 
t Optnlv in ύχ 
te: him lie en 

:cu';on doae ot 

hem th^c 

Repenting iluc 
:y hadottcBtM 

' -k H» gitie alfe 
wfclttd counftU U 
tauiethe iftaelutJ 
CO fiuHe, thatiheie 
γ God might foi- 
" hem.Ctap. 



of all the Congregation of the children of Ilrael. 
e who wept before the doon: of the Tabernacle 
of the Congregation. 

7 * And when Pinehas the fonne of EleazarC^i^';,' 
the fonne of Aaron the Prieft law it . hee rofc vp• 
from the middes of the Contrreiytion , and tooke 
a y fpeare in his hand 

% And followed the man of Ifrael into the 
tent , and thruft them both thorow : i» wit , the ^^ .^ , 
man of Ili-ael , and the woman . it thorow her b•:!- ΙίΙιί^ΜέοΖ 
ly: Γα the plagueceafedfromthechildrenof If-kii»<r/""#. 

9 .* And there died in that plague foure and* «,!. 
twenty thoufand. 

I ο Then the Loid fpake vnto Mofes.fay ing, 

I I * Phinchas the lunne of Eleazar.thc ionne l/f''• '•*.3<» 
of Aaron tb- Prielt , hath turned mine anger' 

away from the children of Iltael . while hee f w.-,s J^'J![!l^^° 
zealous for my lake among them : therefore I glory. 

Μ(««»ε.<Λιίβ. I him , but ntit neere : there Ihaliconie a '■ Starre of ί h^ui not coniuraed the children of Ifrael in my 
laakob. and a Scepter fliall rile of Ifrael. and fliall I leloufie 

all that Mliil: ίατ 
of Sheih came Joe valiantly 

aOf tht Eiemitti, 

»ik thai a», the | fmite the k coaftes of Moab » and dcftroy all the 
fonnesofl Sheth. 

1 8 And Edom ihallbe pafleffcd^and Seir fliall 
be a pollelfion to their enemies ; but Ifrael Ihall 

e valiantly. 

19 Hee alfo that Ihall haiie dominion /^jii/Zie 
of laakob , and Iliall deltroy the remnant of the 
» citie. 

. 20 ί And when he looked on Amalek , he vt- 
tered his parable.and layd.Amalek vvai the " firft 
of the nations ; but his latter tnapiali ceme to dc- 
, , 21 And hee looked on then Kcnites, and vtte- 
«ΓοηΓ»'2,ίν.„β! red his perable.and layd. Strong is thy dwelling 
" " place., and • put thy neft in the rocke: 

23 Keuerthelefl'e.fl the Kenite Ihallbe fpoyled, 
vntiilAsihut cary thee away captiue. 

23 Againe he vttered his parable, and faid, A- 
las.i who ihall line when God doth this? 

24 The ihips alfp Ihall come from the coaftes 
of 9 Chittim , and fubdue Aslhiir , and ihall 
fabdiie Eber,and' hee alio //;«//«;»? to deftru- 

2i Then Balaam rofe vp.and went tnd re- 
turned to bis place : and Balak alfo went his 


» The ftafle citrm::Utth feruifain» irith the dAughters 
af Moei. 9 PhiathAikitltthZimriani Cc-^it. 1 1 Gfd 
mAkethbiictueKim Tvuh Phittihai, >7 GtdunmnH- 
4*thu kiUtht MitVM'U 

ti The AmalekitCi 
firft made wane 
againft iftael. as 
Chap. 1+.+$. 
I Or, MHijniti 


ρ Some leade. Ob 
vrhoOi all not pe- 
ri* when the ene- 

inie, tkii it, A'li- 
«trf,t,lfcall fethim 
felfe vp as God? 
b The gvecians 
•nd Romanes. 
I Meaniig, Ebti. 
oi the Itwes for 
icbcUin^ agiinft 

of the father. 

1 2 wherefore fay i* <)«».Behold,*I giue vntoi* znUt.^i.t^. 
him my ceuenontofpeace. |i.m4«.a 54.' 

13 Andhelhallhatieit.andhis feed after him, ^ 
cuen the coucnant of the Priells ofiice for eucr,; 
becaui'ehe w-s zealous for his God.3c hath made' 

anS atonement for the children of Ifrael. L Hehath paciSea 

14 And the name of the Ifraelitef/iw ΙΐΛιε,| cods wrath 
which was killed with the Midiaoiiilh woman, 
WAS Zimri the fonne of Salu.princetof the fami- 
lieofthe Simeonitcs. 

I y And the name of the Midianitilli woman 
that was liaine . vvus Cozbi the daughter of Ζ ur; 
who vvM head ouer the people of his fathers 

16 1 Againe the Lord/pake vnto Mofes , fay- 

1 7 * Vexe the Midianites.and fmite them: ;Γο1,.Τ.\"Γί«. 

1 8 For they trouble you with their •• wiles,! poiailandfpiriB 
wherewith they h.iue beguiled you as concerning all foraicirion by 
Pcor.and as cc.ncerning their fulei-rozl-.i d.=uj.h" Λ'!'.".".' """*''"• 
ter of a prince of Midian , whith was ilaine in die 
day of the plague becaufe of Peor. 

CHAP, xxvr 

2 The Lni cntimnicth tt nnmhtr'tht eli,lJremofIf,aft 
in the finine •/ M«ah , frnu tr>ent; leert die 
AitHt. i7 The Leiiiiesand ihrirfemiiiis. «4 Λ'.κί 
«f them th.u vne nunttieiin Sintigte ,»t»Cnna 
faue Caiib andJifiua, 

A N'd fo after the > p!ag;te , die Lot d fp.ike TOto 

Mofes . and to Elcazar the fonne of Aaron 

the Prieft, faying. 

2 Take the nrmber cf allthcCongreg.;tion 

i^ 4 of 

a whAt «imt 
for their v.hor«- 

dome an4 idoU. 


I iAr«i.5. I. 

c InthvicVellion 
whcicof Kaiah 

d That is, for a» 
txamjple that 
•thei flioulii not 
muie and rc- 
Iitl againft Gods 

Numl )ers. 

)f the cbildien of Ifrael , * from twenty yeerc 
olde and abone , thorowout their fathers houfes, 
all that goe foorth to warre in Hr^el. 

3 So Mofes and Eleazar the Prieft fpake vnto 
them in the plaineofMoab ,by lotden^ toward 
lericho, faying, 

4 From twenty yeere old :ndabo\^eyeef]aU 
number the people , as the Lord * had commanded 
Mofes ,and the children ofIfraeI,when they came 
out of the land of Egypt. 

J f * Reuben the f rft borne of Ifrael : the 
children of |1 Reuben were .• Hanoch ,cf whom 
eame the family of the Hanochites »e»iiof Pallu 
thcfamilie of the Palluites: 

6 Of Hefron.the family of the Hefronites : of 
Carmi, the family of the Caimites. 

7 Thele are the families ofthe Reubenites: 
and they were in number three and fourty chou- 
fand, feuen hnndreth and thirty. 

8 AndthefonnesofPallu, Eliab: 

9 And the foimes of Eliab , Nemuel , and Da- 
than and Abiram : this Dathan and Abiram were 

went into Egyf ' 

^ C"'f/.4<j 



according t( ι the tribes. 

roiliesff iw: of Sered.the Familie ofthe Sardites: 
of Elon, the, family ofthe Elonites : of lahlceJ^ the 
familie ofthe lahleclites. 

2 7 Thefe are the families ofthe Zebulimites, 
after their numbers , threefcore thoufand and fiue 

28 ί The fonnes of lofeph after their families 
vvere:\\ Manaflfeh and Ephraim. 

29 The fonnes of Manaffeh t/i/fri : of*Ma- 
chir ,the familie of the Machirites :and Machir 
begate Gilead : ofGileadMTwe the familie ofthe 

30 Thefe are the fonnes of Gilead -.cfltztr, 
the familie ofthe lezerites ; of Hekk .the familie 
ofthe Helckites 

3 1 Of Afriel , the familie ofthe Afrielites : of 
Shechem, the familie ofthe Shichmites. 

32 Of Shemida , the familie ofthe Shemi- 
daites : of Hepher , the familie of the Hepher• 

33 f And * Zelophehad the fonne of Hephei 
had no fonnes , but daughters : and the names of 

1 ManalTt». 

iamous in the Congregation , and * ftroue againft the daughters ofZelophehadfwereMahlah.and 
Mofes and againtt Aaron in the ' aifemblie of j Noah,Hoglah,Milcah and Tirzah 

Korah, when they ftroue againft the Lord. 

10 And the earth opened her m.outh , and | 
fwallovved them vp with Korah , when the Con- : 
gregation died , what time the fire coniumed two | 
hundreth and fifty men, who were ^ for afigne: j 

1 1 Notwithftanding , 4// the fonnes of Korah 
died not. 

12 Τ And the children of D Simeon after their 
families were; Usmus], of whom came the familie | 
ofthe Nemuelites: oflamin.thefamily ofthe la- j 
minites : of Iachin,the family ofthe lachinites; 

13 Of Zcrah , the fmilie ofthe Zarliites: of 
Shaul, the family ofthe Shaulites. 

14 Thefe arc the families ofthe Simeonites: 
two and twenty thoufand and two hun^eth. 

1 ^ f The ionnes of Π Gad after thuir families 
7/Vere : Zephon , of whom came the family ofthe 
Zephonites : of Haggi , the familie ofthe Hag- 
gites : of Shiini , the familie ofthe Shunites: 

16 Of Ozni the fimily ofthe Oznitcs:ofE- 
ri , the family ofthe Erites. 

^7 Of Arod , the familie ofthe Arodites : of 
Areli, thefamilieof the Arelites. 

18 Thefe are the families ofthe fonnes of Gad, 
according to their numbers, fourty thoufand and. 
fiue hundreth. 

Ϊ9 t The fonnesof Β ludab.Erand Onan,but 
Er and Onan died in the land of* Canaan. 

20 So were the fonnes of ludah after their fa- 
milies :of Shelah c<«wii the familie ofthe Shela- 
nites : of Pharez, the familie ofthe Pharzites, of 
Zerah , the familie ofthe Zarhites. 

2 1 And the fonnes of * Pharez were :of Hef- 
ron , the.familie of the Hefronites : of Hamul, the 
familie of the Hamulites. 

2 2 Thefe are the families of ludah, after their 
numbers, feuenty and fixe thoufand and f ue hun- 

23 f The fonnes of 'llffachar after theit fami- 
lies were : Tola , of whom came the familie of the 
Tolaites : of Pua , the familie ofthe Punites: 

24 Of lalhub the familie of the Iallnibites:of 
Shimronthe familie of the Shimronites. 

2^ Thefe are the families of litichar , after 
their numl-)ers, tlireefcorc and foure thoufand and 
three hundreth. 

%£. Τ Ibe focoej of azdailwn » iitci their fa- 

■»• Cinf-t•;, ti 

34 Thefe are the families ofManafleh, and the 
immber of them, two an4 fifty thoufand and fe-j 
uen hundreth. ' 

3r ί Thefe are the fonnes of Ephraim af-j g Ejhraimj' 
tcr their families : of Shuthelah came the familie, 
ofthe Shuthaihites : of Becher,the familie of 
the Bachrites :Of Tahan.the familie ofthe Ta- 

36 And thefe are the fonnes of Shuthelah : of 
Eran, thefamilieof the Erauites. 

3 7 Thefe are the families ofthe fcnnes of E- 
phraim after their numbers , two and thirty thoii-j 
land and fiue hundreth : thefe are the fonnes oil 
loleph aft'r their families, j 

38 1 Thefe are the fcnnes of nBcniamin after fl **»"■'"=". 
their famiiies: of Bela c*n>e the families ofthe Be- 
laites : of Aibbell,the familie ofthe Albbelitcsiof 
Ahiram, the familie ofthe Ahiramites: 

3P Of Shupham , the familie ofthe Shupha- 
mites : of HUpham ,the familie of the Hupha- 

40 And the ionnes of Bela , were Ard and Na- 
aman , of ^rd came the familie ofthe Ardites , of 
Naaman the familie ofthe Naamites. 

41 Thefe are the fonnes of Beniamin after 
their families , and their numbers , fiue and fourty 
thouiand and lixe hundreth. 

42 ί Thefe are the fonnes of [j Dan after their I uw, 
families ; of Shuham came the familie of the Shu- 
hamites : thefe are the families of Dan after their 

43 All the families ofthe Shuhamites were af- 
ter their numbers .threefcore and foure thoufand, 
and foure hundreth. 

44 1 Ί he ionnes of D Alher after their families ΓαΛμ, 
were : of limnah , the familie ofthe limnites ; of 

liui ,thc familie ofthe Ifuites•: ofBeriah, thcfa- 
milie of the Bcriites. 

45: The fonnes of BeriahT/fir*: of Heber, the 
familie ofthe Heberitcs ; ofMakhiei.the familie 
of the Malchielites, 

46 And the name cf the daughter of Ailier 
■κτ/Λί Sarah. 

47 Thefe are the families ofthe fonnes of A- 
Iher after their numbers, three and fifty thoufand 
^nd foure hundreth. 

' 4,8, ί The fonnes of iNaphtali, after their fa- [njg„j^ 
'_^____ miiies. 


T^e Leuite >. Zelophehads 

I xWsisthethM 
that the; lie 

I Or,fnfoiit. 




nHies were ; of lahzeel, the families of the lah- 
teelites : of Guni , thefamilie of the Gunites. 

49 Of lezer, the family of the Izrites : of Shil- 
lern, the family of the Shjliemites.. 

fo Thefe aie the families of Naphtali accor- 
ding to their houlholds ,and their number, hue 
md fourty rhoufand and foure hiindreth. 

y 1 Thefe aix the f numbers of the children of 
Ifrael : lixe handrcth and one thoufand : feuen 
[lundreth and thirty. 

y 2 t And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, laying, 

5'3 Vnto thefe the land Ihail be diuided for an 
inheritance, according to the numberofn names. 

5^4 *Tomany thou ihaltgiue the more inhe- 
ritance , and to few thou llaait giue leflc inheri- 
tance to euery one according to his number Ihall 
be giaenhis inheritance. 

5 y Notwithitanding , the land iliall be * diui- 
ded my lot : according to the names of the tribes 
of their fathers they Ihall inherite: 

j6 According to the lot Ihall the poffefsion 
thereof be diuided betweene many and few. 

5 7 f * Thefe alio are the numbers of the Le- 
uites , after their families : of Gerlhon (aiw the 
family of the Gerlhonites : of Kohath , the fami- 
lie of the Kohathites : of Merari . the family of 
'the Merarites. 

J 8 Thefe are the families of Leui , the familie 
ot the Libnites : the familie of the Hebronites; 
|the family of the Mahlitcs : the familie of the 
Mulhitcs ; the family of. the Korhites : and Ko- 
hath begate Amram. 

19 And Amrams wife was called ♦ lochebed 
the daughter of Leui, which was borne vnto Leui 
in Egypt ; and ihe bare vnto Amram Aaron , and 
Moles, and Miriam their fitter. 

60 And vnto Aaron were borne Nadab , and 
Abih», Eleazar ,and Ithamar. 

6 1 * And Nad.:b andAbihu died.becaufc they 
offered ftrange hre before the Lord. 

62 And their numbers were three and twenty 
thoufand , all males from a moneth old and aboue, 
for they were not numbredamung the children 
of llrael, becaufe there was none inheritance gi- 
uen them among the chilurcn of Ifrael. 

6} ^ Thele are the numbersof Moles and Ele- 
azar the Priett which numbrea the children of 
llraei in the plainc ot Moab.necreloraen./e- 

Chap^ Ua^l^--ofhua appolnteJg^i emout. tfr 

β That ί<, their 

ifi, leincw 
hai iht α•.οα}ά 

did allhiid mu~ 

ttth the gttat pow- 
Hof Goa, thaifo 
cteaftd thisptogle, 

the Congregation, fayn.^ 

3 Ourfather * diedmtu. ... _. ... 
was not among the airembly'\l<i'^':"^^V 
affembled againR the Lord in t'i?.^™ that were 
Korah . but died in his a f.nne . and haSi:^P*">' .f 

4 Wherefore ihouid the nan.c of ouT""."• 
Le taken away from among his faraiiie, becaw..!» '""'^'"i 
he hath no fonne ? giue vs a poiletsion among iheu. !Il"h « ί 
brethren of our father. 

5: Then Moles brought their '' caufe before 
the Lord. 

6 And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, faying, 

7 The daughters of Zelophehad fpea'ke right: 
thon Ihalt giue them a poifefsion to inherite a- 
mong their fathers brethren , and ihalt turne the 
inheritance oftheir father vnto them. 

8 Alio thou Ihalt fpeake vnto the children 
of Ifrael, faying. If a man die and haue no fonne, 
then yee ihall turne his inheritance vnto his 

9 And if he haue no daughter , yee fliall giue 
his inheritance vnto his brethren 

10 Afid if hee haue no brethren , ye ihall giue 
his inheritance vnto his fathers brethren. 

1 1 And if his father haue no dial 
giue his inheritance vnto his next kinlman of his 
family, and he ihall poffefle it : and thu Ihalbc vn- 
to the chiklrenof ifrael alaw oft iudgemcnt , as 
the Lord had commanded Mofes. ' 

I 2 ί Againe the Lord fayd vnto Mofes , "* Go 
vp into this mountjof Abarim , 8c behold the laiui 
which I hiue giue vnto the children of llia^l 

1 5 And wlun thou haft lecne it , thou Ihalt be 
gathered vnto thy people alfo , "" as Aaron thy 
brother was gathered. 

14 For ye were * difobedient vnto my word 
in the deiert of theltnfeof theaHembly 
to fanttitie mee in the waters before their eyes : 
* That IS the wat;r of li Meribch in Kadcih in the 

I y f Then Moles Ipake vnto the Lord.fayin, 

16 Let the Lord God ot the ''ipintsof « 
fleih appoynt a man ouer the Congrcgatiun, 

17 Who may*goe out and in bctore them 
and leade them out• and in . that die Congr 
tion of the Lord bee not as meepe 
not a Ihcpheard. * 

Ana the Lord fayd vnto Mofes , Take thee 

iidge by. 




whKll haue r«i"s<"«» men, 
:m and' 

vj/ardlcncho'. loinua the lonneot Nun, in whom is the Spirit, 

a man of and ί put thine Hands vponhiin. 

64 And among thefe there was not 
them, ε whon>iuoies and Aaron the Prieftnum- 
bred , when they told the children of lirael in the 
wiiderneiie of 6inai. 

6 s For the Lord laid vnto them , * They fliall 
die in the wndcrnelk : lo there was not left a man 
of them , laue Caieb the ionne of lephunneh , and 
lolhua the ionne of Nun, 


li Moi;sfyy'ttftr 
ItJhuA it apfc i*l td in th 

J Tii f J»? of li' (.f'il^i aftbf djagHtr 
Uni offremiff isfiemid m/o Mtfri. 
Λ gourrntmr vnto titt ftefle, 18 

•T• Hen came the daughters of ^Zelophehad.'.he 
■^ fonne of Hepher ,the fon ofGilead. the Ionne 
of M.!chir . the 'onne of Manaffeh , of the family 
of M.-'mffeh .the fonne oflofeph (and the names 
©f his ^aug^rers were thefe , Mahlah .Noah , and 
Hoglah ,a"ndMiIcih, andTirzih) 

Ϊ And ftood before Mofes , and before E- 
leazar the Prieft , and before the Princes . and all 
rile affcmbly at tlie tloore of the Tabernacle ot 

19 And fet him betore Eleazar the Prieft, and 
before all the Congregation , and giue him a 
charge in their light. 

20 And g giue him of thy glory , that all the 
Congregation of the children ot l.raei may obey. 

21 And bee ihall itand before Eleazar the j? rommf «i h,w 
Priclt ,who Ihall alke counlellforhim + by the 
^ iiidgement of Vrim before ths Lord : at his 
worde they ihall go out , and at his worde ihey Ν«ί 
lliall come in , Octh lie, and aii the children of Ii- [ ^ 
rael widi him , and all the Congregatio.i. 

22 So Moles did as the Lord had comrtiandcd 
him , and he tooke lolhua , and let him before E- 
leazar the Prieft, an J before all the Congrega- 

23 Then he put hishtnds vpon him,and gaix 
him a « charge, as the Lordhadfpokcnby the 
hand of Moles. 


id h^ God 
ce.diig,to „ 

■/inj ihaithi tlL- 




•!fi„cfihfXM*li " Oflh 
t* Oflk'fi'fif""'- 



i How hi 

jO-.ierre hiitifi 





A\'j u . — , ,."- vntoMofes, faying, 
^'^^'^5,'-°'''^-Q'ihe children ofirrfel, 


Nun ibcre 

Three pr iiapiiunff 

• By bieid.hec 
meanerh ill mm, 
mr at facrifice. 

•£«•<<. ap,ji. 

♦ £.diir.j.i. 

'!> Thi m«jtof- 
«ffiiiig of the 
aliening fictiHcc. 

,< Of the 


^ Which wiS of- 
feed eiiety dayjt 
meining tnd at 


wjne thii Qiilbe 


ienikiy. ' 

fav vnto h'^'^'^s (liallobferue to oifec vnto mec 
,- ifj^ji^ . .le feafon mine offering.ini > my bread 
' for ir.^'^ciifi»•'^* ro^de by fire for a fweete faiiour 
j yp^raee. 

j 3 Alfo thou ilialt fay vnto them,* This is the 
offring made by fre which ye ilisll offer vnto the 
Lord , two lambes of a ycere olde , without I'pot 
dayly.fora continuall burnt offring. 

4 One lambe itiah thou prepare in the mor- 
ning, and tlie other lambe ihalt thou prepare at 
I y * And the tenth part of an Ephih of fine 
floure for a ♦ meate offering mingled with the 
fourth part of an * Hin of beaten oyle. 
( 6 This fhall be a dayly burnt offering , as was 
made in the mount S inai for a fweete fauour : it is 
■a facrifice made by fire vnto the Lord. 

7 And the drinke offering thereof the fourth 
part of an Hin for one lambe : in the holy place 
caufe to powre the drinke offring vnto the Lord• 

8 And the other lambe thou ihait prepare at 
enen : as the meate offering of the morning , and 
as the drinke offeringthereofflwlt thou prepare 
'this *> /aranoffringmadebyfireoffweetefauour 
vnto the Lord. 

9 f But on the Sabbath day yefhali offer two 
lambes of a yeere olde .without fpot .and two 

* tenth deales of fine floure for a merwe offering 
mingled with oyle, and f drinke offring thereof. 

I ο This is the burnt offering of euei y Sabb ath, 
befide the <• continuall burnt offering . and drinke 
offering thereof. 

I I ί And in the beginning ofyour raoneths, 
ye ihall offer a burnt offering vnto the Lord , two 
•yong buUockes , and a ramme , and feuen lambes 
■of a yeere old.without fpot, 

ία And three tenth deales offine floure for a 
.meat offring mingled with oyle for one buUocke, 
and two tenth deales of fine floure for a meate 
•offi;ring,mingled with oyle for one ramme, 

i3vAnd a tenth dcale of fine floure mingled 
wieh oyle for a meate offering vnto one lambe, 
for a burnt offring of fweete fauour ; it is an offe- 
ring made by fire vnto the Lord. 

14 And their e drinke offerings Ihalbe halfe an 
Hin of wine vnto one bullocke,and tliethirde 
pare of an Hin vnto a ramme , and the fourth part 
of an Hin vnto a lambe : this is the burnt offring 
of euery moneth , chroughoirt the moneths of the 

I y And one hee goate for a finne offring vnto 
the Lord fliailbe prepared, befides the continuall 
burnt offring, and his drinke offering. 

\6 * Alfo the fourteenth day of the firil mo- 
neth is the Paffeouer of the Lord. , 

• 17 And in the fifteenth day of the fame mo- 
■neth is the feaft ; feuen dayes llwll vnlcaucned 
bread be eaten. 

18 Inthe*firft day/W/&i anholy *^conuo- 
ca'tion, ye (hall doe no (eniilc worke therein. 

19 But yes ihall offer a facrifice made by fire 
for a burnt offering vnto the Lord, two yong biil- 
locks , one ramme , and feuen lambes of a yeere 
oldc : fee that they be without blemifh. 

20 And their meate offering jP^W be of fine 
«floure mingled with oyle: three tenth deales ihall 
yee prepare for a bullocke , and two tenth deales 
for a ramme: 

XI jQne tenth deale Ihalt thou prepare for 



euery lambe.f«i« for the feaen lambes. 

Z2 And an bee goat for a finne offering, te 
make an atoHcmeiw for you. 

23 ye ihall prepare thefe.befide the burnt.of- 
fring in the morning, which is a continuall burnt 

24 After this maner ye fliall prepare through- 
om all the feuen Aiyes , for the t maintaining of 
the offring made by fire for a fweete fauour vnta 
the Lord : it Ihall be done befide the continuall 
burst offring and drinke offring thereof. 

2 y And in the feuenth day yee fliall haue an 
holy ς&ηηοαύοα,νν herein ye Ihall doe no feruile 

τ6 ί Alfo in the day ofyour firft fruits , when 
ye bring a new meate offring vnto the Lord . ac- 
cording to your { weeks ye lliall haue an holy co- * in cnrmtiiiB 
uoeation : and ye ihaii do no feruile worke in tt; ^"«n wttkes 

27 But yee Ihall offer a btirnt offering for a f-^'^J.^,»;.;;;.•: 
Iweece lauour vnto the.Lord , two yong bullocks, 
a ramme, and feuen lambes of a yeere olde, 

28 And their meat offring of fine floure min- 
gled with oyle , three tenth deales vnto a bul- 
locke, two tenth deales to a ramme, 

29 And one tenth deale vnto euery lambe 
throughoutthe feuen lambes. 

30 And an hee goate to make an atonement 
for you: 

31 (Yee fliall doe f 6m befides the continual! 
burnt offring, and h 
without blemilh.wi 


I Ofitt tttrtprixtifaHfiuflicfit/fimfnitmnttk , (* mil, ii* 
fr^ tf irmmpeu, 7 yhe.fijfitf retllKiilijiiil•, »» Αλ4 

X/ Oreouer in thefirft</^ofthc^feuen;hmo.^ whieJiionn 
'^''*nethye fhall haue an holy conuocation : ye ί«ι•>ρ»"β£ s, 
n^all doe no feruile worke therein : * it ihall be a f "o,^b« 
day of blowing the trumpets vnto yon. 5- uuit 

2 And yee Uiall make a burnt offering for a 
fweete fauour vnto the Lord : one yong bnllock, 
one ramme , <««<i feuen lambes of a yeere olil,with- 
out blemifli. 

3 And their meate oWmgfhallre of fine floure 
mingled with oyle , three tenth deales vnto the 
bullocke, and two tenth deales vnto the ramme, 

4 And one tenth deale vnto the lambe , far 
the feuen lambes, 

<; And an hee goate for a finne offering to 
make an atonement for you, 

^ Befide the burnt offring of the '' moneth, and 
his meat offring,and the continuall* burnt offring, £e"o'tiiied in ih» 
and his meate offring and the drinke offerings of fcf ginning of 
the fame, according to their manner , for a fweete <*""V "όλτΗ. 


is meat offring: )t fee they be ' ,"'^'*''*^*• t 
th their drinke offrings. ''*"*' m 


'hieJi ionn^ 

b Which mil» 

fauoHr:/t it a facrifice made by fire vnto the Lord. L^r^i'iVj^'a 
7 f * And ye fliali haue in the tenth d.ty of the P.ring 

feuenth moneth , an holy <* conuocation : and yeej* '■' 
ihall * humble your foules , and Ihall not doe any '"' * 
worke therein, 

8 But ye (liall offer aUuntpffering vntothe 
Lord for aiweeteiauour : one yongijullocke 
ramme, and feuen lambes of ^ yeere old : fee they 
be without blcmilh 

9 And their meate offering ihall be of fine 
floure mingled vvith"oylc , three tenth deales to a 
bullocke, <»»i two tenth deales to a ramme, 

10 One tenth deale vnto euery lamb, through- 
out the feuen lambes, 

1 1 An hee goatfora finne offring , (befide the 
finne offring to make the asonement.'nd the con- 
tinual* bmnt offiing and the meat offring tliereof ) 


d Which 

{tan of reconei- 


'* Lent^ 



Thatii, offtr«4 
entry morning 
and ctiesiiij. 

iSKmnc fea Its , with 

f Mtanfng , the 
Ciifi efthc Ta- 

II Tktftionddsy" 
ofthefeaft of Xif 

2 Tbt tlii li jiy. 






Xhtfonith day, [ 





and their drinke offerings. 

1 ζ Τ And in the fifteenth day of the feuenth 
moneth , ye fhill haue an holy * ronuocation : ye 
ihall doc no fcruile vJoikc therein ,hmytea-)2[\ 
kecpe afaaft vntothe Lord feuen dayes. 

i^ And yee iliall oifjr a burnt offering for a 
facrifice made by fire of fweete fauourvnto the 
LorJ.thirteene young bullocks, two rammes, and 
fourteene lambes of a yeerc- olde : they fliall be 
without blemilh. 

14 And their meare offering fl-iall be of firie 
floure mingled with oyle , three tenth deales vnto 
eueiy buUocke of the thirteene bullockes , two 
tenth deales to either of the two rammes, 

I V And one tenth deale vnto each of the four- 
teene lambes, 

1 6 And one bee goat for a finne offering-, be- 
lidi the continuall burnt offering , his meatoffe- 
ring, and his drinke offering. 

17 f And the ί fecond day ye^a.'lefer twelue 
young bullockes , two rammes , fourteene lambes 
of a yeere old without blemilh, 

18 With their meat offering and their drinke 
offerings for the bullockes , for the rammes and 
for the lambes according to their number , after 
the maner, 

19 Andanheegoateforafinne offering, (be- 
ftde the continuall burnt offering and his raeate 
offering) and their drinke offerings. 

10 1 Alfo the third day je fhall effer eletien 
bnllocks , two rammes and fourteene lambes of a 
yeere olde without blemiili» 

21 With their meat offering and their drinke 
cffrings, for the bullocks, for the rammes.and for 
the lambes , after their number , according to the 
g miner, 

22 And an hee goate for a iinne offering, be- 
fide the continual! burnt offering , and his-meate 
offering, and his drinke offering. 

23 < And the Β fourth axy ye fh»lt offer ten bul- 
lockes two rammes , and fourteene lambes of a 
yeere old without blemilh, 

24 Their meat offering and their drinke offe- 
rings , for the bullockes , for the rammes, and for 
the lambes according to their number , after the 

2 f And an hee goate for a finne offering , be- 
fide the continuall burnt offering , his meat offe- 
ring and his drinke offering. 

%6 ί In the 1| hfth day alfo ye [hall offer nine 
bullockes , two rammes , and fourteene lambes of 
a.yeere olde witho\it blemilh, 

27 And their meat offering, and their drinke 
offerings for the bullockes , for the rammes , and 
for the lambes accoxding to their number , after 
the maner, 

- 2 8 And an hee goat for a finne offering , befide 
the continuall burnt offering , and his meat offe- 
ring and his drinke offering. 

29 ί And in the D fixth day ye ^alloffrr eight 
bullockes, two rammes .««ii fourteene lambes of 
a yeere olde without blemilh, 

3 And their meate ofiering, and their diinke 
offrings forthe bullocks, for the rammes, and for 
the limbes according to their number.after the• 

3 1 And an hee goat for a finne offering, befide 
tbe continuiU! bumt offring , his nieace offering 
end his <lrinke offerings, 

jz 1 In the Β feuenth day zl(o yee fyiU offer fe- 
uen bulJoςkes^ two lanua^s MdioaiKsas lambes^ 


(Tilt eight day, 

' Lrnil.ti,!*. 

of a yeere olde without blemifli, 

33 And their meate offering , and their drinke 
offerings for the bollockes , forthe rammet , and 
for the lambes according to their number , after 
their maner, 

3 4 And an hee goat for a finne offa ing , befiile 
the continuall burnt offering , his meat offering 
and his drinke offering. 

3r f In the!) eight day, yee ihallhaus * afo 
lemne aflemb)y ; yee Ihall doe no feruile worke 

36 Biityee fliall offer aburnt offering ,a facri- 
fice made by fire for a fwcete fauour vnto the 
Lord, one ramme, and feuen lam.bes 
ofa yeere old without blemifh, 

37 Their meat offering and their drinke offc 
rings for the bullocke , for the ramme , and foi 
the lambes according to their number , after the 

3 8 And an hee goat for a finne offering, befide 
the Continuall burnt offering, and his meat offc 
ring.and his drinke offering. 

39 Theic things ye ihall doe N-nto the Lord in 
your feaftes , befide your *> vowes, and yoiu fre 
offerings , for your burnt offerings , and for your 
meate offerings, and for your diinke ofirings, and 
for your peace offerings. 


3 C.).ffT«iV^v,»t/. + Tti «>»./«;, m«V(f,, 
10 O/ttemd•» triiutrai. 

'J'Hen Mofes fpake vnto the children of Ifiael 
according to all that the Lord had coraman• 
; dcd thim. 

j 2 Mofes alfo fpake vnto the heads of the 
i tribes > concerning the children of lirae) , fay 
I ing , This is the thing which the Lord hath com- 
j manded, 

3 Whofoeuer voweth a vow vntoth^ Lord, 
t or iweareth an 01th to bind t himfelfe by a bond,' 
i hee fhall not t breake his promife ,'l/ut ihall 
1 doe according to all that proceedeth out of his 
! mourh. 

! 4 If a woman alfo vow a vow ^nto the Lord, 
and bind her felfe by a bond , l>ein^ in her fathers 
! houfe, in the time other youth, 
i J- And her father heare her vowe and bond, 
■ wherewith fhee hath bocnd her felfe , and her fa- 
ther hold his ^ peace concerning her , then all her 
vowes ibdl fland, and euery bond.whercwith Ihe 
hath bound her felfe .ihall (tand. 

6 But if her ' father difajow her the fame day 
that hee heareth allher vowes .ind bonds , where- 
I with Ihee hath bound her felfe , they Ihall not be 
of value , and the Lord will ftjrgiuehcr , becaufe 
j her fatherdiCalowed her; 
I 7 And if flv; haue an husband when /lie vow- 
I etli or ^ pronounceth w^^ht with her I ins , where- . . 
ί with ihc bindetb her lelfe, l^ 

8 If lier husband heard it , and hoideth his Uuit 
peace concerning her,the fame day hg heareth it, 
then her vow fhall Itand , and her I onds where- 
with fhe bindeth herfclfe Ihall ilandjn effed. 

9 But if her husband dilalow her the lame 
day that hee heareth it , then Ihall hee make her 
vow which Ihce hath made, and tliat that ilicc 
hath pronounced with her lips , wherewith (liee 
bound her « falfe ,of none effect ; and the Lord 
w3l forgiue her, ^ 

JO But euery vow ofa widow , and of Iier th.n l""' 
is diuorced (wherewith Ihe hath bound her felfe) !v/dVi'.h7"ii.e'*' 
fiiaiiftand in ' cffeit witli her. ■ {ιΛ«•ίΛ.«ββ, 

14- And-] 

Tings. 4^ 

h EtHdrtheft. 
ciifcn [hat ynu 
Oiill vovf CK ofltT 
ef yoiit oviftr 

;ιηΓ« they 
I htm 10 Ih« Ifiitt 

ht doib jppioOK•' 

■ il«mut pre- 

hu^and, and can 
1 totrinimc iioihir.g 
jvrithoiii hiscoii-- 

Het hiitbani 


And ifibe vowed in her hufbanJs ghoufe, 
or bound her felfe ftraitly with an oathe, 

12 And her hulliand hath heard it , and helJe 
his peace concerning her , nor difailowing her, 
then all lier vowes ihail ftand, and eiiery bond, 
wherewith tliee bound herfelfe , Ihall ftand in 

13 But if her huf band difanulled them the 
fame day that hee heard them, nothing that pro- 
ceeded out of her lips concerning her vowes or 

I concerning + her bones , lliall ftind in effedl -.for 
her hufband hith difanulled them: and the Loid 

\ 14 Ju euery vowe . and eiiery oathe or bond, 
* To raercifit htt ^made to •> humble the fouls , her hu fband may ft4- 
ielfe_by_>bni_T,ince;^ blilh it, or her hufband may brcake it. 

I ^ But if her hufband hold his peace concer- 
ning her from i Jay to day , then he ftabliil-.eth all 
hor vowes and all her bondes which (liee hath 
made ; he hath confirmed them becatife hs heldc 
his peace concerning her the fame day that hee 
heard i^e»». 

16 But if hee'' breake them after that he hath 
heard them , then ih ill he beare iier iniquitie. 


othet bodily 
i Andwirwhtt 
notthi fame day 
that he heateih it 
» vetQ: 9. 


The ipoyk of Midla^l 

Jt Not the fame 
Jay hee heard 

^a'Tflevielinne ' 17 Thefe are the ordinances which theLord 
fliaibe impuctd to ; Commanded Moles , 
Jiim and not to 

betweene a man and his wife, 
4»ίί betweene the father and his daughter .^«/«j 
young in her fathers houfe. 

s tiut KiH^s if MUtau and. Btlaam are βαίπι. 1 8 Onelj Ih' 
nmydes ere referHedaliue.i? The prey ne^tt«llj diutied . 
(o AfrefeMiiuctflfraeJ. 

Λ Nd the Lord Ipake vnto Mofes , laying, 

2 * Reuenge the children of Ifracl of the 
Midianites , and afterward thou llTalt be * gathe- 
red vnto thy people. 

3 And Moles fpake to the people, faying , Hjr- 
neiTe fome of you vnto warre , and let them goe 
againft Midian , to execute the vengeance of the 
Lord a againft Midian. 

4 A thoufand of euery tribe throughout all 
ribes of Ifrael ihall ye fend to the warre. 

i -Tie done «giinft 1 Τ S Ο there were taken out of the thoiifands of 
j his people lUone 1 Ifrael , twelue thoufand prepared vntowarrc,(rf 
1 «jainn him. j e„g^y ^^^^^ g thoufand, 

1 } 6 And Mofes fent them to the warre , ί«ί« a 

;■ iFethisgreat ί thoufand of euery tribe , and )<»ί them with b Ph i- 

8 Ailieludc 
manded , Chip. 

e As theiighit* 

fayd , ye ought te 
have fpaied none, 

2.Prl t 

g That is, all the 



ecile that he bare 
te the I.oid< Chapj 


« The falfe pro- 
phet whogiue 
coutifellhovr to 
eaufe the Ifrae. 
lites to ofTeiid 
«heir God. 

J Of/* 

di As the women 


has the fonne of Eleazar the Prieft to the warre: 
and the holy inftruments.that issthe trumpets to 
blow wire in his hand. 

7 And they warred againft Midi.m , as the 
Lord had commanded Mofes , and ftewe all the 

% They flew alfa the kings of Midian among 
them that were flaine : '•' Eui,andRckem,andZur, 
and Hur.and Reba.fiue kings of Midian, and 
they flewe « Balaam the fonne of Beor with the 

9 But the children oflfraeltooke the women 
of Midian prifoners, and their children , and fpoy- 
led all their cattell , and all their flockes , and all 
their goods. 

10 And they burnt all their cities , wherein 
they dwelt , and all their Β villages with fire. 

1 1 And they tooke all the fpoyle , and all the 
priy both of men and beafts. 

1 2 And they brought the ^ captiues and that 
which they had taken , and the fpoyle vnto Mofes 
and to Eleazar the Prieft ,and vnto the Congre- 
gation of the children of Ifrael, into thecampe 
Js tlie plainc of Moab .which was by lorden f#- 

x/f4rii lericho, 

13 ί Then Mofes and Eieazar the Prieft , and 
all the princes of the Congregation went out of 
the campc tomeete them. 

14 And Mok's was nngry with the captaines 
of the hoafte , with the captaines ouer thoufamls, 
and captaines oner hundreds , which came from 
the warre .inJbattell. 

1 r And Mofes layd vnto them , ? haue 
ye failed all the c women? 

16 Behold , * thefe caufed the children of If- 
rael through the ^ counfell of Balaam to commit 
a trefpaffe againft the Lord , fas concerning Pe- , 
or .and there came a plague among the Congre- of re^" '^^^* 
garion of the Lord. 

17 Now therefo{-e , * tl \y all the males among 
the g children , and kill all the women that haue 
knowen man by carnall copulation. 

1 8 But all the women children that haue not 
knowen carnall copulation , keepc aiiue for your 

10 And ye fliall remaine without the hoafte fe- 
uen dayes , all that haue killed any perfon , * and 
all that liaue touched any dead, «Wpurifie both 
your iehics and your prifoners the third day and 
the feiienth. 

2o_ Alfo ye iliall purifie euery garment and all 
that is made of skinnes , arid all worke of goates 
haire, and all things made of wood. 

21 ί And Eieazar the Prieft fayd vnto the men 
of wane.which went to the battell,This is the or- 
dinance Η of the law which the Lord * comman- μ,/' 
ded Moles. ncb^.i,, 

2 2 As for golde , and filuer, brafle, yron, tinwe . I 
and lead; \ 

23 E«M all that may abide the fire, yee ihall I ^ 
make it go through the fire , and it fl;albe cleane: , ^. 
yet , it ihalbe h purified with * the water of purifi- j, The thw dj» 
cation ; and all that fuftereth not the fire , ye ihall e»d befoteit be 
caufe to pafle by thei water. , jmaiten. 

24 Ye fliall wafli alfo your cloathes the feuenth \Ί i^^jibViMflit^ 
day , and ye fliaibe cleane : and afterward ye fliall 

come into the hoafte. | 

2 5: ί And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes, faying, | 
%6 Take the fiimme of the praye that was ta- 
ken , both of perfons and of cattell , thou and Eiea- 
zar the Prieft , and the chiefe fathers of the Con- 

27 And diiiide the pray Π bet!weene the foul- n Thepteyiifee 
tUers that went to the warre . and all the Congre- idiuided e^irally 

gation. jamongall. 

28 And thou fl-ialt take a tribute vnto the 

Lord of the * men of warre .which went out to * ^^^'P'T . 
feattell : one perfon of fiue hundreth,i«^of thejf^;/?!^,*'''*••'* 
perfons , and of the beeues.and of the afles.andoP ' 

the ftiecpe. 

2-9 Ye ftiall take it of tkeir halfe»and giue it vn- 
to Eieazar the Prieft , as an hcaue offering of the 

30 But of the halfc of the children of Ifrael 

thou flialt take 1 one , taken out of fiftie ,*oinbf l The ifrseliiM 
the perfons, of the beeues, of the aflcs, and of the "hichhadnot 
flieepe , euen of all the cattell, and thou (bait giuej ."^*fif tieT'ta* 
them vnto the Leuites , which haue the charge ofj one to the i.o?d: 
the Tabernacle of the Lord. ; and the fouldien 

31 And Mofes and Eieazar the Prieft didas^,';^^"^"'*^'"'* 
the Lord had commanded Mofes. \ "" '*' " 

3 2 And the bootie, to wit, the reft of the pray 
which the men of warre had fpoyled.was fixe 
hundreth feuentic and fiue thoufand flieepe, 
. 33 Andfeuentie and two thoufand beeues. 

34 And 


The diuidirig of the pray. 

Chap. XX XII, 

+ Br. not Jvw»iji 


5ortion that «Ί* 
bulditis gaiic co 

jnaides, oivitgin» 
vrMchbid not 
paiued with 


• Of thatpa» 
which was giuen 

«idint^riic f{o>l(. 

• Which ha 2. 

34 And threefcore and one thoufand afll-s, 
3 y And two and thirty dioufand pen'ons in all, 
of women that had + lien by no man. 

36 Andthehalfe, ίο fvii.the part of them that 
v/ent out to warre,toiiching the number of ilieepe, 
was three hundreth leuen and thirtie thoufand, 
andfiue hundreth. 

37 And the» Lords tribute ofthefheepewas 
fixe hundreth feuenty and fiue: 

3 8 And thebeeues were fixe and thirty thou- 
fand, whereof the Lords tribute vvai fcuentie and 

39 And the affes were thirty thoufand and fiue 
hundreth , whereof the Lords tribute was three- 
fcore and one : 

40 And » of perfons fixteene thoufand.where- 
of the Lords tribute was two and thirty perfons, 

41 And Mofes gaue the tribute of the Louis 
j offering vnto Eleazar the Prieft , as the Lord had 

comrarinded Mofes. 

42 And ofthe°halfe of the children of Ifra- 
j el, which Mofes d'uidedfrorathe men ofwarre, 
j 43 (For thehalfe that perteined vnto the con- 
I gregation , was three hundreth thirty andfcuen 
\ thoufand Iteepe and fiue hundreth, 

i44 And fixe and thirty beenes, 
, 4i And thirty thoufand aifes , and fiue hundreth 

46 And fixteene thoufand perl ons.) 

47 Mofes , I fay , tooke of the halfe that per- 
teined vnto die ρ children of Ifrael, one teken out 

cpf fiftie , both of the perlons , and of the cattell. 


_Reubcos and Gadsiegueft."• <^4 

Reuben came, and fpake vnto Mofes ar.dtd 
Eleazar the Prieft, and vnto tha Princes ofthd 
Congregation, faying, 

3 The /and of Ataroth , and Dibon , nnd Iszer 
and Nimi-ah,and Heflibon , and Elealch.and She- 
bam, and Nebo, and Beon, 

4 which countrey the Lord fmote before the 
Congregation of Ifrael ,is alandw»fi/f forcattell, 
and thy leruants hauocattell: 

y Wherefore , fay d they , If wee haue found 
grace in thy fight , Icr this land be giuen vnto thy 
feruants for a poifeffion ,<i«<i bring vsnotoucr 

6 And Mofes fayd vnto the children of Gad» 
and to the children of Reuben .Shall your bre- 
thren goe to warre , and ye tary here? 

7 wherefore now t diicourage you the heart 
of the children of Ifrael to go cuijr into the land, 
which the Lord hath giuen them? 

8 Thus did your fathers , when I fent tlicm 
from Κ adeils-barnea to fee the 1 and. 

ρ For * when they went vp euen vnto the 
II riuer of Eflicol , and faw the land , they difcou- * 
raged the heart of the children of Ifrael.that they 
would not goe into the land , which the. Lord had 
giuen them. \ 

10 And the Lords wT.ith was kipdled the lame 
day.and he did fwe^re, laying, 

lit None of the men that'came out of Egypt, \Eh ,7^ ru, 
"* from twenty yeere olde and abouc , fl'.all fee die "'"■ ™ '' 
land for the which I fweare vnto Abraham , to Iz- *'^*•ί'• >,i^, 

i Kir. hftf:; 

and gaue them vnto the Leuites , which haue die '■ h.!k,and to laakob ,.becaufe.they;h.uie not whol 


q rhteaptaiiies 





WDg hit people. 

ι Aiifl ^jiie no 
H>ttion to ihtit 

r That tht Lord 
might remember 
the chiWien of 

^ L-thjrge of the Tabernacle of the the Lord 
I Qiad commanded Mofes. | 

^48 f Then the captaines which were oner 
■ thoufands of the hoafte , the captaines ouer the 
' thoufands . and the captaines oucr the hundreths i 
came vnto Mofc3 : 

4^ And fayd to Mofes , Thy feruants haue ta- 
ken the fumme of the men «f warre which are 
vnder tour. authority , and there lackethnot orw 
man of vs. 

fo ί We haue therefore brought a prefent vn- 
to the LcH-d , what eucry man found of lewels of 
gold, bracclets.and chaines.rings, earerings,and 
ornaments of the legs , to make an atonement for 
our foulesbeforc the Lord. 

γι And Mofes and Eleazar the Prieiltooke 
the gold of thera.swii all. wrought iewels, 

fi And all the gold of the offering that they 
offered vp to the Lord (of the captaines• ouer 
thoufands and hundreds) was fixteene thoufand 
fe.uen hundreth andlifticr Ihekels. 

<r$ {For the men of warre had fpoyled ,euery 
manforhimr felfe.) 

S4 And Mofes .;nd Eleazu the Priefttooke 
the go'd of the captainesouer the thoufands , and 
ouer the hundreths .and brought it into il^ Ta- 
bernacle of the Congregation .for a fmemcriaU 
of the children of Ifrael before the Lord.. 

I Or^pftfimrrtd. 

t fl«oiifiiKey• 
niiirninirJ , ne^.. 

d Ey joiu Oicifinij 

a Rtiiben tame ef 
Ltah, andGadof 
Zilpah her hand- 
ma) de. 

k Which moim• 
laint was Γοπΐ.. 
■ med of the heape. 
[>f nones that 
laakob made is 
a/iiji^e of theco- 
itenant between*. 


7ttit(\mrjix>fikill.eui'»Hfij»iCjiitrt, i< ni Iheit frtmift ,. 

KiuiTTiiui , 411^ ω/ί thiuikttf Mjtuffih ynxnuKtvijikiiiii. 
tiiitj ex ititfidr loriltn^ 

NOw the children of a Reuben , and the chil- 
dren of Gad had an exceeding great multi- 
de of cittell : ..nd they faw thelandoflxizer,. 

ly followed mc: 
1 1 Except Caleb the fonne of lephunneh the. 

Kc-nefite.and loflnia the fonne of Nun; for they 

liaue conftantly followed the Lord, 
ί 1 3 And the Lord was very angry with Ifraci: 
I and made him wander inthe wiidernfllefourtis 
j yeeres.vntilalthe gtner.-tionthat haddoncceuiJ 

in the fight of the Lord.were ccnfumed. 

14 And behold , yc are rifen vp in your fathers 
ilead Μ an inci-cale of finfull men, Hill to augment 
the fierce wrath of the Lord toward Ilrael. 

1 5 For if ye tnrne away from following him, 
hee will vetagaineleauci/)f /'.fo/'/finthe \viider- 
neife, and d ye IhaO dellroy all t his foike. 

16 Andtliey went neereLtohim,and f yd, Wn 
wiii build Γl-ίeepefυίdshcereforourll•eepe,4Λi 
for our cattdl, and cities lOr our clulurcn. 

17 But wee our felucs will be ready armed tg 
gee before the chikireii of Ilrael , vntill we haue 
brought them vnto theii * place: but our children 
il-ali dwell in the defe^c^d.cj<i(is, becaule of Uie 
inhabitants of the land, 

1 8 We wiii not returne vnto our houfes , vn- 
till the children of Ifrael haue inherited ,euery 
man his inlierit^nce. 

1.9 Neither will wcinhcrite with them beyond 
lorden and on that fiue , becaufe our inheiit..nce 
is fallen to vs en ihis l;de lorden Eaftward. - 

10 ί• ■" Ani Moles javil vnto them , If yc w.ill 
doe this thing , and goe i aimed before the Lord pf *>'« J••»*• 
to warre: [' 

il And will *oeetiery cneofyouinhameflei 
cuer. lorden before the Lord , vntill he haiic caft fcThn ij.ih'e 
out his g enemies from his iigbt: Fabnaoisefih»' 

22 And vntill the land be lubdued before the 
Lord , then ye fhail reti:rne and be innocent to- 

Bctori tli Aiitr 

d the. land offcGilead, that it was^n apt place | ward the Lord,.-s5d toward Ifrael rand this i-wd 
forcattel). j fliail be your pofVcftionk-before the Lord. 

X Then tJie.childreil <£Gad, aoi tbecliUdrea- aj T3ut if yec^ill notdoe ib,bcbold,yee haue 
_1^' - - fja-iedi 


raiint y«.T thii 


ι c Her hiitb 
Ibiijii j' 




Tbi iourtic^, 

f Ve Oiall iinited- 
Ιγ bcpUHiditJfot 
yotit Imnt. 

3( Moftsgine 

jeliatgt ihat his 

the Rttibenite», 
and oihets (liould 
performed af- 
that thry br»ke 
not chciis. 

,1 Th»t is atiii- 
jbmed to the Lord, 
ivihich his mefTcn 





\m The Amor/tes 
i fides of lorden: 
bat here he ma- 
ilieth mention of 
I them that dwelt 
ion this fide : an4 
Ifpeaketh of them 
Ithat inhabited be- 
yond loiden. 

finned aj>.un& the Lord , and be fure , that your 

finne '' will finde you om, 
24 Build you thin cities for your children, 

and ft)ldcs for your Iheepe.aiid doe that yee hai'.e 


2 Τ Then the children of Gad an'd the children 

of Reuben fpiike vnto Mofes, faying.Thy feruants 

will doe as my lord comrainded: 
260urchi!dren,onr \viues,ourίl•-ecp,and all owr 

cattell fliall remaine there in the cities of G Head, 
27 But * thy I'erua'nts will go etiery one aiTned 

to 'warre before the Lord for to fight , as my lord• 
! fayth. 

» 28 So concerning thera, Mofes It commanded 
I Eleazar the Prieft , and lofliua the fonne of Nun, 
'and the chiefs: fathers of the tribes of the children 
j 29 And Mofes fayd vnto them , If the children 

ofGadSc the children ofReubenwil g® with you 
I ouer lorden , all armed to fight before the Lord, 
i then when the land is fubdued before (liall 
' giue them the landof Gileadfor a poflcffion: 
I, 30 But if they will not goe ouer with you ar- 
' med , then they ihallhaue their pofleffions among 
i you in the land of Canaan. <? 

3 1 And the children ft'Gad , and the children 

of Reuben anfwered , faying , As the 1 Lord hath 

fayd vnto thy feruants, fo will wc doe. 


We will go armed before the Lord into the- ! lay in the * wildernefle of Sin 

3 Now they * departed from Ramefes the firft ^. * 
«oneth , euen the fifteenth day of the firitmo- ! • " 
neth , on the morrow after the PaifcOuer : and the 
children of Ifrael went out with an high hand in 

the fight of all the Egyptians. 

4 (For the Egyptians buried all their firfl: 5 

borne .which the Lord had fmitten among them; j, Eith<i mtinifl* 
vpon their gods alfo the Lord did execution.) their {doles, 
Ϊ ^ 

6 And they departed from * Succoth , and 
pitched in Etham, which is in the edge of the 

7 And they remooued from Etham , and tur- 
ned againe vnto « Pi-hahiroth, which is before ,. 
Baal-zephon, .and pitched before Migdol. 

8 And they departed from before Haloiroth, fhe Lord, EKoi. 
and * went thorow the middes of the Sea into L+i*•' ^ ^ ^ 
the wildernefl'e .and went three dayes iourney Γ ' "''**■*■ 
in the wilderneffe of Etham , and pitched inMa- 

lah. . 

9 And they remooued from Marah , and came ' 
vnto * Elim , and in Eiim were twelue'fountaines j 

of water , and feuentie palme trees , and they pit- ^ ^li.M^tri 
che'd there. ' i 

■ 10 And they remooued from Elim, and cam- I 
pedby theredfea. ϊ 

II And they remooued from the red Sea , and 


And the children oflfrael remooued from {!''''; """"fw- 
Rftiefes.Mcipitched in Succoth. _ .K"*,3..e ; 

the c*nr- 
inaudsment of 


land of Canaan : that the poflelTion of our inhe- 
ritance Wiy έ^ to vs on this fide lorden. 

33 * So Mofes gaue vnto them , eKe'? to the 
Ichildren of Gad, and to the children of Reuben, 
land to halfe the tribe of Manafleh the fonne of 
lofephjthe kingdomeof Sihonkingof the m A- 
morites, and the kingdorae of Og king of Balban, 
jthe land with the cities thereof and coafts , euen 
\ the cities of the counirey round about. 
I 34 f Then the children of Gad built Dibon, 
iand Ataroth,and Aroer, , 

3 <y And Atroth, Shophan , and lazer , and log- 
be hah, 

3i AndBeth-nimrah , and Beth-haran , defen- 
ced cities : alfofbeepefolds. 

3 7 And the children of Reuben built Heilibon, 
and Elealeh, and Kiriathaim, 

η That is the vil- 
,(ages of laii, 

1 Ftem whence 
«hey departed, and 
whithei chey cimc 

12 And they tooke their iourney ontofthe 
wildernefle of Sirt > and fct vp their tents in 

13 Ai# they departed from Dophkah, and' 
in Aluib. 

1 4 And they remooued from Ahilli , and lay 
* Rcphidim , where was no water for the peop 
to drinke . 

i<j And they departed from Rephidim, and 
pitched in the *wilderneire of Sinai. , 

l(i And they remooued from the defert of Si- j 
nai, and pitched in * Kibroth Hattaiuah. 

1 7 And thev dep.uted from Kibroth Hatta- 
auah, and lay at * Hazeroth. 

And they departed from Hazeroth , and 


38 And Nebo , and-Baalmeon , and turned their ■ pitched at Rimmon Parez, 

hed inRithmah. 

9 And they departed from * Rithmah , and 

* Cijf>.n.3j. 

names , and Sibmah : and gaue other names vnto 
the cities which they built. 

39 And the children * of Machir tlie fonne of 
Manaifeh went to Gilcad , and tooke it , and put 
cut the Amorites that dwelt therein. 

40 Then Mofes gaue Gilead vnto Machiithe 
fonne of Manafleh, and he dwelt therein. 

41 * And lair the fonne of ManaiVeh went and 
tcoke the fmall townes thereof, and called them 

42 Alfo Nobah wentandtookeKenath, with 
the villages thereof, and called it Nobah after his 


iTmlAiiiftHrtyuuyntitcflCrteUtrnHmhud. s» Th'f Λΐί 
timmanjril la 1^0 Ihe CΛ7lΛ■nιitet. 

'V Hefe are the a iourneyes of the children of If- 
rael, which went out of the land of Egypt, ac- 
cording to their bands vnder the handof Mofes 
and Aaron. 

2 And Mofes wrote their going out by their 
iourneys , according to the comm<uindem'ent of 
the Lord : fo thefe are the iourneys of tlieir going 

20 And they departed from Rimmom Parez, 
and pitched in Libnah. ^ 

2 1 And they remooued from Libnah,aHd pit- 
ched in Riflah. 

22 And they iourneyed from Rilfah , and pit- 
ched in Kehelathah. 

23 And they went from Kehelathah , end pit- 
ched in mount Shapher. 

24 And liiey remooued from mount Shapher, 
and lay in Haradah. 

2 τ And they remooued from Haradah , and 
pitched in Makheloth. 

z6 And they remooued from Makheloth , and 
lay in Tahath. 

27 And they departed from Tahath , and pit- 
ched in Tarah. 

28 And they remooued from Tarah , and pit-, 
chedinMithkah. i 

29 And they wentfrom Mithkah , and pitched! 
inHaflimonah, ι 

3 ο And they departed from Hafl'.monah , and! 

lay in Moferoth, j 

, 3 1 And they departed from Moferoth , andi 

pitched in Bene-iaakan, , ;. • j 

32 Aad! 


^Cbaj?/XXXIII . 

ofthecampe, ^4 

Thii M/tfpe ieclAuth the vc/iytvhith ihe JfraeliU'Venl fcr the ffnee tffertieyetrts frei 
ttita the Uni cfCatMan, as il ismenthntd i» ΐ -xian^ , Kumbeii , Mid Deutcrmnn 
pitched, theiv tents, vhich are r,en}cii, J^umb.^. Kith ihefifiriiatttiiefiheUegiees 
Ihth »b tie , fei out b] liitmten. j 

^iyf ''"''»*' '*' vilintitfetf Arabia , ijnt'tU they mtrV 
. itccnt»inethMlfiithetv>t»nifcuitieftAtes, ^httetkey 
(eiicerningthe t (tilth anitiii itiAith , etiit 


Vent, it. i°- 

i Which Ae E- 
fciewcs call Ab, 

I anf weieth to 
paic of Inly and 
fart of Augiifl. 


3 2 And they remooued from Bene-iaakan, and 
ley inlloi-hagidgad. 

! ^^ .*nd they went from Hoi-hagidgad , and 
pitched in lotbathah. 

34 And they remooued from lotbathah , and 
la^' in Ebronahg 

'^ 5- AnJ they departed from Ebronah , an-d lay 
J!5 HzJMjjiiaber. 

I? 6 ^iid they remooued from Ezion-gaber, 
and pitched in the * wiiderneiTe of Zin .which is 

3 7 And they remooued from Kadeili , and 
pitched in mount Hor , in the edge of the land of 
Edom. ■ , . _ 

38 (* And Aaron the Prieft went vp into mount 
Hor ,at the coromandcment of the Lord, and died 
therein the fortieth ye -re after the children of II- 
rael were come out of the land of Egypt, in the 
frft day of the ^ fift moneth. 

39 And Aaron was an hundreth and three 
and twenty yeere old , when hee died in mount 
Hor. , , 

40 And ■•' King Arad the Canaanite , which 
dwelt in the South of ihe land of Canaan, heard 
ofthecommingofthe children of Ifrael.) 

41 And they departed from ipoum* Hor, and 

pitched in Zilmon.ih. 

42 And they departed from Zalmcnah , cr.J 
pitched in Puiion. 

43 And they departed fromPuron , and pit- 
ched in Oboih. 

44 * And iliey dcpjrted from Oboth . and 
pitc bed in lie-abatim, in the borders of Moab. 

4T And thvy depaitedfi^m lim .and pitched; 

mooiicd from Dibon-gad , and 

mooued from Almon-dibla- 
rcd in the mountainesof Abariro, 

, ■amiethej 


46 An 
lay in Am 

47 An 
before XeL 

4S And they depsrtcd Fkid the mouptaines 
of Abarim, and' pitched in.thc ί plaiiie ofMoab, 
by Iordenf»t/»flriall• ticho.' ' \, o,.fi.:i. 

49 And they pitched by Iorden,,&Qm Be th^! 
iell^imoth vnto* Abel-Jiiittim, in the^.plaine cf^eH 
Mojb. ■ 

<;q ί And the Lord fpake vnto Moies in the 
plaineofMoab , by lutucn/efi'ariilcricho, fay- 

Π Τ Speske 


i-nto the children of Ifrael , and 

fay vnto them , * when ye are coqie oner lorden *,^"/ ,',' ' 
' : land of Canaan, "'"'' ' 

tg encei into the 1 


5* y« 




Nui nbei's. 

e Which weie fet 
vp in their hie ph- 

» Ci<f.l<.j}.54• 

Who rauft diul dediclaad» 

S Μίίηήις , the 

defcripcion oithc 

^ Or,»frtnil!igvp 

i» Whith WSJ 
Niliis.ons fome 
xhinltt, Rhinoco- 

£ Which it callei 

d Which is 1 
moimtaint nccre 
Tyre and Sydon, 
and not that Hoi 
ill the wildcrnifTe 
V^h&it Aiion died. 

β Which in Ae 
Cofpcl is called 
.thelaleof Geii- 

«4». »♦.»■*• 

5• 2 Yee iliall then driiie out all the inhabitants 
of the land Ijefoie you , and dcftroy all their « pi- 
ftures, rndbreake afunder nil their im;ges ofme- 
tall.and plucke downe all their hie places, 

f 3 And yee iliall pofleile the land ind dwell 
thereiQ : for I liauc giiien yoia the land to pol- 
fefie it, 

V4 And yee iliall inherite the land by 
cording toyo'ir families : * to the more yee Ih.dl 
giuc more inheritance , and to the fewer the lelVe 
inheritance. Where the lot Ihallf .11 to any man, 
that lliall be his : according to the tribes of your 
fathers (liall ye iriherite. 

<i 5: But if ye will nor driue out the inhabitants 
of the l.ind before you , then thole which yee let 
remaine ofthcm.lhalbe * || prickes in your eyes, 
and (homes in your fides , and Ihall vcxe you in 
the land wherein ye dwell. 

Td Moreouer, it fhall come to paffe.that I ihall 
doe vnto you , as I thought to doc vntothenu 


are Jffi^r.rd /. 4i»ide Ihr l»i. 

Δ Kd the Lord fpake vnto Mofes , faying, 

2 Command the children of Ifrael , and 
fay vnto them , When yee come into the land of 
Canaan , this is the a land that iliall fall vnto your 
inheritance -/W w.the land of Canaan with the 
coafts thereof, 

3, * And your South quarter iliall be from the 
wilderneflc of Zm to the borders of Edom : lb 
that your South quarter ihalbe from the ialt Sea 
coaft Eaftward. 

4 And the border fliall compaffe you from 
tl\e South to il Maaleh-akrabbim.and reach to 
Zin , and goe out from the South to Kadelh-bar- 
iiea ; thence it ihall ftretch to ilazar-addar , and 
goe along. to Azmon. 

5 And the border iliall compaffe from Azmon 
vnto the ^ riuer of Ε gy pt , and ihall goe out to the 

6 And your Weft quarters fliall be the gi-cat 
fea; euen that border flialbe your Weil coaft. 

7 And tills ihall be your North quarter , yee 
Hiali marke out your border from the ^reat Sea 
f «ίο mount dHor. 

8 From mount Hor yeeihall point out till it 
come vnto Hamath , and the end of the coaft Ihall 
be at Zedad . 

9 And the coaft iliall reach cm to Ziphron, 
and go out at Hazar-enan.this fliall be your North 

I ο And yee ihall marke out your Eaft quarter 
from Hazar-craan to Shepham. 

II And the coaftfhall£oe dov/nefiom She- 
pham to Riblah ,and from the Eaft fide of Ain: 
,acid the fame border fliall defcend and goe out at 
the iide of the fea of* Chinnereth Ε aft ward. 

12 Alio that border (hall goe downe to lor- 
den.and leaue at the fait fea : this ftialbe your land 
with the coafts «hereof roundabout. 

1 3 ί Then Mofes commanded the children of 
Ifrael , faying > This is the land which ye iliall 
inherit by lot.which theLord commanded togiue 
rato nine tribes,and halfe the tribe. 

14 * For the tribe of the children of Reuben, 
according to thehoulholds of theirfadiers , and 
•rfie tribe of the children of Gad , according to 
their fathers houlholds , and halfe the tribe of Ma- 
fiailchhaue receiued their inlieritance. 

ί 5 Two tiibes and an halfe tribe haise recei•. 


f One of the heaSt 

ued their inheritance en this fide of lerden ta• 
vvt'd lerichofuU Eaft. 

1 6 ^ Againe the Lord fpake to Mofes, faying 

1 7 Theie are tJie names of the men which ihall 
diuide the land vnto you: * Eleazar the Pricft.and 
loihua the fonne of Nun 

iS And yee Ihall take alfo a ί prince of euery 
tribe to diuide the land. , 

19 The names alfo of the men are thefe : Of *"*'^ "** 
the tribe of ludah, Caleb the forme of lephunneh, 

20 And cfthe tribe of the fomics of Simeon. 
Shemuel the fonne of Am-nihud. 

2 1 Of the tribe of Beniamin.Elidad the fonnj 

22 Alio of the tribe of the fonnes of Dan*, the 
prince Bukki , the foane oflogl 

23 Of the fonnes of loleph.of the tribe of the 
I fonnes of Mauaileh , die prince Hanniel the fonuc 
i ofEphod 

24 And of rhe tribe of the fonnes of Ephraim, 
the prince Kemuel , the lonne of Shiphtan. 

2 J Of the tribe alfo of the Ibnnes of Zebulun, 
j the prince , the fonne of Parna^li. 
i 26 So of the tribe of the fonnes of Iflachar, 
; the prince Paltiel , the fonne of 

27 Of the aibe alfo of the fonnes of Ailier,thc' 
prince Ahihud.thiibnne of Shelomi. ~ I 

28 And of the tribe of the ibnnes of Naphta!i,'f *»f_j'^j'^,f^ 
the prince Pedahei , the ionneof Ammihud. oner euuv met, 

oiiei eiieiy piece 
of ground ihac 

29 Thele are they , whom the Lord comman- flio»id f ai to anf ■ 
ded to g diuide the inheritance vnto the children ί''ϊ '"?'•' '° '!l*,"" 
of ill•aei , in the land of Canaan . Pgju bVd'oniO"!* 

CHAP. XXXV. Urlyand, 

uConKncion, tit Ltfil 

Γ Jr.-^MiB ritiftuni fuiurtt. 
The ldi9 of rruitktr, 30 Jror 
tit condrmKed, 

Thf thin «f I 
arm mimifft 

\ Δ ^'^ ^^^ Lord fpake vnto Mofes in the plaine* 

i •**■ of MoaL by lorden, toward Icricho, laying, 

I 2 ♦Command die children of lirael.that they ,^°fj;;^; 

I giue vnto the » Leuites of the inheritance of their had noinhetitaste' 

i polTe(rion,b cities to dwell in : yee ihall giue alfo «ff'giied them in ,• 

I vnto the Leuites the fuburb3.of the cities round b''*^""^"^"-,"'*"'' 

«u„,,, ,!,„„ ρ God would 

i about them. L.,e ,hem Ica.te- 

3 So they ifeail haue the cities io dwell in,and!"d thorew all the 
their fuburbs ihalbe for their cattel , and for their !''"^• '>«>«<« *« 
lubfiancc , and for all their beafts. ir.tilTdbil'then, 

4 Andthe fubnrbs of the pitics.which ye ih.ill |j„ *, eb«d!ence 
giue vnto the Leuites , from the wall of the citie lef ood and his 
outward fhall be a thoufand cubites round a-i^'"•, . 1 

!„,_ ■* c So that m aH 

°° ' , , „ r .. , were three rt.o«. 

y And yee ihall meafure without the citie of ifand, and in the 
the Eaft fide, t two thoufand cubites : and of the icemrafre of thefe 
South fide , two thoufand cubites : and of the pX'';;;'„\tnd**' 
Weft fide.two thoufand cubites.and of^e North U^t. 
fide,two thoufand cubites : and the citleyJjrt^i in 
the mids : this ihall be the meafure of the fuburbs 
of their cities. 

6 And ofthe cities which yee ihall glue vnto 
the Leuites , * therepmllbe fixe cities for refuge, » D«i.*.4T.i.j», 
which ye fhall appoint, that he which killeth. may :o. , ■.«((. i.j 
flee thither : and to them ye fliall adde two and 
foiutic cities moe. 

7 All the cities which ye iliall giue to the Le- 
uites , fhall be eight and fourtie cities : them fhalt 
je niue with their iiiburbs. 

8 And concerning the cities whioh ye^iliall 
giue.of the poflcffion ofthe children of Ifrael: of 
many ye ihall take moe , and of few ye fhall take 
leffc : euery one- ilall giue of his cities vnto the 
Leuites , according to his inheritance, which hee 

$ ί And 

IiiWes tou< bingmarttiei•, 


vnto them , * When ye be come oner lorden into ! 
the land of Canaan 

Ac ncMofthc 


The daug hters of 7eTopheiiad. 6^ 

5) f And the Lord fpake vnto Mofes raying, the life of the murthercr , which i's m worthy to 
lo Speake vnto the children of Iftael.and % ι die: bat he Hiall be put to death. 

Alio ye ihall take norccompenfeforhim 


, . . ^! ^"■^^ i« fledde to the citie of his refuge . that hee 
Ye iliail appoynt you be cities of , Ihould come againc. and dwell in the land, before 

Which piivpolity 

refuge for you , that the flayer, which flayeth any 
perfon vnwares.may flee thither. 

I i And thefe cities ibalbe for you a refuge from 
thy i auenger, that he which killeth.die not.vntill 
he ftand before the Congregation in indgement. 
1 3 And β/ the cities which ye ihall giue , iixe 

«,t«rfu. the ".fc.l ^.^. 3_. j^^j, ^^ j^^^^ f^^ ^.^f^g^ 

meng the | 14 Ye fliallappoynt three* on this fide lordcn, 
lenitts, Gi- I and yee fliall appoynt three cities in the land of 
Vfl'nS^ Canaan whichfl.alhecitIesofrefuge 

If Thefe fixe cities fl-uibea refuge torihe 
children of IfraeUandforthe ftranger.and for him 
that dwelleth t among you,thjt euery one which 
killeth any perion vnwares, may flee thither. 

16 * And if one ^ fmite <;nother with an in- 
ftrument of iron that he die , he « a murtherer, and 
the murtherer fluU die the death. 

1 7 Alfo if hee finite him by cafting a g ftone, 
wherewith he nviy be flaine, and hee die . hee is a 
murtherer, <»«</the murtherer Ihall die the death, 
i 1 8 Or if he fmite him with an hand-weapon of 
wood, wherewith he may be flaine^ if he die, he is 
a murtherer ,*»<i the murtherer fliall die the death, 

19 The reuenger of ;^ blood himfelf ihal flay the 
murtherer: whc hemeeteth him, he fliall flay him. 

20 But if he thrufl: him ^ of hate , or hurle at 
him by laying of waite, that he die, ' 

21 Or finite him through enimitie with his 
hmd.that he die,he ;y imote him fliall die y death: 
/> Γ he is a murtherer : the reuenger of the blood 
flidll flay the murtherer when he meetethhim. 

« Ameng the 

Kcabenitts, Gi 


ttibt of'Mananth,• 

* /<A.»».r• , 

f £*r. 4i»wni tf*' 

» Eii.i. »•.«+. 
f wiitingly,i»i 

{ Thiiii.wi* » 
fcigge asd dangt - 
xeni Rone: in 
Sbi with a lion* 
•this hand. 


the death of the hie Pricft. 

3i So yc fliall not pollutethe land wherein ye ' 
fliall dwell : for β blood defilcth th•.; land : and the • ?'."7^* , . 
land cannot be η elcnfed of the blood that is ihcd Ifuuulitl 
therein,but by the blood of him that flied it. Wrongi.aiy (hed, 

54 Defde tiot therefore the land which yee |hi'h« male.hhi. 
fliall inhabite ,for I dwell in the middes thereof: S„dV;"'" " 
For I the Lord dwell among the childrc of Ifrael. ttanct thci.oi. 

'pHen « th? chiefe fathers ofthefmilieof the 
fonnesofGilead , the ionne of Machir . the 
fonReofManaifeh.ofthe families of the fonncs oft 
Ioreph,came, snd fpake before Moles,8c before f f 
princes, the chiefe fathers of ^ children of Ifiac),i„d thci«:oreth* 
2 Andfayde , * The Lord commanded * my foniie! of lofeph 
lord to giue the land to inherit by lot to the chil- p'op^^i'd the mtt- 
dren of Ifrael ; and my lord was commanded by Γ ,'° **"'*'; 

I the Lord . to giuethe inheritance of Zelophehad Lyj. ''; j^' '" 
our brother vnto his daughters. iivteuiiDg.Mofti, 

I 3 If they be married to any of the fonnes of . 

I the of/j*r tribes of the children of Ifrael , then fliall j 

^ their inheritance be taken away from the inheri- 

! tance ofourfathers , andflialbe put vntothe in- ■ 
heritanceofthe tribe w!ieieoftheyflialbe:fo fliall ; 

, it be taken away from the lot of our inheritance. 1 

4 Alio when thee labile of the children of If- [,^Ι^ί^^^^, 

I rael commeth , then fliall their inheritance be put te,mne,Tot imhe 
vnto the inhcrit.ince of the tribe whereof they lubiiejiiihingi 

1 fliall be : fo fliall their inheritance be taken aw.iy r•'""••! » '!>«'» 


It Tttmcih that 
he iTiOes coiutn- 
led who might 

imnj theit 


ter.fxUiyit). 22 But if hee pusflied him Β vnaduifedly, and j from the inheritance of the tribe ofourfathers, 

*,Eit»i<ai.ij. ]■¥ not of hatred , or caft vpon him anv t thine i f Then Mofes commanded the children 

■^^ not of hatred , or caft vpon him any t thing i 
I without laying of waite ' 

<; Then Mofes commanded the children of, 
Ifrael, according to the word of the Lord.layin^ 

23 Or any ftone(whereby he might be flaine) ' The tribe ofthe Ibnnesof lofephhauefaidd wel, J^" ',''„* ",** 

andfawe him not , orcaufeditto fall vponhim, 6 This is the thin 
and he dy, and was not his enemie, neither fought * manded , concerning 
him any harme, >..-•_.- 

^ - _j 24 Then the Congregation ihall iudge be- 

1i*»tii,his»«ifi)tweene the flayer and the ^ auenger of blood ac- 
cording to thefe lawes. 

2i And the Congregation fliall deliuerthc 


I Viiier this Rgnie 
itdtdatcd, that 
cur rnines could 
]ioti)e itmittrd, 
bni by the death 
lefus Chrift. 
k By the feuteacc 
•f the lodge. 

1 AltwcetnJge 
mmtheis iant, tl 

* Dtut 17. (. 


g that the Lord hath com- the 

the daughters of Zelophe- bnheritance ν»ΜΛ 

had , faying , They fliall be wiues to whom they i»" '''•^^j'jj"* 
thinke belt . onely to the familie of the tribe of :2"JiVh""beei 
their father fliall they marry: '«baiiented 1» 

7 So fliall not the inheritance of the children joihtn. 
of Ifrael remoue from tribe to tribe.for euery one. 

flayer out ofthe hand ofthe auenger of blood.and• of the children of Ifrael fliall ioyne himfeifeto 

the Congregation fliall reftore him vnto the citie 
ofhis refuge .whither hee was fled : and he fliall 
abide there vnto the death of the i hie Prieft, 
which is anoynted with the holy oyle. 

26 But if the flayer come without the borders 
of the dtie ofhis refuge.whitherhe was fled, 

27iPBid the reuenger of blood fiiide him with- 
out the borders of the citie ofhis refuge, 8c the 
reuenger of blood flay the * murtherer.iie ihalbc 

the inheritance ofthe tribe ofhis fathers 
8 Andeuery daughter that pofl'eflcth any «in- ie when there i«»• 

heritance ofthe tribes of the childrcnof Ifrael, inal« toi«hetite 
. flialbe wife vnto one ofthe familie ofthe tribe 
; of her father :that the children of Ifrael may enioy 
: euery rai»n the inheritance cf their fathers. 
j 9 Neithcrfliall the inheritance go about from 

tribe to tribe : but euery one of the tribes of the 
I childre of Ifrael fliall ft:ick to his own inheritance. 
i 10 As the Lord commanded Moles/u did the 

28 Becaufe he fluouldhaue remained in the ci- ; daughters of Zelophehad. 
tie ofhis refuge.vntill the death ofthe hie Prieft: ! n For* Mahlah , Tirz ,h , and Hoglah , and 
and after the death ofthe hie Prieft . the flayer! Milcah , and Noah the daughters of Zelophehad 
fliall retume vnto the land ofhis poiieiBon. | were marled vnto their fnhers brothers ionnes: 

29 So thefethingsfliallbeallaweof iudge- I 12 They were wiues feeirf4i«euf the families 
ment vnto you , throughout your generations in j ofthe fonnes of Manafteh the Ionne if lolephr' 


all your dwellings 
30 Whofoeuer killeth any perfon.the Iudge fliall 
flay the murtherer, through ■•'witncfles:but*one 

witnefle fliall not teftifie againft a perfon to caufe 

him to die. 
3 1 MoreoHcr ye fliall take no recoropenfe for 

fo their inheritance remained inthe tribeof tliCj 
faftiilieoftheirfather. ; ^ 

1 3 Thefe are the f commandements and lawes, ^ Teuchingtfce 
which the Lord commanded by the hand of Mo- **^'^^°"ι'Ί.η«? 
fes , vnto the children of Ifrael in the plainc of lOLicatevvardUikho, 





imngs Qone ρ 




'Τ* Η^ wonierfuU loue ofGodtovvard his Church isliuely fetfoorthtnthisbeoke. Poralheh through thetrtngr^• 
thude and fund' y rebellions a^ainH God.forthefpaceeffonieyeeres, Deut. p,7, they had deferued to 
haue beene cut offfrom the number of his people , andfsr euer to hme beene depriuedofthe vfe of his ho'y word & 
facrameuts .-yet he did euer preferm his Church etunfor his ovvne mercies fak^ , andvvomld βιΙΙ haue his name 
tailed vpon amin^ them. VV^mefore he brinqeth them into the land cfCanaanJe^royeth their enemies, giueth them 
their ccmirey , tovvnes and goods , and exhorteth them by the example oftheir fathers (vvhofeitifidelitie, 
idolatry , adulteries , murmHrings and rebellions ,'hee had moB fharpely punified) tofeare and obey the Lord , to 
embrace, and l^eepe his law without adding thsrevnto or diminifhmg therefrom. For by his word he would be 
h^ovven to be their God , Andthey his people by hisvvordhe would gouerne his Church , andby the fame they 
fhoiild learne to obey him : by '?is word he Would difc.erne the fdfe prophet from the true , light from darktiejfe, 
ignorance from k>>ovvledge . and hii ovvne pfopiefrom all the other nations and infidels .• teaching them thereby to 
refuf. and deteit , defloy and abolifhwha'fo: uei is not agreable t» his holy vviU, tfeeme it ethervttife neuerfo 
gocdor. precious m.the eyes of man ^ndfor this caufe Godpromifed to raife vp Kings andgouernoursjor thefetting 
forth of his word and pre fetuationof his Church : qiuingvntothemMefpeciallchargefor the exetutingthereof : 
t/vhom therefore he willeth toexfrcifetliemfelues diligently inthe continuaUfiuay andmeditationofthe fame, 
that: they . might learne to feare the Lordjoue thetr fuUiecls , abhcrre coueteoufne^i and vice , and vvhatfoeuer 
epnd-th the r/iaieilieefGod ^nd as he had toforeinfbruiied their fathers in all things appertaining both to hii 
fpnitujll f'-ruice , and aljo for the maintenance of that focietie which isbetweenemen : fohee prefcribeth heere 
anew .' Ufuch lavves and ordinances which either concerne his Diuinefiruice, or els are necefiariefor a, commor» 
•vveale: appoyntinq^ vntoeuery eflateand degree their charge andduety: afvvell.hsvv to rule and lint in the feare 
efGod , as to nowififriendfhif toward their neighbours , and toprefirut that order which God hath ^βabliβeά 
ajnotig men : threading withali moB horrible plagues to them thattranfgreffe his commmdemtnts,and promifing 
all btejfings and felicity tofuch as obferue and obey them^ I 

TJiii is, a'ftienia 
caufe ihe Law 
hich Godgatw 
1 mount Smaijjs 
lure «peated, as 
hough κ vreie » 
lew Law : aii<i 
thisbooieis a 
commentarie et 
ten commuide•. 




C in HotetJ.oi Si 
7iai,founie yeetes 
fccfoit this the Law 
wasgiiien: but 
becauft all that ■ 
•Wine then of age : 
and iudgpmeni , 
•were no λ deatj, . 
the fame to the 
yomh which either 
«hen were not 
boMC^othad n(?t. 

A hyihefcexsm- 
j'esof Godsfa- 
MQitf, their mindcs 

: ftepaied to 
jefcitie'hc Law. 
Niimi.i•. +■ 
It yhefecond iim«.> 
l Jntheiecond 
jtiic and ftcond 
mojieih , Niim «o. 

1 I. 

t Or. Eef iMir*. - 
* CfUf.ii.•». 

.«I 17-7 8 ,„ 
jr ,3γ the counftll 
ofleihio my father 
imliw, txo.iS li 
i , -N-ot fo much by 
jht.toiiife of η 
«1)4. Si niiwitiv 

C Η A p. I. 

A h-efe jsheavfai of thingiUane tefcre ,fror4 H^reb vnii 
Κ irjb-barnea, 31 Mofei repromieth the people for their 
imreia.'tie. 44 Thf Ifraelstei are ouercume ty the Arrta• 
*it!% . hccxare they f$i*iht againft the commandiment of the 

Hefe be the wordes , which Mofes 
(pake vnto all Ifrael , on ^ this fide 
Ϊ Olden in the vviklernelVe , in the 
piaine , •> euer againft the red fea, be- 

tweene Pjran andTophell, and Laban, and Haze- 

rorh anJDi-zah.ib, 

2 Tnere are eleuen dayes iourney ίτοπι « Horeb 
vnto Kadilh-b irnea, by the way of mount Seir. 

3 And it came to pafle in the firft day of the 
eleuenth moneth; in thefourtieth yeere that Mo- 
fes ipake vnto the children of Ifrael according 
vnto «11 that the Lord hath giuen him incomman- 
dement vnto them, 

4 After that he had. llaine ^* Sihon the King 
of th^• Araoritcs which dwelt in He'lhbon, and Og 
king <jf Baihan.whieh dwelt atAilitaroth in Edrei, 

y On this fide lorden at the land of Moab 
began Mofes to declare this. lawe, faying, 

6 The Lord our Gcd fpake vnto vs in iHorebr 
faying. Ye haue dwelt long enough in this mount, 

7 Turne you and depart , and goe vnto the 
mountaine oftheAmontes , and vpto nil places 
neare therevnto : in the plaine, in the mountaine, 
or in the valley :bothSuuthw.ird,8c to theSea fide 
to the land of the Canaanites , and vnto Lebanon: 
ί»ί« vnto the great riner , thetiuer y Perath, 

8 Behoide.I haue fet the land before you : go 
in and *-pofleiTe that land which the Lord fware, . 
vnto your fathers, Abraham, Izhak^ndlaakob, to 
giue vnto them .and vnto their feed after them. 

5) f And I fpake g .vnto you the fame time, 
faying, I amnot able to beare yoti my felfe alone: 

lo..The.L.ordyoHr Godhath^ multiplied you: 
and l.>thQkie , ye, gie this iiay as Uie.ftaires of hea- 

il (The lord God of your fathers mike you- 
a thoufand times lo many moe as ye are, and bleife 
you, as he hath promiled you,) 

12 How can I alone i beare your cumbrance* Sigm'fyutg j,et» - 
andyour5harge.andyotu{lrife? Po^^tStlj*' 

1 3 Bring you men of wiiedome and ot vnder- 'people, 
ftanding , and * knowen among your tribes , and I ik whofegodh'aetft 

will m ke them rulers oner you: 

14 Then ye anfwered me.and faid. The thing is 
good that thou haft cnmroanded vs to doe 

ly Sol tookethechiefeofyoiir tribes , Ϊ wife 
and knowen men, and made them rulers ouer you, 
captaines ouer thoufands.andcaptaines ouer hun 
dreds,and cajptaines ouer fiftie.and captaines Queir 
tenne.nnd officers among your tribes 

16 And I charged your Iiidges that fame time, 
faying, Heare tlie controuerfes betweene your bre• 
thren , and * iudge righteoufly betweene euery 
mm and his brother, & the ftranger y is with him 

1 7 Ye Ihall bane no refpeft of perfon in iudge• 
ment , '*' but ihall heare" the fmali as well as the 
great : ye ihall not feare the face of man : for the 
iudgement is m Gods :and the cailfe that is too 
hard for you,bring vnto mee,and I will heare it. 

18 Alfo I commanded you the famea^.e all 
the things which ye iLould doe. ^ 

I ρ 1 Then we departed from Horeb , and went 
through all that great and terrible wildernefle ( 
ye haue feene) by the way of the mountaine of 
the Amorites,as the Lord our God commanded vsis 
and we came to Kadeih-barnea. , 

20 And η I laid vmo you ,,ye are come vnto 
•the mountaine of the Amorites , which the "Lord 
Oiir God doeth giue vnto vs. 

21 Behold, the Lord thy God hath lay de the 
land before thee: goe vp and pofleife it, as y Lord 
the God of thy fathers hath faide, vnto tice : feare 
not, neither be difcouraged." . 

22 f = Then ye came vnto rae eiiery one ,• and 
faideAVe wiU fend men before vsato iearch vs out 

ίΒ4 vprightntfliis. 
Jdowen. ' " ■' 
'*■ \. » 
1 DetlariBg i^iU 


* W».7'r'4? 

* ituit.ii.ij: 

I.Sam, ii.7, 

Prov.i4. 23. 



m AtidyouKeJiiV 


So thit the fault 
IS in thejnfeliiesj 

that they did HI» ■. 

fooner poifiiTe 

the iiiheritinct i 

piomifii . 


b ffiall goe into the land of pr omife• CHap.n, Againil whom liracl may n< it light. 66 

I Or, vttiy tftit 

f T«wic, Cileb. 

and loOioa : Mofc 
• ^lefennh the bet- 
tu part te the 
{ceaier, that it, 
tlfO c• Ittt. 

q- Such "Was the 
lewis vBthankfidl 
ncs, that they 
counted Gods 
«fpeciall lone, 

t The other ten, 
not Caleb and 

ί Declatini th» 
10 icBOiince onr 
ewnefotte» '"^ 
conAanrly to fol- 
io i» out vocation, 
and dcpende on 
the Lord is the 
«lue Wdnes, ayd 
agteeableio Ged. 

* Eiod.ij, 

he I 



* Ngm. :o, I'-. ^ 
and 17, i + . 
*Ciup i,t6. 
and ,11. and 3+.^ 
t \,"hich miiii- 
11 Wliich were 
vrdci twenty yeeii 
old, as Num. i+, 3' 

« This dedaieth 
mans naiiite.who 
wilder thj- which 
Cod foibiddcth, 
aid will not doe 
tfca: whithhee 
eomraa! deth 
y Signifying that 
man hsth no when 
Cod IS at hand to 
belpe him. 

tlie land, and totring vs word again.what t^'ay we 
tnuft.go vp by, 8c vnto what cities we fiiall come. 

. 23 So the faying pleafed me well.and I tooke 

twelue menofyou.ofeuery tribe one. 

24 * who departed , and wentvp into the 

mountaine , and came vnto the ri"er Efhcol, and 
iearched out the land, 

ay And tooke of thefruite of the land in their 

hands , and brought it vnto vs , and brought vs 

worde againe, and ρ laid. It is a good land, which 

the Lord our God doeth giue vs. 

2^ would not go vp.but 

were difobedient vnto the commandementof the 

Lord your God, 
27 And murmured in your tents, and fayd,Be- 

caule the Lord q hated vs , therefore hath hee 
■ brought vs out of the landof deliuer vs 

into the hand of the Amoritei,and vo deftroy vs. 
i 28 Whither iliall we goe vp?our» brtithren hatie 
i difcouraged our hearts , faying , The people»/ 
Igreater, and taller then wee : the cities are great, 

and walled vp to heauen: and moreouer.wee haue 

feenc the fonnes of the '«^ Anakims there. 

29 But I fayd toco you , Dread not , nor bee 

30 The Lord your God , f who goeth before 
, hee fi-sall fight for you, according to all that 

did vnto you in Egypt before your eyes, 

31 AndinthewilderneU'e , where thou haft 
feene how the Lord thy God bare thee , as a man 
doeth beare his lonne , in all the way which yee 
haue gone, vnriil ye came vnto this place. 

3 2 Yet for all this ye did not beleeue the Lord 
your God, 

33 += who went in the way before you , to 
, fearch you out a place to pitch your tents in , in 
' firi^by night , that ytr might fee what way to goe, 
\ and in a cloude by day. 

I 3 4 Then the Lord hc.rd the voyce of yoiu: 
Wordes.and was wroth, and lware,fay)ng, 

3y * Surely there lliall not one of thefe men 
of this froward generation , fee th.:t good knd, 
which I fware to giue vntoyour'fathers, 

36 SaueC'.leb the fonneof lephunneh ; hee 
iliall fee it , * and to him will I giue the land that 
hee hath troden vpon.and to his children.becaufe 
hee hath conftantly followed the Lord. 

3 7 * Alfo the Lord was angry with me for your 

fakes,riy ing,* Tho« alto fliait not goe in thither, 

38 But lolhua the fonne of Nun which ftandeth 

t before thee, hee fliall go in thither : encourage 

him : for he ihall caufe Ilrael to inherit it. 

39 Moreouer, your» children, which yee fayd 
fliouy^)e a praye, and your fonnes, which in that 
daylRd nokowledge betweene good and euill, 
they Iball go in thither, and vnto them will I giue 
it, and they Ihali pofl'clfe it. 

40 Butasforyou, tumebacke , and take you:• 
ioumey into the wildernelVe by the way of the 
ted Sea. 

41 Then ye ?nfwered and faid vnto me, "We haue 
liniied ..gainft th.; Lord," we will go vp.and fight, 
according to all that the Lord our God hath com- 
m.mded vs : and yee armed yeu euery man to the 
warre.Sc were ready to go vp into the mountaine. 

42 But the Lnrd faid vnto me , Say vnto tliem, 
Goe not vp, neither fight, (for I amy not among 
you) ieaftyefail before your enemies. 

43 And when I told you, yee would not heare. 

! Bicinft ye ra- 
ther tlitwcd your 
hypoccille . ihen 
lue Kpeniance - 
:hc lode of youc 
bitihten, thcnfe- 

1 Tlity obeyeJ, 
ftet ihit Gidhau 
ihaiUie^ ihcm. 

I Eight and ihir- 
icyeeie,]* veif.t^ 

but rebelled agnnft the commanJemcnt of ihc 
Lord , and were prtfumptuous , and went vp 

44 Then the Amorites which dwelt in chat 
mountaine came out ag linft you , and chifcd yoli 
(as bees vfe to doe) and dcftroyed you in Seir 
i«M vntoHormah. 

4T And when ye came againe ,yc wept before 
the Lord , but the Lord v/ould not » hcarc your 
voyce , nor incline his cares rato you. 

46 So ye aboade in Kadefli a long cor- 
ding to the time that ye had remained l•efore. 


.4 tfwl it ftrHJii* It flit tftik tie Edcmtn, > Mitlitie, 
If *ni AmmoKitn. .% Siiait Ki-gifUS^"• 

'T' Hen 1 we turned ,and tooke our ioumey into 
the wildernelVe, by the wjy of the red Sea, as 
the Lord fpake vnto mee : and wee compailcd 
mount Seir b long time. 

2 ■ And the Lord fpake vnto me , faying, 

3 Yee haue compafled this mountaine long 
enough : tumeycuNorrb-vard'. 

4 And wame thou the peop'cfaying.Yeeflsall 
go through the c co.ft of your brethren the chil-fc This v»as the fe- 
dren of El.iu , which dwdl in Seir. .nd .hey Ihali :»;■;'"'"• ■■ "" '^■ 
be afrayd of you ; take ye good heede therefore. 

J Yee ll^.all not prouoke them : for I will not 
giue you of their land fo much as a foote breadth, 
* becaufe I hiue giuen mount Seir vnto Efau for 
a poffeiTion. 

6 Yee fliall buy meate of them for money to 
eate, and yee fhall alfo procure water of them for 
money to drinke. 

7 For the Lord thy God hath d bleifed thee 
in all the workes of thine hand : hee knoweth thy 
walking through this great wildernefle , and the 
Lord thy God hath beene with thee thisfourtie 

- yeere, and thou haft lacked nothin»: 

8 And when we were dep.^rted from onr bre 
thren the children of Efau which dwelt in Seir: 
through the way of the Β plaine , from.Elath , and 
from Ezion-gaber , wee turned and went by the 
way of the wildernefle of Moab. 

9 Then the Lord fiyd vnto mee , Thou (halt 
not Π vexeMoab.neither prouoke themrobiitcU: 
for I will not giue thee of their land for a poffcf- 
fion , becaufe I haue giuen Ar vnto the children 
e of Lot for a pi'flefTnn. 

I ο Tlie f Emims d>velt therein in times paf 
people great ~nd many.and the Anakims 

I I They alfo were t.-ken for giants as the A- 
nakims: whom thclvloabitcs call Emim^. 

1 2 The * Horims alfcJ dwejt in Seir before 
time , whom the children of Ef'.u ch.nfed out and 
deftroyed then before them , and dwelt in theii 
ftea3e : as Ifrael (Ivall doe vnto the land ofhis 
poiVeffi )n, which the Lord h ;th giuen them 

1 3 Now rife vp, ptyd / . and get you oucr the 
riuer *Zcred: and we went ouer th ' iiuer Zcred 

14 The S fpacc alfo wherein wee came from 
Kadeih-barnea,.ntill wee were come ouer the ri 
uer Zered,*!"»/ eight and thinie y eresjvntill all 
the generation of the men cf warrt- were wvfted 
out from among the hoafte,us the Lord fware vnto 

1 5• Por indecde t1ie '' hand of the Lord was 
ag linft them , to deftroy them from among the 
•hSafte.till they were confuraed, 

I 4 *i f Sa 

a And giuen thie 

anei, vbcn. 

ih ihoiimjyeR 

kc icco.-npenu' 

ilfo Ged .Mil di- 

hee by hit 
iioiiidcnce, as he 
uih d'He. 
Or, wUftmfi, 

Of, i'firgti 

e which v«t» th» 
Moabiies and 
f S'l.iifying thtt 
It thelf glints 
wetetl ineii out 
fer iliej. linncs: 
Γο ihe .'iclK4 
when their Γιηχκ 
lie T-pr car.not 
ano^dc Geds 

* Knmb.i ( . 1 1. 
{ Hse llie -eih 
hf.fby, that i» 
Cod is I'lie in his 
ihiciiuis;s ire 

in vaiae. 
h Kit phgne led 
piiniu.ment lo'dr 
ftioy all that wei» 
twenty yceie oWe 
and about. 

Sihon difco nfited. 

ί who called them- 
felues Rcphaims: 
pSyficiansto heale 
and refotmt vices: 
but wittt indeed 
Zamziimmimj, tha 

I Or, C<«. 


Dcutcf jnomie• 

i6 ί So when all the men of vvarre were con- 
fumid uHil dead from among the people: 

1 7 Then the Lord ipske vnto raee.fayiog, 

1 8 Thuii iliah goe thorow Ar the coaft of 
Moib this day: 

ip And thou ilialt come neere ouet againft 
the children of Ammon : i«f fbaltnotlayiiege 
VDto them, nor mooue warfe againft them ': fur I 
will not giue thee cfthelandof thechil.dienof 
Ammon any poffeffion ; for 1 haiie giuen it vnto 
the children of Lotfora poflcffion, 

20 That alio was taken for a land J of giants: 
for gianis dwelt therein aforetime , whom the 
Ammonites called Zamzumraims 

21 A 

i5g^ anquiffilt 

37 Onely vnto the land of the children of Am- 
mon thou cameftnot , nor vnto any place of the 
II riuer labbok , nor vnto the cities in the moiin- 
taines , nor vnto whatfoeuer the Lord our GoU 
forbade vs, 


flame. 1 1 I he hignes »f his beA. 

and Gndites arf eommanded to gts 

ouer Jerien armed befire their irethren. ai Itjjbuxii 

made capttine. ty Mefn is fermittidtofct tht ΐΛηέ, 

but H»tt enter,aliett hee defired it. 

•irHen wee turned , and went ν ρ by the way of 

Baiban : '*' and OgKingofBallun«cameoutj•''^ 
againlt vs.he.and all his people to fight at EdreiJ * Therefor* be Πί« 
And the Lord fayd vnto me , Feare him 

i8 The ReubenU 

g Or,fonii 



people that -was great . and many , and \ fi^t. for I will deliuer hihi, and all his people, and Ihly had^infl o«a' the An^kims : but the Lord deftroyed them | his land into thine hand , and thou flialt doe vnto '■o» of hi» pate te" 
before them , and they iucceeded them in their ! thou diddeft vnto * Sihon King of the AA ^£^"g»»°« '"'". 
inhericance.nnd dwelt in their ftead: ; moritcs.which dwelt at Heflibon. ! "t N^m*»*'"**' 

»2 As he did to the children of Ε fau which j 3 So the Lord our God deliuered alfo vnto ouf *"" ''^^* 
dwell in Seir, when hee deftroyed the Horiras be- i hand,* Og the King of Baflian.and all his people! 
fore them , and they polTefled them , and dwelt in S a"d wee fmote him.vntill none was left him aline} 
their fteade vnto this day. | 4 And wee tooke all his cities the lame time, 

23 And the Auiras which dwelt in Hazarim <•«?»• neither was there a citie which wee tooke not 
vnto g Azzah , the Caphtorims which came out of ; from them,i«e7j thrcei'core cities,<«W all the coun4 

" ' trey ofArgob.thekingdomeofOginBailian. j 

ί All thele cities were fenced with hie walles,j 
gates and barres . befide b vnwalled townes a 5 Aivilljgtfiai 
great manv. | foall towntj. 

6 And wee ouerthrew them , as wee did vnto 
Sihon Kingof Heihbon , dcftroyingeuery citie, 
ffi/^men,«women,and children. , « Bacanfe thiswai 

Caphtor deftroyed them, and dwelt in their ftead, 
24 ί Rife vp therefore , fayd the Urd : take 
your iourney, and palli; ouer the riuer Arnon: be- 
ng to hii hold , I haue giuen into thy hand Sihon , the * A- ί 
\ promife made to ' morite. King of Heflibon, and his land ; begin to \ 
:Abiaham, Gen. 15•^ poflelTe it.und prouoke himtobattell. ! 

JThisdeclaie.hthaij ^S This day will I i begin to fend thy feare . 
the hearts of men land thy dread vpon all people vnder the whole Ε 
β« ill Gods haT\ds | heauett, which Ihall heare thy farae,and ihall trem 
fa£or Void." I ^^^ ^"J M"•^^'^ before thee. ! 

I 26 Then 1 fentmeflengers out of the wilder- j 
[nefle of Kedemoth vnto Sihon King of Heilion, | 
with wordes of peace.faying, | 

* N«w.ii.»i, 27 ί * Letmee palTe thorow thy land : I will '< 

go by the hie way ; I will neither turne vnto the 1 
right hand nor to the left. 

28 Thou Ihalt fell me meate for money , for to 
: eate . and lliak giue mee water for money for to 
; diinke : onely I will goe thorow on my foote, 
Μ Becaufe neither ' 29 ( As the'" children of Efau which dwell in 

7 But all the cattell and the fpoyle of the citie? ^«'•^ ^ppoyntE.ts^ 


int.eatie not exam 
plcsot ethers couli 
«looiiehim, he 
tould not com - 
phine of his iiiU 

Β Gad ill his ele- 
«ftio.i aniteproba- 
iion doeth not 
onely jppoynt th« 
endce.but the 


the lame. 

♦ Nxmt ai.Jj. 
£ir. L.for, vi. 

e Godhad cm&<l 
Cana?.n , and there 
ioiche wt'dldiiot 
aiy of the wic- 

1; wee tooke for ©ur felues. ; ^<„ b, ,„j . 

! 8 Thus wee tooke .nt that time out of the hand iniell, 
I oftwo KingsoftheAmorites , the hntl• that wa^ 
I on this ftde lorden , from the riuer of Arnon vntoi " 
j mount Hermon: 

9 (which Hcrmon the Sidonians call.Shi'rion, 
but the Amorites call it Shenir. ) 

10 All the cities of the plaine, and all Gilead,: . } 
and all Bafhan vnto Salchah , and Edrei , cities oij 
thekingdomeofOgin Ballian. j , ■. \ 

11 For onely Og King of Bailian remained οίί . »- ,j 
the remnant oftheGiantSjdwhofe bed t/iirtj a bedi^ The mett t»wftfc 

J the greater occa. 

. Seir, and thcMoabites which dwell in Ar.did vn- ofyron ; is it not at ^abbath among the children ;'|^^"''"δ'""*?'»ι 
Uo mee) vntill I be come ouer lorden , into the 
j land which the Lord our God giueth vs. 

30 But Sihon the King of Heihbon would 

not let vs paiTe by him •" for the Lord thy God 
: had," hardened his fpirite , .nd made his heart ob- 
: ftin.ite, becaufe hee would deliuer him into thine 
I hand, as appeareth this d ly . 
i 3 I And the Lord I'ayd vnto mee , Beholde , I 

hnue begun to giue Sihon and his land before 

thee: begin to poilelle and inherite his land. 
3 2 * Then came out Sihon tomeete vs , him- 

feife with all his people to hght at lahaz. 

33 But the Lord our God deliuered himt in- 
to our power , and we fmote him , and bis fonnes, 
and ail his people. 

34 And wee tooke allhis cities the lame time, 
and deftroyed euery citie,raen, and ° women, and 
chfidren: wee let nothing remaine. 

3 ί Onely the c'.ttel we tooke to our felues,and 
the i'poyle of th j cities which we tooke, 

3 6 From kvo-ix , whi:h is by the b.inke of the 
riuer of Arnon , anJ/re^? the citie thai is vpon 
the riuer , euen vnto Gilead : there was not one 

of Ammon ? the length thereof// nine cubites 

foure cubites the breadth of it , after the cubitelgiTiifiVGod'fottli* 

of a man. Iviooiy. 

12 And this land ZifWc/j wee poffeiied at that' \ 
time , from Aroer .which is ly the riuer Arnon, j 
and halfc mount Gilead, ■•'and the cities thertof^^* N««.3».j3; ί 
gaue I vnto the Reubenites and Gaditcs. -j j 

13 And the reft ofGilead, and all Ballian, thai 
kingdome of Og , g.-ue I vnto the half^ibc of 
Motnafl'eh : euen all the countrey of Ar^^ with 
allBailianjVhich is called. The land of giants. 

14 lair the fonne of Manafleh tooke all the 
countrey of Argob , vnto the conftesofGeihuii, 
and of Maachathi• and called them after his oWne 
name.Balhan, * Hauoth lair vnto* this day. , 

ly And I gaxKpart of Gilead vnto Machir. 

16 And vnto die Reubenites and GaditesI 
gaue the ΐφ of Gilead , and vnto the riuer of Ar- ί ,^^''.'*'' fepara- 
non , halfe the riuer and the borders , euen vnto ' " 
the riuer ί lz)JbJk,vvhith is the border of the chil 
dren of Ammon; 

i7 The phine-alfp and lorden , and the bor- 
ders from Chinnereth euen vnto thefeaofthe 

Num. I* >»; 


It wrote this Ki- 

^eth the Anunom'. 
Us from the Απμ. 


citie di.u efcaped vs -.for the Lord wr God deli- !| iilaine , to i< v/i, the fait Sea fl vpdcr the fprings of 

«ercd vp dl 1 befoi-e λ-*. j iilgab 


i itfoiesdefiijethtofeetbelandofpromife. Cha 

£ Trtiit is, the Ren- 
fcoticcs, Cilites.anc 
ln}l< Manifleh, 


h So [hat the vi. 
Tories came not 
by y oar ο wne wife 

* I'fi.i.S.'ii >o 

Pifgah Eaftward, 

1 8 Τ And I commanded g you the fame time, 
faying , The Lord your God hath giuen you this 
land to poiTeiTe it : yce fiisIJ goe ouer armed be- I 
fore your brethren the children of Ifraei , all men j 

9 Your wines onely, and your children, and 
your cattelUforl know that ye haiie much cattell) 
fliall abide in your cities.which I hiue giuen you, 
Vncill the Lordhane giuen reft vnto your 

that is ycu: fwife Jo.T.e,.in J your v 
the fight of the people, which ilia! 

•ndei ftandine in ^ 8««>"ft 'Ί me» 

. fiiallhcareailihele 

ordinances , and il-.ali fay , j Onely this people u 
wile, and of vnderftanding <t>iia great nation. 

7 For what nation isfo great , vnto whom rhe 
gods come foneare vnto them . as the Lord our 
God »/ g rieare vnt» all that Wee call \T)to hira 

8 And what nation///» great, that hjth ordi- 
nances and lawes fo righteous , as ail this Law, 
which I fet before you this day? 

9 But tjke heed to thy felfe , andh keepe thy 
fgulc diligently , that thou forget not tl e ihincs 
wnich thine eyt^s haue feenc,anJ thn tlijv depJit 
not out of thine heart, all the dayes of thv ife; but 
teach them ihy fonnes,andthy I'onnes ionncs; 

I ο Forget not the day that thou ftoodeft befor•- 
the Lord thy God in Horeb , when the Lcni faid 
vnto me.Gither me the people together, Sc I will 
cauie them heare my words , that they m,^y ie^rne 
to feare me all the dayes that thej-lhailliuevpjn 
the earth, and that they may teach their chii<lrcn: 

I I Then came you neire and ■" Itoode vnd^r 

aararjili deiue 
Qieiverh how t* 
ituint VDto it. 

Hetjiing vt, ib« 

brethren as vnto you , and that they alfo pofl'efle 
the land , which the Lord your God hath giuen 
them beyond lorderthen lliall ye * renirne euery 
ταίΠ vnto liis pofl'effion, which I haue giuen you. 

21 Τ * And I charged the fame time, 
iaying , Thme ey« haue feene all that the *• Lord 
your God hath done vntothefe two Kings : * fo 
(liall theLord doc vnto all the kingdomes whither 
thou goeft. * 

22 Ye ihall not feare them : for the Lord y our 
God,he ihail fight for yon. 

23 And 1 befought the Lord the fame time, 

24 Ο Lord God , thon haft begunne to fliewe '- the mountaine.cnd the mountaine i burnt with hrv 
thy feru&nt thy greatneffc and thy mighty hand; 1 vnto the mids ofheauen , aud t here was ■'-^''' 
,for where is there a God in heauen or inearth, I nefie.cloudes indmift. 

'' ?5*^''i**"- that can i do like thy works,and like thy Β power? 12 And the Lord fpake vnto you out of the 
'«ίαΛβη and cor ' ^ ^ ^ P^^Y ^^^*^ ^" "^ t° *^"^'' ^"'^ ^^^ ^^^ S°°'^ \ ™i''^'^s of the fire , and ye heard the voyce of the 
;iuptfpea<hofthem 'land that is beyond lorden , that goodly * moun- : words,but fawenofimiiitude.fauea voyce. 
which aitribnt» taine, and Lebanon. 13 Then hee declared vnto you his couenant 

26 But the Lord was angrie with me for your which he commanded you to k doe , eutn the ten 
fakes.and would not heare me ; and the Lord fayd ', fl commandements , and wrote them vpontwo 
vnto me , Let it fuffice thee, fpeake no more vnto Tables of ftone. 
meof this matter. 14 ' And the Lord commanded me that fame 

27 Get thee vp into the topof rirgah,andllift time , that I il^ould teach you ordinances and 
] Tii"pu,fco'.Ji'Ve vp thine eyes Weftward , and Northward , and ; lawes . which ye ihould obferue in the land, whi- 

Hfcnat.and G»dho- Southward.and Eaftward,and behold it with thine | therye goe, to ροίΤοίΓε it, 
IfT^tf h«f.»^>'=S'f°'fhouib3lt not goe ouer this lorden: ly Take therefore good heede vmo your 

by Aefciites of 28 fiut charge iGibua.and encourage him.and i t felues : for yee fawe no 1 image in the d.y that 

jptopherie the good 4boldenhim.• for hee &all goe before this people, the Lord fpake vnto you in Horeb out of the 
moaniaine which , and he ihall diuide for inheritance vnto thcm.thc middes of thcfire: 

hir.«"!I».« ho'ed land which thou ftiak fee. ! 16 That ye corrnptnot your felues, and make 

vpabVuetheoiitt . 29 So Wee abode in the valley oticr againft iyou a grauen imige , «rreprclentationof any fi- 
ef natnre to behold i Beth-Peor. 8"te - whether it Oe the likenes of male or female, 

1 7 The likenefle of uny beaft that is on earth, i 

I HcaddHiall 
Stfe ■< 
iliew (b>f vccccax 
nefifi be cs'ttidl 

li.» ut tied 
I CO tc}ch it I• 

ehat power vnro 

ido^ that onely 

apimaiacth vnte 


I Or,mtr.dtrt. 

k He meaneih 

Zion, where ι ' 

ill (he plentiful! 
land o£ Canaan. 

or the likenefl'e of any fethercd foule that flieth 
in the aire: 

18 Or the likenefl'e of any thing tht crecpeth 
on the earth , *r the likenefie of any fill• that is in 
the waters beneath the earth, 

1 9 And Icaft thou lift vp thine eyes vnto hea- 
nnnces and to the Inwes which I teach you to uen , and when thou feeft the lunni anu the moone 

For tWi doihinJ » do,y yeemny Hue 5c go in.andpofleffe thelanu, and the ftarres withallthehoftofheaucn ,lhoul- 
whicfyhe Lord God of your fath.ers giuethyou. 1 deft be driuen to worihip «hemand lerue thera, 
2 ^Wt ihall •> put nodiing vnto the word which ! which the Lord thy God hath m dilUibuted to all 
I comand you,neither fball ye ' take ought there- { people vnder thp whole heaucn. 
from, that ye my keepe the commandements of j 20 But the Lord hath taken you. -^nd brought 


bare knowledge, 

bat in ptaAlfc of 


»«..?.... 5». 

b Thinke η otto be 

more wife then I 


t sod will rot be 

feriied by h^lues, 

bnt w in haue fall 

obedience . 

i Gods indgements 

etecnted \-pon other 


«II gn 

feme for ear inUti 


1 yfn f x^ cttetim ttchftrue ihe lim withtut addiHg fherete 
*r dmitiipiing. 6 Tttteiit fiandethturvifedome. 9 We 
mufi teach ,t tt our children. if Ntirr.age ought to te 
m*de to voifhif. 16 Threatfinp againft them that 
forfake the Law of God. 37 Ctd chofe tht fttde becaufe 
he lotted their fathers. 

Λ^ Ow therefore hearken.O I fraei.vnto the ordi- 


The law wit 
:iieR wiib f«a e- 
til mitades.iode- 
.i\e toth that Gol 
nas the author 
hereof.and ilfo'* 

ble 10 abide ihc 
jp-'ur of the famt . 
: liod ioyntih ibu 
y Or.wjirfi. 

Ek f.ul, 

laied ox all them 
bat male any imi- 
;e to trp.cftoc 


the Lord your God which I command you. 

3 Your d eyes haue fcene what the Lord did 
becaufe of Barl-Pcor,for all the men that followed 
Ba.'l-Peur.theLord thy God hath defboyed euerie 
one from among you. 

4 But yee that did* cleaue vnto the Lord your 
God,are aliue euerie one of you this daye. 

ί Beholde.I haue tanghtyo«orJinances,and 
hwes , as the Lord my God commanded me , that 
ye O-iould do euen lo within the land whither ye 
goe to polVelVe it. 

6 Keepe them therefore , and doe them : for 

m Ht bith appoi»- 

you out ofthe*>Tonfornace , outofEgvpt to ■> '^•»''"^'^''''"«'**| 
he vnto him a people and inheritance, as "/"/'"'■" '^L^Vii'iuuerie ""di 

this day. . rfieelvthotoayou I 

2 1 And rhe Lord was angrie with me for yourkorhii. j 

words , and iware that I fl-.ould liot goe oucr lor-j j 

den , and that I Ihould not goe in viiro thu goo J | 

land , which the Lord thy God giiieih thee for an β mo(cs good a€- | 

22 For I muft die in this land.and ft-all not go 

ouer lorden ; but « yc fjiall goe ouer, and poflelfe 

that good land. 

23 Take heede vnto yoiirfelues.leaft y c forget 

I 3 the 

ft:lion afreareth 
in that that hcbeirg 
dcpriiiei of fiich 
>o e>c(U£iiiearutc, 
dcth notenti e 
them that aw ft 

rheyarett: reatned m&tmmke the Law. Deute: onctnie, 

f To iliofi Act 

«omi norvnto 
him with lout am 
«ufrence.bii! ϊί- 
bdlaosiiiBh'm, ,i,J9. 
q Mcinirg, i«i«I)' 
tiiWfeiukcpf Ced 
I ThoMgli men 
woiUd sbfoJiie. 
yon, γ» ώ. Infen- 
Sblf itiaM-.s 
ft-.allbe wi;n<lTti 
of your iil'obe- 

{ Se that his ciiife 
flail make hu for 
afc« bUl'sngs of 

I Not with otirnrati 

ft«w orcewinony, 

ktitwiih a tuit 

«pnfefiian ol thy 


f Ibi IB ch< 2^t:ei 

I u To tertifit tliem 

tht more 


laff.tiaiiie of tb 


JUS negluence 



y By fo manifefl 
T^vooies [hat rone, 
soitld doiibc 

I ye-i,twtth the 
caiile why God 
wroiieht thtis 

« Fte«Jy,ar4.neto{ 

the coiien.'nt of the Lord your God which hse 
made v/ich you.aiiu /fa/? yee make ycu tny »rauen 
image ', or likcnelVe of any thing , as the Lord thy 
God hath charged thee. 

24 For the Lord thy God is apconfumifig 
fire, and 3 ielous God. ■ 

2i f when thou fliah beget children and chil- 
drens children , and ftilt hane remained Jong in 
the land , if ye =1 coniipt y out i'eiiies.and m?ke any 
grnien im.'ge , or likenes cf any thing, and worke 
etiijl iiuhe fight of the Lord thy God, to prouoke 
him to ^nger, 

26 I " call heaiien and eJrth to record ag.iinft 
you this day , that ye ihsll ihortly p'jriih from the 
]and,wherevnto ye goe oner lordcn to {'offefle it: 
ye fliill not proicng your dzyes therein , bnc fiiali 
vtterly be dtftroyed. 

27 And the Lord fliail f fcatter yoti among the 
people , and ye ihaibe Jeft few in number amorg 
the nations, whitjhcr the Lord fliail bring yon: 

28 And there yee llali Icrue gods : i«f« the 
xvorke ofm:ns hand , wood, and Itoone , which 
iieither fce,nor hearc.norearc,nor fmei). 

zp Bin if from thence thou ilalt fecke the 
Lord thy God , thon Ihak find him , if thou leeke 
him with all thine ' heart.ind wiih all thy fouJe. 

5 ο when diou art in tribulation, and all thefe 
things arecorcevpon thee.t at thelength.ifthnu 
rctiirne to the Lord thy God , and bee obedient 
VHtohis voyce, 

3 1 ( Fur the Lord thy God is a mereifull God) 
he wdl not forCke thee, neither deftroy thee, nor 
forget the coiicnant of thy fathers , whichhee 
" fv/are vnto them. 

3 2 For enquire now of the dayes that are paft, 
which were before thee , fince the day that God 
created m:n vpon the earth , and" ^^4^ from the 
one ende of heauen vnto the other , if there came 
to paHe (uch X greatthing as this, or whether any 
fuch like thing hath beene heard. 

3^ Did euer people heare the voyce of God 
fpe.king out of the middes of a fire , as thou haft 
hearu,..ind liued? 

34 Oi- hath God affayed to go end take him a 
nationffomamOngnitioiis , by Τ tent^tions , h-y 
fignes , and by wonders , and by warre , and by a 
mightie hsnd.and by a ftretched out arme, and by 
great fcare .according viuo all that the Lord your 
God did vnto you in Egypt befpre your eyes? 

3 r Vnto thee it was ihewed , that thou migh-i 
teft 2 kntftv that the Lord hee is God , and *hat 
there is none but he alone. 

3ά Out of heauen liee made thee heare his 
voyce to inftrudl thee ^and vpon enrth he ihewed 
thee his great f re , and thou heardeil his voyce 
out of the miJdes of the fire, 

3 7 And becaufe ^ he loued tW fathers,there- 
fore hee chcfe their feede after tnem , and hath 
brought thee out of Egypt ifl his fight by his 
mightie power, 

38 Tothruft otitnnions grerterandmiohtier 
then thou , before thee , to bring thee in ,and to 
guie thee their land for inheritance : as ajtpcareth 
this day. 

39 Vnderftand therefore this Δ,'.γ, and confix 
«ler in thine heart , that the Lordhee is God in 
Leauen aboue , and vpon the earth beneath : there 
w none other. 

49, Xboiiftialt keeps thcrefqre his ordinances, 


1 GodptonrifitJi 
id not fctoai 

outage vs,an<) to 
n«tt vs that out 
abbiii ibiUnac [ft 

and bis commnndements which I comroaund 
thee this day, that itmav '' go well with thee, and 
with U:y children after tnee, and that thou mayett 
prolong thy dayes vpon the earth,which the Lord 
thy God giueth thee for euer. 

4 1 ! Then Mofes feparated three cities on this 
fide of lorden toward the funne rifing: 

42 That the flayer Ihould flee thither , which 
had killed his neighbour at vnwares , and hated 
him not in time pift, might flee.I fay,vnto one of 
ihofe cities.and iitie: 

43 Thatt's , ■'' Bezer in the wildetnefie , in die 
plainecountreyofthe Reubcnites' : andRamoth 
in Gilead among the Gidites : and Golan in Ba- 
flv.n among tirera of Manaffeh. ' 

44 ί So this is the law which Mofes fetbeforc 
the children-of ifrael. 

4^ Thefe arc the ' witneffes.and the ordinan- 
ces , and the lawes which Moles declared to the 
children of Ifrael after tfl^y came out of Ε gypt. 

4(i On this fide lorden , in the valley ouer 
againft Beth-Peor , in the land of Sihon King of 
the Amorites, which dwelt at Hellibon , whom 
Mofes and the children of Ifrael * fmote , after 
they were come out of Egypt: 

47 And they poflelfed his land , and the land ! 
of * Og King ofBaflian , two Kings of the Amo-I* Sam.ti.a^ 
rites , which were on this iide lorden towaid the h'-'P-Sii• 
funne riilng. 

48 From Aroer, which is by the bankc of the 
riuer Arnon , euen vnto mount S ion , which is! 

4J> And all the plaine from lorden Eaftward; 



c The articlet in4.. 
?oynts ot'ihectue-'. 
η lilt. 

iprings of Pifgah. 

the Sea of the plaine , vnder the 

d Thati»,tigrA 

C Η A P. v.- 

S ^fofes is the meane henvene Gai and the people. 6 Ttti 
law IS repealed, 13 Ths pecple ate afraide at GUs\ 
toytt. ^9 The LerUtviflitth that the people vpcutdfeani 
him. 51 The) muji neither decline tt the riiht hsai 
nor left'. 

'T'HjiP Mofes called all Ilrael , and faide vnto 

tfiem VH^re, Ο Ilrael, the ordinances and the 

lawfcs which t I propofe ro you this day, that ye 

may leirne them.and take heede to obferue them 

2 * The Lord our God made a couenant with 
vs in Horeb. 

3 The Lord ^ madenot this conenant with otu- 
fathers οπείγ^ but with vs.etieit .with vs all here aliuc 
this day. 

4 The Lord talked with you •* face to face in 
the Mount ,out of the middes of the fire. 

y (At that time I flood betweene the Lord and 
voii , ro declare vnto you the worde cf the Lord 
laryc were afraid at the fight of die fire , and went 
not vp into t!ic mount ) and he faid, j,. 

6 f * I am the Lord thy God, which haue 
broughtthes out of the land of Egypt , from the 
houfeof ii bondage. 

7 Thou ihaic haiie none * othir gods before 
my face. . 

8 Thou flialt make thee no grauen image or 
any likenes of that that is inheauen aboue , or 
which is in the earth bei;eath,or that is in the wa- 
ters vnder the earth . 

J) Thou ilialt neither bowe thy feTfe vnto 
them, nor ferue them : for '^ I the Lord thy God 
am a ^ ielous God, vifiting the iniquitie of the fa- 
thers vpon the children- . euen vnto the third and 
ioMith £efierAt'm of them that hate ree; 

* Ciif.J. 


«V eJtet.' 

1 Some lead. 
Cod made not this' 
concnant.thsc is, in 
and vrithfiich 
lijnisaad won- 

b So plaintly thii-, 
ye jicedtnot to 

«^ EM»i»0.t. 


Or, (τΤκβΜ. 



wiihem faptraitioa. 

and iSolatiy, 

)ni. 3;. 18. 

i That is, of ht* 

honour, not per- 

:!0 6i 

gilKn tQ«thsxj^ 


ten Cdmmanderaents. 

Chap. \ Ϊ 

■rtt IStll itptt 
to Icccft the cem- 
masdemen», it 

iJM»*niiig, fince 
Cod p«imii[«}> 
Cme djyts lo out 
labe«ts,Jhat we 
ought wiUinjly ii 
dtSicate the ie- 
nenihto feme 
hifli v?h»Uy, 

re with true obe- 
dience , and due 

1 And {hewing mercy vnto thoufaiids of them 
ihai ' loue me , and keep my commandements . 

11 ThoiMbalt not take the Name of the Lord 
thy God in vaine ; for the Lord will not hold him 
guiltleffe that~taketh his Name in vaine. 

1 2 Keepe the Sabhath day to fanc'lit'ie it , as 
the Lord ihy God hath commanded thee. 

3 Sixe diyes f thou lliait labour .and llialt doe 
allthy worke: 

14 But the feuenth day « the Sabbath of the 
Lord thy God : thou fhalt not doe any worke 
therein, thou, nor thy fonne, nor thy danghter.nor 
thy man ferufnt , nor thy mayd, nor thine oxe.nor 
thine afle, neither any of thy catrell.nor the ftran- 
ger that is widiin thy gites ; that thy man Icruant 
and thy mayd may reil alwell as thou. 

I <; For , remember th a thou waft a feruint in 
the land of Egypt , andf/i^f the Lord thy God 
brought thee out thence by a mighty hand , rxij a 
.ftretched out arme : therefore the Lord thy God 
corsimanded thee to obierue the Sabbath day. 

16 f S Honour thy father and thy mother 

To keepe t he Commandements. 6% 

*B:om r-7- 
h H« ffeakith 
not onciv of that 
Kfohii. will , but 
thai chetc ^c no 

30 Goe, fay vnto thcro.Rctiuiie you iir.o votir 

3 I But ft.-nd thou here with mc.and I will tell 
thue all the Comm:nJenients.and the ordinances, 
and the lawes , which thou H.alt teach them : that 
they may doe thera in the land whiciri giue thera 
to poficlTe it. 

3 2 Tuke heede therefore, that yee doe as the 
Lord your God h.tth commsnded you; ' tiirne 
not afi'dc to thi right hand nor to the left. 

3 3 But waikc in all the waycs which the Lord 
your God hath comm.-ndcd you , thuycenny 
"» Hue , and that it may goe well with you : ..nd 
that ^s m ty prolong^ear d.iyes in the land which 
ye Iball poffeile. 


I ^n txhtrtatit» t» fente God , aiii kerpi /;■! ccmmtn. 
demenis. s Whhh ii,t» lute himwith all ihiMC htnti, 
7 The f*me mtifi be taught tt the ftflerity. 16 Iftttt 
temft Cod. IS Righietufneiti (oninineiiutht Lttm. 

T'Hefetiow are tlie comm.^ndcmcnts , ordinan- 
ces , and -8 la. ves , wImcIi the Lord your God 
the Lord thy God hath commanded thee, that thy I commanded mt to tcacli_)»« , th.-t yee might doe 
dayes may be prolonged, and t